'This is it. I love you. Goodbye': Inside the Bataclan – BBC Newsnight

it had been Katie’s birthday in three weeks previous and I decided would be nice kind of just a little romantic getaway it’s one of the most mythic musical in the in Paris we were thinking we would have best one of the best night of our lives we’ve seen Jessie standing there so we asked him if he was okay for pictures and he said of course yeah he did say to us for you babies tonight I will rock this place and and I was really excited by it so I did post it on Twitter we were thinking is probably to avoid when say going into the the big crowd it was kind of more fun than able to stand back just by the door in that picture we’re just behind Pole there’s a few steps down to the main dance floor out the bars behind us and the door is that we the entrance is directly behind us I post my traditional picture in on Facebook we do some videos and I remember we said that it was probably one of the best concerts we we have seen because of the energy at the bands and and the ambience also a public so you could be before technology from the human I’ll tell you tell John carbon total con I undo what it’s about Michelle it’s one of the most beautiful venues in Paris I was probably the further first one to get in just put myself on the body when you do it was the first time I was seeing them on stage and it was fun it was very fun until the five or six song where it all began you this really under you David very classy mm TC last on Jovie this is submitted and release under leave it will you leave it on clatter then person didn’t confirm it it’ll be the Pistons and the awkward él debe we heard you know kind of like like act like something very weird hot women are solid it’s Italy to treat the poor desuka what work style extremely tasty – kebapi Asian of especially the easily won first dinner yep a taxi I felt an arc like this and I felt hot like a drink spilled on my shoulder and David was standing behind me kind of protecting me from getting bashed or moved reined in in the concert and I turned to David and as I said did somebody spill their drink there was flashes Sparks and the noise of you know persistence can we find gunfire exactly that sound wasn’t a good sound before the only way to know is look up and look

at the guys on stage and I saw them looking at all towards the entrance and a mouse just went just dropped and I could see fear and I knew there was death behind on their faces that look that they had I’d seen silhouette of a man but at that point the crowd can fell to the site people were dropping that had been hit at this stage there was a couple and just in front of me and the man definitely dropped and I believe that maybe what I thought was the drink spelling was his blood hitting me I I don’t know as the gunfire never stopped really for what that seems like forever and when we were on the floor David climbed on top of me to protect me and it was very apparent people were dying around us and that there was some sort of massacre happening and we were part of it I’ve heard people falling everyone like dominoes and my particular squeezed against the power and that’s when I tried to jump that couldn’t jump and I realized that my right leg was stuck and I knew that because of the people falling and I tried once I was just dancing on that barrier and a fool I kept thinking in the next one is for you my body was ready to to take a shot at any time it was the noise the moaning and the well the blood we dropped to the floor and the floor was just filled with blood I couldn’t see my friends it was still really dark I knew that they were on the floor probably underneath people then I could see all those people it looked like montains of people and then I look and I remember seeing the purple lights from the bar we’re doing the bow sign and then just those flash and I knew there was bullets you comical Bataclan papa la Petite ephemerality la basura de helado nice callous China solution Momo malgré CC Posse and Alex Theriot to ownership you know satalia uh not only to dismiss original Moon River or Alicia Olivia now if you just own a locked Edmonton Montana no more Spanish I knew why my leg was tagged but was it because people were just scared or was it because they were that this is why one of who of hustling them can you please help me I just were selfish I knew I knew that people could feel people dying it’s the people don’t believe in spirit and souls in but no I remember feeling yeah you could feel people’s souls leaving their bodies yeah I wished I couldn’t stop it the whole time I kept thinking what could you do – what could you do there was nothing we could do the lights came on and when they did it wasn’t just I think that’s blood it’s I’m definitely covered in blood I’m definitely facedown in blood this is definitely a man that’s been shot this is definitely happening we can

see it now and I watched as he dies really and we were looking at each other and I turned my head and to my right there was a girl David saw – yeah she was lying and she was motionless and again it was clear that she was dead at that point we hide our self and my with my brother and each time we just tried to stand up to see there is some shooting so you protect yourself lanm acknowledgement gog gog three-dimensionally the Dhokla Yentob kissed over our doctor on ask a lady of ecology so poor violet OPP no senior us from VT mood I think my first thing to think it was just to protect her you know um shield her whatever I could do because you know when you love someone you you want to protect them and I think that was my initial like instinct was to okay make sure she’s okay you know protector there came a point the shots were getting closer and closer and the floorboards a quake with each shot the floor would just vibrate and it felt like it was just beside us and I said to David this is this I love you goodbye just talking about our families and that was this just kept telling you I lost you I didn’t want you to die hearing the gunfire much like I didn’t want that man to die looking at them I just kind of looked my sight and I could see there were just black black soul boots with black leather I think and he just walked within feet of us and again I thought this is the moment he’s going to point at us now and we were the next to be shot and somehow he just walked by in he didn’t turn the gun at us puron wannabe shapur up renewal as much even Asian population accelerated our city city hi mama expose if you was when I was in front of one terrorist and I was thinking he will kill my brother and he’s communicate with me I’ll ask you to close the door and say just please no let my brother coming you how many people escaped through that hatch I think about fifty something like that between 40 and 50 when we arrived on the roof you have a guy with very safe voice just asking come here trusting me I think it’s guy from its staff or safety staff community that I am Diana bottom or other condition you know which václav need to vet you know Adi Adi Adi Adi are you a little moon to moon when we saw the two terrorists on the first floor at the other end of the room coming to us we we tried to escape between the seats on the balcony but they had seen us so they start to come and asking us to gather in inner corner they said we are not going to kill you that’s the first word I heard from them which was bizarre because everyone in the Bataclan was thinking they are going to kill us the guy started firing I don’t know if they saw us or if they did just managed to reload again and we both dropped because we knew he wasn’t safe they firing again I just thought my peripheral vision that these doors burst open and I don’t know

who opened them are how they became open if someone inside did it is someone outside had come in but I just I saw them and I said to Katie we’ve got to go we got to move so I laid on my stomach and I quote wiping the blood with my clothes but just fool just keep keep crawling and I was so scared to look behind me other people ran with us at that point I’m not sure how many really but we remember there was dead parties in the floor and we were almost stumbling to get to the door and I ran down I was when I say Ryan we stumbled down I think is about three steps and we were out on the street I think that’s going outside that’s when me before she said when I lost it I couldn’t breathe I just to hold her head and threw why is happening why I became me again at this moment I heard the voice of the third terrorist who was still downstairs and they are talking to each other the two with their Kalashnikov upstairs on the balcony and the other one downstairs you there was a huge explosion in in the stage I think they they understood and that’s why they asked us to go with them in the corridor China I was looking at David’s I was ahead of them and I was thinking like hurry up come on you can’t this isn’t the time to kind of think let it all sink in and look we have to keep running and yeah I think you kind of just said to me I can’t run I’ve been shot yeah you they took some banknotes out of their pocket like 15 50 euro banknotes and asked one of the hostages Sebastian to burn them at at this point I can imagine they wanted to show that they had not any interest in life because they were here to die so they didn’t need any banknotes anymore the windows we switch off all the things so TVs lights of course everything and we everybody just hide you know on the floor they’re all playing with their smartphone we spend a lot of time to communicate with friends people family and so on because all the other who knows we we are there send text message or call a typos also a picture on facebook so when people realize something happened their receive a lot of miss a genius they told us that we could thank our president because of the bombing in Syria and Iraq and they were from Islamic state were they scared were they angry they looked very determined maybe they had taken drugs they were doing what they had to do I think I said where like where have you been shot and you said your foot and I just like rice okay I’ll drag you so I looked down and I could see my shoes was filled with blood and it was pumping out of my foot and I couldn’t run any further and Katie told me we have to keep going she basically dragged me to safety because at that point I was beginning to almost pass out they were getting nervous because they wanted the police to stay far from the corridor there is also silent big silent we so before the finalists saw some you know red lights so we know that people are in the roof the snipers on so we

know that policemen out there every st is very quite we didn’t talk to each other the three hostages behind the door the terrorists we’re giving orders to these hostages asking them to listen to what was happening inside the Bataclan and for the the six of us that were standing in front of the window or on the action was to look what was happening in front how many people we are where we are if we are safe if there is injuries desk for if we see the explosive belt the terrorists ask one of the hostages to yell it’s smart foot number to the police during this period they had more or less five or six calls the terrorists were only saying we have ostriches we have explosive belts if you come too close we are going to kill the hostages so stay far they seem not to have any demand so it gave more impact for me on the fact that that we are going to to kill us because there’s a lot of shoots and explosion boom-di boom-di boom the police throws stun grenades and at this moment I I fell you I think I was the last on stage or maybe one of the last and I can remember precisely of the image of one of the terrorists shooting in one hand he has his Kalashnikov and on the other end with his finger on the detonator so two terrorists are escaping using the stairs and at this moment the police start shooting I’m still wondering why he didn’t trigger is detonator at this moment if so we would have all been killed you when the police took us out of the corridor they said don’t look what’s happening in front of the stage but it was not easy for us not to give a look how can you think like that that walking in and shooting people in the back while they’re having fun at a concert you know it it doesn’t make any sense to me and I don’t think it makes sense to you either it’s just yeah habla yeah well diabla you shoppin yep how are you sleeping not very well yeah a lot of nightmares I’m doing that dream every time because I think my brain is trying to let me see what Adame protecting me from and every night is the same dream black background montains of body and direct I don’t feel any anger or hatred it’s just sadness I feel sad that everybody that was there whether the ones shooting or the people who were shot just feel very sad and there’s no

point in being angry it’s done