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everybody welcome back to power mods I’m Louis skee-bowl I just waterproofed that clutch housing there’s no sense in doing that unless we build some snorkels and the reason for that is this intake right here well that’s for your engine there’s one like this on the other side and that’s for your clutch housing both of them took in water and mud and we don’t want that you can see right here no laughing you you can see on this side you know the filter did its job but I’m not going to use that on the other side the clutch intake is just packed full of mine I’ll show you that a little bit so we’ve waterproofed sealed the clutch housing time to build a snorkel this is a pretty simple procedure as far as taking this off we’re going to take off these two side fenders this rear box thing comes apart very easily pretty handy you don’t have to take off that back tire I did so I was just doing some work in there anyway you can see this intake here check it out I didn’t at any time go under the water with this just a lot of power sucking in a lot of air anything that goes rushing by there any mud or water gets sucked in as usual make sure you put all your little bits and parts and pieces in a box you don’t want to lose any of that stuff all these lights are pretty simple just to twist into a stout type of housing some air box mount lots of mud and water in through there kind of the holes here to figure out what that one goes I told my wife I was doing this today just why are you going to put a snorkel on this thing like it’s not a submarine heck yeah it’s a submarine it’s what we do I said my submarine I’m going to put wings and a propeller on it nothing’s going to fly even if you’re in the desert and you don’t ever really come across water you’re thinking hey why do I need a snorkel well you know in Australia they have snorkels there and it’s not as much for water Crossing is keeping your intake nice and high you want it up nice and high keep it out of the dust filters last a little longer they don’t get all clogged up on you so they’re a good three and a half we get everything out of here there I’m going to close this air box back up plug that and I’m going to blow all that off alright guys this is where we’re at we tried shooting some video fab being things up but you know what it was pretty time-consuming and it was dragging on soap I fitted most of the parts were right to this stage right here I’m going to go back lift this off I’m going to show you exactly what we used at the end of the video I’m going to put a parts list of each thing that we used and exactly the lengths that we had to cut and any other facts and little pointers that you need so as you can see we ran into some issues I ran a 3-inch pipe off the filter housing here some guys run a 2-inch off the main intake and then they cut a hole in the back and they run another two-inch but you know what that honestly doesn’t flow as much as a three inch to two inches not the same as a three inch so I used a three inch tube ran it right up it’s right to here we were going to try to run it up between the seats but I figure my shoulder maybe my helmet might have come in contact with it so I didn’t like that I can’t do it in front of the bar because there’s not enough room so I went behind the bar three inch here Inlet outlet for the snorkel and then we’ll run our tubes up to here and I’ll show you what we’re going to do next but I’m going to take this off now show you what we did underneath here now we’re pretty lucky this is a pretty good straight shot some of the older ours ers you’ve got to funnel them in and like

spaghetti sauce in here almost we got pretty lucky and as I said what I used here was a two to three inch coupler the inlet on this air filter housing is actually two and three-quarter inches so we stretched a two inch coupling over the top which is actually an adapter goes to three inches and we’ve used a few little things here make this work we’ve used a short piece of ABS in here like I said I’m going to give you an exact breakdown of what we used we used a ninety degree I think it’s called a street band so there’s a female on one side there’s a male on the other side we used Flex coupler three inch we use another piece of ABS measure that up for you and then it comes down to a 90 another 90 degree it comes down to this 90 degree right here actually you look right here comes to this 90 degree right here all right now we’ve got this little T and I made this little gizmo this is actually for the I think it’s a crank case ventilation tube so I’m just going to cut that I’ll fit that right on so that’s going to work out well this will seal right up so that’s the large intake now this is the snorkel for the clutch housing this is for the clutch housing exhaust right here actually and that is a 3 to 2 inch rubber adapter that’s a street 90 male female and male and short piece of abs and a 90 degree female on both ends and then we have the clutch housing intake which is another 3 to 2 adapter with a street 90 fits in just perfectly and we’ve got two 45s here they’re both streets as well so they have male and female ends on them now the good thing about these little rubber couplings you can sort of offset them a little bit mount them a little you know kiddy corner if you will when you tighten them up they’ll still seal up so they’re a little malleable which is good that’s kind of what you want because we’re going to need that to get the exact fit that we want so that’s it we’ve got our snorkels all set up that’s a good thing the next thing to do we’ve got to get these vent lines routed up nice and high now I think this is off the fuel rail or the injector rail ones off the fuel tank diff got to get those up higher there’s no sense doing all this if water is going to get into everything else and I get this ABS cement you can get it at any hardware store all these parts were just picked up locally Home Depot same with the vents and the fuel lines a fuel vent line now when you’re using this abs just mark where you want these to meet up use something a little brighter than black but I’m still going to see it I’m going to goop it up with the cement on both sides put it in and give it a quarter turn till those lines match you want to do that you only have one shot at this stuff because it hardens up pretty darn fast make sure you’re doing this in a well-ventilated area as well and I’m not a plumber as you guys can tell to you can tell you’re going to have a good seal around when you see all this yellow goop everywhere I’m messing while you plumbers that they’re probably saying oh good what a horrible job is what it is give that a couple seconds to set up I’ve just loosely put these clamps over this two to three inch adapter I’m going to tighten that up yet I’m going to leave these little flex coupling is kind of nice and loose so I can make the fine adjustments at the very end make sure you put this bottom clamp facing the driver’s compartment that way you can get in from the back this looks like it’s sort of twisted out a little bit but I’m able to twist it into place when I need to after everything else is in place now we have to do this guy we go before I put this snorkel exhaust adapter on I’m going to change out this little whatever this is little fuel rail

tube or whatever I got some of this at Home Depot and it’s quarter inch tube clear vinyl tube basically the same as what they use on the other stuff so I’m just going to put it on and then just leave it up wrote it out just out of the way so I can get at it when I need to anywhere I am there we go little tight in there to install this adapter on the auricle exhaust that’s pretty tight and once I get everything set up I’ll come back in and I’ll tighten up that bottom one now I’ll have to tighten this up now the short length is actually three and a quarter inches I was off on my earlier measurement oh my goodness I’ll get there’s a little bit excessive on there don’t do that all right but it is up and down just perfect laughing Louie come on just like one of you guys who’s not a plumber now Keeley was in here not minding his own business and he said are you’re not going to silicon up these joints around there and I I could but I don’t really think we need to and because you know I might want to take these off eventually so I don’t know we’re going to try it like this we’re going to do a few test runs to make sure everything’s watertight and then we’ll think about doing that a little later on if we have issues droopy old thing my cameraman said to use lots gotta use love okay to little intermediate pipe here is about seven inches long sweet now this is just a standard three inch to three inch coupler this one here I’m going to tighten that up yet there’s a bend here almost a 90 degree Bend I’m just going to cut it right at that now this little 90 degree fitting is actually a three-quarter inch it’s right in that tube and it actually screws in here is threaded into this little fitting I just put a little lubricant on there just to get this down so I’m not fighting with it there we go I’ll come up tighten that a second so this front and rear differential vent hose is 3/8 outer diameter quarter inch inner diameter it’s got this is the front differential there’s a vent on it it goes up just underneath the hood that’s not good nothing all right I’ve lowered the skid plate as much as I can and more or less feeding

this vent line underneath the skid plate and it’s a little tricky in there because I’m on the hoist I can’t really drop the whole skid plate but I’ve run a wire through basically through a little chase there and I’m just going to pull this vent hose all the way back through the back I don’t want to come off this took a little while to do this and I don’t want Jamie to prove me wrong because he says it’s going to come apart all right Peter there we go piece of cake what I’d like to have gotten it tucked in a little bit more I’ll do it next time I have the skid plate off I’m putting a better it’s good plate on this I’ll tidy it up then now you can see this breather hose that comes off this transmission I’m just going to leave that whole is intact it’s going to come up and I’m going to connect it to the front differential hose and any other hoses that I can tell you the truth because I don’t want to be running a whole bunch of lines up I’d rather just run one up if I can now there’s another little line here and there’s a one-way valve on it or a little check valve and that looks like it comes out of something on the engine and it’s just vented to atmosphere now I did read on our Zr forms net that there is a spot behind the speedometer a little hole little breather hole there I have to go in there and plug that up as well I’m going to do another search online to make sure there’s nothing else that I’m going to miss on this because it’s very important that we make sure that every available hole is plugged on this thing we don’t want any water to get in any of these parts and a great place to find that RZR forum’s net just do a little search on there you’ll find these videos you’ll find a bunch of other information and hopefully we’ll get input from other people about anything that I may have missed on there as well remove these little hangers or brackets that were used to hold the little housings for the intakes will need having them there we’re just going to get all full of mud I see that there’s a metal brace that these actually support so you’ll want to reinstall these bolts so I’ve plumbed that front differential vent hose all the way through underneath the skid plate and it comes up just in front of the motor along the motor mount and in front of a plug right here and then that way the hose won’t get sucked into where the exhaust manifold is we don’t want that to happen might get a little too warm in there I just come up between the snorkels here now this hose is the same size as the hose coming off the transmission so I’m just going to cut this I left this hose coming off the rear transmission I’m going to install this little T little nylon tee and that way I only have to run one hose all the way up I don’t want to run to I don’t want too many hoses coming up top all right I’ve left myself enough access that I can plumb it to where I need I might cut a hole inside the upper tube plumb it into there not quite sure yet I was looking for some holes the appropriate size to come off the vent on the fuel tank and I couldn’t find it but I didn’t find one slightly larger there’s a way to make this little smaller it’s not that difficult all I do I just step on the hose one foot I just lightly warm it up all the way around give it a little tug sort of stretches out the hose a little bit doesn’t really burn through if you burn through you’ve gone too close I just give a little pull and then I let it cool down and that’ll actually sort of just stretch it out make it a little smaller I’ll be able to hook that up and use this hose or if you can see that or not but it got a little narrower in through here and I’ll be able to use that clamp that right on just going to pull this vent line off the fuel tank

filter it’s not a very solid seal around there I’ll cut this hose where I thinned it out see how that fits nice and tight and I just picked up these little clamps at the hardware store I’ll put this down behind with all the other hoses now something you’re going to have to do is secure these pipes you don’t want them moving around in here they’ll chase through possibly come in contact with things you don’t want to wear out I found these little adhesive foam pads in the shop because Keeley had them for something not quite sure what they’re for maybe somebody might recognize them if you can’t find those just find you know a piece of rubber floor mat or a mud flap off the truck and this I’m just going to put underneath this one pipe then I’ll trim it off that just goes on the little crossmember and it’s going to keep it from moving around too much these big industrial or automotive type zip ties so that and this little clear tip that comes on engine and secure that in place trim it up make sure you zip tie these hoses down you don’t want them coming in contact with any moving parts or exhaust manifolds anything they get that’s pretty warm and want that to happen and these don’t need to be tightened up too tight so I’ve confirmed that I’ve tied down strapped down tightened every fitting that I can find underneath here and it’s time to put the back deck on right now just going to plumb these I’ll have these tubes ready to go because they’re going to come actually behind the snorkels I don’t want them in the front I don’t like the look of them now that I have the bed installed I need to connect three pipes to here but I don’t want to put full-length stacks I’m going to need to have them coupled in here somewhere so I can get the back of this off very easily if I have to in the future so what I’m going to do is I’m going to measure a length out probably cut it in here somewhere I’ll do the same for all three Cement those in and then attach the stacks with rubber couplers and if I want I can extend this up for really deep water crossing which we might do in the future so this three-inch diameter tube is about three and a quarter inches long these little shorties are two and a half inches long when I put them in it’s still going to give me enough room to remove the box when I have to got to make sure I can do that if I made them up to here or if I just ran them straight up I’d never be able to get the box off so all I have to do now is just glue these up you know and before you actually glue these into place fit everything first and make sure that it you can get the box off you wouldn’t want to get everything together and then figure out you can’t get the box off that wouldn’t be cool I’ll let that set up for a few minutes we’ll hook up our main stacks so I’ve made two stacks already stacks are about 25 26 inches long I use a 90 degree Bend female-female and I use a little I think this is called the street it’s about a 45 degree and I just cut this little piece of 2 inch tubing on an angle that’s it they’re a little too long you can always trim it from the bottom tidy things up I just cut these on a saw make sure when

you do it you clean out the pipe and the fittings because there’s a bunch of static electricity in there and it holds all the little shavings inside two-inch coupling and another two-inch coupling I’m going to place these on first if you’re having a hard time slipping these fittings on just lube them up you can always use some soap and water it’ll dry right out no problem just spray it on a little bit it’ll slip right down for you I’m not going to mount these up too solid right now because I’m going to be building another cage for this so I don’t want to go through a whole bunch of hassle but what I am going to do use some of this handy stuff here to keep everything from vibrating I was going to drill and put these into the roll cage but ya know I think what I’m going to do now is just curl them up underneath this large stack and I’ll zip tie it in this is a little different than most might look a little goofy I don’t know but you know what I’m not big on looks as long as it does what I wanted to do I want it to keep the water out so it’s got the three inch stack to two inches the three inches for the air intake of course instead of to two inches which doesn’t flow as much so that’s nice and big things are strapped down kind of loose until I see how I like everything I don’t know if I’m going to want to change things around a little bit so I’ll leave it all like that all I have to do now bolt everything down put my tire back on give this thing a test ride so I hope you like my snorkel install I think we’ve all learned something here today I’m going to give it a try make sure you go to our Z our forums net they have all kinds of information that’s where I hang out with boys lots of cool videos coming up rollcage winch install bumpers tires all kinds of cool stuff thanks for stopping in i’m louise Skibo with power mods you Oh you you