Test Your Korean Level #1 (Shopping) + Eng sub

Hello Today, we are going to do a level test for beginners It’s going to be about shopping How to check your level: There are 10 words and 10 sentences about Shopping, and you have to see how much you get right More than 15, you can go on to the next level, but if under, you might want to watch this video and try it again After checking your level, I will explain those words and sentences. So please watch it until the end And then you can download the free ebook pdf file Ok, so let’s start! No.1 is 돈 돈 means money I will explain everything at the end of the lesson No.2, 이거 이거 means this No.3, 가게 가게 means shop No.4, 책 책 means book Please count how many questions you got right No.5, 모자 모자 means hat No.6, 시계 시계 means a watch or clock No.7, 현금 현금 means cash No.8, 카드 카드 means cards like a credit card No.9, 시장 시장 means market No.10, 백화점 백화점 means department store So now, 10 words are finished! Now let’s do sentences No.11, 이거는 뭐예요? 이거는 뭐예요? means ‘ What’s this? ‘ Now it’s no.12, can you read this sentence? 얼마예요? 얼마예요? means ‘ How much? ‘ No.13, 너무 비싸요 너무 비싸요 means ‘ It’s too expensive ‘ No.14, 좀 깎아 주세요 좀 깎아주세요 means ‘ Please give me a discount ‘ No.15, 모자가 있어요? 모자가 있어요? means ‘ Do you have a hat? ‘ No.16, 네, 있어요 네, 있어요 means ‘ Yes, we do( yes, I have ) ‘ No.17, 뭘 찾으세요?

뭘 찾으세요? means ‘ What are you looking for? ) No.18, 이거 한번 입어 보세요 이거 한번 입어 보세요 means ‘ Try this on! ‘ Last two left! No.19, 이 치마는 어때요? 이 치마는 어때요? means ‘ How about this skirt? ‘ No.20, 아주 예쁘고 편해요 아주 예쁘고 편해요 means ‘ It’s very pretty and comfortable ‘ Well, great! Now, we are done with our test Thank you So please check how many questions you have got right From now on, I will explain one by one No.1, 돈 ( Money ) Wang in Bahasa melayu 저는 돈이 없어요 means I don’t have money 없어요 means don’t have 있어요 means I have and 없어요 means i don’t have Won is Korean currency How much is it? It’s 100 won It’s Ringgit in Malaysia No.2, 이거 이거 means this one 이 means this 그 means that 저 also means that but something further 이 사람 means this person, 이 공책, this notebook 그, is something on your side And 저, is something on your side so 이거 means this one, 그거, that but on your side And 저거, that but far from you 이거는 뭐예요 means ‘ What’s this? ‘ 이거는 얼마예요? 얼마 means how much How much is this? I don’t know No.3, 가게 shop or store 이 가게가 This store 유명한 가게에요 유명한 means famous 유명한 가게 means famous shop 옷가게가 어디에 있어요? 옷 means cloth so 옷가게 means cloth shop 어디에 means where Where is the clothing store? No.4, 책 책 means book This book is a Korean language book 한국어 means Korean language 중국어 means Chinese language And 영어 means English Bahasa Melayu is 말레이어 This book is a Bahasa Melayu book And 책방 means bookshop 방 is normally room 노래방 노래 means song 노래방 means karaoke PC방 which is Internet cafe (LAN gaming center) 책방 is bookshop No.5 모자 모자 means hat 이 모자 얼마예요?

How much is this hat? 얼마 means how much 예쁜 모자를 사고싶어요 에쁘다 means pretty want to buy ~고 싶어요 means want to I want to buy a pretty hat 가고싶어요 means want to go No.6, 시계 It means watch or a clock 시계를 사야되요 ~야되요 means must, have to I must buy a watch ~해야되요 is in Active Korean 2 Unit 2 지금 몇시예요? It means What time is it now Now it’s 10:10 I will teach how to write the time later No.7, 현금 It means cash 현금으로 지불해도 되요? ~도 되요? means May I? It’s in Active Korean 2 Unit 6 지불하다 is to pay May I pay using cash? 네, 괜찮아요 Yes, you can It can also be of course No.8, 카드 Card 카드로 살수 있어요 ~수 있어요 means can Can buy using card 신용카드 is credit card 교통카드 is for transportation ( touch n’ go ) No.9, 시장 It means market 오늘 시장에 가요 I’m going to a market today 야시장을 구경하고 싶어요 Lots of grammar here 야 means night 야시장 means night market 구경하고 싶어요 구경하다 means look around ~하고 싶어요 means want to I want to look around the night market No.10, 백화점 It means department store 백화점에서 옷을 사요 Buy clothes in department store 비싸지만 좋아요 ~지만 means but 비싸다 means expensive 비싸다 + 지만( but ) + 좋아요( good ) = expensive but good No.11, 이거는 뭐예요 It means ‘ What’s this? ‘ ‘ What’s that? ‘ will be 그거는 뭐예요? If it’s further, it will be 저거는 뭐예요? What’s this? What’s that? This one is in Active Korean 1 unit 4 You can watch this video if you want to study more about it There are videos on my channel about unit 4 No.12, 얼마예요? How much? How much is that? No.13, 너무 비싸요

It’s too expensive 비싸요 means expensive The opposite is 싸요, which means cheap No.14, 좀 깎아주세요 Please give me a discount 좀 here means please 좀 has two meanings, one is ‘ please ‘ and the other one is ‘ little bit ‘ ( short form of 조금 ) Please give me a discount No.16, 모자가 있어요? Do you have a hat? No.17, 네 있어요 Yes I have 네 means yes 아니요 means no so 네 있어요, or 아니요 없어요 ( No, we don’t have ) 없 has two last consonant, ㅂ and ㅅ But, the second consonant is linked to the next letter So the pronunciation becomes ‘ eopseoyo ‘ Do you have? No, I don’t No.17, 뭘 찾으세요? 뭘 is what 찾다 is to find, to look for So its ‘ What are you looking for ‘ 손님 is customer No.18 이거 한번 입어 보세요 이거 means this 한번 means once 입어 means wear 보세요 means try Present tense + 보세요 means try Present tense + 주세요 means please Try it on And last two No.19, 이 치마는 어때요? 어때요 means how about How about this skirt? No.20, 아주 에쁘고 편해요 아주 means very 예쁘고 편해요 고 means and pretty and comfortable There are lots of ways to use ‘ and ‘ First one is noun and a noun Please give me ‘ Hamburger and Pizza ‘ Please give me ‘ Cola and Coffee ‘ You can also use (이)랑 and 와/과 Second one is a sentence 그리고 a sentence I ‘ go home and study. ‘ I ‘ go home and take shower. ‘ Then I sleep Third one is adjective/verb 고 adjective/verb Pretty and comfortable (예쁘고 편해요 )

Delicious and cheap (맛있고 싸요) So, today we had Korean level test for beginners about shopping The next test might be about greeting, restaurant or number Please try that too! Thank you, 감사합니다 Bye bye