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started with this this reminds me of a publisher I knew a few years ago this was it’s a comic strip in the United States the dad says I’m thinking about starting a blog and he says dad nobody just blogs anymore you’ve got to do a V log add video and then dad says you know okay I’ll do a V log and Jeremy says V logs are so old-fashioned and the dad also my friend the publisher says stop the internet I want to get off well two 3 years ago that’s all I heard from publishers happily I think everybody here now understands this is where we’re going this is where we are it’s not where we’re going this is where we are and we just have to figure it out as it changes I’d love to tell you how to all the answers but I’d be lying I don’t have all the answers because even if i did in six months the answers will be different here’s a quick true story a prospect called me a couple of years ago in the dying days of the Bush administration from Iran and he called me and he said he wanted some help it’s a company called vicita they do online classifieds online print classifieds in Iran and so forth and so on and after careful consideration I decided I’m not going to Tehran was not a good time to go to Tehran I’m not sure this is any better time but what he said was very interesting to me he made me think a little bit he said no matter what happens people will always need to find the place to live or buy or sell a car or find an employee or find a new job the recession the depression things change political situations change but people will always need to do these basic human needs the issue is how very hard to determine how that is going to happen in the future so I ordinarily talk for 20 minutes about how you have to be on all different platforms and how Mobile is coming and mobile is here and this and that and the other thing I have eliminated all of that in 30 minutes I can’t really cover all of that and most of that was covered yesterday so what I decided to do was focus on the innovators people who have made important differences simply by doing one thing or two things or five things but I’m going to focus on one thing and I had 13 mini case studies I’ve cut it to ten and actually I have a list here so if i run long i may have to skip down to nine or eight of them they’re very short I can just give you a little bit of a nugget in 30 minutes you can’t do a lot of depth and analysis but let’s go through them real quickly this is about mobile and automotive cars com already in the States has ten to fifteen percent of all of their page views are mobile now remember that in some countries represented here mobile is the dominant screen in the u.s. it’s not dominant yet but they’re getting ten to fifteen percent of their page views are mobile seventy-five percent of those people are looking at listings so you have to make it incredibly easy on a mobile device to find what you’re looking for much easier than on one of these screens the other the other others are looking for location or dealership information they have apps now for iphone android and blackberry they found that they had a big surge in use in mobile in january and they expect it to be again this january and they couldn’t figure out wide and then they realized all those people getting new phones for christmas all of them getting new holiday gift phones so they in january big spike so be prepared for a spike and your mobile traffic in january they did they said dealers are doing a great job with text messaging to people who want to buy a car they they’re using QR codes how many of you using QR codes anybody using QR codes that’s strictly a u.s. innovation it’s just at the beginning but there’ll be a lot more of it over the next couple of years and they’re also using foursquare foursquare is a US based location-based service but Foursquare has already started to go international so they’ll be coming around they said consumers expect near real-time answer to text messages from

the dealers and you by the way play a very important role training your advertisers in consumer expectations that’s very important because if they don’t use these media correctly it reflects badly on you because they don’t get the response that they will need or want if they use the media correctly and you’ve helped them do it you’ve gone from being an advertiser advertising medium and somebody they’d place ads with to a partner to who helps them with their marketing cars.com also said a same-day response to email is okay I totally disagree with that when I was shopping for a car recently I sent out emails if I didn’t hear back in 15 minutes these guys were finished they were done they said mobile messages should be about buying right now not about branding it’s not about branding it’s about what you want to buy right now okay case study number two this is a company called freedom communications in the u.s. they bundled mobile and texting with print in certain categories foreclosures unfortunately in California home foreclosures is a very big industry right now and of all things obituaries they put texting and mobile with the print and they found that it really drove a lot of traffic and there was a lot of high interest they said mobile and text double classified revenue over a year that’s huge I suspect there may be may not exactly be correct but that’s what they told us this by the way was a long case study that we did in classified intelligence report and we publish classified intelligence report and we did much more detailed analysis obviously I can’t do much of it over here we’ll talk about that more later here’s coupons a case study on an opt-in SMS campaign for one day it’s a company called shakeys pizza in the US and I do have a lot of international case studies in here as well shakeys pizza in the US that an opt-in SMS campaign for one day they sent out 9800 texts for a free pizza not a bad offer right you give people a great offer you get great response they got more than a thousand redeemed people walk in and saying I want my free pizza that’s a better than ten percent response that’s very very very very good one-point-five percent of all coupons now in the u.s. I believe this is are distributed digitally they have redemption rates of ten to fifteen percent that’s much much much higher than traditional print coupons part of that is because they’re targeted much more effectively and their opt-in but even so that’s a great response rate compared to one percent overall this is glo bricks the guys who work with globe are you in the room raise your hand no they’re not okay tell them ice talked about a property aggregation site in in ireland their listings are free and they aggregate the data from a number of different sources they provide home values which was a first in ireland and local community information they chart they have a chart that lots the property value and this is what glow bricks look like by rent and no very simple very elegant design they offer the google street view they were the first sight in ireland to offer google street view i know there are a lot of privacy concerns about that in Europe frankly their privacy concerns about it everywhere however the google street view is available you want to incorporate it into your property sites it may be a very effective way to do it they have an alliance with your local IE which is an online directory and they have property affiliates find a property calm and i did it again UK by rent prime location both of which are owned by the MGT Daily Mail group and Trust in the UK here’s an automotive one the times-union in albany new york it’s a Hearst property they focused heavily on audit auto with it Hurst they decided otto was a category they really really wanted to

make an effort they’re using several different vendors and they’ve had the same results or different results but they’ve had very good results in in their various markets in Albany they started doing a run till it sells for dealers now most newspaper properties and classified print products don’t do run till itself for dealers because we need the recurring revenue they’re doing run till it sells for dealers lead generation they’re selling the leads and they’re getting a lot of traffic and generating a lot of leads they’re doing behavioral targeting using yahoo to get more traffic to the dealers and also target the people who are looking at automotive they for ninety nine dollars a month they’re charging dealers to put their full inventory online essentially that’s a giveaway but they wanted to make sure they had plenty of inventory in their online and then they’ve moved some of it to print they had a full-size full page print ad project and a six person sales team in Albany that’s a very large sales team for automotive they put the inventory on craigslist even in the u.s. Bose properties think of craigslist as a direct competitor they don’t care they put the inventory on craigslist for the dealers in order to get more distribution of the ads they use trackable phone numbers so that they can tell the dealers how many responses they’re getting and they created facebook fan pages for their auto dealers Wes fries of Hurst said we asked dealers what would it mean to you to turn over half of your inventory every month or two have 70 calls from people you couldn’t reach before we do this instead of product selling we’re not selling the product we’re selling results we forget about features and we tell them about the benefits too often our sales reps tend to sell the product rather than the results Michael talked about that to a bet the results they got their current advertisers are spending more money with them so they’re getting 20 to 30 full page ads every Saturday for automotive now they used to be down to three or four pages the automotive business has come up but it hasn’t come up that much they did a very low rate to build up the marketplace again haven’t yet gotten many new advertisers they’re just getting increased spend from existing advertisers and they’re up twelve percent year-over-year well in automotive in the u.s. that is very very very solid okay here’s one that I get in my email box every single morning this is a great case study I’ve written about it and I’d be glad to email you the piece if you want it it’s called what’s for lunch and I recommend you sign up for this go to Shelby County reporter com they send you daily hot deals about lunch every day just before lunchtime it comes in at ten o’clock in the morning and they’re in central time I’m in eastern time so it comes into my mailbox at eleven o’clock in the morning and I’m like ready to go for lunch right then it’s terrific this is shelby county reporter they put news in your inbox you can check all sorts of different categories I checked what’s for lunch signed up and boom I get it every day this is what it looks like comes in just look an email every day just like this this guy is now open in calera it’s rather a long email one two three four five six seven eight nine nine ten different offers every single day they rotate them and it’s a terrific terrific way to sell today’s daily special so it’s a different take on the daily deal today’s daily lunch special from their advertisers this is the wildfire grill ten percent off this is moes free side of queso for with a purchase of an entree this is ninos pizza and it says click my pizza so i click the pizza and lo and behold i go to the ninos website fabulous i want a pizza it’s great it’s a it’s a great way to do it the results this is a group of weekly newspapers outside Birmingham Alabama not exactly a major market and not a not us not a daily how much do you think they raised I’m going to in the interest of time I’ll tell you their newsletters they do daily news letters and the daily lunch special their newsletters generate more than 300,000

dollars a year in revenue and their costs are in the low thousands the margin on this is probably ninety percent Tim prints their publisher told me advertisers love it and readers love it but when he launched the product project nothing happened they said we’re gonna do this what’s for lunch special and nobody sold it nothing happened and then he said I remember what one of my mentors told me once he said nothing in this building is important until the publisher makes it important and he said himself I’m the publisher I’m going to make this important so he told the sales reps this is important he explained why they had to do it he helped them sell it now they’re generating 300,000 dollars a year in revenue at a very small property that’s a not a very small property that’s a very very very nice piece of change what does that have to do with classifieds it’s not cars it’s not homes it’s not jobs it’s not stuff it has everything to do with classifieds this is the new business model daily deals specials connecting with advertisers connecting with audience everybody loves it job aggregation company called CS job they are accepting feeds they are doing job capture from employees employers rather they have entered into some new multi posting partnerships so if you post on CS job you can post on a number of other sites as well and they’re using tools from a dco where’s their little sign Bridget’s here somewhere this is what their site looks like here are the results they started doing this a few months ago they increased the number of listings they had by three hundred percent within six months they are doing upsells of listings provided a whole new revenue stream for them that’s now twelve percent of their total revenue that’s a big big change in a big big growth here’s one that’s a big problem for newspapers in the States competing with free we now have craigslist we have backpage we have ebay classifieds all of them charge the same for their ads you know what they charge right nothing and craigslist especially has become very powerful in a lot of markets so what do you do to compete with free this is a client of mine this is they have something in paper called thrift Mart ads the ads are free for items up to five hundred dollars they’re private party only no commercial advertisers in the thrift Mart they’re all phoned in which means they have two sales reps taking calls all day long for ads that run in their weekly newspapers for free and they’re paying these sales reps to take free ads it works a lot of you have people whom you pay to take free ads but we’re changing that a little bit and the ads are posted online once a week after they published the newspaper they post the ads and there’s finally there’s a limit one per month well the last time i went to craigslist ebay classifieds kijiji they didn’t say to me you can only have 14 month so this is the way it’s been done here now we’re changing it it’s going to be free up to five hundred dollars and there’s going to be a thrift Mart plus for ads for items up to twenty-five hundred dollars the free ads will run in print on a space-available basis if you want to pay for it to run you guarantee placements just ten dollars so the marketplace will grow can post a lot more ads will have a lot bigger more vibrant marketplace ten bucks to place an ad guaranteed in print otherwise it’ll go online maybe in print most will go in print but eventually we will cut back on that self-service ads go online and place your own ad that is free place it by mobile we don’t have that yet but we will that’ll be free as well there are upsells everywhere you can buy you can buy featured listings you can buy this and that and the other thing phone placement that’s going to cost ten bucks so you can still place a free ad but if you call to talk to somebody you pay ten dollars easyjet does that Delta does that if you want to talk to a human being you pay for it there are no more limits on the number of ads place 50 adds a month we’re happy

with you you can place as many as you want the section will grow our online ads will grow as well we’re going to go from one half page we expect to reach two pages in about six months and it’s great for readership it’s great for developing the audience we’re going to encourage commercial ads now those are going to start at ten dollars and go up but they’re they’re not free but they’re going to be very inexpensive you can place all you want there’s a fee fee for guaranteed print placement and there’s a self-service or ten dollar phone fee it launches this month we were also resetting garage sale pricing we’re going to have a platinum silver and gold combination so you can pay ten dollars you can pay $25 you can pay forty dollars whatever and again there’s a ten-dollar phone fee we’re going to skip Ventura star and we’re going to go shift shift 572 apartments I’m apartments calm I don’t know how many how many of you use tracking numbers for people who call I see a few hands it’s very popular in the US so you can tell what your results were there are some privacy issues and there are different rules in different countries but apartments calm was using national phone numbers 800 or eight seven seven eight six six tracking numbers they switched to a local telephone number for apartments for rent flats for rent and they found that they get caller identification anytime there’s a tracking number used they contract the duration of the call the status whether it was answered went into voicemail call recordings upsells and that sort of thing their vendor is atg the results were on local numbers as opposed to an 800 or 877 number they got eleven percent higher response than the eight the national tollfree number and this is bizarre they got a slight lift in email response as well when they did local telephone numbers you’d think it wouldn’t make a difference on email but it did they’re going to complete the swap in the next few weeks going from all national numbers to all local numbers my final case study is VLAN and Belgium it’s a recruitment it’s a multi-purpose site real estate automotive automotive recruitment etc shopping and dating they started sending out recruitment reminders when the ad was placed they automatically email the advertiser as soon as the ad runs online the client can modify or enhance their ad they offer upsells and response checking tools so people can go in by themselves and check the responses it’s not uncommon but they remind the advertiser here the tools that you can use to check your ads they’re called web accounts in the first month their job listings increase ninety percent their job applications up eighty-five percent their overall visits are up thirty four percent and again it’s powered by a dco here are the two action items i’m going to give you i could give you about 20 i’m going to give you two number one it is no longer enough to deliver results you now have to be able to prove to your advertiser that you have delivered those results you have to be able to demonstrate those results and prove it to your advertiser the other is always always always focus on what your advertisers need and that’s results I’m going to wrap up now this is a button that I saw at a conference given out by a company called ad mall in the States I have a few of them if you’d like them we’re we used to be known as classified intelligence we’re now the aim group Katya Katya waved your hand Koch’s our Europe director she’s based in Munich down the block from you she’s been with the aim group since 2002 that scared the heck out of me when I saw how long she’s been here she’s our European classified expert she’s in the middle of the room I’m around for the next couple days if you want to talk to us we do sales training we do pricing and packaging web print products development launches site reviews vendor analysis competitive analysis and we do a program we call five things you can do now to race online revenue classified intelligence report some of you receive it if you don’t talk to me about it it’s our primary product I see mega members get a discount on cir and also on consulting services if you passed in your business cards to the center marta or somebody

can pick them up i’ll pull three names after Mike’s presentation or after the youth the Rising Stars you can get a report one of our recruitment automotive real estate social media etc etc if you put put in your card I’ll send you our weekly free reports that a lot of people get I have a few of these buttons if you want one and I will email you a handout so I’ll wrap up with one of my favorite interactive media philosophers Alan Kay said this the best way to predict the future is to invent it we’re out of time I knew I was going to happen so I’ll have QA later i’m around for two days thanks to che very much for having me i love coming in thanks to all of you for the audience this is me