100 million years ago dinosaurs were the owners of this land a forest luxuriant with Toronto fighter and gymnosperm sauropod czar leisurely eating leaves from the trees in the forest small herbivorous dinosaurs living groups they do not have the luxury to enjoy such a feast as governed by the law of the jungle this is the land of dinosaurs in May 2008 a strange rock was discovered at an embankment in a region of Korea buried within the rock were the bones of an animal however they cannot be identified doctor youngnam lee a vertebrae paleontologist he quickly committed himself to investigate the mysterious rock the buried animal is none other than a dinosaur forget to play in the field at hav this is the first discovery of a perfectly articulated dinosaur fossil in korea it is indeed an amazing discovery however just what kind of dinosaur it is remains unknown the most important thing is to get the bones out of the hard rock for this delicate process dental drills and air scribes are used until now fossils discovered in Korea were bone fragments or teeth however this fossil is different even in scale the back half of the dinosaur is preserved such as the Ischia hind legs and nearly complete tail what on earth is this dinosaur was an unknown dinosaur uncovered in Korea for the first time until more is known the discovery will be called dinosaur X some jang tae-sung’s of each other how wasn’t them there when everyone Shinyoung I don’t get I don’t know you get who who do you need to get after an open uni with my truck I help you co convenient to you neural spines on the tail vertebra control tail movements in addition this dinosaur has hind leg bones with toes still attached an imprint of dinosaur X’s footprint is made based on the foot skeleton would a footprint provide a clue as to dinosaur X’s identity there are over 4,000 dinosaur footprint

fossils left and they vary in size and shape this leaf shape footprint belongs to a herbivorous dinosaur the footprint is approximately 25 centimeters in size and it seems to belong to a young ornithopod dinosaur the type of dinosaur can be determined be it herbivorous or carnivorous based on the shape of the footprint over four thousand footprints were examined but no match could be found for dinosaur eggs then what kind of creature is dinosaur ex dr. Jung Nam Lee turns to the Gobi Desert for an answer 13 researchers from seven countries in ten cards a team of world-renowned paleontologists heads to the land of dinosaurs during the cretaceous period when dinosaur eggs lived Korea and Japan and Mongolia were one continent in Mongolia Cretaceous sediments are exposed in the Gobi Desert eighty million years ago in the Gobi and agile and carnivorous dinosaur Velociraptor picked out its for its counterpart is an herbivorous dinosaur Protoceratops it’s usually gentle but not in a life-threatening situation such as this [Applause] these two fighting dinosaurs were captured in a fossil the Velociraptor clutched the Protoceratops head with its arm and with its hook like claw of a foot it stabbed it in the stomach then the Protoceratops desperately bit the velociraptors hand this marvelous fossil was found in the Gobi Desert sand that engulfed the dinosaurs still troubles

the expedition team the quicksand is laid out like a minefield [Applause] for this Mongolian expedition experts from seven countries formed an international team dr. youngnam lee from korea heads the team dr. Jacobs from the US and the most renowned paleontologist to the study of carnivorous dinosaurs dr. Currie from Canada the fossils found will be transported to Korea to be used to study ancient dinosaur evolution she was like I didn’t know each other so there are you coming on your way so you will teach ago who each other get to young devil Karuna saw a Top Ramen lieutenant Gordon you know modern humans are encouraging to find new dinosaurs in search of a dream 13 dinosaur experts had far into the past their destination is a four day drive through the grasslands and a desert without rows kara means up that’s where the dinosaurs are none terrible sorry Stan Jean and shoot some momentum on an ego set hundred such religion Laguna neck in Jamaica was such a mahogany Thanh Hoa yatin Haribo sources Rebecca John Musso en Junio Tyrannosaurus a true sankaranna ha robosaurus iya da da him Seminoles Okanagan autonomy a delta manga give Apache Megaton communion in Zito I wish Daniel Nava chattering gasps a memory Nenshi meto dopey amita Booga looked on as chairman Jeon hammer handle Higuita using a command way since interchange Randleman motivation cat America today we’re teaming in Matera no Monica Maria sanika matrimony Palestrina communicant aqua rockaroonie Peron neppy Milligan gc9 ingen Toronto Beluga Co chimney Parvati Township Arizona Hodgman Yaiba kilogram on cotton initiative Oh Jung Chung inoperable so Shannon kangaroo pocket watch a tribunal Shannon Connie paraná parabrahma Samia the expedition team arrives safely at caring south along with 17 crew members from Mongolia there are a total of 30 expedition members three military trucks carry the food and drinks the team will need for 40 days a base camp is set around an area near an exploration site some members have traveled halfway around the globe to dig for dinosaurs the four days that it’s taken to get here is nothing compared to the many years I’ve spent dreaming about coming

here so to finally be here is something really special and for me being the parent ologist through a dinosaur by being here is very honorable and exciting exciting Keir means of located at the western end of the desert here 70 million year old strata has been exposed then how do dinosaurs become fossils and appear on the surface of rocks at our Bo Soros Falls with a serious leg injury fortunately there are no dinosaurs that prey on its corpse as time passes its flesh decays and disappears its skeleton is buried in mud and river sediment as millions of years pass deposits accumulate and harden and then the bones fossilize today the rock containing fossils has been exposed by rain and wind a place all paleontologists dreamer as soon as they’ve unpacked the crews begin prospecting for fossils at the core of prospecting there is walking and more walking there’s a discovery dr. Jacobs fixes the discovery to his tongue show you it sticks just possible and sticks to your tongue modern bones doesn’t so you can identify the fossil in scorching heat they walk tens of kilometers a day in a place with more fossils than anywhere else in the world danger is always present during an exhibition but they have no time to consider anything else when there’s a fossil around it’s an approximately 70 centimeter long rib even at first glance we can see it is an enormous dinosaur dr. Lee and his colleagues return without collecting it and Sagittarius a te hono akari Cal Cal apparent a koi each other they won’t be strong dr. Lee leaves behind the big bone and rejoices at a tiny fossil not even 2 centimeters in size it’s a lizard skull lizards were also present 70 million years ago this is why their fossils are just as important well over at LAPD observe the crinkle cuts head from the tree to date that will occur on who younger you can run even more Tarantino one has all you could only parent could already get them when I say it’s wrong it won’t happen – mommy Mina pull you out too much about saw could it was thank you no Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe from a very miserable

Mussolini us again so open up to the rat community in Venice rocked our governments hamper Sangha England 18 years of age home began negotiating geocoding error function in July we determine or be rocked to do so I don’t know okay much energy she didn’t sake secular magic on your second day the money also we are municipal didn’t lasagna are true Queen has occupied and Emmas awanen policeman grata queen gandhari hydro condiment package in October a crew member who discovered a fossil walk slightly back to base camp dr. Lee gets a warm reception it’s as if iya discovered an amazing dinosaur bone a lizard skeleton is weak and its fossils are rare therefore the chance of discovering one is low and there’s another reason why this fossil attracts the team they’re interesting because they represent one of the smallest animals in this ecosystem so you have you have very large sauropods you have the large carnivores like Tarbosaurus but the other end of the spectrum you have this this little lizard that may be this long you know those were you know running around between them between the feet and the toes of the dinosaurs here Jaime keep an enumeration ah ha ha click on African Grey yeah I think so if it’s a great place that’s done your job I mean I need an automobile has Apple pay their hustle larceny occasionally Goya finally the news they have been waiting for arrives dr. curries team from Canada discovers a great fossil Wow what is it beautiful the lower jaw of an adolescent Tarbosaurus Sajit terrible sorrow sugah what if it up again then I’m gonna turn my to moon comida would you guys you can use your thumbs on Gonzalez right in Ninjago and more pipe cutter arms and more yogi how deep and I don’t belong engine tactimon on Oh totally and hope you’ll give her guarantee Annika don’t know oh come on do me a thought you can would you go if I get any tougher you might’ve overdone it’s how I get so hung over testing God man come in a few days please from the role would you tell model contains you can keep always with the discovery of the jaw first in ten days encourages the team but the bones in fact come out of the cliff all along through here and because of that we know that the skull had fallen apart when the animal died and been scattered a little bit in the stream so now what we have to do is try and find as many bones as we

can of the skull of this Tarbosaurus the sediments that contain fossils in this area are soft so excavation with simple tools is possible to dig the scattered bones they must dig through the surface as far down as possible a part of its neck vertebra is discovered two meters away from its jaw big dinosaurs roaming wrong this particular individuals of small one you can see that even from the neck vertebra but nevertheless it has a balance problem it’s walking on a Tyne legs and it’s like a teeter totter body is too heavy it’s gonna fall on its face so Tyrannosaurus and all their lives had basically numa ties dits bones it had made its bones Hollow and air-filled Laguna Honda wait see ya ton junco the key OD to Zumba goes oh my gosh Nana Karissa movies over top I’ll punch at what if your car’s GPS so he is talking me to the Google to double your money on hand Ilana Cedric walk entities the excavation continues for five more days they dig a slope over 1 meter deep unfortunately a complete skeleton is not discovered instead they secured that Tarbosaurus teeth neck vertebrae and part of his skull when it’s time for the team to return the base camp becomes busy in the kitchen cooking is already underway to provide meals to 30 people two chefs have joined the expedition team they’re covered in dust from a day at an excavation but they can’t take a shower as freely as they want this is the desert where water is scarce the same applies to washing clothes socks and other clothing are washed with a bucket of water even in such adverse conditions there are many reasons to be happy bring the nicest thing about it is you can walk two steps from your tent and find fossils I was with a couple of the crew a few days ago and we walked around the corner we found beautiful limb from her Protoceratops and so if you’re looking for dinosaurs in the Gobi this is one of the best places to be as this is a multinational expedition team the meals are a mixture of Mongolian Western and Korean dishes dinner is their favorite time of the day the process of discovering and excavating fossils is all physically tiring labor since lunch is served outdoors no one makes a fuss about food as the darkness falls in the desert the research team turns to books to discover dinosaurs 20 days into the expedition the excavation site is bustling with excitement as they dig deeper more bones

are discovered the real excavation stones since 1822 when Mantell first discovered a dinosaur fossil the excavation environment has not changed much they break rocks surrounding a fossil with a chisel and Hammer with a shovel they scrape off the sand to ensure they don’t miss small pieces of bone they also screen it with a sieve slowly a dinosaur’s body is revealed the ribs look the same as when the dinosaur was alive with its giant body this is an ankylosaur an armored dinosaur the team is alighted what have they uncovered body piercer it’s a body pillow would even go kart when it had emotions of a kilogram in there no they never only put one on the symbol of the armored dinosaur is its tail club the armored dinosaurs fossil is nearly perfect it was over told the bomb Tonique that was right out of an on a five meter long dinosaur the size of a mini bus boogie whoa okay buddy gah and kitty guys – cheetah nobody go in a kinder job hakuna one choice hakuna matata kizomba Sonya Sonya Sam Shapiro Grammy latenan Corrigan volatility Babu dr. camp in Cabo subbu China they depart in a potato peeler on video question Danica can assume I’m a diamond not Arabic Indonesian Anna when you have a very broad body like this if you think about what cattle are like today they have broad bodies as well and that’s because what they’re doing is they have to ferment the vegetation inside their bodies before they can actually reach it and digest it and probably this dinosaur is doing the same thing it’s swallowing massive quantities of very poor quality plant food but it’s processing them very well the fifth day of the excavation an unusual fossil is discovered next to the armor a fossil of a broken tooth however it doesn’t belong to an ankylosaur why was a tarbosaurus as tooth found here okay go go places good day dr. Simon and watch yo Socky vamos lá e Barrett Prettyman non-university very learn to rotate back

did the ankylosaur really lose to Tarbosaurus then why was the corpse left uneaten the key to solving that mystery is uncovered even just a glimpse tells us it’s a dinosaur leg bone broken fuel ax and go ahead [Laughter] this leg bone stimulates the team’s imagination coming on our wall can’t there’s anyone you know you got potentially I know how I get in ground how is the death of the ankylosaur and a tarbosaurus as like bone related such a couple universe Amish Janice box American chicken sandwich [Applause] mais maxim gun yo sorry she didn’t recommend if you’re approachable March Kengo not occupied chakra Mikasa sriracha kumahachi career man also getting go yeah no give or you know Cucamonga tango you’re gonna candy cotton cool more Germany I wanna do more Texan on what terrible sorrow equally among a good my negatory te re Atari signal so de cochon I’ll Karachi come too many more than you know you got a macadamia producer coordinate after digging they mix plaster with water then with plaster bandages they wrap the fossil this is to ensure it’s safe transport they call this a plaster jacket the excavation alone took nine days on the last day of the excavation the ankylosaur fossil will leave the Gobi Desert the expedition is nearly over the base camp is in a festive mood special foods and even cake is put on the table its dr. Jacobs 60th birthday I’m very lucky to have been a paleontologist because I would never have been here to meet people like like bars bold the great waters bold and lignin and all the other Mongolia colleagues and friends this is very important thing in such a collaborative international way is a great honor great honour for me so I

thank you very much and I think he’s an explorer and a researcher with a lifelong dedication and passion for Douglas ores finding dinosaurs and finding fossils is difficult work almost every child likes dinosaurs and almost just as many would like to be paleontologists but there are only a few paleontologists in the world so what makes those people able to do it they have a drive and a passion and an ability to put up with the hardships and they’re just a little bit different they like a sandstorm the scourge of the desert is coming once the storm starts it lasts for three to four days and tortures the team thus and puts the expedition under siege as it gnaws away at tools and food alike the sand storm blows violently at 60 to 80 kilometers per hour in this storm excavation is out of the question taking even a single step is difficult as the sand strikes the flesh if they do not evacuate quickly they face longer confinement and greater dangers forty days of exploration is coming to an end but dr. Curie has a dinosaur he wants to find it’s the Dino Kairos first discovered by a Polish expedition in 1965 you may have seen this best when it’s very very long pair of arms and that’s all we have is the arms in the claws and there was only one specimen entire world where that specimen was found that was right on cue and of course we’d love to find another skeleton of this animal because first of all it’s so big and because we don’t understand exactly what it is this dinosaur is one of the reasons why he joined the Korea Mongolia international dinosaur project team a hand-drawn map by the Polish team 40 years ago is the only evidence to prove the existence of the dinosaur Dino kairos an imaginary dinosaur with an unknown face and body sharp claws 25 centimeters in length and 2 point 4 meter long arms no other dinosaur has been discovered with such long arms many paleontologists want to find even just a small piece of the Dino gyrus and they’ll tell us what year the can came from and possibly where it was made and it says PL which suggests it’s Poland and so that’s a very very good clue fortunately they found the polish teams excavation site from 40 years ago and there is a dinosaur not too far away did he find a trace of the Dino Kairos dr Currie observes closely his expert instinct is accurate finally he finds two gastrula of the Dino Kairos well this is the Holy Grail this is what we were looking for

it so it’s a quarry it’s a very old quarry there’s not much left of it but when we line it up with the photographs of Dino Kairos we can see the background Ridge there and the same scenery that we see in the background is no question this is the place I’m very happy we’ve been kind of looking for this site for at least four years now dr. youngnam lee also has a dinosaur for which he wants to find a face it’s the Korean Peninsula’s first fully articulated dinosaur fossil dinosaur X however the front half of its body is missing will he find the answer in Mongolia in an unexpected place a clue to dinosaur x presents itself Protoceratops Ian’s a horn dinosaurs the frill the collar goes like this you see and in the front of the snout is down there the most noticeable characteristic of a Protoceratops is the large frill on its skull it is 1.8 meters in size and considered a small dinosaur it’s named for its horn face but it only has a slightly projected horn on the nostril and it has no significant defense mechanism and it was always attacked it was the prey of the carnivorous dinosaurs however the Protoceratops it’s had a good appetite with a parrot beak like mouth it chewed on tough leaves the Protoceratops it was the pig of its day one interesting fact is that the Protoceratops it’s survived for a very long time later it crossed over to America and evolved into the Triceratops with its three horns the Protoceratops ‘its were the ancestor of the Triceratops however among the Protoceratops its Asian Protoceratops has a unique character it is long neural spines of tail vertebrae dinosaur X has the same long neural spines then can we say dinosaur x is a Protoceratops however there is a problem arriving at such a conclusion so far we think the specimens came from schewe formation which is we think it’s the early cretaceous but usually you know Protoceratops ins having fallen in the Late Cretaceous alright so they go right from the sort of late early cretaceous all the way to the very end of the age of dinosaurs so anything in that time span could be Protoceratops yet so it is not as important okay what the what the anatomy is telling us about the animal home so the tail is very diagnostic you know you’ve got a beautiful tail there and the hand itself looks like a little small a ceratopsian expert presumed it to be an ancestor of Protoceratops and at a less developed thrill than the Protoceratops and as this fossil tells us it had a smaller leg this is the first-ever restoration of a Korean dinosaur various dinosaur eggs and nests occur around Chihuahua in Korea where dinosaur X was discovered among them are fossil eggs shaped like the eggs of a Protoceratops so are they related to dinosaur eggs your specimen Korea will help us pinpoint potentially many of those roots it’s a really Asian yeah it’s a very

important point for purely Geographic reconstructions at most what was happening at the continents during that part of the Cretaceous and understanding more about the evolution of both ceratopsian dinosaurs and the other groups that are associated with so you’ve got an extremely important specimen so I’m looking forward to seeing it for the third a hundred million years ago the ancestor of Protoceratops x.x lived and later through Protoceratops at the end of the Cretaceous period evolved into a triceratops with dinosaur X it became possible to infer an advancement of evolution by 20 million years the root of its evolution could also change it is possible to reason that an ancestor of Protoceratops first appeared in surrounding areas of the Korean Peninsula not in Mongolia and later evolved into a triceratops this is the Korean Peninsula 100 million years ago a pack of dinosaur X’s are searching for food X is a herbivore at the lowest end of a food chain in the land of dinosaurs they enjoy eating ferns and small leaves as the chances of survival are greater with more sets of eyes and ears they live as a group a mother waits for eggs to hatch buried under a shallow Hall a gigantic carnivorous dinosaur watches them intently perhaps dinosaur X’s life ended in tragedy one day millions of years ago the 40-day expedition ends they are left only with the loading and transporting of fossils the ankylosaur at the bottom of the valley is the biggest problem they must lift a two-ton fossil out of a valley [Applause] a fossil discovered thanks to the hard labor of a dozen members if it falls it could break into pieces a fossil they can’t carry back is worthless but through the efforts of many the fossil reaches the top with this the 40-day journey comes to an end dr. Jung Nam Lee is back this is the beginning of his research the fossils are numbered and organized according to scientific importance approximately 80 fossils await dr. Lee’s hands from this expedition dr. Lee succeeded in identifying the first

dinosaur of the Korean Peninsula kumi-sama another humorous or shown us of truly God or the system call could you go or you don’t come to her woody God’s daughter or saying actually become care to come come come sir at the current day so their own King Geneva Kuya his ultimate goal is to reconstruct the age of the dinosaurs on the Korean Peninsula I nearly blank canvas through his research of Asian dinosaurs based on the information of fossils provide Asian dinosaurs are restored one by one after the ankylosaur the Velociraptor was restored tenemos la musica para tener theorem actually cable if some channels of its vulnerable to Damon already traveling back in time 70 million years the land of dinosaurs through the sweat and passion of the expedition team Asian dinosaurs dream of resurrection [Applause] [Applause]