Modded Minecraft (MewsCraft) ep 2 – Nekomews + Red + Shinji

oh wait let me see this time let me start this dream that still okay welcome everybody we’re back and shouldn’t she has a bald spot yeah it’s just a bunch of skin colored pixels on your head beautiful it’s a lovely skin Shinji we need to make you I need a hat let’s pick uh diamond looks the most green which we’re not going to just give you a diamond pickaxe we I guess I can guest amethyst yeah that’s the only color left you got to take purple you need to be jinx yeah sorry welcome back Ben how you doing he’s like no I can’t be jinx goodbye too much too much power and playing your mod pack right now but stuff is invisible that’s not that’s weird if stuffs invisible something’s not right with my pack I love the fire just like flinging itself out of the thing my food I hunt me get food where did you did you put your Little Boots somewhere what goods yet it was a long time would go they broke oh okay yeah we need to make a backpack that’s what I everything around me is invisible in asserted certain radius around me that’s amazing I think I made some sort of interesting come on broken is no no it’s just special dimensional vortex connection for takes beautiful I thought I turned that off and it crashes a lot I’m sorry I don’t know what’s with it is a little resource-intensive to be honest so that might be it hmm I mean that cuz maybe I know my brother had the problems with it crashing because he has a very low-end computer that he was loading it up on he wasn’t doing it on his good to be a good computer that I made him yeah yeah see ya wait what you can’t hit the skeleton that’s right you come to me then I get you this is pretty good though hmm I can’t I honestly have no idea why Shinji it’s running for you okay right just right now when I open up my inventory but oh no I’m single-player was fine like single-player works for me multiplayer works for me we haven’t had a single crash yeah you’re you’re running off of it as well but I’m running off of a original file for it which is in the form of a mod in Forge rather than rather than the technic launcher yeah because I liked it better I’m looking for a spider when you fire because I need some silk so I can make a backpack how much soap does it take to make backpack if well it’s not silk its strength because there is an item called silk right ok so string how much string does it take for that’s quite a bit not a ton but still quite a bit there we go we should find a mind for that that would be the best way to get your string or forget to get string for everybody so Jory give them the purple tools and stuff for no no I only had enough one oh all right I think a masti amethyst might be the is to find of the meta metals of the gemstones is it okay if I use this sword in here yep it’s just a stone sword right yeah that’s one that I put that whole chest is just no used item himself I thought I got a valiant princess no valiant drum didn’t oh that’s depressing I’m gonna go but I might be back later

okay bye thanks for uh we’ll be here yes okay here Marco yes I just spawned in oh do I need to teleport no respect yeah you need tougher Chris I’m sorry Chris okay sorry I’ll teleport you you know Margo you can go outside oh wait I can probably just press up right here we go you can press tab and it will auto fill out the name yeah you can just go that way to get out if you want you have a pickaxe yeah go for that at least I didn’t spawn you all the way down in this hole with me I walked up a little ways for you I tell you a friendly friendly ghost any ghost hey name tags yeah I still cannot believe that oh that one there’s spider I’m coming I’m gone question oh yeah I’m about to run into now game I’m parking are you getting rough forever mmm this guy I know me on there hey you want to sign up for PayPal credit no I would have done that by now if I wanted that please go away yeah let’s use that’s the farming Shack you know the firm which it’s not nice to call your friends names red I can call him whatever I want you die you’re dead yeah all right I really should probably fill this in so that I’m poisoned and it have yet yeah I still had poison on me how are we gonna mark that there’s lava in places just don’t be dumb I know I know like I’m rokosz or I don’t know the the big puddle of lava might do it yeah but I don’t know I feel like one of us is gonna just end up making a mistake when you’re at a certain level yeah it’s below this right now like I did not know what was there and then all of a sudden I opened it up and it was just like hello I’m lava nice to meet you like oh I was just gonna like wait who’s the other guy this is Shinji he’s you’ve known him before he’s been in the gauntlet video yesterday that was yesterday yeah yes Borderlands he was in that with me we did a puzzle together right Shinji but that one wasn’t actually a recording was it No I’ve only ever done a recording of a puzzle with red yes we did – recording supposes yes we did lovely puzzle time with red I do enjoy like having the talking stream as puzzles people apparently also enjoy that yeah yeah just not all the time you know it can get scale if you just do all the same thing oh I mean it doesn’t get sale because we have different images have images were sort of referring to what do we talk about yes yes but still okay so I’m dying Shh okay so we go okay I’m down to six blocks six blocks from the bottom alright I’ve reached bedrock congratulations to me cavern you’ve reached rock bottom there’s a lot of gravel down here I’m getting some Flint for us is are you digging until you reach the

Earth’s core yes essentially I’m just gonna combine my pickaxes there we go I just wanted to reach the bottom and like the good daddies a belly of the beast the beast if the world were a beast I guess I mean it is pretty beastly nothing hey I got a purple backpack because that’s your sheep all right ah okay hello there and your food nope time to you rotten flesh nom nom nom nom how many times have I eaten running flesh so many probably smart ones probably more than anybody realistically should in a minecraft let’s play when it’s Tesla tight for Tesla stuff it’s actually for making blue alloy ingots if you want to know the recipe for things you got the whole thing there yeah it’s topping up you pretty much know yeah funny how red tells you but then he’s like hey you should just look it up for me yeah I don’t know why but y’all me know because they’re like Shinji unlike you means I made you a backpack I’m a sad muffin you when I don’t get the backpack anymore oh no it’s not that I looked at what a like light blue backpack would be actually I made a backpack for Shinji I’m about to make backpack for you oh the light blue doesn’t look good no it costs rails Oh doc we’re not gonna do that can you make it later with yeah sure the like I’m talking right now – okay so that takes woven silk in a diamond or track and no like if you do like if you do me a backpack it it’s cost more and it has 45 slots right yeah so track man’s backpack is to track 66 they make them standard rail how do you make them that’s a lot of tracks to make that then how do you make that how you make that how you make that yeah why is it Luke why is it okay we’re in Thai okay okay that that I get that I understand how to make a killer gamer hey what mods are using ah down mods we got 76 mods in this mod pack that read and I put together it’s called Muse craft you can download it on the ticket mantra technic technic tech it technic it’s all the same thing but to name a few we got Zetas industries railcraft forestry and we got Benny’s mod we’ve got we got beat CC transport whatever that is I come here a lot of bees there’s there’s forage there’s genetics Industrial Craft classic there’s logistics Redstone Arsenal blue power industry both in botany and are you killing your friends you should add some cool mobs to we will do that at some point I’m sure maybe are there queries yes there are yes oh yeah we will get to that eventually yeah you know I was in the middle of

killing a pig and I was in the middle of killing a pig oh no oh no no there’s your back you were so trusting I know yeah but you didn’t know I was gonna blow you up with Nicoll now I saw you equipped it that’s your huh what’s he gonna do with that middle cube says hi hello well yes we removed my backpack what color do I get yeah break it oh I can get basic and then change the color of it or something no no – yeah like getting a proper red backpack is so annoying alright so just do we all have purple oh wait there’s just the diggers yeah just give me the diggers one that one’s blue diggers Jerry make it own oh yeah I was gonna make that I cook some Sun for you yeah you what my what mod pack is this this is the muse craft oh yeah where’s me it doesn’t work so don’t try it at the moment well it’s working for you Chris string string I got no string I’m sorry but yeah it’s a it’s basically the jacket tekkit legends with a bunch of well a couple of extra ones thrown in and we’re just calling it news crafts briefs make a cat head use has his own little island I’m gonna do that now thank you so much that’s the best idea ever wait just just thank you thank you very much I am so happy now I’m going to make I’m gonna make a cat head as my base that’s what he suggested and I love it fair enough hmm I’m not responsible for me as anymore I’m going to take some of that and I’m off to make a cat head oh no we crashed again oh no why is it crashing for you my resources are still down um Mews you don’t have to do the music rap intro every time so an S or lots you’re huge say yes yes muses of course I kind of do that every single time oh man how do you make a mud server very very painfully no pain less well it’s also carefully because there were a lot of things that need to just be like perfect yeah yeah there’s there’s a lot of work it’s a lot of work that took us quite a while to put together Oh make it big – okay I’ll make I’ll make my cat had big in representation of my own head yes in representation of my own ego I have a folder labeled my ego on my desktop mm-hmm you won’t know what’s in it Shinji what’s in a fanart oh I did that a little too fast is it free is what yes to make a modded server or to you can make a model server for free it it’s yeah but you can but you scraps is free yes you can also buy a server if you really need it you know your computer can’t handle running the server yeah it’s modded minecraft takes quite a bit more to run the oh my goodness you claimed yeah but that means that he crashed before that what are you okay Shinji how many times have you crashed so far just ice is twice okay I’m really like crossing my fingers that you don’t keep crashing cuz that just shows how

bad the mod is at the moment mod pack I don’t know what I gotta do to it but I gotta fix something about it is it pronounced Shinji or Shan ji it’s it’s Shinji should the first like Sean Connery shrine jury well now red and Chris will always remember you because whenever they get out of the house they see a fake a yes exactly as planned yeah with stick-figure body underneath oh my gosh that’s beautiful I love it yep that’s happening too you no that’s rude killer gamer look that’s not nice you have stringers don’t read this to your friends when you make their base if they have an iron door put TNT under the pressure plate or button then kaboom rude I just brought a punch you in the face with a powder fist red doesn’t take the long way around no no you will exclude you with power this is going to take some time string mm-hmm I got four string now so I can make a backpack for music music yeah you called me that quite a few times it was at bamboo I see better that’s true okay we’re happy Oh in the northwest again that it’s either one is that we don’t have bamboos okay spider-man I want to be honest it sounds like those Japanese stations where they call out the location next stop to Shinji I mean lovely I have to stop saying beautiful so much so I’m gonna say lovely and now you don’t need stop saying beautiful you’re beautiful oh well just keep in mind just in case they decide to blow your base up it won’t do that to me right got on purpose right right every suitor that on purpose kuzco’s poison red made bromance man I love the impersonal group that’s cool movie as well yeah oh yeah the show is all right much prefer the movie I’m using forged modded server and I always have to run it it’s in order to play which one are you using which one what which forage we’re using 1.7.10 that’s the version of Minecraft that’s the version of Minecraft and also the version of Forge is this big enough guys for you go what I’m asking both you and them lovely whatever mod instantly puts the same material into your hand I love that mod yeah that that’s inventory tweaks I think that’s the best mod like put that into a vanilla minecraft already yeah oh crap I need bladders 5 3 4 zombies a creeper and a skeleton chase me in the water right now oh this is in the water yep okay add another creeper to that there seems to be a lot of mobs yeah I don’t know if that’s just vanilla minecraft mods’ or what yes it’s perfect great witch modded server are you asking us how to get into our game but is right at the moment we’re just doing people at its dreamed with before slash friends letter letter letter pink

there we go nine ladder that should be enough oh you want to make them on its server can’t give you advice on how to make it I’m sure there are plenty of videos that could do a much better job than me just genuinely generally telling you right now what you doin read what’s doing lovely so what do I do to open this whoops I put down my back how how I do dis puttin your hotbar and then right-click on it or with it all of it uh I can’t put what can I put in here very specific items I guess let me put everything in it okay and it’s still useful yes what’s logic what what level is everyone up I’m 27 rs.25 mmm okay nd do you need food no I have food I just went out and got some hey Muse you should sing this I’m blue da ba dee da ba hey how did you get modded minecraft and magic millions of dollars of research yes a lot of good money for this a lot of smart people yes definitely not just Egyptian in the back alley many lives were lost to make this many of muses lives were yeah I’m currently on only three lives left no to to red stop poisoning me while I sleep I’m come on I thought we were is a fun hobby any cat lives lost no Kiki left only Muse lives Oh dad dad still there okay the chat halfway cover set up now what you doing up the base wall see which way to expand that’s not how my base is so tall I take fall damage maybe it’s just because you’re so short maybe darkness boyfriend default skin on degrades with me and no it’s just when you die you’re no no no that doesn’t work either I’m failing here guys oh no don’t start that again okay I think this is expanded far enough please computer whatever you think is connected isn’t connected leave it alone um okay well a lot of people oh my goodness please stop lots of people are chatting I can’t keep up don’t destroy the things under muses bed forgive him watching guy name and screen on YouTube I do have I do have I’m just getting off to quitter you need a little help you get a good idea of how to get work a lot use are you trying to read I am trying to read and I don’t understand okay so Jay do you have the torch first time I heard someone say it’s fun to poison your friends while they while they’re sleeping first time for everything oh he’s probably just reciting the song lyrics probably shinji where’s the torch I thought cats had nine lives that meant he he poisons you seven times no no from the start chefs knives swords axes you know it works I’ve run out of cobblestone time to go mining no Muse no it is not what do you mean you just get come over here no stay over there you know what stay over there shoo go back but I need food I’m gonna hit I’m gonna hit you back

hello help a stone for days you have fidgets spinner muse a 3d printed one yes did you do the one without the bearings no III have bearings I’m thinking about designing one that will use small bearings that I found inside of a VCR a broken VCR oh yeah cuz there’s this like flywheel inside that has some really nice really you know high-quality bearings but they’re tiny where did all that code it go in my backpack yes all of the cobblestone when in my backpack yeah because you have a diggers backpack I’m pretty sure that’s why oh that’s inch oh that makes sense that’s why only some things go in the backpack because this one’s a diggers gotcha yeah that’s interesting oh but it doesn’t work it doesn’t work with that one thing where it puts it in my hand Oh figured out where the torches and redstone torch went what so many comments man use you’re famous you guys should make a bridge we should make a bridge read do you remember that yeah earlier in the stream we were talking about falling off the bridges and being pushed off bridges yes okay all right let’s let’s take a good look at this now Chris no sign I haven’t heard from Shinji is he still there yeah I think he needs to be turned up just a little bit though let me turn up my thing okay there how’s that what and I would like to close all right I’ve turned you down to slate with the flower all right you good good cheese yeah am I I need to get a ton of seeds no you should be good there are some seeds inside the farming chest bono I’m talking about a ton okay there aren’t a ton you know but there are some just all just regular minecraft seeds okay are we doing are we doing you know what take a look at this I love the mini map view hey just a big square just a big square at the moment yes okay there that’s gonna be easy I’ve watched three live streams today they are all episode two that’s lovely oh yeah is this done get it there this is how many blocks do I need to go up mmm probably another three or four will make at least another sing knives are sharp and often leave scars the fear of the fear of enough part is that good enough apparently I’m just doing whatever people say such an impression pull young child your hey because I guess there is a ton a skeleton oh no hundred tailpipes undertale plants they be cuddled it’s not just undertale puns it’s also just puns in general I like that one yeah I will get be getting to undertale genocide run eventually eventually you were eventually there’s a bunch of pigs in the tree yeah don’t don’t go strikes a lot that’s the ranks a lot I just I love the statement there are a bunch of pigs in the tree I love it I love it too much slots in the tree yep due north there are a couple of things that you only hear while playing video games [Laughter] there are a lot of pigs in the tree why is there so much blood everywhere oh no what are you doing with that dead body I hope you won’t hear that Oh video games Oh No well there because the night is a Tuesday nice I’m not gonna question sure energy flows wrongly you should tame an ocelot I would definitely love to do that eventually I gotta go Cheers village

village no I gotta go to the jungle for that eventually something I don’t know I’ve lost my train of thought it just derailed it just derailed and possibly I don’t think anybody survived just like me I think I should have staircase instead of ladder because I don’t even know what you’re doing I’m making a big box at that moment it sounds horrible it’s uh it’s probably a yeah I just got to close this off here this this will be the roof level now okay so that is the roof so I need to start closing that in such refused you there what’s the goal of this modpack I’d find you there stoical sorry sixteen by sixteen diamond cube that is actually easier than you think with bees yeah without bees then a little Oh panic at the disco is apparently that song that they made me sing uh thing I don’t I don’t know that one what is music music to music I’ve run out of cobblestone never mind I have one last stack which we named my bass guys in both you everybody can participate so you too Shinji and read but uh definitely the chat for sure name of the baby no this song is called gospel girls move by Panic at the Disco egocentric egocentric self-centered of Center these are these are interesting names a new place use big head now make the cat hair cyan with ears like yours then make the entrance there the kiddie Palace / Prairie bass it’s perfect it’s perfect I’m not a cobblestone there’s a whole Alf cat place ow ech my knuckles and that her there’s no lassos you can’t make glasses and this version I pretty sure I think that’s in 1.8 I think I spelled bass overall a cat plays the Katie Palace rebase new place here comes to big head again mm-hmm does this modpack have helicopters no but it does have trains well there you go you don’t get what I mean put the entrance in the year and you tame the litter box no yes Reds voting yes but I overrule that vote no well c’mon pack are you guys using a Eternity possibility all right so now is it time for another movies music raft intro so this is Muse crap oh no it’s worse every time I don’t think I don’t think I should talk about it it doesn’t it’s not happy it’s not happy about being basically don’t don’t download it yet it doesn’t work Genji’s shinji is struggling all the time just dude oh no I think died I’m like oh how I get pink died oh there we go chicken back in Dakota I read in White’s or pink

tulip it’s a red die white time I think we have pink tulips oh do we lovely I’ll be going to the farm now then I join you have Minecraft Pocket Edition I don’t think that you can can you even add mods to Pocket Edition well I think there might be some there are some but you can’t use the same Oh lovely there is some pink dye all right I will be taking all of those is there a particular color of wool you don’t want me dying like that you want to eat for other stuff is all I’ll use whatever will can be died is that true huh sorry we’re not adding anybody else to the server at the moment it’s understated it’s hard to look at it’s unfinished okay and increase the island size come on I guess yes yes I’ll increase the island size but first I must get the pink pink did you pink think about stuff before you saved me us please um bumblebee is here he says allo Kairos is here can you add a list of the mods that’d be a bit helpful uh yes I’ll add the list to all 76 mods somewhere yes isn’t it listed on the pack the profile page for your mod no this is not it should be there a lot of work no I haven’t done a lot on there um let’s see speed the kiddie coaster is cutie crane okay when we make a train it’s called the kiddie coaster TT coaster iron horse armor in here that’s interesting yeah that’s mine I will not touch it all right I just said it was interesting read no need to get defensive oh god that’s a lot of mods never mind there’s a judgmental cow watching read my last chat okay re I’m looking for it Oh out of all the transportations you could have had you chose a train yep like even mine carts in the key we still got mine carts transer I did I did it I read it I read it I read it and I did a voice for it and everything are you happy now are you happy Arial actually Shinji do you even have a purple sword yet no yeah you should you should have a purple sword we’re all color-coded okay right now if you die a sheep it stays that color so shear it yes a well we might want to do that I need to need to we need to get a lot of white sheep or just any color shape yeah we need to attract them yeah I’ve got one right here but like I said no lasso yeah you could also use weed yeah that’s how you know I got to go soon okay killer gamer but thank you for stopping by nice having you around um I do have plenty of sand so I will increase the island size here yeah you don’t just make it outside make it out dirt make it like yeah you don’t need to be one as well gosh oh my gosh only red this is just spider city that’s what you want actually yeah if you can get some spider string and make wool out of that so I could dive into I think there’s a zombie living aside my cat head yes there’s a zombie inside my cat oh that’s more lives than what you’re using right now oh no Savage what minecraft version is it 1.7.10 yes it is that’s exactly right that is the bridge oh it’s coming up Stern Wow Chris was blown up by a creeper have you slept in the bed yet Chris we’ll have to all lay down – right right to work no you can just lay in a bed and it will set your spawn but if we want to skip night and you’d all sleep in a bed run out of sand

uh okay you should get the morph mod it’s my absolute favorite mod it lets you turn it into mobs that you’ve killed and you’ll have their abilities that’s interesting but I don’t think that that really fits though no it doesn’t mmm morph mod is fun if you have like um like a lot of different creatures like a lot of it like maybe like it works in her RPG mod pack mostly I concluded ran in the complete wrong direction whoa everything alright ya know taking care of these mobs in the water here okay nothing’s alright stirring the batter sounds like somebody’s like attacking the lander yeah like that played the mod craft what is mod pack what is minecraft maybe probably not sorry me as I think I understand what’s the sand for on your Katie head island it’s the litter box oh dear I mean you know I mean he’s not wrong but it was ah me head now yeah they’ve randomly draw for those from Psalms ohms you’d also get to creeper heads this is gonna look awful like this yeah probably I’m gonna try so hard and I got a vision in my head but it’s it’s not gonna look like it oh no far from it but at least attract and that only matters if you do good yeah I want to do this has anybody else made a purple sword yet no I don’t anything for you you don’t deserve my window store whatever will there be command blocks probably not no no that would require us to be in creative mode yes hmm no music when I first heard your idea of making an island bass I was thinking like a tropical hut thing with like stuff not this okay well this is what it’s become and in a giant cobblestone block that isn’t even 16 by 16 yes it will get better eventually I just have to get around to making it better okay okay red don’t go drown yourself please I don’t know how the vodka I now have to find something that looks good but skin color first whoop No mm-hmm oh there are vertical blocks in this vertical box that’s nice yeah I told you about it it’s not going to be my head this isn’t a my head thing oh my gosh this is so many zombies just floating in the water towards me I can see them I think what red meant is the place looks like an asylum yes Shinji are you streaming no you could if you wanted dang it I did this is like twice what you do Brad in the same direction twice when I was trying to go to a freaking other biome day time already as soon as they went in here I went to lay down oh my gosh I didn’t realize that that’s what you meant heavy sigh Oh gingy got your foot into bed just cheats to make a how many cheese is that right there this is cheats Shinji this is a Shinji cheat this is shin cheese cheese okay I think what bread ad inventory pets and superhero unlimited mont 5.0 that sound I don’t know about that that’s all I’m gonna say I don’t know about that yeah this this doesn’t look how I would

imagined it looking sleep I don’t think I’m an artist guys I don’t think you’re answering your cell Fred what is this I always censor myself in your streams oh no you crashed again are you so sensitive your computer is if the computers fault or is it guessing it was it mods fault because it might because I’d been I’m having no problems whatsoever and I on my computer everything’s fine it’s just like oh yeah but somebody who downloaded it in the chat said that they like everything was invisible and stuff did you download it red or did you get the file direct no I downloaded it okay I mean using the ticket browser thing works perfectly I’m trying to envision how to make this but because it’s all blocks you know I gotta think about that and it’s not turning out how I was hoping what about or spawn probably not because we already spawned the world and bee bumblebee says I don’t know why but that’s what he said okay I’m gonna just bad for that yeah that’s fine there we go yes we’ll take out this what’s the recipe for Cory the Cory is qu rry no that’s not how you spoke of course a little bit diamonds eight gold there we go that’s yeah so this is what it is so you need the iron gears you need the diamond gears you need the gold gears a redstone and a diamond pickaxe each diamond gear takes or diamonds so you’re looking at 11 diamonds total what is the gear the tiered somehow you died when I spawned in I died horrible that looks absolutely horrible I’m not an iris builders back back anymore yeah it’s gonna definitely be useful for me when I start when I start mining cuz they’ll just collect everything for me which sounds pretty nice no this is builders not a miner’s I know I’m just saying I think mines gonna be nice good night using it oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap actually I’ll put those back and then put this oh you have grief oh yeah explosion off yes take this it doesn’t look good uh look up coal compressor I think we already had a compressor right oh my god I just made one I haven’t put anything up it goes me is Miss Wren in control up in charge I can’t put the cobblestone inside the builders backpack what is it good for but I don’t know it keeps torches apparently lovely how many of you watch Bob’s Burgers I do not watch Bob’s Burgers Shinji yet I would expect you to be the only one me yeah do you watch Bob’s Burgers no okay my mom wants to watch that show I don’t watch it from a distance because it use the dark wood on the nose it look like a dog oh I’m gonna have to I’m gonna oh yeah it probably should be pink actually yeah probably should be pink thing is my cat has a black nose yeah Mike has a gray nose hard to distinguish it from the cat a cat or a dog whiskers or was that yeah the whiskers are gonna have to be what gives it away it’s an I guess oh my gosh oh geez that was five creepers blowing up the yes the coal compressor does make

diamonds from coal however it takes an entire stack an entire stack Nicole for one diamond so that takes behind you quite a lot I know who’s watching now a zombie and a skeleton has taken over our base lovely I’m coming out I’ll have to work on this later I’ll definitely get rid of the corners though the corners need to go I was the wrong way to go about doing that you should make you should use a commandment block to make a meow sound every time you open your door I mean you could probably program that oh thanks Shinji I probably could nice that’s what you’ve been wanting for a while now right yeah that’s good glad you got it corners on the back too I’m doing all corners make it a little more rounded shape this other one on the front just needs the top one oh let me get that first then I finish this one thank you uh oh did I get hurt nope I’m just falling from the sky Shinji you probably have a lot of death points don’t you how can you tell uh better pressure with a powder fist yeah yeah you can get rid of those in Waypoint settings yeah probably if you have it as default its X you press em to bring up the options okay yeah and we exist and then remove and then you you you click on where it says keep now you can no move them interesting do you have Reis mini-map disabled deaf pointer disabled oh ok ok yeah uh it’s stupid but hilarious at the gate at the same time he’s talking about Bob’s Burgers yes you said the door in the year of the mouth I will get around to doing that that was actually my plan just funny that you I was was gonna say something about that earlier where you know they had the same plan as me I didn’t mention that might as well Oh a waste is on top of my desert island you should put in underwater entrance yeah though wait a second what do you mean by that underwater and go through the ever wears that implying mm-hmm everything needs to be a secret plan to kill you but it is always a secret plan to kill me you should make it we need to make the whole thing out of TNT oh that sounds like a good idea make yours a dog Shinji yeah how would you do that the only normal person here and then not have one it just sounds like a little shack made out of wood for coffee had designed for me someplace else and you have a sign crediting it you can only make this house if you have a sign crediting it lovely no I just don’t do that because I don’t like steering for people without giving credit I suppose that’s fair alright this is the state of kitty kitty Palace until the later neck oh you play Minecraft now no this is lemon craft haven’t you seen it before this music raft it’s me as compact right you should make a giant water bowl for the cat there will also be a swimming pool OB a fishing pond after all cats don’t water actually my cat does yeah there are some cats that do you like water this is mostly just because this fur is so freakin thick that it doesn’t get really wet that much more when he does anyway he just can’t move when he gets wet well the thing is the dude is just made out of muscle like no fat just muscle

lilac also make pink guy yeah no one makes magenta die yes got some for you hello i photo funny shinji calls you neck oh thank you I don’t know what that was don’t question it um don’t forget to make cat paws coming from the water like it’s standing interesting I’ll definitely have to do more with it I should probably eat I love how our tunnel just sort of stops goes flat and then suddenly goes back down again lovely digging a thing actually what do our blocks look like lock oh wow we got a ton of different blocks ceramic block in clay you had you had you had died to clay apparently yeah you can do that do that’s that’s amazing okay well I’ll have to do something like that you have a MERS we have hammer skies yes was it a hammer time I spelled hammer the same way he did it’s not hamsters his there’s a hammer there is a hammer there is a hammer there is a hammer that’s a barrel hammer okay do you have a minor no we don’t have a minor but that sounds cool could that be client-side like what no no that’s not something that you can just add in laid up but I doubt that you could mmm Shane I’m gonna put that there just went in here mine cream cheese this is taking a long time what are you doing trying to get a ton of seeds you just you just hitting all of them which McCallum inner planes by own plants just all the plants yes all the grass blocks we’ll see about vein miner oh yeah by the way aerial that that chap that you just posted there that was so long and gibberish yes gibberish tis not a word that it I now have to click show and actually allow that to be shown to everybody else so you’re with that info what you will vein Meyer has a chance to mine like 10 blocks around it oh I thought that it would mine all of the all of the ore in a vein that would actually be kind of cool but uh I don’t know it’s kind of like tree capitate er but we Kappa tier makes sense and that one doesn’t exactly make sense right guys alright I’m ending all of my sentences with Mia I’m kidding I won’t do that joke again there’s a one time joke I’ll let you know when I start recycling jokes oh my gosh lots of sheep here five years ago five years ago that sounds about right okay does anyone want to see what I’ve done to this place biome I don’t know if I do here is it sounds like you’ve mode all of the graphs not all of it but Gaming RZ hi and hello how is it going oh that was a lot why did the chicken cross the road I don’t know to get away from use mmm a likely story that’s what they want you to believe conspiracy all right I got a bunch of naked sheep here now oh my gosh okay she did you might have a taupe or two you to me there are tons of sheep

you’re okay more sheared okay go ahead to get to the idiots house yep just look at this Plains biome here’s mine all day will make my eyes like this and then he’s got a little emoji see I’m sorry when I’m mining it’s a lot easier to look at the chat so that’s one thing that’s nice did you got the tinker construct mod tinkers construct I think so I subscribed oh thank you for this subscribe J gaming but no we do not we don’t have that we have we need redstone at the moment right yes yeah we always need redstone so it’s our power source at the moment are you okay yeah it’s going on over there let’s go lava Oh dare I question sharing grass and sheep shearing the grass yeah shoot if you break the grass with a shear then you can pick it up yeah just wondering why jus knowing me you have tinker ing mod no we don’t have been increments so water will be useful for once water is very useful for a lot of things in this engines and such there’s steam engines in this I know yes and we need water for trains we need water for some different types of engines combustion engines need it for cooling yes I’m gonna come out I’ve been mining enough in Rocky I’ve unison a marker for this area no I know where this is Oh ender oh you found him Red’s hot head needs water what yeah this is calling me yeah but I didn’t think that you were that hot-headed today this end today world saved that’s good I do love the way that you get the cross section of the mountain as you go up and down the ya stairs in the minimap here I’m gonna make it bigger so that people can see that there look at that isn’t that nifty isn’t that schwifty hey go eat Ernie I know you’re waiting for that alright I got 60 wolves so far is that enough yes no okay alright you told me to do it and I took it a slightly different direction how’s that guys alright Mehcad head no hmm I’m gonna go work on the cat head more attorneys like her a Rick and Morty up references lovely Muse do you want to see what I’ve been doing I couldn’t sleep how’s the stream going oh no grey come to sleep go to sleep gray you have school you have life and what what’s up red we were you asking me you wanna come and see what I’ve been doing uh maybe in a bit you know see all the naked sheep no I’m good thanks okay so house let’s go get here nope the mushroom scan and if you sure you’re making too sure if you’re reading this you will one day get 1 million subs interesting really I don’t know why I would want that but ok you should read that mm-hmm okay so I need 25 let’s see so I could make four right now

cheese’s mmm they probably need to be a little bit bigger action gee good comeback there are some a lot of sheep that I’ve actually regained their wool and I’m right behind you okay go hello what is a fall break uh fall it breaks your legs somebody asked for a fall break if you have fall breaking them like I have no idea what that even is and I think they remain autumn break free or something like fall is in season no all break for me one in the chat if you have fall break oh I think it’s the end of the quarter oh oh like break from school yeah yeah okay I was I was confused I’m like what is the fall break is that a chat thing I didn’t know that this was a chat thing that it existed it’s a music thing lovely no school for a week whoo what you building a giant cat head yes kento yes let’s see what should I make the whiskers out of it we do quarts yeah how about you go get I’m gonna go get some quartz from me chest yep baby don’t hurt me don’t hurt me no more come on come on piranha cross hey guys how’s it going it’s going pretty good wrong they don’t want to go into the lava there there you go okay where’s the air quarried stone that that’s good enough right and we’ll take both of those and the sand yeah that’s good getting all the grass the wood y-yeah I need a ton of seeds I have ha ha that’s some epic singing their neck oh yeah make whiskers out of cobwebs that’s a good idea I wish I had some cobwebs for that but unfortunately a quarried stone is the best I’ve got yeah and if you make a salt you make a saw you can cut that into like little trips so you can actually like have a thinner oh that’s nice I don’t have a saw those so we’re gonna make it out of blocks make it you can make it did it yeah you can make a saw really easily though oh is it okay well then I’ll look saw stone saw stone rod juice Billy oh that’s interesting okay well there we go I guess we’re gonna do that you know hey I recommend making an irons so oh wow it is a cat my hobbies you know what take a sapphire saw use make of sapphires though thank you that was lovely a comment I enjoyed that one greatly so I need to put that in there and then make some a dad I got scared I dropped my hot pocket um wouldn’t you agree at him well would wouldn’t Adam say when did he pop up cuz he popped up just now but I hadn’t seen him before add an interesting also hello Adam welcome I think your favorite time is coming up soon what time is that when I serve my chocolate milk or cocoa milk he said he really enjoyed that made him enough zombies go away I think I just attracted him should do you’ve just been shaving grass yeah go away yeah I got some more seeds just do that there we go cook up whatever’s left um well I’m going to make another crafting table oh I’ve made way too many of these there’s just there’s scattered grass there’s just crafting tables scattered throughout the land should I go to sleep yes cook gray you should go to sleep so how many seeds

exactly are you after I need 25 for one thing okay probably four or five okay like I need a bunch pretty much oh ah so the Sapphire that you’re talking about red that comes from the nether that’s it can also spawn in the world that’s the sufferer that you have in your single tier one see Sapphire block sapphire fragment nope this sapphire from blue power only comes in another sapphire or that little gemstone looking one no that looks like a looks like a it’s sort of like a sapphire no son there you go yeah I know for a fact that you have in your single-player world news and everyone else see you later bye Greg know for being my lovely having you punch oh I punch that guy so far I’ve got juice I almost got three flax seeds changing how much initiation gosh by the way do you stream on your computer yes I do I always show off the mouse whenever I tell people yes that how many can you give me all the states you got regular seeds this one have some flowers too while you’re at it yeah I’ll take the flowers okay okay I need ya really not gonna be several more seeds okay Necco in my humble opinion the best streamer I’ve ever seen as far as entertainment value goes and then Ariel says I’m a tree bug and then one two three we just popped in hello one two three he says no I subscribed I have no idea saying no to maybe I’m a tree bug I don’t know that’s possible um let’s see here what was I even doing oh yes I was getting some iron you have a lot of iron come in here now any of you found a rocky hype you you’ve got all of the things that I have found already so you know those ears may be a little too thick well according to Necco and jinx I’m typically very mean so I thought today I might try to be nice Adam I was joking the other day I was basically saying like your skeletons in my house oh yeah there are so many skeletons in my house oh my gosh so many skeletons now I would stop please so many skeletons in my house I didn’t think I had this many skeletons in my closet puns means those might be the bodies of hid now I have a potato yeah thumbs up I’m gonna start drowning oh my gosh what the heck I’m so dumb I love you drown in come check out what we’ve been doing there’s the zombie with a shovel I think your cat is beautiful suggested by me it looks like so would shot you in the back of the head you just have like a few other things oh my god a legit looks like somebody shot you through the head like if you go in through person there’s like a brown spot on the outside that sort of looks like an interest we’re done under red on the back which looks like an exit wound great you know okay hey it’s fine it’s fine I have only have half a heart well now a full heart but yeah I was joking with you Adam I was basically saying that you’re always here like that was that was the joke I was saying that you’re like always watching the streams which is really nice appreciate it hey out of my house

there’s another skeleton outside why did they keep spawning in here I thought I had enough torches down mad PvP skills except for that was PvE but thank you that’s how I do this know what you died no it’s not how I do dad it’s how I do it no could hear me yes hello now come there you go thank you skeleton in the waters annoying put it out rude this is sort of insane how much we’ve just taken out how much of the land we have this really means I am a porcupine okay Muse I’m gonna head back so can you please come check it out with the place okay let me let me set a waypoint or you can send me back and then teleport to him waypoint of what were we calling this a kitty Alice kitty litter lady palace and it’s gonna be light blue we’re not too much how are you on seeds by the way I got three sex I mean I am gonna work yeah but like okay I’m actually chronic cross and was lecturing my self yesterday in chat I got bored and pulled out a few of my alts to have fun with think of the people you were talking with they were all actually me that’s kind of weird okay I think this song on the stone is from different mods Oh possibly what is this from orange micro box George Michael blocks know it is the right mod but that would be a good suggestion or why that was not working just search up like a half block or whatever so JJ gaming asked what’s the server the server is Muse craft service hello I don’t know how to say I don’t know how to say your name it looks like it’s probably Russian if it’s not Russian then I’m sorry for saying that you’re ending everyone what am i doing I don’t know but yeah hello just a drop of milk okay so I want I want the what strip maybe there’s no crafting recipe for these small Glocks how am I supposed to make them with the saw red um I think you place like two or something I don’t know I don’t remember oh it’s done have you come over here and looked no no let me do that I I have set my thing EP red X 1990 oh oh no oh no that is a lot of area yeah my goodness there are a lot of sheep here Gigi has been sharing 150 so far but my shears broke yeah nice to help this sheep hey should you guess what you guys have any anything deep don’t be dumb don’t be dumb sheep it’s not worth it okay thank you don’t punch me actually have three charges damn sheep live here you let’s get in your life no sheep are you killing them I’m trying to save its life cheap know what the egg

well here this mother she trapped there’s there’s more trap down here – OH oh my gosh there’s a naked one down here let’s block them in now oh there’s a skeleton yeah help now I won’t take a bath in the lava dangerous we must we must cover this up ah oh my gosh Shinji oh my gosh covering me in and you killed yourself amazing I don’t know what has just been lost in you but something has been lost I don’t know if it was respect for her dignity or what news yes you’re gonna come up yet I’m currently blocking this off so the Sheep don’t kill themselves I don’t can can can they get through one block yes okay they can go down here and explore around but they won’t follow in Ramah neck Omo Mews you pop I’m pop okay yes click you on the saw look you on the saw did you know why look if you look from this here angle yes yeah that’s an arrow looks like heart no it looks like a heart if you click from that look from this look like all right thanks red your jerk and now you’re here too Chris I was putting stuff away too bad I needed to do that Chris made me and now you’re here to read now we’re all here together oh my god you just roll your bed we all got a walk home now this is what happens red this is what happens bet red how does it go and red behind I can’t it’s a Meadows yeah you need a scoop yeah one like equal 1,000 views one shadow equals 1 billion subs I don’t know how that works but that doesn’t sound like math that sounds people haven’t made some left people have made some amazing landscapes in this game a friend of mine who is an architect loves this game he always shows me the crazy stuff he’s created yeah hashtag shade to save the Sheep shave them to dingy shaving now is the time make my plan I said earlier and kill them no I’m not gonna kill them I’m just gonna teach what I’ve resorted to this is because of you muse how’d you do that what what hi how’s it going I read how you doing good thing I don’t lose my levels otherwise I’d be annoyed I’m gonna have to clear all my deaf points now yeah that’s the boy that’s easy enough I read yeah well don’t have any arrows

let sorry are you Shinji okay all right we’re gonna stop now right we won’t keep being a butt dumping a butt red does the cheater cheater his feet stop being a butt how’d you survive that ha ha minecraft PvP fell out of the world again yeah sort of what I need to do with you all right I got a room of all these deaf points now Oh didn’t click the right button dang in there we go bang uh how do you tell the points to a mini-map waypoints I don’t think it’s in this flood because why did you break your bed I didn’t then why do you spawn there I don’t know oh you broke his bed remember no you didn’t know I did it right purposely like actively weird it for the rest of torches uh what’s your name in minecraft its Nico underscore amuse ahahahaha minecraft pvp minecraft vs roblox 1 in chat for minecraft 2 in chat for what the heck are you saying basically there’s comparing roblox in minecraft and if you put type in XE your wood bricks get it there finally see you Doyle gotcha I see now I always confuse did- 9 5 2 + 2 6 367 huh TP here 9 5 2 3 6 5 which is wrong 100 II I’m falling out of the sky this isn’t home it’s just not home um everybody’s voting for Minecraft apparently and by everybody I mean so far two people one of which is personation I got a bad idea fire to it what are you going to do yeah this works agent you get over here No whatever you’re doing no okay red now stop seriously whatever you’re doing stop okay I was gonna use that clear out the leaves gingy placed in front of me that’s why I was asking him to come over here so I can punch him hmm all right uh followed the blue arrow on the map yeah I’ll try that next but first we’re gonna do three six five negative nine five one one hundred one hundred I used you were right by her house as well I killed you I’ve fallen to my death we were right wait that was actually close to the house yes yes it would I couldn’t tell it looked completely different yeah it was inside we haven’t really been on okay just help her to me no I’m falling from the sky me okay so I was off by about a hundred blocks yeah roughly oh yeah it’s a lot of creepers that’s that’s a lot creepers I love holy SH much Shinji laughs when I killed something with the powder fist hey I’m hanging oh come on Shinji no that that was actually something that I did earlier cuz the chat told me to actually told me to put dirt all over the inside of the house but I decided to put it around on the outside so yeah Wow Genji what all right there trees all

over the house all right there zombie heads on the walls those are mine yeah that’s been doing a lot of work so this is my bed which I’ll have to move I kept the culprit I I have full inventory let me drop my food it’s very Iranian cold tonight has my bed back yeah can you give me some food I’ve got a steak for you it’s in the hole yes okay if you can have an outfit you don’t get power twisted gingy appease him you won’t cloud her fist you mistakes he did I’m not gonna put a fist oh okay today he’s a minecraft creeper on my I don’t know why I had specified minecraft creeper but yes there’s a creeper on top of my my kitty head also red can you explain how saws work in this game let’s play game so on my screen the chunks stop loading right here at this corner and I can see all the way down into the into our little Diggle yeah the I’ve turned whether down to seventy percent because that was to lauch yeah it’s can’t hear can’t hear myself talk a like oh the mini-map actually flashes yeah that why did I do that I always done it’s good thing that’s not on um wait please why do I have two more death points oh yeah kill me again alright a limestone no we want quarried stone we want to figure out how to burn it into the thing I feel like it should be like just put one in one in the at the table but no it’s not ad carpets on the floor I will when I eventually get carpets I don’t know how to had to make the stone strip I don’t know your friends use it for everything Google is your friend there’s something right below us Oh everybody else left it’s just metal cube and killer game around there my mind kind of far down place one down and do stuff to it oh yeah you know I’ll try it you turn DS here okay here let’s let’s break it with the saw let’s see what happens then I’m gonna break my saw and shinji is crashed I’m going to the grocery store a literal grocery store okay goodbye Shinji I walked outside thank you all for being here we’re not being a spoilsport yeah like you know for me killing you with the powder first such oh well I mean there’s literally no repercussions for that yeah that’s what I’m saying you know that’s why you’re yeah like it doesn’t nothing yeah I’m just using the charges of the powdered sugar because if we don’t really have a use for gunpowder bluff neck OHS base no I already got that covered dude alright bye everyone he was a nice man Betty gone now press you on it press you want it went

down ask you yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo hold it in hand press you know you’re gonna have to what what is this that’s using this micro Glocks Orage micro box right well you stands for use in any I interesting I like well oh oh wait wait I might just be dumb I might just be dumb very very high possibility yes I’m just dumb well muse I’m going to puff to the bathroom okay you do that and have a good time yeah I’m gonna wash my hands and everything there good boy that’s that’s how you do it that’s how you do is it okay see ya all right I’m throwing everything on the floor but it’s okay got the little sticks now oh that oh that’s so lovely that’s lovely actually no let’s do I can’t I can’t remove it okay be careful then oh I like it better with the one in the middle being longer that looks nice yeah we got whiskers on our kitty that’s good I of course need more pink wool and I will have to get that scream ah at red when he comes back mmm I don’t know about dad we’ll see I need a chest like now there we go just put the chest in the corner logs in there gravel in there that’s done that’s time hey spider that goes there is this the center of the head yeah that’s Sara head Oh something excluded I think that must been lightning all of my muffins gone in here there we go I actually have changed my mind I only wanted to go down this far okay ah they told me to read welcome back thank you and when I’m pointing that’s straight okay I guess I’m doing it from the inside it’s a it’s a lightning no it’s thunderstorm it’s struck nearby anchoring an explosion struck and I was a bit scared focus so what do you up to I am adding a brown

stripe on the top of my cat’s head kidney palace I mean oh and it starts again for some reason something likes to disconnect and connect on my computer yeah bugs me make a hot tub I’ll get to that that’s that’s later have you taken literally all of the cobblestone yes all of it is mine ow spider no rude spider uh you want some of it I can give you some I mean some okay do you want me to come over to you or do you want come to my base no I’d rather you come here I thought that was my PC not yours no it’s mine being a dummy I honestly don’t know what it’s doing I’m going to camp in two days it’s for school but tomorrow I don’t have school I have a is that a funeral is that what you said oh I’m I’m really sorry it’s okay oh my gosh please computer stop it I’m gonna have to look into whatever that is aren’t we approaching another break I thought that you said that we weren’t doing three it would be if let’s do let’s do it um it’s more my great-aunt oh I’m sorry center catalysis yeah you don’t know what else to say well yeah and the computer continues to make them disconnects something I guess I don’t know what it is I did I would stop it I’ve get some help to computer I don’t think a hard drive would make that noise no wood winner no no I’ll just eat some rotten flesh he’s born 1920 lived a long time mm-hmm but it’s never never easy to do with somebody don’t know there is I got some bones read we’re gonna we gonna make that farm now no I’m working on B stuff oh you’re working on the B stuff I guess I got a do too for him yeah of course leave the cat to do the farming typical oh well that actually looks really good red look at my house yeah it looks for funny and nice I really like that I’m gonna definitely have a cat arm sticking up out of the water though look at that I actually thought that it looked horrible but the whiskers definitely sold it for me and I figured out what I was doing wrong with them the crafting of the blocks yeah yeah you put the saw above the material in your thing yeah awesome house very nest neck Oh esque thank you hey your phones now going off yeah that’s my sister okay I like our little overhang on our house now yeah I actually put that back in that was gone oh we got a compressor in the chest yes I know we gotta make up you have a tree top let me make a wrench for that I did I had to trash it though so let me you want to make one or do you want me to make one I’m gonna make a tree top you figure out what you want to do with compressor I don’t have any use for the

compressor at the moment we could make diamond so that’s what we can use and then we’re gonna make a quarry right right do you have the Twilight mod installed no this is very realistic it compared to what taking everything into consideration you know through this is not like an RPG or a do venture pack we got computers yep we got pewter these is what’s gonna look into that so maybe I delivered a can we you will see is do with computers and we’ll see how that goes all right I filled up the redstone again that’s what I need three of them need to make a new dick we just need the three diamonds yes need three diamonds for what well three diamonds left I mean no what were you or your diamonds left is that it interesting by middle q thanks for coming by Wow yah yah yah yah yah yah no no no bad spider you so yeah it’s now 11:30 and we started at 9:30 no yeah 9:30 so we’ve been going for two hours now we got another hour in this stream or we could end this one at like two and a half or something or do we want to keep them all consistent like the same yeah the time oh yeah you need cobblestone that’s why I’m back here’s a full stack no I just needed you pasture up the hole in the in the in your room or like in the hole Oh there I’m sorry bet was you never fixed it you also find out the coal yeah Dennis that was Michael no you know oh no you don’t get overweight you’re already yeah basically I’ll put a pop OH alright so now is it about when I start losing my mind that has become apparent already yes it’s got many children ah ha ha jokes all right um no any more eat lots of all lots of Walford amuse and I turn wool into string is that a thing no I don’t think so I can’t make a giant wall block either it can make carpet with you using too dude make three carpet that’s nice we’ll cover the floor in something eventually but that’s for that I now I have to go on a flower adventure all right which way to pink flowers do you figure no idea oh hi Enderman oh oh oh I picked the wrong time to fight both I started fighting the Enderman and then a skeleton showed up out of nowhere so that did not go well for me oh oh here we go we got some white flowers so I can turn that into white die and then I can just combine that with oh that made light grey that’s not gonna be right nope I need white flowers these are all we got bones oh that’s right I forgot that that was a thing yeah I got a lemon on me Obama don’t counts as white die yeah bone meal is white die okay there’s no like legit white die okay all right so honestly I don’t really need to walk back how many zombies are there too many always too many called red flower Oh red guy that means I’ll talk logistics oh no

what I can’t teleport to you he died yeah my spawn point is still in the house Oh – and place my bed yeah oh that’s a lot of zombies I went to baby zombies as well yeah you can’t over to me alright hold on I’m fighting zombies so that I can get a flower it’s all for a flower his one Zambia sat me more than any of the others he hit me like four times and the other ones didn’t hit me at all hey hey there’s or pink dye I got six pink diner I probably need a couple more red four dollars that we fell in a game online I don’t believe I will be joining any mafia thanks whatever that hits mafia worse that makes like crazy okay um mafia addict I don’t I don’t plan on it it doesn’t sound like something on what more to do and I would appreciate it if you didn’t advertise reason thank you like eight zombies let’s say one tooth no six no bees no 7 no 8 there there you go oh my gosh please I’m I don’t know what it is it’s really bothering me and I’m sure it’s bothering somebody else that they’re gonna know now leave because my computer keeps connecting and disconnecting something zombies austra skeleton taking care of the poor tienen Louis 35 hey I’m level 31 that’s something you just always see me with the particle effect the hungry ya need to remake this house possibly yeah because like move it at least why we’re together oh this house the one that I’m yeah all right I got you I can do that yeah I like that you’re talking about the other house cat no no not even the cat I thought you’re talking about our actual basic oh no all right that’s good that’s enough pink wait did you just say you have many many children yes yes she did yeah there was a joke there that I don’t remember anymore most yeah you’re hunched in the face yeah but there was a joke like there was a part of that that was missed just then when you’re trying to explain it again I don’t know I’m gonna have to move this for you okay I can’t pick up the chest at the moment though no just can stay at you for a moment you know move it one piece at a time how far back am i moving this I don’t know okay made out of dark oak because that’s just how would I have there we go yeah I don’t know what with my joke was I think it was I’m losing my mind you’re saying it’s the last thing I’ve ever heard all right I’m gonna have to chop down this tree perfect are you just copying it behind itself no I’m gonna make it better okay better and where it will be better

there get that started again um you said this is the part where I go crazy because we have many many children now there was more to it there was more to it there’s more stupidity no it was actually I thought it was a decent joke Oh actual good joke like I thought yeah I thought it was an actual decent know that I’d forgot that they can just stand like that but they had to be attached to a wall for a moment I have to say neck oh this is very amusing oh no the puns have started mm-hmm at which we do about the puns when we’re not even making the puns we judge intently judge I can do that should the garden had double doors the garden house okay good we should make a greenhouse as well yeah we could do that I was clearing out this areas to have my bees in it oh yeah that yeah that’s fine go ahead have your bees and just don’t eat them I hear they don’t make good food actually they make pretty good food read just type lotions behind me yeah that was not me using the power fist yeah I know he’s a place I refuse to be judged by half female cat half male human okay I didn’t know that that’s what I was yeah here’s what does this corner magic I ran out I’m gonna I’m gonna swap it out don’t worry I’ll just cut down this tree for it upgrade to a greenhouse actually I mean we really just need to have you just really need to know where a desert is the sand on sand the glass on top that’s what makes it a greenhouse right well I was more thinking like doing like actual green house you know like the boys okay well do we have any desert is so I can go get that let me see how much sand I have on me well I’ll cook up whatever I have I have one piece of saying never mind go go go I will I will start on making this bigger yeah I’m gonna put stuff away all right this is becoming a greenhouse now I think use how big do we want do we want the bees to go inside the greenhouse as well no we don’t okay is they need to leave what did you just throw at me you throwing eggs at me okay symbols and beautiful yes is back I’m here sorry for being late I was writing an essay bees over yes there are other Ibiza Bay Breeze all the bees and was like you know that sounded much better in my head many things do yeah yeah let’s making our glass panels rather than full pieces of no we we need to make it out of full pieces glass otherwise the edges are gonna look weird I was thinking micro blocks for that mmm D so you could just make it out a fully micro blocks then great no it’s six by ten glass house interesting I don’t have a lot of virtually on me which I have no Birchwood on me I need some birch in my life there we go I don’t have any room I’m currently holding some stuff okay right there Jared where’s the chest but just as in builders gotta be yep just sand builders did I just do something I did nothing is what I did okay our flour maida flour flour Oh

are you putting everything in here huh uh yeah yeah all the flowers go in there yeah would you give me oh thank you is that a cat face in the distance that’s my house and yes yes it is called the muse palace no kiddie Palace beauty palace something it’s called something red right yep forgot that was the last command oh my gosh sensational replacing the beautiful dreamy better words yeah that’s an awesome house thank you I’m trying I’m really trying to make it beautiful I’m transporting stuff like five things at a time one two three four five yeah but only five things that time let’s just do this okay so now I gotta throw those on the floor the desert is up in this direction maybe holding a saw in my hand all I hear other thing you is My Little Pony My Little Pony mind beautiful um what episode two already yeah we just we split it up so that people can go back and watch these it’s a six hour stream or a 9 hour stream or however long is a lot more daunting than just a three hour stream so that’s why I split it up I’m doing a while they were like aren’t we getting closer brick we started at 9:30 right it’s been two hours where stem is if you need a break read no no I was wondering okay you were just stretching so it sounded like you’re like tires okay okay I started drawing some fanart for you it’s not done yet oh thank you that’s nice can’t believe how much banner is suddenly being drawn for me mm-hmm it makes a dumb and just very on the smoke in the moment to deal a lot of it it’s still likely yeah it’s it’s nice and then there’s also some really nice ones it’s all amazing you’re my special little snowflakes I remember when that wasn’t an insult yeah I feel like it shouldn’t be I mean it shouldn’t be a book yeah yeah somehow somehow but things compare but I don’t wanna be a snowflake I wanna be Apple long linear and Apple and I’m hungry so run yeah make a billboard of ideas with signs and names of people who suggested starting with your sternly you know what that actually sounds like a reasonable idea I know that you’re just saying it because you want to be memorialised I guess yes but it’s still a very nice idea that’s how you make a pickaxe I don’t know how to make a sign in Minecraft it’s two layers of wooden planks on top of stick in the middle does they stick if they are sticking out extruder too thick right six signs is plenty all right the signs will go on top of Katy Palace yes your popularity is growing and rightfully so just remember to take the little people with you I like the way you phrase that Adam yeah wait yes of course no it’s not like that it’s so you can remember what to build sorry if it sounded like I’m just kidding it’s fine

I should put some torches on my you put them on the back of the ears so that they’re not doing the way I don’t think this is the right way for a desert yeah yeah okay guys time to head and then um killer gamer I gotta go bye bye you’ve been memorialized right there wood what other things have been planned already I guess it was a suggestion by somebody that I make it’s a greenhouse it was also killer gamer okay he doesn’t get credit for – well actually I think I was the one who said like a glass greenhouse okay all right class green house red X 90 90 yeah I’m here safe safe space for the Fonz um I don’t like actually putting them up here I think I gotta find a better place do you destroy these okay that works maybe it should be like in the basement of the cat house there’s a spider in my basement are there always spiders in my basement oh my gosh red hmm I just went down into my basement and there was like eight creepers mm-hmm I am NOT okay with it what mods oh we should light it up all right bees are in no just appears just no drone will work what are you forestry is the main one for bees but then also Benny’s mod will have extra bees forestry for Minecraft and then you can get extra bees on its own which just adds a lot of extra bees and then you can get Benny’s mod which adds extra trees extra bees book to me and genetics okay eight might have been an overstate statement but uh that’s one way to clear them up I mean yeah they don’t destroy anything because if they did that would be awful but uh okay it’s properly lit now okay no more no more creepers and things spawning inside of my base should this beat no I like this as a working place I’m gonna have to go down one more layer I’ll use the backpack to mine I’m gonna have some sand for you red yeah I’m going to a desert because I also need to find some it doesn’t bees luckily you’ll have to explain all the bees to everybody after we start setting it up I think they’d need like that anyway I think it’s interesting I don’t have a shelter I’m sure you should have a shovel it’s gonna make a shovel so that this isn’t so slow like even a wooden shovel is better than this but I have cobblestones he’ll make a cobblestone one and I only need one cobblestone for that I got a creeper head yeah happens you yeah I can go in there something that would yeah I don’t know I have a wooden pickaxe somebody must have dropped it ginger Bravo oh yeah yeah he threw it at

me that’s right abyssal stone that’s creepy it does sound kinda creepy yeah maybe mining until I stop seeing ya that that works that works that’s right it’s going into the Biggers yeah there are like tons of like dark things in the ocean called abyssal stones things like all of darkness so dark abyssal huh that sounds pretty crazy yep I really hope it’s gonna be daytime when you get to the desert yeah are you a desert I’m just be going I think that’s a desert I hope that’s that might be Beach I think about the desert I just decided go in one direction and until I found something yeah that’s not the best way of doing it I don’t think that no but it works sometimes maybe I’m not dead that’s true just expanding offed the island a little why did I choose to go this way the slower way good question I hope you’re expanding it out with dirt mostly sand at the market no it’s so nice to have like green grass on it though yeah I should add more dirt to be honest yeah I will have to add more dirt hey it’s daytime right as the reaches were pretty much I broke a shovel that’s how much I’ve been digging I still only have an iron chestplate that’s mostly broken at this point though that’s something how do you change this song that’s on I don’t like this song I don’t think there’s a where it’s that one that’s one like it’s like no don’t like to change the song you need to craft a jukebox and find the CDs yeah you can turn off the sound I could do that might be I might be at that point now I love watching the little blocks sometimes like just freak out you know after you’ve mined something and then the blocks are sort of yeah bounce around stuff at sandstone there’s some iron here too yeah that’s it you can’t change it but you’re gonna turn out you know area read that I do that far too often mm-hm reread things that’s fun though that’s why I always read over them first like in my head yeah that’s true but I I sometimes don’t even have time to read it the first time because it’s moving so fast and whatnot so I just read it thought oh well oh well well then sorry

I’ll see myself out so 30 more minutes right uh yeah I mean we’ll take a break huh probably take a 30 minute break and then get back to it yep I’m more fun uh I wonder if Shinji will come back and join us again cuz he said he was going to the store right what do you think of the odds that you will join us again don’t know you mind if I set up the quarry yeah that’s alright I just won’t be there when you do it so that I got that’s when it happened so as it’s cool okay I need to make solar panels so if you can get start working on that that’ll be awesome yeah I really I need to stop making the base mm-hmm hey guess what I just found in am i nervous but here use would you find more dive go to village ah I’m very nice all right so does it looks like a huge village that’s awesome Euler wonder would you think it has any purist there we go giant cat hey killer you should look for a woodland mansion if you want to are they in this version no don’t blue so dead sad yes I go off wonder is that it’s guy in there that’s this guy dear there’s oil like in the center of village oh yeah mm-hmm that’s pretty pretty interesting yeah they are awesome too bad we don’t have them so and we’re going with what mods we have mostly nutmeg softly oh you can get trade a written book for an emerald these villages are awesome and once they read stone oh wow that’s a lot of cool cool stuff you very loud though we’ll say there we go whiskers look better I sent you the fan art on the sea ah that’s lovely and like it they’re just swimming in oil some of the villagers some of the managers are just swimming in oil oh wow that’s a good enchantment so the village leader is offering a diamond chestplate and three emeralds for an enchanted diamond chestplate for with protection two and breaking three and four and one wow that is actually kind of amazing somebody is asking if I’ve played minecraft before I decide to stream it I played on a friend’s account for a bit like two years ago so yeah ish um but me it’s B there’s a MC a minecraft comes alive basically lets you have Sims interactions with villagers and changes them you can start a family too interesting yeah uh I don’t think that’s for us though no could be a fun role play thing if we ever do that uh maybe yes let’s let’s do that before we do

anything else pink okay go pink kitty nose you how to fix that guess it’s fine for now mm-hmm I do it like that not going to look good I got lucky with this certain aspects of it really are working out and maybe if I just go down one okay well this is a great village there’s a a beekeeper and tree keeper there’s a like mine or like the blacksmith and there’s also a railroad or thing and also eats meat all Frick ton of oil like it’s just plaque around here there we go don’t think we’re gonna add that mod though the the one the same one yeah this seem like one yeah we’re not gonna add that to this yes guess what I found I don’t know but I’m completing the key base for the most part from 2000 look at it oh that’s so cute I like it the kitty base is lovely red yeah so I’m supposed to get stared on what now solar panels yes Silla can hold shift for info solar panel engineers toolbox or machine muse modular power suits it’s not that when it’s the block solar panels o industrialcraft classic solar panel low voltage medium voltage high voltage I assume just the normal okay so generator I need a battery I can make a battery where did our rubber go I used it to make the compressor okay that’s fine yeah well you have to bunch of sticky resin though yes we do all right and no coal in any of the furnaces anymore no I I’m using that broseph that is an adorable house thank you I love how I just like turn around as if there they’re all so nice nice Armour yeah I like it uh you also really need food apparently cuz you’re yeah no no health um how much does make per sticky resin makes one okay so I need to put in another another bit of sticky resin here all right so it’s made three gonna make four I need two more in there because it can make eight at a time right I know you said it does okay that’s fine then I can you do a mind Z minecraft letsplay please not a roleplay I don’t know what mind Z is pretty sure it’s a zombie survival thing Oh interesting ap again Lots maybes no promises yeah that that’s kind of the thing here no it doesn’t work with bronze it’s only copper which makes sense do we have copper yeah we got plenty of copper upper in the middle rubber on either end X me some wires yes zombies all day we will possibly look into that generator I need 10 exactly for 10

oh yeah that meet again oh there we go that’s that’s I’m taking all my ignoble B’s and I really want to go back to the village Andrey oh yeah yeah can you throw some coal into the crusher again I don’t have anything we need to get more like that that’s the rest of the coal we have the only thing other is in the Stirling engine and then those are currently doing things for me that I need I took five out of the furnace I need seeds well I could maybe get that at the village we only need three live way part of it thankfully hey do we have any reinforced iron no no two three there let’s throw a couple more in there that’s gonna make those iron furnace let’s make that and furnace there we are I got some gunpowder on the floor there for you you’re welcome interesting I got five I need three more good butter and then I fully have a charged nice I threw my spiderweb sin stuff in here I should put that in there that it’s just gonna plugs it up there I’ll put the creeper head in the middle of the wall of zombies heads lovely nine diamonds were getting close there yeah we just need to compress for coal we need a lot of more coal that’s basically it alright general Rogers is for generator has been made a ball power all right now I do yeah I need more rubber could you try throw me the generator there you go right there no okay I didn’t make my own no I’m sorry can you grab me some more sticky stuff I need Rossum sticky resin please yes and can give me some bones there yeah there’s there’s uh 28 bones in there is there worse baby zombie trying to get you there you go I know I said he tried to get to you oh you got him yeah nice so many zom zoms it’s run out you know what Ollie come here six more wires okay lotions outside wait out there whoops I need the wires well we’re like ten or twelve zombies outside and I was just tired of them you punched them all yes I don’t big of a craze just make not very big it only does one three blocks below hmm but yeah

it says it doesn’t a wee I used the fist yeah able could you repair the hole as well what I’m gonna go back to the village yeah I’ll get the lore yeah I’m gonna fix the rubber tree for you or get some rubber tree you know just fix that lawyer for you yeah creepers stop becoming you know scary well they still do a lot of damage yeah but they don’t blow giant holes in the floor anymore no rubber tree wha yeah we got rubber trees that if you sticky resin that you then turn into rubber that you then turn into copper capable or you could turn it into all sorts of different types of cable is basement mints insulated cable that’s what it does II so much stuff yeah we have seventy six months it’s a big mod pack which you can download but it’s not working so don’t do that it might be working for you you’re not sure yeah people were reporting issues so I would say stay stay away for the time being all right let’s make one of these you you you did you put more resin in here no I’m still getting resin for you you that goes there that goes on there that goes there for them and a project table there we go so now I can finally start making this better so should I put the resonant just and in in the lit one no yeah sure put it in lit one please fill it for us wait what happens if you put coal in the furnace uh I have to fight it out I know I’m wasting a coal on this but must be Scott but the resident anywhere I made a graphite bar yeah that’s interesting should I take out all the bars and put them into the project table or is that to compete yeah we need to upgrade our chests to like a gold chest yeah so where does that require just eight gold and a iron ingot in the center how do you upgrade it though yeah you just right-click on the chest with the chest upgrade that I just told you to make okay that’s that’s awesome and a iron oh oh look at that that’s lovely there we go what does the project table to do it it does this see I can put this in here and can store it and then I can put it on there and walk away and when I come back it’s still there which is lovely so I need to make another electric circuits I don’t have enough rubber did you put the resin somewhere nope I decided to just get a bunch more because I had very little for you and when I looked at him I only need three I know you’re gonna get too happy then that cold us finish yes it did okay so coal dust goes like this I’m gonna did you ever get a jungle as a tree sapling jungle tree sapling um

I don’t believe I did yeah I got 32 resin for you lovely so I’m just gonna throw that edge back I’m gonna throw this rubber wood at you it’s really sampling it’s this bone dust now potato string and arrow you just all I’m sticking all these things in here yeah I’m your automatic sorter up there’s a hobbyist steam engine in here now yes yes and a rolling machine that’s something we were gonna need Oh interesting that doesn’t go in it also finally floppy disc cold runner I wasn’t actually lying about that that’s that’s awesome we will have to check that out at some point all right this that dot there and stick those in there like that I need the generator generator and glass glass glass I made it upside down solar panel done yeah wouldn’t you yeah we need more than one though well I made one yeah that’s good good sir we’ll make a yeah also you should probably make a it’s called an electric generator I think yeah it’s called an electric engine okay so which which wrench do you think will work for everything I don’t know what is this industrial craft okay so yeah try the industrial rough one Industrial Craft Industrial Craft is powered okay so that one the one that has durability yeah that’s how you make it right oh it has to be bronze yeah thank you this game would slowly kill me from the inside so much stuff yeah definitely takes some getting used to all right let’s make sure that the wrench works Maji scallywag yeah it works okay so it made my wrench you want me to make a wrench for you as well I just want to coordinates again you TP and then you type in the second coordinate first in the first second and then the third no D I don’t remember let’s see what’d I do before yes the last coordinate is your height but type in yeah I’ll go out into the water and I’ll give you coordinates to type in to teleport to me specifically so type in okay I think I got it is it okay 992 45 and then do like 75 you teleport somewhere else no I’m doing a thing okay I thought when they put in two types of chests it got confusing yeah in this game we have how many okay I was wrong wait you took them negative you typed in negative that’s not my fault that’s not my fault so which one is the height the last one apparently not because I spawned way under the world cause you wrote negative no you wrote so many weird I don’t know that I’m sorry is it the middle one you might be the middle one I honestly don’t remember anymore I’m sorry yeah yeah it is it is the null one yep okay I’m sorry I lied to you apparently yes you did bad friend yeah sure medicube is back and welcome back

I’m making more wires I’ve gotta make a nut oh you wanna make the generator this time I’ll get all the parts period I’ll make a generator some other time because yeah I’m currently at the village ah the oil village it’s literally just covered in oil we need to set up a pump here did you finish the cat up for the most part the cat looks pretty good yeah it’s made out of Kulpa don’t know well that was the best thing I could make it out of he looks great with the brown so I think that’s fine oh did you know lovely wondering what the crafter is can you explain them wherever that is I have no idea I think that’s really no I didn’t make it I found it oh okay Anne and asked for bed have a good rest of the stream using red take care everyone and have a good day tomorrow thanks ace see you later it was nice having you days they tell me around I’m gonna miss you forever forever forever five ever oh we’re getting serious Oh series don’t must be wrong with that yeah sure what are you a Martian week week yes okay so I need to do that again now I need to get out some iron I got the iron army I need to cook the iron in the furnace to cook lots of iron in the furnace actually just do 20 we’re gonna need lots of it I’m gonna go mine got ten minutes and may still the end of the stream ish and ish minutes um little on the way down now there’s probably more cereals at this well if you want coffee you can’t go too deep I want iron actually we have wouldn’t we have our dose I think I want in gragan cook up um yeah that’s true I’m gonna grab the coal actually now that I’m down here already I Reaper just fell down behind me ow ow I did not hit him it’s a creeper somewhere slowly dying I just hear you know the sound of him being hit over and over again yeah we’re creeper maybe slaughtering a lot of pigs yep getting food for us I hear him more I need to stop using this scroll wheel they’re pushing the button is if I start pushing the button I’ll actually be able to pull out my sword faster you possibly prevent myself from dying

oh yeah the reason why I had to make the wrench for those that don’t know you can’t you can’t try and pick up your electronic devices with a pickaxe because you’ll end up just breaking them yeah getting machine block back rather than the actual device not that really really hurts if you have like a MF s su error or like a high-voltage solar panel you know like something expensive yeah big words I kind of want the solar panel to be in the roof you mind if I place it in the roof I thought it was gonna be like at the top of our thing yeah all the way at the top put it around here ish meaning this tree has to go might as well take this tree too you know our sugar cane looks like it’s fully grown at this point so I better go and put that down again right yeah I think I’m gonna think I’m gonna do this I love how there’s just a spider sitting on top of a torch just to smite us it’s like oh you put that there to prevent me oh oh you poor thing oh you don’t know how this works the way this works is I go wherever I want and spiders are sassy man oh yeah you got a graphite graphite bar sorry I was just curious as to what would happen if I thought it was like a missing texture or something because it looked weird it does look a little weird how much light there’s a torch produce like you know like do you think in real life you could put torches around a solar panel and have it actually do much oh not sure but I found out what Graphite’s for oh sorry sorry identity reactors in me too oh that makes sense yeah that’s pretty cool so you need to try to cut she was gift trying to hit you with it oh you got me some pants engineering overalls I’ll show these off to everyone let me just hand over here yeah a my fabulous yet look at us together whoa I took a screenshot that’ll be the thumbnail huh lovely that’s for now there we go doo doo doo doo yeah if you’re wondering why I died last time I got stuck a trunk error whoo fun yeah so yeah I brought home the bacon yay picking a bit of bacon you want to know how much I got how much did you get 45 pieces of raw pork not I need to make more tin air here’s your protein you know that oh thanks did and cooking it on the furnace that and just had some rubber and perfectly safe mm-hmm more rails what’s worse really stuff right I went and got us some more coal so luckily now we have coal yeah we need a lot more coal though yes we do I met another solar panel over having mid the generator yet I’m working on it yeah if you have made the generator yet I would nope haven’t made the generator

yet I’m getting there three more minutes yep oh they actually do they had a shield she had one shield of protection the overalls I wasn’t I didn’t think that they did anything no they protect you against also real work things interesting Green crashes probably not all right I’m taking seven of those pork chops I’m sorry I haven’t had food in a while I’ve been eating a lot of rotten flesh so yeah I’ll grab the parts for you and then give it to you so that you can make care your team you know do do do do do do do do two two two two two right but this battery is the three refined iron yeah and need furnace and you need the furnace which I will give you and second here we are one furnace by yourself you can make your thing wait for the team and everyone and yeah I’m just going to put that in the project table my we needed a my boss 23 hello hello to you too we’re just about to wrap up this episode but we’ll be back after a half an hour we’re just gonna make our second solar panel and then we’re gonna wrap up here all right so I do have the glass to put in there I don’t have the coal dust which I will get on one two three one two three I’ll make you know that there we need an MFP okay Emma fees are expensive but yeah welcome Minecraft boss 23 nice to have you yeah we need to start making some diamonds inodes or you go like mine crimp yeah I think I’m probably just getting mind for them because they’re so annoying to find there you go take more wires oh yeah that and the redstone I’ll take half of that there are some spiders hanging around outside oh don’t know what they want with us but it’s nothing good okay news did you know mark players YouTube icon has just been blocked for like two days nope wasn’t aware what’s that all about I have no idea hello again minecraft boss 23 he said hi again okay so I got those two those two go in there there’s that oh you got the generator right yeah I put it down the parsha tip you want to do the honors after there you go solar panel right there yay um you know here to end up right now yeah we should have a few then okay so thank you guys for watching my stupid internet is acting up be a use of the fire in Napa oh yeah yeah you understand that I’m sure I think so Napa is Dragon Ball Z correct and Appa is Napa which stands for napa cabbage as

well but na PA yeah that’s I think he’s in California okay yeah Oh cause fire in Napa I thought there’s a dream I’m gonna go dig myself a hole okay thank you for watching everyone I hope you had fun I am sorry I’m I’m dumb sometimes I’ll be back with red here hey hi right I’m like hey we’ll be back with red in about 30 minutes mm-hmm and we’ll continue on episode 3 don’t worry we’ll be back in 30 minutes I promise all right bye everyone thanks for watching episode 2 of thanks for the sub minecraft boss thank you