How To Replace Window Regulator & Motor – Ford Mustang (’94 – ’04)

Hey this is another video by Pet Rock and today I’m working on my wife’s ’98 Ford Mustang The drivers side power window motor has pretty much given up the ghost If I press the button nothing happens except for if I hold the button down long enough the power and ground wires which is the yellow and white & black one going into the switch get pretty hot Which means there is a whole bunch of current flowing through them And that is an indication of a bad motor So today I’m going to remove the window regulator and swap out the electric motor for one I picked up at a junk yard This is exactly the same procedure sans swapping the motor out that you would use if you were going to replace the window regulator itself There are companies that make the window motor itself separate from the window regulator Check around and you should be able to find just the motor if that is all that is wrong with your window regulator And that will probably save you like 30 to 40 bucks I went the even cheaper route and pulled a motor off of a junk car in a junk yard So the first step obviously to take off the door panel I had already done this but did it off camera just because I was trying to diagnose what was originally going wrong and just didn’t film it Sorry So this video is going to start with what you do after you’ve removed the door panel When trying to test this make sure that you have this little box thing plugged in It’s hidden inside the door panel itself This is the power window one touch down switch thing So when you press the down button the window goes all the way down just from one touch That is what this thing does But it is also in-between the switch and the window motor So without this plugged in the window motor is not going to work Period No matter what you try to do So make sure you have this thing plugged in when you try to test your window This thing is mounted inside your door panel Its mounted kind of like this inside the door panel where this is what you see To remove it you snake your finger underneath and you push down on this tab It will release a little hinge right there that you can then pull down on it to remove it from it’s bracket According to the service manual you can remove just the window motor without having to remove the entire window regulator and the window and all that other garbage However there isn’t very much room to work in there in order to get the window motor out and then get the new one back in and have it slide into the gears Not to mention that I have pretty thick arms and I don’t want to cut them all up inside of here and stuff like that while trying to wiggle my arm in there to seat and unseat the motor but if you want to try it you can and here is pretty much the procedure You loosen the two mounting bolts for the motor side of the window regulator just to give yourself a little bit of wiggle room You can’t really see it with the light but there are bolts here, here and here that are the mounting bolts for the window regulator motor to the window regulator It’s a tongue twister So you undo those three bolts You may need to push the window regulator outward a little bit to get a little bit of clearance in order to remove the motor because the motor needs to slide towards you in order to disconnect itself Then you just disconnect this electrical connection here, snake it through and pull it out, put the new one in, slide it back into place and tighten everything back up again That’s essentially it However, again with my physical attributes its going to be easier for me just to remove the window regulator and swap out the motor The first thing you need to do is remove this weather stripping here Pry up on it and it will pop right out Next you have to remove the window stabilizer supports There is one right here and another one right here These are 11mm bolts Just unbolt it and then these will pop down If your window is in the full up position like mine is you might find that these stabilizers are hooked into a little hook right there that is part of the window You can try to wiggle them out They are in a little compartment right here so that there is not much side to side room but don’t worry about it When we actually lower things down these will just fall out The bracket looks like this This part slides against the window That is why it’s made of felt Next you need to remove this bolt here and this bolt in there Hidden in there They are the bolts that hold the brackets that prevent

Right here That prevent the window from going to high And this bracket looks like this Notice the rubber part This is what touches against the bottom metal bracket of the window preventing the window from going up too far Next you need to remove this weather stripping There is a rivet right back in here that you should be able to pop out There is a whole for it right where my finger is Mine was removed years ago so there is no rivet in this case All I need to do is pick up on it and it will come out It’s held in place by compression Be careful as you are removing the weather stripping and make sure that you don’t bend it If you bend then it won’t fit right It won’t come back on and it will also look really bad So we need to separate the window from the window regulator itself There are two brackets on the front and back side of the window that are attached to a horizontal bar similar to this one From the factory they are riveted on If your windows ever been replaced then yours may be held on, held on by nuts and bolts Mine has been replaced a long time ago so I don’t have to worry about rivets However, if yours does have rivets and you don’t want to remove them you do have a way of removing the window regulator without popping the rivets This is the bracket that I got from the junk yard just to show for this video So the window attaches here and here Windows up here somewhere To the window regulator This bracket slides back and forth as you raise the window up and down There are little tabs right there that is normally sticking straight up which prevents this slide from going too far The rivet isn’t that tall.If you manage to get a screw driver in here and bend this tab so that it’s flat you can slide the window off the track once you have the window regulator free in order to remove the window from the regulator Of course that means you need to unbolt the window regulator from the door first I’m just showing you different options right now If you choose to go the route of drilling out the rivets it’s actually really simple Just take a small drift punch and punch out the center shaft in the rivet Then once you do that you take a quarter inch drill bit and just drill off the head of the rivet and you’re done Just make sure that you don’t let the window drop when the rivet pops The bracket on the window should have a little ledge on it that is clinging to the top of this so it shouldn’t pop off However, if you push the window back too far it will so keep track of the window and don’t let it fall You can either replace the rivets with quarter inch blind hole rivets or you can use a set of quarter inch dash twenty by one half inch long hex head bolts with matching nuts readily available at any autocrats store The thread pitch on the bolt really doesn’t matter It’s the length go a half inch and the diameter of a quarter inch that matters so you won’t have any clearance problems as you are raising and lowering the window Also so that the bolt fully seats within this hole You tighten down the nut and bolt to 89 to 123 inch pounds Now we start removing the fasteners for the window regulator So you’ve got one here, here, here and here and then you have one here and one here So a total of six bolts They are all 11mm You just push the bracket out like that and then slide it off of the track here and remove it Now you need to remove the connector if you haven’t already for the one touch switch You just pull up on this tab and pull back The you need to disconnect the connector for the window motor Like that Then you use a pair of screw drivers or a tool similar to this that you can pick up at most auto parts stores and remove the connector from the door panel It’s held on by these little plastic things here Then you push that through the door panel Ok now the fun begins Regardless of if your window is up or down or in the middle somewhere this can be a little tricky We need to push the window regulator that way in order to release it from these two studs right here When that happens the window may drop so you want to either hold onto it yourself or have a buddy hold onto it So in my case I’m going to use my left hand to hold the window Pull up a little bit on it to release some of the pressure on the motor, on these bolts, and push through like that Now the window is free To give yourself enough access and to lower the window down into the right area you want to raise the window up and slide the regulator back Then you can stick a piece of wood like a 2×4 inside the door in order to hold it up About a one foot 2×4 right here will get the rivets, bolts or whatever lined up perfectly

with this hole right here So remove the nuts and bolts or drill out the fasters or slide the window regulator forward in order to slide it off the bracket and ultimately free the window up Ok, once you have the window free, straight up and out Once the window is out or you have a friend holding it up out of the way you can remove the window regulator And there is your prize I have the window regulator out This is the one we just removed This is the one I got at the local junk yard In my case I’m just going to be swapping the motors out because this window regulator is damaged as you can see It’s all bent up out of shape This car was in a side impact and so the window got messed up But the window motor is in perfectly good shape I’ve already tested it so I know it works Anyway, so we are just going to swap these two out So all we do is remove the three mounting bolts from each one One thing to keep in mind when you are removing these bolts is this right here is a giant spring It is applying pressure this way onto this arm right here So once you remove this motor this spring is going to try to snap closed and catch whatever is in its way along with it So be careful when undoing this because it is spring loaded The reason for this spring is so that if the gears in here decide to let go it will push the window in the up position so the failure mode for this thing is window up To protect yourself take a small screw driver and stick it in the bottom hole Thats crew driver won’t hold the arm in place What it will do is prevent it from going all the way closed It will stop it about here or so and probably bend your screw driver in the process But its better then catching your hand or hitting your face or whatever So as you are removing them make sure to apply pressure this way on the arm and remove the bolts And because I have the screw driver in it’s only going up that far So now take a little bit of chassis grease and put it around the gear of your new to you motor Ok now take you new to you motor, press down on the arm and slide this pin, the tip of the motor, the hole right there making sure that it catches on these cogs Ok, once you’ve got it in make sure you keep pressure on it and start a couple bolts Not letting go of it until you’ve actually put the bolts in a couple threads So just snug the bolts down Also make sure that while you were doing this you didn’t by accident bend this shaft Now we go back over to the car Whether you are installing a new regulator or an old one or a used one or whatever you want to lube this track right here on this side as well as the corresponding one on this side just to give it a little bit of added smoothness as your driving down What I use is white lithium grease You can pick this up in most auto parts stores Just give it a nice coat on both sides What white lithium grease will do is it will stick to this area right here and won’t wipe off very easily What I also like to do is lube up this track right here And the corresponding one that goes right here This just makes the window slide a little bit easier and the easier the window slides the faster it will move and the less chance you will have of burning out your motor You will also want to get the window tracks on this side here and this side here They are a little bit harder to get to but you can, you can do it Now you want to place the window regulator in this position and slide it back in Once you have it in you want to raise it up and get these studs into these holes right here Once you’ve got one in you want to start a nut on it so it doesn’t fall back out again as you are still wrestling with the top one, or the other one Loosely start both nuts So you push the motor towards you, thread the bolts by hand first and tighten them down

the rest of the way Just snug them down there really is no torque spec Now once you have room you snake your hand through here and snake the power chord for the motor up through this hole right here So now you want slide this bracket into it’s place but make sure it catches on this plastic on the end of the runner Then loosely tighten the bolts Just snug them down Ok now that you’ve got the window regulator mounted and everything is set you want to test the window regulator but you also need to make sure that the top bracket is inline with these two holes right here so you can remount the window Now if you are working on your drivers door you need to plug back in this blue box thing to get your window to work again As I said earlier this is in-between the window switch and the window motor so without this the circuit is broken and the window motor won’t get power Plug the window motor back in Put your key in the ignition, put it in auxiliary, ignore the beeping and then test the window So now you want to lower it such that the holes in the bracket line up with these holes right here Like that Now you take the key out of the ignition Unplug the motor Unplug the one touch switch so you don’t damage it while you’re working on it Now we reinstall the window Ok there are three brackets on the bottom of the window One, two and three This is the front of the window this is the back of the window This needs to slide into the rail on the back of the door This you don’t have to worry about for now This needs to slide into the foot rail at the front of the door This is the mounting hole for where your screw is going to go so it mounts onto the window regulator This is a little tab that you can rest the window on, on top of the window regulator as you are trying to locate the hole And same with over here There is also a tab at the top here too And right there is the channel on the back of the door that you need to have the little disk on the back of the window slide into Right there is the corresponding one on the front that you need the front bracket on the window to slide into Ok you want to slide the window in nose first Catching it into the groove on the front, as well as the groove on the front here and you want to make sure that the disk slides into the rail on the back And then you want to locate the tabs on the window onto the rail on the window regulator Now the window is in place You don’t want to jostle it too much at this point because you could make it slide off the window regulator and then fall down and break and do all sorts of weird things So chances are you are not going to have the hole in the window mount match up with the bracket itself If you notice you can see the hole but its lined up with the wrong location You just need to slide it left or right to fit where you need it to be Like that Then you want to slide your bolt in through, sorry if I’m wobbling, in through the back and then take the washer and nut and put it on a couple threads You don’t want to tighten it down now because we need to also put a nut and bolt on the front The front doesn’t have any wiggle room while we have a little bit here where we can move the bracket back and forth just a little bit in order to line up with the holes in front Ok one trick to get a washer on that bolt is to put a washer on the end of a magnet then snake it into place like that and pop the magnet off In order to put the nut on you put the nut inside a shallow socket which will hold the nut in place and just snake that through and screw it on And you need the same thing on the font Once you have the front and the back nuts and bolts on torque them down to 89 to 123 inch pounds What I like to do is cut that in half and that would make it 106 inch pounds Because this things are holding the window and they are pushing a good amount of weight up and down all the time you want to make sure that these are torqued down properly Don’t guess and just snug them down you want to get them to the right spec So the bump stops, or the brackets that prevent the window from going too high they install via that little hook on the top into the little hole Let me see if I can get it, right there So you want that hook to slide into the top of that T and then slide down and the bolt goes in that hole right there

Push the window that way and slide it in Get it in the top of the T and let it slide down.Then you take the bolt and snake it through and just loosely tighten it down You’re not going to tighten it down all the way yet Then you do the same thing on the one on the back of the door Next you have these brackets which prevent the window from moving backwards and forwards This felt part facing towards the window and this part up This little notch right here goes into this little slot right here and that’s where the bolt goes So you slide these in through the hole right here Push the window forward until you get it clicked in and then you put the bolt in Again finger tight The you do the same thing on the back of the window Next you need to install the outer weather stripping Just slide it forward It hooks into right underneath the mirror And then press down on it So now you need to install the inner weather stripping You press it up against this part right here Next you need to adjust these brackets to ensure the window closes properly and seals around the weather stripping around the top of your window I’ll be covering that under a separate video because it’s worth noting how to do it because there are various reasons why you need to readjust your window For example after you replace your window, replace the weather stripping or put a new top on your connectable, or various other reasons So its worth its own video So I hope this video helped you out If you have any questions, comments or concerns leave them in the comments section below If you liked this video please click the thumbs up button if you want to see more videos like it please subscribe