Resonate Life Church – February 11th, 2018 – Love Conquers All

you always I there we go it’s pretty easy what s what yes what would you like to run through Chrissie yeah what was the one before it why can’t I find in the river yes it all went into the back room for Jimmy to go through I think it’s all in the food pantry yeah yeah there’s none food pantry okay just like briefly like yeah in the river my soul I’ve got a piece that won’t let go the river I see higher I’ve got joy you that single belief calls us together as

a community and sends us into our world

of hope and purpose

at our church your past will never

define your future there’s always

Redemption which means there’s always a

brighter day

at our church we don’t think we’re

better than any other church out there

we’re just doing our best to become our


at our church we want you to believe in God but we also want you to know that God believes in you we are not against people who don’t attend church anywhere instead we pursue them with love the very same love that’s pursuing us at our church we’re learning to serve God with all our hearts and we’re learning to worship it with all our lives and if you’re looking for the perfect Church we’re not in at our church we will make mistakes but we will choose to grow and our church were part of a global community that’s knit together by the resurrection of Jesus and by the way at our church we believe that really happened too at our church we will engage with people who are in real need because we are the hands and the feet of Christ and finally we need you to hear this loud and clear at our church it’s not really our church at all it’s his and we live in and breathe in his church for his glory and his fame not ours so here’s the invitation you’re invited to jump in with your whole heart at your own pace and to experience the life that awaits you in Christ friends this is going to be good welcome to our church welcome to our church good morning everybody how’s it going it’s good to see all your lovely faces this morning amen well we’re here to have a good time in the Lord so let’s go ahead and stand up shake somebody’s hand we’re in a worship God this morning we’ve been bringing a little little definition and explanation of things revolving our praise and our worship and today just a quick read here from Psalms 100 verse 4 enter his gates with Thanksgiving and a thank offering and into his courts with praise the word for praise in the Greek is toda praise and thanksgiving comes from the root word yonder which means to praise the Lord with extended hands amen tota indicates plurality or lots of hands extending thank you Lord that’s what it’s all about and praise and worship so 10 new falafel also means a wave offering we do that for Palm Sunday but also just in Ghent in general just worshiping and waving our hands to the Lord in praise to him because we don’t want to just be bumps on a log right so not that any of you are I’m not saying that maybe no we’re just excited because you know what what’s awesome about the Lord as he meets you right where you’re at and he’s just asking for you to hey he’s your coach he’s you know the finish line is there and he’s that guy that lasts quarter-mile stretch just cheering you on saying hey just come a little bit deeper pursue me and I’ll be right there for you you know and so that’s what we want to do this morning we just want to go a little bit deeper a little bit harder after the Lord that he meets us right where we’re at no matter what so let’s just worship Him then and just have a good time doing it amen thank you Lord let’s get little joyful this morning

but it is come on cuz I’ve got your round in my soul I’ve got a piece that I won’t let go like a river rising higher I got joy I’m joy let’s watch he’s a Easterner warmly like a river rising higher I’ve got joy joy down in my slope I’ve got my career come on the river is rising rising rising the river is rising rising rising the river is rising the river enjoy the river of joy the river is rising rising rising the river is rising rising rising the river is rising it’s over yes like river rising hi I’ve got joy nice like River I’ve got joy I’ve got you come on let’s go we make you free enjoy thank you know we praise God [Applause] there’s a river but goodness flows there is a bouncing that drown sorrow there is the ocean it’s deeper than fear the tide is rising there is a currents stirring deep inside it’s overflowing from the heart of God the flood of Lambeth is crashing over us the tide is rising it’s blasting from the ground we feel it now stay [Applause] we call the we come alive we come alive

we come alive in the sing there’s occur there is a current stirring deep inside it’s overflowing from the heart of God the flood of watching over us the tide is rising grinding it’s fun stay up on the ground we feel it now we come we come alive we call the line we turn the line in the break open prisons on set all the Coptics trading string up a wall swing up alone swing up a well and me nothing can stop this joy in the street bringing up the world spring up the world bring up [Applause] let’s come along we’re on the line we come we [Applause] [Applause] Springer bring up the world [Applause] we’re gathered in your name calling out soon we like inspired awakening desire will burn our hearts with fruit and you’re reason we’re here you’re the reason we’re singing we want to see Oh [Applause] in this place your glory on our face when looking to the sky descending like a cloud you’re standing with us now and your we’re safe

[Applause] you wanna see [Applause] [Applause] show us your gloomy choice show us your power sure sure sure see [Applause] we wanna see thank you Jesus let’s just hang right here because that’s the prayer of Moses show me your glory I believe God wants to show you his glory more than you want to see it and so let’s just hang right here for just a second and make that your prayer that the Lord will show you more of his glory more of his goodness that glory was the glory of His goodness so just reach out to him right now as we continue just right there show us your glory thank you lord show us your glory father show us more of your goodness

thank you Jesus and show us show us you’d love me let’s sing that again show me show us show us your power show us show us your love we want to see the daily in your prayers and scoffs what we are never give up thank you Jesus thank you lord thank you that you love us so thank you for your awesome before I spoke or you were singing over me you’ve been so so good to me before I took a breath you breathe your life and me you’ve been so so kind to me come on the overwhelming love of God Oh Jace’s me down leaves the 99 I couldn’t I don’t still you give yourself away Oh

when I was your phone still your love fog for me you’ve been so so good to me when I felt no were you paint it all for me you’ve been so so kind to me Oh Oh still it’s your shadow you won’t light up mountain you won’t climb up coming after me snow all you won’t kick down lie you won’t tear down coming after me there’s no shadow you won’t line up mountain you on climb up coming after me there’s no only won’t kids down why you won’t tear down coming up to me no shadow [Applause] Oh Oh [Applause] down by two we thank you go last week when we played this song I read the the kind of the description of the of the artist who wrote that song talking about what he meant by the word reckless if you’ve never heard it before and you’re either song and what he’s saying he’s not describing God as a reckless God but what he’s saying the way that he loves has has a lot of signs of that recklessness that while you were yet sinners Christ died for you that he leaves the 99 to go find the one he leaves everybody to find the one the way he loves even to the point of nailing him to a tree can be deemed as reckless every day he wakes up and he says I love you even if you don’t say it back he doesn’t care about the hurt the sin that we do every single day he still

says hey I love you that’s what he that’s what this song means again it’s he uses that word very specifically the writer of the song and not to do not to call God reckless at all but to describe the nature of the love of God how it has no boundaries it has no limits it comes after you nobody can escape the love of God you just have to stop and say Here I am lower when Jesus went to the cross Pilate the crowd had a choice between Jesus or Barabbas and they picked Barabbas and Barabbas walked off to walk down those steps never looking back to even say thank you but Jesus died on that cross for Barabbas he loved him so much the very guy his life was traded for essentially in the natural realm he died for him he said I love you Barabbas and he’s looking out at this crowd seeing them cheer for Barabbas and he’s looking at them with love in his heart a reckless love that goes beyond hatred that goes beyond fear that goes beyond doubt that’s an all-consuming love I’ve been burning with just that idea for a couple of years now the love of God what that means because if if if the world only saw it in its true form through us and through the Holy Spirit if we truly represented the love of God the nature of God and His love things would begin to change because there’s no shadow he won’t light up there’s no mountain he won’t climb up there’s no wall he won’t tear down coming after you amen thank you and always you have loved me ever thinking of me Jesus come and take all of my heart it’s yours all of my heart it’s yours Jesus beautiful Savior I am with you beautiful with you yes we are so you sing always in all ways you have loved me ever think he loved me and Jesus come and take all of my heart it’s yours all of my heart it’s your sing it out Jesus beautiful Savior I am with you Jesus beautiful Oh do

I love you Jesus you’ll always have my Oh you Jesus you’ll always have my heart I’m in love where thank you jeez even Jesus betrayer judas iscariot you may be seated was allowed to get close to Jesus and experience the love of God then one of the twelve named Judas Iscariot he went to the chief priests and he said what are you willing to give me to betray him to you and they weighed out thirty pieces of silver thirty pieces of silver to betray that kind of love from then on he began looking for a good opportunity to betray Jesus now on the first day of the unleavened bread the disciples came to Jesus and asked where do you want us to prepare the Passover and he said go into the city and a certain man it’s all he said a certain man and say to him the teacher says my time is near and I am to keep the Passover at your house with my disciples and the disciples and Jesus were had directed them and they prepared the Passover when evening came Jesus was reclining at the table with the twelve disciples as they were eating he said truly I say to you one of you will betray me talking about it Jesus who ate with publicans sinners and now betrayers Wow being deeply grieved they each one began to say to him surely surely not I Lord and he answered he who dipped his hand with me in the bowl is the one who I am Jesus knew who his betrayer was and he answered or the Son of Man is to go just as it has been written of him but woe to the man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed it would be bet it would have been good for that man to never have been born and Judas who was betraying him said surely it is not I rabbi and he said to him you have said it yourself while they were eating Jesus took some bread and after a blessing he broke it and he gave it to his disciples take eat

this is my body and when he had taken a cup and given thanks he gave it to them saying drink from it all of you for this is my blood of the new covenant which is poured out for the many for forgiveness of sins but I say to you I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until the day when I drink it new with you in my father’s Kingdom we’re waiting for that day aren’t we worrying for that day when this this Passover meal this communion meal we get to eat it with the king of kings and the Lord of lords he’s coming back and he’s coming back for you and he cares about you and this I want to remind you is not just the Last Supper but it’s the Passover supper what do we mean by that just quickly Jesus when Pharaoh wouldn’t let the people go Jesus said I’m gonna wipe out the firstborn and there’s going to be weeping there’s gonna be gnashing of teeth that’s gonna be a great cry that goes over Egypt because up until now they haven’t let the people of Israel go out into the wilderness so they could worship and I mentioned I think last Sunday I don’t I don’t want to hinder anybody from going out and worshiping I don’t need any plugs in my life right gee Moses was trying to get the people out of Egypt to go worship but God kept hardening Pharaoh’s heart until the Passover the Passover meaning they took the blood of a lamb and they put it on the doorpost which is a great symbol of the cross each of his arms blood on the door post where Jesus stretched out symbolic of Jesus stretching out his arms on the cross and then they would put and they would dab this sprinkle the lambs blood up even on to the top post of the door which when it would drip down it would make the sign of the Cross everywhere throughout the scripture we get harmony of of the things that God is about to do and one of them we see the picture in the Old Testament of the cross but everybody who did that the Deaf deaf angel death angel passed over their house and their firstborn was saved and spared because of the Deaf angels saw the blood on the doorpost when God looks down at your heart does he see the blood have you been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ that’s your answer for salvation that’s your privilege to come down here and remind yourself what Jesus has done for you the Bible says that as often as we do this we proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes but also every time we do this the Bible says we should examine our hearts so today the motivation and encouragement by the Spirit of God to me and to all of us is let’s examine our hearts and see if we’re in the faith and be willing to confess your sins not to me but to God and say say Father forgive me for I have sinned against you and he you might want to even let him know that you know what that sin is not just yeah I’m probably messed up but to identify that sin and confess it if we confess our sins he’s faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and then cleanse us so ladies and gentlemen in just a moment you have an opportunity to identify with the cleansing blood of Jesus even through this meal this Passover meal symbolizing the cross already so let’s bow our heads for just a moment father we acknowledge you all have sinned the Bible says and fallen short of the glory of God and the

wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life through that cross through Jesus Christ ladies and gentlemen if you want that life you want that eternal life you want to live forever in the non-smoking section come to Jesus for let him forgive all of your sins you don’t have to be embarrassed eeee there’s people who have messed up worse than you and it doesn’t matter God has seen it all he’s seen it when you did it so you can’t hide it from him and don’t hide it from him that’s very unhealthy for your physical body your emotional makeup it just can even cause sin I mean sickness in your body so confess it get rid of it acknowledge it before God today don’t wait and once you’ve done that please come and partake of this redeeming meal that heals you spirit soul mind body emotions every part of your makeup we identify with the cross and that healing in that atoning blood that Jesus shed for the remission of your sins for without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins so Jesus became the ultimate sacrificial lamb that takes away the sins of the world if you confess if you acknowledge him for God so loved the world that whosoever would believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life let him know today a new and afresh I believe I accept your sacrifice for my sins forgive me in Jesus name Amen I’m asked our elders to come at this time and help us to serve communion we appreciate our elders and while we’re talking about our elders I would appreciate your prayer for April and April is now in the Sarasota complex care unit so you got moved there yesterday come on up here Doug and just you don’t have to say anything just wants you up and then I want to stand in the gap also for my father who has now finished three weeks of chemo and radiation he has two more weeks to go he’s feeling some of the effects of it and I just encourage you to pray for him and to pray for April so many needs but God is big isn’t he he knows of all Jenny McIntyre – who was in the hospital we just love her as well and wanting God to continue the turnaround which I think she has made a good turnaround already but I want to keep that in prayer stretch your hands toward Doug and and myself I’ll stand in for my dad and was standing also for Jenny all the different ones who have a need God you are the God who heals thank you for grace and strength thank you that you’re our healer though we look to you our Passover our healer our forgiver everything that we need is all in you Jesus we acknowledge and we call upon the name of Jesus right now to make a change may your kingdom come bring divine intervention in the midst of everybody in this room and in the miracle chest who needs a touch from Almighty God have mercy we call upon you Jesus we acknowledge you in our it’s tear thank you for your goodness thank you for your glory yes it’s not by might its not by power but it’s by your spirit says the Lord in Jesus name Amen amen amen Doug where we’re standing with you Doug is one of our elders too and going through a traumatic time with his wife and the good news is she’s now not no longer at Tampa General but moved to Sarasota so if you’d like to go see her at the appropriate time you can see Doug and get information on on her thank you Doug thank you if you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior you are invited today

friend to come and partake of this Passover meal Jesus Christ our Passover and you can come as a family group husbands you can serve your wives however you want to do it we won’t rush through this time we wanted to meet your needs so come to the table of the lord god bless you as you come of Jesus the blood of Jesus the blood of cheese Jesus hid washes White has no the blood of Jesus the blood oh Jesus the blood of Jesus he’d wash as White has Oh Lord you’re beautiful your face yes for your eyes are on this child your grace sounds to me thank you for your blood Lord Jesus I thank you for your blood Lord Jesus I thank you for your blood Lord gee Jesus hid washes white has no oh you’re beautiful your face [Laughter] [Applause] for when you’re this child your grace to me you’re great to be [Laughter] let’s remember the Lord right now and

bring us back into a connection with him father were praying behold your glory behold your glory on what we have just done behold your glory on this table with the cup and the bread behold your glory through the things in our lives that came from you and so father I want to ask you to help us with our noticing my prayer this morning is to notice your glory when you fix that financial problem for us last week father caused the Holy Spirit to bring us to our attention how that arthritic pain disappeared or some other problem in our physical body is gone and we just think oh it went away we want to behold your glory Lord Lord caused us to become more notices of your glory when it shows up of fixing a relationship that was about to be very hurtful fixing another problem in our lives about employment it was about to turn south help us Lord to identify that your glory is showing in our lives Joseph are his glory is showing in our lives and here you are right here in this place in Bradenton Florida we see the hand of God thank you Lord that right now we’re beholding your glory right here in this place and as I speak this same request over the miracle chest there our prayer pieces of paper in this chest Lord and so my request is that those are be healed miraculously and we’ll notice them we’ll realize that God is beholding his glory in our lives and often Lord we just pass it off like well that was a pill taken or was a circumstance that we work through it but we missed it we missed the beholding of your glory this is my prayer for these prayer requests in this container right now that we will recognize we’ll notice that it’s God working in our lives and Lord we pray that prayer for other churches throughout Bradenton right now that for some reason the Holy Spirit is waking up people to see with their eyes and hear with their ears and maybe even taste something that evidence is the glory of God we pray for that for our nation today that we often pass it off as some kind of another circumstance that was fixed but we fail to recognize father that you are beholding your glory and the lordship of Jesus is going to be the lord of this country because in god we trust’ and we declare it and we repeat it and we pray Lord for the same thing in Israel today as we pray for peace throughout Israel and particularly in Jerusalem that it’s important that we realize that there are certain circumstances that are going on in the Middle East father but right now we are seeing some of the glory of God standing between the enemy and disaster we’re beholding the glory of God thank you for that demonstration Lord we pray for this congregation that in the coming weeks will be more aware of your glory in our own life in answering pastor Nick’s prayer for his father and for April and those other things that man says oh this is not a

good report but we’re going to believe the report of the Lord and behold his glory and so we thank you Lord for it and we pray it in Jesus mighty name amen and amen glory this morning hallelujah hallelujah whoa I’m so excited that you’re in a house that believes God can change the circumstance that you’re in this morning do you believe it believe that his word is still true today in February of 2018 I believe it he’s still the same yesterday today and forever hallelujah so this morning we’re so excited that you’re here if this is your very first time with us today would you mind waving at me so I can wait back yay hallelujah good to have you in the house god bless you so good to have you here while I hope that you you’ve already received a little visitor’s card that you can fill out or that you can check with the connection card right in front of you if there’s any time you want to connect with us let us know something pull out that connection card and give us some information and tell us how you would like to get connected with us here at resonate Life Church and I want to tell you about an opportunity that we need right now and it’s an opportunity that you could get connected and not even miss a Sunday morning service so often you think about children’s ministry and it’s like oh well I would love to help but I hate missing the Sunday morning service I’ve got just the time for you from like 8:45 until 9:30 we need help with some kids ministry because guess what almost all of our praise and worship team they have kids and we got bunch of kids around here and there’s an opportunity for you to love on them and tell them about Jesus sing some songs and we’ll have some videos so if you’re interested in helping before service will you please see pastor Matt today and he’ll talk with you about how you can get involved with that and that will be such a blessing to our praise team and we really thank you for that you know this Wednesday is Valentine’s Day right and right here we’re gonna have some really special things going on because we’re gonna celebrate God’s love here Wednesday so it doesn’t matter if you’re single if you’re married if you’re young or you’re old there’s gonna be something wonderful for you here Wednesday night and it will involve chocolates everybody say hallelujah and I haven’t had any yet I don’t think since the fast no I don’t think I have so I can’t wait oh yes I kind of did okay oh sorry Thank You Holy Spirit you reminded me okay so this Wednesday night right here at 7 o’clock it’s gonna be a really special time there’s gonna be music there’s gonna be testimonies of what God’s loved how it transformed their lives and we’re gonna have wonderful desserts that you’re gonna bring that’s chocolate or fruity and it’s gonna be a wonderful time plus the youth are gonna have cheesecake pastor Nick is declaring cheesecake will be here you know so then awesome I want to tell you if you’re a senior we want you to know that you are loved and appreciated here and we’ve got an awesome group and some exciting things planned for you coming up like this Friday if you’ve ever wanted to go to the mote marine you can sign up in the back there they’re going to be going to the mote marine the following Friday going to Selby Gardens and their big trip they’re getting ready is to go to Orlando in March to the Holy Land all the information is back on the info table back there and we need you to sign up so we can plan accordingly but don’t miss out on these exciting trips that are being planned just for you it’s really wonderful Saturday morning around here at 7:30 I’ll tell you if you’re a man you want to be here because there is an awesome Bible study for you right in there a time of that iron sharpening iron and you don’t want to miss out on that so every Saturday morning but this Saturday I also want to tell you about another very special event and that is the healing school with Rev Paula it’s this Saturday and it’ll be in the fellowship hall this Saturday and so you don’t want to miss out let me tell you a little bit about it real quickly here come expecting to receive the power of God in your life others have received their their hearing

loss their pain and even healed of Graves disease some will be healed while they are sitting in the class and others will learn how to walk out their healing by faith you’re gonna be learning through the healing school there’s gonna be teaching there’s gonna be demonstration there’s gonna be practice for you exercising and training so you know if you’re tired of just the humdrum and you wonder about this healing thing is it really still for today you will leave here Saturday after coming to the class at 10:30 you will leave us at 10 10 10 o’clock you will leave here knowing healing is for you today and it can flow through you so don’t miss it that is exciting there’s so many exciting things around here and if you’re a sister hey sisters I’m having a Bible study Thursday morning at 10:30 in the fellowship hall and it’s an awesome study Christine Cain study undaunted and I’m one I’m believing that God is raising up women in this generation that will be fearless for him brave courageous undaunted and that’s what we’re studying about you can blast week was our first week we had a great session but you can jump right in this Thursday and I look forward to seeing you our morning prayer now has been moved from Thursday morning to Friday mornings at 7:30 and of course Wednesday nights at 6:00 you can be here for a time of prayer because that’s what God has called us to he said that this is what Jesus said I want my house to be a house of prayer so our prayer meeting should be the most important meetings of the week amen amen so if you can’t be here join us in those times praying in the spirit and believe in God’s doing the miraculous through us to touch our city and in our community one final announcement Sunday 25th following the morning service is our annual business meeting and that’s for our members so you can see what and we can rejoice on what God did last year and some vision about moving forward so so exciting what God is doing around here he’s always up to something good in your life look at your neighbor this morning say he’s up to something good in your life amen amen and why not one of those things he’s up to something good about is that he always provides our needs always he is the supplier I’m so glad it’s not contingent upon my bank account it’s all contingent upon Christ Jesus and all of his riches and so there is no no lack in his bank account for you today so I want to encourage you as you show to the Lord Lord you are the Lord of my finances by giving that 10% off the top he says oh they really believe when I’m telling them I’m gonna make sure my promises bring true in their lives and their finances so this morning as Escher’s come at this time let’s look at that offering this morning that we have that tithe as a seed a seed that we plan into the kingdom of God and it’s fertile ground when he’s always involved so this morning I pray the Lord will bless that seed father God I thank you for the sea Lord you said you would give to the sower seeds and Lord when we given a tithe and an offerings Lord it’s not just for us to say oh here I’m throwing money away no we’re literally planting within the kingdom of God and we will reap the rewards of it father I thank you that each one will realize that what they’re putting in that offering bucket today is not just oh it’s not a loss but it’s a giving towards their future and for the future of others father I pray that you would bless each seed in the name of Jesus today and we just give you all the praise and the glory in Jesus name Amen amen hallelujah well the Lord bless you as you give this morning hallelujah yeah this Tuesday January night spirit life training center starts its new semester

it’s not too late to sign up to see dr Don this morning if you like to read it awesome thank you lord all right Vic Becky brought it up so I just want to say one more thing talking about the last supper here shortly after that last supper he went to the Garden of Gethsemane the disciples fell asleep he said can you not tarry with me one hour I want to encourage you to give an hour of prayer to the Lord and this is why why is prayer so important and he says it right here to his disciples keep watching and praying that you may not enter into temptation the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak one of the reasons why we pray is we’re casting down imaginations and and spiritual warfare or spiritual warfare against the enemy the devil but also that we keep our guards up and we resist all right we resist anything that the devil would try to throw at us now I’m kind of using a boxing measure to say that but we have a helmet of salvation right a breastplate of righteousness a shield of faith the belt of truth feet shod with the preparation of the gospel and the sword of the Spirit there’s a warfare that needs to take place and he says after you’ve done all of these things and put on the full armor of God pray always for all the saints so the the need for us to pray is very urgent it’s very important and the more we pray the more we’re gonna see and enjoy the benefits of that prayer and we’ll see more and more of the glory of God coming down amen well this year has been a year of breakthrough for us and that’s kind of the theme of this year we’ve already seen some breakthroughs and today I know we had mentioned to you that it was going to be pastor Becky and I sharing a little bit of our love story since it’s Valentine week and that the following week we were going to have jerry parish jerry parish who is right here in the front row says pastor nick we sold our house we’re moving to Oklahoma is there any way I can change my date and come this Sunday so as we said yes we felt good about that but Jerry parish I’m sad to say is leaving Manatee County he has had a big huge impact on this community more than you can even imagine I’ve just seen bits and pieces of it but it started years and years ago when he met up with our son Michael who was playing the drums took Michael under his wing and was mentoring Michael for a while and just influences like every month I think he goes and prays for the sheriff whether the sheriff wants him to or not he just goes in there says we’re praying I don’t care what you say we’re praying I say that because you’ll discover a little bit of attitude that faster evangelist Jerry parish has but on the way of breakthrough many of you know this past Thanksgiving we had set out to do some turkey giveaways like we always have our big outdoor Thanksgiving dinner and that’s kind of like for all of us and divide a friend but last year I said we got to get more outreach minded instead of just taking care of just the in-house people we got to reach out beyond ourselves right Jerusalem Judea Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth so we set out a small goal to try to get I think 30 bags of blessing 30 turkeys we sent out at least 20 of them we got to 20 this year and then the Lord seems to wind up want to multiply that and pastor Jerry calls pastor Matt myself and says meet me at a restaurant for lunch so I said oh man no I didn’t say that at all but not just to any restaurant but we sat down with the owner of the restaurant and we’re talking about the reef and grill and the vendor Nords who have a philanthropic ministry and know they help support the

joy FM but each year they they sponsor like 400 turkeys and they would call pastor Jerry over and say look we want you to distribute these well that’s like giving a dog a bone to an evangelist so he goes the Harley 1,500 people show up and he gives out these turkeys and it’s an amazing thing so that was one breakthrough we went from 20 turkeys to 400 turkeys he introduced us because he’s leaving he we met with Peter van der Norv and the torch has been passed to resonate Life Church to pastor met myself to distribute these turkeys Wow then you know we always do a globe back to school bash right and we always get like three or four hundred backpacks from this guy who gets some from can I mention that corporation okay no a local corporation donates any they give how many do they give approximately 2200 backpacks we don’t know what to do with them oh let’s just give them to Jerry and they give them to Jerry and then Jerry takes care of distribute them to the schools etc what I’m saying is last year we gave out 300 backpacks approximately brother Jerry gives us the whole source pass we go out and have lunch with this corporation and they pass the torch through brother Jerry making sure before he leaves to go to Oklahoma all of the things that are necessary get passed as somebody else that he’s been doing and so this is a another one so pastor Matt and myself we will take care of passing out maybe 2200 backpacks this year break through talking about break through that same organization sponsors Christmas toys so we’re also going to be like this year we had several families that we are giving out Christmas toys also to the homeless and so that whole thing is getting a shot of steroids and we’re going to be helping with that that’s just some of the things that Pastor evangelist Jerry parish has done in our community amazing things just sitting with him we just can hardly believe all of the impact that this man who worked with the ymc here locally who’s moving to North Carolina I mean Oklahoma to work with many y mcs YMCAs has done so just before he comes up I’m introducing him now by way of video and then you’ll get to meet him in person I was happy I was really happy because he was my first line and that’s what I wanted I wanted four boys but God gave me two girls and I didn’t complain I love them just as equal we move them out of Oneko and we moved it to the home into a nice area in Bradenton it’s a nice area always quiet it’s peaceful you don’t got all that boom boom pow pow we’re at peace and that’s why I moved him away from Idaho nickel and they took him like a thief in the night just took him just just took him and he can’t come back this is those the little things it’s not the peak things it’s the little things I miss from my son I miss him walking through the house a mismo so much it’s a nice little town nice little old Florida town and lots of charm well when you look at the size Bradenton is in Manatee County and you wouldn’t normally expect to have such a large problem with gangs that we have when we first started um literally there were drug dealers coming to your car because they wanted to sell you drugs in

the middle of the day that’s how crazy wasn’t quite hard survival this is what they do in the streets it’s not real living that’s survival you got a slang dope to make a living a prostitute or whatever it is you know what I’m saying and so what we’re trying to do is keep them from that gangs typically are involved in lots of different illegal enterprises drug trafficking home invasions robbery violent types of activities we’ve worked with kids that have been shot and killed it can be very deadly it’s a real-life scenario for these kids and it’s and it’s with life-and-death consequences it was real like every day made about a Fiat you know I mean different people killing over who gonna buy dope from this person whatever you know stuff like that gangs are always kids looking for somebody to hang with and to be be a part of a group you know and that’s everybody’s need it teaching me life I had no daddy not me Mom I had my left my daddy I mean it from what my daddy showed me was why I was only 11 years old so totally twisted down here it’s a mentality of nothing ever gonna make it so I got to do what I have to do to make it and that’s the mentality so get out of my way nobody is more important than me because I got to eat my belly’s hungry at night the YMCA has a long history doing outreach type programs working with youth working with young people if you’re going to work with teens and manage County you really can’t ignore gang activity changing the world but hitting the neighborhood today just hey kid what’s going on you know how do we go we started working at a real street level in the neighborhood that we felt like were the had the highest incidence of gang activity you gonna be ready like tomorrow maybe don’t talk all right let me stand up love you boy we hired an intervention specialist to start working in the streets with the kids getting to know the kids understanding the problem suppression intervention and prevention have to work together because you can’t lock them all up but you can do is you work the intervention prevention the intervention is getting in the kids like he’s involved in gangs all right and you go to them and you you just tell it hey bro this is wrong and let me out there’s a way out the prevention is getting his little brother and his little sister and just beginning playing a father figure or a mother figure role and beginning to raise him and teach him and equip him to not do what big brother or cousin or uncle or whoever’s influencing so we’ll have you bass Shores are lifting weights right now but I got to get your paperwork’s in there you want to meet them today the coach and all that how come cuz you playing games on you have to have somebody that’s able to relate easily to this group of kids and someone that these kids can see themselves in and they couldn’t learn to trust the kids that we work with on the street they can smell a phony real quick have you been talking to Jesus at all you better start talking to you every day son you hear me get over here the first time somebody will read a Bible will be in your actions you don’t need to read to them Matthew Mark Luke and John you need to demonstrate Matthew Mark Luke and John you got me when you’re like 10 11 I remember morning breakfast time oh yeah we had the Jesus he was walking around trying to flesh and muscles younger macho’s one of the first young man I met out here about I don’t know six years ago and we started playing football and these kids were in trouble were I just gangbanger but just just being hoodlum you know and just begin to build a relationship with him Thursday he ended up coming to hardly trying to teach his like guy so the help was hot teaches the right way to live started playing basketball football keeping us out of trouble let’s go in that’s all so what do you dream to dope right now yeah I need to I need to baby you got to have a relationship with people to help them and put them in a different direction it takes a long time but the reality of it is is we can really really change this future and he’s been doing really really well last time you prayed they are in a while so they got old I know lots of you guys day I know you love Jesus so look I do if you’re gonna be effective working in programs like this you really need to do it through partners and with partnerships not one entity can take on something that’s so large you live on his block yeah look we’re gonna be down there mowing and stuff okay unless you got we work with churches such as cornerstone every Saturday they have men and women and volunteers to

adopt a block programs out and out of Pride Park they’re picking up trash and my lawns they’re cooking food they’re talking to the kids they have a sunday-school program and this is how you change the world you love Carroll meet their needs you know and and and that’s the simplest way to share Jesus somebody how old are you man are you really in school it’s just showing the neighborhood how important they are building relationships is really what we’re doing today there’s just a lot of joy and camaraderie and we come together as a church serving it also blesses our relationships and bonds us together and I think it does what’s the community we’ve met some precious precious people and be able to pray with a lady who has pregnant with twins another lady who’s gonna be kicked out of her house soon and you can call me okay and I’ll and I’ll help you with this okay everyone has a capacity to help the y is built and stands on Christian principles and I think that that’s one principle that that is clear we all have the ability to do something Comeau here Jesus said feed the homeless : I could do the work on the badges take care of the widows and the orphans that’s what we’re doing here we’re just following Jesus was leading doing what Jesus would do if you believe in Jesus and he died on the cross rose again he’s coming back that’s the church that needs to be on in the street caring for the hurting unbroken and and that’s that’s the key that’s that’s the that’s the folks we need out here we don’t need a religious people we need people that love Jesus we can be defined as a great community if we will focus on looking at those kids that have all the obstacles and keep them in our focus and understand that that child is just as important every kid matters or no kid matters Jerry wasn’t oh yeah I don’t even know Polly Polly worse probably worse a lot dog cuz I ain’t I really didn’t care you for me he he made me believe that my life is worth living this is what he died on Calvary for that very kid that I’m revealing himself in seven years old it’s it’s it’s a religion it’s not relationship it’s it’s it’s it’s heartbreaking because you hear it every day and not from these people you hear it from church folks you hear from folks well I’ve never used drugs I’ve never trained I’ve never even put a cigarette to my mouth but have you ever won anybody to Jesus have you ever felt a homeless person have you ever closed the little boy they didn’t have any clubs have you ever cared for somebody then no one’s caring for that’s all Jesus is asking for it’s all he sees I can see him in heaven right now just screaming going are you kidding me what are you doing what are you doing Oh Lord somebody say man I know I know Mike he was flashing back from them kids were playing football because Mike’s want to pick them up took him to football I just want to tell you that this morning it’s an honor here but I’m here for a purpose I’m not here by chance I’m here because God sent me here I’ve did like twenty seven churches last year it was the same message the same thing the same but God’s looking for an army he’s looking for people that’s gonna be obedient to him he’s not looking for churchgoers and I don’t need to listen with your ears I need you to listen to me with your heart because the reality of what we’re doing is and you see the Americanized church as one entity and it’s not because the Americanized church is one thing but the body of Christ is another I’m gonna say that one more time the Americanized church is one thing but the body of Christ is another there’s 400 churches in Manatee County 99 percent of them don’t believe like we believe somebody say a man and a woman we don’t want to forget you girls god bless you that was a joke and y’all missed y’all like oh my goodness that video was shot about five six years ago I actually set with a mother yesterday and I did two funerals for that family the other girl that that boy got killed in and it was a basically a hit they called a hit out but the hit was on the wrong person it killed Joe that day I got up I seen the body and the body that memories in my brain every day that boy shot like 16 times he covered his little girl saved the little girl’s life his baby girl that he had out of wedlock wasn’t a big spiritual godly they came

in covenant and did everything that that we’re supposed to do right everybody say Amen so a little a little boy got killed because he lived in the hood wrong place wrong time but I know he’s in heaven because I let him to the Lord somebody say Amen he’s in heaven right now I was telling his mother his sister was a lesbian and she got killed in a car wreck and I did her funeral the funeral that I did for him was crazy because there was a bunch of there’s about 200 people there and they’re all gang members and all there’s some serious bad people in our house fast did you just say a little something something right a little something and the Holy Spirit began to prophesy and that this boys funeral Joe’s he began to speak through me and he began to tell the people you cannot hide behind your sin anymore you can’t hide behind your homosexuality no more you can’t hide behind your drugs your drunkenness all your mess and all the stuff you use an excuse to run from me you can’t hide from me because I’m coming for the north south east and the west I’m coming after you somebody say Amen and God began to speak through me like I’ve never heard him speak to me but it was to a bunch of hurting broken people that didn’t know anything about Jesus when some of them go to church some of them go to churches that Pastor sleeps around it’s okay that’s not this church somebody say man I’ve never been to a church and I’ve been a law I’ve been to a lot of batiste people know how to love like Jesus loves pastor Manasseh and his wife are the nicest kindest people I’ve ever met in my life I don’t have that I’ve been in the streets a long time so I want to excuse myself right now cuz I I’m just a little raw around the edges but I’m gonna tell you something right now they know how to love lost people they know how to love and care for people they don’t care where you’re at they don’t care where you’re from they don’t care they’re gonna love you their boys are just like it and I know the daughter over here daughter-in-law she she doesn’t like it too you see Nick in that picture that video Nick Figueroa that was good Nick lost his leg the boy that was in the car we lost his leg in a car wreck he got hit on his motorcycle lost his leg and he’s serving the Lord he works for Feld and travels all over the world doing Disney on Ice so all kind of miracles in that video but today I’ve come to tell you God’s building an army and he wants you to be a part of it God don’t need churchgoers he needs people that’s gonna do what he asked him to do God don’t and the great thing about God is he does love everybody everybody same in he loves the drug AG he loves the homosexual he loves the religious he loves I had a church in Oklahoma years ago and it had a banner on the churches so wanted poster 25 foot by 25 foot on the front of it it said wanted pimps prostitutes drug addicts drug pushers liars cheaters homosexuals oh and religious and hypocrites welcome also because the reality is there’s a lot of folks out there that think they’re great but they’re not really great they’re just doing their own thing and I can be hypocritical sometimes to somebody say Amen because I’m a human humanity just gets in the way sometime and I know Humanity is terrible because I was just picking up a bag guys one day and tore my bicep I’d like to say I was bench pressing 487 thousand pounds and squatting six hundred and seventy thousand pounds but I was picking up a piece of ice a bag of ice until my bicep that’s humanity he gets in the way that’s why Jesus had to die on the cross somebody say Amen I’m gonna go through some scripture I don’t I don’t I’m just gonna run through some stuff because I have something to say it says and everybody knows this how many this just does not know Jesus you’ve never been saved you’ve never asked use in your heart just lift your hand up so you’ll get through that pretty quick and somebody say Amen everybody’s safe that’s awesome how many mess up how mrs. Blaine but I’m gonna give you all from the Lord everybody say ma’am first Corinthians 13 everybody knows this this is that amplified bible if I can speak in the tongues of men and even of angels but have not love that reasoning intentional spiritual devotion such as is is inspired by God’s love for us and in us I am only a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal and if I have a prophetic power the gift of interpreting

the divine will and purpose and understand all the secret truths and mysteries and possess all knowledge and I have sufficient faith so that I can remove mountains but have not love God’s love in me I’m nothing a useless nobody even if I doubt all that I have to the poor and providing food and if I surrender my body to be burned or if I’m ordered that I make that I may glory but have not loved God’s love in me I gain nothing love endures long and is patient and kind loved never is envious nor boys over with jealousy is not boastful or vainglorious does not display itself haughtily it’s not conceited arrogant and inflated with pride it is not rude unmannerly and does not act becoming unbecomingly love God’s love in us does not insist on its own rights for its own way for it is not self-seeking it is not touchy or fretful or resentful it takes not account of the evil done to it and it pays no attention to a suffered wrong it does not rejoice at injustice and righteous unrighteousness but rejoices when right and truth prevail somebody say Amen love bears up under anything and everything that comes is ever ready to believe the best of every person it hopes our fadeless under all circumstances and it endures everything without weakening love never fails never fades out or becomes obsolete or comes to an end as for prophecy the gift of interpreting the divine will and purpose it will be fulfilled and pass away as for tongues there will be destroyed and seized as for knowledge it will pass away it will lose its value and be superseded by truth for our knowledge is fragmentary incomplete and imperfect and our prophecy our teaching is fragmented and completely imperfect but when the complete and perfect total everybody say Jesus comes then complete and perfect will vanish away becoming antiquated and void and superseded let’s pray father you brought me here for one purpose and that’s to share what you have for them we live in a violent world we live in an evil world we live in a place where right is wrong and wrong is right we see people glorified getting rewards and do all the things for just not being truthful or not being honest or not having any character lost people do lost things god help us be the light help us be what you’ve asked us to be in our imperfect ways and our religion and everything else that we come at you with god help us to be like you Jesus everybody say Amen it’s funny because that very that very chapter chapter 14 it says eagerly pursue and seek to acquire this love make it your aim your great quest and I don’t see desire and cultivate the spiritual endowments gifts especially that you may prophesy interpret the divine and purpose inspired teaching and teaching for it goes on it talks about other gifts somebody say ma’am we all we all know and the theme is love and a men love everybody say love and we get this picture of love and I’m not a pacifist I used to be non online but we get this thing of Christianity’s of passivity everything’s gonna be okay you hear these preachers everything’s it’s not gonna be okay for the lost if we don’t share Jesus with them somebody say Amen there’s a real hell with a real fire that is really for eternity so when it comes to a pace and a point when you know who you are in Christ the only reason I know about all that stuff is because I lived all that stuff I grew up and I wasn’t in a gang we were just poor and my mom raised us five boys and my sister will give us shout out to him god bless you all good to see y’all because I know they watching they they they just do it but we grew up poor being poor it’s not a sin somebody say Amen so I learned how to steal to eat I used to eat out of trash cans I was very good you get two little burritos from 7-eleven you know I’m saying they put them in a little package they throw them at a certain time as though they were good it was clean it was but it was in the trash but I was hungry how I started in Pride Park was midnight two three I started God sent me over there midnight two three four nights a week and I scream yelled and I did cuts a little somebody say Amen oh my goodness you stick me in the middle of the hood in the middle at night from midnight to 3:00 and you tell me to go share Jesus with a bunch of people they want to kill me what is going on God and I was I was screaming yelling shouting going this is crazy you gonna get me killed Here I am thirteen years later still

alive somebody save it but it was scary I’m not gonna lie to you we were number two to gang violence at the time how do you get to know the kids you gotta build a relationship with him right so I go out and I start talking hey what’s up brother this in the middle of man they looking at me like you lost your mind and I’m not your brother the Bloods was real heavy they have the we got it quite as we had quite a few gangs now we have like four active so that’s Jesus everybody say Amen give a shout-out to the YMCA Sean Allison he gave us a great opportunity to do the work and I’m just thankful and honored to be a part of the why here I’ll forever be the part of the wild forever be part of Manatee County I told the new boss I left my left leg in Manatee County and three of my toes they won’t call me Eileen when I get there cuz I left a lot of me here and I’m okay with it but when you go out in the middle of the night and you’re sharing Jesus with folks that don’t want to hear it somebody said God’s prepared their heart he’s already prepared their heart to receive it he just wants you to be his mouthpiece and so you take your Bible John 3:16 for God so loved the world he gave His only begotten Son whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life somebody say Amen he didn’t come to the world to condemn the world that they might be safe so tell them how stupid and how wrong they are it’s not going to help love is patient love is kind see I’m not any kind of like that I’m not the kind one I’m not like boy what are you doing he lost your mind you can’t be doing drugs shooting at people right when Joe happened I got really really angry I didn’t get angry at God I got angry at the devil somebody say man cuz I picked this boy up every day we took him to school we got him through middle school then we got into high school he literally had enrolled in college a week before he died he was going to do something great but we don’t look with our eyes we look with we don’t look with with God’s we look with our eyes and we see oh man he was no he he was just a good kid and he got killed for being at the wrong place at the wrong time parents listen to your children they tell you don’t do something don’t do it or kids listen to your parents because that see y’all y’all didn’t even y’all a well you look he lost his mind listen to your parents because the reality is they know they have experience they have a life lessons and I pick up kids all the time I ran away because crazy yes you are crazy one number two you shouldn’t run away but Joe is a great just a great kid but God called me that inspired me and pushed me to a place I’ve never been spiritually there was an awning that came on my life that the storm the gates of hell and the gates of hell or not prevail came on me like I’ve never had my poor wife spent 16 18 hour days working in and building the kingdom and praying for kids and feeding them including I always say if you feed them you can lead them that’s why God’s asked us to feed the homeless and clothe the naked because hungry people will learn and listen so they’ll be able to be discipled everybody say disciple everybody look at me I need you to do me a favor if you’re talking I need you to not talk cuz I ain’t gonna be here long but I need you listening I need you understanding God’s building an army he’s not building a church he’s building a place where people can come and get minister to and get the real love of Jesus which is here everybody say Amen but Jesus could come back tomorrow have we’ve done everything that we needed to do it get done me know I have it even though all I’ve done even all the things that we’ve accomplished here but still for me too more to do and I’m be honest with you I’m not a very good husband I’m a terrible grandfather and my terrible dad I spent the last 28 years storming the gates of Hell my wife is a saint my children are Saints my grandkids are Saints they’re the good ones I’ve neglected them I’ve let them down I’ve hurt him I didn’t come home most the time when I was supposed to because I was out storming the gates of hell I was out being what God’s called me to be it cost my wife it costs my children it costs my ground cheer my wife is the saint I’m telling you she loves me like I’ve never done nothing wrong but the reality of it is it costs you

everything to do what gods asked you to do my wife knows I love Jesus more I love her he knows she does it’s common knowledge but ain’t nothing on this planet that I love more than her that I don’t love wouldn’t her everybody say man what is this right here you guys so acknowledging God and understanding who he is and who you are in him the only reason I’m successful is because of that I have a wife that surrenders everything for me to do what I ask what I’m called to do of God my wife is my hero my wife is my best friend my wife my wife there’s some marriages right now going through some stuff right here in this room you fight for everything you are fighting for your wife and I see it I’m so proud of you and you have people fighting with you and we’re gonna thank God today for her healing and our total restoration thank you for showing us how to fight the body of Christ is not a army it’s not a placating army it’s not a pattycake army the body of Christ is a real army with real people and we don’t fight with guns and knives we fight on our knees we fight with our word we fight with the Word of God we fight with loving and caring for people loving and caring see the Bible and this is the simplicity of it all and we have a Matthew 26 where Jesus was just being tortured right they threw him down they they they first they made fun of him oh you the Kingdom Kings huh then they plated the crown of thorns on his head right and they put that robe over him that purple robe and then they kicked him and beat him and tortured him and just destroyed him it got to a place where he had they made him carry his own cross and then he got so beaten abused his humanity got in the way again he couldn’t carry it no more he was a son of God what he I’m Jesus his humanity got in the way don’t want somebody else carried the cross and when he the crucified he right nails in his hands and in his feet everybody say Amen they destroyed him spiritually mentally mentally physically destroyed him how many ever felt like that just being in life mentally physically just destroyed that’s why he did it because he knew you’re going do it go through it the very thorns on his head I could hear it just like you and I are I’m talking to you right now I could hear as they put in the thorns and those thorns are like this long those ones that maybe thorns that like a rolls but no those were thorns and they were putting them on Jesus’s head and Jesus go go ahead Jerry one day it’s gonna need me push harder he’s gonna need me push harder Jerry’s gonna need me he’s gonna eat out of trash cans he’s gonna use drugs he’s gonna drink he’s gonna act a fool he’s gonna go crazy a stepdad raised me he got killed in a car wreck lost my mind the only man who ever loved me all him and ever showed me Christ at the time in my my little young thought process I look back now the church raised me up didn’t discipled me to be an evangelist Second Baptist Church in Emerald of Texas raised up a evangelist they never left me alone I don’t care what I was doing I don’t care what I was saying they they stuck with me but in my little old 14 year old mind my daddy’s gone you know my dad would do he’d stand me on a chair he’d say son you’re gonna change the world you’re gonna change the world when he died he changed my world I didn’t understand spiritual warfare so those thorns being placed on Jesus head Jay you won’t be alright I’m doing this for you and then the very nails that were taking on in his hands on the cross he just literally being hammered to the to a tree he knew that I was gonna still eat Jerry it’s okay I got you boy hit it harder Roman soldier Jerry needs me go ahead hit it harder

because we sin with our hands somebody say man and then we run domitius and as he was hammering Roman soldiers were hammering his feet to that cross he was gone go ahead Jerry’s gonna need me he’s gonna run into all kinds of mischief he’s gonna do all kinds of wrong and he he thinks nobody’s gonna know about it but I know about it go ahead hammer it harder hammer it harder Jerry needs me see I take my relationship with Jesus personal like that that’s why being in the Army of God I take my call very how many evangelists there’s no insanity I’ll share Jesus with the turtle outside alligator you know Jesus bro I ain’t playing hi everybody needs to know about Jesus because we’ve come a custom in this media world that we live in now you could talk about everything but Jesus they put color in the thing they put this they put all these different wars and all this stuff and there’s a big war spiritual I mean a big white and black and all this other it’s coming no no no it’s not let me tell you why because there’s men and women who love Jesus and so in love with Jesus gonna love the lost out of every sing of them a racist every single every we’re gonna love the loss and God don’t need everybody he just needs a remnant somebody say Amen he just needs that somebody to say you know what I’m gonna love him regardless that very tree that Jesus hung on the reason I know more than anything more than I know that I know that I know because remember that even before the creation of the world Jesus was with his daddy scripture says it he came out of heaven in the Mary all this stuff couldn’t happen list he came through the way we came in the birthing process and ladies and gentlemen before the even that tree was planted the first tree that was planted on planet Earth God knew that if someone’s gonna die the very first iron ore that was planted in the earth and the very first nail that was even created out of the iron ore God knew he was a setup from the very beginning he knew Moses gonna mess up he knows Moses couldn’t fix it the process is the process and I don’t even know can explain to you the process but I know it was a setup because of that very thing the setup is you getting to heaven you loving Jesus but he gave us that freewill thing and that freewill thing will take you straight to heaven on the track you straight to hell there’s a lot of people that call themselves Christians I’ll speak at their churches I do all these different things but they don’t know Jesus as far as shoot Hitler because they say one thing and do another there’s not a perfect human being in this room there’s not the only reason I’m successful because I learned to walk in repentance I learned to be in love with Jesus I learned to do what he says to do and be in love with him and when I mess up I asked for forget everybody say repentance simply there’s a scripture that I want to read to you that sometimes we we we forget I’ve been I’ve been raised in church I got saved when I was probably seven I got saved eight hundred eighty seven times baptized 487 time I was in the Baptist Church that’s what we do right I go get drunk on Friday then go get saved and baptized on Sunday somebody say Amen that’s what I did I was shoot I was there at the altar man I was about 18 years old in appreciat told me I was crazy man you quit doing this boy ladies and gentlemen God’s looking for a people that will do what he says he’s looking for a people that are in love with him within the love of their selves it’s not about us it’s never been about us it’s about him deny yourself take up your cross that’s the scripture I was gonna read to you and follow me the only thing across was good for us to die on that’s it there’s nothing he’s not asking you to be perfect he’s not asking to be anything else but in love with him and this stuff will work out I need you to understand that he loves you more than

anything in the world but he’s got a task for us here to do and that’s to love lost people I don’t ask I don’t want you to agree with I don’t first and foremost quit watching TV somebody say Amen just don’t watch it I did Christian television for seven years always say I got saved from that praise the Lord not because it was bad because there’s no way on heavens earth that you can live high like this live in a state of lawlessness there’s no way and I thought I could but I couldn’t I don’t pray for being to be happy I pray for peace because I see too much in the last twenty six twenty eight years ministry ugly stuff sad stuff I’ve done over a hundred funerals in this town kids dying heroin the last and funeral idea was a 14 year old girl who was 14 years old and didn’t know anything she little Jesus girls smoke pot with her friends and it killed her because of the fitting all that was in the pot that didn’t make a guy happy but I know Jesus so I have piece that I have joy because of Who I am in Christ and that didn’t stop me from sharing the love of Jesus with everybody I come in contact with so if you don’t know Jesus and you want to know Jesus if you died right now and you wouldn’t go to heaven you know that I want you to come up here right now anybody if you know you died right now and you wouldn’t go to heaven I want you to come up here right now so everybody’s safe everybody say Amen this prayer is really different this altar call is simple and I call this the discipleship altar call it’s not that you’re gonna be a super spiritual gosh versus super spiritual woman it’s not that you’re going to be perfect it’s not it’s just you want to do what God asks you to do you want to be obedient see pastor Manasseh and I do I love this man with all my heart I love his wife I love his kids they’re just precious people and and they have a meekness that’s a little strength that I don’t have guys I just don’t have all sound of it that’s why I hang out with him but I don’t but the man is so strong and who he is in Christ his wife they’re strong Dan my other guy what’s his name the boy Nathan where are you Nathan you’re so awesome man look at you strong but it’s that meekness that strength that they have see we think cuz you got to be all they’re strong that is a lie we put our spiritual aspects on what we watch on TV instead of reading and praying God don’t need everybody off he just needs the remnant it’s not that he don’t love you and want you to be obedient but he don’t need everybody these folks are gonna be serious about the call of God in their lives serious about loving the loss serious about loving each other loving the body of Christ so this is the prayer the simplicity of this prayer is it’s it’s powerful I call it the discipleship sprayer and before we pray it I want you to think long I don’t want you to close your eyes I don’t want you to bow your head I don’t want you to do stuff that everybody else doesn’t charge I don’t want none of that this is what I want you to do I want you to look at it look at your life and say what do you want me to do Jesus you know have I done enough and there’s a lot of people that do a lot okay but God’s looking for a remnant he’s looking for a body of people that’s gonna say you know what I got more to do help me do this that’s what I’m talking to so if I’m talking to you you’re hearing me and I don’t care how old you are I don’t care how young I’m like 107 you ain’t been 107 Jerri it’s hard you’re right but I’m still talking to you somebody say Amen cuz you’re still on this planet you still breathe in air and God still can use you at 107 so if I’m talking to you I want you to come forward right now come on and it’s okay if you sit down it’s okay you can pray from that seat hey Dan I need you up here I’m gonna have to call

this is the nicest guy I’ve ever met in my life I want him beside me when I pray this prayer these are direct orders from Jesus okay this prayer is a direct order I’ve prayed this prayer so many times I pray it every day I pray like two or three times a day with children it’s a prayer right here can you hold it for me and if it goes off make sure it stays on hey everybody look at me and this is this is a discipleship splurt and you’re just saying I’m surrendering you may have through this every day amen I used to think I could just be save and I’m saved a man praying the Lord I’m good but then the devil attack again I’m like God what’s going I didn’t understand spiritual warfare you guys do you’re not baby Christians you are men and women of God and God is literally asking you to be obedient to him and your ministry may different from mine I’m a street guy but there’s so many people that need to hear from Jesus from you and you have such a passion but there’s times that you don’t think well just quit listen to the negative because you’re an amazing human being young man you really are you’re precious he loves you so much you’re a precious human being and he loves it when you wake up in the morning because that’s how precious you you’re a good good godly man so understand that he trusts you he trusts each and every one of you we have to come across that it’s not about heaven and hell no more because you’re going to heaven it’s about you taking people with you you saying you know what I got this Jesus but every day making a choice let’s pray this prayer and no eyes closed everybody praying a prayer say this with me say lord I give myself to you whatever the cost may be take every aspect of my life and use me for your kingdom to glorify your name I’m not here on earth to do my own thing to seek my own fulfillment or my own glory I’m not here to indulge my desires to increase my possessions to impress people to be popular to prove I’m somebody important or to promote myself come on let’s pray it I’m not here even to be relevant or successful by human standards I’m here to please you said again I’m here to please you to live like this I yield myself to you – no you to love you to worship you to obey you and to grow in your holy fear I desire to become a person and understands and lives and reverent all of you I’ll do anything that you want me to do go anywhere you want me to go and say anything you want me to say father there isn’t any gift that you have for me that I do not want if you want to use me in a way that I’m not used to I yield myself to that come on let’s pray today I affirm my love for you my god and I choose to live and minister in your way I trust you Lord to do that which I cannot do for myself teach me guide me empower me to feel your holy name in Jesus name Amen Steve somebody say Amen get give the Lord a hand clap [Applause] you have always been and even even folks in your seat you have always been an army of God you have always been a part

of an army that only God’s gonna get the glory for you’ve always been who God’s called you to be sometimes you get in the way get out of the way it’s not the devil it’s you because of work because of this because excuses are like trash kids everybody got them they all stink everybody say man no more excuses focus on Jesus thank you for healing Mike’s back where’s Mike yet look at it go he like are you like a magician back the way but God’s gonna totally restore his back not because not because Mike’s got all the faith in the world because Mike’s in love with Jesus your wife right now as we speak she’s gaining strength and peace and joy other users hear that they just are here and you’re in you’re just like yeah I’m humanity’s in though it’s okay because God’s gonna use you but you got to surrender to Jesus every day everybody say Amen every day surrender to Jesus you’re in an army now it’s his army for your for his purpose and for your good purpose to change the world I love every single one of you but I’m gonna tell you something you got a pastor here and a momma pastor that loved you dearly I need you guys to do me a favor and I’m done but I’d like to bring them up and pray for them really fast come on up here pastor and you and your wife and your wife is your wife here that’s okay and then pastor pastor we’ll take it I love you Andrew good to see you sir Andrews one of the greatest human beings you’ll ever meet y’all come put your hands on them I don’t care how y’all do it wait for Mama y’all get over here and put your hands on your pastor and get down here young man Vanessa come on up here young lady you can bring that baby to I don’t care see angle actually gonna get out of prayer she’s like now uh get over here man I mean Mike right here y’all put your hands on these mama come on up y’all stretch your hands out praise the Lord father we love you we thank you for the the the new and awning that’s you’ve given this family they fought and fought and fought and fought for your purpose my father is for your purpose father today is a day that you’re going to get glory forever you’re going to grow this church because they’re growing the kingdom these are not church folks these are Kingdom folks God and from the top of his head to the soles of his feet thank you for healing his heart every Valley every bow every atom in this man’s body father thank you for healing him thank you for the strength you’ve given mom give her more give her more give her more give her more physically physically spiritually god I pray for the sons father in the name of Jesus father thank you for Nate thank you for dad thank you for Mike father in the name of Jesus thank you for their spouses father thank you for Matt and he’s a wonderful bride right now father you you touch them right now as they speak purpose of these kids God and as you grow this church father raised up an army behind them so they can destroy the work of the devil do the will of the Father and thank you for the anointing that they’ve never had a power to move in you like they’ve never had in the name of Jesus bless this couple bless them for their fervent rejoicing in you no matter how bad it’s got they rejoice bless them spiritually physically and financially for your purpose in your will and thank you for taking this church to a place only you’re gonna get the credit for in the name of Jesus we pray amen give the Lord a hand clap come on [Applause] alright alright y’all stay up here and stay up here for a moment everybody let’s we want to send Jerry off too because like two days from now he’s moving I think he’s closing on his house on Tuesday and then they’re shipping on out to Oklahoma where he’ll be he used to Pastor a church in Oklahoma now he’s going to be overseeing a bunch of YMCA so let’s just send him off just stretch your hands out toward him we are gonna be taking up an offering so Usher’s if you’ll prepare for that thank

you Jesus I shed my blood not just to cover your sin but to bring you back in you should not asana et upon Amana and my body is broken for you shattered that your body may be sustained the bread is to sustain the life that the blood creates whoosh Makena DC me Optimus and he feed my sheep feed my sheep who shinnok Audrina honest in the Agena be my hands and my feet ocean air like at the knee see they are arms to embrace hearts to love whoosh the key activation Aquila domina Issa Natasha Yamaha and blessed blessed blessed he shall be blessed shall be you Shekinah are my child my child my child my children my children bring in my children they do not know me my orphans my orphans Russia Larnaca dceg Shamanov thank you lord thank you lord father all of us here today all of us we send pastor evangelist Jerry parish his wife his children that they will all stand by him in a way that he’s only dreamed that she’ll give them all Grace and they’ll recognize that they are part of his call and that they will rise up in new glory new strength new prophetic insight new helping hands new hearts that break for those that Jerry’s breaks for I thank you for with one mind and one mouth that they will glorify God we thank you for providing the right home the right area Lord that will be a place where they can all be established that you established the work of his hands bring increase an anointing that breaks every yoke not just some yokes but every yoke of bondage every bit of humanity that has plagued the people on this earth that you’ll give them an anointing to break it that you’ll give them insight to break it that his eyes will see and he’ll just know this is what I need to do and it’ll break this and that you’ll give them the stone for every giant every spiritual stronghold it’s in that area then he will bring it down at like David and Goliath in Jesus name and because Lord you’ve given him the lion and the bear when he gets to that uncircumcised philistine it’s going down with just one stone because of all the experience that you’ve given them already all the battles won already are stepping stones into a bright and glorious future in you in Jesus name Amen amen amen praise the Lord thank you Jesus all right we want to give you an opportunity to sow into his ministry and to help him get to Oklahoma so Usher’s if you come at this time you can make your checks payable to resonate Life Church if you’re giving cash you can use the envelopes this entire offering is going to pastor evangelist Jerry parish praise the Lord father we just ask you to show us what to do each of us so that he leaves here with all of his needs met as he makes this big transition finding a home finding all of that the gas the moving all of that God we thank you for meeting all of his needs help us to be a blessing to him today in Jesus name Amen