Youth Employment Program closing ceremony – August 9, 2018

good afternoon and welcome to the 2018

Summer Youth Employment Program certificates ceremony we’re glad to see that all of you are came out to help us celebrate our youth that participated in a nine-week course of training and job development I would like for you all now to have some greetings from the county Administrator Jack Brown what’s good to be with you this is the second annual Youth Employment Program and it’s bigger this year and better than than last year we hope to continue to improve each and every year and we really appreciate the parents that are here entrusting your kids to us for the summer we appreciate all of you who volunteered and applied for a job and we hope you had a very positive experience got a look at what we do in county government and with some of our agencies and we want you to understand that you’re in control of your destiny you’ve got a bright future ahead of you if you apply yourself and if you decide that you’re gonna be competitive you know you can compete there’s nobody out there that that can do it any better than you are if you make up your mind to do it and there are a lot of people that want to help you be successful I’ve had a lot of people helped me along my journey and I’ve stumbled a few times and I’ve had people that reach down and help me lift myself up and to making a great life for myself you know so I’m an old guy anything I get from here on out it’s just gravy so with that I’ll introduce to you commissioner lumen May and this is really his brainchild he he started this and talked to me about it when I came home board as County administrators said you know it’s all about the youth and so with that commissioner Thank You Jack you know good evening what’s up what’s going on who all want to pay raise next year raise the hand so I’m talking about we got budget hearings coming in I’m gonna make sure we get enough money anybody get everybody a raise right everybody first of all let me recognize some elected officials at Chris Jones property praise the Chris is here have any other elected officials I want to recognize Carl and Tanya Gant I thought of this program really I can’t say I thought my dear friend who you’ll hear from next Quint Studer talked about the seeder program in the opportunity when I was growing up internship and mentorship is the opportunity that I got to be able to do what I’m doing and so five or six years ago when I got on board we talked about doing this program and we found so many reasons why we could we can’t do it nobody will take them but should they wear saggy pants earrings and they come to work late so nobody wants them in their department and I kept saying no stop telling me how we’re not gonna do it and tell me how we are gonna do it and so with that I want all of our staff people who allowed for young people to come work with him please stand up in any department any customs union oh you’re gonna come up later but just the people that took this chance and allow for young people to come and work in their office I want to thank you and I want to thank our administrator Jack because one of the things I said to him when he was hired said Jack the last administrator didn’t understand the importance of how we could allocate some funding to give young people an opportunity and Jack made that happen and Jack got his staff involved Jack we certainly appreciate that but before we go any further one thing we talked about in the very beginning is mentorship to identify with someone and hopefully that you found a mentor that you will have well beyond this work experience that can help you further in life and it might have been you know miss Carla it might have been the person that you work with but I believe that you should identify that person in your life so me I was very fortunate 20 years ago to meet a guy that was doing great things in Pensacola who for no other reason there was nothing I could give him that decided that he wanted to mentor particularly people from the inner city and give them opportunity in investments and procurement and contracting and learning and more importantly investment in human capital and today he’s doing over 90 million dollars worth of renovations and buildings in downtown Pensacola and all across Pensacola and one of the things we had in our board meeting today was a covenant with the community and making sure that there’s opportunity for the future for children and so before I take the mic back I want to introduce a person we all know he’s one of the greatest philanthropists and entrepreneurs and I’m really excited for the amount of money he makes that he didn’t think it robbery to come and just say a few words today please welcome my

friend Quint Studer thank you well you know it’s interesting because you sort of think people know you but they really don’t and I know that because I just did a poll you know I’m always pulling I’m pulling what’s going on in the community are we moving in the right direction who would you vote for and 28% of the people and they said what do you think of Quint Studer they said who who so there’s always a little ego deflation in all this a couple great things happen today one great thing is Commissioner brew gosh may Barry and Robinson voted that 70 percent of all jobs that come from County funds will go to local people and to me that’s always been important because local people are the one that are paying the taxes that goes to these jobs and we’ve done that with our projects so give you an example our South town off apartment building there was a 52 million dollar project and over 23 million dollars have gone because it’s about 5050 because you got bricks and mortars and all those things have gone to labor and the majority of that estate in Escambia County now from a minority perspective ten million six hundred thirty seven thousand dollars have gone to to minorities why because we asked our general contractor to make sure that they have local talent we have local town it just sort of works the way the the mix of that the community goes factors really neat when when lumen was over there with me I mean almost everybody we met at South town knew lumen they all were in some sports at some time or something or so on so I would I thank commissioners Robinson berry May and burr gosh because I think that was really a brave important thing to do to say if the money is coming from taxpayers why shouldn’t go back to job opportunity now periodically you hear well if we use local people then the quality won’t be as good there’s an that a sad thing to think about or it’ll cost more well we’ve done this with ninety million dollars worth of projects and we’ve I think if you look at the Maritime office building by the park I think if you look at the new urban core office building next to the Y I think if you look at new South town apartment buildings no one’s gonna think those aren’t high quality and that was all done with Escambia County labor and I think that’s pretty pretty neat to have that happen what lumen and I go back to something years ago when we met just to tell you how we met I meant lumen May before he was lumen May and he met Quint Studer before I was Quint Studer okay we were on an elevator at Baptist Hospital because his father was dying and being the administrator of the hospital I just did what I did on the elevator and said how can I help you and we talked about his dad then I got to know that he was at the Salvation Army as a basketball coach to which I don’t have that good record by the way as a basketball coach I coached a varsity basketball coach assistant coach at East Hill Christian Academy this year and I told him I’m busy I can’t be at all the games they said come when you can when I was not there we had six wins and 7 losses okay when I was there we had zero wins and eight losses so nobody’s wanting me to basketball coach right now I’m available anyway lumin and I got to know each other and we sort of passed on but we have something else in common both of us started our careers play I was a teacher I was a vocational education teacher what I did is I placed youth on jobs and I would go to places and ask them to hire somebody and they would say well they might not be worth that much money so we had resources that we could help supplement the salaries but I still remember David Clemmy working at the town of Beloit Fire Department and how not only did he enjoy the job but those firefighters sort of became his buddies I remember a girl working at McDonald’s and how good she felt about having a job and having her money and I guess they both benefited the students benefited but certainly so did the people that were doing training and development though it’s not easy it’s easy to say you know I’m too busy I don’t have time bringing on a youth person is going to take more time I just don’t have the time so you had a whole bunch of people little while ago that stood up that said I’ll make the time so why don’t all the youth here who did the program this year give a thanks again to all the people that took you so what it’s all about is purpose worthwhile work and making a difference and and truly the only thing we leave behind are the people we teach or maybe even it’s the people we love and when you look at what’s happening here each one of the people here created a legacy and they’re like legacy is you we’re very committed all our companies to development

Michael nobs Michael nobs was a young man in a wheelchair in Janesville Wisconsin where I lived and we got him his first job you never knew if he’d have a job if you come to a blue wahoo game before you hit your seat for people in wheelchairs are going to talk to you Logan Cannon just paralyzed two years ago as a baseball high school baseball player you know what I did when he had happen a lot of Dreams went away sports went away a lot of activities went away and I will tell you when he started working at the Pensacola Blue wahoo game his mom wrote a note about what a difference that make now he’s actually doing a little sports radio on radio here so what a great thing that we can do by showing people that the only thing is Jack Brown says it stops us as ourselves we’re trying to do in Escambia County is create a type of community than everyone can maximize their potential but in order to maximize your potential you have to have the right type of people that don’t hold people back don’t stop people and don’t tell them it’s not possible I’ll close with an analogy that sometimes we fall into I’m years ago at the University of Wisconsin they did an experiment with muskie fish now muskie fish you don’t have him down in Florida here but they’re a tough fish in Wisconsin they have teeth they like bite and and so they had these muskie fish and they put them into an aquarium and every day at a certain time they would drop food in the aquarium because they were trying to sort of behaviorally look at these these fish and the fish are smart like animals and if any we have an animal they sort of know when they get a treat when they don’t get a treat what’s going on they muskie fish start to figure out when that food’s gonna be dropped and where it was gonna be dropped and they’d be over there waiting when that food got dropped they would just go and attack it need it done one day they put a piece of Plexiglas in the aquarium and what that meant is while the muskie fish could swim around there was a small spot where the food always went that they weren’t going to be able to get that food anymore if they didn’t know that because it’s clear clear plexiglass so they dropped the food in the Plexiglas and the muskie hit the the Plexiglas they saw the food they didn’t realize that was there they banged it and they swam around and they came back and tried it at a different angle and banged it again and finally they quit going for the food and they quit going for the food because they had been programmed that this is not available and the muskie fish actually died I think sometimes in our communities in our country that people have had a Plexiglas there for a long time there hasn’t been opportunity for all people of all races of all ages of all disabilities to maximize their human potential but what we’re trying to do in a scam at County is change that and you change that by letting people know everything is possible we also have to realize sometimes we hold ourselves back just like that muskie fish so what this is meant to do is make everybody know there’s nothing holding you back there’s no Plexiglas there keeping you from your dreams but anytime anybody achieves a dream they need some dream helpers that’s what you got on this side of the room so thank you Commissioner May this would not be possible without you let’s give the Commissioner May so one other pitch we need workers if you can plumb if you can frame if you can do electrical you can have a job right away and isn’t it great we live in a community right now and we’re also going to be starting apprenticeship programs we have a new building that we’re going to be building it on Belmont into Villiers next to the brown the five sister to Village Square it’s going to be a four story building it’s going to be retail on the bottom it was going to be three stories yesterday it went to four we’re going to put about 20 two apartments in there but now they are going to be building that project but we’re gonna create an apprenticeship program so we can people the trades right here in town I hope some of you apply thank you very much now give it up for Quint Studer and literally I mean you want to learn now he just paid thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to speak and so we’re very grateful that that quint show today but let me just tell you how proud I am of each of you when we started this program and there was reservations of how successful it can be in last year we got off to a slow start but because of you there’s gonna be opportunity for other children because of you are here today there’s gonna be an opportunity that make sure that we’re gonna be able to increase it and there’s probably gonna be one of your supervisors there’s gonna have a had a pleasant experience and they’re gonna want another intern everyone want another young person so the things that you do not not only

affect you but they affect the future so with that being said I want to challenge you challenge you to wake up every day with a goal in mind wake up I mean I’ve said yesterday every single day the first question I ask anyone when I interviewed in for a job I said do you make up you’ll be it and if they say no that’s what you’re not gonna do anything else because every morning you ought to wake up and make up your bed and that’s you accomplished the first thing of the day and then you go to the second thing and the third thing and your comments to small goals the medium goals and large goals you just keep going and then you’ll accomplish those goals because an obstacle is something you see when you take your eyes off the goal and so the obstacle can be where I grew up who my mom was came and seen the family home the school that I go to the neighborhood that I live in those are all just obstacles and just don’t see you just keep reaching toward the goal so I challenge each of you to keep striving towards your goal and once you reach that plateau once you reach that goal be just like these directors be just like these administrators you find a program in which you can get a young person that you were mentor maybe you pay them maybe you don’t but you teach them your skill set because really a hundred years from now I really won’t matter the job it won’t matter the house it won’t matter all the thing it were you important in the life of another person so hopefully that’s what has happened today that someone has influenced your life in a positive way and I can say your experience can’t be all positive I know I work at the county I can tell you every Thursday we come here we have conflict so there’s no always be some type of conflict in a workplace but there’s nothing wrong with having conflict your home in your job the problem is when you don’t have resolution and so you’re gonna have those challenges in your life but you will resolve them because you have the tenacity to do it and so again we’re proud of each of you it’s been a fun time this is my favorite program you know I was just you know it’s not me it’s the staff it’s Jack I just happened God just happen to put me in a place at the right time to be able to do something hopefully that’s good for this community and good for you so y’all are the most attentive group I know many of y’all you know I remember faith I mean this who all’s that is scam you the first day we talked about this program in the SGA yeah all my scam you people let me make sure what schools I got here – how many Wildcats I got all right Wildcats Aggies got some Hagi’s all right Jaguars all right what species most Pirates Pensacola state pirates Northview all right help me Michelle Taylor Crusaders Catholic few Tigers yeah PHS all right now I’m all confused now let’s try this again what’s the best school what’s the best school it’s get Michelle I need some help all right so when I said what’s the best cool yell your school as loud as you can and we’re gonna hit our school board and tell me what’s the best school what’s the best school look golly uh why should you do Washington I look all right I got it hey listen all of them are great call do you I know we’re going to the students with the challenges next correct you you want to introduce them and you know we did have one elected official Chris did you have remarks before we start this because I know you’re an elected official you’re gonna do it when you do it good because I got to make sure the property praise it took enough of our kids I got a evaluate then and check on that Thank You Commissioner May for that wonderful challenge we have selected some of our participants to respond to the challenge that Commissioner May gave you we have Destiny’s pageant from public safety faith glaze Commissioner Bay’s office fillet a Hale School District and Deshawn Brundage II can’t hello everyone um so the challenge was to let you all know about the program and how it affected us individually and for me it was a new experience because for some of us it was our first jobs not for me so it was working in a different environment I was in a little office

working on things in Excel and clerical word faxing and stuff of that nature and it just it just showed me like different things that I can actually do in my life because if you would have said oh destiny you know you’re gonna be working the office next year I’ll be like alright sure but it showed me that if I put my mind to something that I could actually do it and do new things and I want to thank Commissioner Ray for this opportunity and for giving all of us interns in the way of life and that’s all um good afternoon my name is faith I had the wonderful opportunity to serve as an intern for Commissioner May and Misurata and I just I really appreciate the opportunity because this was my first job ever to to have a job in this building like I worked on the fourth floor in this building as my first job ever if you would have told me that I would be doing something like this as a first job I wouldn’t have believed you and I’m just grateful for the opportunity to have a job like this and to have the experience on my resume already as my first job so I really appreciate administrator Brown and Commissioner May for giving the youth in Escambia County this opportunity and I feel like it’s a good thing for the youth to have this because if I wouldn’t have had this job I would have been at home wasting my 30 hours a week probably sleeping in until noon so I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for this opportunity so thank you guys and I hope that you continue this program so not only for us to come back next year but for the youth that will come next year so thank you hello everyone I’m Clea Hale I worked at Public Safety and Booker T Washington and this was also my first job ever this showed me that not only can I use my academics to get me a job and used them to excel in this job but to use my personality to help me excel in everything that I do when I worked at Booker T and the Public Safety there was no one I didn’t put a smile on their face for and that just lit up in my heart because you know kids like me working at places like that it’s not usual like oh you go here no I come from a whole nother school but you and it’s nice to get that experience early because trust me you don’t want to that experience earlier those phone calls those special people that walk in is good for us to get a taste of that early but I am thankful for this and I hope that this goes on for a long time because kids learning this just imagine if every kid in the county did this we will be so prepared for the future so I really hope that this continues and that we keep excelling as the youth that we are I don’t know how to follow that I was told to come up here and to basically give a nice well wrapped present on how great this program is and I could tell you about all the life experiences that have had in just the two months I worked for the county I could tell you how I met people in the community who have gone through so much but who still smile and just keep going in life I can tell you how homeless people who have no money to give me have given me so many morality checks so many life checks so many experiences that I couldn’t get from anyone else I could tell you all that but I’m gonna talk about something else today I want to talk about choices choices though I’m not gonna stand for it I promise but when you think about choices it’s such a light word but it holds so much weight to it when you actually think about it we all chose to be here we chose to be here and you guys chose to let us be here so as you go through life no matter what you do no matter what choices you make as long as you do it not for yourself but for others you will never make a wrong choice because doing the right thing for someone else is the best feeling you could ever have

thank you and let me get all for my challenge back up y’all come back up don’t give it up I mean it’s hard sometimes to grab a microphone and a baby at all well working in each cab you see something I mean your prices they’re worse things in the Commissioner’s Office I mean you can’t even tell all the secrets we got up there right but listen the customer service you guys are wonderful jack won’t you come on let’s good let’s get a picture with him and so thank you well said faith you cannot have a red his job she’s been here 33 years I know she looks like she’s 21 but she’s been here a long time but you did a great job thank you so young people many of y’all this is your very first job and many of you didn’t drive one of the programs we start this year well last year Commissioner be reintroduced that every person on the age of 18 can ride ecad free of charge and so I know many of you woke up in rode public transportation to work I mean and you beat those officer but many of you had to have your parents and I see many of your parents or your support staff here and you can’t do it without good parents no matter how old you get I’m almost 50 and you know I still couldn’t do it without my mother I mean I couldn’t run for office without my mother and I wouldn’t be standing here without my father God blessing but give it up for your parents of the other person payers don’t you please stand in any other parents that are here uncles y’all giving up Oh awesome I’ll give it up for your parents always be mindful to acknowledge your parents I mean because I believe it I honor your mother and your father I mean those are you know that’s the greatest commandment to me you have to honor your mother your father so it’s good that you have great parents without that with that color I’m going to let you come and so we can start giving out the award so TIFF again we give out the wors I just want to kind of give a program overview of what the participants experience during their time in the program we went from 30 participants last year to 76 this year they participated in pre-employment training sessions to determine their skills abilities and goals job readiness preparatory training classes such as time management dressing for the workplace interviewing techniques and customer service and they worked nine weeks of paid employment up to 30 hours a week at the minimum wage of 825 an hour they were placed in various county departments such as the Board of County Commissioners property appraiser’s office Tax Collector school district and Supervisor of Elections some participants participate in certified training classes such as CPR HIPAA certified and some received level 2 background checks they attended board meetings judicial quarter Princes a company’s staff on project operations in the field and insurance investigations pre-employment evaluations they participated in at the end and we had a discussion on lessons learned at which culminated with the certificate program today thanks to the Board of County Commissioners departments who participated tax collector supervisor elections property appraiser school board for your participation in hosting the youth for this program I would like to commend all the youth participants I am proud of you and the manner in which you embraced your task and you conducted yourself during this time and I wish you much luck in your future endeavors and I would like to thank the Board of County Commissioners for providing this opportunity to youth for this community which shows that you are very much concerned with the well-being of our future which are our youth so thanks to you all at this time we will present the youth with their certificate of completion which they will receive with a portfolio and a resume and as I call the department’s with the representatives from the departments that are here if you would come up and if you would like to say hello something you may at this

time so we’re going to first start off with Natural Resources Department do you have any representatives from Natural Resources miss Savannah Dean and Miss Samantha Williams great grant dams are you here today okay I think who wasn’t able to make it we do have some who are employed in other areas and have gone off to college already next we have County Commissioners Office lumen may 8th glaze and rainy Ellis I want to thank faith faith what was your GPA coming in a 4.8 GPA so much research so many papers in my office I’m you’re you’re the smartest person to ever work in my office of the dinner ever and I would’ve said you smarter heads is gonna be there tomorrow and to Rainie Rainie Ellis Rainey has the most outgoing person her aunt Tanya Ellis I mean work hard to be like your aunt and tell you what just be on time don’t be like you know she’s always five minutes late next we have risk management see anyone here from risk management Miss Taylor Hill and Austin English Thank You commissioner and I want to say thank you to Taylor and thank you to Austin who wasn’t able to be here with us today these young people hit the deck running they did things that supported our staff because that’s what we do in risk management we protect the financial interest of the county and we protect our employees with workers compensation that’s what Taylor did she specialized in workers compensation working with Kerry SEALs and she did a phenomenal job she put a smile on my face every time I walked in that office I never saw her down and sometimes it can get kind of groovy thank you too next we have the county administrator’s office miss Ariana help me Ariana giggly gentlemen thank you just like to say something Amy Ari was awesome next we have Animal Services

we have any representative some animal services we have Jaden Hartley just a McCreary jasmine pain Joseph pain Alexa rancifer more Isha Thompson and Michael Huntley some were not able to be here today but we’re going to get them their awards to them hi how are y’all my name is Jaden I had a great experience doing animal services helping customers out it showed me a lot that I didn’t know about vaccinating animals you know it’s a good experience thank you next we have Department of Corrections we have miss destiny Lee Kaleb Marshall and Laura Walker who has already gone off to college good afternoon I am Tammy Booker division manager Escambia County Community Corrections and I would just like to say to the students that we had they were absolutely awesome and an asset to the community Corrections team they actually were a lot of energy for us and they brought fresh ideas and they were really great we have one Lauren Walker who was actually also a part of our team but Lauren is already at school she accepted a basketball scholarship in Louisiana so she had to be there today so we just want to say to you hold fast to your dreams for a dreams die life is like a broken-winged bird that cannot fly remember that by Langston Hughes thank you so much next we have facilities management quantizer Mitchell I’m back never pass up an opportunity to excel I am blessed to be part of facilities management and I was really blessed just like I was with tailor and risk management to be able to work with Quinn teka contagious I’m sorry okay I called her Q she did a phenomenal job I took on a job about six months ago that I just didn’t have time to do I had a web-based training program but I couldn’t get all the names and the people into that system q did that for

me in about two weeks would you like to say something next we have the public library rosacea Albert Samantha Finley Sarah hammer and Bria Hardy just a few quick words Susan Susan white worked with these staff during the summer and we actually have Bria’s high school graduate already so I’m telling you right now that when you want to work part-time I mean you have a job tomorrow with this so we’re ready Rustom haven’t graduated yet but all the more excellent employees and I’ll just let Susan give a quick summary we wanted back next year thank you next we have the property appraiser’s office Zakia pick I got one thing to say mr. May called me when this program started and he easily calls and has a few kind words to say but he just calls it how many taken I’m sorry excuse me what are we talking about he said how many students she taken what are we talking about so he told me about the program and we’ll be happy to take somebody and I put Rene Brown and all the credit goes to Rene she was the mentor that you guys talked about so much two’s IKEA and every time I went by their office as IKEA had a big smile and was actually explaining life to Rene and and and then if I went by and they weren’t they were discussing what they were going to eat so she learned really quick how to navigate our office but some things about as I kissed she’s she’s a senior at Washington she’s on the varsity basketball team she’s already learning to call the shots as a point guard so she’s gonna be in management she’s interested in sports medicine one of the things that someone talked about early is that you know most organizations can train you to do anything what we can’t train is common sense God either gave it to you or he didn’t and I’m serious about that you may have it you just have to exercise it folks one of the things that’s it’s a pet peeve of mine in an office and there’s you can be the smartest you can be the greatest employee but if you don’t show up on time you cannot work for Chris Jones she was never late fine example you can also be the best employee and you can be on time but you only their 50% of the time that don’t work you wouldn’t want me to pay you 50% of you pay every day so part of the job is being on time and coming to work on the right basis and I can say she never missed a day she was never late so kudos to you and can I give you that I want you to read that since I have that my Kunal this is a certificate of recognition presented to Zeki OPEC on behalf of the property appraiser’s office of the scampia county florida in appreciation of your contribution to our team arriving each day right on time with the

cheerful disposition and eagerness to learn and become proficient at any task set before you during the summer of 2018 signed by the Honorable Chris Jones thank you we knew the poverty is gonna show us up I mean we knew that we need to look at that budget item right there okay next we’ll have build building inspections division we have ladarius Blankenship Trey Brooks Hillary Lewis Shakir Miller Lauren Willis and the Kayla Whitehurst next we have the engineering department Tucker Hall and Robert voice next we have a scam BIA County area transit II can’t we have dishon Brundage Elena Longmire draught in pain Joshua pay I’m Tania Ellis the division manager for Escambia County area transit and we were blessed to have these four individuals with us today during the summer and he kept a lot of folks think that egghead is just riding the bus the bus system and they quickly learned we’re more than just the bus system we had Payne brothers as I call them Jordan and Joshua who actually worked in our maintenance department and worked with facilities work with repairing and doing maintenance on our bus shelters around the city and we had DeSean and Elena who worked in the office closely with me DeSean impressed everyone that worked in our building far especially in our maintenance department he was able to get them caught up on a lot of different projects they had working and he ended up being the go-to person for excel they had an issue or a question they end up actually coming to him and they have truly were a pleasure to see them every day smiling when they came in I’ve ready for a new adventures new day every single day Elena worked very closely with me Elena lung Meyer and not only that they do stuff in the office we’ve had public workshops they attended public workshops came to County Commission meetings as well to learn about far as being involved in the community what does public transit really mean and they both actually rode the bus at times trained with some of our staff at Angela on the end four hours training people how to ride the bus people with disabilities how to use the bus so hopefully they got a great experience working with ecat and I’ve even shared some information with Deshawn who’s going to school in Tallahassee and Elena who’s going to become Cookman Daytona far as giving them some contacts that we have in the transit system far as if they’re ever need of a job in those areas that maybe they’ll be able to give them my name and be able to get job and the cities that they’re going to school in and we just thank you next we have Public Safety

we have kendama brooks/cole Vario Brooks Raina brown Raven corner Emma Cruz Daniel Davis Samuel hooker Guderian McNeil LaBrie sure more destiny pageant look we look lanique want Kendall Rideau and Yasha Taylor well hello my name is Tamika Williams I’m the business operations manager for public safety and it was such a joy to take on all of these students public safety we have EMS we have fire we have EMS billing we have emergency management and we have 911 center these students took own jobs dealing with everything from mpany in the porta-potties to deal with irate patients over the phone to payroll HR and our front desk and they took everything that was given to them with an open mind they never cease to fellows they amazed us throughout the time that we had them we just wanted to say thank you for all that they’ve done to help us and just the joy that they brought with us I mean what their their personalities like they said they made us smile they made us laugh they kept us young I just wanted to say thank you for that and then there is one student Reina Braun has already accepted a position here at public safety working tonight limb is going to partner okay we have Department of neighborhood and Human Services with the summer camp Everwood community center de carrying Wingate Malcolm Presley Brownsville community center Armani virgin Dasani virgin Lanisha Williams and Jalen Rawlings next we have Human Resources jasmine Rogers we were so fortunate to have jazz back on our team this summer we lost a couple people in the spring and her coming aboard just helped us get so much work done that we wouldn’t got done otherwise she’s got this unique ability I’ll sit down with her and this is a second summer so she’s getting more and more complex projects and I give her project and Jasmine just nods her head and goes yep I can do that and I’ll go back to go back to Janis and with Janis she wasn’t scared she wasn’t put off and I don’t know that she can get it done it’s a real challenging project two days later

Jasmine produces the results time after time and we just shake her heads we’re so fortunate to have her and she ever wants to join our team she knows she has a place but she’s got a bright future had a verse out Alabama and we support her and everything she does next we have information technology Aiden sloman and Matthew Johnson yeah so actually I’m Sean Fletcher IT director I didn’t do a whole lot of these guys mainly Brandon did tasks them but I tell you they did perform very well Aiden did a lot of teching and Matthew actually helped us get our service desk solution well populated and get our inventory very accurate so we really appreciate them I’m like oh yeah I agree Sean said they did a great job also Tameka took our balloons that we had for you and parade in the mat so you can collect those out there but they they did a great job they even worked on Jack’s computer up there and got it works working so yeah we greatly appreciate them they did an awesome job thank you next we have extension services Jeffrey Wesley Jeff don’t go too far so so we I’m Nick Simmons director of extension services we we weren’t really sure that we were going to get a intern and Carla call me a little bit after the program started said I’ve got a young man that needs to come by and see and I think he’ll work out for y’all and and I can tell you that the first time I met Jeff I could already tell that that he was already very professional and very mature and and somebody that had already had those workforce skills and that’s a testament hopefully mom and dad are here but but Jeff was was great to have we certainly enjoyed having him he saw that we an extension do many many things and every day was a new adventure but we want to wish him all the best he sent it off to Pensacola State we hope that you’ll come by and visit us and let us know how your career at college is going so thank you for everything Jeff next we have neighborhood enterprise division yes-man Huntley I am Alison Willis with neighborhood enterprise division Yasmine did an excellent job with us this year we really appreciated her she knows how much she got us caught up we had been short-staffed a little bit and things the guy that got in behind and we couldn’t have done it without her and we appreciate it and hope you’ll be back next year thank you next we have community and media relations James Hill hi my name is joy welcome with community

and media relations and we have the honor of having James with us this year James worked with us on creating video content for our TV station and he was extremely awesome at doing that on his own he also helped us with a pretty monumental task that we had added to us this year was which was making our documents online ad a accessible so it has been a incredible task to learn how to do that and it’s something that he self-taught which was pretty impressive a lot of our older staff has a problem doing that and he taught him to open today took me about three or four days and he had it down in about two hours and I can say that David in our office is probably shedding a tear today because now the only other mail that was in our office is gone so he really appreciated having another person that he could chat in the office about guy things like camera equipment so he’s really going to miss that I have this say that one of the most impressive things that I saw about James was when we were doing his exit evaluation I asked him before we got started have you ever had a job before and he told me no and that just blew me away because he was so professional I could not believe that this kid that came into my office every day on time produced excellent quality of work told me what he was doing where he was at when he got in when he left when he was going to lunch knew instinctively what to do I didn’t have to train him he was better than some of the first time employees I’ve had out of college so we loved having him with us and I told him he better come back next year and be with us again in the summertime because he was just incredible I also won’t tell the story about sea apart they only were able to give us 20 hours a week oh we just don’t have enough work to do and after James got there they said we want him to work 40 hours a week I’m going to Jack and I’m gonna tell Jackie he could work 40 hours a week next we have this gamma County School District the je Hall Center Lauren Charles Imani Davis Booker T Washington High School Kalia Hale DeAngelo 3ma Kira Jackson Michael Roberts and North View High School Austin Adams thank you so much I’m Michelle Taylor director of workforce education for the school district abouts Gambia County and first of all I just want to say to the students you make your parents so proud because obviously you’re getting home training second of all you make a scam be a County School District look really really good how many of you are Career Academy students yeah yeah this is this is just this is the plan coming together Miss Jones thank you so much for doing this Commissioner May we’re gonna do it again next year thank you Steve next we have tax collector’s office Kara Hague Hayley Hague Megan Hague yes they’re triplets Rebecca Smith in charcoal and Thomas anyone from tax collector’s office here next we have the Supervisor of Elections

Benjamin areola I’m not sure Benjamin was able to make it today is there anyone from Supervisor of Elections we will make sure that Benjamin and those who were not able to make it today that they will get their certificates y’all get up from his car that proves what I said she wasn’t making y’all work cuz you clap for your supervisor like that man she must let you get away with everything she she is the best Oh first I want to thank a red a green my a I mean when we had the vision for this program she keeps pushing and pushing and making sure that those things are in to make sure that we can get this done certainly one thing called in Tonya in the entire department Carla basically did this with very little staffing help this was a great program to put together with very little help but it took us a little while dr Gonzales but we caught on to the vision and I think that that’s really what it’s about it’s really about having vision so y’all don’t know Commissioner May anything you know your supervisors anything you don’t really owe anybody anything any of my colleagues what you do all you do all when you become successful when you go to South Alabama Pensacola state and you get a good job and you make a little money you get a position of influence you take that resources that money that influence and whatever you live you find some young people who are looking for opportunity and rather you mentor them rather you help them with their academics or whether you help them with athletics or rather you go and help a senior citizen clean our yard or help her fix her food find something ID that you can get back to and it hadn’t does not have to be anyone has ever crossed your path and does not have to be anybody that’s helped you but find somebody that you can help and that’s how you’ll give back and you got to continue to give back or to whom much is given much is required and so much is required of each of you because you’re so talented you are the best and so when we look at this group of young people in this cameo County y’all are the best of your high schools you’re the best of your neighborhoods through the best of your church we were very fortunate to have the very best and now that you are the best we expect the best out of you and because only Escambia County can be great if you become great and so here’s the reality don’t everybody move away all right I mean we need we need some of y’all to come back home I’m getting old I’m getting gray I’m getting bald yeah Jack you know he’s almost headed to the grave I’m we need somebody to come and replace us I told her Etta I know that faith is gonna be much better than me when she becomes the commissioner because the next generation is always better you know in foster these relationships I can’t tell you there’s one thing I will leave you with these relationships are very very important foster relationships you you don’t have to you know be best friends and go out to you but foster relationships don’t damage relationships because you never know who you’ll need you never know you need the same people and you see on your way up if you ever stumble you’ll see the same people on your way down so you ought to make sure that you treat those people right all right so again I want to thank y’all I know carla has some food out there if we can help y’all now i’ma tell y’all I looked at the pool and I know most y’all are not vegetarians but I mean I didn’t feel a lot of meat so I mean we’re gonna do better on that food next year I’m just telling you right now if there’s one I mean the post meeting with miss Carla we’re gonna have some yeah we gonna help some chicken wings next year I can promise y’all that nuggets we gonna have that I mean I don’t care how much money I need to put in the budget right am i right or wrong I mean the grapes are nice I mean they look good we need something to fill us up then to all of our parents again our staff are Jack Brown great leadership we appreciate that our partners at the news your honor we appreciate you guys being here today and hopefully that you will go back to your school tell somebody else about the program and hopefully the thing that you implement today I mean you learned today and yesterday and all through these nine weeks you’ll use attitude is altitude I mean you can’t you can’t go high if you have a bad attitude things not going to always go your way but it’s just how we react I mean things are going to happen so again is there anything else call it before we let them go because I know we were trying to get out of here about four o’clock well what about ten minutes late or which I really don’t understand faith understands on Thursdays all the Commission’s like you talked about so we’re here all the time so you know when you come in this building on third you almost get stuck

in here to midnight but to y’all that we’re forced to come to meetings sit here and learn hopefully you learned something about your government it’s not my government every one of your checks so they took taxes out when you buy a house they take tax this is your government and so get engaged get involved you don’t have to run for public office but at least get involved civically and community wise in your community because really you really can make a difference now how many people register to vote all right let’s make that happen how many people 16 is seven yeah yeah that’s the clapping moment clapping one more time my daddy was a preacher to clap and take a ball from so if you see some good here’s something good a clap and then we’ll take up an offering um but make sure you register to vote don’t care who you vote for do your own research but make sure that you register to vote because you know why we got this program that we can fund it because people vote and the guys on that Dyess understands the impact of people voting and so again you can change it we’re not the way for anybody else to change our community we can change parents staff community thank y’all so much I’ll call you undirected out to – – ready y’all give it up again from his call okay we do have light refreshments this is your appetizer before dinner maybe next year our budget will increase so we’ll have a full meal out to the lobby to your right we do have some refreshments please help yourselves and again thank you all for coming thank to the youth employees we really enjoyed you all I heard nothing but great and grand things about you and continue to do your best okay all right thank you and have a good evening