How to rewrite PLR content and make it 100% Unique – Duplicate Content Checker Software

hi all its Danny cuts here today I’m going to be showing you how i use PLR content to write articles very quickly and then I’m going to show you how I check them off see if they’re duplicated from the original article using fancy bit software okay so this is the article just plr article like off my site pilar titan and so it’s probably about 500 words maybe maybe a bit more and and i’m going to rewrite it live on this web chat on this earth on this well live on the screen chat so here we go so what going to do is I’m just going to copy and paste it and then I’m going to paste in here okay so this is this is just how I rewrite rewrite articles so just bear with me okay so we’re just gonna rename this so i use google docs just cuz it saves us go along and also it’s available all my all my other devices as well okay so this article it’s actually about working at home being a mum and working at home okay so this is the original art school here and I’m what going to do is I’m going to write it rewriting paragraph by paragraph and then we’re going to put it for a difficult content checker to see to see how it goes so fingers crossed it goes with world excuse my typing and let’s get started so with you giving up a corporate job to entirely is right ok so here we go you may have given this job to spend so either either way option you changes a girl really are committed to being created being like great okay right so that that should be let’s put our first paragraph a little bit sure we’ll just move on so what do is not delete that and then we just start going plugin okay so no 22 families same and this is my

parenting is such a challenging task and this difficult same you guys going more efficiently okay so about five minutes in that’s that paragraph done so still look quite a bit to go yet bear in mind i’m not the fastest typer okay so let’s get one and discuss the set up the finishing a case right okay you need to sit down with your family and and hiring a nanny this morn Annie okay that’s one done okay number two you can see it’s not that difficult to do so this way you should leave you alone stop

leave your life outside okay my typing is horrific okay number three so what we’re 11 minutes in and we’re over halfway through now as you can see some of you a few paragraphs to go and I needs to decide whether establish a close okay your spelling out quickly Chloe’s once again can’t I be okay right just get rid of that okay let’s take a point for the okay situations while you are working disturb you while you’re working see your distractions have less

distractions you ok so that is that one done okay the next one number five so we are 16 minutes in and we are flying so okay so you need to set out expectations on how your children then is ok then just summarize the life balance okay this is quick check of these and then you will see how bad my typing really is okay so as you can see here I’ll just delete that okay I want me to do is quickly pause video while I open up the others ok so here we have a stupid contacting checker which you can pick up from Pilar Titan calm and it’s currently on sale for seven bucks reduce down from 17 so let me just show you how it works and what we’re going to do is we’re going to put the original article in here on this side and you can put any side you like but this is just what I do it works for me that goes in there as you can see we just increase the size that’s it in there just delete the toys out there and then we’ll use the one that I’ve just written which is in the hair which is all this or just copy that and then dump it over here okay as a couple of settings that you need to need to check so I always make sure the minimum length of matching parts is for words this is just something I’ve always use and seems to work and then we’re going to do is just going to click and

pair then it’s going to go through and tell me which parts are copied so if you see here you may have given up your have given up your that’s copied and spend more time with so you can see there’s not actually that much that it’s copied in fact down here so we’ve got 595 words 27 cents is eight paragraphs and there’s six percent giblet content which isn’t too bad actually it’s all you would do is just go and edit these out I didn’t actually ran run this through p software I’ve got called white smoke which will then go through to all the grammar check in and whatnot which works really well but as you can see I’ve rewritten this article in 20 minutes and so that is the power of p lr I love it you should love it and I will see a slightly biased about plr because I own WWE plr Titan calm but from that if you guys pick up here our article software graphics and all sorts very cheaply and content shouldn’t be a big problem so I hope you liked this video sorry if it’s been a little bit boring a little bit long-winded but you can see that 21 minutes in the article is pretty much there and ready to go so thanks for watching and I’ll speech you soon