New BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer 220i 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello and welcome to a new video my dear friends today I have right here with me the new BMW 2 series gran tourer 220i 2020 model and I’m really happy to review it for you here are some information about the car 2-liter engine 119 one horsepower 280 Newton meter the the light the price of the car it’s fifty one thousand nine hundred dollars the ground price the start price of the car it’s 44 thousand dollars and here the consumption eight liter so you can post a video if you want to read all that information I like the fact that this new grand tourer come with the grill that we have it also on the M cars from BMW also you can see the M logo here it has some some things from the M cars also it comes with ventilated discs also the rims have the M on it I don’t I’m not sure if they are those light alloy rims but you can see here the rims look pretty nice also the brake calipers are normal so not sure about that but the brakes disks are ventilated rotors or do we want to call it also the M logo like I said before here on the side that means that the car have some sump accessories that the M cars have and I will try to show you but first M let me let me open the blinkers guys and let me show you the blinkers i I know most of you are interested in the blinkers we have LED blinkers on the mirrors right here the mirrors are also simple and black glossy they look actually normal nothing fancy there I like although those LED lights in the front the the the the front headlights look fantastic and also the daylight this shape from BMW look gorgeous and also we have the LED for the high beam and low beam in the back also I like the LED the LED lights the normal light but the blinker skies they put a normal book you can see the normal boat there I don’t understand why but yeah anyway other than then the blinkers that are normal book the other light it’s LED and you can see it also up here it looked fantastic I love those back LED lights from BMW LED lights also on the number plate reverse camera I can see it there and also the brake light up there on the on this door trunk door and also some lights reflectors down here I like the shape of the LED lights it has a nice three-dimensional shape there that you can see it from any position and when you are in the back of this car you immediately see those those light here you can see the car can you can buy some accessories for the car also this bicycle it holder also we have exhaust pipe down here we have some four four parking sensors in the back and the exhaust pipe look pretty nice and also the bumper look a little bit sporty er you can see in the back they add this kind of grey glossy plastic and the bumper look also very interesting and very sporty I have to tell you that the car look pretty nice without accessories here in the back also the car have a big entrance you can see how big is the entrance in the car so you can carry very big items without any problem this is the protection some kind of protection for the entrance in the car here you can buy it extra from BMW I’m not going to go into detail with the price and stuff like that here we have a huge huge space in the left side where you can stick your hand also we have hooks around there here you have the button for the seats you can fold down the seats and hooks for the groceries here also I forget to tell you this car it’s 7 seater so you have to take into consideration that 7-seater it has a huge trunk huge huge trunk also 12 volt port here in the back another space in the right side and look at that space space in the car it’s fabulous oh really fabulous down here under the floor because it’s a really tiny floor it’s a small place where you can put your protection for the trunk and also you have some space there where you can put your repair kit or triangle or stuff like that and that power use in the car now guys under here are the

other seats this is a protection for the trunk the rubber protection that I if you want to keep the car clean and in good condition for the long time look and you can also buy this protection you can see the windows you can see the roof even on the roof it’s a light here for the 7 seater so the people in in the last seat can have some light if they need it also in the seat belt the roof shape you can also see it very simple it’s there’s a lot of space inside this car also LED light on the handles here you can see it’s very nice in the night it makes the car look much more fancier and also this glossy black plastic around the windows look very nice and I see BMW start to add it to all their cars even the new cars even the new BMW 1-series were free series they have the same black gloss around even the x6 and I like it very much I don’t know but I like this glossy black plastic around the windows look very nice you have to pay attention to not scratch it adaptive LED lights as I told you before really awesome the LED from BMW it’s it’s great in the night a lot of great visibility parking sensors in the front we have six parking sensors very very useful and also this bumper in the front we have LED even on the folk lamps down there and the shape it’s like on the M the bumper it’s it’s I think it’s from the M because you can see the shapes and the lines also here we have some air intakes where the air go inside there is a radiator on the right side and then here right away there is just air that go around the wheels and it’s helped tire a dynamic of the car and better consumption radiator inside the grill are from M you can see here no close and open it’s just the air goes directly to the radiator and then down here some lines like the car I like the shape of the car and also the hood they make those lines from the M so they want to make a family sport car they want to they want to make the driver feel also like he drives a sport car and nice car also up here the camera for reading the traffic speed limit and also the sensor for the raining up there you can add roof storage space also you can buy it separately from BMW and yeah other than that I think yeah we will go in that in interior guys let me close blinkers and yeah we will go forward I want to show you the rest of the car inside here for example something that I like a lot of about this car is the entrance very big entrance very big windows so you have a great visibility from the interior of the car good quality on the doors soft materials up here and then we have some ambient light some chrome design insertion you can see here the ambient light then we have some soft fabric material that we have it also on the seat you will see it in the moment also with some kind of blueish here we have the leather on the armrest very good quality as well the speaker the handle and down here we have kind of plastic but a lot of storage space in the back that’s a good thing so going inside the car my favorite thing about this car are those seats we will see it in the moment here we have some plastic with BMW right on it and then we have those my favorite seats Alcantara seats you can see the blue stitches they look super nice and I like Alcantara I also like the cars that have Alcantara on the roof but they are awesome the seats are awesome they look nice the fabric material that I told you that it’s on the doors it’s also here in the middle that is the classic shape of the seats from BMW they are very comfortable here in the middle we have two cupholders very useful as well the easel fixed for the kids here in the middle two USB seaports very useful as well the bends and then a little bit of bump there in the middle it’s just small I like that that it’s very small a space storage space down here and also you can adjust the seat from down here that’s another cool stuff because when you have a seven-seater you need to adjust this

second row seats you have to adjust it a little bit in the front then this way you make a little bit more space in the back and also if you want to carry many things in the back you make much more space in this way so um this is kind of cool to be able to adjust those seats in every position you want so very useful also you can fold down the seats the way you want it we have a seven seater here I will show you a little bit later I will try to put a fold and go inside in the back and show you how much space I still have there yeah other than that from here you pull this and then you fold down the seats it’s very simple let me show you right now just you need two hands pull it and then push it down and it’s go all the way flat so you have a flat floor there very cool really cool and I like the fact that it’s flat and you can load plenty of stuff there guys it’s a huge huge car with a lot of space there is great visibility and also the design of the car it’s pretty sporty and it’s also powerful car 119 horsepower it’s it’s quite quite a lot for a family car so again I need two hands here to fold down the seat you can fold only the middle part if you want to carry long items like skis or stuff like that long items and you are able to do that with it no problem a lot of space also still left here on the legs where you can put different stuff and again you can see here the space inside the car inside the cabinets it’s plenty of space and even to carry Mobile’s big mobile part or fridge and stuff like that there are the seats under the floor here you can open it you can open it very simple they are the same Alcantara seats the same quality but it has a nice interesting systems there they are much much tiny and skinny you can see the part the down part it’s very tiny very skinny and they make this interesting design there I think I see it on the Volkswagen car on all four walls wagon yeah Sharan I think I see it on the shower on the same system very similar and very interesting system I don’t remember to run or Sharan I think they have the same system anyway doesn’t matter here we have a lot of accessories guys behind the front seats you can buy it from BMW a lot of space storage space on plastic behind the seat and also a space there for your drink it’s kind of feeling like in an airplane like yeah not like in high class airplane first class airplane but like in an airplane that have also food normal anyway but the seats are also from the first class they they are awesome very good quality I love it really really love it any way you can you can adjust the position of the seats as well you can put it a little bit on the back or all the way on the back if you drive long trips you can put it all over the way in the back and you have plenty of space a lot of space on my knees as I told you it is plastic for the food or whatever you want to put on it plenty of space on the knees I can stretch my legs there also an LED light on the front seat plenty of headroom great visibility on the windows I like the windows they’re big almost no blind spot there in the backs of plenty of space pretty happy with the space here and also I love those Alcantara seats even in the middle a lot of space in the middle on the legs as you can see here for the left right passengers still left plenty of space and up here the LED lights very useful plenty of space on my head left right stretch my hand so as I told you three people here no problem you can drive it three people in the back here we don’t problem if the people are not so so big also an armrest here in the middle so leather armrest very useful as well the dashboard we will go in a moment in the front and I will show you also the dashboard and the detail right there on the dash so let me let’s make oh there are guys but first time let me

I think I will fold down the seats and I will show you I want to show you let me take this out and show you how much space you have here in the back without this and also I will go in the back to show you the space guys so right now I fold up the seats for you and you can see how much space you still have in the trunk when the seats are up also you see before here the space down here I can still put something there it’s a flat entrance but so many place left in the pack for the luggage but other than that you can see how it can fold front the seat let me go inside guys and let me show you how much space you still have there so the same Alcantara seats the same design just they are a little bit more thinner and also two cupholders in a space that are in the middle also you have an armrest you have a light up there let me go inside guys to show you how much space I still have it there I think some of you are interested in that actually to be honest it’s not so big big big space but I’m still able to be here you know I still have some space on my legs and maybe not for very long trips but for kids it’s perfect you have plenty of space for kids here in the back also let me put to rest a little bit upper and you can see now I have like two fingers up there still left for me the visibility is good not bad at all and yeah I guess that’s the space I still have two cup holders and a space there you see the big difference when my knee are all in the sky but I still I’m still able to be here for yeah a few maybe 200 kilometers 300 it’s no problem also for the kids it’s recommended to be in the back because they have plenty of space but I’m not sure not so small kids because the small kids you have to use the easel fixing yeah anyway other story so anyway you can adjust those second ropes it’s the way you want it so then you can steer you still have some space on your knees when you when you put it a little bit in the front so yeah anyway I hope you make an idea about that space guys and then we will go in the front to show you the rest of the the card interior it’s quite interesting not bad not bad I should say it’s not bad at all here we have a window from two parts so this is the main part in another little part there the quality on the doors the same as in the back good quality also ambient light in the interior some aluminum nah not aluminum this is chrome design this is plastic in chrome then we have the speaker then we have this fabric material in blue – two lines of ambient light in the front leather here on the armrests and then at the button selected buttons for the windows and for the mirrors are there right here and then going down plastic and a lot of storage space here also the button for the trunk you can automatic open the trunk because the lift gate in the back it’s automatic at the entrance here we have the BMW logo with some aluminum and plastic at the entrance kind of half half aluminum pedals you can see they’re kind of like this is this car some some some parts from em are taking the seats in the front are fabulous really amazing the same materials as in the back Alcantara fabric in the middle you can adjust it the way you want you have side support but they are kind of sporty to be honest they look sporty but they are also very comfortable and in the winter you can get warm in them very fast because of Alcantara and fabric Mattel also here the controls for the light also the brightness of the ambient light soft material on the dashboard we have this kind of stitches blue stitches there and then we have rubber all over here soft material all over the – the head-up display also the car have head-up display and directly on the windscreen that’s cool and also soft material everywhere and some vents there in the front good visibility not bad the design of the – it’s kind of straight and you have great visibility some chrome design insertion right here on – then again this fake stitches with rubber soft material everywhere the globe walks it’s big enough and we have

a normal old light inside there and then other than that pretty simple to design it’s simple the the cockpit I think you already know it it’s I think I show you in another video and it’s free I think yes it’s free you can check out my other videos with x-4 you can see it there also the steering wheel you can see the am steering wheel this is the not the newest ECM it’s kind of the previous version it’s kind of an older one but it still look nice it has a great grip the buttons are the same same good and same simple to use a little bit different not the same buttons but a little bit different even this stick here it’s a little bit different from the newest models but you still have great great comfort and great quality in my opinion then the start/stop button right there soft material around it and we have the media system here controllers button then we have some space here where you can put your phone and the new SB port right there you can see it right there the USB port and then down here we have the climatic system controls heated sit in the front very simple glossy around it there parking sensors and then we have the sport or eco pro you can change it from here from this button the way you want to drive the stick is the oldest one you know it from the oldest BMW yeah but it’s still nice it’s still nice I still like it it’s still awesome and also electric handbrake that’s a cool extras I like it and also the controls for the multimedia system right there very simple very cool also we can use it with a touch screen if you want to it’s very very easy and it’s one of the best to media system on the market as you know BMW make great great systems and here two cupholders 12 volt port and USB port down there armrest very cool a great armrest right here leather then a space where you can put your phone right here inside it will not move it has a fixed place right there also it’s comfortable and it’s pretty good not bad at all really nice now up here we have a mirror with kind of a fat edges here but you still have a good usability I prefer the one with the tiny edges also LED light up here pretty nice design SOS button mirror with LED light yellow LED lights microphone armrests warmers handle and the roof has also good quality there it’s a little bit of blind spot guys because they split the front window it’s a little bit of blind spot when you drive but in the back it’s no problem great usability on the windows also you can see the interior of the car from here now what’s left it’s here those buttons to button for from this button you can actually normal you can activate and this activate the safety system of the car the vents feel pretty yeah ok not not the best but yeah they are ok and then let’s go to this nice multimedia system here most of you already know it here you have the media you can connect your USB you can listen music here radio USB a Bluetooth audio you can see here you can connect your phone to it then communication the telephone and all that stuff right there here you have them the navigation system it’s it’s a great navigation system I have to tell you it’s work really fast its load in no time it has great colors a great resolution then you can control it also from the from the with the touchscreen so it’s pretty simple it’s load actually it’s loading very fast when you choose a destination so yeah I like it like it no lag at all so as I said one of the best now going forward you have also internet connection and here the application from BMW you have the weather you have the news you can online search different stuff with this system also you can go back here and forward and yeah you have here the menu and all that settings right here that you can adjust every

settings that you want on the car it’s very very simple from here you have to also the car information the technical information here you can see also videos and it’s kind of the car book it right here and you can see all kind of information about the car and the last one in the right is the errors and the information about the car so I don’t want to get into detail if you want to see the latest operation system 7 from BMW review it on my channel check it out on my channel and you will see it there guys also yeah I guess I’m finished with the car I hope you make an idea I hope it was useful for you guys this review with the new BMW grand tourer 220 II I hope you enjoyed it please subscribe to my channel guys check out my other videos I have the newest this BMW and not only all kinds of new cars on my channel so don’t hesitate to check it out and subscribe to my channel of course if you want to see the newest test videos that’s come on the channel also thank you very much to watching to all my subscriber and all of you guys we show a nice day and stay safe bye guys see you soon