Prayer (with cc and voice)

Thank you, for what? For gifts. Thanks You’re lazy, yeah. You’re not even paying attention; you’re half-asleep. What do you want to say to God? Suppose your kid comes up to you. Thank you for your being a wonderful father You’ve given me: You’ve taken care of me; you love me; you’ve loved me so much. Thank you for helping me go to school and college. Thank you for watching my children. He says so many things, and the father is touched. It means the son has been thinking about it, analyzing it. That’s right. It’s the same with God Suppose we thank God for everything. What does it mean? We’re not thinking more deeply. We have to really think. First, God thank you for what? Safety. More more. Thank you, God, for home Thank you, God, for health. Something else Thank you, God, for life. What’s your idea? For keeping us from sickness. Some more, some more. Thank you, God, for peace. Thank you, God, for our teachers. We’ve learned so much. Thank you for food, for protection, for protecting our children See, there’s so many many things we could say to God. Yes, it means we really need to sit down and think a lot. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Say it all to God continuously. Not, thanks for everything It’s like children, thanks. You understand, but if they say a lot to me, wow, that touches me. You know when we pray, TAPS, we thank God, how many minutes? 10 minutes? 10 minutes? Wow! You’ve really been good to me. Thank you for my family; thank you for my job; thank you for having a Deaf church; thank you for a beautiful day; thank you for beautiful squirrels and animals; thank you for saving me in so much trouble; thank you for clothes you’ve given that to me; thank you for a warm home when it’s cold Thank you. Thank you for many many things we can simply say to God. It’s important! You know if I thank God, you’re going to reduce what? Reduce what? What are we going to lessen, lessen; lessen what? Complaining! Complain, complain, complain, complain. What’s reason? Wow! We realize we’re lucky. I have so much. Yes surely we all have Life is not perfect; that’s true. I know that. Life is hard, yes. Still we know, I am lucky; I have so much. I love God You’re right, right; that’s what he said, you open the door, the person walks through. He didn’t

thank you to me; it’s not nice. Someone opens the door; you say thank you. Then you feel thrilled. God opens the door God never slams the door, never. He loves But if you and I thank God specifically God will be thrilled Gifts, yes Instead of saying thank God for everything, you have to think more deeply; be more specific then when someone thanks you, you will realize, they’re thinking Thank you for McCahill; he signs. Yes, thank you, God, we have a priest. Thank you You know there are many places in the country that don’t have one for the Deaf They don’t have a priest; nothing. Thank you, God, for a priest in our church; we are very very very lucky. My life is hard, yes, and we’re frustrated, yes. Problems keep popping up and there are challenges still we lessen complaining, more gratitude. Thank God every day for food, every day. We’re not suffering from hunger And really be patient and kind; so many things we’ve been given. One interesting thing: Why is it hard, why is life hard and frustrating, why? why? We don’t pray. No, I don’t think so. It is a way of teaching people to change I learned something recently, I didn’t know. You know: suppose upstate here in New York; suppose, up in Albany there was a lot of rain, plenty of rain. The trees grew up and they are full, and they have green leaves and the trees there and there’s rain there. Go further over to Rochester and you see the trees; it’s all mixed up; it’s dry, rain not so much, dry. Trees are a little bit misshapen. It’s dry. It doesn’t rain continuously Then everything is hit with a very bad wind, a bad storm in Albany all the way over to Rochester and the trees kept falling. Which trees didn’t fall? Albany or Rochester? Albany trees, do you think? No. Rochester. There were more trees, why? Because they were going deep, because it was dry and they had to go with deep roots to suck up the moisture. In Albany they were lazy; there was plenty of rain; the roots didn’t have to be too deep to get the water. So they fell; they didn’t have any deep roots. In Rochester there were very deep roots, and the trees were stronger. I think sometimes God allows us to suffer so we may have more strong faith.When it is easy, it is easy to give up our faith; it is not challenged. I don’t know if that’s an easy answer or not Think about it We have ups and downs. That’s a good point; we have ups and downs. In a relationship with God we pray. If it’s easy, yeah, we just forget about God; we don’t have to pray everything’s fine. But when we have problems, then we keep praying. That’s when we have deeper roots in our relationship with

God. That’s a good point. That’s why I encourage you to pray; thank God more and more; tell God; make the list There are many positive things that have blessed all of us. Try to think more and more. It’s like the rain in the east and dry in the west; and the west has forest fires. Yes, you’re right; Some think the climate has been warming up where it gets hotter and hotter and things get all mixed up. Yes, that’s a serious problem but we compare that with faith growth; faith needs deep roots We’ll pray every day for the world, for the earth, for the corona virus spreading with sickness spreading. Yes, help to keep peace, to help keep everybody alive Pray for that, yes. Some islands have earthquakes; I know. But sometimes people say we have problems because God is punishing us. I don’t know. I think God loves us. Punishes us? I don’t know; I’m not comfortable with that myself. I don’t know. God loves, so we ignore him, we get lazy. The problems pop up, then we want a deeper relationship with God. Last one, and we’ll continue. Earthquakes, wars God causes them. Maybe Ok, now you all understand; yes, T for thanks; think about it a lot. Me, I always think, thank God, for maybe five minutes: family, job, friends. Also yesterday all day I was walking around here in New York City; I was looking around. I was praying throughout the day In the morning I thank God for giving me the ability to get up 4 o’clock in the morning. I had to drive; thank you, God, for giving me a car. Some people can’t drive; thank you for that. I flew here; I can travel around the world; thank you for that. Thank you for friends in the city Thank you for seeing beautiful trees Thank you for a beautiful day. Thank you for mass at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Thank you. Thank you for my friends that I met and had a good dinner with. Thank you for all that. I visited some other friends. Thank you for a friend for many years. Thank you for being able to walk. I am young; I don’t need a wheelchair. Thank you A long list of things to say to God, many things. Wow! I didn’t want to be specific. Thank you for everything; no no; that is easy. No, you have to think It’s inspiring. Try that, okay. Now, next A A means ask for help, ask for help Apple? No no. It means ask Ask for help. Okay I thank God; I say that to God What more. Then A ask; wait Sit, sit Go ahead

Okay A. now ask, ask for help. Now give me some examples; ask for God to help with what? All friends. All, that’s easy; say something more specific; what kind of help? Ask the Lord to help me find a place. Help me to find a place. Say more. What more to say; I need a job; I need to find work Other, something else; I need protection For work; for immigration help. The corona virus, please help the sick people to be well. Help us to find a better way of being well. Help open our hearts; let my heart be opened. Many, many things we can say Now you understand. Ask the priest for forgiveness. Okay, hold on to that. Ask God; sit down; we pray; sit down; thank you and now I ask: please help my friend; help my father and mother who are old; help them; help me teach the faith; help world peace; please help; no matter what. Just just say it to God Okay? Pray about sickness, yes P Praise, praise, what does that mean? Praise Giving me life; that’s thanks. What’s the difference? Thanks; what’s the difference, good. What does that mean “praise the Lord”; what does that mean? Praise for a beautiful, something wonderful! Wow! wonderful why wonderful? Why is it so wonderful? Tell me why? He made the beautiful trees, other wonderful things that God did. Rain some day a beautiful beautiful day it’s wonderful What else is wonderful? Rainbow, we see the beautiful rainbow That’s wonderful, that rainbow. Birds, how do birds fly, how? Wow! That’s wonderful Animals, yes: see all the little animals, wonderful They’re all different those animals, wonderful. Other wonderful? Wow! Look; do we all all have the same faces? No. There are all different faces. God is a wonderful artist; he shaped each face to be different; that’s wonderful. God gave wonderful names; all over the world billions of people Tell God you are wonderful, why? For all these different reasons; you’re wonderful How wonderful! For everything. Think: suppose you share a meal. You say that was a

delicious meal; it was nice. You drew a picture, that is nice. Those are beautiful earrings, nice haircut. How would you feel? Really built up. That’s God; you are wonderful wonderful! Wow! People are bored; they don’t see God’s wonderful work. Every time I look around I see. Wow! How God made all of this Last one S sorry Yes, we need to pray. We need to pray. Hold on one second. Pray: thank God; ask–help me please Prayer of praise–you’re wonderful, why? Now, last, sorry; I make mistakes today; sorry I lied, I’m sorry. I talked badly to a person; I’m sorry. I got mad and insulted a person; that was wrong; I’m sorry. I did something; please forgive me Sin Sin, I am doing something wrong. God said no stealing lying fighting with someone. Every day it’s important. Many Deaf people say why confession, for what? There’s nothing, no sin It means the person doesn’t really know themselves deeply; they just kind of go along; they don’t know all of their mistakes in their life. It helps us every day to look at ourselves, yes Improve, have less anger, be more patient. Lying. It helps us improve. It will Did you understand me? Am I boring you? What does it means “sin,” “sinner”? That’s a person who commits a sin. We are all sinners; we sin. Sin? What’s that? That’s stealing, lying, fighting with people, whatever Okay now I ask ten minutes break, 10 minutes, not 15 minutes. No Now I suppose you are thinking about praying to God I suggest TAPS. T thank, A ask, P praise you are wonderful. S I’m sorry, I made a mistake Again tomorrow, the same thing; again every day, you can do it. It’s my suggestion Do you have to? No. There are similar kinds of prayers Same idea–TAPS Right. It’s important. You can’t make it exact. The goal is to be with God, to be friends with God. That’s the inspiration God has to check things off? No. God loves us. He is very excited with us Okay. Now we want the Our Father, Hail Mary Glory, but sometimes the English is

hard. No matter. Maybe you can use both– TA PS, Our Father, Hail Mary; no matter. Same thing again and again Our Father, Hail Mary, but no TAPS, no. Do both. Talk to God. Okay, but talk to God TAPS from the heart Why is Our Father important, why? Right. Jesus taught us that prayer. Jesus created that prayer. They asked Jesus teach us how to pray. Jesus said my suggestion about praying: Our Father in heaven, and so forth. That is his own prayer, and we follow him Every day, 10 minutes or more. It’s like a husband and a wife They spend five minutes talking; is that good for the marriage? You need more communication. Same with prayer to God Five minutes, ten minutes is better. Half an hour. Maybe half an hour in the morning, half an hour at night. You can do that. If you’re busy, more is better so you can have a deeper relationship with God. I encourage you to try that. More every day; maybe five minutes in the morning, five minutes in the afternoon, five minutes at night, and gradually you will increase it to twenty minutes, thirty minutes It’s like Evelis; I meet her; we talk; we meet each other again and again; we have longer and longer conversations. Same with prayer. Prayer is a little awkward; start with a few minutes. Then we pray and pray and gradually 20 minutes 30 minutes; it will happen. Be patient; the relationship will happen; don’t give up That’s good; that’s good; “distract.” I’m talking, sitting down, talking to someone Wait Pay attention! It’s the same. To be honest with you, that’s my habit. I sit down to pray; then I can feel my phone. No, no, no, no, no, put it away, lock it away; don’t touch it. Pay attention to God. It keeps interrupting. God is patient; set it aside; pay attention.That’s better Distraction, no no; you want more quiet. Put the phone away and focus on prayer Sometimes conversation in church. Yes, sometimes I see it; I don’t like it

During Mass I know the Deaf I see them there texting. It is important for who? for God So hold off on the phone 40 minutes, 30 minutes, it’s not an emergency. Set the phone aside and focus on God Many times For example, during Mass, I see people over there talking. You think I’m blind; I can’t see them talking. No, pay attention; forty minutes, that’s all. It’s thrilling It’s for God; it’s inspiring What if an emergency happens? But a long time ago, it was fine; there were no phones. 30 minutes for Mass and it is finished; then you can rush off. What’s the problem? You’re looking at mass, then you get nervous and it’s an emergency emergency, and it’s nothing, family. What about a long time ago, there was no phones; everything was fine At work use it; in church you should set the phone aside. Pay attention to God. Don’t let yourself become distracted. Okay, let’s keep going; one more. God has no problem. Paying attention when you’re driving; that’s right, good point. When you’re driving and texting, that’s when accidents happen. When you are driving, an emergency? No set it aside; focus on keeping safe Now time is moving on; one last one. Okay, next Time is running out. The Bible is good, why? God talks to us. We talked to God Evelis, we talk to each other I feel; I keep praying and talking to God. But you never say anything to me God is talking to us, how? Through the Bible God is talking to us, how? We read that in the Bible. We go to Mass and it is important for reading. Oh yes you learned something God is explaining things to us–not to lie, pray the rosary, love; He loves you God is saying that to us, saying that to us in the Bible. We can read all that. Time is running out; let’s keep going