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Operation is successful And your son is alright Thank you, sir – You come with me Did you take the full amount of the operation? Yes, sir. We’ve taken 30000 rupees – Good! Sir, that patient with brain tumour? His father has requested to reduce some amount in the operation fees. He’s showing helplessness of his poverty Tell him we treat the disease and not the poverty If he can’t pay the fees he can go to some economical hospital – Ok, sir And we received telegram from that patient at Lucknow He’s ready to give full 50000 rupees We’ll talk about this later Did you call up VIP’s for tomorrows party? – Yes, sir And what about the ministers? Anyway, I’ll give them a call You may go Hello! Dr. Kumar! Oh, minister has come? Please give it to him Hello, Dr. Kumar – Joshi, I’ve called up to tell you that today my son has got the MBBS degree and also a gold medal at the convocation – Very good He secured first rank in MBBS and record marks in surgery 98% so Gold medal was awarded to him Its really good news – Yes, it’s good news And I’m giving party for this So you must come Is there any arrangement for whisky or not? Can I note down? It’ll be arranged for you – In orange Yes, I know. I’ll mix it with orange as usual You’d never change. Yes, of course I’ll reach there on time. Ok? Bye! PA, note down. In the evening we’ll go to Kumar sir’s party Hello! – Hello! Hi – Hello. – Hello Hello Hi, there! – Hi! How are you? – Fine, thank you Anand! – Yes, daddy! – Come here Excuse me! – It’s alright Dr. Sengupta, here’s your student and gold medalist He’s a brilliant doctor – Thank you very much He has completed internship from your hospital What are you future plan about him now? I wish to make a nice hospital for him I’ve given application to the government for plot It’ll be passed. PA, not this down – Thank you The moment is get a plot I’ll import

the latest equipments for the hospital You’ll also get import licence Note this down too But tell me something, Kumar It’ll take a long time to import equipments and to build a hospital. Till then will he work with you at your clinic? He’ll work with me. Definitely But for few days I’m sending him to Dr. Rehman Do you remember he was our classmate? Yes, that reminds. That mad Rehman – Yes, that mad I’ve heard that he has found a local treatment for Asthma I’m sending Anand to buy that formula I see, you’ll buy the formula and manufacture it This way you’ll make more money. Very good! Note this down. No.. Let it be Medicine is my business – But Rehman was a brilliant doctor He had also taken many degrees from America and England Where’s he nowadays? – He’s practising very far somewhere in a small village Has opened a small hospital And while serving poor people he has also become poor He’s mad What do you think of yourself? What do you think? You’ve passed your entire life on my finger’s instruction in my young age And now at the old age you’re harassing me? You won’t understand so easily You won’t listen to me Now I’ll separate each parts of yours Wait and watch I do with you Today doctor is very angry it seems I hope everything is alright Can an anger and alright stay together? 20 villages’ health problems and complaints And Dr. Rehman alone. Now his health is also started affecting. After all he’s a heart patient It’s been a month that he gave the newspaper in news I mean ad in the newspaper stating that a new doctor is required. But there’s not a single post card from any doctor Who’d come to this village leaving comforts of the city? I know. Still every morning, doctor says that you just watch. A new doctor will definitely come here once He’ll have a heart like us Mechanic! I want to meet Dr. Rehman Where will I get them? You want to meet Dr. Rehman? Ok I’m Dr. Rehman I’m sorry, doctor. I’m extremely sorry. But you It’s good that I didn’t have a knife in my hand Otherwise you’d have called me butcher Before I cross my limit What’s your name? I’ve come from city. I’m Dr. Anand Dr. Anand?! You’ve come from city? I understood. Dr. Anand has come from city Ramdayal! Dr. Anand has come from city Come on. Hurry up Chowdhry! Chief! Priest! Please come Doctor is calling us – Please come here fast After many day’s waiting A doctor has come Look at him Dr. Anand has come from city Long live, my child! May God bless you! Very good! Our doctor is handsome and young Doctor, you please don’t go anywhere I’ll bring hot ‘Jalebi’ and ‘Rossogolla’ for you Doctor, we’ll serve you the best here You don’t know you’ve relieved our doctor so much by coming here Long live! Doctor, you’re misunderstanding I’m not eligible for so much respect How decent! You’ve come from city just for us And do not call yourself eligible for this respect? Arrange for his accommodation in the opposite house Go.. please take him there – Listen to me What are you doing? Doctor! Listen to me! Wait! You please listen to me I’m not the one that you’re thinking I’m the one that you’re not considering me Ramdayal, take his luggage – Ok, sir Good morning, Doctor! – Good morning, Anand! – Greeting! Greeting! Let me please – Oh! Thank you May God give you the best! I want to talk with you something very important Yes, ok. Let’s do this I’m going on rounds You also accompany me We’ll talk on the way But – Come.. – Doctor! – Thank you So what you were saying? – I was saying that Doctor, I’m dead – What happened? I can’t take this bitter medicine – Oh, I see Then you do something. before taking the medicine

eat two Rossogolla’s and after taking the medicine eat two ‘Jalebis’. Ok? You’re great, doctor – Where are you going? Idiot! How many times I’ve told you you’ve diabetes Sugar is a poison for you You don’t listen to me Wait! I’ll explain you. Ramdayal! – Yes, doctor Come here – Give him the bitterest medicine of our dispensary No, doctor. I’ll take this medicine Come, you’ll eat ‘Jalebi’? – I’ll drink this medicine Ok, so what you were saying? – Actually Mrs. Shanti! – Yes, doctor. – Bring the box Your garbage has spread here in the lane. C’mon, fast Doctor, I threw it myself – You threw it yourself? But why? Because I don’t want – No? But why? – Yes, I don’t want Ok then I also don’t want So that this village can be safe from disease I’ve made a pit outside the village to throw the garbage If you can walk till there tell me I’ll take the box on my head and take it till there Ok, I made a mistake. I’ll take it What mistake? C’mon What were you saying? I was telling that.. – Bring the tea, Chunnu, Munnu, Gunnu’s mother Ok, I’m getting it – Mr. Mackhan. – Yes What’s happening? I’m taking light breakfast – Light breakfast? This egg, buns, sweets Light breakfast Ganga! – Yes – How many children do you have? Chunnu, Munnu and Gunu total three Three – Yes Ok then arrange for an orphanage soon What are you saying, doctor? – I mean to say There’ll be a blast one day And his stomach will burst I’m telling him to reduce the weight and he’s taking this breakfast Idiot! – I stop him so much but he never listens to me He doesn’t listen to you? – No. – Fine, let him die And the day he’ll die We’ll keep a big stack of logs outside the village You’d hold one leg and I’ll hold one We’ll drag him and fire him I’m sorry, doctor. Now I won’t eat so much Sorry. Don’t let him eat anything People eat for living. And he lives for eating. Idiot! So, what you were saying? – Actually Doctor! Shankar’s mother is serious She’s breathing heavily Please come soon C’mon, let’s go – Please come Come So what you were telling me? What I wanted to say? I don’t want to say anything I want to go to my room I’m going, sir Boy is really nice. But he speaks very less Doctor, you’re misunderstanding I’m not so innocent or foolish as I’m seen You think I’ve come here to work with you in this small clinic I’m son of famous Dr. Kumar Daddy had sent me here for Asthma’s formula You write letter to my daddy and tell him yourself how much will you charge for that formula. I’m going Thank you. Anand Doctor, What happened? -Tablet – Ok Doctor, from how long you’ve this heart problem? From many years But now it seems it won’t accompany me longer What are you saying? – Don’t worry. I won’t die so soon

Who has time to die? If I’ll die what will happen to these villagers? You’re very strange! Are you thinking about the villagers at this stage? Why not? They are my children My sons I scold them a lot I also insult them But the fact is that I love them a lot But you should also take care of your health? I can see that you work for 16 hours This way – Now I won’t do, my child Now you’ve come. So you’ll work and I’d take rest You don’t know how content I’m with your arrival These villagers needed you a lot God bless you, my son! Good night! – Good night! Sony. My heart beat When will you return from town? When will you settle with me? Sony, when will you wear Natthulal’s nose ring? Or it will go waste Natthulal! – Who? Natthulal! – What? Sony has come! Sony has come! – Sony has come! Sony has come! – Sony has come! My Sony has come! Sony has come! Sony has come? – Sony has come back from the city These shameless has come again to spoil everybody’s happiness? But who’s she with whose arrival a storm has come to the entire village? She’s a beautiful girl Her name is Sony She’s a sharp knife Every month she goes to the city for a change But she returns with bundles of notes But what does she do? – She’s a prostitute! – Ok Nobody calls her by name Some calls her wander and some prostitute Ramdayal! – I don’t say this, sir This is villager’s opinion But she makes a mind-blowing entry with smile and dance “Each style of me is worth million..” “Each style of me is worth million..” “The world is crazy after me.” “So be happy, everybody that Sony..” “Sony has come to the village.” “Each style of me is worth million..” “The world is crazy after me.” “So be happy, everybody that Sony..” “..has come to the village.” “I’m discussed at each pedestal “..I’m famous everywhere.” “I’m in demand amongst class people.” “No matter I’m disrepute..” “So what thousands of charges are applied to me..” “I never raid anywhere.” “I never raid anywhere I blast with my sight..” “So be happy, everybody that Sony..” “Sony has come to the village.” “Each style of me is worth million..”

“The world is crazy after me.” “So be happy, everybody.. Sony has come to the village.” “My beauty takes over everybody’s heart here.” “Rain also showers heavily watching me.” “I’m the dream of bachelors.” “I’m the dream of bachelors.” “I’m many people’s life.” “My eyes are sharp on this fair face.” “My eyes are sharp on this fair face. I do that I like.” “So be happy, everybody that Sony..” “Sony has come to the village.” “Each style of me is worth million..” “The world is crazy after me.” “So be happy, everybody.. Sony has come to the village.” So many people for my welcome? Is everything alright, chief? Sony, we won’t let you stay in this village. Go back What are you saying? Where will I go leaving such a nice village? I’ll stay here only With you – Decent people stay here, Sony Characterless girls like you can’t stay here Oh, this is the case? I’ll see who stops me Who threw this stone? What are you doing? Are you throwing stones at a girl? This is very bad – in presence of you Are you throwing stones at a girl? C’mon, let’s go Please bring the medicine – Ok, sir They aren’t ashamed of this I hope you’re not much hurt Sir! you’re new to this village it seems Yes, I’m Dr. Anand – I’m Sony I know everything about you Still you’re giving me treatment? I’m a doctor. This is my duty – Oh! – What happened? Is it paining more? – No Sony has gone crazy on this style of yours Thank you! You please sit there – Where? – Here. – Ok Bring it soon. Why did you take so long? Doctor! Actually, Sony pays off her balance very calculative But I offer my life for you. That too free of cost Thank you! Actually.. what do you call it? Yes, information For your information I’m a decent man. – Really, sir? Then Sony has gone completely mad after you Control! Sit down C’mon I’m gone! You get vomiting sensation? Feel like eating sour things So you’ve prepared for the fifth child Shameless. Aren’t you ashamed? You’d never change. When your wife was serious at the time of her fourth delivery you had promised me you won’t do this again And now within a three months you’ve brought her to me for the fifth child? I’ll kill you I’m sorry – What sorry Greeting, doctor! – Greeting! Come, Sony. How are you? Very fine – What are you looking at there? Let’s go home How did you get this wound on your head? This? You know how much villagers love me They welcomed me in such a grand way that I got little injured in pushing around This time you took a long in the city? What to say, doctor? I’ve so many fans there that they won’t let me come

I tell you something, doctor? This new doctor of yours a handsome doctor. He is in risk What sort of risk? Now look, all the youngsters of the village has gone outstation. Very few are left now. Like this Ramdayal In such situation such handsome doctor has come to our village. Now will any girl let go off him? Look, I – But you don’t worry Nobody will dare to stare at you except me. – Doctor! She’s too much – What’s that? Why are you behind him? Come, I’ll bandage you No, why do you take pain? – Shall I do it? What will you bandage me? Have you ever seen yourself in the mirror? Tortoise The one who bandaged me first will only do it again I won’t do it – She won’t let go off you so easily You only do it. I’ll go and check Shankar Sit down Don’t move so much Your wound is healed. Now no need of a bandage The physical wound is healed Won’t you treat the internal injuries? Are you injured anywhere else? Yes – Where? What are you doing? – Are you afraid? Are you leaving or want me to call doctor? Fine, I’m leaving. But remember something Now you can’t escape from me Someday you’ll meet me in private My God! She’s too dangerous The village’s dirt has come Do it fast. I also want to get the water Keep away – What did you say? One should keep away from the dirty woman’s shadow Am I a dirty woman? – What else? Don’t you do the prostitute business in the city? That’s why you get so nice dresses to wear? Why are you jealous of me? You can also put it on Did I refuse you? – Go away. Don’t argue Characterless! Rascal! – What? Are you abusing me? What are you doing? What do you think of yourself? Sony, let go off them. Sony! Take this – What are you doing? – Take this too Sony! What are you doing? What’s all this? She’s abusing And when we stopped her she started fighting What are these activities? You keep fighting with people Look at yourself Why? What’s wrong in my appearance? Aren’t you ashamed? You don’t even take a drape Cover yourself with drape like decent girls. Understood? Did you see, Ramdayal? Doctor rebuked me So what’s so good in that? Stupid, when somebody considers you his own only then he rebukes Drape on my head? I understood! I understood! Very good! If I knew that rebuking can please a girl I would have broken each girl’s head Are you out of your mind? – Now It’s corrected Look at her. What a style! She’s amazing! Wonderful Look at her dramas Pretending to be innocent after making crime Hello, doctor! – Hello! How are you? – Fine Do you have cough? – Yes. – I’ll give you medicine Doctor! – Yes – Your words have really affected me Which words? – You don’t remember? No Uncle! You come at this time tomorrow – Ok, fine Doctor! Tell me can’t you notice any changes in me? Yes, I can Your talking style has slow down very much That’s it? – Yes. That’s it – That’s it? – Yes

It’s ok. It’s not your fault. I was mad Why your talking style changed again? This is the right style of talking I wanted to become decent But there’s no use Hello, Doctor! – What happened? What could have happened? I had lost my senses that I covered myself to please this sir The entire village noticed it except him Very strange girl Yes, it seems she has fallen in love with you With me? Then what should I do now? When you have to face such situation So what we should do? You must get marry – I’ll just come What did you say? Sony has come back? – Yes, sir I sent so many invitations to her. But she’s not coming She’s a pot of butter Tell her that I’ve called her I’ll go and tell her tomorrow in the early morning. – Ok Sony! Sony, come here. Listen to me – What’s it? Come with me – Where? – Landlord has called you I don’t have time – Then take the overtime Sony does things with her will And as it is nowadays Sony is crazy after the new doctor You’ll recover in two days Doctor! A snake has bitten Sony – Where’s she? Come with me – Ramdayal, bring my bag. – Ok And you come day after tomorrow – Come, sir My heart is restless The spring season has come Jamura and doctor? Who’s sick? Ramdayal, doctor is ahead and compounder at his back Have the fields fallen sick? Sony has bitten snake – Sony has bitten snake? Then it must have died by now No, I’m sorry. Snake has bitten Sony Snake has bitten Sony? What will happen to me? C’mon, compounder! My life will become ruins If anything will happen to my Sony I’ll bite all the snakes in this world “If snake bites me..” “Still I would survive..” “Give me a smile. I would die at the same place.” “By swear of God!” “By swear of God! I’ve fallen in love you.” “O sir, I mean it I really mean it.” “This heart has gone crazy after your love.” “I mean it. I really mean it.” “I really mean it.” “Which type of doctor you’re..” “..that you don’t know my treatment.” “Which type of doctor you’re..” “..that you don’t know my treatment.”

“With one loving touch of yours all my pain would go off.” “With one loving touch of yours all my pain would go off.” “I’ve seen you so many times..” “..that you’ve become dear to me.” “I mean it. I really mean it.” “I really mean it.” “By swear of God!” “By swear of God! I’ve fallen in love you.” “O sir, I mean it I really mean it.” “Look, you please do me a favour.” “Look, you please do me a favour.” “Give me this heart of yours.” “Give me this heart of yours.” “I’ll die if you refuse..” “I mean it. I really mean it.” “I really mean it.” “By swear of God!” “By swear of God! I’ve fallen in love you.” “O sir, I mean it I really mean it.” “This heart has gone crazy after your love.” “I mean it. I really mean it.” “I really mean it.” “I really mean it.” “I really mean it.” “I really mean it.” I really mean it. I really mean it – Sony! You? – Yes. Me How come you came here? Wherever you’re, I’m there Please put on this nose ring of Natthulal Oh, I see. Let’s go the farm then – Farm! Farm! Farm! Sony! Sony! Farm! Landlord, You? – I sent so man invitations to you But you didn’t come once So I thought let’s go and meet you What was the urgency to meet Sony? The problem is that I’m crazy after you Now you also will remain happy if you yourself come into my hug Otherwise? – We’ll take you forcefully. – I see Landlord, I’m not the dumb that I’ll silently tolerate your tyrannize. I’m Sony I’m number one defamed girl If you dare to touch me I’ll make you visit the police station and court Also remember something If I’ll lodge compliant against you You’d go behind the bars What are you waiting for? Take her to the mansion No. I’m crazy after this style of hers I enjoy hunting when it’s difficult to capture I’m giving you on credit from the day your son has expired But you’ve not paid a single rupee yet If I’ll keep giving on credit My shop will get close one day Go away now Lala! What’s the matter? Why are you so angry? What else I can do? You tell me what do you want? You’re the only one who gives cash in this village rest of all just takes on credit Ok then give me 15 days grocery Take this cash Ramu uncle! Ramu uncle. I’ve brought some grocery and food for you. I’ve made it myself. Take this Get lost from here So what if we’re poor

We’ve our reputation We’ll die with hunger But won’t take the food from your sinful income But aunty Get lost! Do take the injection tomorrow I don’t have money, doctor – Never mind I’ve brought this corn flour for you – Corn flour? I love this And now our account is clear. – Ok Take the injection without fail – Ok If it’s possible for me I’ll shoot them all I’d fire the entire village. Disloyal – What happened? Why you’re so much angry today? The matter is such There’s no use of kindness now But what has happened? You know that old man and his wife living in one corner of the village? Yes, that Ramu and his wife? – Yes, they only I don’t know what came to my mind that I went there with grocery – Then? Then what? they have insulted me so much They said we’d die with hunger but won’t take your money Am I so bad that nobody eats the food made with my hands? No, Sony, a nice girl is there in you No, you’re very nice That you’re consoling me Will you do me a favour? – Why not? Ramu and his wife are very poor Please give them these money from your side Don’t take my name. Otherwise they won’t take it Ok, I’ll take your leave now. Thank you Sony! – Yes. – Tell me something These villagers hate you so much And talks what not about you However when you come back from city you help some or the other person. Why? I don’t do this for them I’m doing it to please the God above Perhaps He’d grace me one day Strange girl! She earns from sinful activity and spends after noble work What are you doing? – Why are you avoiding me? I’m not a disease – You’re dangerous than that Then do the treatment. After all you’re a doctor Keep away and talk. Are you flirting finding me alone? Aren’t you ashamed? – What difference does it makes? If you say I can flirt with you coming with a big procession at your door Don’t boast so much You’re not so daring girl Is it? Then you don’t know Sony You just watch tomorrow Joking. She can’t do that She can do that No, she can’t do that “O groom, look, your bride has come with a procession.” “O groom, look, your bride has come with a procession.” “Along with a band party C’mon, play the band..” “The procession has come along with a band party.” “O groom, look, your bride has come with a procession.” “The procession has come along with a band party.” “O groom, look, your bride has come with a procession.” “I’m a spinster girl I’m need of a man.”

“Accept me, my dear I need you very much.” “Being a mother of your children..” “..I’ll make you a father.” “We two and our two I need a small family.” “Today is our marriage.” “Today is our marriage and engagement both.” “O groom, look, your bride has come with a procession.” “The procession has come along with a band party.” “O groom, look, your bride has come with a procession.” “Come out, I’ll put on a crown on our head.” I’m proud of you “I’ll marry you and take you to my home.” “You’ll go by the ‘dolly’ and I’ll come on the horse.” “What you say in English..” “..we’ll celebrate that Honeymoon.” “Look at this bachelor boy..” “Look at this bachelor boy, he’s feeling shy..” “O groom, look, your bride has come with a procession.” “Along with a band party..” Stop it! Doctor! – Get lost! Why are you after me? Then where should I go? – Go to hell You’re.. what do you say? Yes, defame You’re already defamed and now want me to defame in the village Listen to me, Doctor. Please listen! I don’t want to listen to you but you listen to me Don’t ever try to meet me without any reason Of course I’ll have reasons – Why? After all I’m your patient Sony! – O God! Chief! Run! What’s all this? Get lost from here? Run! What’s all this, Ramdayal? – The village court is gathered Today Sony is the accuser – Sony? – Yes You go inside.. c’mon Sony, we’re tired of your activities Now we can’t tolerate your naughtiness anymore Why not drive you out from the village? But what’s my fault? What have I done? What have you done? You’re characterless. – Notorious! You’re shameless! – You’re a prostitute You’ve given me so many awards You must have proof I mean any witness Is there anybody to prove this charges correct? If there’s anybody please come forward There’s no body When there’s nobody how will they come? I’ll give you the proof. Every month you go to the city and bring bundles of notes with you Is it a crime to go to the city and earn money? Not at all. – Chief, you also go to the city and bring money And you? You don’t go to the city and earn money?

And priest, you also go to the city every 15 days. Why? If it’s a crime to go the city and earn money then make them stand along with me. Because they also do this crime But we’ve farm, grain. Our business We go to sell our goods You don’t have the farm or grain What do you sell there? What do you sell there that you bring so many notes? Answer me – I can give this answer but that will make you ashamed here Because these villagers can’t even give simple respectable life to their village’s girl That’s why she had to go to the city I’ve one witness but you must pardon him What are you thinking, chief? I permit you Declare the pardon. Let me see who’s that man? I’ve heard many timed from Zura that he has affair with Sony Tell me is it true? – You’ll get the proof right now Zura had come to Sony at night to spoil her chastity But do you know what had happened? Look at this. Sony’s knife’s wound is still there on his chest Whatever it is. we can’t allow you to stay in this village When we don’t want you here Why don’t you get lost? I’ll never go from this village Because it’s my forefather’s land And you don’t own this village alone. Is that clear? And now please let me take your leave Because my time is very important Now let me take your leave too – Ok Breathe! Now you’re fine. You can go to school from tomorrow. Ok? Why have you come? – I didn’t come to meet you I’ve come to meet the real doctor. Where’s he? He has gone out. What do you want? Nobody comes to you with his own will I’ve some problem and that’s why I’ve come Look! if you really have some problem then I’m here But.. what’s not allowed? Yes, no more smartness ok? – Ok What’s the problem? I’ve got a boil. Give me some ointment Show me where’s it? – Shall I show you? – Yes, show me Here only? – If not here then Show me now – Ok, why to hide anything from doctor? Let’s show you What are you doing? Keep it down – What happened? You only had told me – I had told you to show me a boil And not to take out your cloth But the boil is on my back – You’re lying. There’s no boil No, Doctor! Sony can lie to anybody but not with you You don’t believe me? Then see it yourself Stop your rubbish. Villagers are right You’re very shameless, characterless girl. I know This is the problem Everybody thinks that they know but nobody knows Sony! Why she was crying? Doctor, you’ve given her much freedom Daily she comes with some excuses to misbehave Today she came with the excuse of a boil. And was going to do such thing that no girl would ever do No. This is not an excuse She really has the boil Many times she has taken away ointment from me What? I’m sorry. I insulted her a lot You’re not the only one. The entire village insults her However she tolerates everything with smile, or by signing or by fighting Then why she behaves like that? If you’d know her entire story you may not blame her This characterless girl was an innocent girl of the village some time Her father had fixed her marriage Right on the day of her marriage

Sony, you’ll get marry there and I’ll commit suicide here Don’t you dare! Nobody will move from his place Mangalsingh, don’t take my revenge with my daughter I had also told you not to witness against my brother in the court But I had spoken truth in the court Then take this reward of that truth Sony! Sony! Sony! Somebody please help her Dharma, take care of your Sony We’ve killed all the gang of Mangalsingh and could release her – You’ve spent the entire night with the robbers and lost your Chastity Now you’re not eligible to come to our family Get lost from here No, this is wrong. My Chastity is still unspoiled You’re lying. You’ve spent a night with robbers And they didn’t play with your chastity? No, this is wrong. You can ask this to Mangalsingh Tell me, Mangalsingh? Is Sony pure? My brother was hanged onto noose because of her father My gang is finished because of her And what could be my punishment other than sentenced to death? They why not ruin the reason of our destruction by speaking a lie? Tell me Mangalsingh Why are you silent? The truth is that all the three accomplices of mine have raped her entire night No, this is wrong This is a mere lie I’m like your daughter. Believe me Accept me as your daughter in law and give me place in your family. I beg of you My father is also no more now. Where will I go? Now your place is not in my house but in a market Get lost from here. I said leave You? Why have you come here? Why a thirsty comes to the well, my dear? To satisfy his thirst Come in my hug I’ll give you lots of money Already robbers have played with your chastity Now what difference does it makes? And I’m not worst than a robber So what if I’m not your husband I can become your lover – Let go off me. Leave me Come, my Sony Look, I’m a reputed girl of this village Please let go off me. I beg of you Why you need to beg? You come into my hug Let go off me. Otherwise I’ll shout and gather everybody Where will people hear your voice at mid night? Help! Help! – Sony! What happened, Sony? Open the door What happened? Why where you shouting? He had come to rape me – Who? Dharma Patel’s son You’re putting a wrong charge on my son Chief, I’m not lying He had come to rape me Darshan, tell me the truth Chief, I was passing by from her house She called me inside and locked the door And she said, will you marry me or not? – I refused She said fine, then give me 200 rupees I said I don’t have money So, she said if you won’t give me money I’ll shout and defame you in the village And she started shouting Help! Help! I was so scared. I jumped from the window and ran away Did you listen to this? She has already lost her chastity Now she’s spoiling our decent boys Dharma is right, chief Sony has found a new way to make money If such girl will be there in our village our life would be difficult Sony is notorious Drive her out from here You’re shameless – You’re characterless Chief, she’s not so bad – This is courts matter It’s better that you don’t interfere Sony, this village’s decision is that you must leave

the village. Go away from here – Yes After that an innocent Sony became like this Shameless! Characterless! Sony! You’ve met on right time – What’s the matter? Today you’re alone Where are your men? When we’ve met talk about love and not men Talk about love? Take these ten thousand rupees and come to the mansion Only 10000? – Take 20000. Now let’s go If you’d please me I’ll shower money on you I know you can snatch a dry chapatti from poor’s mouth Bu shower notes at the dancer’s anklet You’re not even ashamed – You can decide your value Tell me how much you want? Yes, you have lots of illegal money But as of now I’m not in need of money When I’ll need I’ll come to you myself Hello, doctor! – Hello, Sony. Please come Doctor, I’m confused about your younger doctor How? – Now look When I pass by the streets or market people’s heart beat increases But he’s not even ready to look at me I think he doesn’t have a heart No, he has a heart He has. Now see You’re a fighter girl in this village. Right? – Yes You also argue a lot? Right? – Yes You’re a defamed girl in this village? Right? – Yes Now any gentleman won’t raise his hand towards such girl – You’re right But the problem is that he has win over my heart. Now? If you want to win over his heart you must change yourself Yes – You must change your behaviour Even if I stop all this villagers will always hate me They have enmity with me from many lives Look, you do something You convince chief anyhow Not at all. He gets reddish with the sight of me No, he’s very kind and decent man You do something Go to him in the early morning And bow at his feet. And till he won’t forgive you don’t get up from his feet If chief will forgive you that means the entire village has forgiven you And then Anand also can’t save himself Really? – Yes Take out the bag, Ramdayal Ramdayal Such a big car in our village? Did you recognise me, Rehman? Dr. Kumar! – Right! So many years have passed.. 10, 12, 15.. it’s 20 years You’re still looking very good old man How are you? – You’re also very strange! You’ve got so many degrees from abroad Europe, America. And practising in this small village? How is your income? How much do you earn? Money? Somebody gives the flour and somebody grain and somebody rice

And some people only says thank you But life is passing – Understood Flour, grain, raw houses Dirty lanes You’ve earned only this in 20 years Or perhaps you want to make this my son’s future Your son? – Anand is my son He didn’t tell me – I’ll tell you. I had sent him to you for business. And from many days he didn’t return home You’ve instigated him and mislead Mislead? What are you saying? He’s a matured man. Let him decide his future on his own I’ll decide his future I’ve brought him up I’ve spent money after his education I don’t have any right to him? I feel pity on your condition You’ve obtained so many degrees You’ve got so much experience And spoiled everything? What you could become and what have you become Dr. there are some crazy people in this world who thinks of walking on God’s direction Don’t disturb those crazy people You do your work and let them do their own Rehman You’ve right to spoil your life and you’ve done it But I can’t let my son walk on your path Do you call this a clinic? Broken and damaged If you want to see a clinic, come with me You’ll be amazed. You’ll know what’s clinic And how the treatments are given I’m constructing a building worth billions just for Anand’s hospital Machineries are importing from America worth millions Many specialists are ready to work with him Dr. Rehman, revolution has come in he medicinal world The world has reached where And you’re still breathing in stone age Is this the way to give the treatment in this generation? Ok then you make such an equipped clinic here Bring those machines and fit here For these villagers? Why? Because they are not capable of paying heavy bills and fees. They should be left to die with pain? Don’t be stupid Everybody gets the treatment according to his status and pocket Doctor sees the patient’s disease and not his pocket And who gave you right to differentiate the humans? And why do you want to make this doctor’s profession your business? Because one need to spend millions of rupees to be a doctor and to build a hospital If there’s no income then what’s the use of this business? If you wanted to do a business you could have opened a textile mill Or opened a sugar factory or paper mill? Why medicine? Why? Because medicine is also a business But you won’t understand When the person has spent the best years of his life between cattle what will he understand about the new world and it’s progress? You’re a total failure, Rehman You’re an unsuccessful, defeated person I’m sorry for you I’m taking away my son from here Wait, doctor! Dr. Kumar! According to you only money is the measurement of victory and defeat But you don’t know a single tear of thanks dropped from poor’s eye gives such satisfaction to heart that your big bank balance or full safe’s also can’t give it You’ve said it very nice Still, I’m taking away my son from here Chief! Greeting! – Greeting! Wait a minute. Today you must listen to me Take this. Sweets for you – Sweets? What’s the matter? Please forgive me. I’m very sorry I beg of you, please forgive me What are you doing? Please leave me Give me once chance. I promise you I’ll become so decent – Sony! – Who’s there? Anand Sir has gone back to city What? – His father had come and took him back forcefully Hello! Hello! Hello! You’ve come on right time – Is it? PA, note this down People love to be punctual Minister, nowadays you’re very much in the centre of the news – What? – Yes Note this too. It’s not good to be centre of topic Hello! – Hello! Nowadays you’re seen in all the parties – All the parties? Note this down too Stop going to all the parties Will go in special parties Hello! Minister! – Note this too. No, this is a hello!

Hello! – What are you noting down? I’m noting down people’s opinion Good news. I’ve brought Anand back Very good. – I’m thinking of making a unique hospital for him Nice – Anand, please come here Yes – Meet uncle Hello! – I wish you too to become a big doctor like your father – Oh sure! Whisky? Mixed with orange – Shall I make him note? – No. Not this That was a real joke – Sir, a poor girl has come She wants to meet you I’ve stopped her out Ok, I’ll see. Excuse me Sony! – Sir! – What a pleasant surprise When did you come? But why did you come here? I took your address from doctor and came here directly – Why? Did you come back without meeting your life partner? What? – What do you think? Will I leave you so easily? Look, this joke of yours won’t work here My daddy is not soft hearted like me He’s very angry natured – Really? Then introduce me Sony! Don’t you dare? Don’t go inside Why? What’s wrong in that? One day I’ll also come to this house being a daughter in law? – My foot! Look, how many times I’ve told you that I can’t even Yes.. I can’t even think about it And I also have explained you so many times that I’ll only marry you – Oh, I see So, do I have any right to say something in this one sided decision of yours? Why not? – I’ve decided that marriage will accomplish Now you decide when and where it’ll take place So, I’ll take the decision right now – Right now? – Yes Really? – Yes Listen to me – I’ll complaint to the police. – But why? “My friend, you’re insincere however you’re my life.” “My friend, you’re insincere however you’re my life.” “Hug me.. after all I’m your guest.” “My friend..” “I’m the heart patient and used to bring the medicine for it.” “But it says a heart is the only medicine for heart.” “I’m the heart patient and used to bring the medicine for it.” “But it says a heart is the only medicine for heart.” “A heart is the only medicine for heart.” “Don’t feel shy.. hold my hand You must love me one day.” “My friend, you’re insincere however you’re my life.” “Hug me.. after all I’m your guest.” “My friend..” “I request to the government to make a new law.”

“Those who don’t fall in love must be sentenced to death.” “I request to the government to make a new law.” “Those who don’t fall in love must be sentenced to death.” “Must be sentenced to death “It’s better for you that you listen to me.” “I won’t let go off you. Mind well..” “My friend, you’re insincere however you’re my life.” “Hug me.. after all I’m your guest.” “My friend..” Where are you taking me, sir? – At the village To let go off from you It seems an accident has taken place – Yes My husband is seriously injured in an accident Please help me take him to the hospital I’ll never forget your obligation Please I’ll see Don’t worry. Mr. Anand is a doctor Look, there’s a bleeding inside Internal hemorrhage Liver is fractured. I must do immediate operation to stop it Operation? Oh no! Please take him to the hospital soon Hospital is 20 Km away from here And he doesn’t have so much time I must do this operation right now Operation? Here? At this place? Look, it’s an emergency Don’t worry It’s a very small operation To stop the blood No, I won’t let you take this chance I’m a doctor. I’m a surgeon I know better than you We have very less time If bleeding won’t stop it’ll be difficult to save his life – No You please don’t worry Have courage Madam I’m sorry I couldn’t save your husband What’s this foolishness? A person who was about to die.. you operated him? And that too on the road? Where were you? In that dancer whom you had snatched away from here? Excuse me, sir! – Yes What did queen say? Sir, she’s not ready to compromise You could have offered her anything 0.5 million. 1 million.. any amount I had offered her, sir – Then? But she says the question is not about the money It’s about the principles Only courts decision can give her peace of mind Serve the world Why did you need to operate that man? You should have passed by from there You should have let him die there Daddy, I’m a doctor How could I leave an injured person at the road side to die and pass by? Think about this I’m thinking your emotional nature will be so costly for us? You’ll be directly put in charge of murder Death is final, Your Honour Everybody has to die one day But when the death occurs because of somebody’s irresponsibility and negligence it’s called a murder It’s considered a dreadful incidence This person is responsible for one such dreadful incidence whose profession is to save human life But when the protector himself becomes devilish we can’t call it an incidence

It’s called a cold-blooded murder And one such murder has been done on road And the murderer is present in front of you Is it true that my client mighty queen had refused you to operate her late husband? Injured’s situation was critical and being a doctor I had to do something I can’t leave him there to die But instead of experimenting on him you could have also made him reach to the hospital Hospital was 20 Km from that place If I would have tried to take him to the hospital he could have died on the way According to the post-mortem report injured died with loss of blood I mean with heavy bleeding It’s natural that this loss of blood was because of his operation. Because his hands are still not experienced to conduct the operation So this death occurred because of his negligence That was the result of his wrong operation Loss of blood was the result of the wound in his liver which I was trying to stop through the operation Your honour, It’s not even few months that he has started practising and he considered himself authority Now I would like to present My unfortunate client mighty queen Padminidevi who’s as good as dead Queen, I know you’re very sad at this moment However it’s necessary that you describe that dreadful incident to the court Each small child of this city knows my family and my unfortunate husband All the expert doctors were his friends I was sure that if he would have reached to the hospital his life could be saved But he neither considered his critical situation nor did he listen to my refusal I begged at him But he didn’t listen to me He started operating him on the road As if my husband was not a human but an animal Yes, Your honour. Any expert doctor do not operate without closed relatives permission and signature But he did it. And he killed him He’s not a doctor He’s a murderer He’s a butcher. Take away his degree. Hang him onto noose So that no other would become his hunt again Queen, you may go Your honour, Accuser seems to be a totally irresponsible inexperienced, stubborn and whimsical Who took the admission in medical college on the basis of money and contacts of his rich and well known father and could obtain a degree Such inexperienced youngster is not only dangerous for the society but also for the humanity When the lamps of worship starts burning our hands you must put them out or keep them out of the temple Doctor’s profession is also very pure Whoever try to spoil it’s purity we must end him So I request to the court that such murderer must be charged under section 302 and sentenced him to death Doctor! – You honor Before court takes any decision I would like to say something with respect to this case Your introduction? – I’m Dr. Rehman I’ve passed MBBS 25 years before I obtained medical degrees from America, Germany and England I’m an honorary fellow of France and Vienna’s medical universities And from many years I’m doing a private practise in a small village What do you want to say? Your honour, since this case is concerned with the medical ethics and doctor’s profession so being a doctor I want your permission to say something regarding this incident Any objection, Mr. Mathur? – No. I don’t have any objection

Thank you Your honour, each moment of doctor’s life is a test At every steps they face such situations when he had to take an immediate decision for human’s life on which a patient’s life and death depends In such situation he neither can take anybody’s opinion nor do he has so much time to read this big books of law He just has only one thought in his mind that how to fight the death How to save his life? How to save a human life? If we doctor’s will be bonded to law’s limitations And if the hands to fight with human’s life will be tied with the strings of law And if we force him to think that in which code of law he falls then believe me, Your Honour All these revolution in medical science will be useless These are the puzzles of law because of which the injured in accidents are left lying on road People get afraid to stop their car for injured Forget about helping them they also hesitate to drop few drops of water in his mouth If any kind person would help reach injured to the emergency ward of the hospital, the doctors present on duty avoids him They get scared of treating him with the fear of involving in legal formalities Because before giving the medicine law demands to complete its formalities And till the report is recorded with the ink the red ink of injured’s body comes to an end And he dies there This doctor, this man standing here as an accuser he made one mistake He just didn’t stop his car on the signal of a helpless woman but he also dared to help an injured according to his presence of mind and his caliber This decision is of him is wrong and irresponsible according to the law But, Your honour, apart from the law there’s also a humanity that matters If you take the decision keeping in mind the emotion of humanity then his decision was not just important but was right too But more than that it was an appreciative decision We should have honoured him with garlands and medals Instead of that we’ve called him whimsical irresponsible, stubborn and murderer in this court This man’s flaw is only this much that he did a doctor’s duty without any expectation or fees He has given an example of being a good citizen and humanity And Your Honour, humanity is always in every country either it’s hanged onto noose or shot dead He should also get the punishment of his crime Snatch away his degree and send him behind the bars Hang him onto noose so that next time any doctor would never dare to save any injured’s life met with an accident Rehman! Are you alright? Excuse me! Excuse me, Your Honour Anand! If they snatch away your degree never mind Never mind if they send you behind the bars But never let them snatch your emotion of humanity Never because of which you tried to save somebody’s life fighting with death Because this is the goal of human’s life Queen, I can understand your sorrows You say Dr. Anand murdered your husband But think over it He didn’t have any enmity with your husband He was just doing his duty But what are you doing? Do you want life in favour of life? You’re not a murderess You’re a human Then why you’re doing this? Why? Your Honour. Dr. Rehman’s arguments are emotional

But the crime that was done with anybody’s life can’t be washed off with tears of emotions Your honour, I can see everything very clearly with the eyes filled of tears I’m withdrawing my case Please forgive him Case is dismissed Thank you, Queen Thank you Daddy why don’t you understand me? We’ve made our profession a business By the name of hospitals a grand business houses have opened up That is laughing at the pure profession of doctors What rubbish is this? This is not a joke. Medicine is our business That’s why I’ve felt that I’m much more needed in that small hospital at village To which you name a stable I see. I can see you’re impressed by that mad Dr. Rehman -The person whom you call mad I’ve not seen anybody so matured like him His name may not be in big accounts of bank But is written on people’s heart that can never be erased I’ve learnt a true meaning of doctor from that mad old man So, I’m going to the village to follow his path Have you gone mad like him that you’re going to the village? Is there any life? – It’s much better than the one you’ve thought about me – I see Listen! You very well know my nature If you step out of this house You’d not hold any right to my wealth, business and on me I know. But I can’t change my decision Then go. But when you’ll be back without anything remember you’d not be allowed to enter in this house I’d never come back – And I also won’t call you back Damn that Dr. Rehman! Damn you! Government did this right that they opened a school in our village Yes, chief. this village really needed to have a school There he comes.. there he comes – What? Anand sir, Doctor has come – What? Doctor, Anand sir has come – Anand has come back? Anand sir has come back? – Anand has come back from the city? Where’s he? He’s coming towards the clinic Anand is coming? Let’s go C’mon. Priest, come.. Anand has returned from the city Anand has returned from the city Anand has come back? Doctor has come back Doctor, will I get a job in your clinic? Doctor! Shall I sweep the floor? – No, let it be. It’s very clean Look, I’ve lots of work. So you please go from here If there are any dirty cloths give me. I’ll wash it I’ve come just now. How can I have any dirty clothes? You please go – If any button is loosened I’ll stitch it No, nothing has loosened All are proper I’ll let you know when It’ll break Now you please go You must be tried Shall I apply oil in your hair and massage it? Go and apply oil in your hair at your home Suggest me some work – Shall I? – Yes I’ve only one work. You better disappear from here You mean I should go? – I mean you please go Ok, I’m going Think it again. – I can’t think of anything when you’re here Shall I go? Which language do you understand? I’m telling you to go from last one hour. Please go

Do you really want me to go? Go? – I was going Shall I tell you something? – What? It’s very old but very suitable You look very handsome when angry O God! You made all the lakes in the world full of water What of you’d have made one with liquor? We drinkers would have swam in it and jumped Sony! Sony! Sony! My heart beat – Natthulal-ji! Where had you gone? – I had gone to my lord But there’s nobody with this name in our village? Not a man, stupid This stupid sounds so nice from your mouth Say it once more – Stupid! – Stupid! Ok, listen! – Tell me – I had gone to my lord Okay. – I thought let’s help him in his house and serve him Then did you service him? – How can I? He’s not giving me any chance He’s a stone Then offer a Prasad to the stone and melt him You’ve a point – Isn’t it? Then listen! When that stone will melt tell him is Sony destined in this nose ring and my future? Sony has left? I’m ruined Look at the condition of your fan? Ami moving or this sky? No, I’m moving Sir! why do you need to cook when I’m there? If I won’t cook what will I eat? I’ve cooked it myself and brought it for you What have you brought? – Everything is there Please taste it. Come – I’ll wash my hands first Why do you need to wash hands? I’ll feed you with my hands I’m not a kid. I can eat myself You don’t seem so. But you can be What? – A Child Look, Sony – Yes. – I’m not an innocent I can understand everything Do you understand? – Yes But your buttering is useless here Your purpose won’t be solved here Any purpose can be solved Some takes time My purpose will also be solved one day And I’ve reached half way – What do you mean? Look. The problem is with our marriage, right? No, I’m agreed. Now if one is ready that means half the things are done And how long you won’t agree? You’ll marry me one day – How? I mean when iron can melt with heat can’t you melt with heat of love? – You What do you say? – Stubborn – Yes, you’re very stubborn Yes, I’m. But I was talking about your benefit Shall I tell you something? You’re very unlucky that you’re spending this bachelor’s life Marriage is very beneficial If you agree your life will be like a heaven You? You’re made of what? – From Indian sand Sir! Don’t forget about our marriage It seems she has used some black magic in food Sony, did you offer Prasad to your Lord? – Yes What did you lord say? – What will he say? He was already a stone from above and is also by heart Then let go off him Offer Prasad to me I’m soft from above as well as inside Sony, you please put on this nose ring I’ll take you to moon on a silver horse cart

Natthulal, you’re so innocent You’re so nice But tell me. Why do you drink so much? After drinking this I forget all my problems. – Really? – Yes Is it possible that we forget everything after drinking? Yes. Taste it. It’s made of orange Me? No.. you drink it today I’ll drink later. Ok? Sony loved me. It means she accepted me Sir! You don’t have any work? I’ve much work. But what to do? My attention is towards you only I tried to divert it but again it comes to here only – What should I do in that? – I’ve an idea Say idea! – That same. – What’s that? Get marry with me I mean till you don’t a girl of your choice at least till that time Look, Sony. – Are you ready? I’ll call the priest. – Sony! Yes. – Right now I’m, studying about the treatment of one patient So please oblige me and go from here – Let me stand here What if you’d need anything? I won’t say anything I’d stand quietly Look, you’ll stand here and will keep staring at me If you really want to stand go and stand outside Here? – No. Not here. Completely outside Completely outside And till I won’t call you stand there quietly. Ok? – Ok Come inside What are you doing? Have you gone mad? Why were you standing in the rain? You only had told me – What? What did I tell you? You said till I won’t call you stand there quietly You didn’t call me. So I stand there quietly I didn’t mean that, Sony – Then? If I tell you to jump in a well, will you do that? Yes, sure. Try it Look, Sony, we can never unite Our ways are different Then what’s the use of all this? Profit and loss is calculated in business I’ve just loved you There’s no destination of this path of love that you’ve taken I know. You can’t love me, right? Never mind Give me this much right that I can love you throughout my life Can’t you do this much for me? Today it seems this is very pure. It seems

the oranges are brought from Madras Sony! Sony! What’s this? Don’t drink.. don’t drink so much You’ll get intoxication – I’ll drink.. I’ll drink more No, don’t. This is not milk This is liquor This is liquor. What has happened? Why are you drinking? Natthulal! – Yes Did you tell me that you forget your problems after drinking? Yes, I forget it – Didn’t you? – Yes I also want to forget my problems What problems you’ve? – My train has derailed Your train has.. train has derailed? – Yes How is that happened? You know that elder doctor? – Yes. – I had told him.. – Yes I had told him – What? That I think your younger doctor is unusual He said no. It’s nothing like that. I asked him if there’s nothing such than why can’t he marry me? No.. he won’t – Let go of him No, I think there’s something unusual. I’m sure Of course it seems – Yes Sony, actually, this village’s doctors are not destined for marriage Now see the elder doctor didn’t get marry The younger doctor will also not get marry That’s why I didn’t become doctor You do something, Sony You get marry with me Then we’ll drink brandy will sleep in it Then we’ll celebrate honeymoon in English Natthulal! – Yes – Our younger doctor.. – Yes Our younger doctor – Yes. but I don’t know why he’s there. Yes – He has broken my heart Then what happened? My train derailed Derailed? – Yes. – Wait! Do something Put on this nose ring Your train will be back on track This is not eatable This has to be put on What should I do? I’m hungry – Ok, Then eat this gram And put on this nose-ring Want more? I’m also thirsty – Put on this nose ring. Quick My train has derailed – To hell with the track You sit in my bullock cart Put on this nose ring. – No I want a train. – Sit in a bullock cart – Train. – Bullock cart Train. – Bullock cart – Train. – Bullock cart Bullock cart – Train Sony, you sit in the love train and come to the love junction And put on this Natthulal’s nose ring What will happen then? – There’ll be a blast of love We’ll eat sweets. Put it on There our love wins Decorate the house Putting on a nose ring Sony has become. – Natthulal’s That’s great Cat! Cat! Now I must go to Delhi Sony! Doctor, you? – Why? What’s surprising in this?

Any decent man has never knocked this door They also fear to pass from this lane You please go from here Sony You’re like my daughter Yes A father doesn’t have right to come to his daughter’s house? – Why not? Why not papa. It’s your house Please come in What’s all this? So many clothes? Do you wear this? – No. I don’t out it on. I sell them This is the medium of my income These typical village dresses are very much in demand at city I go to the city to sell this and bring money But these villagers say about you Its all wrong, papa! Wrong Your daughter doesn’t sell her chastity but her hard work By swear of God. I’ve never done any sinful work Then why did you take over this insult? Why did you take over this spot of characterless? To save my chastity A helpless girl can’t live alone in this world Hadn’t I taken over this insult I would have been rapped long before People fears of my wrong name and keep away from me Now you don’t need to do all this I’ll tell them everything true – Nobody will believe you If you’ll defend me once, they will make ten stories But why? – They want to listen to my bad qualities They feel satisfaction by putting wrong charges and making colourful stories But if I won’t tell them they will keep insulting you I don’t care of anybody Now you also know what I’m And my God too Look, Sony. You’re a woman One day you’d have to get marry Who will accept you in this form? When two people fall in love they accept each other with all the bad qualities. Like you Whoever will accept me, will accept me in this reputation Along with my bad qualities This is my obstinacy You’re very spot girl – Then don’t tell this to anybody and weaken me, papa Now I’m satisfied in this life Promise me, you won’t tell this to anybody You’ll keep this secret Promise me Ok. if you wish, I won’t tell this to anybody What did you say? Sony is crazy after younger doctor? Yes, sir I’ll cut that branch on which she wants to make her nest You’re right. When will your guards be useful? Do something with that younger doctor Sony! – What’s the matter? Landlord’s men are coming to kill younger doctor What are you saying? – This is true. I heard it myself How dare he? Hold this. C’mon Give me the rope and climb there. Come on What are you doing? What are you doing there?

Chief has come! Run! Doctor! I’ve taken Sony’s statement You don’t worry. I’ll enquire this case in detail Thank you, inspector Thank you very much Why this inspector had come? Sony had a fight – This girl is very strange! How many times I’ve explained her but she’ll never change Anytime fighting and quarrel But she did this fight for you For me? – Yes, when she came to know that landlord’s men are coming to kill you she fought with them for your life What did you do this, Sony? – What did I do? Nothing What if something would have happened with you? So what? I had built many walls in the ways of your love But today you’ve demolished all those walls You needed a support to come out this disrepute life didn’t you? I’ll give you that support. I’ll fill your life with happiness Your love has won. You just get well soon “I wish to reside in your heart.” “I wish to reside in your heart.” “Tell me what rent you’ll charge?” “Tell me what rent you’ll charge?” “My friend, tenant My friend, tenant..” “I’ll take your heart in rent.” “I’ll take your heart in rent.” “I’ll give you my heart but what will you give me in return?” “I’ll give you my heart but what will you give me in return?” “This youth of me..” “I’ll give you this youth of mine.” “I’ll take your heart in rent.” “I’ll take your heart in rent.” “Your youth is like a poisonous snake..” “Your youth is like a poisonous snake..” “You play the tunes of love..” “You play the tunes of love otherwise I’ll bite you..” “I’ll take your heart in rent.” “I’ll take your heart in rent.” “If you’ll bite I’ll get the intoxication of 100 bottles.”

“If you’ll bite I’ll get the intoxication of 100 bottles.” “I’m the bunch of grapes..” “I’m the bunch of grapes..” “..if I’ll take over your brain will never get down.” “I’ll take your heart in rent.” “I’ll take your heart in rent.” “I wish to reside in your heart.” “I’ll pay my heart in rent – Great.” “I’ll take your heart in rent.” “I’ll pay my heart in rent – Great.” “I’ll take your heart in rent.” Fine, come after two days – Ok Doctor, I want to ask something from you Yes, sure I – Wait! But not two things First is don’t ask money from me because I don’t have it Second thing is don’t ask clothes Because I’ve only this one suit Apart from that you can ask anything from me You know Sony – So I’m keeping proposal for Sony You’d marry Sony? Think it again. She’s the defamed girl in this village I know, sir – What will people say? I don’t care for them – You’re a spot! Good boy Hen listen! You’d never have to repent after marrying her My guarantee Anand! What happened? I felt little giddiness. – What? – I felt darkness for a while You go and take rest under a tree. I’ll just come C’mon, doctor! I am all right Doctor! Anand sir is fainted! Anand Sir! Anand Sir! – What happened, Anand? So this is your opinion? – Yes Thank you, doctors Hello, young man. Hello! You’re looking very well That’s good. Wonderful! I’ve got some fruits and flowers for you If you need anything else I’m here for your service C’mon, give it to me. Very good! Is there any bad news, doctor? Bad news? How can you say that? You’re trying to look happier than normal Is there any danger disease? You’ve a tumour. Tumour of the brain I had this doubt – But this case is not hopeless It’s curable through operation And your daddy can do that in a pinch My daddy operates the sac of money and not the patients And I don’t have so many rupees What rubbish is this? After all he’s your daddy He can do this operation easily He can take you to England or America for this operation After all when your millionaire father will be useful? I’m going to him right now – No, doctor You won’t tell anything to my daddy about my diseases This is my decision Anand! Go back to your house At present you need your daddy more than me

No, doctor, let’s go back to village Don’t be so obstinate This is a question of your life No, I don’t want the life that I get from my daddy’s money If not you. But Sony needs it What have you thought about her Yes, I’ve thought about her too I can’t fulfil my promise that I had given to Sony So, I’ll create a wall between us I’ll separate her from me for her sake Sir, you’ve come? I’ll rebuke you now Why did you left without asking me? And why you took so long in the city? Do I have to ask for everything? – Yes Because I can’t concentrate anywhere without you I feel as if you’ve returned after many years Ok, now you go What’s the matter? You seem very changed today I hope you didn’t choose a girl in city. We’ll have a fight I don’t have time for all this rubbish What’s wrong with you, sir? Why are you talking so bitter? That day you were talking so sweetly For God’s sake, stop following me Go away from my life But.. what’s my fault? – Your fault? Your fault is that you’re very low grade and characterless It was my fault that I entertained you I just sympathised you and you’ve taken it in other sense Have you ever looked at yourself before flying high? Girl like you is not even eligible to be a servant at our house And you’re dreaming of being a daughter in law? What’s your real form? A characterless woman to get sold by money Who’s an abuse on the name of decency Sir, It’s telegram from Dr. Rehman Whose? – Dr. Rehman’s – Throw it in dustbin But, sit this telegram It’s about your son Why are you after me? You know I don’t have any relation with them I said throw it in the dustbin How long you’ll keep crying? I didn’t ask anything from him I just asked his permission to love him First he gave me hopes And then scorned me You’re mistaking him It’s not his fault You’re also taking his side? Now how do I explain you about this helplessness? You won’t understand Doctor, are you hiding anything from me? Please tell me what’s the matter? By swear of me Don’t hide anything from me Sony, Anand’s life is at risk – Risk? Nobody can dare to stare him till this Sony is here I’ll break his bones. I’m Sony Tell me who’s he? Landlord or somebody else? Sony, you! – Don’t worry about me My life is of no value. If my life will be useful for doctor, my life will get meaning Sony, you’re misunderstanding Actually, Anand has got a dangerous disease Why to worry about disease when you’re there? Can any disease stand at you? Please recover him – My knowledge is not enough for his treatment. Money is the requisite He need to be operated that is not possible here in the village It can be done in England or America For which we need to have money How much money is required? So much that is beyond our capacity We need one lakh rupees – What? One lakh rupees? I explained him so much to go to his rich father But he’s not ready to listen to me What if the money won’t be arranged? Then his life can come to end any time

Sony, you and here? How come we’re so lucky today? Welcome, my dear You were very eager to call Sony at your mansion isn’t it? Fulfil your desire Today Sony herself has come to you to sell herself Is it? But what’s the reason of this change? You won’t understand. It’s because you just know to buy It’s very easy to buy. But it’s very difficult to sell Tell your amount Today I’ve to present my gift to my love 10000 – No 20000 – No 50000. – That’s it? Such a less amount of your desire? Then demand yourself 1 lakh rupees – 1 lakh? – Yes You’ve rated very high This is nothing compared to the sand under his feet for whom I’m dealing today Why have you started sweating listening to this amount? You were ready to put the entire worlds wealth at my feet If you agree with this deal then tell me Sony has come to make the first and last crime of her life You’re lying. What proof you’ve about your purity? And what proof you’ve about my character? What a nice justice you men have? You never give account of your crimes But you ask the proof from women about her purity You keep 1 lakh rupees in this hand you’ll come to know my innocence yourself I agree.. I agree for lakh rupees also But for this we’ll have a celebration here In which you’ll dance. With complete adornment Natthulal! – What types of deal you has made, Sony? It’s nothing compared to Anand’s life Listen! Give this money to elder doctor But don’t tell anything to him. Ok? Ambulance is ready? C’mon, sit inside fast Village is very far. God knows how’s Anand there? C’mon Doctor! Doctor! – What’s the matter, Natthulal? Take this – What’s this? Sony has sent lakh rupees Lac rupees? – Yes Sony has sent? – Yes From where did she get this amount? I don’t know She said give this to doctor for Anand’s treatment Where’s Sony? – I don’t’ know You don’t know? – I don’t know You’re lying – I’m going. – Wait, Natthulal Tell me where’s Sony? – I don’t know. – You don’t know? I said I don’t know – Tell me where’s Sony? I’m Sure she has done anything wrong that you’re hiding from me If it’s wrong to save anybody’s life then she has done something wrong If it’s wrong to offer our life for our love then she has done something wrong You know what she has done? – She She.. she has sold her chastity at Landlord She has sold herself “Let me get offered for my love..” “Let my love won today Let my love won today..”

“Let me get offered for my love..” “Let my love won today Let my love won today..” “If my life cans be useful for my love..” “ swear of God I can sell it.” “If my life cans be useful for my love..” “ swear of God I can sell it.” “If it can light the way of my love..” “..I can sell my eyesight.” “Being a gift for him let me get offered today.” “Let my love won today Let my love won today.” “I’d make the name of loyalty famous..” “..after that whether I live or die..” “I’d make the name of loyalty famous..” “..after that whether I live or die..” “I have to pay my love’s dues..” “Today I’ve to fulfil my duty..” “Let my body get auctioned today..” “Let my love won today Let my love won today..” “Let my love won today – Let my love won today.” “Let my love won today – Let my love won today.” “Let my love won today Let my love won today..” “Let my love won today Let my love won today..” Landlord! Oh! Doctor, chief.. and all the villagers? Is everything ok? Sony, we’ve come to take you away. Let’s go What are you saying, doctor? This is not your age to take away Sony Now she won’t go anywhere leaving me Landlord! Sony is my daughter she’s a daughter of entire village And her chastity can’t be at stack in presence of us

Sony’s chastity? Nobody is raping her here I’ve bought her chastity with full respect at her own rate She’s not a vegetable that you can buy She’s a human being. And human being can’t get sold Humans are getting sold from decades Only the rate differs And I’ve bought her with her own demanded amount with her will, with her happiness Sony, tell them. Especially to the doctor Yes, doctors. Priest, Chief, you know that this is my business to get sold We won’t let you get sold Here’s your lakh rupees, Landlord. Take this Ramsingh, Mansingh, come fast Papa, by swear of your God to you Take this money and give treatment to Anand. Please Go from here. I beg of you – No, Sony The God only will save Anand whose swear you’ve given me Anand will never accept this amount earned in such a way He’ll never take the treatment Sony, now you’re the daughter of entire village You’re our prestige – Yes, Sony Doctor has told us everything Now what’s the use of all this? This body of mine is of no value compared to Anand’s life Listen to me. Please Sony, we’ll sell our houses and farms for his life But will never let the daughter of our village get sold Papa! – Wait! Stop there. Otherwise I’ll shoot Doctor, take away all of them otherwise Otherwise? – Otherwise Otherwise I’ll kill you all like this lamp Ok then shoot at me first – No, papa! Wait! No You’re inviting your death – I’ve lived my life If I’ll die for my daughter Then these chests will be ready for your bullets And you don’t have so many bullets to kill them Shoot! – We’ll give our life but won’t let Sony’s chastity be spoiled You’ve also gone mad, chief? You’ve come here with these villagers to die for this low grade girl? Get lost – We won’t go Your drunken eyes can’t see this girl’s purity whom you’re calling low grade Don’t give me lecture I said go back A true Muslim can never go back if once he has step towards God’s direction You do your work. Let me do mine Stop, papa! Please stop there Look, how I stop your steps? Papa! – Drop the guns Otherwise I’ll kill the landlord Drop the guns – Papa! – Doctor! – Rehman! Doctor. – What happened? – Papa! – Good that you’ve come Papa. – I’ll get a friend’s shoulder after death I won’t let you die Take him into my ambulance. C’mon Doctor! – Don’t worry friends

Your Dr. Rehman is safe now I’m happy that I’ve saved Dr. Rehman’s precious life with the help of your prayers Thank you very much doctor I never knew such big people stay in this small village? So I’ve decided That the hospital that I was going to make for my son in city now that hospital will be made in this village You’re great, Doctor! May God bless you! Call the bride “O groom, look, your bride has come with a procession.” “O groom, look, your bride has come with a procession.” “Along with a band party C’mon, play the band..” “The procession has come along with a band party.” Today we’re getting married Really? – Yes Really? – C’mon Father in law!