Blender For Noobs – MakeHuman to Blender!

blender for noobs hello this is Dan Nobles and welcome to blender for noobs in this video we’re going to be looking at using the make human program to bring over your human type cream creations over to blender just a kind of a QuickStart guide so the way to do this is you want to go to if you don’t already have make human go to make human dot or go orgy and look for the download make human button once you get that you will see the different versions of make human that you can download download the appropriate version go ahead and install it once it’s installed oh by the way make sure that you also go to ee you have of course the latest version of blender otherwise it may not work now once you have make human downloaded go ahead and run it and you’ll get this warning in the beginning that says it contains nudity kind of sad but that’s what it says so i’ll just say yes go ahead and run make human and it opens up with our default human in there so before we do anything i’m just going to go over here to geometries and close and i’m just going to throw some genes on this person just in case you know there’s some kids here and you know the parents wandering the room say what are you doing anyway so we’ll start at the beginning with make human over here with files is where you’re going to save your actual creation here but if we move over to modeling there’s some things that you can do to your creation in order to configure it so of course you have gender you can if you go all the way to the left you’ll make a female go all the way to the right it’s a male i’m going to make this one male and aged all the way to the right is old ode and all the way to the left is very young almost like an infant and in fact with this tutorial i’m just going to make this like a kung-fu type baby so i’m going to leave this on infant and i’m going to give him just tons of muscle here and you don’t see too much happening yet but as we add I’m going to add some weight and I’m going to add I really want to add too much height but I do want to add proportions and as far as the ethnic background I’m going to leave African right here but I’m going to make him mostly Asian since he’s a kung fu expert you can see once you go all the way to the right there it knocks the other ones down so kind of Asian baby the controls the navigation controls and make human is very similar to blender so if you mouse wheel up actually it’s opposite if you mouse went down it zooms in and if you hold down your middle mouse button you can kind of pan around a little bit and with the left button you can kind of move around the scene a little bit like that you can also use some of these manipulators to get you know front view back view side view top view all that kind of stuff and you know full view like that so here’s our baby so far these are the different things that you can do under the modeling I’m under main so I’m going to go under gender you can you know change the gender I’m not going to do anything with that here on this one face you can change the age of the face I mean just all kinds of settings you can do I’m not going to go through all these because these are very easy they made it very very easy to play around with these you know you’ve made most of them are just sliders you can change the change it like this and look over at the categories that you’re changing you can change the categories and you’ll get different actions here that you can do with them which is very cool so I’m going to go over to torso and I’m going to give the our kung-fu baby more of a torso here scaling horizontal so now he’s really pumped up I’m not going to scale it vertical I want him actually well yeah I’m going to make him a little bit shorter what he is making a little bit more squatty ok arms legs I’m not going to do anything with and Customline there’s nothing here that I need to do so then we’re going to move over to geometries and this is where you can do your clothes eyes hair and all that stuff so as far as the clothes I’m just going to leave the jeans on him like this you can choose shorts you can put him in a suit if you want which is very cool I turn off jeans here this suits a little bit too big for them but it it looks really cool on a average-sized human so leave the jeans on and take suit off and you know you can add a shirt or you know whatever you want so and even a hat which is really cool so that’s clothes if you go over to eyes this is the geometry of the eyes so you can have higher low poly hair I just

like it says you know you can change your hair around if you want for my kung-fu baby I’m just going to leave him as bald teeth you just um get different types of teeth you can choose here I don’t know what the main differences are for them because I can’t really see them very well here but if we look at the make human side we probably look that up but I’m going to leave this as none because I’m not going to be doing any you know open mouth poses with this kung-fu baby or anything so genitals again I’m not going to do anything with the general tools but you can change the female male to type genitals topology if you choose these you can get kind of like a lower proxy topology I’m just going to leave it as none which is the default eyebrows it is amazing and I’m going to zoom in on our kung-fu baby here if I can if you change the eyebrows it’s amazing the different kind of a like personality you’ll get out of these characters so you want to choose the right out eyebrows for example if this kung-fu baby walked in on you and said you know I’m going to kick your butt or whatever you probably wouldn’t be too concerned but if this kung fu baby came in you might be a little bit concerned this one came in you’re starting to get kind of concerned this one maybe not so much but you can see how this really changes the the look of the character so I think I’m going to he doesn’t really need bushy eyebrows but I think this fits him pretty well as far as the type of personality I want him to have you can do eyelashes I’m not going to put any eyelashes on them and you can add a tongue in the mouth if you need it so that’s all of those options then you can go to materials and under materials you have skin right now I’m just using the default I can give him like a young Asian skin like so which maybe he should have but you can experiment around with the different types of skins I color probably will leave as Brown for him since he’s mostly Asian but you can change that color around if you want to and then I browse this material here I’m not sure what this does since it’s already selected but anyway those are the materials then if you go to pose animate you can use different types of structure bone structure for your character and in this case I’m just going to say no I mean they have second life and games and you know basic things like that but I’m going to be bringing this over in the blender so I’m going to leave this as none they all have also have same for rendering settings for the program itself where you can change the lot of the Preferences here if you choose background it’s going to ask you you know where your files are for those you can change mouse options shortcuts and things like that utilities same thing it’s got some utilities in here that I’m not really going to go over so once you’re happy with your kung-fu baby or whatever you’re making then you can bring him over into into blender and the way to do that is we want to go back to files and we’re just going to you can save it by the way if you want to save what you’ve done in make human so you can go ahead go back and change any options and make human you want to save it here but in this case I’m not I’m not concerned about saving this I’m just going to do an export and I’m going to choose the blender exchange format because we’re going to bring it into blender and you can see there’s other options here that you can do when you choose one of these mesh formats then look at your options over here basically feet on the ground is selected by default I’m going to choose to wrote the rotation limits which I believe you know if you rotate the arms and everything it should have limits on there for some reason I don’t see that working in blender but I could be doing it wrong but anyway I’m just going to check it and then I’m going to choose also export for rigify which means that once you bring this character over into blender you’re going to be able to use the rig on it in order to move the the arms the legs and all that good stuff so and then you can choose scale units if you want a different scale unit so once you’re happy with all your settings here then you just need to save it and I’m going to call this one cone foo baby and I’m going to export and once you do

that take note of what it’s telling you here because make human by default uses your documents directory at least in Windows it does and it’s kind of hard to find if you don’t remember where this is that so I’m going to say ok I’ve exported it now one quick note here if you go into export and you use this little button right here to decide where you want to export it to I have tried to name my export here like I say if I want to say test and then do a save and it says ok it saved it and if I go back and look in that directory I don’t see anything so I don’t know what’s going on here maybe a little bit of a bug but it could be my system I don’t know but anyway it did save our original thing as long as we typed it in here and exported it so once you have done that you’re pretty much done with make human and we want to go over to blender so here we are in blender as you can see I’m using the latest under version 2.71 and there’s a few things that we need to do to prepare to bring in our make human character first and foremost let’s select the cube and X delete it get that thing out of the way so some things you need to do is go up to file menu and go to your user preferences and go to your file tab over here or button and you want to turn this on this is off by default this auto execution you want to turn auto run Python scripts on and by the way if you don’t do the things that I’m telling you here you’ll get some errors when you try to import your make human file so if you get errors it means you didn’t do these things so you need to do that then go to add-ons and by default the make human format is not on by default so just type in and make human human as you start to type it you’ll see it come up here this is the import export for mhx format and make sure you check that next type in rig and you will see that rigging rigify you’ll want to check that as long as you chose like I did to export the rig also if you want to be able to move your character around you know move the arms and things like that you’ll want to use this so once you have those set you can choose to save the user settings and we’ll just close this and now when you go file import you will now see this make human format here and you can choose that and then you can go look to where your make human was downloaded in my case it’s under v1 I believe exports kung-fu baby so I choose that my choose import mhx as soon as I do that it will import that model and here we go with our kung-fu baby right there so we have our make human character but if we do a look at in the render view I’m going to just do a shift Z and rendering you can see that well he’s there but yeah his jeans didn’t come out right and his skin doesn’t look right or anything and let me go ahead and grab this and make it a Sun so we can kind of see what’s going on a little bit better and while I’m at it why not just make a plain scale it up just so we’ll have a little bit better view of our kung-fu baby here okay so what do we need to do we need to get the textures that F that we need those don’t come over by default created the way you know you’ll need textures created if there is an add-on to do that and anybody knows that let me know there may be some information on the make human side about that but as far as I know you have to set up your textures so here’s how we do this actually let me use this window here I’m going to come over here leave my render view up just so I can see the changes and I’m going to come over here and I’m going to select the jeans first of all I can okay and if you go over here and we’re going to go to our materials you can see that you can see partially but this is basically the basic materials that is using so Jean zero one material so we need to get this material set up correctly so I’m using cycles and in that case I need to use

nodes so I’m going to change the one of these windows to the node editor okay we choose in to get rid of that so by default we have our diffuse node here but that’s not going to get us the jeans we need a texture there so I’m going to do a shift a choose texture and choose image texture spring it up here and just plug in color to color yellow to yellow right there okay and now we need to choose open and we need to find the texture that should have been exported along with everything else so find out where your make human model is stored go to the textures folder and then find that jeans texture that you need in this case I’m just going to use the diffuse and as soon as you do that you can see that it’s applied the texture to the material which is great so now what we need to do is do the actual model so I’m just going to select him you can see that’s using the texture skin so same thing choose use nodes to a shift a and an image texture plug these in and make him all pink and everything or magenta or whatever the heck that is choose open go find your textures and I’m going to choose the skin which I kiss I gave them the female skin by mistake but anyway I’ll choose that open that up and you can see that he has skin look great so he’s looking kind of evil with his white eyes and white eyelashes there are eyebrows so we need to do the same thing there I’m just going to choose eyebrows it’s using eyebrow use nodes shift a plug in an image texture plug that in open up go to your textures find the eyebrow texture at that there’s the eyebrows same thing with the eye so use an eyes brown use nodes shift a texture image texture color color to color open find the textures and we’re going to find the eye texture plug that in and there is our kung-fu baby ready to kick some butt so pretty cool I mean very quickly you can create some type of human with make human and bring it right into blender very cool a few things that I would like to note about doing that is make human is an excellent program for bringing in characters characters very quickly if you are beginning to modeling and modeling is what you’re going for you’re not really going for doing animations and you know multiple character setups and things like that then I would HIGHLY highly recommend taking a full body modeling tutorial where you’re actually going in you’re creating the entire model everybody who is interested in modeling and 3d modeling and does 3d modeling should do that at least once there is tons of things to learn from that while it is true you can take these characters and you can use them however you want in your program and create you know whatever you’re trying to create with them that’sthat’s great and it’s very quick and it’s nice but again nothing can really replace the experience of modeling type of character in blender or for that matter any 3d program the other thing that I want to mention is if we look at this character see if we can zoom in here and the eyes aren’t really showing up too well yeah we’re not seeing eyes at all the reason for this is when you bring these things over I just added the diffuse to these materials so for example if we look at you know grab the eye here I just have a diffuse material there is certain things that you need to set up in the nodes for those materials so keep that in mind that’s something that I’ve done in detail and tutorials that I’ve done on a different channel that I used to have but if there’s you know about very high number of people that are interested in learning how to do that I can do a tutorial on that oh and then one more thing before I close this tutorial as you can see you have your rig set up here so if you go go in here and you select one of these controllers not that one but something like this you can do an R rotate and you can actually start to pose your character in some way yeah yeah so as you can see there is no

limits on the rotation here and I don’t know if I’m thinking about the right rotation limits but that’s that was my idea of what rotation limits should be anyway so that is how you very quickly can bring over a very cool character from make human to blender both completely free programs simply awesome so thanks for watching please subscribe comment and I’ll see you in the next video