Ẩm Thực Kỳ Thú | Tập 18: Kiều Ngân, Mạc Văn Khoa cạn lời với món "Cá nướng bóng đêm" của Đỗ Duy Nam

Cholimex Foods proudly accompanies the show Vietnam’s Amazing Cuisine Having an imposing nature and the charming waterways, Ba Bể Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Việt Nam – Look at that, Khoa – Look, Nam – This is Ba Bể Lake – This is Ba Bể Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Việt Nam Let’s luxuriate in the beauty of nature, savor the traditional food, and explore the cultural character of people here Let’s hit the road now! Vietnam’s Amazing Cuisine Vietnam’s Amazing Cuisine – Let’s go – Let’s get out of the car. After you – Look at that, Khoa – Look, Nam – This is Ba Bể Lake – This is Ba Bể Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Việt Nam Finally, one member of the Mạc family had the opportunity to visit the largest and the second-largest lake in Việt Nam What are you guffawing at? – Excuse me? – These are only the steps of the lake We have to get into the boat to visit the lake. Do you understand? – Oh, there are some boats here – Let’s go – Hello, sir – Hello, sir Can you please take us to look around the lake? – Sure – Great! – Thank you, sir – That’s great Extremely excited Oh, my God. What a poetic space! What an organic space! It reminds me of a song from “Titanic” Why are you sitting huddled there? I told you. My horoscope said I shouldn’t go down the water this year Being surrounded by immense amounts of water makes me worried You’re wearing a life jacket How can you be scared of water? Just huddle like this to ensure safety It’s better to be cautious Gosh, in such a vast and beautiful lake, it looks like you’re going to die from cold – For the show – Come here, bro There’s no need to be worried – Hurry up. Come up here – There’s a male protagonist – Here comes the female protagonist – Come up here. No need to be worried, bro Let’s sing – How do you feel? – A feel of being immersed in nature – It’s imposing – It’s immense It’s endless A feel of being immersed in the earth, the sky, and nature I feel so proud of Việt Nam, our country That’s true, guys Nam and I are currently in the largest freshwater lake in Việt Nam, – which is Ba Bể Lake – Ba Bể Lake – And this is – Vietnam’s Amazing Cuisine Vietnam’s Amazing Cuisine is produced by Vietnam Television Thank you, Cholimex Foods, for accompanying this show In the middle of this mountainous scenery, why is there such a large lake like this? We have to ask the helmsman to find out the answer This is the first time I’ve been here – Excuse me, Mr. Helmsman – Yes? Could you please tell us about the legend of this Ba Bể Lake? It comprises three different lakes Oh, I see That’s why its name is Ba Bể, right? (Ba Bể means “Three Lakes”) Yes, it is. As they merged into one lake, their channels were widened See? Here is their channel In Tay language, their names are Pé Lầm, Pé Lù, and Pé Lèng – Pé Lầm, Pé Lù, and Pé Lèng? – Pé Lầm, Pé Lù, and Pé Lèng are the names of those three lakes, right? – That’s right – I see But in the past, is there any legend – about this lake’s formation? – Is there any legend, sir? We’ve got a legend of Widow’s Island here The story about Widow’s Island was there was a poor mother living at the end of a village with her son One day, an old lady beggar appeared She seems ugly and dirty – She looked poor, right? – Yes The villagers distrusted her The woman and her son took the old lady home and gave her food and drink Then, the old lady told them

to scatter chaff around their house at midnight As midnight came, they took her advice and scattered chaff around their house Apparently, thunder and lightning started, then rain poured down The water flowed down and rose – Yes, sir – This entire place was flooded They threw two pieces of chaff, which turned into two canoes and saved the villagers That was the legend of Widow’s Island – Oh, that sounds good – It’s interesting It taught us that if we treat everyone with kindness and generosity, good things will come to us – Exactly. That is called causality, right? – Yes I guess this lake must be large, right? Do you know how large it is, sir? The area of this lake is about 2.5 square miles – Oh, my God – And the maximum length of this lake is about five miles Does it have any source of water, sir? – Is the water from nature? – From canyons The lake has three main inflows and flows out by the Năng River over there I believe the food in Ba Bể Lake must be great. Am I right, sir? Yes. You can enjoy the grilled fish and shrimp from this lake In the tourist destinations around here, they’ve got grilled fish and shrimp If we can eat fish caught from the lake, that would be the best The fish would be big and delicious In the large lakes that never run out, – the fish is usually big. Do you know that? – That’s right – They hide at the bottom – Exactly If we can catch those fish Is there any fish that weighs up to ten, twenty kilos? Yes, there is – My goodness! – How heavy is the biggest fish you caught? People used to catch fish that weighed about 20, 30 kilos each – Oh, my God – My goodness! But now, that is rare What is the most common type of fish here? Common carp, grass carp, and barb What is the small island over there, sir? – That is Widow’s Island – So, that’s it – from the legend of Widow’s Island – That’s from the legend, right? There is also a temple over there – The temple is in that corner – Is that so? That temple worships the Mạc family – …worships the Mạc family – Pardon? – Who does it worship? – It worships the Mạc family Gosh, coming to Ba Bể Lake today, – you will leave with – Oh, my God On top of the world A temple in Ba Bể Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Việt Nam, worships the Mạc family Do you understand? What an honor! My goodness! That’s it This must be your lucky day While traveling under the sky, you found out a temple of the Mạc family – You must be thrilled, right? – Exactly Could you please speed up so that we can explore – To look around the lake – and go round the lake, sir? And please show me the Mạc family’s temple, sir Okay Here the temple is This is your lucky day Oh, my God – I feel so proud – Really? The temple is located on an island in the middle of the lake – That’s right – Oh, my God Right time. Right person. Right place Finally, I have an opportunity to stand in front of the Mạc family’s temple Now, please take us to Fairy Pond We’ve already arrived at Fairy Pond, right? – Is this Fairy Pond, sir? – Yes, sir. Here is Fairy Pond Oh, my Gosh! It’s Fairy Pond Sir, you mean there is a pond in the valley at the foot of a mountain, right? Yes. It’s about 100 meters away from here After going up a flight of steps and walking about 100 meters, you’ll reach Fairy Pond – Oh, I see – Yes, sir – Thank you, sir – Thank you very much, sir We’ll walk up there to see what Fairy Pond looks like – Yes, sir – Goodbye, sir – Wow! – Look, Khoa We finally reached the Fairy Pond – I can see myself mirrored in the water – Oh, my God. How beautiful! The water is as clear as an emerald I mean, it is as green as an emerald Oh, my God. What is that? – What is that? – What is this white dress? Here we are at the Fairy Pond My goodness! There are sparkling sequins – This dress – This dress must belong to a lady Oh, my God Is there any chance that the legend about the appearance of a fairy in this Fairy Pond is true? Right. A fairy is the only one that can come down here to bathe in this season It’s winter right now Nobody would come here to bathe It’s winter right now Nobody would come here to bathe – Hello, my fairy! – My fairy! – Gosh, it echoed – That’s right Hello, my fairy! Do you see a person sitting on the swing?

She must be the fairy – Hold on! No, dude – We have to come to meet the fairy If there is a beauty appearing in the deep forest, she must be a succubus She must be a succubus Master! What succubus here? There can’t be a succubus in such a beautiful space like this She must be a fairy. I have to ask her Let’s ask her something My dear fairy! Is there any dog in your house? – Nonsense! – Why? You should have asked, “What are you doing there?” or “Why are you here?” How can any dog appear in this area? I had to ask to know if there was anything over there My dear fairy! Just go! My dear fairy! Fairy! Excuse me, Miss Fairy! I’m so hesitant that I can’t talk My dear fairy! Did you drop this dress? I would like to give it back to you “You bailed water by the communal house yesterday” “You left your shirt on the rock” A brutal poem Leave it to me May I ask Are you the fairy that left this dress on the rock? I’m the fairy guarding this lake – Wow! – That sounds so elegant You are such a beauty A fairy guards a lake. How absurd! Khoa made a slip of the tongue again How elegant! Two of us are on a journey of discovery in Vietnam’s Amazing Cuisine Would you like to join us and explore the delicious dishes, my lady? I would love to But But what, my lady? But I’m afraid that if I go with you, I will turn into a mortal And I will no longer be a fairy Don’t worry, Miss Fairy Being a mortal is really great As a mortal, you can travel to many places, explore many things, especially, eat many different kinds of delicious dishes which sometimes you are not able to taste Would you like to come with us, my lady? – Is it really delicious? – Yes, it is Yes, it is – Alright – Then, let’s go Please come with me Let me pick you up But you have to promise that you will take me to eat a lot of delicious dishes. Okay? I agree Don’t worry. There will be many strange and incredible dishes “You bailed water by the communal house yesterday” – “You left your shirt on the rock.” – A huge rock Vietnam’s Amazing Cuisine Vietnam’s Amazing Cuisine Oh, my God. How fresh! You just said a superabundant sentence In a forest like this, if it is not fresh, what else could be fresh? – Cut it out! – Would you like to have some grilled fish? – My goodness! – Hello, ma’am You seem to have many interesting things here I’ve got many things to sell here – What kind of dish is this, ma’am? – This is grilled fish – Grilled fish? – Are these fish from the lake, ma’am? – Yes, it is – And what is that over there? It’s black glutinous rice cake, a specialty here in Ba Bể And this is glutinous rice dumpling Black glutinous rice cake? I’ll take one Is this glutinous rice dumpling? – Yes, it is – I used to usually eat this at home What type of fish is this, ma’am? Fish has a lot of eggs in this season – So, their stomach is full of eggs? – Right Why is the black glutinous rice cake sold in pairs here? – That’s right – In my hometown, it is sold individually – Just one at a time, right? – Here, it is sold in pairs, which means we have to eat in pairs Exactly. You and I should share and eat this in pair What??? No. I think you and Ngân should share I will eat fish which looks bony, like me – What will we eat with fish, ma’am? – Ketchup and chili sauce are over here – That’s right. It’s only delicious – Since this is the first time – when being eaten with chili sauce – you’ve been in the North, I will You’ll treat me? I’ll treat you with black glutinous rice cake Oh, God As tradition, the female is on the right and the male is on the left. Okay?

– Okay – My goodness! See? Northern boys are gentlemen Gosh, it’s stuffed with bean – Is it stuffed with bean inside, ma’am? – Is it delicious? – Yes, it is – And how about the outer layer, ma’am? The outer layer was made from glutinous rice What did you mix with glutinous rice to get that beautiful black, ma’am? – It’s ramie leaf – Oh, I see – That’s the reason for its name – It’s slightly sweet and tasty It’s not because this cake is made from the thorns. (“gai”: homonym in Vietnamese) Fish is crispy and aromatic – I’d like to offer you a cup of tea – Sure – Sweet and tea have to go together – My goodness! The fairy truly ​outshines the other She looks so elegant as pouring tea She looks refined and genteel, doesn’t she? Please help yourself, my lady Please help yourself A beauty is gorgeous even when drinking tea Am I right? How can a fairy pour such bitter tea? Such bitter tea? The tea is pretty condensed, Miss Fairy Besides these, what have you got on the stalls up there, ma’am? – Those are the specialties in Ba Bể Lake – Oh, I see Are those herbs? Or something else? – I guess this is pip banana. Am I right? – Date palm Date palm helps cure the hangover and cleanse the liver This is wild pip banana And this is celastrus hindsii from Hòa Bình Province – Here is sour little shrimp – Sour little shrimp? – It’s a specialty in Ba Bể – Is this made from little shrimps? – Do we eat this with rice? – There’s also rice inside So, if you come to Ba Bể Lake, you should buy sour little shrimp, a specialty dish here We can use sour little shrimp with minced pork, or we can spice and turn it into a dipping sauce We not only can use it as a dipping sauce but also can cook it and eat with rice – It’s really special – Oh, my God. After coming home from work, nothing would be better than eating a bit of this I’m in love with this pack now – This is – This is lid eugenia tea made from its bud I used to drink this tea made from its leaves It was like every kind of tea that we make by boiling leaves – But I have never tried this kind before – Here it is. “Cool your body.” – That’s it. Let’s go, guys – Okay – Let’s go that way – Wait. This cup Wait a second. Which type of cakes is this? “Sky cake – A specialty of Ba Bể” It was made from glutinous rice, lime juice, and sugar Why don’t we open a pack and try this sky cake? – Let’s see how it tastes – It looks like sugared dry apricot, right? We already tried black glutinous rice cake – As we’ve been here, we have to try some – This tea is delicious Here, my fairy I’d like to offer you a piece of sky cake – This is mine – It suits the fairy to eat the sky cake Here is my idea We don’t always have an opportunity to eat a type of cakes which has such a beautiful name, sky cake Fairy lives in heaven – But we, two brothers, live on the ground – That’s right Why don’t we compete in eating sky cake? The only thing in their mind is win or lose Let’s see who has the biggest mouth What??? That person will win – How will we eat? Swallow it whole? – Now, we’ll put it into our mouths – and see how many pieces we can stuff in – Let’s see who will finish first Okay. Who swallows the last pieces first will be the winner Okay Start Khoa already couldn’t stand it anymore What’s wrong with you, Nam? Swallow it. Spit it up. What’s wrong? Swallow it. Fighting! Oh, my God I give up. I choked on the cake This cake is floury, sweet, and appetizing It’s only because I was so gluttonous that I put so many cakes in I was so gluttonous “Because I always have an empty stomach” “To eat everything delicious in the world” “There are fish, shrimp, and crab I even love to eat veggie” Nobody asked you to start a competition I didn’t want to compete against you We should have enjoyed the cake instead of stuffing it in our mouths for nothing I’m ready for my bill, ma’am Let’s pay and go to eat another dish It’s murder eating a whole pack of sky cake I’m so fed up with it “The chain bridge shakes as connecting both ends” When this bridge hasn’t exit, I guess they have to move by boats, huh? Or just walk across Yeah, walk across It’s stilt house A plain stilt house It’s a bit tilted The best thing about this place is friendly local – They’re so lovely, right? – Yeah, everyone’s always smiling They make us feel comfortable Where can we find them? A cook Wait. Ngân There’s someone up there – Hello, Ma’am – Ma’am – Mrs.! – Yes? Wow, this house is so beautiful The way up is covered in green moss There’s a flock of chicken What are you doing, ma’am? I’m just cleaning around the house – Oh, right – Well, ma’am, we’re from Vietnam’s Amazing Cuisine, – we travel and discover good food – Of Tay people That’s right We have just visited Ba Bể Lake, gosh, it’s so lovely So large and the air is cool

– Is it beautiful? – Of course Well, we are a food show, so besides good scenery and culture, we also explore good food – And when it comes to food, we need – Local’s guidance and help To show us what to do Maybe this is fate Because when we were looking up, suddenly, standing in this beautiful house, you glowed – Are you free today? If you do – I do Oh. Can you teach us about some dishes then? Okay. What is the local specialties? Tay people has Đăm Đeng sticky rice (Five colored sticky rice) – Đăm Đeng sticky rice – Never heard of it We have fish. Big fish is used to cook hot pot with fermented rice Oh, hot pot with fermented rice? “Fot rot with hermented pice”??? – Hot pot with fermented rice, right? – And fish, right? Yes, fish. And small fishes will be clipped onto skewer and grilled into a specialty Oh, grilled fish Let’s make three dishes today – Three – Let’s do three Ma’am has agreed to accompany us, but about the ingredients Can you divide the work for us? Okay, let’s me give you the rod, go to the lake and fish – Let me get it – Oh, hey So we can fish? That’s great! Yes, you can. Just take the rod and go to the fishing place Okay, ma’am Here are the rods – Thank you, ma’am – And here’s the basket So that you can put the fish in – Thank you, ma’am – Go over the lake Go fishing in the lake – Okay – And now you Once you have the fish, come back, I will show you how to cook Okay, thank you very much – So can I call you if needed? – Yes – Okay – Call as soon as you need Try to catch a big fish so we can have hot pot early Be quick She told us to go fishing Nam seems happy when he gets to go fishing Could he catch anything? – At this big river – A stream – It’s a stream – At this big stream, Mạc Văn Khoa will fish a 4-kilo carp I will catch a 12-kilo carp That’s a bit overboard How can a 12-kilo fish lives here? In this shallow water? – We can catch even shark – Look over there At that deep and green looking area Maybe there’s even crocodile Careful, Khoa, or you will hook yourself in the mouth Look, this is the posture of a professional – Hey, gosh – See – What’s that? – Happy – Oh! – It’s fish! – A leaf! – Oh my God! I saw it passing by my hook, turn out I catch a fish made of leaf You hook is sharp I caught it straight away A leaf Such bad luck. I thought it’s a grass carp – Hey! – Ah! What are you doing? See this Do you know how to catch stream fish Drag across, get it? Like, once the fish bite the bait, drag the rod across See? No, this is how professional does it Bait isn’t as important as the one who fish I’m the biggest bait Biggest bait Just with my appearance, the fish will come right in – Uh huh? – Here After more than 30 minutes Hey, Khoa Have you ever fish at streams? I think I catch bad luck from you I used to fish to pay for my sister’s education That’s impressive I used to fish and sell the fish, so my big sister can go to school – Your sister went to school – Yeah, university Isn’t it usually the little sister that got to go to school instead? Why Huh? When my bigger sister went to university, I stayed at home, so I went fishing to pay for her tuition Is that true? Hey, how come you never trust me? My face isn’t that of a spoiled, rich kid like you Spoiled rich kid like you – “At that place” – Oh god, fish! “I saw” – “The three people” – “Up on the high moutain” -“There’s two people” – Three. It’s three “Love each other” “Live like a rock” “Live like a rock” “Live without love”

Goby, come up for the golden rice of mine [Nam turns into Tấm (Vietnamese Cinderella)] Don’t eat spoiled rice from other people’s hand Meow But you’re calling the fish? Stop this! I can’t do this anymore Why not? You need silence to catch the fish One is singing, one is faking a cat to call up fish? I have been silent up until now It has been three hours, the fish didn’t take the bait even once Singing? We’re fishing, not entering a singing contest! And it’s fish, not cat Why were you meowing? Thanks God I hadn’t gone fishing with you two back then, or my sister would have quit the univesity My sister would have quit the univesity I couldn’t not pay for her tuition Everything is your fault Why me? Your fate is that you can’t catch fish If it isn’t, we would have caught them long ago If we can’t catch anything today, it’d be your fault! – You! – You! Stop it, I won’t do this anymore, I’m going home It’s because the water is too clear – Wait – Ngân, out of my way Step a side, Miss Fairy Stop, let me call, ma’am Gấm – What? – I’ll call ma’am Call and tell her to hit the market – Hello? – If we stay any longer, Ngân will pull up a cat Yes, we have been fishing at the stream, but Khoa spoke non-stop, – Hey! – so that the fish hasn’t taken the bait Yes So can you help us buy some fishes to cook? Okay, ma’am – Tell her just buy it, Nam will pay later – Move it! Move! How can you talk so much when you go fishing? Right, the fish can’t stand all the noise it moves away Vietnam’s Amazing Cuisine Vietnam’s Amazing Cuisine Ladies, old and young, you can see now, we’re standing in this kitchen that must have make you surprise We’re also surprised when we come to Ba Bể Lake, asking the staff where we will cook, and they pointed us to a raft And people only use this raft for sightseeing Go fishing, never to make a kitchen, but in Vietnam’s Amazing Cuisine anything could happen And today, this kitchen promise to bring strange, unique and amazing food! And today we will cook Grilled Hemiculter! Đăm Đeng Sticky Rice! And my favorite, Carp Hot Pot with Fermented Rice The first two dishes we can do just fine But we don’t have fish for the last one Don’t have fish I don’t have fish to cook Let’s cast the mesh, see if we catch anything here You have failed at fishing, mesh casting won’t do you any good, wait for Auntie We have to call up Auntie Mrs. Gấm! – Here I am! – Oh, you’re here Slowly, Auntie We’re so useless We can’t catch a fish even after so long – So nice – What fish is this? Carp from the lake – Carp from Ba Bể Lake? – Yes – This lake? – Yes Oh my God, so tempting Is this This is rice to make Đăm Đeng Sticky Rice Oh, this vegetable We used to use this at home, it gives red color, right? It does. And this leaves, while look the same, one the upside, it has flower things, it gives black colour So we call it Đăm Đeng sticky rice What do you call this leaves here? Khẩu Đăm Đeng. Co Khẩu Đăm Đeng – Or red leaves – Co khẩu đăm đeng Khẩu leaves This one is so strange It’s like the sprout of the Banyan Tree Tay people call it Búp Lượt It’s from the same line, but edible Oh, Búp Lượt It goes really well with fermented rice hot pot or soup It’s the tree above us – Oh – It’s growing right above you Oh, it’s similar to Banyan Tree but it’s called Búp Lượt Today is a special day, special kitchen, with special ingredients Let’s cook now I can’t wait anymore What do you want to cook first? – So I can give instruction – Cook what takes the most time Sticky rice first Wash the leaves and pound till the leaves are crushed Should we pound them together or separately? – Separately – Okay Auntie, for the grilled fish, should we start the grill? Burn till the charcoals are heated red-hot, then clamp the fish and start grilling Okay, I’ll light the charcoals For the first time in our life, with the water depth underneath of how much? 35 meters Jesus, 35 meters – Underneath us is the depth of 35 meters? – Yes That explains the name “Amazing Cuisine” Always full of amazing things Have you ever experienced cooking on a raft? – Never – See – She’s smiling – You never? This year, I have a bad luck with rivers and yet are forced to be on a boat This is a lake Fear only if you have a bad luck with lakes Otherwise, only be afraid when you stay near the rivers It’s only 35 meters depth, though The first step is pounding the leaves till crushed – Then we strain the water out? – No When the leaves are crushed, we shall cook them in a pot “My steps feel so unstable.” Done. Now we will cook the leaves?

That’s right Red leaves. Black ones next The texture of lake fish flesh must be really firm, right? Very tasty and firm More expensive than normal ones? Much more expensive Much more? Double the price, maybe? Must be triple Wow, triple Remember to pay her back, brother Nam Triple the price? The carps of Ba Bể lake are really pricey – Because they are hard to catch? – That’s right – And the flesh tastes much better – It turned red – The leaves? – Yes The green leaves turned red when cooked Where did we find these leaves? They can be grown by the locals It can be grown. Not from the jungle What did my family use to call these? – Magenta leaves or… Can’t remember – Tree leaves Tree leaves Remember that you have a bad luck with rivers You said here is the lake This one is done We can use this water to soak the rice The black leaves were crushed Remove the leaves, then pour water Let me remove the leaves Pour water in to soak the sticky rice Đăm Đeng Sticky Rice Soak rice with colored water Beautiful, right? Done with the red color Next is the black color What should we do with the hemiculter fish? – Gut and clean the fish, then clamp – Let me do the gutting Need we season them first, or – just grill them directly? – No seasonings Everyone, here What are these leaves, may I ask? Khẩu đăm leaves Then pour water in to achieve the purple color Auntie, how do we clamp the fish? – Give it to me – It slipped away Here, please demonstrate Please perform a trial for us to learn Place in triangle shape Then tie around this tip Okay, now let we do the work The fish are alive – Alive and kicking – They’re still alive Shall I chop the shallots? Chop and fry them Okay, I will mince the shallots Carp Hot Pot with Fermented Rice Prepare the shallots Four skewers of fish has been tied – Professionally – sophisticatedly And now… Two skewers for Khoa, and two skewers for me Let’s start grilling Grilled Hemiculter Grill fish Brother Nam, can you help me turn the gas stove on? Flip the switch? – First, we fry the fish – Fry the fish first – Are we doing the preliminary processing? – Yes – Oil splattered a bit – What is that? – The oil is splattering – Careful, you may fall backwards Should we let her continue to fry the fish? “Rains” almost fall on our faces We are better off cooking on land We will be damned if there are pores on our faces Damn it, my god Flip the fish, brother! My goodness, light golden brown – Here, we need to flip this – So pretentious Why did you said the fish was golden brown while it’s not? Here, this really is golden brown – Not at all – Here Can we cook the sticky rice now? – Yes – So we put them in the pot to cook Put the red sticky rice beneath the purple one Yes, then I will put the red one in first Careful All based on experience See, no splattering at all – Have you ever cooked the sticky rice? – No – Is this your first time? – Yes, my first time First time having the chance to know what steaming sticky rice feels like Do you usually cook sticky rice at home? I’ve been cooking it ever since I was a child That’s wonderful I cook for the weddings and celebrations of my house or the neighbors’ Was your sticky rice edible? For example, if tomorrow is the death commemoration of someone, I would cook the sticky rice from 3 a.m and leave for school at 5:30 a.m Wow, you’re amazing Look what I’m doing, everyone Cover this not with the lid – but with leaves – Use phrynium leaves for wrapping? Right. Cover all the gaps Just joking, but everything you touch turns out beautiful, yet whatever Ngân does are all shattered Trolling Kiều Ngân I’m waiting for her wrapping Are you speaking ill of me? No way, but really No, she is a fairy – descending from the heaven – Right A clumsy fairy I wasn’t used to this at first Since fairies can create everything at their wish The fish is now medium golden brown, is it okay? – It’s okay – It’s okay – Look at the fish eggs – My goodness So appetizing Damn, my fish Now remove and leave less oil remaining to fry shallots Carp Hot Pot with Fermented Rice Fry shallots till aromatic These are usually grilled for selling Nobody would buy yours Nobody would buy yours The two sticks were burnt Fire-blackened Good? It needs dipping sauce – Smell amazing – Yeah

Charred fish are naturally tasty Worth it Yummy You said nobody would buy that The texture is firm and chewy It’s been a long time since I last ate hemiculter fish This is fermented rice – The sour fermented rice – How do we make this? We use cooked rice to culture the nematodes I heard that this tastes delicious, yet I never have a chance to try it Don’t put too much in Just half of that bowl Yes, half a bowl Carp Hot Pot with Fermented Rice Stir-fry fermented rice with shallots I set it at the lowest heat Now add seasonings Salt Carp Hot Pot with Fermented Rice Seasoning Done. And seasoning powder? One tablespoon They are tourists. Can you see? Tourists passing by on the boat, they see us cooking on the sea and be like Overacting “Cooking on the sea”? On the lake, not the sea We’re cooking on the lake – Cooking on the water – Tourists were busy taking photos They turned their heads and be like Unbelievable Too risky That’s not the unbelievable face Then what were they? “His grilled fish were terribly burnt.” It’s true. You burnt the grilled fish Khoa, help me pour in some fish sauce Are you stir-frying the fermented rice? Yes, this has to be stirred constantly to avoid being burnt How much should we put in? Auntie, how much Just put in a little – This is the hot pot, no worry – Right – Okay. Yes – The fermented rice is so aromatic The fermented rice is boiling Should we pour water in now? – That’s right. Pour water in, then – Brother Nam How much is enough? Please tell me Add water in to make hot pot broth – Stop – This much is enough – Shall I put the lid on? – It’s well cooked Bring it onto the table – Who grilled these? – Miss Fairy Miss Fairy Tell me if my grilled fish are acceptable? Auntie. Does this look okay? It’s okay, just a bit burnt A bit burnt That is because of the fish’s nature The display of being twisty Even human have different skin colors, let alone the fish Those with good fire absorption appear to be white – Those with bad nature – Your fishes have that specific flavor of wood Specific flavor of wood You meant the flavor of burnt wood? Okay Grill the rest of the fish in advance Are these dishes made for special occasions or to eat in the daily meals? The fish dishes are our daily meals As for the Đăm Đeng sticky rice, with its red and black colors is for the 3rd of March The red sticky rice is usually served – at weddings – So every wedding shall have – red sticky rice to wish for good luck – That’s right I see that we still have two unused condiments – Is this Indian ivy-rue pepper? – Indian ivy-rue, this is a wild tree growing naturally in the jungle We will use it later for the dipping sauce of grilled fish – Need we make the dipping sauce? – Of course Let’s do the dipping sauce, everyone – Let me – Do it, brother Nam – Let me – If you don’t do it, I will – Use lime – Lime, salt, and chilies Hot sauce and It’s time to show off – I have the global culinary certification – Kungfu Grilled Hemiculter Making dipping sauce Then salt? – Salt and chilies – Sprinkle the salt Not a good chef but excellent at showing off Okay Some hot sauce – This much? – Yes Okay, wonderful A bit soy sauce – I’m in charge of the Indian ivy-rue – Hot sauce, soy sauce We must crush Indian ivy-rue pepper into powder Use the mortar I will use the pestle to crush I think it’s okay Carp Hot Pot with Fermented Rice Put fish in the broth – Don’t forget the chives – Oh, the chives Do you know that Khoa His sense of taste is considered by the world-class chefs to be worth 1 million dollars No need to cook anything, just taste the food Then I should be half a million dollars ‘Cause I also taste so many food – That’s right – Then we’re colleagues If you had 500.000 dollars for giving critics that was granted by me and Khoa, what would you do? First, I will make a charitable donation – That’s right – She has such a big heart – Then I’ll go travelling around – Unlike Nam, who immediately – deposit it all in a bank – Travelling? – Yes – Where would you travel to? I’ll think of that later What would you do with half a million dollars? With half a million dollars I will buy everything that you want Nam is so nice Then I will buy for Ngân And for Auntie Such a hypocrite

Hypocrite what? I would really do that if I had the money – The hot pot is boiling – It’s boiling Sprinkling aesthetically? Carp Hot Pot with Fermented Rice Add chives in the hot pot A bit strewn outside Scattering I overdid the final one, sorry You have a very bad luck with water See, I dedicated my soul I cook with my whole heart Not sure this is cooking or acting My heart is bleeding Please tell me to stop, or my heart shall be broken to pieces – She just doesn’t bother to say anything – Why are you so apathetic towards my death? Why are you so apathetic towards my death? Please tell me to stop She hates those hypocrite people – When am I hypocrite? – You are now I’m really doing this with my whole heart Please check if the broth has all the seasonings – All seasonings were put in – Please try it You should try first The one who made it should try first What do you think? It’s very tasty, with a rich flavor of cultural identity embedded – Please do – I shall eat this Please try and voice your opinion For hot pot broth, it’s a bit bland Is the sticky rice thoroughly cooked? – Need we continue to cook the sticky rice? – No need to Is the sticky rice done? – It is – Grilled fish are already burnt Oops, the fishes are ready-to-serve – And now we will – Dish out on serving plates Those who have ever eaten fish hot pot with fermented rice and Đăm Đeng sticky rice of Ba Bể will definitely be unable to forget these special flavors Don’t you miss the recipes of these two dishes Carp Hot Pot with Fermented Rice Fry up the carp quickly to remove fish odor Fry minced shallots till aromatic Then stir-fry with fermented rice Next, pour water in and heat until boiling Add fish in the broth Season with salt, seasoning powder and fish sauce Lastly, add in minced chives and the dish is ready to serve Đăm Đeng Sticky Rice is a local specialty specific to the Tay ethnic group of Vietnam western north region This is an indispensible dish on holidays or at special occasions of Tay ethnic group To make this dish, crushed khẩu đăm leaves are pan-fried over high heat, pour in water and cook until boiling to achieve two colors, red and black Sticky rice is soaked in this water until it turns to a different color Sticky rice then be steamed in 30 minutes then it’ll be ready to serve Vietnam’s Amazing Cuisine Vietnam’s Amazing Cuisine – So appetizing – So delicious Exactly, that our feeling right now while standing at this kitchen here Right. So yummy That smell of fermented rice comes from the hot pot – So aromatic – Crave for this – My goodness – Let’s dive right in – Let me dip the vegetables – Vegetables I’m curious to know what these vegetables taste like Okay – It’s my first time eating on a raft – Don’t take too much – Yes – Not too much – And a piece of fish – We try the hot pot first A piece of fish – Wow, texture is so – Firm and chewy? Please enjoy it – Thank you – Let me ladle a bowl for brother Lam – It’s Nam – Brother Lam Such passionate affection between us – Let’s stop quarrelling – Take a sip My brother, with your 1,000th ranked sense of taste, what do you think? – It’s 1st ranked – 1st ranked, really? – There’re the eggs – You love eating fish eggs? Some fish fat and fish meat – So unfair – Thank you, Khoa There’s no egg at all in my bowl Grandmas, sisters and moms, please enjoy Brothers, uncles and grandpas, please enjoy Please enjoy, dear all the viewers of Vietnam’s Amazing Cuisine Firstly, the broth tastes sour – And mild – And mild Let me try the vegetables The broth has the sour taste of fermented rice along with the umami flavor of fish – Yet when eaten with – The vegetables are slightly astringent Yes, this vegetable The combination of astringent and sour taste doesn’t turn into acerbity It’s savory on the tip of the tongue Savory So tasty. The fillet is very luscious Man, I can even eat the bones, so tasty Which is why this fish is 3 times more expensive than normal carps It’s our first time cooking What do you think?

– Did it meet your standard? – It did It reached the level of the locals who frequently cook Thanks to your guidance Thank you, alevins The fish eggs were used to create this dish Do you know why it’s so tasty? Because for the eggs-carrying carps, the quality of flesh decreases Yeah All the nutrition are used to nurture eggs So it’s no longer tasty You ate all of my eggs Why do I still have two chunks of eggs in my bowl? ‘Cause you ate mine! How could you give them to me so simple and easy? Just eat my fin – The fin? – Help yourself What do you think, Ngân? Too tasty to say anything? The first bite is quite odd Since I’m quite unfamiliar with this sour and fatty taste Then the second bite And now I’m so addicted to this Now, let’s come to the grilled hemiculter The burnt hemiculter Brother Nam was very considerate Those who love charred food should eat this Otherwise, eat these well-cooked ones So crispy These Mắc Mật leaves… Oh no, it’s – Indian ivy-rue pepper is very flavorful – Yummy Done with the fish Though my dish was a bit burnt, I can still keep – Keep what? – Some unburnt fishes Right Those unburnt fish are unimportant – Now we’ll try the sticky rice – Đăm Đeng sticky rice – Glutinous – It sure is I can feel the buttery taste of the rice The sticky rice tastes wonderfully – That amazing? – It’s really tasty Let me try Red color signifies great luck I’ll move to the purple-colored sticky rice Flavorful What score would you give us for today’s performance? Maximum 10 scores Wow, maximum score – Careful – It’s shocking What about the hot pot? It’s 9.9 out of 10 Only 9.9 Such wonderful hot pot like this doesn’t deserve a 10? – This one is 10 – That’s right What about this one? It’s a bit burnt, so I rate it 8.5 – It’s 8.5 – 8.5 can be rounded to 9 The lowest score ever We are very thankful for Mrs. Gấm today for instructing us on how to cook these delicious dishes In this vastness of space, being able to eat your dishes is such a wonderful experience What about Ngân, Miss Fairy, what do you think? Being a mortal being and get the chance She ate constantly You used to eat like a bird when we worked together I’ll eat more when it comes to delicious food Eat like a horse… Couldn’t say anything Thank you, Auntie It were so strenuous when cooking the sticky rice Since we have to constantly pour in enough water And it’s not really convenient cooking on a raft But we got to experience such a special sticky rice dish It’s my first time joining the show and get to try so many special dishes And this show is also challenging So do you want to fly back to – heaven? – Want to ascend to heaven? – Or stay here with us? – I’m still so excited Then come with us Dear audience, today Khoa got to experience three “first times” First time going to Ba Bể lake, Vietnam’s largest fresh water lake First time eating carp hot pot with fermented rice And the most memorable one is the first time standing on such rafts above the 35-meter-deep water to cook food Our Vietnam’s Amazing Cuisine duration is about to end Don’t forget our on-air time at 3 p.m. every Sunday afternoon on VTV3 channel Vietnam’s Amazing Cuisine is produced by Vietnam Television Thank you, Cholimex Foods, for sponsoring this show And now, right at this raft we want to say goodbye and see you again Vietnam National Television Entertainment production department cooperates with Đông Tây Promotion Company in producing this show Cholimex Foods proudly accompanies the show Vie Network Subscribe now