Maddam Sir – Ep 137 – Full Episode – 18th December 2020

What are you doing here? Yes, we are here You were talking highly about your security system That nobody can breach it That you have ever eyes on every activity here but you are sleeping here Is this your security system? Ma’am, I knew that you both would come here and ask me the same question after finding me sleeping Tell me, SHO, how can I help you? We want to check the footage of 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. duration And she is the SHO now and I am the SI But you were SHO in the morning But not anymore – Oh! What do you mean? Do you have any problem? Well, I knew it – What did you Just show the footage This woman is roaming in the whole hospital with her face covered And she is the only woman at the enter and exit point whose face is not visible Or may be, she has hidden it deliberately Do this. Show me the footage of the CCTV cameras installed outside the hospital Stop.. Rewind it Right there. Stop, pause Zoom on the rickshaw’s number plate There you go Karishma Singh – I understood I will get this rickshaw driver to you tomorrow morning Jay Hind! – Jay Hind! Santu, are you sure that the rickshaw will come here? Yes, ma’am. It’s tracked by the CCTV camera of M.G. Road signal two minutes ago. He will be there in a few seconds Ms. Karishma, is that you? Oh! Is that you? I feel so fortunate that I got to see you today Tell me something Did you pick up a woman from the City Hospital who was carrying an infant? I remember, ma’am – Really? Do you remember her appearance? I don’t remember all that She had her face covered Do you remember where you dropped her? I dropped her in Gomti Nagar – Where exactly there? Ma’am, I will take you where I had dropped her Come with me. – Very good Why have you pasted my photograph everywhere? Ma’am, I’m a very big admirer of yours You thrash people so hard You are so violent – All right, mister Please start the rickshaw You can tell me on the way Sure But what about your motorcycle, ma’am? Nobody in Lucknow can even dare to touch my motorcycle It will be safe Ma’am, this is where I dropped that woman Are you sure? Yes, I remember it ‘This is just an IVF centre.’ All right, take me back to my motorcycle This I had woven this sweater for him a few months before her birth And those clothes I always wanted to make him wear this But my baby was snatched before I could do that

Shikha, please calm down I know that you are disturbed But you must pull yourself together He is your baby No power can change your relation But don’t worry You will get back what’s yours This is my promise to you Are you sure there was nothing but an IVF centre? That’s right, ma’am Did you inquire in that centre if they had any woman of that appearance? You might have got some lead from there Because only those couple who have fertility complication visit IVF centres Ma’am, don’t mind me saying this but I don’t think the woman who stole the baby would get down at an obvious place She would know that she might get caught Why would she make such a mistake? That’s why I thought it’s not right to enquire there and that’s why I didn’t do that My experience say that at times, we would be having the solution right in front of our eyes but we keep ourselves busy in things which complicate it more The easiest way to solve any complicated situation is to try solving it in the most easiest manner I think we should enquire in that IVF centre once You are absolute right, ma’am Let’s go there Hold on I don’t think we should go there in police uniform If the criminal gets this information he might get alert Let’s go in civil dress and do the enquiry and see if we can find a lead. – That’s right ‘Ameenabad, Police Station, Come in.’ Women Police Station, Delta one, over ‘Romeo wants to talk to Delta one and Delta two.’ Romeo wants to talk to both of them? ‘Romeo to Delta one and Delta two, over.’ Jay Hind, sir. – Jay Hind, sir Delta one and Delta two reporting, over ‘I want to meet the both of you, over.’ Copy that, Romeo Anything urgent, sir? Over ‘We will have a chat over tea. Over.’ Delta two to Romeo, we have tea in evening We are busy today. Over ‘I will be waiting.’ ‘Romeo to Delta one, over and out.’ Even the DSP has become a new trouble for us We should meet him for everything He should have hope on us that we can solve matters independently, without his help Did you hear that? – What? – You know that What? She said that even DSP is a trouble for her So what, Ms. Pushpa? She means, the sister has already been a trouble for her And her brother is now adding more to it That’s what Ms. Pushpa wants to say Let’s go and change clothes – Very good You have tried to incite me well today You can think of a better plan the next time And I agree with Ms. Haseena Brother Anubhav is being too nosy in everything We know how to solve a case Ma’am, ignorance is the key now and no reply from my side Do as you wish Karishma Singh, surprisingly, I agree We will solve the case first and then reply Sure All right. I will find it if the theft of baby is connected to this centre – Hold on, Karishma Singh Let me remind you that I’m the SHO of this police station So, I will decide everything here And I have decided that I will go inside But how will you go alone? Why can’t anyone of us go? Because among the both of us, I’m the one who can handle this matter sensitively Santosh is so young that if she goes in she will be caught in a minute And women of Ms. Pushpa’s age expect their grandchildren and not their own children I think I’m the right candidate to go inside Hence, I will go – She’s a point What’s the point in that? Girls used to get married early back then hence we used to have kids soon Otherwise, I’m not that old either I’ve never taken pride in my beauty ever But I look just 2-3 years elder than Ms. Karishma I am yet to explore this world There’s nothing to explore in your life now Do you have any more questions? I have one When you go inside, the doctor will question you about your married life, husband and your married life There are many such questions which they ask a married woman I am experienced in that and you aren’t If you are asked such questions, what will you answer?

Hence, I will come with you inside because I’ve experience of facing such questions If I am with you, we can handle it You are right You should come with me In fact, by the time I talk to doctors and medical staff and gain their attention you will get a good chance to check the medical records This is right. All right. Clear? Yes. – Yes Clear Santosh Sharma, did you install the cameras wherever I had asked you to? – Yes, ma’am I’ve fit it in your necklace and on bag. – All right Will everything get recorded properly? – Don’t worry I have their full control on my laptop And we will be connected through a special line There you go. – Okay, great All the best – All the best All the best. – All the best Let’s go Did it turn on? – Yes, it is turning on ‘What are they both doing here in normal clothes?’ ‘What are they up to?’ Excuse me. – Yes – We want to meet the doctor Be seated The doctor will see you here Actually, the doctor is seeing all the patients here due to COVID I will confirm your appointment. – Okay The audio is active Give me your identity proof – There you go Okay. Please be seated Where is the washroom? Go straight and turn right – There? I will be right back Let me check here Ms. Karishma. – Yes? Did you find anything? No, I don’t find any illegal entry or transaction I don’t find anything which can tell us that anything is wrong here Turn on the video Let us see it The cameras are active Santu, put Ms. Haseena’s camera on full screen Oh! He is here Completing our mission is now doubtful Ms. Pushpa, he is a DSP, our senior Hello, ma’am The DSP is right behind you – Hello Hello, ma’am Looks like she forgot to turn on her audio I knew this would happen as Mr. Anubhav is here What if he is a DSP? He is Ms. Karishma’s brother, after all Oh, God! Why did You get these devils in my life? I can hear it You should have told me that her microphone is active I told you I was just Excuse me. Mrs. Rajni Tomar That’s me Where is your husband? Husband? Can’t you do consultation without my husband? Not at all And husbands must be there in such discussions Her husband is here I am her husband What nonsense May I? – Sure, sit down Thank you I apologise for coming late I am her husband, Anu Tomar Isn’t it, dear? Yes, he is my husband What? Did you make my brother your husband? Look, I don’t think you have any problem physically But I have understood your actual problem as to why you can’t bear a child Why can’t we? Because there’s no excitement in your relationship

How can such a boring relationship have a good news? Both of you are sitting away from each other There’s nothing as such, ma’am You have misunderstood us We love each other a lot Our married life is filled with excitement We don’t lack in passion and excitement I have heard that god fulfils at least one of our prayers I wish this turns out to be true and they actually become a couple It would be fun if Ms. Haseena becomes the sister-in-law of Ms. Karishma You are enjoying it, aren’t you? Completely These two enemies will become relatives What can be a bigger revenge than this? Ms. Pushpa, you have again forgotten that I can hear it No.. I was just kidding Put an end to such dangerous imagination now Or else, your reality will be more horrible. Got it? Yes Excuse me I have this urgent call Sure Will you please tell me as to what is going on here? For as long as I can understand you are in this mission to find the baby and you have come here looking for an evidence That’s why I am helping you But the question is why have you chosen this particular IVF centre for your investigation? Sir, I don’t have time to tell you everything now All I can say is that you’ve understood it right So please continue this drama I will give you the details in the police station The patient had some problem So, since how many years are you married? 13. – 12 That’s what I was telling her That I love her so much that I feel I’ve been living with her for as long as I can remember She is right It’s been 12 years since we started our happy married life How many times did you get pregnant in these 12 years? Once. – Just once? No. Not even once Your husband looks fit to me Does he have any medical problem? No, I am absolutely fine What about you? Even I am absolutely fine All right, we will make you undergo a few tests As you said, you both are physically fit IVF will be successful What did you say? I don’t believe it Thank you Did you hear that? We are going to become parents after 12 years Very bad! Your husband loves you so much He is holding your hand ever since he came here But you are trying to send him away Come on, hold his hand That’s right How are you? Who is she? – She is his sister So, is she your sister-in-law? – Yes Can I talk to you privately? Sure, come. – Come Come Very good! – What do you mean? You are going right Sister, I am just acting It’s the need here Even your mother-in-law acts Otherwise, the doctor would have got suspicion that we both are just acting Understood, Sister? Tell me, what do you want to say? See, I want to become a mother But I don’t want to get pregnant Don’t worry about money I have millions. You’ll get it I don’t know Please be clear How can you give birth to a baby without pregnancy? All right, let me tell you that directly I have heard that we can buy new born babies in this IVF centre What! Look, we are running this centre since 35 years

And I have never been dishonest towards my profession But you want me to do something so evil in the greed of money? Get out.. – Listen to me I said, leave Or else, I will have to call the security Leave. – Doctor – Get out Please calm down – Leave Listen to me Well, I am SHO Haseena Malik from Women Police Station He is DSP Anubhav Singh and she is SI Karishma Singh A baby was stolen from a nearby hospital a few days ago We’ve come here to investigate the same We had suspicion that this IVF centre runs the racket of tracking new born babies But we are happy that there’s nothing as such I apologise for all this confusion but I hope you understand It’s okay I will take your leave now I’ve an important meeting See you in the police station No. It will take just a week for us to solve this We will meet after that Who do you think I am? Do you think I’m a fool? Then don’t waste your energy in such bad acting We shall meet in office and deal with this in our style Jay Hind! – Jay Hind! Jay Hind!