Lose Weight..Feel Great..How to Juice Fast Safely!

hi there I’m Denise I have a background in yoga I’m a yoga teacher and my background is in health and wellness and I’m here to talk to you today about something that has really worked for me and transformed my life and I hope that it’s something that you might take away with you to transform your life to make you mentally focused and clear and healthy your body reset from the inside out from the cellular level and the way that you look towards health and eating and wellness you become a little bit more mindful in the decisions that you make and that is maybe taking a juice fasting cleansing program and it doesn’t just mean you’re going to only have juices there’s other components into a six day program that you take on to cleanse and clean your body almost like a health vacation for your body to rejuvenate your cells from the inside out there’s components of exercise whether it’s mild exercise of walking swimming yoga meditation breathing everything combined a program like this is going to give you an opportunity to reset the clock on your body and make you the most vibrant energetic person that you can be so that you in turn can be more productive to those around you and to yourself so I want to start talking to you and telling you about the immediate physical and mental benefits of taking on a juice cleansing fasting program fasting has been in the world for many years through many religions through many cultures and it’s a method that was normally used to gain clarity of mind it’s also a method that used used through history and even in the animal kingdom to cleanse out your body i mean when animals get sick they start to eat grass to cleanse themselves out and way past people used to take on a fast to cleanse out their systems so that they could be ready for any type of treatments so it resets the clock on your system to a time before we we ingested too many things that are processed and unhealthy and things that cause a buildup of acid and yeast and fungus and so some of the immediate actual benefits you will get and you don’t have to do a six day fast you can just take it for three days and go from there i mean the secret behind doing something for your body is never to push yourself and to always feel good throughout the whole process and know that we all heal from the inside out so this is quite a journey that you’ll take from the inside out from the cellular level to the mental level so what is a juice fast going to do for you we’ll start by immediate points of benefits number one you’re going to have a balanced pH in your body and I’ll go into that a little bit more in in just a moment we are all a little too acidic because we don’t eat enough alkaline foods so we will by the end of three to six days have a balanced pH definitely a cleansed colon because we’re not going to be eating foods that have insoluble fiber so our entire colon is going to be cleansed what we all want to know is weight loss you will lose fat rather than water on this and again I’ll get into that too with how the energy in your body is going to go towards breaking down fat cells rather than breaking down food that are hard to digest definitely a reduction of toxins a stronger immune system our cells are going to rebuild from the base up increased mental clarity who doesn’t want that nowadays increased liver and kidney function are liver and kidneys and fortunately get beat up quite a bit with having to clear out the toxins from the food that we’re eating um loss of cravings specifically for sugars and for other stimulants such as coffee or alcohol or tea cellular regrowth we’re going to look a lot younger have more vitality more radiant skin our energy is going to go up you won’t believe how much more energy

you’re going to have because that energy that’s within our bodies is going to go directly to us rather than through the whole process of cleansing and breaking things down and our blood and tissue is going to go through a detox so let’s talk about how it is a complete reset for your system there’s a time before we started to eat all kinds of things that might not be too good for us foods that are processed foods that are quick high in fat high in sugar so we need to take our bodies back to a time when it was pure and clean so we want to balance our bodies from a cellular level and the whole thing really is almost drinking from the fountain of youth juicing is drinking from the fountain of youth it’s a rejuvenation process from the inside out we ingest a lot of foods that are processed and those processed foods are acidic and that’s where the problem is we don’t ingest enough foods that are alkaline and alkaline foods are greens whole foods nuts everything in their natural form so if you think about it over seventy percent of our bodies are made up of water and you can almost think of a swimming pool that way too so we need our internal fluids to be pH balanced so not too much acid and also not too much alkaline we need a nice balance within our bodies and what this process does is allows you to reduce that intake of acid because it’s a vicious circle it’s a vicious cycle when you ingest acid the more acidic foods we eat the more they accumulate in our body and then we’ve come out of balance we find that our body has too much acid to then discharge the story to then discharge enough so that we are balanced and we become acidic and when we become acidic our immune system begins to suffer we start to get sick and we have a loss of energy so we need to keep ourselves energetic and healthy we don’t want our cells to begin to drown in acid I mean they’re so delicate within our bodies and everything we eat goes directly into our tissues we want to avoid decaying from the inside out so we develop more and more yeast and fungus within our bodies when we eat acidic foods and that yeast and fungus in turn begins to feed off the sugars and acids and our immune system goes down we get sick we have no energy so when we do a period of time of juicing to give our body arrest and these are natural juices that you juice on your own with your little juicing machine they provide nutrients vitamins minerals trace elements everything that you can think of directly in the appropriate proper quantity because they know on their own because they’re natural to your body this way we give our intestines a break a break from having to break down everything and that way all the juice and nutrients that goes into our body goes directly into our tissues directly into our cells into our skin into our bloodstream so we completely begin to rebuild from the base from the inside out also because we’re drinking so much liquid and juice it gives our colon an opportunity to become washed we really do cleanse and clean out our whole system and while we keep drinking those juices that have incredible qualities in them to heal they get into the crevices and cracks where we tend to hold a lot of sludge and muck and they actually begin to clean that out too so by juicing and drinking these juices for three to six days it will leave you not hungry that’s one of the biggest things that I find people ask me about and I wondered about when I did my own program of fasting am I going to be hungry no you will not be hungry you’ll be extremely satisfied and extremely energetic so that’s the immediate physical benefits is a vital body how does yoga and exercise benefit in this

process so you know we can just drink our juices and have a merry old time but it’s so nice to add something else to it so it can increase this process and there are two main benefits and I’m going to speak more from the yoga side because I have been teaching Yoga for about seven to eight years so far a lot of yoga postures have kind of a duality their mental and their physical there’s two two aspects to taking on yoga poses so when you’re growing through a fast there are specific yoga postures that are meant to detox your body so they involve movement and movement such as crunching ringing twisting and all that compressions holding allows you to ring out every last bit of anything that’s doing no service to your body out of your system while at the same time ingesting these juices that are also cleaning out your system so yoga postures aid in detox that way in yoga we also sometimes we take hot classes which are great sometimes we take regular temperature classes but either way we build up heat and sweat and that’s also a method of detox everything in your system is going to come out of your pores so that added bit of sweating and warming your body will also aid in the detox process as you’re juicing and did you know that breathing is not just breathing we breathe with only the top half of our lungs so when we begin to practice breathing yogic ly in a yoga class we now practice breathing with our entire lung capacity so when we breathe in our rib cage expands our belly Rises and really if we’re breathing their full lungs the diaphragm should drop and it doesn’t when we breathe only with the top half of our lungs so when the diaphragm drops now it’s pressing against our lower digestive internal organs actually massaging our organs again to increase in a healthy elimination of toxins and waste and that’s one of the reasons why there is that method breathing in yoga what about the the mental aspect during a fast when you’re fasting you gain a lot of clarity and energy you’ll be so surprised at how bright and vibrant you feel and the mental aspect of yoga is teaching you to become more aware and present so both of these aspects working together the physical clarity of mind and the mental clarity of mind allows you to become way more in tune with yourself and if you’re more in tune with yourself then you can become more in tune and productive with the people that are around you so adding yoga and exercise really does increase the overall effectiveness of your cleansing program to become the more fabulous you what about accelerated fat loss so when you juice you are no longer eating insoluble fiber all foods have insoluble fiber and fiber is excellent for you but for the idea of juicing we need to take that fiber out to give our bodies a complete rest seventy percent of our body’s energy is used to break down that insoluble fiber and you’ll notice when you eat a large heavy meal you get tired this way when you’re not drinking any insoluble or eating any insoluble fiber all the nutrients go directly to your system that seventy percent of energy that was used in breaking down the food and some of that food never gets broken down the seventy percent of energy that’s used in defending all of that to your liver and kidneys to detox no longer has to do that that’s seventy percent of energy can now go to directly break down your fat cells in your body so you will have a reduction of fat definitely also you’ll have an increase of water in your system so it almost acts like a natural diuretic you won’t be swollen you won’t be retaining water you’ll always be at balanced ph balanced alkaline balanced

h2o level within your body so finally how does it work you can take on a lovely interesting program where you have a variety of juices most of the juices are green the idea is to have not too much sugary fruits in your juices so a good idea is seventy percent green vegetables and thirty percent fruits have a variety of them during your day so morning a mid-morning snack afternoon afternoon snack evening evening snack maybe something sweet and fun and nice and drink plenty of water and possibly coconut water coconut water has all five electrolytes that are found within your body so a natural coconut water is a super addition into any type of detox program that you take to just stay hydrated stay mentally focused and clear and if you do find that you’re having moments of getting a little bit hungry and have another juice you’re drinking juices that are quite a good size so each juice you drink is about 16 to 20 ounces and just remember when you’re leading up to a program like this you may want to come into it by reducing your intake of carbs for a few days before you began your program and this is any program but specifically for juicing reduce your meat reduce your carbs finally in the day before reduce and have absolutely no stimulants so no coffee no sugars take on your program with positivity and at the end of this program it’s so important to really follow it and find sure the fruits and vegetables that will be reintroduced to your system gently most of the fruits and vegetables that you will drink in your juices are very gentle for your digestive system so they get to break down easily and a lot of those are the foods that then you’re going to incorporate naturally want in your diet afterwards so I say try try taking on a program where you completely reset your body to a time when you are at your healthiest and it’s good to do this maybe twice a year you’ll see how you feel if you feel so energetic and refreshed because it really worked for me work for me my husband my mom my friends we all just have a new renewed vitality by eating and encouraging our bodies and our systems to want to eat more whole green foods natural organic so that we can all turn back the clock and be as productive as energetic and as vital as we can be so this is how easy it is to prepare your juices for a typical day of juicing you again would normally have about sixty six to seven juices in your day and they’re categorized in in three categories so you have your mostly green juices and an example of a green juice again is seventy percent vegetables thirty percent fruits and you can change it up once you taste it you’ll know if you want something that’s a little sweeter add a little more apple or whatever fruit element that’s sweet if you want a little more spicy you can add a little more ginger a lot of the recipes have ginger and lemon in them too I found for me that towards the end of the time that I was doing the detox I didn’t want things that were that sweet so I started to put more acidic no I shouldn’t say acidic I started to put more lemon juice cleansing fruits into my juices so for example a green juice can consist of and I highly recommend using organic for most of the vegetable components a lot of these leafy vegetables absorb a lot of pesticide so there’s a great list online called the Dirty Dozen and it’ll tell you which fruits and vegetables are recommended to be organic and which ones you don’t need to buy organic because not everything has to be green juice kayo so a handful of kale spinach handful of spinach one apple a stick of celery and cucumber extremely cleansing amazing for your liver and kidneys if you find you want this to be a little

more peppy add a whole lemon peel butthole another one maybe during the day you want from the category of an energy booster and these juices are more usually red or orange so they’re more carrot and beet based a really nice one that I loved one of my favorites is carrot apple lemon and ginger and you’ll find that you might want to add more ginger or you might not a really good one that is easy to remember it’s called an ABC juice so it’s just Apple beet and carrot how simple is that and as you know whenever you put beets into any kind of juice it’s really going to cleanse out and clean out your system and again it’s gentle for your digestive system finally at the end of the night or maybe sometime during the day you might really want something that’s like a desert juice it’s really sweet sweet sweet but again sweet doesn’t have to be fruits that are abnormally high in sugar blueberries are fantastic strawberries are incredible so this particular one turns out delicious it’s a blueberry pineapple and strawberry juice and it’s a great way if you want to kind of round out your day so my advice to use to begin your day with a hot glass of water with lemon and end your day with a hot glass of water with lemon warmer liquids will keep your keep your digestive system moving and they’ll be a little more gentle for your digestive system but get creative share your juices with people share your chooses with anyone they’re delicious and they’re healthy they’re all based from whole foods and I think that you will transform your life and be absolutely the most energetic person that you can be and hopefully encourage others on this great journey of health and wellness so for more information on juicing I invite you to go to ww six day juice fast calm and there’s a lot of information there and also free videos on yoga recipes detox so thank you very much and I hope that you take on your journey juicing and be the most vibrant that you can be