Solutions To Climate Change Part 1 of 4: Long Beach And The Rain Forest

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wasn’t for Jake majors and that would not be taking place she is absolutely tireless and wonderful in so many ways if it wasn’t for her none of this will come together she worked harder than anyone else and then including tightly and put together so thank you Jason oh god I don’t know how to follow that boy but um I want to start with somebody took my notes oh well wing it first I want to start with an acknowledgment of my colleague competing rainforest relief he’s the source of a lot of information about boardwalks and tropical timber and alternatives to that and let’s talk about boardwalks for a minute or green forest wood wasn’t the original choice for boardwalks we used to use a southern Georgia from Georgia yellow pine that’s what most the boardwalks in the East clothes were made of over 100 years ago what we logged out a lot of the pine and we moved on to Douglas fir and we used a lot of Douglas fir I was great Giants of them of the west and then we were able to through cheap fuel who are able to import this extremely hard beautiful durable wood called eBay from the Amazon the ancient 5060 million year old forests of the planet you pay is one of the emergent trees in the rainforest it stands tall over the Kennedy looks down on the top the other trees in flowers it’s quite beautiful and the ipe tree grows about one per hectare hectares from about two point four acres so imagine a city block in New York with one tree on it that you want to target and the rest of the block is filled with dense forest so a logging road has to be cut into the heart of the forest the ipe trees are tall they’re shy they don’t stand at the edge of the forest eight they’re inside and to get to the tree the road has to be wide enough to carry these magnificent trees are the logs of the trees out so 28 trees are sacrificed to get to one you may that’s one and only the best part of that tree is used so the rest of the tree lays on the forest floor and the lumber yard and it out gases carbon dioxide as the trees are pulled out on the sleds they degrade the floor of the forest and when the logging company let’s say the logging company that got the email was a certified company it got Forest Stewardship Council certification the highest level of certification you can get in a very remote part of the world and then the trees are harvested and the company leaves packs up and leaves the road is still there for wildcatters for small illegal lumber harvesters to go in and take whatever they want so this is the problem with using ebay on a boardwalk in 2001 the very enlightened Town Council of Long Beach agreed to only use wood that was harvested in mentally sustainable way we were so grateful for that very enlightened approach unfortunately disaster crisis the overwhelming damage done to the boardwalk by Hurricane sandy and look John wanted it it’s Boardwalk back and sadly a Charles Schumer advocated that we replaced the boardwalk of long beach with ebay so unfortunate choice we have

to consider that there will be more storms in the future there will be more choices to make and I want to have my friend rather pass out one of the choices it’s called cambie it’s a toasted hardwood from North America it’s toasted and it looks just like reinforcements there’s also recycled plastic lumber and that is so strong we have handouts in the back on the red table it’s called great resources on that page there’s a link to a video of a fully loaded tank crossing a bridge if you have Army Corps of Engineers contracted to have this bridge built out of recycled plastic lovers you can watch recycled plastic lumber in action I will be advocated in New York City for Coney Island was to build the boardwalk of recycled plastic lumber and put a thin layer of some beautiful wood on top put a thin layer of a local sustainable beautiful wood that local loggers and saw sawmill companies could make a living off of so this was our approach and next up is my friend Ken gale he’s going to talk about the bigger picture deforestation is just part of that picture the bigger picture of climate change and Ken is the host of ecologic radio on WBAI FM in New York City well what I want to start with how the deforestation of the tropical rainforest affects the climate here wind patterns of course drive weather and the weather drives of climate when wind is caused by the uneven heating of the earth some charging the earth absorb more the sun’s light than other I ice and snow event reflected dark water is going to absorb it forest is going to absorb it a desert is better reflected so all of that different ways that the earth is absorbing the sun’s energy makes the air start to move and then you had the rotation of the earth and that makes even more movement we all know that if the Pittsburgh Pirates are having a rainout but that’s are going to have a rain out the next day because the weather is moving from there to here we know that hurricane story and Africa and down there the wings go from east to west and with the hurricane star in Africa and dead Florida thought coast when you take away miles and miles of tropical forests you are literally changing the wind patterns of the globe because the earth is now going to be heating it differently and so the wings will be different think about that miles a mile down the long beach boardwalk two and a half miles long you have to be for us a lot more than that you and a half miles to get to that would so there’s miles and miles of chocolate Lorraine bursts that were completely clear cut just to build that boardwalk and of course the people being employed to do it don’t necessarily around these parts we all know what happened with with Sandy and you started hearing politicians talking about global warming a little bit and climate change a little bit and then they stopped talking about it part of the point of having town meetings like this or shows like ecologic or all the different Y methyl groups there’s so many people you are working with is to make people realize that everyday actions affect the climate so the D portion of the boardwalk to replace the world market that standing destroyed is going to make the likelihood replacing that boardwalk more likely because climate change makes more hurricanes and it makes the ones you have worse cuz i’d like to say your template maybe want a hurricane on climate change yeah yeah yeah but you can blame some of them on climate change you can blame the strength because you heat the water through the global warming part of climate change you are giving energy to those hurricanes and that is what’s going on when you melt the polar ice cap though you are free moisture to the winds that go across the Arctic Ocean so that once they get to landing they have a lot more snow Dickey deposit when the Arctic ice cap is not melted there’s a barrier between the water and the wind so then we just dryer and there’s less snow I interview a meteorologist named Tom my smaller on ecologic at the beginning of every

winter and I asked them to tell us what the climate for the winter and spring will be like how bad cold he’s where my five years in a row and he explains it all and he compares with the previous year so if you’re a longtime listener get a little extra reward his show from November 26 is archived on the WPI websites or any of you can hear it at your leisure and he talked about developing an ice cap and how when you combine that with El Nino which is again and that’s affected by destroying rainforest this is changing the way ever that the currents work everything is connect I’m an oceanography major and while all the other Sciences were real specialized oceanography was very general because chemical physical and biological oceanography are so tied in that the curriculum for those three branches of oceanography was identical pretty much for freshmen sophomores and juniors that’s how much of a general science oceanography actually is so I’ve been trained to see the connections between well this in the ocean weather patterns their currents the chemistry of everything that comes off of land everything is tied together so that the El Nino down near Ecuador the deforestation in Brazil the melting of the ice cap in the Arctic is all connected and changes our weather patterns and it’s a very important consideration to make its and with Long Beach being such a nexus right they want to build a liquefied natural gas plant out there they’re talking about putting a wind farm out there you’ve got the boardwalk you’ve got the effects of standing you’ve got this dense population when when JK I did the halftime how we shall we’re up in the top of our hotel we got to look out over Long Beach there’s not a whole lot of robux of the houses here there’s no place for the water to go and that’s a very important consideration there’s no place to a water to go so you don’t want there to be extra water you don’t want there to be sea level rise you don’t want me going on ice cap to be melting and adding to the oceanic water level so now I think it’s a few questions and answers detective super low comes on oh and by the way I forgot to thank shaheen valid for them when we were Cletus together JK he’s really good I’m like okay you know wow he’s really good not only that but he comes with a speaker mother so anyway let’s let’s take questions thank you very much they can’t can it’s not actually a question but i just wanted to point out that also as the waters heat up from global warming it expands in other words an ocean that is cooler is not as high the sea level will be less high than a notion that is born so not only does the global warming intensify the strength of the hurricane it also makes the sea level higher because it’s a warmer ocean so I just kind of wanted to point that out and I don’t know this a question want address now but what do you think that we might say to anyone who is still questioning global warming thank you IDK what stuff is anybody here who still question I’ve changed I thought there’s these depends on the person of course some people are not going to listen to reason there they have decided that they’re the climate change people are the enemy and then people who deny it are on their side and however they pick their size yeah you have to know him as an individual know how did moving that side but the consensus of people actually study the stuff not people talk about it people study it is that I it’s going faster a few years ago is when the International Court year was which was actually two years what they call the polar here like it was one of those two years long and they would make these models of trying to predict what the effects of change would be and every time they would make a model they would test the model by sort of LOL ok let’s use these criteria from a few years ago to sleep we write for this year because we asked

what we have the data port and then that’ll be our model predicted for next year and every time they did that when next year happened there the temperature of the earth was worse the sea level rise was higher there were a lot more problems so they would read you the models genelia what here right that’s one of the cool things about science is that you can you as you learn you change your model so they would change the model and work it out up and next year it was worse and when I started ecologic in 2002 a lot of scientists like I know stuff you know and I have something to tell you and after a few years they’re like I know stuff and nobody’s listening and it was weird to hear scientists who’ve been teaching or in labs for decades sounds scared because they knew what was going on with the entire planet and it didn’t look good and one person was talking about the end of Western civilization as we know it so I was kind of you know during the Q&A I’m like well if Western civilization cause this as deserve to stay around as we know it and and he’s like I like Western civilization and I wanted to go away and that was his whole point for studying it is little point for going to forums so there’s a whole point to to people like us I the people who study climate know what’s going on is the people who don’t study it don’t want to study in that want to bury themselves from what’s going on well I think that that’s the human condition that when we’re faced with the Intolerable the unthinkable we don’t we don’t remain there it’s like grief grief as a process that’d be the grief of what’s happening is so great that we do know what’s happening and who understand and want to do something about it we have to be there for those who are trying to come to terms with it and trying to rationalize their way out of it and trying to picture that it’s not going to happen to them or their children are their children’s children we have to find ways to reach people that’s one of the reasons we call the Town Hall we wanted the town to come and ask their questions and have a real exchange so any other questions come up hi Jay Blackmon I don’t know if this is exactly on topic but i noticed coming across the loop parkway at the base of lido boulevard there’s one lone wind turbine if what’s what is that is that a demonstration or they plan to build more long beach day answering David you know it is a demonstration okay and if a plant or more offshore wind farms like a demonstration project yeah was it that along with dancehall explosions there Georgia a lotta didn’t catch him afterwards know about that college and then later i’ll talk about the author open topic i am I like physically conference at stony brook okay we’re talking about just that yeah that kind of off shore of long island there’s the strongest winds the entire country so yeah it’s got a real potential I was just hoping that they were you know anything more stuff for around here will be talking about of course the natural gas plant and fracking and pipelines that will be talking about wind and solar as solutions to these problems and we have two speakers will do beginning of that static p.m I was naive enough to bullish enough to believe the story that was told that this was sustainable wood and they were building a girl at it by looking long beach right out the boardwalk I kind of feel like by building as building on the boardwalk was nation as you can from it you’re Nature’s Way of say I told you man you know it but in any case we did I lived there build it personally but I heard that is sustainable one well there’s some that Sun right here now and I never quite believed it when I you know the voice of reason they game is said that was a good story there’s two kinds of certification there’s a chain

of custody where is the trace it went from here to the upper to the sawmill to ship to this to that chain of custody and then there’s the actual certification of how the wood was logged and so the town did not I shouldn’t say the town this is your the tent no yeah it happened to heaven on the high line to in Manhattan and we pointed out to the Friends of high line folks that the first leg of the High Line they were sold would fill of goods they got some kind of certification thing that didn’t didn’t trace back to the original forest and so the second leg they they bill to read a reclaimed teak instead of using evening so yeah it’s it’s a shell game like fracking is a shell game there’s a lot of lemon and it’s too bad but we have a lot of work to do so no we know we have heard what he was before then helped i don’t know i motored over my man whether i did or not i have to be heard we have a big project to stop in long beach now you’re going to help solve open who sold the wood timber timber holdings was the company that sold it to on behind you know my notes disappeared i don’t i don’t remember if they’re Canadian or American I can’t remember the one is from her cell with him in a global world though you know companies don’t have one home scribe a room at the polar vortex because they be some people especially with other people back here yeah love to how am I smaller in November predicted the polar vortex before it happened and he mentioned that there’s always that high that goes over the poles and that it was going to expand this winter and it was going to be huge and that’s an effect of the melting of the polar ice cap the albedo of the earth and the El Nino albida was something that tom has been talking about for years and years and years and when I first thought about my show 2004 or something like that not too many people talked about albedo albedo is the reflectivity of the earth the actual globe of the earth to the sun’s radiation if you think about you know a way car in the summer being not as hot as a black car in the summer yeah that’s an aspect of it a white deflects energy and black absorbs it and colors in between in between when the ice cap melz and there’s all that moisture I mentioned earlier if anybody knows someone in buffalo or hearing Pennsylvania or Syracuse you’ll hear them talk about lake effect snow a lake effect snow same thing right when there’s no ice on the lake the winds go over the Grand Voyager deposited and so like in Rochester New York the talk about eight inches north of the throw a six inches south of the Thruway that’s lake effect snow north of the Thruway and so when you have all that moisture and more snow and then you have a El Nino which makes the the jet stream have a big curve to it instead of being sort of there’s a big curve and that jet stream will bring that moisture from the Arctic south and so more of Canada and the United States and more Europe and more of Asia gets covered by snow snow reflects the sun’s energy that raises the albedo of the earth and that makes the polar vortex bigger and that’s what’s going on it’s really that simple and in the years I’ve known Tom I’ve seen more and more climatologist address albedo as a major aspect of climate change they used to go well yes and it’s kind of effect but not that much and Thomas leggings got a big effect and they’re all coming in Toms way but I

feel like I could discover to somebody I am getting emails from a science researcher who studies maps from Europe and here waiting web apps and if you want to know this email is he predicts and you would make a left turn 40 two weeks just what happened it could be the last five out of six snowstorms here pretty course after receipt slightly they have this if you want email-based j brunetti and more extra comp ok once you all set it up yeah j/p are you and ii GT I at em why X bar Giora you know we have a resource list back on that table it’s full of really really interesting links and maybe you can send can he’s going to post that resource list on his website comic book radio show com for reasons they might want to explain and and you can add that to his list and that way anybody wants to get the information that we’re quoting today and intriguing and channelizing things that we’re talking to you about you can take that resource list and ken’s link is on their time my scholars link is on a few meteorologist who ever talked about yeah it’s a way to stay in touch this is not really a question this is just um you know what I tried to think about how all-encompassing of the end of civilization our civilization would be and I thought you know how can people understand that how can I understand it and then it occurred to me well we can’t understand it unless it’s tied to something we already know and I just wondered how many people here have had a black experience gone through a blackout a power blackout yeah right yeah and and the disasters that we’ve experienced have an end but the end of the art civilization with the black belt that goes on forever I suppose someone I velicity 24 years I’ve never had a chance to introduce her at an event and you’re in for a treat sumo oh me too wings we had some yes i will never show twisting off son something say I Oh you you stillwater see I Oh

skies blaring for burns you can see in a long distance you can see you won’t distance you can see the long distance ground source silver and the sword yes go for the clouds are still on the side is glue there’s still so much to do is it a hard time someone affected is about good times someone for will do you can see the long distance you can see the long distance you can see the whole distance my songs are mostly about how beautiful the earth is so I hope that as a virus mental correct sing about there for more than against anything I think it’s always great to look for what’s beautiful in the world I haven’t I usually play the soft guitar I don’t usually play this on dulcimer so give it a try on the dulcimer woke up in the morning stepped into my boobs are such roots of trees that are busy for hundreds of years you can hear us calling it all your fears you can hear us calling lay down your fears won’t deep in the forest which is funny moves smoke creatures calling how sweet my teens and the fresh morning to waterside one here well you you your head you

you you you Oh I mean you me I you you