101 Facts About Jurassic World

greetings mother factors my name’s Chris and my name’s Leif yes it’s the duo you all love to hate when Sam’s away hey it’s free content stop complaining and today we’re going to be talking to you all about the ferocious and scaly world of Jurassic Park yes yes yes it’s gonna be a veritable smorgasbord of remote islands scary resurrected reptilians and soaking wet embryo Pheebs hmm sexy but how do the dinosaurs in the films differ from the real thing for what hilarious for what hilarious reason did my one true love Julianne Moore agree to star in Jurassic Park the lost world and why do scientists always try to resurrect things that want to kill us it’s like they want us to be eaten anyways two out of these three questions are about to be answered so sit back relax and please have your PhDs in paleontology ready as we count through 101 facts about Jurassic world damn it Chris I was gonna do that bit number one Jurassic Park is an American science fiction media franchise centered on various disastrous attempt to create safari and theme parks using cloned dinosaurs dinosaurs escaped because there’d be nothing interesting happening otherwise and begin to terrorize human characters because let’s face it word probably delicious number two the franchise is probably most well known for the original film released in 1993 but Jurassic Park was originally a series of novels written by Michael Kristen Crichton Chris look blood but Jurassic Park was originally a series of novels written by Michael Crichton the first of which was published in 1990 the 90s were a crazy time and you know we did a video on it so you should shake that now in the car top right corner number three the iconic Jurassic Park logo that was used for the books and films was created by American graphic designer chip Kidd who explained in a TED talk of all things that he created the design by tracing over a diagram of a t-rex skeleton that he found in a book that he bought from the gift shop in the Museum of Natural History in New York Kidd stated that when he sent the book cover to Crichton the author responded by fax with the words well fantastic jacket thanks Chris I just picked it up number four interestingly the road to the book becoming the blockbusting science fiction juggernaut film series at its a day began before the original novel was even published Universal Studios bought the film rights to Jurassic Park months before any member of the general public was able to buy the book they were particularly keen number five not only that Universal paid Crichton a staggering two million dollars for the rights to the series this is before his book had even been published I’ve published two books where’s my two million stop the self-promotion Chris alright everyone now it’s time for the good bit number six despite being featured in the logo of a media franchise called Jurassic Park I think you’ve heard of it the actual Tyrannosaurus Rex was about as Jurassic as I am the Jurassic period stretched from about 201 million years ago to 145 million years ago similarly to your mother however the t-rex didn’t arrive until about 66 million years ago in the Late Cretaceous period you utter utter morons sort yourselves out a thing about my mum number 7 after being hired to adapt his novel into a screenplay Michael Crichton estimated that the finished script contained about 10 to 20% of the novel’s original content not sure if that’s good or bad number eight Spielberg was inspired to use animatronic dinosaurs after experiencing the King Kong encounter ride at Universal Studios designed by Disney Imagineer Bob ger Kong was a full-size animatronic within Flay table balloon like skin held over a wire frame just like Chris’s mother number nine number nine thank you Chris while some of the dinosaurs like the t-rex were full-bodied animatronics most were not many of the dinosaurs created for the film were just the upper half such as their head neck and torso shoulders knees and toes while other models were just various body parts such as legs and claws one of the largest puppets was the brachiosaur which consisted of only its head and long neck which is what Chris’s mother gives me number ten Jurassic Park was famously directed by the one and only Steven Spielberg who actually delayed filming on Jurassic Park by several weeks so he could procure the cast he wanted both Richard Attenborough and Sam Neill were still working on other projects and

Spielberg waited until they were finished like the polite and accommodating modern gentleman he is jolly good Chris time number 11 and it wasn’t like Spielberg was short of talent other actors and actresses who were considered for roles in the film included William Hurt Dylan McDermott and Harrison Ford as Alan Grant Helen Hunt Elizabeth Hurley and Robin Wright as Ellie Sattler and Christina Ricci as legs Sean Connery was also offered the role of John Hammond based on his performance as Professor Henry Jones senior in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade but he turned it down I must be dreamin number 12 to cast the character of Lex Spielberg auditioned a number of young girls by getting them to scream as loud as possible as if you were being hunted by dinosaurs it’s not weird at all Ariana Richards was the only candidate loud enough to awaken Spielberg’s wife who immediately sprinted down the hall to see what was going on why would you Edition them in your house is even weirder number 13 joseph mazzello who played Hammonds young grandson Tim in the film originally auditioned for Shakespeare’s earlier peopleburg Chris play attention what did I say originally auditioned for Spielberg’s earlier Peter Pan flick hook Mazzella was sadly too young to be cast in hook but Spielberg was so impressed with the young actor that he made sure to put him in Jurassic Park number 14 in fact in fact in fact Spielberg’s decision to cast mazzello prompted him to reverse the ages of the children in Crichton’s original novel Tim is the older sibling but Spielberg was so adamant to get mazzello in the film then he made Lex the older sister number 15 when Spielberg approached him about taking a role in Jurassic Park Richard Attenborough who plays in djenne CEO John Hammond hadn’t acted in anything for almost 15 years instead focusing on directing a tab related stated that he was ultimately convinced to get back in front of the camera because Spielberg had the charm of the devil it’s my go now Chris you never let me do anything the character of Alan Grant is partially based on paleontologist Jack Horner who is known for discovering Maiasaura along with a nest and eggs thus providing the first clear evidence that some dinosaurs did in fact feed and care for their young Horner has also been a technical adviser for all of the films in the Jurassic Park franchise to make sure the dinosaurs exhibit scientifically accurate behavior number 17 another paleontologist Robert T Baker advised animators regarding the physical characteristics of the dinosaurs seen in the film in a 2012 interview with Popular Mechanics wakame that popular I’ve never heard of it British Baker stated that many of the artists working on Jurassic Park were better animal mythologists the most tenured professors shade number 18 still not everything about the dinosaur scene in the film was entirely realistic one of the scariest dinosaurs in Jurassic Park is the venomous thrilled Dilophosaurus though it really shouldn’t surprise you that the real Dilophosaurus was far less dramatic Crichton invented the creatures gross venom spitting ability and berg added the terrifying natural for the sheer drama of it all do-do-do-do-do not only that the Dilophosaurus was also significantly reduced in size in the film the creature is about the size of a particularly large and hunt off dog but in reality a fully grown Dilophosaurus would be about six meters in length this was done so the audience wouldn’t confuse it with the velociraptors number 20 this is especially curious considering the fact that the velociraptors were significantly increased in size for the film in reality velociraptors were not the large deadly monsters that terrorized children in kitchens but about the size of a large turkey so yeah you could have had Velociraptor for Christmas dinner if Jesus was born hundreds of millions of years ago rather than the customary 2000 number 21 however another dinosaur that bought a far greater resemblance to the velociraptors you see in the film was actually discovered during the film’s production named the Utah Raptor after the u.s. state in which it was discovered the creature had a similar height to the Raptors depict in Jurassic Park prompting special effects artist Stan Winston to joke we made it and then it was discovered between each egg spear speech Spielberg also took a certain

amount of artistic license with the teeth of the t-rex in reality t-rex had rounded banana shaped Nash’s but the infinite wisdom of the studios overruled the scientific banana shaped reality and made them sharper and pointy err despite a claim that the vision of the t-rex was based on a movement recent research suggests that the ferocious Dino probably had excellent vision however it is also claimed that t-rex couldn’t actually run and was forced to speed walk at roughly 12 miles per hour meaning fairly zippy humans could generally outrun them and humans in cars would have flipped it the middle finger from the passenger seat but that wouldn’t have made as much of a fun film good point Chris mode number 24 the roar of the t-rex line was created by combining a variety of different animal sounds including dogs Tigers alligators elephants and even penguins number 25 the screech of the Dilophosaurus that attacks Nedry was created by combining the various shouts calls and hisses of howler monkeys hawks rattlesnakes and swans 26 for the scene where the t-rex catches a Gallimimus in its mouth and shakes before ripping it apart the sound was created by recording the noise of a dog shaking a toy in its mouth same principle number 27 only one of the large animatronics was used on location the sick Triceratops suit Triceratops blood that the main characters encounter on their tour who will have the other animatronics including the t-rex and the Raptors in the kitchen sequence were all filmed on sets and sound stages number 28 incidentally the massive piles of Triceratops dung the le examines was actually made of clay mud and straw so didn’t smell at all it also contained fruit and was drizzled in honey so that flies with swarm around it number 29 thanks to the rain that the production was constantly dealing with onset the animatronic t-rex would frequently short-circuit and move of his own accord producer Kathleen Kennedy recounts that the creatures random bursts of life would terrify people so much that they would scream the t-rex on one occasion even started moving when everyone was sat around eating lunch number 30 the loveable cartoon DNA that provides much of the film’s scientific exposition began as an off-the-cuff sarcastic remark screen writer David cope explained that when he and Spielberg were struggling to find an efficient way to explain the science behind the film’s core concept one of them literally said aloud what are we supposed to do have a little animated character called mr. DNA and yeah that is what they were supposed to do number 31 Ian Malcolm’s joke about Ellie and Alan’s jobs being extinct is actually a nod to when dinosaur supervisor Phil Tippett lamented that he was extinct after Spielberg decided to use CGI instead of stop-motion number 32 the scene in which grant fashions a seat belt using two female belt attachments for shadows a later scene in which the dinosaurs developed the ability to reproduce despite all originally having been female in the scene in which nedra is arguing with Hammond one of the computers in the background is playing a scene from Spielberg shark based action thriller Jaws that’s a good reference number 34 in Crichton’s original Jurassic Park novel it is specifically mentioned that the Jurassic Park audio tour is narrated by the actor Richard Kiley naturally Spielberg went ahead and hired Kylie to provide the voice-over for the parked vehicles because he’s Steven Spielberg and he can do what he wants number 35 Spielberg got the idea for the rippling water caused by the approaching Tyrannosaurus while listening to Earth Wind and Fire in his car at full volume which isn’t surprising because September is a banger number 36 however the special effects team couldn’t initially figure out how to create those perfect circular ripples eventually they realized that the effect could be achieved by plucking a guitar string that had been attached to the underside of the dashboard number 37 the reason why Lex and Tim looks so convincingly terrified when the t-rex smashes the car’s plexiglass roof down on top of them is because the t-rex was not in fact supposed to smash the car’s plexiglass roof down on top of them proving that the secret to great filmmaking his small children gripped by fear number 38 during filming Sam Neill managed to injure himself on set while handling a flare when shooting the scene in which grant uses the flare to distract the t-rex a small amount of burning phosphorus fell under his watch which apparently took a chunk of his arm

out number 39 Malcolm was originally going to just get out of the car in this scene and run away like a little bee and in fact does so in the scene as written in the book however Jeff Goldblum decided to make his character more heroic by having him also distract the dinosaur with a flare so that grant could save the kitties number 40 to ensure that the actors all screamed at the same time when being pursued by the various dinosaurs Spielberg made his own dinosaur sounds for a megaphone behind the camera Laura Dern has since stated that much of the cast prodigious acting talents were spent on trying not to laugh number 41 similarly the crew also constructed long poles with a t-rex face attached to them in order to give the actors a reference point for where to look while they were pretending to be terrorized by resurrected dinosaurs the meaning of life bizarrely the moment when Nedry slips and falls down the flooded hillside before being dispatched by a scientifically inaccurate Dilophosaurus is punctuated by a cartoonish slide whistle sound effect now that body on one of the shelves in the parks gift shop there is a book titled the making of Jurassic Park by Don Shea and Joe Lee Duncan this book was published but actually tells the behind-the-scenes stories of how the film was made nice product placement there number 44 in the scene when Lex falls through the air ducts as the raptor attempts to devour her from below she looks up for a moment with an expression of sheer terror this happens because the stunt double who performed the scene accidentally looked directly into the camera so the face of ariana richards had to be superimposed in post-production number 45 despite the fact that the 3d unix interface that Lex uses to reboot the park’s power looks extremely fake it is indeed a real orbit experimental 3d file management browser called fission or fusion which was created by Silicon Graphics in the 1990s the progress Brasil 3d visualization has led some viewers to think the scene is a hilarious misrepresentation of computers but no it’s it’s real number 46 though the film’s production was at the cutting edge of cinematic technology at the time even the industry experts behind Jurassic Park have made mistakes that seem glaringly obvious now when Nedry is communicating with a doc via webcam it is blatantly obvious that the images on screen are just a QuickTime vide you can even see the time-bar moving on the bottom of the window number number 47 anyone who isn’t completely oblivious will notice the flagrant flirting between Ian Malcolm and Ellie Sattler when watching the film apparently the on-screen spark was entirely genuine Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern actually got engaged after their time working together on Jurassic Park and stayed engaged for two years before ultimately calling the whole thing off number 48 there is actually a reason why John Hammond wears mostly white throughout the film and Ian Malcolm was mostly black this was done to represent the ideological difference between the two characters like how the only clothes I wear as communist memorabilia and Chris just wears pictures of Mark Zuckerberg on his t-shirt the pig bergman number 49 during the production of the film Spielberg felt that he identified more with Hammonds aspirational perspective on life whereas author Crichton aligned himself closer to Malcolm the voice of reason and consummate buzzkill so which are you a Hammond or Malcolm let us know in a snazzy youtube poll number 53 weeks into shooting on location in Hawaii’s Kauai Island in 1992 the production was caught up in the chaos created by Hurricane Iniki the most powerful hurricane to hit Hawaii in recorded history with winds reaching approximately 145 miles per hour the film’s cast and crew took shelter in the hotel with no food or water as a storm tore across the island producer Kathleen Kennedy said the winds sounded like a freight train roaring past the building number 51 Richard Attenborough however apparently slept through the worst that a Niki had to offer when Spielberg asked how he could possibly have sneezed for a category 4 hurricane he replied My dear boy I survived the Blitz number 52 amazingly even with the setbacks caused by a McKee principal photography in the film still finished a whole 12 days ahead of schedule and on a budget number 53 Jurassic Park was originally going to end with grant saving the kids from the raptors by shooting one and then using a mechanical t-rex skeleton in the foyer to kill the other however spill burg rightly decided that the film needed one last triumphant return for the t-rex and changed her only weeks before the end of production 54 number 54 when Jurassic Park wrapped all of the film’s cast were given a raptor model signed by Steven Spielberg as a gift get it the film wrapped and he gave them all models of raptors number 55 the cast all dealt with their fancy new Raptor models

in different ways both Ariana Richards and Jeff Goldblum both have bears in their homes but Laura Dern was forced to put hers in storage because it scared her son too much number 56 despite being over two hours long Jurassic Park only contains about 15 minutes of actual dinosaur footage about 9 minutes of this dinosaur filled quarter of an hour feature animatronic dinosaurs with the remaining six minutes containing CGI doll is created by Industrial Light and Magic number 57 generally speaking any full body shots of the larger dinosaurs were computer-generated whereas shots of specific dinosaur body parts were usually animatronics number 58 when Spielberg saw the footage they hadn’t managed to capture for the film he was so confident that it would be a success that he absconded to go start on his next film Schindler’s List and left supervising post-production for the film to his friend George Lucas number 59 upon is released in 1993 Jurassic Park earned approximately three hundred and fifty seven million dollars in North America and made around 1 billion worldwide this enormous achievement allowed the film to overtake ET as the highest-grossing movie of all time until it was surpassed by Titanic in 1997 which was itself overtaken by avatar in 2009 number 60 incredibly Spielberg himself received a record-breaking 250 million dollars for his work on Jurassic Park a sum that remains the largest amount any one individual has ever made from a film number 61 even before Spielberg began filming Jurassic Park engineers were hard at work constructing Jurassic Park the at Universal Studios in Hollywood the attraction opened in 1996 and cost a staggering 110 million dollars which was almost twice what it costs to make the actual film number 62 Jurassic Park inspired writer and director Tim Haines to produce the popular BBC documentary series Walking with Dinosaurs aka my entire childhood watch it he had previously been unconvinced that CGI could convincingly realize moving dinosaurs on-screen but Jurassic Park persuaded him otherwise in fact the film was so successful that it literally generated a massive spike in the amount of people interested in paleontology and many universities enjoyed record numbers of people applying to studied the fossilized remains of long-dead lizardy things Nintendo 64 in 2002 dinosaur specialist Dong shimming decided to name a genus of armored dinosaur after Michael Crichton dubbing the dinosaur family Crichton asaurus Crichton later stated that the honor was better than an Academy Award because the Oscars are nonsense dinosaurs are great number 65 since the film was released in 1993 numerous Jurassic Park console games have been produced for different platforms subtitles for these games include but are not limited to trespasser chaos Island the chaos continues warpath survival island attack the DNA factor operation genesis Dino defender danger zone survivor evolution blah blah blah all the cliches you can think of basically in 1997 a sequel to Jurassic Park was released based on the sequel of frightens original Jurassic Park novel both the book and the film were named the lost world but the film had Jurassic Park added to its title to stop audiences from confusing it with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1912 novel which was also called the lost world number 67 the Lost Worlds budget was roughly seventy three million dollars eight million more than Jurassic Park but it made almost six hundred and twenty million worldwide you know how many chicken nuggets you can buy with six hundred twenty million dollars biola at least six hundred and twenty of them number 68 in the book dr. Sarah Harding was not a paleontologist but an animal behaviorist additionally the film version of the character played by Julianne Moore I love Julianne Moore exhibits certain traits of a character called Richard Levine who was prominent in the book but removed from the film number is 69 the sequence in the lost world in which velociraptors attack in the tall grass had to be planned out a year in advance to allow all the plants to grow high enough the crew ended up planting eight full acres of grass to permit the need for multiple takes since trampled grass would be noticeably limp on screen and Chris you’ll noticeable imports crude who number seventy at one point in the lost world

as the Explorers are making their way through to the plateau the distinctive call of a kookaburra can be heard which is odd considering the kookaburra is found only in certain parts of Australia which is also odd considering the film was set off the coast of South Africa jacooz number 71 thanassis is what the video is about sighs the vocalizations of the juvenile Tyrannosaur were actually recordings of a baby camel crying for its mother which is kind of sad why did they separate a camel from its mother in the first place God Hollywood number 72 the ship that carries the dinosaur to San Diego is called the venture which was also the name of the ship that was used to bring King Kong to New York in the classic 1933 film because it is a remake of it with a dinosaur number 73 the Japanese tourists seen running from the rampaging t-rex in San Diego can be heard screaming in Japanese I left Japan to get away from this this is an obvious nod to Godzilla another terrifying reptilian who likes to terrorize city dwellers SiC kaiju reference bro number 74 screenwriter David cope whom co-wrote the scripts for both the lost world and the original Jurassic Park film actually has a cameo in the lost world as a man who is eaten by the runaway t-rex during the San Diego sequence he is credited as unlucky bastard number 75 like the first Jurassic Park movie the lost world actually finished shooting ahead of schedule filming was scheduled for 74 days but the production wrapped in just 69 nice number number 76 delightfully there is also 50% more dinosaur action in the lost world than its predecessor Jurassic Park number 77 the lost world set box office records when it opened in 1997 with a weekend taking of 72 point 1 million dollars this was the biggest opening weekend ever at the time and was for over four years until it was surpassed by Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone damn Hugh Potter number 78 since the lost world was released Julianne Moore has admitted that the main reason she decided to appear in the film was to pay off her divorce settlement Julianne Moore you could marry then divorce me number 79 as part of the promotional tie-in with the movie Jeff Goldblum received a first-generation mercedes-benz m-class for free Goldblum apparently still uses a vehicle as his personal car number 80 the third installment of the original Jurassic Park trilogy was released in 2001 simply titled Jurassic Park 3 which unlike the previous two films Jurassic Park 3 was not directed by Steven Spielberg nor was it based on any book written by Michael Crichton number 81 the first draft of the script for Jurassic Park 3 involved a group of teenagers who had been marooned on Isla Sorna the island where dinosaurs were being raised before being transferred to Isla Nublar the location of the first film as you may know this is not what happens in the film number 82 going back in time for a second the establishing wide shot of the dig site in Jurassic Park 1 was in fact actual footage of an excavation led by Jack Horner who you’ve no doubt forgotten about haven’t you pay attention the site contains several large fossils of tyrannosauruses as well as a number of had resources number 83 according to actor William H Macy who played Paul Kirby in Jurassic Park 3 the film’s animatronic Spinosaurus had a 1,000 horsepower motor which allowed the tip of its nose to move at more than a hundred miles per hour at twice the force of gravity but if you can’t get a 1000 towards powered dinosaur a paper mache one I’m sure will suffice number 84 the ringing of the phone in the Spinosaurus his stomach is a tribute to the crocodile from Peter Pan who had swallowed an alarm clock creating an audible ticking whenever it was near number 85 approximately 250 gallons of oatmeal was used by the film special effects team to simulate spinosaur feces gross apparently real Dino crap would have been watery and white much like that of modern-day birds however large piles of mammalian effluent are far more entertaining trust me on that one number 86 when William H Macy was asked why he accepted the role of Paul Kirby he replied because I’m 50 years old and I get to fight a dinosaur which is the correct answer ladies and gentlemen number 87 in 2015 the series was rebooted in the form of Jurassic world sewing the one and only star-lord

aka Andy Dwyer aka Chris Pratt as Owen Grady a veteran and Raptor expert who has to deal with surprise surprise rampaging dinosaurs who have broken free from their enclosures number 88 interestingly an attempt at producing a fourth Jurassic Park film had actually been aborted a few years prior with a script that involved dinosaur human hybrids being bred for war number 89 Bryce Dallas Howard stars alongside Chris Pratt as Claire Dearing the operations manager at Jurassic world I guess our girl JLo is busy but anyways Howard has stated in an interview that the little boy seen aggressively hugging the long neck Dino in the door while petting zoo is in fact her real-life son Theo number 90 ofin khan who placed Jurassic world’s owner salmon maserin said in an interview that he didn’t have enough money to buy a ticket for Steven Spielberg’s original Jurassic Park film back in 1993 and now he owns the whole park inspirational number 91 similar to Ariana Richards back in the early 90s ty simpkins and Nick Robinson auditioned for the respective roles of gray and Zac Mitchell by sitting down and screaming as if a dinosaur were about to eat them thanks Chris number 92 parts of Jurassic world were filmed in an abandoned Six Flags theme park in New Orleans which has also been used in other films the production of Jurassic world created a large Main Street and a boardwalk in the parks car park and shot of a set for two and a half weeks number 93 somewhat bizarrely the American musician at Jimmy Buffett actually has a very brief cameo in the film he is the dude seen running from the rampaging dinosaurs while carrying two margaritas as a reference to his most famous ditty Margaritaville number 94 almost there folks the sequel to Jurassic world entitled Jurassic world fallen Kingdom is set to be released in June of 2018 bulan Kingdom constitutes the second film in the Jurassic world trilogy and the fifth film in the entire Jurassic Park film franchise and we’ll see Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard returned to their roles as Owen Grady and Claire Dearing number 95 the plot of fallen Kingdom takes place four years after the events of Jurassic world with the dinosaurs now roaming free on Isla Nublar in relative harmony however Dino threatening volcanic activity has prompted Grady endearing to return to the island this time on a rescue mission number 96 in order to properly prepare himself for the production of the film director J a Bayona went back to the original source material and read both Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park books as well as the rest of his novels he stated that he did so to immerse himself in Crichton’s mind number 97 fallen Kingdom was filmed in Hawaii and the United Kingdom under the code name ancient futures which sounds like the name of the disappointing debut album of a london-based indie band who have exactly one good song not naming any names just to same number 98 it has been confirmed that Jeff Goldblum will be returning to his role as Ian Malcolm in Jurassic world fallen Kingdom 21 years after his last Jurassic Park appearance in the lost world Jurassic Park Goldblum’s presence in the film is just a cameo but will be very meaningful according to Bayona number 99 when Sam Neill was asked if he would ever return to the Jurassic series as dr. Alan Grant he responded you never say never but I think it moved on much sad very nostalgia the video is almost over everyone it’s number 100 a long list of dinosaurs will make an appearance in the Fallen Kingdom including classic hits like the Apatosaurus Brachiosaurus Gallimimus Stegosaurus Triceratops Tyrannosaurus Rex and velociraptor number 101 I’m doing the last backed Chris not overload you with too much Jurassic good enos too quickly but and as yet untitled third film in the Jurassic world trilogy is due to be released in June of 2021 so you’ve got that to look forward to in your otherwise sad pathetic lonely life stop projecting ho take over Chris so that was 101 facts about Jurassic world did you enjoy the video did you not enjoy the video I’m sure you’ll let us know in the comments below especially considering that you’ll be like oh where’s Sam also while you’re down there let us know what you want to see next yes I’m using this specifically so I can have the girl look at something in the binoculars is it weird you decide anyway well I’ve still got

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