tonight I represent over 78 countries serving as the chairman of the international third Woolies Association and that gives me the privilege of serving people who are in other cultures and one of the things that I passionately carry in my heart is to help people develop the leadership ability and to discover their purpose in life and one of the things that I’ve been pursuing for the past 32 years is to understand the mind of God the mind of God is more important than the hands of God the hands of God deal with his acts but the mind of God deals with its ways Moses knew the ways of God the people knew the acts of God and so those who know the acts of God very rarely have a relationship with God but those who knows the ways of God the mind of God there’s an intimacy involved there that develops that creates a credibility with God that only heaven knows and Moses have that credibility and as I pursue to understand this issue of purpose I discovered that purpose is the most important thing in life I believe the greatest tragedy in life is not death but the greatest tragedy in life is life without a purpose is more tragic to be alive and not know why than to be dead and not know life and in the book of Proverbs chapter 19 verse 21 is a simple statement that changed my life over 29 years ago and I read this think man for you proverbs 19 verse 21 says many other plans in a man’s heart but it is the Lord’s purpose that will prevail I’m going to quote that again for you can write it down if you wish many other plans in a man’s heart but it is the Lord’s purpose that will prevail the King James Version says many other devices in a man’s heart but it is the Lord’s counsel that will stand in other words God is more concerned about his purpose than he is about your plans I’m gonna call it just one more time listen carefully many other plans in a man’s heart God says but my purpose for that man will prevail in other words purpose is more important to God than all the plans you can make for your life and God has a purpose for everything and the word purpose is defined in the Hebrew text as original intent or the will of a mind purpose means the original reason why something was created purpose means the motivation that started creation purpose has to do with the reason for existence why something exists is called its purpose and I’ve been plagued with this question for all my life what’s the purpose for this what’s the purpose for that because I understand that if you don’t know why you do something he will abuse it if you don’t know why you have something you’ll abuse it that includes your own life I want to share with you briefly on one of the most important discoveries I’ve ever discovered in my life a discovery that has changed the cost of the way I live every day one of the greatest and yet most simple truths in the Word of God I want to share with you on the topic the purpose for prayer write it down please the purpose for prayer no matter how big your church is I want to measure it by the size of your prayer meetings on Sunday mornings everybody’s in church but the smallest meeting in every church is the prayer meeting right now tonight in the Bahamas I just left there a few hours ago I am pleased to announce that tonight one of our largest meetings in our churches our prayer meetings hundreds of people gather every Monday night they praying right now for us not too far from here in the Bahamas it wasn’t always like that I’ve gone to churches with 5,000 people and then on Tuesday nights our prayer

meeting just a hundred people and most of them are all people who come because they got nothing else to do I’m gonna say some things tonight to shake you up but who cares there is no place in the Bible where you can never find a ministry of intercession I’ve read this book 32 times I can’t find it anywhere ever God created a Ministry of whom in the intersection it doesn’t exist in the Bible there are people who interceded but there’s no Ministry of intercession why am i saying that because you got people who go to churches with five hundred a thousand ten thousand people and then they leave the prayer night to a few old people and they call them intercessors now according to the Word of God everybody’s supposed to pray without ceasing and my question is why are the people in the church afraid of prayer meetings why don’t they go I figured it out years ago because I stopped going myself why don’t people pray because they don’t get results we pretend to get them if prayer works so well why are we not in prayer meeting per meetings have become an experience of depression for most people we go to prayer meetings and we spend hours there and in the end nothing happens so we stop going after a while don’t be depressed yet I’m gonna help you but let’s deal with some facts first we love the saying we love to worship we love to be present every once is that a worship service but prayer meetings we just can’t find time for them and then there’s the personal prayer life you know most of us have in our homes what they call cookbooks anybody got a cook book in their home yeah my wife got a few cookbooks are amazing books we never use them and every time you see a new one we buy it and it stacks up on the shelf in the kitchen with the others anybody knows financials here we don’t use cookbooks but we love them matter of fact we love the pictures but we don’t use them and that’s what prayer books are for most people they buy prayer books but they never pray what a tragedy why don’t we pray Matthew chapter 6 verse 5 is a statement made by Jesus in reference to prayer Jesus said and when you pray that’s enough he didn’t say if you pray but when you pray he’s speaking to his disciples he says when you pray when implies you will do this I expect you to do this and it’s natural to do this you will do this in other words prayer according to Christ our Lord it’s not a choice it’s not an option for if you believe he says then you will do this thing called prayer when you pray every believer knows they should pray the smallest gathering every church is still the prayer meeting because prayer is considered as the role of a few intercessors prayer books are like recipe books you read them and then we don’t act but I have some questions about prayer that bothered me for years some questions that may shock you number one if God is sovereign why pray what you think about that for a minute if God is sovereign then why should we pray now that’s a good question if God is sovereign it means that God can do anything he wants to do so why should we pray if God is sovereign anyhow he’s gonna do what he feels like doing anyhow so I pray it’s a good question

second question if God is not influenced by us then why pray sovereignty actually means that he is free from your influence then why should we pray if I pray for God to do something and he’s sovereign he could do the opposite so why should I waste my time appealing and appeasing and a and petitioning of God who will do what he feels like anyhow it’s a legitimate and logical question third question that bothered me if God cannot be affected by what we say he is God then why pray I got the answers and changed my life I will give you three answers that changed me number one God is a sovereign as his word number two God is limited by his word and three God will never violate his word I will repeat the reason why we pray is because it is three things number one God is a sovereign as his word number two God is limited by his word and number three God will never violate his word why are these important whenever God speaks whatever God says becomes law not only to creation but it becomes law also to God God is sovereign until he speaks holy sprit outlets as long as God doesn’t speak he’s sovereign but when he speaks he becomes trapped by what he says this is why God doesn’t talk too much so you’ve been asking God to speak to you and speak to you and God wouldn’t speak to you why because God knows if I ever speak to her I got to do it you’ll get it after I’m gone you’ll see God is limited by what he says so when God speaks his sovereignty becomes limited by his words why is this so important for you and I because prayer was created by the limitations of God’s word prayer was a strange thing in the New Testament to me time to meet the Book of Luke chapter 11 when I saw this it changed my life Luke chapter 11 when I read the Gospels like you probably have many times I was impressed by the miracles of Jesus I was impressed by the healing of the blind man or the raising of the dead child I was impressed by the walking on on the water that he did or the cleansing of lepers I was impressed by him speaking to trees and they died I was impressed by him breaking bread and fish and feeding thousands of people I thought that was wonderful as a matter of fact I thought if I was with Jesus and walked with him physically and was with him for those three and a half years I would have asked him teach me how to open the eyes of the blind teach me how to walk on water teach me how to break bread and feed a banquet teach me how to cleanse leprosy with a touch teach me how to do all this massive wonderful magnificent things but do you know the only thing that the disciples ever asked Jesus to teach them was to pray that bothered me because you see I’m like you I want to be famous I would tell them teach me how to walk on water and that would cause CNN and ABC I’d say come on today I’m going to show you something and I’d be on the cover of Time magazine

walking on water in Florida or teach me how to cleanse leprosy or let me open some blind eyes let me do something dynamic that everybody could see they never did they only asked them to teach them the only request to teach them was to pray how competed in ask them Jesus to teach me how to break bread or teach me how to cleanse leprosy just teach us how to do this one thing praying and the Bible says in general ever look at verse 1 it says and after you have finished praying in a certain place then as disciples came to him and asked him Lord teach us how to pray just like John taught his disciples I like the statement in this verse when he was finished one of his disciples asked him in other words they were watching him from a bush can I make a statement that might not do too well with your theology jesus never prayed with his disciples Silla he always prayed alone read your Bible carefully we’re never tired of pray you said you stay here and he’d gone what cause prayer is a personal thing we love we pray because we don’t like to pray prayer is a private discipline it’s a personal relationship first there’s nothing wrong with corporate prayer but that’s not your passion your passion should be private prayer we love group prayer meetings because we can get lost in the crowd and don’t say anything Jesus was praying by himself and they were watching him and then he was finished the Bible says they said to him master teaches how to do that my question to you which was the question to me also years ago was why was this the only thing they asked him to teach them they never accident that do miracles or to walk on water they said Jeff teaches this one thing teach us how to do this thing you do the thing that you do by yourself the thing we want to do from behind the bush why would they only fit in one thing teach us how to pray I figured it out because the disciples finally caught on listen carefully it’s what I call inductive and deductive logic the disciples became smart after a while because you see the Bible would always say this and Jesus rose up a great time before day and went to a solitary place to pray have you ever read that before in your Bible wave at me greater before good now I’m gonna say it again this is do it carefully and a great while before day Jesus rose up and went to a solitary place alone – when did he do that a great while before day now those of you who probably like me have been to Israel many times and most of us have been to the east would know that day in the Middle East Begins for those people go to town and those who take goods to sell to the market they can begin around 5 a.m. between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. that’s when they begin in the east matter-of-fact day begins with the sunrise the Sun usually rises around 4 a.m. keep looking at me he woke up when a great while before which means he must have gotten it by 3 a.m. every morning to pray I’m by the time the disciples woke up he’d already finished his entire communication he pray at least three four five six at least four hours of prayer average every morning and the disciples were amazed every time they woke up they caught him doing this thing and he was doing it every morning for hours and then when he would finish this thing call prayer then he would say let’s go to the town and he would go down at the mountain and they would walk into the city and he would do something crazy he would walk up to a blind man and says what can I do for you and the blind man says I want to see receive my sight and he would just say to the man see and

he would walk off one fraction of a second the Mayans I was open he would go to a leper and he would say what can I do for you I want to be cleansed he’d say be clean and he would walk off it took about a fraction of a second then he walks up to a man who was go ahead a little child that was sick he says what’s the matter he says my child is back he’s a no problem demon go demon left in a second then he walks up to another woman who had a baby going into the – to the casket to get buried he stopped touched the coffin live the baby live just took the five fraction of a second under his sight for watching this and they said my goodness it took him a fraction of a second to do that and took him four hours in the morning with this other thing [Applause] they began to figure it out they said look we spent hours trying to cast a demon out come on I say I bind you lose you lose come on now you take over I’m tired okay come come for hours you trying to cast a demon out [Applause] you trying to heal the sick laying our hands on the person with disease come out and he just touched him in a second and left but he spent four hours in the morning doing this thing so the disciples conclusion was if you spend four hours in the morning with God you’d only spend a minute with men in the day [Applause] they were logical you know we do we spend a minute in the morning with God and for hours trying to solve a problem in the day with men the priority of Jesus was not ministry to men and there’s our problem see you can’t wait to go heal the sick and go sing and go raise the dead cast out demons that’s our problem we can’t wait to go then start a ministry and I said no spend some time at me first time and prayers not time wasted it’s time invested the disciples figured it out one time there was a young man that brought his son and the boy was filled with a demon and the disciples you know Jesus I believe he settled up all by himself he meant to do it Jesus said I’m up the Bible says he told them go to the town and he went to a mountain to pray I think he set it up I believe he was watching them from the top of the mountain he wanted to see if they learned a lesson and the man brought the boy with the demon and he says my son is vexed with a demon can you cast him out Peter says no problem no problem I’m charismatic and Johnson mm-hmm and looks like and Jane see that’s get it and they began to work on this demon for hours and Jesus was watching and after they had sweat it was tired laying on wait we said let me go help him out and the bounces he came down from the mountain and said what’s going on here and the old man says I brought my son to your disciples with a demon and they could not gasps Emma and Jesus said his words how long was that be with you in other words haven’t you observed me bring the boy to me get out demon left [Applause] they were so ashamed like most of us after praying for 10 hours a no demon left the baddest they wait and tell her in secret at dinner quietly behind the wall and then they said a master why couldn’t we you know that’s how you feel when you pray for the sick and you walk off this that’s

sick you need to be prepared for ministry don’t just go and pray for the sick prepare yourself to pray for the sick why couldn’t we do this he said simple this time this kind only comes out what I shall become but by using the name of Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus he said this kind only comes out after you have prayed not the personal sick nothing you fasted after you spend your time at me I believe this year God wants to do some business on the earth but he’s looking for some people who can do some business with him first can I hear a name and somebody clap your hands and find God he’s about to recorrect some things in our lives now listen carefully I want to show you something and when you get this this will never be the same for you again my question was why did Jesus have such a committed prayer life because he understood what I call the birth of prayer when was prayer born prayer was born in Genesis chapter 1 verse 26 I’m going to show you the birth of prayer turn there Taurus gave birth to prayer he’s found in Genesis 1 verse 26 and God said let us make man in our own image and in our likeness and then God says let them have dominion over the earth let them oh I wish he hadn’t said that remember when God speaks his words become law God said let them have dominion over the fish the birds the trees and all the earth and everything keeps upon the ground and over all the earth let them everybody say let them say it loud it’s the most powerful statement concerning / that you can ever learn God says let them have dominion over the earth let them dominate the earth I wish God had said let us have dominion if he had said let us have Dominion then he would have been quoted himself but he didn’t he said let them have dominion them who them man man who them man kind what is a man a man is a strange creature because then gen chapter 1 God created man in chapter 2 he made the body of man and then he put the man inside the body the man the word man actually is the name God gave to the spirit Dean and then God gave the spirit being an assignment that was physical and you know spirits can’t appreciate physical things so God had to create a earth suit for the spiritual man and so therefore God took the man and put him inside the earth body Jensen 2 verse 8 and therefore God made a man in a spirit body in a physical house that’s what a human is a human is two words put together it’s human man he was means dirt man lean spirit put the man inside the dirt is called a human man we call it human a human is a mystery a human is a spread being in a dirt body in other words a human being is an integration of physical and spiritual you are a spirit but you live in a body your body is human that’s dirt but you are man the spirit so when God put us in the body you must he put man and humans and therefore we became a human man or a human that creature that God said let them have dominion over the earth therefore the only creature here’s the key that has legal authority on earth is a human the only creature that God said have Dominion dominate the earth is a human what is a human a spirit and a body that means any spirit out of body it’s illegal on planet Earth [Applause] follow me carefully therefore in order for God to get anything down on earth he has to obey his own word as a matter of fact the Bible says God says I have placed my word above my name you know the Hebrew word for name also means being to be in Hebrew the name of the thing is the thing so when God says I placed my word I popped my name he’s saying I placed my word above myself I will not break my own word I will not violate my homework as a matter of fact that’s what makes God so faithful he keeps his word not only to you but to

himself that’s why he said even if you are on holy I must be holy still even to myself God will never violate his word that’s why God listen carefully cannot come into this planet without a body not because he’s weak not because he is not powerful not because he’s not mighty but because he’s too faithful to his word he will never break his word God will not come to this earth as a spirit without a body because he spoke and it became law only a few will understand me I know that therefore if anything is going to be done on earth legally it has to be done by a spirit with a body [Applause] that’s why i Adam and Eve when they were about to pick the fruit God could not interfere because God is what spirit he was a weak woman a little creature he created but he couldn’t stop her why because the daughter come in and invaded the human race as a sprint without a body he would have broken his word and therefore you could never trust him again and Satan knew that that’s why even the devil knew to do business on earth you need a body and there was no room for him in Adam and Eve so he went to a snake and negotiated to use his dead body and the state gave me the dead body and Lucifer put on that dead body and did business with Eve and therefore God knew I cannot stop them because if I stopped him as a spirit then I’d become a liar and God is not a liar but when Adam and Eve fell God is such a good God God said to Satan Genesis 3 verse 15 he said Satan paraphrase you know I can’t come in right now but used to live with me you know I keep my word but I’m making a promise Lucifer I promise you that the same woman that you use to destroy you the same woman I’m gonna come into her legally you gotta give me a body legally I’m gonna come in today right legally I’m gonna cross your legally that was the promise Christmas was necessary because of God’s Word and the fullness of time God sent forth his son born of what a woman I assay you said you ain’t believed my report but I saw something he says I saw a version with child and the name of the child was in man you L it means in man means mankind l missed Elohim he said I saw God inside a man a human body I’m getting ready to stop now hang on a second I saw when God came to Mary he said Mary you had it for me but why I want to borrow your womb why I want to be legal [Applause] Mary said beam under me just like you said and the Word of God talked into a room and the fresh begin to throw around the word and now God is inside a wound but many you women to understand how powerful you are because in Genesis 3 verse 15 God told Satan about the woman he said the woman will be your nightmare I used to wonder why now you medical doctors here know this to be true you see God when he was designing the female he designed her really for him the woman’s body is designed in such a way that the womb of a woman is designed to produce a child but the child is good never mixed with the mother’s blood God decided that way he was thinking about himself you see when a child is in his room no matter what blood type the child has it never mixes with the mother’s blood completely separate that means a woman carry a baby and the two never mix oh you don’t understand yet so God said Satan I gotcha I’ve made arrangements to come into the human race that woman shall bear me a seed and the black will not mix with hers it’s gonna be genuine mixers and she’s gonna come into the

legally and is going to have a blood was gonna be so pure he’ll be able to cleanse everybody family for the brother Jesus the power of Jesus Christ had God’s DNA the porcelain combination was Elohim and Arden I mix together well better shut down for the blood that’s why the brother you are saved by the blood of Jesus his brothers not Mary’s blood matter of fact Mary got saved by the blood she was carrying and he said Mary you shall call the child watch this Jesus is a a sin in chapter 9 he says for unto us a child is born on a son is given not a child was born but the son was it Mary born the child but God gave the son Mary produced the body God gave the Spirit Mary produced the house God gave the resident in other words Mary this is the mother of Jesus for sharing the mother of Christ I’m going right now Jesus is the body Christ is God that’s why he’s called Jesus the Christ because Jesus made Christ legal [Applause] [Applause] that’s why Jesus can pray on earth he was legal God cannot interfere on earth without a human what is prayer I define it this way prayer is man giving God license to interfere in planet Earth I’m gonna try one more time I said prayer is God receiving license from man to interfere in planet Earth if you read the Bible carefully now this is a lot of heavy stuff for you guys but go do your homework for 2003 I want you to find anywhere in the Bible anywhere where God did anything in the earth all the human whenever God wanted to act in the earth he had to use someone in dirt God don’t use you because you are pure you should because he’s trapped that’s why God kiss forgiving he needs your body touches cleansing you want he needs you God says Abraham I’ve had enough of Sodom and tomorrow I’m gonna destroy them he found saving why come to me I need someone to give me permission they’ve I made a deal with God and he kept dealing and God had to cooperate with the deal then he Brown says okay Lord us out now go for it does it thank you very much please destroyed it he said Moses I have heard the cries of my people I have come down to deliver them but why come to me cuz you man Moses I need permission you get it after of God tell your neighbor God needs me to impact my city say it again God needs me to impact my city prayer is not an option it’s a necessity the theme of this conference is supernatural interference and the only way for God to interfere supernaturally this he needs a human Jesus said men ought always to pray and never faint here’s one you know well but finally you’ll understand it and Jesus said I have given you the keys of the kingdom then he says here they are whatever you bind on earth then heaven could bind or whatever you loose on earth then now heaven could loose it [Applause]

your body is the most important thing to God right now that’s right when you lose it you have to leave when your body stops working you have to leave because you are now illegal matter of fact God is so committed to your body he has provided a program called healing God’s gonna hear you tonight because he needs your body not because he wants to make you feel better y’all understand healing I said cars gonna respond you tonight physically not because he wants you to feel good but because he needs the party you’re living in lift yes and thank God he’s gonna heal you for his sake [Applause] that’s why I mean if you don’t get here they come to get here because they want to be better they want to feel better they want to be better but don’t pray for that here’s me because you need my body come on shout Amen somebody your party is important to God see crisis and he is illegal here without a body so the Bible never says that Jesus really died the word is used in the Greek is he expired Hebrew he released price and then Jesus died Christ never died only Jesus so the Bible says the Seas spirit that raised Jesus from the dead the price to also raise your body listen to me carefully and so Jesus was on the cross dead Christ mentality Gehenna and she all through Hades walked into the dungeons of darkness kept open the door of depression he saw Lucifer on a throne raining by bluff and Christ walked up the truth to Lucifer and says I come to pick up some things and whose mo says you can’t come down here you gotta be dead to come down here and Christ says I’m dead my bodies upstairs he kept on walking like Christ says that body upstairs that filled with all of their sin that’s what killed it I come to something he wants at the Lucifer he put his hands in his belt and he put his hands on three keys and he checked them death he’ll pray he pulled them I’m getting ready to sit on right his room fell off and he was naked and Christ went around and says I’ll be back and he walked off with the keys of death heaven the grain he kicked up on the door of dungeons he opened the cells of those who were lost and brown for the years he says come on Abraham come on Joseph come on Moses come on Jacob come on ISA come on get behind me and the Bible says he said after sinners trade he arose he took him up to paradise deposited them before the Father and he said I’m not finished yet I got to go back down to earth I can hear cables say but you can’t go down there cuz you ain’t got no buddy and then he says I got one on ice come on somebody when Christ came back down to earth when inside the body of Jesus they came back and jesus said thank you very much I thought you forgot me he says now here we go kicked open the door of that tension walked out resurrected power he missed his disciples he says now I gotta go Jesus has finished his job he has to go the same Jesus who you see leaving he will come back someday but I will come back immediately yeah but you ain’t got no body Christ Christ [Applause] arrangements I kind of party but this time is my two hands and two legs [Applause] that is why the trench is never called the body of Jesus [Applause] lift your hand up right now stand up on

your feet tell your neighbor he needs my body to be legal on earth let’s be honest a right now I give you permission to invade my nation no you ain’t brain like you believe it come on say I give you permission to my body to my face to invade the nation go ahead and worship right now he’s doing it right now that’s what brands all about whatever you bind on earth heaven cannot bind whatever you loose order everything on lose the power is in your hands [Applause] Kodaka Hasegawa Hassan excuse me I’m beginning to feel some communication going on on the inside I’m talking to my unseen father listen to me if you are sick tonight high blood pressure diabetes conditions of the heart eye problems knee problems I don’t know what it is lift your hands are that God’s gonna heal you but not because you want to feel better he’s gonna heat because he needs that body to get some work done now some of you think you ain’t sick me tell you something sometimes you’re sick but you ain’t know it yet so just in case lift your hands and receive this healing I’m gonna release right now in the name of Jesus I’m gonna play a sabotage prayer a sabotage prayer is a prayer which attacks the disease before he knew it was there she saw me y’all got high blood pressure we don’t even know it yet some of you can’t hang you don’t know it here some of you that prostate cancer you don’t over here but tonight I guarantee you you’ll never know it because God’s gonna heat it right now in the mighty name of Jesus the chants and receive the healing right now open your mother tell Haylee for your sake come on ask him he’ll be for your sake easy for your sake I must live long for your sake you need my body for your sake you need to be legal so you need me Lord do you need my body go ahead oppressor something’s happening I’ve seen miracles happening all over the building I see eyes being healer cataracts yeah our back is coming back into order that’s not hip joint being recreated yeah I see that knee joint the tablets being restored yes I see that shoulder problem being reconnected yeah prostate cancer is dissolving in the name of Jesus the lump in your breast check it out it’s called already in the name of Jesus when you ask God to interfere he does it because you are a human Oh put them out and find God you just got totally healed right now let’s you boys embrace and for the healing you just received hold on together let’s pray court Adama have feeling anointing flowing in this building said pray in tongues for a second your neighbors being healed right before your eyes touch them right now we have any – shall touch and agree concerning anything well on all right then it shall be done of our Father who’s where in heaven but you got a first one touching agree where on earth then heaven can do something but it kind of touching agree first you got more power than you think you had they both have a hospitable touch people say oh I wish I had more time to teach you this thing I got a go but I’m telling you it’s so powerful from now on every time you open your mouth to pray you are powerful when man stop praying God stops working I’m gonna say it again when man stops praying God has to stop working so jesus said men aren’t always to play I never stopped why when you stop God stops pray without ceasing because you don’t want heaven to stop working in the earth I challenge you from this night forward stop depending on intercessors become one yourself so the earth could be changed because I finally figured out jesus said my father always hears me what a way to live from this night forward it shall happen to you in the name of Jesus [Applause] your prayers will now be answered

because now you know how valuable you are to God I feel an anointing of God this building for prayer I want you right now to think of a scripture to pray over your city right now whatever that scripture is whatever you bind on earth heaven can by I want you to bind the spirits of violence in your city this bind the spirit of rape the spirit of thievery the spirit of corruption the spirit of of malpractice think about all those demons personals those spirits that are hovering over your city the principalities you have the power to bind them the Bible says angels will do the bidding of those who are heirs of salvation they are waiting for you to tell them what to do lift your hand now and speak over your city tell those first they are illegal they have no bodies cast them down they have no bodies they are illegal use at the party you the one with the legal power you can cast every legal spirit eat leaders from your city every principality every power in the name of Jesus come down tonight come down tonight come down name of Jesus come down I come against the spread of terrorism you found demons of fear I bind you on earth you have no right here get off this planet Ellen come on y’all help me out give us the planet you fall spread of fear and terrorism allies and corruption on Bryan’s city in the name of Jesus [Applause] the power you have as your body you will not die God a finish working for your body yet now lift your hands and begin to eraser brush shadow try out something just happened in this weird world tonight tonight [Applause] fresco come on Princess