Today on 2 – May 20, 2013

today’s obituaries are brought to you by moss service and hanceville funeral home funeral services for Jerry Lee on us age 72 a pencil will be held tomorrow at 11am at center hill baptist church Johnny Crompton and Delbert Freeman officiating interment in the church cemetery hensel Funeral Home is directing the family will receive friends tonight from 530 until 9pm funeral services for a fee may Miller age 80 of hands full will be at 1pm today at Coleman heritage funeral home chapel burial in mount zion cemetery miss Miller passed away saturday at hanceville nursing and rehab Howard Kirk chambers age 48 of coleman passed away on friday at his residence the family will be having a private graveside service at flint creek cemetery Moss service is directing Dana Meyer chambers of cullman passed away at her home on Saturday visitation will be held tomorrow at Coleman funeral home from 3 to 5 p.m. following visitation a graveside service will be held at the holly pond cemetery at five-thirty p.m Steve Rogers will officiate interment will be in holly pond Cemetery Herman Buford bolte in junior age 64 died Saturday at his home grace I graveside services will be at 11am tomorrow at Pellman City Cemetery cullman heritage is assisting the family with local arrangements and those are our obituaries for today brought to you by moss service and hanceville funeral home you good morning and welcome to today on two on this wonderful monday morning we have nothing to complain about yet yet yeah okay that’s a good attitude yeah woke up this morning and that was a good day woke up and the extent of my morning is I haven’t been able to find my black shoes and so I’m thinking that’s a good day okay if that’s so far stuff that’s the only thing that’s bad about starting off the day I guess that’s ok that’s a good morning and actually I think the weather is going to be nice today there is something else I took a little a brief look at so let’s go ahead and look for the weather for today our weather is brought to you by Mitch Mitch chevrolet located on cherokee avenue make the switch to Mitch the weather almanac for today the average high will be 83 average low 56 the record high is 94 degrees in 1941 that was set and they’ll record low was 38 degrees set in 1978 the sunrise tomorrow will be at 542 in the sense that tonight will be at 746 we have a radar picture that we need to see we have some activity moving close up to the lake area but we don’t have anything in our air looks like let’s take a little bit closer look we don’t have any activity around our area there’s from they’ve been a little bit in lower part of Alabama but today as patchy fog this morning otherwise sunny with a high around 87 that’s a little bit higher than the the average high tonight I’d be clear with a low around 66 tomorrow sunny with a high near 87 winsty wednesday not wednesday i can tell where i’m from this morning Wednesday mostly cloudy with a fifty percent chance of rain activity with a higher around 83 Thursday a twenty percent chance of rain with a high around 83 and friday saturday and sunday highs around the lower 80s with mostly sunny well mission Memorial Day weekend will be a good weekend it looks like it sounds like a

good because they don’t let that rain come in are instead if you have a bullet the great time to use it yeah for sure go outdoor somewhere memorial day right so here you had a great weekend that’s my guess yeah my grandson came to visit and it’s always enjoyable when he comes to visit and we have we have just a really good time but I felt really bad we he has this little john deere tractor that’s his big thing you know it’s one of those plastic jobs in and i’m pushing him on it because he’s still not quite you know his legs quite don’t quite do the motions I pushed him and I’m pushed him around in the circle and he fell off oh no oh and we were in the garage oh no Poe puddle of water so got home front of it so I couldn’t even try to hide it cuz his know nobody was around I had to change a shirt and here are you the bad person but it didn’t seem to faze him too much I just saw your face when we put back on we went back riding again so anyway poor little thing but you know just like those little cartoons you see with a little yeah that’s exactly what strength about here do just rolling circle anyway oh well and you said you kind of attended doggie daze yes I sort of did I’m Birmingham has a festival that’s called do today’s date is a huge festival to celebrate basically just if you own a dog come celebrate with us a huge stage where they have live music a couple of bands I didn’t get the name of any bands but they were really they were a local group and they were really good but what amazed me was the just the variety of different dogs that were there which I mean you see them in books and write in our line but I’ve never seen this many different dogs in one location and you said the only one fight broken yes only one God within a bit if anyone’s ever been it’s a coldwell park in birmingham missus it’s it’s not large it’s fairly it’s fairly small but there was like a thousand dogs I promise in this one little area and there was only one one dog fight wow that’s pretty good it’s very good well let’s look at our Facebook a trend of the day so who is our Facebook friends a Glin self is our friend and he likes a Wallace take campus ministries okay excuse me and Collin Park and Rec so very good we’re glad he likes Wallace and Collin Hartman wreck and actually we’re going to be giving away some extra tickets today aren’t we all are all week long we’re gonna be giving away some passes so you everybody can go to the Memorial Day celebration and stuff right yep so who’s going to be our guest on today on to today mr. friend our snow is here he has been visiting us for several years now he is a local artist he’s got a lot going on I want him to be able to talk about it so we’re gonna visit with him and talk to us about everything that’s going on in his life with his books sounds great we also have George here as always and will have some merchandise with some extra tickets tickets to give away right after these words I premiere bunny we’re very proud of the long-lasting relationships we have with our customers Oh we’ll go almost anywhere to meet your banking needs overwhelmed by home refinancing offers from telephone solicitors and direct mail advertising and then find you’re not qualified for a specific plan the mortgage center a hometown lender compares the rates from all home loan lenders and the qualifications of the various government programs to find a plan best suited to you the mortgage center else Cullman County people purchase and refinance their homes this is pat me call us today and let us Taylor a loan program to your specific needs and requirements meet the kitchenaid 36-inch induction cooktop it might just change the way you cook induction technology heats the pan and not the cooking surface to offer you a new level of precision speed and energy efficiency nine settings give you different levels of heat to achieve precise temperatures and amazing responsiveness water boils in just seconds making this the fastest to boil induction cooktop available the KitchenAid 36 inch induction cooktop life lived in black and white is not a life lived today I choose color to see it to feel it to be in it to be upon it and to live a life surrounded by it today I put on a fresh coat time for news and comment on this Monday

looking at the local users can t use the Cullman County Commission is decided to hire full-time an attorney now this sort of thing is something that Jefferson County is done and the problem is it got to be a problem for them for them it was because of the fact that the attorney felt he was due a pay raise others weren’t getting in Peggy raises he felt he deserved one and it was a nasty separation between that attorney and the Jefferson County Commission they eventually got another attorney the benefits to it is that you have a set rate of what you’re going to pay this attorney and it’s full time right but the story in the komen times did not say what his salary was they didn’t say if he gets benefits health insurance those kind of things those are big issues especially nowadays with the cost of health insurances or not the story says that the law rather the County Commission has been using law firms that paid they pay them on an hourly basis and it could be expensive it really can be whenever you do it this way on an hourly basis because if you have issues are trying to resolve and you have you’ve got an attorney sitting there with you with you and another Commissioner and if you do koban county better have a reporter presence because otherwise you’re having a secret reading and that violates a open a hair law but if you do that then you can spend several hours and it’s the cost of an attorney ltd when I went into office the cost was three hundred dollars an hour I found an attorney locally who charged two hundred dollars an hour it was less expensive but if in fact neither was part of going up since those days when I was in office but it’s an issue whenever you have this because if you should keep them on board so long then of course if you’re just paying by the hour you’re going to spend a lot of money but not only that the former chairman of the County Commission and the existing commissioners we’re paying about five thousand dollars a month for another attorney in cullman a prominent skullman city attorney and I asked mr. Walker when he was running for chairman of the cadi Commission back last year I said if you get into office will you tell us what that money why the white account is paying five grand a month to this attorney when he’s not the county attorney the one they normally use he said he would now unfortunately mr Walker will not return our calls or come on the program so we’re going to matter i guess i was have to go see them to see what that’s about you know the people in explanation whether your former chairman or whether your current chairman today is a busy day in the legislature is the last day that being made a twentieth because a lot of bills are pending on this final day one of those being the Komen county appointed superintendent bill that hopefully will get past it’s a local bail right and also the there’s someone gonna be a lot of bills local bills of them will be passed they won’t become law the issue for example of you know drug testing a person who’s had prior convictions of drug use and selling and such if they’re applying for Social Security has no social security but welfare benefits that’s a good bill I think the gun bill you know if you can take your gun to to work as long as you keep it locked up in your car but it’s going to be a very busy day we’ll know tomorrow morning whether or not that bill passed it would be a long night for the folks in Montgomery Birmingham the city of Birmingham voted to be number 91 out of 100 least active cities in the nation least active meant this is according to men’s health they’re in other words they’re the most sedentary they sit there and do nothing couchpotato kind of folks right that means that you watch more than 15 or more hours of cable TV each week don’t take long to rack up 15 hours is it especially if you start watching coverage like we had yesterday afternoon on the network’s regarding all those tornadoes going through oklahoma and kansas directv is looking at a possible bid to acquire online video site hulu hulu you can go there if you have a computer and internet access watch old episodes or even recent episodes last night’s show if you missed it for example it’s getting so s’ok convoluted the way you can be entertained nowadays everything from xbox watching hulu getting netflix you know and watching that may be streaming live on your television and there’s no better reminder of how things have advanced in the past 30 years and to go into the foundry or a bargain store into a flea market and find all these good-looking sense of encyclopedias

those days are over basically because if you have to go to encyclopedia son you don’t have an internet connection apparently also Bob Schieffer CBS newsman Bob Schieffer upset with Barack Obama yesterday on Face the Nation he was talking with senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer talking about Obama senior adviser and Bob Schieffer says that President Obama is using exactly the same approach that the Nixon administration took in Watergate he says by the way why are you here talking to Pfeifer right he says why isn’t the White House chief of staff here to tell us what happened when a veteran newsman like Schieffer start showing concern I think as liberal as CBS is it would be wise for the rest of us to start paying attention I’m not sure anyway nonetheless March seventeenth if you were watching the moon you saw a small flash it was a meteorite hit that thing one of hundreds the past couple of years hundreds hitting the moon what does that mean and it’s a smaller target than we are isn’t it oh well stay tuned well today on tooth after this there’s stuff around your house but we don’t make stuff we make ovens dual fuel double ovens and they bake so evenly that now delicious is something you can depend on we only make things for one room the best room your kitchen we’re devoted to it and you can feel it and everything we make nobody knows the kitchen like kitchenaid overwhelmed by home refinancing offers from telephone solicitors and direct mail advertising and then finds you’re not qualified for a specific plan the mortgage center a hometown lender compares the rates from all home loan lenders and the qualifications of the various government programs to find a plan best suited to you the mortgage center helps Cullman County people purchase and refinance their homes this is pat me call us today and let us Taylor a loan program to your specific needs and requirements at premier bank we take pride in serving our community we respect our customers and we’ve won awards for our ethical conduct we’re motivated to do all we can for you and we’re interested in your banking needs we’re efficient safe and sound and our relationships with our customers are second to none at career bite we put the customer first and we are back and ready to give away some prizes i looked at the prize list while ago and was hard to take a step back there was a lot of prizes really yep let’s take a look we have one passed at hurricane creek park we also have a bo berry biscuit from bojangles we also have a large specialty pizza from papa johns and a day pass to the coleman wireless and Aquatic Center and you’re going to want to win that because you know moral Day weekend and that’s for good for up to six people in a family right is that it is good for six people and Ramona that they are opening the pool the outdoor pool this Saturday that’s right so all the pools should be open up and running and ready to go so let’s take a look at our merchandise for today who we’re going to start with and make waves to get your boat ready for summertime with your Sony marine stereo system that’s on sale for 149 at a stereocenter in the Coleman shopping center that includes am and FM radio and brownie company beverages specialty wine and beer store it’s called the beer k they have more wear and specialty items large variety of domestics and enforce check out the great deals and mr. Hicks wins where is now offering suits made to your measurements there in compass way southwestern Coleman they are businessmen regular sizes and big and tall size for those guys who are fit are hard to fit and a chance Christian bookstore graduates with honors for their selection of gifts for the senior I tell you what they’ve got all kinds of stuff music e-books jewelry and much much more for that graduates and if you need an old change if you need minor injury pair of shox or breaks go see greg and the guys at tires for less they’re just past 157 on second avenue north and they’re more than just tires they’re tough lesson Bridgestone and Firestone tires and diabetic shoes are now available at board and family pharmacy located at the corner of evil road highway 157 the finest quality diabetic footwear period that’s it dr comforts the name of it boring family pharmacy and the uniform place head to toe for summer with alegria shoes landau and med couture uniform place is located on second avenue southeast and Cullman Alabama and alegria issues there are blue bubbles and midnight and the crew girl’s body shop reminds you to move over for those emergency vehicles largest while towing always available local or long distance Earl’s body shop like they on highway 31 north and Renard’s gallery and gifts jewelry framing and prints you can also visit them on the web to see all the gifts and attraction they have it Renard’s at Renard’s gallery com they located at

first avenue southeast and that is a look at our merchant ads for today our telephone number is seven three four seven three nine nine and our question for today I don’t know how many graduations have taken place or how many year I know that there’s at least three that I know of that have happened but if you’re still looking for a graduates gift and you’re looking for music ebook jewelry something like that where can you get that yeah where can you get music ebooks jewelry anything like that for the graduate all right while we wait on a phone call let’s take our take a look at the weather but do call in while we’re waiting on a waiting on someone to answer today’s weather will have patchy fog this morning otherwise sunny with a higher on 87 tonight it’ll clear off for the low around 66 and tomorrow sunny with a high around 87 all right and I believe that we have a phone call for today good morning caller to whom am i speaking all right good morning caroling and where can you find that graduate gift music ebooks or anything that is the correct answer Yates chance Christian bookstore does have your gift for the graduate k let’s stay on the line we’ll get all your information just in a second thank you so much for calling in and we’ll take a look at our second round of merchant ads right now who we’re going to start with that is night free insurance they have been providing insurance coverage for over three generations they’re one of the top 10 growth agencies in the state of Alabama for auto owners they located on first avenue southeast medical arts apothecary is featuring that dollar wall they have everything Russell care to household all this to be found at Medical Arts apothecary and of course they are a pharmacy and debits book stuff you’re looking for that perfect gift of it is that perfect gift to go visit dad’s browsers are always welcome and gift certificates are available if you can’t find the book in store right then and come spend your summer with us now outdoor pools are opening on Saturday May the 25th and of course we’re talking about okay Collin Park and Rec and this is the aquatic center and it is a great place to be this weekend and the Baldwin counseling center offers weight loss opportunities individual and family counseling and also lifestyle coaching and that is of course with Howard Rodgers help is just a phone call away with Baldwin Counseling Center audio tech foreign and domestic repair and service available Mayor David methodists the owner and he’s in his new location in the Vineland area right there beside ridgecrest community church and peanut butter topping chocolate chunks brownie pieces and a crazy vanilla soft serve is available at Dairy Queen it of course is the blizzard of the month the choco peanut butter brownie Mullins body shelf you counted on him for over 50 years for auto body repair and towing and you can count on them today that’s Mullins body shop 734 and 1350 30 and that is a look at our merchandise but we will ask a question tomorrow but the ads of all have a list of prizes to give away as well tomorrow and all we call an ethic forgive me tho those day passes so all week long so Colin get your chance to win that day pass and today is the birthday we’re going to celebrate for Josh black and he will be put into the drawing on Friday where he has that possibility of winning that ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and we need to mention briefly we have a the cumin distinguished the Alumni Association but this is brought to you by channel to bill Floyd state farm insurance and Coleman Jefferson gas and we all want to salute the Coleman City Schools Foundation of distinguished alumni selections which are Allen cburns for class of 45 Tom Drake for class of 49 dr. Sidney Gibbs senior class of 52 and dr. Eugene Scruggs 56 and dr. Jeanne Grissom folsom was graduated in 64 at care is that Carolyn Carlene Carlene Reddick Lawson 70 no Alan Faust 77 dr. brad moody 96 and then Mona hopper and Suzanne Harvard from the class of eighty-four so this is our 2013 destroy us Distinguished Service Award winners the mouth full days yeah I do want to thank State Farm of course i call the jefferson gas for helping us to salute them absolutely all right we’ll be back with a visit from our guest right after these words at premier bank we’re a bit old-fashioned we actually answer the telephone when you call however old-fashioned doesn’t mean we aren’t up to date with the latest technology premier bank meets the various needs of our customers mobile smartphone banking internet bank ATMs convenient offices at premier bank we have the right products right now with good old-fashioned customer service at premier bank we put the customer first my cure is a family owned business and we can serve as all your jewelry needs we have a knowledgeable and friendly staff and if there’s something that you need that we do not care the lineup we have a close networking with other jewelry stores

also and if they carry Alliance we do not carry leicestershire will be able to get that piece for you so when you think you verify jewelry that’s really all you need to think about not bad why jewelers or the good stuff I’ve gotta go momma’s ass Jose welcome back to the day on too and we’re going to visit with mr. Fred Arceneaux who’s written several books but these two of the latest i think merit and decayed correct okay and you have been coming on channel two for many years now and of course you said you’ve been an author for ten years is that correct i’ve been writing for ten years okay very good and things have just sounds like exploding for you in your career tell me a little bit about what’s going on well i got together with two other authors that were in a similar situation as myself and we formed supernaturalists publishing it’s the latin for supernatural okay and we deal with a lot of fantasy supernatural thrillers is what I do there’s just a variety of various venues that we were right genres but this is a local a local publishing we formed it right here my partner’s right now sue is over in Afghanistan that kind of slowed things down my other partners in the dallas-fort Worth area so we’re covering different parts of the country right now to be able to handle various authors because publishing is you can write all you want but if you can’t get it published and it doesn’t do you much good right and you probably ran into that when you first strut is try to publish your book your first book oh yes I mean you run into all types of publishing houses and you get promises but delivery of those promises in a world where the publishing industry is in a revolution they don’t know where they’re going to settle next right you see so even your your mainstream well-known authors are going into what they call their back lists meaning previously published that now they have their rights back to their self publishing and putting them out amazon and other night and they’re becoming quite successful so when you see well-known authors that are been out there for 20 30 years self-publishing you wonder what’s going on definitely well you’ve kind of wrenched out and crossed over the big ocean and now you’re over in Europe and so tell me a little bit about that toward the end of march i had an opportunity through killer nashville to go and have my first book mirrored and it’s a 12 book series that one i entered into the paris international paris book expo in paris france and i was only one of 80 American entries and thousands of industry professionals went through and had a chance to look at the book this coming weekend I will be or mirrored will be featured in the Prague Czech Republic International Book Expo and I’m only one of 40 Americans that are in that very good now does it gets translated into their language or no it’s just what you have in your hand right there okay a lot of people speak and read English even though they’re in Europe so it’s really probably not an issue but so merit is that is the featured one right yes it’s the first of a 12 book series i’m working on the third one okay merit and then followed by a decade okay very good coin will be the third one coin COI n okay I like one word title okay very good well they’re easier to remember that’s for sure well give us a little bit about this series tell us a little bit about the plot of this series it’s it’s supernatural it has to do with demonic possession oppression infestation and how individuals react to it and how they have to deal with it is it kind of like that whole poltergeist thing and then oh no okay no no this is how unseen entities messed with us in our reality and how they influence people okay yeah it’s if you have a something that’s non-tangible it’s hard to get a hold of but like a werewolf a vampire or shapeshifter they have physical essence that you can deal with right but how do you deal with something

that can from time to time mess with you but you can’t mess with that the response been being different from overseas as opposed to hear how let people have accepted the book differently what’s the been the response difference it’s been too soon to get a response but yet they it was at the end of March that the Paris Book Expo went out some of the responses are drifting in I have not heard back from that one and then this weekend will be the Prague so it’s just I’m putting Coleman out there nationally that’s right and we are almost out of time but I just wanted to mention that there is a luncheon that’s going to be taking place during the eighth tell me quickly about that well the Heart of Dixie which is the local Coleman chapter of Romance Writers of America every year up in the von braun center in huntsville they have a reader’s luncheon where readers themselves can sit down at a table and have lunch with their favorite authors and then have an opportunity to buy books or they get free gifts everybody that comes there and the information is out there and also the proceeds this year from this one will go to the cullman county library so anybody’s and welcome to come right it’s not just for it was a small fee you can go on the websites or something and find out about that and I’ll leave some of these cards here how anybody was interested it’s well worth going to and I thought well I’m a local author and I have my own publishing house I may as well promote it that’s very good thank you for being here thank you for having me back again yeah let us know that how things worked out oh very good we’ll be right back with a look at community billboard chart after these words one morning they parts from corn in a wash pot and gave us a hand full of it told us put it in their pocket we’ve gone on to march and we started on the death march towards when we count five four hour spent the rest of my time in there they said day and the third that will when we’d have to stop off on the death Knights because the weather got so cold and the snow got to date they got down to 50 below video that’s what I saw at done target jewelers in the nation our agents are always there helping make sure that when your life changes you nationwide insurance coverage changes too we put members first because we don’t have shareholders join the nation where protection is personal nationwide is on your side now it’s time for our community billboards brought to you by Pepsi and common Jefferson gasps the crmc hosts the stroke prevention and tips seminar joined the critical care Paula Burkes are in as she discusses important life-saving stroke prevention tips that’s going to be wednesday man a 22nd from 1130-2 one at crmc it’s five dollars room its first members and eight dollars for others you do need to make a reservation common Auburn club is having their annual banquet on Thursday made the 30th at six pm at the colon Civic Center the guest speaker will be head coach Gus Malzahn for ticket information please contact Curtis mais 3477 142 sign up now for the bird watching program being offered June the first is fine heart farm session will run from 830 till 11 to pre-register call 7 30 40 s 0 8 50 and if you have an email you want to share with dusk and you can send it to channel to Keith Coleman at gmail com fax it to 256 734 7680 or be a friend on facebook channel to coleman and our weather brought to you by Mitch Mitch Chevrolet make the switch to Mitch today is going to be sunny with a high around 87 is clearing off tonight with a low around 66 and tomorrow will be sunny with a high around 87 we also have something else that we would like to mention we have another one of those slides the wave glide to pop up and this one is brought to you by the Coleman power board and Turner family pharmacy and we would like to salute to the 2013 promising alumni selections which are Stephen alders for the class of 2003 and

Austin team monk from the class of of seven and the 2012-2013 teachers of the year is called a dylan lee from coleman middle school josh swindle Patricia Harrison and Melanie Edwards from Wallace and cilla garrison from the Cullman County Public Schools I guess and then Council for leaders in nila Alabama schools is principal of the Year laying heal from coleman high school we decide to take a moment to recognize though people and congratulate them on their recognition for this year well who is going to be our guest on tomorrow cinder officer cindy rohr sharp roy shy i never can say that right and she’s talking about rad kill kids with a self-defense class cause in confidence it’s Monday will forgive okay guys okay yeah all right all right well if you were looking for any food tips or anything what’s cooking with Theresa does air on Mondays right after the show here and we’d like to thank you again for watching today on to hope you have a great day