✅Medicare and You 2020 – Medicare Explained!

if you’re getting ready to come into Medicare whether you’re turning 65 or you’re about to retire you certainly know by now there’s a lot of things you need to understand and what I’m gonna do right now is I’m gonna through the Medicare & you guidebook 2020 with all the questions and answers this is the everything book for Medicare so I’m gonna go through it page by page help you understand exactly what you need to know try to make it as easy as possible stay tuned oh okay so you’re about to come into Medicare so likely you’re either turning 65 or you already passed 65 and you’re gonna retire from your job and and your group health insurance II need to start your Medicare and there’s a lot of things to understand and this is where it gets very confusing so I’m gonna try and make it as easy as possible on Keith Armbrecht founder of Medicare on video and I help people across the country make the right Medicare choices and I can absolutely help you as well and the great thing about what I do is we do everything virtually so everything’s online we don’t have to meet together we can get everything figured out very easily put all the pieces in the right places and it also doesn’t cost anything to allow me to help you so makes a great start to your Medicare to make make yourself comfortable that you get it right and that’s absolutely what we want to do so if you are turning 65 you likely received this book in the mail at some point recently the Medicare & you guidebook 2020 this is kind of the know-it-all everything of Medicare so something we want to understand what I’m gonna do right now is I’m gonna go through it kind of page by page and explain most of it to you so hopefully that’ll make it easier for you to understand so this video is gonna be a little bit longer but I’m gonna pretty much cover all the bases now first thing when you do is make sure that you have a copy of it so if you don’t have a copy of it we can get you a copy right now and it’s available on my website I’ll show you how to get there I also have this in Spanish if you’d like to have it in Spanish you’re welcome to download that as well but if you visit Medicare on video comm you simply go right here to the Resource Center and when you hover over it it’s going to drop down and you’re looking for guides and forms and one thing about my website is I have a tremendous amount of information here stuff that you will need now and you will need in the future so everything from videos on everything Medicare to all the guides all the forms everything that you need right here so make sure you kind of remember how to get back to Medicare on video comm and the Resource Center that’s where I keep everything so if you’re going to guys info you’ll see right here is the Medicare and you 2020 guy if you click on it it’s going to download onto your computer or your iPad and you can keep it there from now until whenever you need it or you can print it out it is I think 120 pages so you may not want to print it out but it’s great to have on your computer you can search through it very easily makes it pretty simple to do you can see here also I’ve been a lot of other forms and guides and things that you need and if you’re retiring I have in here the employer coverage form where if you’re past 65 you need your employer to fill this out before you can get your Part B started so make sure you download that employer form while you’re here as well so hopefully we’ve got your Medicare & you guidebook 2020 and again I will go through it I’m not going to go through every single item in it but I’ll go through the important stuff and I’ll tell you what I think about it now I find that it works and I’ve been doing this for a number of years so it gives you a pretty good idea on things you need to do and when you need to do it so the first thing they want to tell you is they are now capable so they they make they’re making everything available electronically which is very good especially these days where we do not want to have to deal person-to-person with someone to get everything taken care of so we can do everything pretty much online and that’s again the beauty about what I do and I’ve already been doing it for a number of years where we can easily without having to physically sign things or mail or scan or any of that stuff it’s super easy to do everything just online all we have to do is punch a few buttons these days and it gets everything in place I’ll show you exactly how that works and when we get into the book this is the table of contents you can see there’s I think there’s actually about 120 pages so we’re not going to go through every single page but I’m with the important parts of it and the topics that are important to you as we go through and I’ll tell you exactly how they relate and how they relate to what I do so first thing we want to talk about is getting started with Medicare so you need to understand on

specific dates on when to get started what it talks about here kind of a generic date self you can see on their calendar January 1 and the way Medicare works if you’ve paid attention recently at all at the end of every year there’s this blitz of advertising for primarily Medicare Advantage plans and with a Medicare Advantage plan you can change that at the end of each year and without any questions asked so and I’ll get into the differences between Medicare Advantage versus Original Medicare in just a minute but these dates kind of relate to that so if you were changing at the end of the year January 1 is when it’ll take effect so you make a choice at a time and then January 1 it takes effect then you have a period from January 1 to March 31 if you decided to go into a Medicare Advantage plan and you figured out it really really wasn’t what you wanted to do they give you a time that you can get back out of it so it’s really important to understand that because if you don’t like it and you want to get out of it you miss this date you’re locked in for the year so you absolutely need to understand the dates on when you can make changes and then October 1 is the time when all the commercials start on TV for this whole thing to run over again year after year and then you make your choice and again this is primarily Medicare Advantage if you’re changing around at the end of the year you have a period from October 15th to December 7th to make the choice and then it takes effect January 1 and again if you miss that day if you wait till December 8th you can’t do it so you need to make sure we understand these dates and again this is all stuff that I’m super happy to help with so you know whether you fully understand it or whether you just give me a call let me walk you through it that’s perfectly okay as well so what are the parts of Medicare and they’ve jumbled it up pretty good to me pretty complicated so we don’t really understand but a whole lot of letters out there and a whole lot of plans and different things and most people don’t really not only do they not understand health insurance plans they don’t want to understand health insurance plans so this is something that is super important cuz it’s going to be with you the rest of your life so we want to make sure we get it right so pretty simple Part A is coverage for stuff that happens in the hospital so it’s for inpatient benefits so the Part A of Medicare pays for things that happen in the hospital Part B is the part of Medicare that pays for things that happen outside the hospital whether it’s doctor’s visits outpatient surgery physical therapy things like that so a is in the hospital B is outside the hospital makes it a little bit easier to understand and then we throw in Part D which is prescription drug coverage so that can work in a couple of different ways and I’ll get into that a little bit as well so a in the hospital B outside the hospital D for drugs pretty easy so far so when you come into Medicare you got one really really big choice to make and this is a big choice this is the one you absolutely need to understand whether you’re going to stay on Original Medicare which is the a and the B or whether you’re gonna choose a Medicare Advantage plan and I’ll show you a little bit of the differences here in a minute and the the main difference here is if you stay with Original Medicare you would have Medicare a Medicare B you would likely get a Medicare supplement plan that covers what a and B do not and you’d like to get a Medicare drug plan if you go into a Medicare Advantage plan kind of bundles it all together and what happens is you choose an insurance carrier that acts primarily as your Medicare so it kind of takes you away from Original Medicare and then put you into a insurance based Medicare Advantage plan so important to understand that I’ll show you the differences here and just a minute on how they function but that is your first really big choice and it’s it’s no secret if you’ve seen some of my other videos I am NOT a big fan of Medicare Advantage it does absolutely work for people in certain scenarios and can kind of can make things simple but it can be more complicated when it comes time to use it and that’s that’s where I kind of differ and certainly lean to Medicare original because it just gives you freedom and flexibility to do the things you want to do with your healthcare choices in the future so but that aside I’m going to show you both and make sure you understand so that way you can make an educated decision when it comes time so when we look at Original Medicare versus Medicare Advantage the first difference here is

probably the biggest difference so you can see here with Original Medicare you can go to any doctor any hospital that takes Medicare anywhere in the United States so you have no networks no choices no primary cares no restrictions on who you choose so if you want to go to a certain cardiologist you pick up the phone you call that cardiologist so with a Medicare Advantage plan it’s more of a HMO type environment where you have a network of doctors and a network of doctors our doctors and hospitals where the insurance carrier has put together that network and generally you stay within that network and sometimes on certainly lower cost plans you need a referral to go from a primary to a specialist and I can tell you I’ve been in health insurance for years and years that is by far the number one complaint is if you need to go to a specialist a cardiologist that you first have to go to a primary care physician and ask permission get a referral then make an appointment to go to the cardiologist and it can just take a tremendous amount of time to do all that not not to mention the effort and then just the hassle to do it all so that’s the biggest difference to me is the freedom and flexibility between making your own choices or having to stay within a framework whereas someone else is kind of making choices for you so that’s how things work between Medicare original and Medicare Advantage now when you look at the cost it’s kind of interesting because it certainly seems like Medicare would prefer for you to choose a Medicare Advantage plan and the reason I would think is because it did get you off of Original Medicare so they don’t have to process claims and do things like that and what they do is they pay a fixed amount per month to a Medicare Advantage plan to kind of take you off of Original Medicare so that’s the framework of how it is some people wonder how Medicare Advantage plans can be zero premium or things like that it’s because Medicare pays them instead of you having to pay out of pocket so again it’s a personal choice and I’d be happy to talk through it with you so that whatever choice you make it’s the right one and the one that you’re comfortable with so when you look at cost on Original Medicare you generally have a hospital deductible a out-of-hospital small deductible and then 80/20 coverage where Medicare pays 80% you pay 20% now generally you’ll get a Medicare supplement that covers those deductibles and covers that coinsurance and you’ll generally be left with a small deductible usually the Part B deductible which is about a less than $200 for the year and possibly a copay of like $20 when you go to the doctor and that’s it that’s your entire expense for the year is a less than $200 deductible and maybe a copay or maybe even not even a copay depends on which medicare supplement plan you take when you choose a Medicare Advantage plan a lot of times premium the beginning in the year you still have to pay your Medicare Part B premium so that that costs about one hundred and forty four dollars base right now so you still have to pay that on Original Medicare more on the Medicare Advantage and then the Medicare Advantage plan can have zero extra premium we can have up to a couple hundred dollar monthly premium depends on which plan you take so your out-of-pocket costs can vary with a Medicare Advantage plan and generally your maximum out-of-pocket costs for the year can be much higher on a Medicare Advantage plan that it is on Medicare originals so if you have Medicare original with a supplement you’re likely less than $300 max had a pocket for the year on almost any plan sometimes less than that on a Medicare Advantage plan it can be upwards of $6,000 max out-of-pocket so it’s important to understand that because when you see all the commercials on TV you with Medicare Advantage they’re making them super pretty and shiny and they include all sorts of extra stuff and everything is part of the plan but they don’t really talk about the out-of-pocket expense when you go use it so make sure you understand that and take a look at specifically maximum out-of-pocket because that’s the important one to understand that’s what you could possibly be responsible for during the year so from a coverage standpoint pretty simple and and the wonderful thing about Medicare it’s actually really good there’s very few spots where it struggles and then one of them is on

drug coverage it can be a little complicated on drug coverage but for regular medical coverage it’s fantastic and especially on Original Medicare again you picked your doctor you picked your specialist you pick your hospital you go anywhere you want to go and if it’s medically necessary is covered by Medicare in almost all cases so it’s like regular health insurance where obviously things that are experimental or elective are not part of medical coverage but it’s it’s super easy and if you google Medicare reviews really with Original Medicare you’ll see absolutely nothing negative furthermore very very little negative Medicare Advantage you’ll see a whole lot of negative so a lot of and that’s where kind of the choice makes a difference people get frustrated when they can’t make their own on their care so that’s really again the big difference I feel between the two of them so something to understand another big part to understand at the bottom where it talks about travel so Original Medicare doesn’t really cover outside of the u.s Medicare Advantage plans don’t cover outside of the u.s. however if you have Original Medicare and a supplement there is coverage for outside of the US and that’s important to people that travel for sure where they want to have coverage while they travel you don’t have to go and buy a travel insurance policy or things of that nature so Original Medicare with a supplement does have coverage for outside of the u.s Medicare Advantage plans generally do not have coverage outside the United States so signing up for Medicare this is important stuff you need to do it in the time frame that is laid out and you can see some people get Part A and Part B automatically Part A yes Part B not so much when you would get it automatically is if you chose to take Social Security early so if you are 62 63 64 and you’re already on Social Security then they assume you’re not working and you probably don’t have group health insurance so they’re gonna automatically start your Medicare Part B when you turn 65 do not take that for granted make absolutely sure if your Medicare Part B needs to start when you turn 65 that it does start because there are ramifications if you missed that target line now if you are about to come into Medicare and you’re ready to start your Part B whether you’re retiring or turning 65 I made a URL to make it easy for you to do it so if you go right here W W start Part B calm it’s going to take you right to the page on Medicare where you sign up for Medicare Part B so it’s actually on Social Security’s website which again that’ll confuse people right off the bat where to start your Part B you have to go to so security because everything kind of falls under Social Security so Medicare is an extension of Social Security so that’s why it’s all tied together even though Medicare has its own website medicare.gov everything starts through Social Security so just make sure you understand that and again give me a call send me an email I’ll walk you right through it we’ll make it easy and again there’s no cost to use me the way I get compensated is if you are an original Medicare and you get a Medicare supplement plan whichever insurance company issues that medicare supplement plan pays me to be your service agent and to help you now and in the future with anything that comes along and certainly always things that come along so start Part B comm is where you go to get your Medicare Part B started so if you’re not automatically enrolled when can you sign up and again this is the thing that you need to understand completely if you’re turning 65 you have a 7 month window three months before your birthday month the month of your birthday month three months after and then don’t really pay a whole lot of tension to that you need to do it the three months before the month of your 65th birthday to have it start on the first of the month of the month that you tried 65 so if you turn 65 on June 15th your Medicare is gonna start June 1st it’s only different if you’re born on the 1st of the month then it’s gonna start the month before so if you’re born on June 1st your Medicare is gonna start May 1st so make absolutely sure especially if you’re born on the 1st of the month to understand that you need to do it ahead of time so that you don’t miss that day because if you miss that date it just complicates everything and then there are penalties as well and there’s delays and when you can do it so make sure in that timeframe same thing

if you’re going to retire you usually know your retirement date ahead of time and there’s some extra things we need to do if you’re retiring you do that employer coverage form do it well ahead of time 3 to 4 months ahead of time get it done get it off your played that way when it’s time to start it starts so should I get Part B this is also super important if you are coming into Medicare yes you absolutely need Medicare Part B if you are coming into Medicare if you are going to stay and work on your employer group coverage you do not want Part B to start because Part B is a trigger and if you stay on your employer coverage you may work until you’re 67 69 doesn’t really matter into your 70s when you come off your employer plan that’s when you want your Part B to start because that makes it just like you turn in 65 you can pick and choose any plan that you want no questions so you do not want to start your Part B before you’re ready to come into Medicare so important to understand that and again feel free to give me a call and discuss it if you have any concerns with it there is a little caveat to that which there always is a caveat is if you work somewhere with more or less than 20 employees and man this makes this complicated if you work somewhere with a small amount employees and you’re gonna work past age 65 so let’s look here how does my other insurance work with Medicaid so if you have retiree insurance Medicare is going to pay first so in other words Medicare is going to be primary you do not need retiree insurance especially if you pay for it and it can get really complicated if you’re on retiree insurance and then you want to get into Medicare later and you didn’t do it when you were first eligible there can be penalties as well so when Medicare is primary that’s really what you want to be on not on your other plans so keep that in mind if you’re 65 or older have a group health plan coverage based on or on yours or your spouse’s employment the employer has 20 or more employees so whew so here we have 20 or more employees your group health plan pays first so if you are at work working past 65 more than twice two hundred five hundred thousand you work for General Motors whatever it may be you you likely want to stay on that group plan that’s assuming that you are the employee and what you don’t want to do is start your Medicare Part B if you’re gonna stay on that group plan now a lot of times you have the spouse also on that group plan and the way most group plans work is the the employer pays most of the employees premium but they do not pay for the spouses premiums so a lot of times if the spouse is turning 65 of the employee at that large group it’s almost always better for them to come off of that group plan and go into Medicare it’s almost much better coverage and much lower cost so it makes a lot of sense for that spouse who’s not the employee to come off the group plan really regardless when they’re turning 65 so again give me a call I’ll walk you through it will tell you exactly how that works so the next one if you’re 65 or older of a group health plan and your employer has fewer than 20 employees Medicare pays first so if you are on if you work for somebody with less than 20 employees and that’s where it gets great how do you know if you got if you work somewhere and there’s 19 people around you and how do they count their 1099s and part-timers and things of that nature it can get really complicated but if it is the case that it’s less than 20 employees you want to get into Medicare so you want to get off that and get into Medicare sometimes the employer might pay your Medicare Part D premium because it’s a good idea for them to get you off of their group plan as well so keep that in mind if you’re under 65 and have a disability and you’re out on a group health plan so this is under 65 and I can get too much into disability coverage and I don’t do Medicare and disability but I do help with it so I absolutely want to make sure you get what you need so I have actually a complete website on Medicare II disability where we help on that but you know a couple other complicate that’s kind of the first question I’ll ask you right now and can absolutely help me when you’re coming into Medicare are you coming in turn 65 or are you past 65 still working and going to retire so just leave a comment below the

video here you can either say turn in 65 or past 65 so it certainly helps me understand how people are functioning so just take a second go right below the video in the comments and put either turn in 65 or past 65 and that’ll help me figure out exactly what the majority of folks are doing but obviously turning 65 is a big one and we just want to make sure we get it right no matter which way it goes so how much does Part A cost so a lot of people wonder you know how much does Medicare cost some people think it’s free and it’s not free but it’s not expensive so I’ll show you exactly how it works Part A for the most part is for you so if you’ve worked what is considered 40 qualifying quarters during your lifetime then that’s 10 years then your part age should be at no cost if you have not qualified for 40 qualifying quarters in your lifetime then you can pay up to $450 a month for Part A so yes that is expensive if you have not worked and then obviously the reason being there is when you’re working you’re paying into Medicare so you’ve already paid through your lifetime for your Medicare Part A so no cost to it if you’ve worked 40 quarters pretty significant cost if you’ve had enough how about Medicare Part B so there is a premium to Medicare Part B and it’s not really a choice you have to have it because it covers everything outside the hospital and so it’s a big part of Medicare and if you don’t get it when you’re supposed to get it then there’s a penalty on top of it so make sure you understand when to get it and how to get it which we just went through and in 2020 the premium is one hundred and forty four dollars and 60 cents that’s for most people I believe that no around 75% of the people 844 60 now it is income based so if you make more than a certain amount of money you’re going to pay more for your Medicare Part B I have all that on my website and the guides and forms also have a video it’s called thermal income related monthly adjustments something like that so it’s called ARMA and it tells you based on your income how much your Part B is gonna call thinking go up to 400 some dollars a month so if you’re a victim of your own success then you’re going to pay more for your Medicare Part B so understand that down at the bottom late enrollment penalty for Medicare Part B again if you do not sign up when you’re supposed to sign up it gets complicated and there are delays and then there are penalties so you want to make sure you do it in the time that you’re supposed to do it so how can I pay my Medicare Part B premium I don’t usually go over this too much but what generally happens is if you are on Social Security so if you’re drawing Social Security they’re gonna take it right out your Social Security check if you are not drawing Social Security they’re gonna send you a bill and when they send you a bill it’s gonna be a quarterly bill so you’re gonna pay that three months at a time that 144 for most people times three every quarter so you got to be prepared for that it’s not a monthly deal you can also apparently pay by credit card or debit card so you can go through this here or sign up for Medicare easy pay so that might be a nice thing as well where would automatically take it out of your checking account and then that would assume they would do that monthly which might make it easier to manage as well so good you can go through all this in your book which you’ve already downloaded from my website so now we’re going to skip ahead just a few pages we’re now on page 25 find out if medicare covers your test service or item and I’m not gonna get too deep into this Medicare pretty much covers whatever is medically necessary so we don’t have to go in there there is some very specific information in this book which you can go through at your leisure and figure out you know different things how but again it’s all pretty black and white it’s pretty much Medicare Part B deductible less than two hundred bucks and then it’s 80/20 so and if you have a Medicare supplement it’s going to pay most of what Medicare doesn’t if you’re on Medicare Advantage then you need to do a little more investigation because they can have their own fees and costs and co-pays and coinsurance and all sorts of things that makes it a little more complicated to understand so make sure you do that if you’re on a Medicare Advantage plan so Part A covers again in the hospital Part B covers out of the hospital so again it’s really easy it’s not hard once you get into it you’ll see you go giving your Medicare card give me your Medicare supplement card and for the most part it goes the way it’s supposed to go so

that’s a wonderful thing this is important I wanted to point this out because this changed recently and it’s kind of odd but am i inpatient or outpatient in a hospital so it is important for you to understand if you go into a hospital do they classify you as inpatient or outpatient and why would that be really the main reason is if you are considered inpatient hospital and when you’re done if you had to go to a skilled nursing facility for rehab Medicare is gonna pay for it if you’re in the hospital and you’re classified has outpatient and when you’re done you need to go to a skilled rehab facility frere for physical therapy Medicare not gonna pay for so it’s a big big difference I had a call a while back from a woman or from the actually kids of a nice lady that had broken her arm went into the hospital was in the hospital for three days and then was discharged to a skilled nursing facility they had her classified as outpatient so they ended up having to pay I think three hundred dollars a day at the skilled nursing facility because it was based on an outpatient admission that’s even a thing in it and it’s it’s something that Medicare changed obviously a cost issue so I don’t understand the reasons behind it but it’s important to understand what it is so inpatient or outpatient and you can see here I was reading through this you can you will get a a Medicare pal patient observation notice moved so if you go on the hospital and they are classifying you as outpatient they have to give you move which is a Medicare outpatient observation notice so if it ever comes along just pay attention to what you’re getting if it says moon then you know your outpatient and that’s not all bad it’s only bad if when you come out you need to go to a skilled nursing facility so just understand how that works and then the differences again so we understand Medicare functioning if you’re classified as inpatient it’s covered under Part A if you classified as outpatient it’s covered under Part B so it’s just important to understand how that all functions so what does Part B cover and again Part B covers the stuff outside the hospital so doctors visits bloodwork physical therapy outpatient surgery anything outside the hospital is what falls under Part B so not too complicated to understand that traveling when outside of the US again there’s very little that’s covered under Medicare or Medicare Advantage but a Medicare supplement does cover travel care when you’re traveling outside the u.s. so important to understand that as well at the bottom here welcome to Medicare preventive visit a lot of people get confused with this as well when you come into Medicare and you’ll probably get some of the mail from Medicare that says hey you’re now welcome to a welcome to Medicare preventative visit this is not a physical this is basically you going to your doctor and reviewing your medical history so it’s almost like an introduction to the doctor and I don’t know if you’d be changing doctors and not changing doctors if you don’t have Medicare Advantage plan you probably would be changing doctors but in regular Medicare you can likely go to the same doctor you’ve been going to for however long you’ve been going to that doctor and you’re entitled to this welcome to Medicare preventive visit and then yearly there is a wellness visit and also not a physical so you don’t want to call your doctor and schedule a physical you want to call your doctor and schedule a yearly wellness visit and it’s you know not super far away from a physical it gives you pretty much a checkup and it’s a good thing to have on a annual basis without a doubt so what is not covered with Part A and Part B and again like regular health insurance the same stuff is not covered under Medicare as regular health insurance most dental care high exams dentures cosmetic massage therapy routine physical exams hockey pucks or hearing aids long-term care concierge care so you know some of that is covered with other with a supplement or there’s dental vision and hearing plans and things of that nature but that is not included in Medicare Part A and Part B okay now we’re on page 51 how does Medicare work and this is pretty easy to understand and you know can I get my health care from any doctor other than health care provider can I get from any doctor or other health care provider or hospital in most cases yes you can go to any doctor or any Hospital any where in the country that takes Medicare and certainly most do there is

a caveat coming up where I’m gonna talk about Medicare assignment versus not Medicare assignment clothed different are prescription drugs covered no not under Original Medicare you need a separate Medicare drug plan that will cover it and it’s not all that complicated and we absolutely you get that all figured out do I need to get a referral in most cases no you do not sometimes if you want to go to a cardiologist the cardiologists might not see you unless you’ve gone somewhere at a time because they don’t waste their time even though they would get paid to waste their time but they may want you to get kind of looked at ahead of time before you come see them should I get a supplement policy it’s a personal decision but it’s a pretty easy one the biggest drawback and the reason you would get a Medicare supplement policy is with Original Medicare you have the deflector Bowls aren’t so bad and 80/20 coverage isn’t so bad so that’s pretty good stuff to have 80/20 coverage the problem is the 20 doesn’t stop so if you have a catastrophic year that 20% can get extremely high so that’s one of the main reasons to have a Medicare supplement is it gives you a stop on the 20% and keeps your annual out-of-pocket super low and again usually less than a couple few hundred bucks a year for total out-of-pocket costs for your health insurance in your senior year so that that’s again fantastic the way Medicare works so you can get some things electronically which again they’re trying to move as much electronic as they possibly can which is a fantastic thing and these days we’re all pretty well-versed electronically and if you’re not I can get you through it without any real difficulties it’s super easy to do so let’s talk a little bit in the middle of the page here what is Medicare assignment Medicare assignment are doctors that agree to take Medicare assignment if they agree to take Medicare assignment then they agree to accept what Medicare pays them as payment in full so there’s no additional cost to them now there are a few doctors and it’s less than 10 percent I believe that take Medicare but do not take Medicare assignment so it’s important to understand that if they don’t take Medicare assignment then they have the ability to bill you 15% more than what Medicare paisa which kind of sounds like a lot but it’s really not that much you know it may equate to 15 or 20 dollars on top of what Medicare pays them I would certainly expect a doctor that does not take assignment to let you know that but it’s a good idea to ask and a lot of times they don’t know when you ask at the front desk so they might confuse it with Medicare Advantage and say no we don’t take Medicare assignment they’re thinking but a Gary advantage so just something to understand the difference there between assignment and not assignment so Medicare Advantage plans and other options what are Medicare Advantage plans and again these are plans that are run by insurance companies so whatever insurance company and you see them on TV all the time trying to convince you to come into their Medicare Advantage plan so obviously they’re doing pretty well with their Medicare Advantage plans because they really really want you to come and be a part of it and they do sometimes have additional services but a lot of times the additional services aren’t full coverage of the type of stuff they’re talking about so make sure if you’re looking at them for instance if they offer dental make sure it’s not just preventive dental make sure its real Bentall and a lot of them talk about dental but they really only offer cleanings and x-rays and then anything else you’re paying for out-of-pocket so stuff like that is important to understand you have to do a much deeper dive into a Medicare Advantage plan then you do with Original Medicare Original Medicare is pretty well black and white cut and dry kind of easy to understand what you’re looking at so again they can offer fix their benefits they have to follow Medicare rules but they do have some different out-of-pocket expenses so make sure you understand your exposure if you’re looking into a Medicare Advantage plan so Medicare Advantage plans allow you to jump in and out at the end of any year so if you’re in one you want to go to another one and that’s kind of the big problems people get in them then they’re not happy and they want to get into something else and the problem is when you come back if you want to come back to Original Medicare and you want to get a Medicare supplement you would then need to be medically approved you’d have to go through medical underwriting to get a Medicare supplement plan where if you choose Original Medicare in the beginning there’s no questions that so you get one shot at having anything you want then

after that you have to go through medical underwriting if you’re healthy not a problem if you’ve come into a medical issue which is then when you’d find that out you know if you have troubles with whatever plan you’re on now then it’s more complicated to try and make a change so keep that in mind as well my philosophy has always been simple an easy choice is primary and to be able to do what you want when you want to do it without having to ask permission is is absolutely what I would do there are special enrollment periods with Medicare Advantage plans again this this is all related to Medicare Advantage plans Medicare supplement plans you could change any time during the year so if you get on a Medicare supplement plan and then all of a sudden there’s a lower price and again you need to go through medical underwriting but if you’re healthy you can change anytime during the year you do not have to wait till the end of the year matter of fact it’s much more complicated at the end of the year because there’s so much going on but you can change in February or June it really doesn’t make any difference with a Medicare supplement you have the freedom to do what you want to do again and keeps it easy there are different Medicare supplement policies and obviously this is what I do is I make it super easy for you to figure out which one is the best one for you and then the best insurance company and the best price and we want to keep it as affordable as absolutely possible and they generally are there they’re generally in the hundred dollar 120 dollar range for a Medicare supplement policy which gives you almost full coverage for the entire year so it’s absolutely fantastic usually significantly better than what you’ve had previously for health insurance and again great benefits and you go to any doctor in the hospital anywhere in the country but this is how I make my living as helping people with their Medicare supplement but I help with all the other parts too even though I don’t make a living doing it I help with figuring out everything that you need to do including Medicare drug coverage and this can be a little more complicated it’s really based on whatever medication you’re currently taking we have to tailor a plan to what you are currently taking and if things change during the year then we probably are going to have to change plans at the end of the year to fit it to what you are currently taking at that point so it’s a little more intensive and figuring out exactly what the right plan is but we could absolutely do it without all we need is elicit your medications and then we can find the right plan to make it work for you so again you can change drug plans just like back there Advantage plans at the end of any year now Part D late enrollment penalty so this question I get a lot and it’s a tough question it’s it’s if I don’t currently take any prescription drugs should I get a Medicare drug plan and it really is a personal decision because if you don’t get a drug plan now and you need one five years from now there’s a penalty because you didn’t buy it now and the penalty to me isn’t so bad compared to the money you save and premium by not buying a drug plan so I have a video that goes over the penalty if you want to see that video just let me know and I’ll send it to you I don’t have it public right now because I just don’t want to sway anybody’s opinion on whether to buy a drug plan or not a drug plan you know what I could tell you is personally myself if I did not take prescription drugs I would not buy a drug plan and the important part is if you need one later and there’s a penalty you need to remember how much money you saved by not buying one for the years that you didn’t need one so but I have a video that goes over all that I have all the math all the penalty information so if you want that just let me know it all I’ll send you that by email and you can take a look at that but it’s important to understand should you buy one if you don’t currently take prescription drugs and again some people sleep better at night having things all locked up and buttoned up and all nothing to worry about that’s terrific – so it’s it’s a personal decision to figure that one out Medicare does have plans that offer help for paying prescription drug cost or pain Part B premium things like that so if you have lower income make sure you contact Medicare to ask for help on how to do that Medicare is usually pretty helpful and you can reach Medicare 1-800 Medicare easy to remember good thing to know they are open 24/7 I think every day I don’t even think they take Christmas off but the point beam might be better to call it 10 o’clock at night then 10 o’clock in the morning and generally you’ll get somebody happy to talk to you if you call at night or early morning or whatever it may be but they’re generally

very helpful so if you need information like that feel free to give them a call and they’d be happy to make sure they can do whatever they can for you so that kind of gives us a pretty good overview of Medicare and again if you are choosing to stay with Original Medicare and you want a Medicare supplement it’s as easy as possible to get a quote you come to Medicare on video comm you fill out your basic information we’ll send you the information by email and again happy to walk you through it and it doesn’t cost anything to let us help you so I certainly hope you’ll allow us to help you it’s important for us to be able to help as many as we can and obviously that’s how I make my living so if you found this helpful I’d appreciate if you subscribe to my channel you’ll always have system my videos when they come out and you’ll get notification when new ones come out and I do put them out pretty often but the idea is to get you fully comfortable and educated with Medicare so that you can do anything that you need to do so I hope you found this helpful and I hope you have a fantastic day video Medicare radio