The Invisible Man by H G Wells FULL MOVIE With Subtitles (12th Class) CBSE

– Morning, sir – Morning, Albert (DRUMMING) (SIGHS) What’s all this noise? (COINS CHINKING) Ah I wish to take a room here By the week (coin JINGLES) You er… all right, Mrs Hall? Quite all right, thank you, Teddy Yes Have you a guest parlour? (MRS HALL) This way, sir That’s right, just in here, sir Here we are Oh, a bit dark, isn’t it, sir? Just get some Light on it There we are. Bit of fresh air too It’s a Lovely evening There you are, sir – This will do very well – Oh. Thank you Er… may I take your hat and coat now, sir? No, I prefer to keep my coat on May I ask how long you’ll be staying, sir? I Left some boxes at Bramblehurst station How shall I have them brought here? I’ll mention the matter to the postman, and the carrier will bring them over tomorrow Tomorrow? ls there no speedier delivery? A man with a trap? It’s a very steep road by the station, sir It so happens, last year, a coach overturned. After dark, that is – Very well – The rubbish was everywhere, sir – Everywhere! All over the roads – I should like my supper now, please – I intend to retire early – Yes, sir Very good, sir I’m sure we can arrange that – Thank you – Thank you (SIGHS) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (MAN) Hello, young Silas Whoa, there, jasper. Whoa, there

Mr Hall! (GROANS) That’s right, Sandy. Yep Well… bye, Sandy Go on, jasper I tell you, I’m gonna win this! – Oh! – That’s it! (LAUGHTER) – Good evening to you – Hello, Leslie – Evening, Mr Hall – How do, Teddy You’ve got a rum ‘un stopping – Eh? – Rum-Looking customer – In there – Eh? My sakes, Mr Hall. If the police were looking for him he couldn’t be more wrapped up Who is he? I’d like to see a man’s face if he was stopping in my place – What’s his name? – He ain’t given one He’s took a room, he’s not given no name? – Women are that trusting, aren’t they? – That stupid, you mean – How Long’s he stopping? – By the week By the week? We can’t get rid of him under a week? Now, Listen here, Hall. You mind your own business and I’ll mind mine Two sovereigns is two sovereigns, and he wasn’t no haggler, neither Got his Luggage coming tomorrow Let’s hope it won’t be stones in boxes – Eh, we’d best see about this, Jenny – YOU’LL see about nothing My aunt in Hastings got swindled by a bloke with empty portmanteaus [CLOCK TICKING] OH! upon my soul,sir,you gave me quit a shock it’s the bandages , sir yes, bandages Excuse me ,sir But accidents do happen though , don’t they?and all in a moment ,too Oh yes, but they takes long enough to get well and that’s fact – If you leave the tray, I’ll put it out later – Yes, very good, sir. Do that Now, you take my sister’s son Torn, sir He hurt his arm with a scythe It happened in an hayfield, sir And they kept him bandaged up for three months. Can you imagine? Oh, I tell you Gave me a fearful dread of the scythe (CHUCKLES) Ah. There we are, sir Bit gloomy in here, isn’t it? Shall we get a bit more light? (SHOUTS) No! Leave the lamp where it is, please Just as you like, sir I thought you might like a bit more light, that’s all My eyes are very weak I am sometimes obliged to shut myself up in the dark for hours Strong Light is a source of excruciating pain to me (MRS HALL) I’m sorry I need this parlour for my own private use It’s written on the door, sir No one’s gonna disturb you Nevertheless, I do not wish to be disturbed by anybody Well I’m sure that can be arranged – Good night, sir – Night (SNORING) (CLOCK CHIMES) No, see, Look, he could be an achranist – Oh, no… Anichrist – Make your mind up – What’s that word? – Oh, anarchist. Explosives – Not in my parlour. He wouldn’t dare – I don’t like the sound of him – Looked Like a disguise to me – I suppose I’LL be dreaming of bogeys Heads like great big white turnips. Ugh! (ROOM GRADUALLY FALLS SILENT) Would you care to show me to my room, please? Certainly, sir If you would follow me, please Poor soul’s probably had an operation or an accident or something Them goggles! Makes him look more like a diving helmet than a human man

Perhaps he’s hurt his mouth, as well It’s a rummy case, Teddy Let’s hope it won’t be stones in cases tomorrow (DOG WHINING AND YELPING) All right, then. Push then pull it – Push, man, go on – (MEN STRAINING) Here! Steady, there. Easy There you go, then – There’s a step there – (DOG BARKING) In the corner. And take care not to upset it. They must be kept upright No, no, no. In the corner! Are you deaf? – Gently – (RATTLING) Great heavens! For goodness’ sake, come along with those boxes. I’ve been waiting for them long enough – Hold it, hold it – Steady, steady! – (SNARLING) – Ow! Get down, you brute! – Was you bit, sir? – Here, Teddy! I’m rare sorry about the dog, sir It never broke the skin Hurry up with those things Bit, Mr Hall. Sandy’s dog bit him Best go and see to him – Why did he go and bite him for? – How should I know? – It ain’t right to have a dog like that – I’d shoot him, that’s what I’d do Listen, he’s got no right biting one of my guests like that (TEDDY) Ar. Eh, I tell you something You… you brute, you! (DOG WHINES) – What’s all the commotion? – The carrier’s dog’s bit him – Who? – Well, him – Sir? – You won’t find him in there – Well, where is he, then? – He’s gone upstairs Oh! (TUTS) – I never heard so much commotion! – Sir! – Sir? – What is it? – Well, was you hurt, sir? – Not a bit – He don’t want no help – No, George, he should have a doctor Go on Er… sir, Mrs Hall thinks The sooner you put my cases indoors, the better I’ll be pleased Out of the road, Silas Eh, eh. Here, I’ll tell you something – Where is he? – He’s upstairs I was just telling Sandy, here He’s black, that chap – Black? – Leastways, his legs is – (DOG BARKING) – Black? Here, ask him what he means Teddy! – Sh! – I seen through a tear in his trousers There weren’t no pink showing at all, just blackness Don’t be so simple, Teddy Henfrey Why, his nose is as pink as paint – Well, his legs ain’t – Here, he’s piebald Black here, white there, in patches, like – Oh, is he a kind of half-breed, you mean? – Aye, that’s it That’s why they’re wearing them there bandages ‘Cause the colours come off in patches – I have heard of such things, Jenny – Common enough with horses Here, if he chose to show his self at fairs, he’d make a fortune! – A fortune! – Sh! Feeling better, sir? Everything is safely off the wagon, sir Arh! Ach! (KNOCKING AT DOOR)

(MRS HALL) Sir? – (KNOCKING) – What is it? Yes, yes, yes Sir, the doctor’s come to take a look at your Leg What? Here Here, what’s all this mess, eh? – What have you done to my table? – Put it down on the bill Perhaps you could tell me what you consider a proper price. just look at my table! – A shilling. Put down a shilling – A shilling? A shilling? Eh? A shilling! And look at all this straw There’s straw everywhere. I’ve never seen so much straw in all my life All over the floor! This is not as I expected, sir Surely a shilling is enough? If there’s damage done, put it down on the bill Pardon my intrusion – Cuss – What? William Cuss Dr Cuss, general practitioner for lping and Sidderbridge The Landlord tells me that you were bitten by the carrier’s hound – (MRS HALL) That’s right, sir – It was nothing. Nothing at all – (HISSES) I told you it was nothing! – Excuse me, please, sir My word! You have a great many bottles here, Mr – Mr…? – I am extremely busy, Doctor My dispensary can’t boast half as many bottles as this. Are you researching? I am an experimental investigator and anxious to get on with my inquiries I don’t mind telling you, all this arouses my professional interest Please take care A bad fire, was it? I beg your pardon? The bandages Well, this is an ideal place to recuperate My reason for coming to lping was a desire for solitude I must ask you to Leave, Dr Cuss Even the unexpected entry of someone into a room could ruin an experiment – Yes, of course, of course. (COUGHS) – Give it here! Give it here! Good Lord. How…? How can you move an empty sleeve? – Empty sleeve? – How did you keep it up? I could see down the sleeve to the elbow So it’s an empty sleeve, is it? Well, that’s how I saw it, yes Have another Look Well? Well, there’s nothing in it I don’t understand Is it glass? (SLAP) (LAUGHS) – Well, Dr Cuss? – Excuse me, Mrs Hall – Excuse me – I

Oh! It’s getting worse (KEY TURNS IN LOCK) I know it sounds mad, but am I mad, Padre? – Do I look insane? – Perhaps a Little distracted That Egyptian mummy, when he held up his arm, the one with nothing in it Oh, it’s too ridiculous! But something like a finger and thumb nipped the end of my nose – (SNORTS) – But, damn it, there was nothing there! A most remarkable story, William Something tweaked your nose, you say You can’t imagine what the fellow looks like But I have seen him. I must confess, he is a rather daunting spectacle And a disagreeable one! He calls himself an experimental investigator – Do you have reason to doubt him? – Well, there are bottles and chemicals It looks more like a laboratory than an inn’s parlour – Is he a doctor, perhaps? – No name given. He arrived last night and took rooms in the Coach and Horses I don’t mind telling you, Edward, it’s put me in a blue funk Perhaps if I were to have a word with this gentleman? You’d fare no better, I guarantee it There’s something unapproachable about the fellow, something dangerous (WOMAN LAUGHING) (MAN) You be one of the best girls in this village (WOMAN GIGGLES) – You be one of the best girls on this river-bank – (GIGGLES) (MOANING AND SIGHING) – (COUGHING) – What’s that? – It’s only a fox or something – Foxes don’t cough – Course they do! All the time! – Oh, you! – I’ve heard a fox cough often – Blew his nose, too, did he? Oh! Right, now that does it Come here! Come here! – Eh! – You won’t catch me! Ooh! You wait! That’s all your fault I talk to you about foxes coughing Come here (BUZZ OF CONVERSATION) For the damage I have done to your furniture If it’s not sufficient, put it on the bill That will be most satisfactory, sir, thank you – Good evening – Good evening, sir I am obliged to send away to London for certain scientific journals – but can find no post office in the village – Oh, no – The nearest post office is at Bramblehurst – Yes But the postman, he does call here, every morning round nineish Perhaps you’d inform him tomorrow that I wish to entrust him with a registered Letter Right. Very good, sir – (MRS HALL) Evening, sir – Evening – George, look at this! – Sinister’s right!

God, I’ve never seen a more sinister-looking cove Well, his manner may be a bit overbearing, but if he’s to give me a shilling every time he scratches my furniture, who cares? Bills regular paid is bills regular paid Well, I don’t like it, Janny I’d rather he kept his money and moved on – Whoo! – Mr Hall! Just a minute, Sandy. Here, how do we know what he’s up to in there? – And suppose he’s not right in the head – Oh, George! I’m telling you straight, he’s going to be trouble, that one God! We’ll all end up with our throats cut – Sandy, what’s that? Do you want a…? – Please (CHILDREN) Bogey man, the bogey man Here comes the bogey man The bogey man, the bogey man Here comes the bogey man The bogey man, the bogey man Here comes the bogey man The bogey man, the bogey man – ♪ Here comes the bogey man ♪ – Stephen! But it’s ludicrous that county lines and parish boundaries should divide houses Oh, come now, imagine – Mary Fenwick and her twins – Yes? She might have been delivered of one in Somerset, pushed the bed across the room and had the second in Devon Twins and a hernia! – (VICAR) Good evening – (DOCTOR) Good evening Poor fellow – Has he spoken to you yet? – Alas, no – I had hoped to see him in church – Not that one Three Sundays have now come and gone since he arrived Some form of skin disease, Margaret says But then she was only repeating what Mrs Lipton had told her I deplore gossip, of course, but I suppose it’s inevitable that a person of so remarkable an appearance and bearing should form a source of idle talk in a village the size of lping Were you aware of the general view that he’s a criminal trying to escape justice? No, I was not What nonsense – They don’t like him at all – I am aware of that Poor fellow Change, damn you, change! Oh! Now there he goes again (MRS HALL SIGHING) – He given you a name yet, Mr Hall? – No, he ain’t, Sandy – It’s not for the want of asking, neither – It smells in here Well, I reckon that’ll be chloroform Or it’s what old Fearenside says He says it’s opium It ain’t right, Mr Hall, opium Pacing up and down, up and down, babbling away to himself all the time, more like a blessed turkey – What’s he been saying, then? – It don’t make no sense to me It ain’t proper, Sandy He’s not given no name He’s not given no money, neither, not for weeks now – Oh! – Oh, look at this, George It’s just not good enough

Dear God This’ll take me all my life Now, you Palaeolithic tonic this time, do your work Ugh! Now, you devil (CRIES OUT) – Oh, no. He’ll have to go, Janny – (SCREAMING) We’ve got folks walking up the hill to Sidderbridge rather than face him – He’s right – Even Archie Moon with his game Leg Oh, no, he won’t do, old girl Sidderbridge, they ain’t had business like this since we had the roof fall in (GLASS SMASHING) – What’s he up to in there, then, eh? – All I hear, morning, noon and night is paper being torn, glass breaking and him shouting and screaming as if a brick has dropped on his foot And never a word of thank you for all the meals I’ve cooked Just don’t be too hasty, old girl He’s got a very nasty temper on him Oh, has he? Oh! Well, I’ll temper him! Go on, out of my way, Teddy Henfrey – Here, just a minute – Not just a minute. Now. Now H’ you please! If you please, sir! Here, if there are any nasty stains on my carpet What is it that you want? Well, sir, I expect you’ll be wanting to pay your bill now Certainly not Please don’t bother me at this time of night I heard glass breaking. How do we know you’re not making bombs? All them horrible smells As I told you, if there is any damage, add it to my bill How can I do that unless I see what damage has been done? – I can’t have my experiments interfered with – I won’t be locked out of my own parlour – I pay you enough for the privacy! – You promise me enough, sir, but you pay me nothing I’ve not had a farthing this month No, I’m afraid I shall have to ask you to Leave Impossible And I’d thank you for the key to my parlour George It is only right, sir The room has got to be cleaned Give me the key or I shall have this door broke down and the lock changed – (CROWD MURMURING) – This is ridiculous – I am awaiting a remittance – Remittance, indeed! Tomorrow, if you please, sir Tomorrow you pays me my bill or you leaves this house before noon – (MURMURING) – My sakes, Mrs Hall! Hoo-hoo! That told him! I’ll have a brandy, please, George A double measure (RUSTLING) Damnation! Edward! – Edward! – (GROANS)

Edward, I heard the sound of breaking glass Someone’s broken into the house, Edward Let us not jump to conclusions, my dear Edward! Edward! If one hears glass being broken, it does not necessarily mean one is about to be bludgeoned to death in one’s own bed Don’t say such things! (COCKEREL CROWS) Do go and Look, dear! (COCKEREL CROWS) The bounder’s in the kitchen! The window’s broken My dear, wake Susie at once and send out for the constable What are you going to do? – Put the fear of God into the scoundrel – Then do take off your nightcap, dear (GRUNTING) Surrender! (CLATTERING) – Edward – (MOUTHS) (WHISPERS) Edward… the window The window Huh! He must still be here – Such a draught, suddenly – Sh! (MOUTHS) – He found the housekeeping – How much was in there? Two pounds, ten shillings in half sovereigns The constable should be here soon, dear Margaret, I could have sworn he was in the room when we entered – Yes, dear – Who Lit the candle? – And this knife – He used it to force the Lock Yes, but it fell to the ground after we came into the room And yet, if that were so (PANTING)

(COUGHING) George? George! * Oh! I found the door ajar He’s not here Come here, George. Look, the front door’s open Look I don’t (LABOURED BREATHING) His clothes are still here Well, I No, don’t touch ’em, George I wonder where he could’ve gone without any clothes and them bandages, eh? (SUCKS TEETH) Well! Cold as the grave. He must’ve been up at least an hour or more Here, what’s over here, George? – What is it? – Books (SNEEZE) It weren’t me George! George, there’s spirits in this room Here, I can hear ’em breathing Here, don’t talk so daft, woman Spirits don’t sneeze Well, who was it, then, eh? George! Let’s… let’s lock the door, George. Lock him out and them in – (SCRAPING) – Come on – What the…? – (SHRIEKING) Ooh! Who did that? What’s going on here? – Aargh! – Oh, stand up, for goodness’ sake, woman

– Oh! Don’t, don’t! – (INVISIBLE MAN LAUGHING) – Oh! – Oh, no, sir! – No! No! – (LAUGHING) – Oh, no! – Oh! – (SHRIEKS) – Soaked to the skin! Now, my dear, exactly what time did the master call for you? It’s the spirits! Yes, I know, I know it’s the spirits They’ll infest the whole house now I’ve read about ’em in the papers! Dancing and singing My good old furniture! – You take a drop more. That’ll steady you – Thank you, Sandy – It’s not steady she’ll get on that stuff – Oh, shut up – Where is he now, then, Mr Hall? – Oh, well, he’s gone Before dawn, we reckon He ain’t come back yet, neither – You ought to lock him out – He’ll not get past me! – What’s happening upstairs, then? – Don’t you go near that room! I don’t know. Door’s jammed shut just like it were Locked – Do you hear anything? – No, not a thing – I reckon whatever it were is still there – My good old furniture rising up against me! I tell you what, Mrs Hall You want horseshoes hung everywhere for gents like him I’ll be darned if it ain’t witchcraft Well, I might have known! Eh? Him! Him with his bandaged head and his great, big goggling eyes – And never going to church on Sundays – That’s right! He’s got more books and bottles than anyone has a right to – Here, why don’t you bust down the door? – Now, just a moment, hold hard Let’s have the facts first. Best be sure he be acting right in busting it down It’s his door. He can do what he likes A door unbust is always open to busting You can’t unbust a bust door once you’ve busted it Well, I – It’s Robbie – How do, Robbie How do Fair old rumpus up the Vicarage, eh? Fair old rumpus down here – You ain’t heard? – Heard what? – Burglary – The Vicarage? Never So help me. They reckon he took £20 in gold – Who? – It’s him! – Don’t talk so daft – Got in through a window – It’s him! – Vicar went for him but he got clear away They’ve got men with dogs out Sidderbridge way – Ooh! – It never rains but it pours (GASPS) Good Morning Thank you I trust that gun is not loaded, Mr Hall (TUT5) (KEY TURNING) – How did he get in, George? – Well, if that don’t Lick everything! How did he get in? Ach! Foot’.! (SCOFFS) No, no, no (SIGHS) Idiots! Dear heaven! A student would know more Bah! This is useless! Mm. Dr Samuel Kemp Optical density Kemp Must be the same man Join Kemp, (VOICES OUTSIDE) Of course! Join Kemp, (KNOCKING) – I wanna know where he’s been – You demand an explanation! – We don’t want him in this house no Longer – Break down the door – Yes? – Me and Mrs Hall, sir, we wanna know where you’ve been this morning and how you got back in That, sir, is none of your business – Anyone staying here comes in by the door – Tell him! – It’s a rule of the house – You demand an explanation! – Go to the devil! – (ALL EXCLAIM) Go to the devil! And you, madam, may fetch my breakfast – Oh! – Why isn’t it prepared? And why hasn’t my bill been paid? So that’s it! – (cows CHINK) – How much? – Yesterday he said he didn’t have no money – Mmm! (HALL) I wonder where he got that – What does that mean? – It means I wonder where you got it – Off the Vicarage! – (MRS HALL) More than Likely I’ve no idea what you’re talking about Did I not tell you that I was awaiting a remittance? Did I not receive a package? – Do you wish to be paid or not? – Robbie, fetch the constable – (GENERAL ASSENT) – Stay where you are! By heaven, I’ll show you, you stupid bumpkins – What? – What’s he doing? – Oh! – There’s nothing there! George! Make him stop, George! He’s fetching off his wrappings! – Where’s his eyes gone? – Oh, God! Make him stop! – Mrs Hall! – Right (MRS HALL) No! No! (SCREAMING) Oh. no! No! No! No! (MRS HALL SCREAMING, DOG BARKING) Get her out of here! Get her out of here! Oh! Sarah, Sarah! It was horrible! He ain’t got no head, Sarah! – Right! – There’s Mr Jaffers! (LABOURED BREATHING)

(ANGRY VOICES OUTSIDE) What I’m after ain’t no invisibility, it’s burglary But he’s got no head, Mr Jaffers! – My gun’s in there! – Loaded, was it? Sarah, Sarah, he ain’t a man at all Oh, my God, my God! – What’s he done to her? – He run at her with a knife – Terrible! – How’d he speak if he ain’t got no head? “Without his bandages.” You could see right down his collar – Conjuring trick! – Never! Who ever heard the Likes of this? – Makes no sort of sense to me – Ain’t you been listening? Don’t you go on like that, Teddy Henfrey. There’s a house been broke into and money stole – But he’s invisible, Mr Jaffers – We’ll have to see about that Head or no head, you’ve got to arrest him It’s your duty! How you gonna put those on when there ain’t no hands to see? – He’ll never surrender. He’s violent, that one – My gun is still in there, mind – George, don’t go in there! – Have you got a warrant? If I’ve got to arrest him, then arrest him I will Handcuffs is the regular thing Hands or no hands (CROWD MURMURING) Shut the door, George. Don’t let him Loose Have a look upstairs Look behind the bar (FOOTSTEPS) – Well? – Nothing there – Well? – No, he’s not there – Back door’s still bolted – Has he been using the parlour? He has indeed Then that’s where he’ll be OPE” up! – (TEDDY) Break down the door – In the name of the law! – Don’t touch nothing! – Oh, right You got a second key? Er… no, I ain’t Well, maybe it ain’t Locked He ain’t here – (GASPING) – Bird’s flown! – My sakes! – I said… don’t touch nothing Told you so He ain’t a man at all. He don’t exist (PANTING) Well, you worn worse, Thomas You worn none at all It’s just your promiscuous Luck, friend Nice choice Roomy or damp Oh, bloomin’ boots! Good county for cadging, this used to be

(INVISIBLE MAN) It’s a rotten county And pigs for people (CHUCKLES) Ain’t it just? – And those are exceedingly ugly boots – Ar! Audacious ugly! Ugliest in the whole blessed universe But which pair to keep? I’m blessed if I know Has…? – Where are you? – Don’t be alarmed You’ll be alarmed in a minute, you silly fool Where are you? Are you buried? Oh! It ain’t no time for playing the fool I could have swore I heard a voice – Hey! – Don’t be such a fool! Lord preserve us, he’s here again Come out! Well? Be a man and show yourself None of your ventriloquising with me, no! I’ll knock your block off if I could see you _ (SLAPS) \ Eh! Oh! You’re off your chump, Thomas It’s the drink It’s fretting over them blessed boots (INVISIBLE MAN) Neither one thing nor the other Do you really think I’m just your imagination? What else can you be? Then I’m going to throw stones at you until you think differently Oh Where are you? Hey! Ow! Oh! No! Eh! Stop! Do you still think I’m imagination? – Hey! – Struggle any more and I’ll throw this stone All right All right, mate, I’m done Where are you hid? How do you do it? It’s very simple I am invisible Tell me something I don’t know Stones flinging themselves, stones talking? – I’m beat – I am invisible That is what I want you to try and understand. Invisible – Yeah, but where? – Here! About two yards in front of you I’m not one of your ignorant tramps, you know You’ll be telling me next you’re thin air But I am! At this moment you are looking straight through me Eh? I am a human being like you I need food and drink and covering, like you I’m solid but I am invisible What, you… you mean real, like? Quite real Give us a hand of you, then \ (SLAP) \ Eh! You… you made me jump, grabbing me like that Heh! Oh, ghost If this don’t beat cock-fighting You are there Oh! I can see a rabbit clean through you, half a mile away How’d you manage it? How’s it done? – It isn’t half so wonderful as you think – Eh? – (GASPS) – Listen to me

I need your help I need clothes and shelter and other things: important documents Don’t you knock me about no more! You just keep off You broke my bottle, you very near broke my toe Now, why should I help you? (GASPS) – (GULPS) – You have a job to do And I have chosen you for it You are an outcast, like myself Help me and I will do great things for you An invisible man is a man of power And if… if I won’t? If you betray me, I shall kill you Cipher, it’s all in cipher, Padre – (CLATTERING) – (MR HALL) Tut! Oh, dear I think it much wiser, Mr Hall, to leave those things untouched until the constable has made a thorough search – Anything might explode – I’m very sorry, sir There’s no name on the flyleaf, nothing at all to give us a clue – (VICAR) I see – (SNIFFS) (INVISIBLE MAN WHISPERS) The closed door There are figures in this one And judging by the letters of some of the manuscript, it might be in Greek – (INVISIBLE MAN) Ask for the tap room – Eh? – What is it? What do you want? – (INVISIBLE MAN) The tap – Mr Hall – Erm… this the tap? – No. No, it ain’t – Right you are – Stand clear – Come along, now – (CONSTABLE) Sorry, sir – No need to pull my arm. It’s black and blue – (HALL) Very sorry, sir – My nerves are all on edge It made me jump, the door opening like that – A tramp, I should judge – Or a sailor – Sailor? – Stand clear: a nautical term Tramp or sailor, I think we should make certain we are safe from further interruption Everyone outside the Church credits clergymen with a knowledge of Greek and Hebrew originals I confess mine is of the very flimsiest I understand none of this William? Er… do you think we should take these notebooks to Professor Longman? – Come on, out! – How about a drink of water? – No, we’re closed. Come on – Give over pushing – You just clear off and don’t come back – Oh, yes! – Measuring – Eh? Judging the size of his head He ain’t got one Well, the fact remains I could see right down his sleeve Have you ever seen a really good conjuror, William? – Oh! – Hallucinations are so easily produced I won’t argue with you. We’ve thrashed this out a hundred times already Dear friend, even if I cannot believe this absurd invisibility story, there certainly seem to have been some very strange things happening in lping lately – And now we’re Left with these – Indeed Look at this entry Russian, would you say? Well, it’s certainly not Greek – William! – What the…? (INVISIBLE MAN) Don’t move or I’ll brain you both Listen to me carefully Besides being invisible, I am a very strong man There’s not the slightest doubt I could kill you both and get away quite easily – Do you understand? – Yes! – Do you understand? – Yes, yes. For pity’s sake, man! – (CHOKING) – Very well – If I let you go, you must do exactly as I tell you – (COUGHING) Yes! W-Where are you?

Since when did you learn to pry into an investigator’s private memoranda, Doctor? Since when did you learn to invade the private rooms of a man of misfortune? We meant you no harm, sir When I came into this room, I did not expect to find it occupied However, your presence has solved another problem I returned for my three books, gentlemen, but I also need clothes Though the days are warm enough for a man to run around stark naked, the nights are not Your trousers, please, Doctor Certainly not! I really have no wish to handle you roughly Do as he says! (VICAR AND DOCTOR SHOUTING) – (VICAR) This is disgraceful! – That ain’t right – William! – Yes, all right, Padre!

– William! – I’m very sorry Would you mind getting out of my way? – Mr Jaffers! – (DOCTOR SHOUTING) (MUMBLES) Are you all right? Dr Cuss, sir? – (BANGING FROM INSIDE) – (DOCTOR) It’s Locked! – Eh? – There’s rum noises coming from the parLour – What’s going on in there, George? – Listen – Is he speaking to us? – (DOCTOR) This is dreadful! – (INVISIBLE MAN) And the socks! – Window! – Ooh! Here… Reverend Bunting? – Do you mind? (ARGUING CONTINUING INSIDE) (INVISIBLE MAN) Quick, man, quick! Take them! – Mr Jaffers! – You come back here! Hey! Stop, thief! Hey! Hey, you! Here, hurry up. He’s getting away Hey, stop! Good heavens, Mr Jaffers, he’s getting away from us Head him off at the bridges! Right! Oh! Oh! Reverend Bunting, please! I believe he’s gone! All right, Mrs Hall Good heavens, Padre Do something to cover yourself – (HAMMERING ON THE DOOR) – All right, Mrs Hall, all right! (JAFFERS) I’ll catch you, you know! You won’t escape! (INVISIBLE MAN) Come on! Mr Jaffers! (INVISIBLE MAN) Well! What are we going to do now? Nobody knew I was invisible until those floundering yokels exploded my secret Now it’ll be all about It’ll be in the papers Everybody will be looking for me – Everybody will be looking for me! – You? (THOUGHTFULLY) Yes – Yes, indeed. They will be looking for you – (FOX BARKING) (INVISIBLE MAN LAUGHING) You’re a poor tool, Marvel, but the fact is, I shall have to make use of you again – I’m a miserable tool – You certainly are I’m the worst possible tool that you could have I ain’t strong I’ve got a weak heart All that business, running away I could’ve dropped any moment Look, I haven’t got the strength for what you want I’ll stimulate you Look I don’t want to mess up your plans, but I might, out of having a weak heart You’d better not Well, it ain’t justice What do I get out of it? You do what you’re told, Marvel, and I’ll see you right I wish I was dead (LAUGHS) (SNORING) (BIRDSONG) (INVISIBLE MAN STIRS AND COUGHS) (CHATTER) Seasonable weather Ar Books? Here. Books – Extraordinary things in books – Mm. I believe you Extraordinary things out of them, too Likewise – Extraordinary things in newspapers – Oh, yes? ls there? – In this one, anyway – Mm? There’s a story here about an invisible man In America, was he? No, not America Here! (CHUCKLES) What’ll they think of writing next, then, eh? Well, when I say here, I don’t mean here in this place No! I mean hereabouts (COUGHS) What’s he been up to, then, this invisible man? (LAUGHS) Well, every blessed thing, according to this! Makes me regular uncomfortable, the thought of him running about at Large I mean, who knows what he can do? I mean, he could trespass, burgle, rob He could pass through a whole cordon of police as easy as you and me’d give the slip to a blind man! Er Does it say he’s got any pat? Eh? R don’t say he’s got any pat? – I suppose – Ain’t one of his sort enough for you? “Although several attempts were made to secure him, “he succeeded in escaping “But not until after a desperate alternation

“in which he inflicted serious injuries.” That’s a pretty strange story, eh? (CLEARS THROAT) Where… where is he now? Well, “From certain evidence, “it is supposed he has taken the road to Port Burdock.” – Port Burdock? – That’s down the road away! Here, he’s on his way here, Bertie, the Invisible Man! Is that a fact, is it, now? Here, you haven’t finished your stew! – No, l-l-l-l’ve got to get going – Hold on, mate – Marvel! – My Lord, he’s here! – He’s here! – Who’s here? Marvel, you pot-bellied son of an old boot!

– What’s all this? Now go and close that door! – He’s inside! He’ll kill me! – No, no! You’ve got to help me – Get off! (YELLS) Harry! Harry, what’s your game, eh? – Let go! – I didn’t try to give you the slip – Come on, let her go – Don’t hurt me, mister! You wouldn’t hit a Lady, would you? (INVISIBLE MAN SNARLING) Invisible Man! (TERRIFIED SHOUTING) I felt him! He went right by me, honest (LANDLORD) All of you, quiet! Quiet, I said! I will have quiet He’s gonna kill me! He’s gonna kill me! Harry! Harry, are you all right? – Never mind about me! – He’s in here, Bertie – Eh? – He’s prowling about! – He’s as artful as the devil – I’ll soon put paid to that No, that won’t do, Bertie. That’s murder! Well, I’ll just aim at his Legs – Not in here! You’ll kill us all – Supposing he ain’t got no legs? – Don’t talk so daft – (INVISIBLE MAN) Marvel, you liver-faced worm! Gawd help me! He’s back! – He’s here! I got him! – (MEN) Where? Where? – No, I ain’t – Whoo! (HARRY) He’s gone! After him! – (MAN) Come on, then! – Ah, stop that! Stop that, man! Come on, get back Hey, you! (LANDLORD) You out there! Hold on! – Hold on! – (PANTING) (TWO GUNSHOTS) – (GUNSHOT) – Aah! (GASPING) Aahhh! (WHIMPERS IN PAIN) (BREATHING STEADIES) (EXCITED CHATTER) Hey, it’s all right. You can come out now He’s gone Yeah But he’ll..he’ll be back He’s after them books Ooh, God help me (LANDLORD) You out there! – Hold on! Hold on! – (PANTING) (TWO GUNSHOTS) – (GUNSHOT) – Aah! (GASPING) Aahhh! (WHIMPERS WITH PAIN) (BREATHING STEADIES) (KNOCKING) (KNOCKING CONTINUES) (TUTS) Not again! I’ll have the dogs set on you! – Snotty Little brats – Thank you, Lucy – What was there? – It wasn’t nothing, sir One of them village Lads, if you ask me, playing runaway rings again At this time? Mm. Lucy? (CLATTERING) Who’s there? Who’s in there? My God! Keep your nerve, Kemp. I need help, badly This is nonsense Some sort of trick How do you know my name? – What are you? – Steady, man Lie still, you fool! I don’t want to hurt you By heaven, you’ll madden me, lie still! Now, that’s better But if you shout, I’ll beat your head I shan’t shout. Let me sit up – Will you Listen to reason? – (GASPING FOR BREATH) just let me sit quietly for a moment Oh! (PANTING) This is no foolishness or magic I am invisible Then it’s true – True? – The newspapers Who are you? Why have you come here? – It’s Griffin, man! You remember me! – Griffin? University College, a year below you – Griffin? – I’ve made myself invisible Griffin, Griffin – You won a medal at chemistry! – Invisible, Kemp – Invisible – Oh, my brain’s rioting This is horrible (GRIFFIN) It is horrible enough (CHAIR SHIP-TING) (GRIFFIN sums) Great God, I’m tired

– Have you any whiskey? – It’s hypnotism, isn’t it? I need food and drink, Kemp I’m near dead with exhaustion Kemp! Whisky Yes, I’ll give you mine It’s in my study next door No tricks, Kemp I could kill you with the greatest of ease Kemp! Be patient This is the insanest thing that ever happened (SLURPING) (SWALLOWING AND SIGHING) But you can’t be invisible! It was demonstrated only last Never mind what’s been demonstrated I’m starving hungry and cold Have you a dressing gown? Yes – Your arm – It’s a gunshot wound. It’s trivial – It’s still bleeding – You’ll just have to put up with that – Are you married? – No Are you alone in the house? – You know I’m not – Apart from the servants For the moment, yes Don’t worry, you’re quite safe up here. The sen/ants won’t disturb me while I’m working Good (GRIFFIN sums) Sit down, Kemp, sit down. We have to talk

You haven’t changed much – I wish I could say the same for you – (LAUGHS) Good, you’ve calmed down at last Who shot you? I had a confederate, a fool of a man He stole… money from me and other things – Is he invisible, too? – No He shot you? No, some imbecile I’ve never seen before fired at random – I am fortunate that it’s only a flesh wound – You should let me attend to it Later Damn this blood It gets visible as it coagulates What devilry is it that makes a man invisible? It’s not devilry, it’s a process, quite sane and intelligible (SCOFFS) But good God, man, how is it done? Tell me how you come to be like this You understand, of course, my corning here was no coincidence? I made a terrible mistake, trying to carry this thing through alone I’ve wasted so much strength and time, so many opportunities One man alone can do so little I saw your name recently in a scientific journal, an article on optical density Seeing that changed all my plans I realised I was no longer alone. You, of all people, would understand and help We worked together once before We could do so again – Boys at college – You were always cool and methodical, the ideal confederate I was on my way here when that cur stole my notebooks and gave me the slip What a fool I was to trust him I can be trusted What I want, Kemp, is a hiding place, somewhere I can eat and sleep – Together, we could do great things – Griffin With food and rest and a companion, anything is possible – Listen – Please hear my story out Very well (SIGHS) It was all so simple to begin with, so credible The Light hurts my eyes It began at Chesilstowe College, about a year after I Left London L gave up medicine in ’84, took up physics instead. The whole subject of Light, of optical density, fascinated me, and I flung myself into research in whatever spare moments I had. I was working under frightful disadvantages. I was just a shabby, poverty-stricken demonstrator, hemmed in by a lot of silly, gaping students and a professor called Hobbema, the sort of scientific bounder who is always prying, thieving ideas. Ah, Griffin! Stewart and I wondered if you’d join us for lunch in town – Thank you but I’m not hungry – You must take some nourishment Stewart tells me that you missed breakfast again this morning Stuart, like others, should learn to mind his own business – His concern was well-meant – Perhaps Well, I have no wish to interrupt your work Tell me, are you any nearer to testing your hypothesis experimentally? Oh, I’m sorry Of course, you must keep it to yourself I’m just naturally curious to know when you’ll publish your findings Of course, if you don’t wish to discuss it Professor Hobbema What do you know of optical density? Oh, I know the whole subject’s a network of riddles I’ve discovered a general principle on pigments and refraction A formula, you mean? A geometrical expression in four dimensions – Go on – A method by which it will be possible, without changing any other property of matter, except colour in some instances, to lower the refraction index of a substance to that of air – A liquid – Solid or liquid Extraordinary No doubt you know molecular physics, but let me put the elementary facts to you as if you didn’t, to make my meaning clearer Any schoolboy knows that if an object neither reflects nor refracts nor absorbs light, – it cannot be visible – That’s plain sailing A transparent thing becomes practically invisible in a medium of the same refractive index If I put this piece of common glass into water thus, it almost vanishes, because Light passing from water to glass is only slightly affected It is almost as invisible as a jet of gas in air for the same reason If I were to smash the glass and beat it into a powder, it would become much more visible in the air The powdered glass has many surfaces But put back into water, the powdered glass vanishes again Forgive me, but as you say, this is very elementary Think of all the things that are transparent and seem not to be This paper, for instance Soaked in oil, it would become as transparent as glass Is this what’s been occupying all your spare time this term? Not only paper, Professor Hobbema Cotton fibre, wood fibre, bone Bone, Professor And flesh, Professor And hair and nails and nerves Now do you begin to understand what’s been occupying my time? The whole fabric of man except the red of his blood and the dark pigment of his hair is made up of transparent, colourless tissue You and I, Professor Hobbema, are as transparent as a sheet of glass But… if a man were made of glass he would still be visible Imbecile! Really, Griffin, I am trying to understand You are saying, then, that there is no such thing as an invisible animal? – I suppose that’s what I’m saying – In the sea, there are thousands, millions – All the larvae, all the Little naupliae – Yes, yes, in water, perhaps,

but not in air – I need money, Hobbema – I beg your pardon? Money? – To continue – Oh! Hmm Just how far have you got with your experiments on physiology? On pigments to make blood colourless and yet remain with all the functions that it has – You’ll publish – Of course And when I publish, no one will share my credit. This is in cipher Well! We must talk again. Very soon Oh! Stewart will never forgive me No doubt I shall see you in the common room at tea time Fool! I left the college, took a place in London, – an attic room near Tower Bridge – (GAS ENGINE HAMMERING) I worked there as I had never worked before, immersing myself in research. Infinite detail, Kemp, the exasperation You’ve no idea. Month after month, every mountain of difficulty I toiled over showed another from its summit. And then, suddenly, one afternoon last June, I found myself with scarcely a difficulty left beyond the planning of details. (ENGINE CONTINUES HAMMERING) Invisible I have transcended magic L was like a man emerging from a thicket, Kemp. I could scarcely believe I’d done it – and in the nick of time, my money was exhausted. (KEMP) What money was that? – Griffin? – Must you interrupt? To be of help, I must understand everything – Have you a benefactor who sponsors you? – No Then where did you find the money for your lodgings and your equipment? How did you survive for three years, Griffin? You Left Chesilstowe with no money My father. The money came from my father I see No, you do not see I robbed him – What? – I stole from him I found out too late the money was not his He shot himself My God! I am sorry You must have felt very badly about it Not in the least. He was a stupid man, the victim of his own foolishness The current cant required my attendance at his funeral, but I really felt as if it were not my affair at all All those shabby, black, bent old men with sniveling colds

A cheap funeral Cheap hearse, scant ceremony Couldn’t you speak out to save his character? Why? It mattered Little to me, less to him Poor fool – You think me callous? – Well – For God’s sake! – Don’t you understand? – Your wound! – The power, Kemp! The incredible power of invisibility mine! Ours! A weakling like my father means nothing He was a means to an end This is the reality, the hands that hold you to this chair Domination, Kemp. Invisible power – Terror! – Terror? Yes, yes, yes! A reign of terror Against whom? Weaklings, enemies, the world You and I, Kemp Think of what we might achieve A thousand things are possible Together we’ll strike them down, the enemies Judicious slaying So simple. Kill to terrify To dominate, to rule – Kill, if necessary, again and again and again – Why must there be killing? Don’t you understand? How else am I to achieve the power my invisibility bestows? Not wanton killing Judicious slaying, Kemp A reign of terror All who disobey my orders I must kill, and kill all who would defend them – (SIGHS) – You’re worn out, Griffin I can hear it in your voice And you’re still losing blood I’ve had very Little sleep in the last three days Why don’t you rest here until morning? We can talk again tomorrow I need drink and food Of course you do Are you mad? I’m sorry. That was stupid of me I’ll fetch it myself Understand, Kemp You’ll be sorry if you make any attempt to hamper or trick me To have worked for years, to have planned and plotted and then to have every conceivable sort of silly creature sent to cross me If I have much more of it, Kemp, I shall go mad I give you my word Men of your stamp, Samuel Kemp, don’t know what real rage is Nothing is going to stop me now, nothing If you betray me, I shall kill you Men of your stamp, Samuel Kemp, don’t know what real rage is Nothing is going to stop me now, nothing If you betray me, I shall kill you I shan’t be long (DOOR LOCKING) – Sir? – One moment Now, Listen carefully I have no time to repeat myself I want you both to leave at once – What? Dismissed? – Of course not I hope you’ll be able to return some time tomorrow – Leave the house, sir? – Just Listen to what I’m saying Don’t interrupt

– Have you any money? – No, sir! Damnation! My wallet’s upstairs – Well, there’s the housekeeping – Take it. You can sleep at the Swan – Do you know Colonel Adye’s house? – Why, yes, sir Take this note to him before you go to the Swan. Do exactly what he says On no account are you and Cook to return to this house tonight – Do you understand? – I think so, sir – Yes, sir – Very well Off you go (CLOCK STRIKING) It’s me It hasn’t taken you all this time to find that food – I spoke to the servants. Perhaps you heard – I heard voices, yes Don’t worry, I said nothing about you I simply said I was working late and didn’t wish to be disturbed I often fetch food for myself at night – Where are they now? – We won’t be disturbed until morning Eat before you drop (GRIFFIN EATING NOISILY) (DRINK POURING) – How’s the arm? – The bleeding’s stopped – You should let me attend to it – Later, later When you feel able to continue Continue? If I’m to understand how you come to be like this After you made the piece of cloth invisible, what then? I had a visitor to my attic room (MIAOWING) (MAN SHOUTING IN STREET) (KISSING NOISE) Come in, puss Come in Yes! (CAT YOWLS ANXIOUSLY) Everything is ready for you Come on, then. Yes! Do you like milk? Come on, then Yes! There we are, Look There we are Come on, then (KISSING) Here we are. Come on, then Come on, come on

Come on There we are, then – Come on, then – (YOWLING) Come on, then, yes There. Come on, then – Come on, then. Yes! – (MACHINERY HAMMERING) The essential phase was to place the object whose refractive index was to be lowered between the two radiating centres. – (KEMP) Like Réntgen? – No, he discharges electricity through gases. – How Long did it take? – Hours. Three or four. (GAS ENGINE CONTINUES HAMMERING) The bones and sinews and fat were the last to go, except for the eyes. – (MACHINERY HAMMERING) – (MUTTERING) Mr Griffin! A living creature, Kemp. From that moment, I saw no drawbacks. I beheld a magnificent vision of all that invisibility might mean to a man. The mystery, power, freedom. – (KNOCKING) – Mr Griffin! (MACHINE STOPS) – Yes? – I’m sorry to interrupt your work – You are interrupting. What do you want? – Miss Hood, you see – What, again? – The noise! I’m sick to death of her constant complaining I’m afraid the vibrations from your gas engine can be felt all over the house The vibrations from a sneeze could be felt all over this building This has always been a respectable house It’s a slum! The neighbourhood is rather disreputable, but I do my best – (MIAOWING) – The cat! – Cat? – Miss Hood has lost her cat, you see There’s no cat here. I dislike cats intensely – But I heard it quite distinctly – You are mistaken. I heard nothing It’s all she has Left in the world, poor soul If I might just take a Look. It may have slipped into the room while your back was turned Puss! Puss, puss! (KISSING) Puss, puss, puss, puss Puss, puss, puss Puss! Puss! – (MIAOWING) – There! You heard it! I heard nothing Will you please leave? Erm… as you are a tenant of long standing, Mr Griffin, I feel it only fair to tell you, to warn you, for your own good – What is it, man? Get to the point – Miss Hood has spoken quite often Lately about the police! The noise, you see, and now her cat – I believe if she should fail to find it – Police As you know, the Laws against vivisection are very severe Vivisection? Ach! Damn cat! She believes you are involved in its disappearance Reassure Miss Hood that I have not been tormenting her cat – My experiments do not involve vivisection – What exactly are your experiments? – Are they dangerous? – No – Are they legal? – Good night – Mr Griffin! – (KNOCKING) This is my house, Mr Griffin I have a right of entry Mr Griffin! L put the animal onto the roof when it came to.

(KEMP) You mean, there’s an invisible cat at large in the world? (GRIFFIN) If it hasn’t been killed. That wretched creature brought matters to a crisis. I’d no idea what the landlord might do, but I knew what he had the power to do. (MIAOWING) The thought that my work might be exposed made me very angry and very active. Damn them! Damn them all to hell There was only one thing for it, and the desire was irresistible. What I had done to the cat I would do to myself. Thruppence ha’penny, please L knew my rooms would be searched I had to take precautions. I posted my notebooks to a house of call for letters and parcels in Great Portland Street. It was all done that night, Kemp. It was terrible. A night of wracking anguish, of sickness and fainting. I had not expected the suffering. (GASPS) (GAS ENGINE HAMMERING) (GASPING AND CHOKING) (BIRDSONG) – (KNOCKING) – Mr Griffin! (WOMAN YELLING) (MAN) Why doesn’t he answer? Mr Griffin! I must insist! – Mr Griffin! – Here, let me. I’ll open the door It shouldn’t be allowed, ill-treating Little creatures! Stand back. Calm down (ENGINE STOPS) (BOLTS SLIDING BACK)

(GASPING) What is it? I have a notice of ejectment Leave me alone! All of you! GO away! What has he done to himself? – Get rid of him! – He’s Satan! – Get rid of him from this house – He’s the devil – (ALL SHOUTING) – What is the matter with you people? (MUTTERING) Mr Griffin! Mr Griffin! Can you hear me? Mr Griffin! Still under the influence of the drugs that decolourise blood, I began to destroy my apparatus. It must not fall into the wrong hands Nobody must know what I had done. – (GLASS SMASHING) – Mr Griffin! Can you hear me, Mr Griffin? Come on out! Mr Griffin! What are you doing in there? He’s breaking things! I can hear! He’s smashing the place up Mr Griffin, stop that at once! Mr Griffin! What is he doing? What are you waiting for? Break it down! – Are you afraid? – Miss Hood, stand back (GAS HISSING) Fire! Fire! Save him! Save him! (MISS HOOD SCREAMING) (COUGHING) – He’s gone! – Impossible. He must be on the roof Mr Griffin, are you here? It’s hot! Fire did deliberately, you ask me – Water, water! – It’s a bit late for that! Come on! Fire! Fire! If ever a man had, I had burnt my boats. The upper floor was blazing as I reached the street. Stark naked, I tried to dodge away, fearing that I might be trapped in the crowd. – Fire’. fire’ – But once free, – I experienced a wild impulse to jest! – Fire! The devil’s in your basket (LAUGHS) Here, what’s going on? (SCREAMS) (GRIFFIN LAUGHING) (WHINING) (THUNDER) Foolish as it seems now, I’d not reckoned with the weather. When it began to rain, my euphoria vanished and I became inexpressibly wretched. I had no refuge, no one in the whole world in whom I could confide. The one thought that possessed me was to find shelter and food. Only then might I plan the new Life to which I was committed. Is… is anyone there?

Er… (CHUCKLES) I hope there’s no objection to my sharing your shelter Hello? Don’t be afraid! Here, take my coat Poor soul You begin to realise the full disadvantage of my position Indeed I do Why run away from an offer of help? What harm could a blind man do? To get clothing would be to forgo all my advantage. Surely you can see that? – But you had to have covering – And food I was starving hungry, but to fill myself with unassimilated matter would be to become grotesquely visible again – I hadn’t thought of that – (LAUGHS) Nor had I And the rain had warned me of other dangers – The rain made a watery outline – (BELL TINKLES) “a sort of glistening surface of a man. The dirt from the street gave shape to my feet. (KEMP) What did you do? Cheeky Little devils Scallywags, that’s what they are (SNEEZE) Who’s there? All right, come on Who’s there? (cows CHINK) In less than fifteen minutes, I was ready to go forth into the world again, equipped. (cows CHINK) In less than fifteen minutes, I was ready to go forth into the world again, equipped. – And the shopkeeper? – What about him?

– You may have killed him! – He might have killed me! He had a revolver – He was in his shop and you were robbing it! – Ah, fool! – Can’t you see my position? – And his, too Common conventions of humanity, Griffin They’re all very well for common people You blame me for what I did? Good Lord, no Blame? I never blame anyone for anything It’s quite out of fashion Ach! You at least, I thought, would’ve understood You’ve understood nothing – (CLOCK STRIKES) – Well, I suppose you had to do what you did – You were in a fix – An infernal fix Instead of bandages, why did you not paint and powder your face to make it visible? I would need to remove it in order to vanish again Yes, I see The more I thought about it, the more I realised what a helpless absurdity an invisible man was, caught in a cold, dirty climate in a crowded, civilised city Before I made this mad experiment, I had dreamt of a thousand advantages That first day was all disappointment I’d gone over the List of the things a man reckons desirable Invisibility makes it possible to get them but it also makes it impossible to enjoy them Would you mind if I opened the window? The smoke Oh What’s the use of ambition, Kemp? What’s the good of pride of place when you can’t appear there? I have no taste for politics, for the blaggardisms of fame, for philanthropy, for sport What was I to do? Kemp! What was I to do? For this I had become – a wrapped-up mystery, a bandaged caricature of a man I had one hope, half a hope, and I have it still A way of getting back, of restoring what I’ve done, but only after I’ve finished all that I mean to do invisibly Kemp, sit down, sit down I don’t want to hurt you, Kemp, but if you don’t help me, I will, I’ll smash you, Kemp I’ll kill you – I’ve told you I’ll help you – Excellent! With you, this house, there’s no need for Plymouth or the steamer – Steamer? – To France, then south, somewhere warm, that was the plan That WAS the plan Algiers, perhaps. Somewhere I could move about freely without disguise No need with you, Kemp (GRIFFIN) As for that tramp (KEMP) What tramp? Don’t you understand? That tramp has stolen my notebooks. You must get them back, Kemp Find that miserable cur and I shall kill him Get my memoranda and I’ll kill the stinking Little rat Let him be the first, the start of the terror – (CREAKING) – There’s someone there! No, no, this is an old house, full of creaks and groans That tramp shouldn’t be too difficult to trace He’s probably still in the neighbourhood – You’ve told no one I’m here? – Of course not. That was understood There’s someone out there! Let me Look. If there’s someone there, I’ll send them away – It’s probably one of the servants – Stand away! Adye, help! Judas! Treachery! UP here! – Stop him! – (STRAINING) I’ll kill you for this, Kemp, you traitor!

I’ll kill you! – After him! – (GRIFFIN RAGING) No need, Adye. He’ll be back Back to kill me (ROOKS CAWING) (DOG BARKING) ls he found? Thank you, Rose He’s insane, Adye, inhuman He dreams of a reign of terror He’s already wounded men Killed them, for all I know He’ll roam around the countryside, killing and maiming. No one can stop him! And if it’s the last thing he does, he’ll get even with me He counted on me and I betrayed him I don’t mind admitting I’m terrified (ADYE) I have already wired the garrison for help The prison officials at Halstead have sent two men with bloodhounds They’ll soon get the wind of your invisible man I’ve set every available officer to work We must prevent him from leaving the district – Have a watch set on trains and roads – And shipping – He raved on about a steamer to Europe – And shipping Have a proclamation posted warning people to be on their guard Yes, sir The only thing that will keep him here is revenge and the thought of getting those notebooks back – Oh, yes. The tramp – You’ve found him? Apparently he spent the night in one of our strongest cells at his own request – Then you have the notebooks – He denies their existence And you believe him? Well, Griffin believes he has them and he’ll stop at nothing to get them back We have one advantage. He won’t be able to carry a weapon without giving himself away Night, he can do as he pleases And he’s naked It will take more than cold weather to stop Griffin You’d best stay indoors until we have him – Don’t worry about that – My men will be in the grounds – Where are you going? – Council of war I want every house in the vicinity searched, and then further afield – Yes, sir! – When he eats, his food will show – What? – Here, until it’s assimilated Oh! He’ll have to hide after his eating. Good Surely we should prevent him from eating, starve him out You’re right. I’ll have every house in the district barred to him There’s one other thing It sounds cruel but it might stop him Lay broken glass on all the roads approaching this house and the police station – Mmm – Damn it, this is not a game He’s an invisible maniac He’s cut himself off from his own kind It’s blood chilling to think what might happen. He’s active and powerful He’s very, very dangerous! (BIRDSONG) – How do, Mr Hinton – You’re a hard man to track down, Charlie – I ain’t done nothing wrong – Leastways, not lately – What’s up, then? – Madman Loose. You’d best get on home – Keep indoors, unless you’re armed – What’s he done, this fella? Disappeared (CRIES OUT)

– Lucy – I’ve closed them all except the pantry, sir – The hinge was that rusty, it wouldn’t move – I’ll deal with it myself Take this note to Colonel Adye – Again – Go now, please, and don’t stop for anybody or anything, do you understand? – I’ll just fetch my hat – Leave it. Go now! Don’t Loiter. Run all the way, if you’re able It’s a matter of Life and death (GRIFFIN PANTING) – (GASPS) – Give it to me! – Give it to me! – (SOBBING) Help! Help! Oh, there, there (KNOCKING) Who is it? Adye. Let me in – Your sen/ant’s been assaulted – What? ls she alive? She’ll be all right. Nasty gash in the head, hysterical, of course, but she’s lucky Lucky? My God! Poor, wretched girl They found a man in a field near Fern Bottom, a labourer He’d been beaten about the head with a wooden stave – I thought there was no danger for her – You sent her? – He must have seen her Leave – Why did you send her? I sent her with a note for you I received this Letter from Griffin Mm-hm – How did this come? – Postmarked Hintondean, with an official stamp saying tuppence to pay Hmm (GRIFFIN) You’ve been very clever, Kemp, but what you stand to gain by it, I cannot imagine. The game is only beginning. Today be the first day of the terror. Day one of year one of the new epoch, the epoch of the Invisible Man. Death starts for you today, Kemp. You may lock yourself away, put on armour, if you like, but the unseen death is coming. The game has begun. Death starts! Help him not, my people, lest death fall upon you also. Today, Kemp is to die. – The man’s raving – It’s no hoax, Adye. He means it – Have you got shutters upstairs? – Only in the downstairs rooms There’s no way he can get in A cat couldn’t climb up – Face it, Adye, he’s winning – Rubbish! Fella’s surrounded for 20 miles What’s the good of that, man? He’s here, outside! He must be Armed men with dogs are beating the woods and fields You saw that letter! He won’t leave here until I’m dead – (GLASS SMASHING) – Stay there! – (GLASS SMASHING) – The study! – (GLASS SMASHING) – That was downstairs This business is beyond reason. You might as well pit your wits against a ghost I get the measure of my opponents

I fight visible crime, not some “now you see me, now you don’t” – But what shall we do? – The bloodhound’ll settle him But how? He’s out there – Have you got a gun? – No Not to spare, anyway Hmm. I’ll bring it back You stay here. You’ll be all right Adye, this is madness! You lock this the moment I’m out (ROOKS CAWING) Griffin! – Don’t move – (GUNSHOT) My God – Well? – Go back to the house – He’d never let me in – That would be a pity I shall have to kill you and we have no quarrel Move! Kemp! I want you, Kemp – (BANGING) – I’m coming to get you, Kemp! (HEAVY AXE BLOWS) (BLOWS CONTINUE FROM THE HOUSE) Kemp! Help! Help! Help! Help me! Help me! Help me! Please! Let me in! Let me in! He’s coming, he’s coming! Help me! Help me! Here’s here! Here’s here! Watch for the axe! Spread out! Spread out Form a line. Form a line He must still be here somewhere

– (SNARLING) – (CHOKING) Ugh! No! (CHOKING) I’ve got him! I’ve got him – Give up, Griffin. You’re trapped – (GASPING AND CHOKING) (AGONISED CRIES) – (THUDDING) – (GRIFFIN) Have mercy! Have mercy! – (STRANGLED CRY) – Stand back! He’s hurt! He’s hurt! – Griffin! – He’s shamming! Get back! – Griffin! – Don’t you leave him go, sir (GRIFFIN) Help me… Help me (FAINTLY) Help Badly injured. We shall need a stretcher Kemp… (SIGHS) the game is over Hang on, Griffin – Such power, Kemp – Don’t talk All for nothing Look! (BELL TOLLS) Now, Harry Want to hear a story? Penny a night I’ll be charging up at the Empire music hall You can hear it for nothing See these? Secrets Full of them Er, here Er X X… little 2 up in the air cross and that… fiddle-di-dee Lord! What a one he was for intellect Wonderful secrets, my friend All Left to me And when I get the hang of them, Lord, what won’t I do!

Mmm Not… not like him He just Yes You wait