Embrace Financial Freedom Theda Muller, how do i get out of debt,

I made here from house I have with me Kayla Mueller there is a way out ladies and gentlemen if you’re in debt anywhere in the world theta is working on her next book for your region I’m begging her please please please do the United States Master Trainer you got never do sir hello I’m ed thanks for having me I am yeah of course to discuss my book today and the book about date and how and how people can overcome the date and binary freedom is a title on Amazon I was gonna wait a minute but I’m gonna go ahead and drag it on the screen right away so now my our audience can see it and I’ll put it away and all we gave away in a big secret you’re giving it away for 99 cents yes that’s right and this is just because don’t you have it I want everybody to read it I know what the situation is in the world but at the end the book was actually written for predominantly for Middle East audience because I’ve lived there for over a decade and I’ve been involved in I’m an experienced banker and also in the legal field so basically it is to help the communities and people on the street who really don’t know how to face the death crisis and you know there’s so many negativities attached to this okay now first I want to apologize for the setting you are on vacation just came out and you are on vacation in Malta visiting your nephew so we couldn’t get by setting perfect but I wanted to know the interview so bad I appreciate you letting us have it I know you’re on vacation mode I am I am gonna give you a little bit of credibility here I’m gonna show our audience you are a financial writer and I’m putting the article on the screen as we speak you’re a financial writer for our Roya a paper which is a very important paper in in the Arab world theta you’re doing this not because it was a during your derive you basically struggled release issues yourself some time ago tell us a little bit about your struggle well many years ago I’d say almost ten years ago I lost my job I didn’t get my benefits I had a really bad time I had alone and credit cards and and I was a westerner Westerner in a foreign country I do and I really first very bad times and I have to tell you to the point where I didn’t have water to drink Wow and when I was very determined to overcome it and it took me about four years to become debt free but at the end of the day I had gone through the pitfalls myself and if I can help someone to avoid those pitfalls then it’s much better because there’s so much emotional fear attached to being in debt you didn’t just come up with this as a theory from watching others you went through to struggle yourself some time ago tell us a little bit about your struggles and what makes you an authority on the subject well I came from a Western country not knowing what what the rules and regulations are in the Middle East and I think this is what every expect faces so I found myself unemployed it was not self-inflicted you know with no benefits paid no nothing and really no support because when we are in our own countries we have the support so you know being a female on my own it was a horrifying experience and I think I I am I faced my problem I took the responsibility and I went through the system to repay my debt and this is exactly the procedure that I am explaining in the book but my situation because of you no way I found myself at that time I literally had no water to think wow but I’m a very determined person because I come from a fighting background in South Africa so I wasn’t going to give up and the fact that I had been away from home I always told much so I could waste my time then I would want to leave any country after staying there for a while with money hanging out of my pockets and I was not going to be a defeatist but with this knowledge I also realized that I can help other people I also had the opportunity of working in the legal field and I’m also an experienced banker so I understand their collections aspect the legalities of it and this is how I can help people you know because they either way out it’s not like you have to go in Locker server die in there I mean and I wanted to shade it let me repeat

that sentence there is a way out ladies and gentlemen if you’re in debt anywhere in the world fee that is working on her next book for your region I’m begging her please please please do the United States well now Madonna I don’t think it will be to bed and I think that in the u.s in any Western country the rules are really the same you know and where you have a special special date cold you can liquidate yourself all these things but that’s not the the end result is not it’s not the issue but the issue is is to get people to make that first step because inevitably when we are in debt we don’t have money in our pockets we don’t like the banks calls we don’t think our creditors goals and it’s not going to go away and that’s the thing they have to overcome that fear to take that responsibility and face it yes you’re going to be remediated you’re going to be dignity great people just the small but you need to feel just the small to actually become a better person and know how to overcome these problems that’s it you know what witness we have our justice what is the largest thing holding people back what is the biggest objection someone has obviously the embarrassment is one of them your dress humiliation degradation because when you do go to collections department anyway in any company in a bank any rate and that people come and crowded on you know employees of the bank they will come and crowd around and those all stand around and listen to your story and you just you and you have these emotion to you embarrassed you feel very bad and you you don’t know what to do but the thing is this is something you have to go through you have to experience this to know what it’s like and that’s just part of the riddle and part of the process and that’s what stops people from because confrontation and going there to actually face our problems they don’t like to do and we progressed tonight and we progressed in it but at the end the problem actually snowballs and it becomes an uncontrollable and then it doesn’t have to be because you can overcome anything that you want to not now normally I say the flashing of the headline and we have an echo I’m just going to do on it like I said I appreciate I’m meeting with me while you’re on vacation so you guys I will have another oh no no no it’s that with thena when she’s finally in her setting and we can get the lighting and everything accurate but for right now I’m gonna flash on the screen up yeah my friends book I’m so proud of you I am so honored and so proud of you this is her book on Amazon I’m gonna have a link below as you know on preview show how the authors come here to deal with you directly this is a very special space Peter decided to pick this book up for 99 cents because it helped so many people that are read of help I’m very well ready back to our amazing you got six likes and I haven’t even got a chance to review you yet so that’s not under four okay Oh what happened said that you know if anybody can’t afford it they can just email me they can go to my facebook page and I will send them a free coffee because I want everybody to have it you know some guys will order 99 cents you heard theta go and search peter out drop her a message you know get a free copy the 99 cents is really the equivalent of a gift we’d like you to spend the 99 cents it’s a timely pain to have so much I haven’t personally already gone through chapter one two and a half I got the book yesterday pretty funny act with phenomenal information you’re gonna love this lady’s work she says something in there that I really believe that title came from God or higher up as some of us would say it’s it’s called embrace I can’t call it’s the idea of an embrace analogy embrace your trouble you embrace one another tell us a little bit more about embrace I would like to know well I’ve been working on this on this embrace for I was just one day I was sitting and I was decided to push my off their talents and then this name just popped out of the sky and it was a god-given name and I stuck to it and many people were saying to me I cannot identify the impress with the tape I said well you don’t understand it was given to me so I have to make use of it and and now people see the book they realize that what I’m saying is embrace your situation in creation with it and that’s an embrace each other because the entire embrace concept is I’m trying to

establish a global following where people in my region in any region they can start rooting other people to become debt free and they will become members and I can start earning money through this you know and I can go back to me alone countries once they’ve tried it and basically they can start and embrace in their own country and anything you question it’s about giving back and helping people and earning money then that will be what I want to do but that’s that’s the whole objective but the embrace is also not just about dead recovery because there’s so many forms of death dead recovery this is also the volume to I’m dealing with how to face your creditor and then how do you do home remedies not costing you a single dollar in your home to release this emotional fear and your we attacking the human factor so it’s going to be a healing process that they can practice all these exercises and they can actually start healing and start feeling whether it’s about going out and start socializing and all this this is a whole circle you know what occurred to me when you don’t take the creditors call you also don’t take the customers call either because you’re afraid they may be creditors you don’t take the opportunity called because you’re afraid they may be crazy oh yes of course you lose you know yeah well that’s beautiful tell me you’re trying to create a community and that community is like a support community a teaching community that helps people get out of debt so tell me a little bit more about that and tell me three reasons why someone should pick up the book and began listening to what you have to say okay number one if you if you consider to be a wealthy individual for example oh you you should have had more money then then what you should get a pair so now you put it down to nothing you’ve lost everything it’s it’s obvious that your friends that you have and you have had over the last few years they’re not going to be there for you because you put you’re gone you can’t be entertaining on this to have the money to spend and and at the end of the day they’ll simply not start they’ll stop taking your calls and and these kind of things so what I’m doing is I’m putting like-minded people together so they can all support each other they can discuss they’re in the same situation they have the same mindset they all grow like regrow in brain box we all go together and these are the kind of people you want in your social circle and you never know what could come out of what collaborations in businesses can out of that there may be somebody who really wanted to start a business and there’s somebody who used to have a business who lost it so they’re together they can work on this once they’re on the road to recovery but the idea is that when we are in debt as a say a man of the house we can’t communicate with our spouse we can’t communicate with our partners our children suffer because everybody’s miserable so once you have a good parenting plan you can again start you know bonding with your family and so we will have outings havens for kids for people to mix and to actually get to know one another will actually now the whole concept is going to go online as well so you don’t have to be where I am you can in England and we’d all get together and we’ll have an open discussion and like you and I’m it like you like we’ve met everybody else in our group this will be the same concert yeah understand so if I understand it number one if you’ve had this this you know issue one is a reset button issue 2 is an emotional release and ability to let your family be normal again an issue 3 is having a space where like-minded individuals suffering the same fate begin to help one another the here are three wonderful nuggets um now in that and if this was an expensive project I’d ask you what can I guarantee you give I it’s not so I’m gonna ask the reader who downloads this it’s a gift from Vida when you see how much information you put here you’ll know it’s again please as a favor to me go and leave a review on Amazon theta is creating a platform it’s going to be a worldwide platform on how to deal with that you would be helping her tremendously just simply by leaving a review that would be you as a matter of fact you were trust me she will read the review she will read the review and she will read it again if you want to say something to say that there’s no better place than to put it in a review is this gonna be 99 cents all the time well you know it’s it’s not really about the

money it’s about giving back and and you know if if it is a money issue or if I make money out of it then it’s fine but really this I want anybody to have it and as long as I can keep it at 99 I will I will not change it very quickly okay if you go to Amazon and you find this book not 99 cents get a hold of me on TV show how calm or go to Thetas channel on TV show how calm get a hold of one of us we’ll make sure you get a copy for 99 is that is that a fair statement yes that’s fine that’s fine okay you you’ve worked with some people over the years of course you yourself have suffered this and can you think of one person that you’ve helped that came back to you says thanks for this information I’ll help many people at the very bad situations I’ve physically taken them to the banks I am in contact with the banks because years ago when I had the problem I was dealing with supervisors in in collection departments these guys are now senior executives in the same things in fact one of the guys will help me he is now the vice CEO of one of the biggest banks in the UAE and he’s my friend but I know him and you know when he found out I was doing this he couldn’t believe it because the other aspect of actually going there to creditors and getting your financial situation sorta like this you gain respect I’ve gained a huge amount of respect within the banking fraternity because they will always say you see she’s she’s but she was in a worse situation and look at her today because I’ve lived by example so I must have made good relations and so I can leverage on these relations to help people so I’ve helped a lot of people over the last year and the banks also now when they have people in the situation they will call me and say can you help expose it they hear they need a job they need to restructure they need I need the need so it’s a two-way street of people I want to tell you about somebody else you popped out oh and that’s yourself ladies and gentlemen this is a female and a an Arabic country all right for much what we call a patriarchal society and she pulled herself out of debt and made herself a name in that society I’m very proud of me and I’m very honored to be your friend thank you and I thank you very much for making this book available for our listeners I I’m gonna do what I can to make the video appear okay and if not I will have a still shot of you and a shot of the book you spent which i think is just as effective and then would you promise to come back for an interview when you have some better lighting yes I will I will definitely I’m sorry next week so few days so you know then we can do another one I’m so proud of you I’m gonna put the link to amazon.com below TV show how when an author offers a $0.99 book we get nothing out of it we’re so excited to bring you the $0.99 book and this is one of those that’s oh my god she’s hitting the nail on the head I just hope she’ll do the next book in the United States this isn’t us chastise the bankers thing this is the bankers press frustrating as the creditor I know yeah and you will see in my book as well sorry to interrupt you you’ll see in my book as well that I have really stressed that the banks are not the enemies you know they’re not the boogeyman I mean thanks for giving you the credit so it’s your responsibility to make sure that you pay it back yeah and so that is that is relation that needs to be learned here I learned here is that don’t look at the bank and playing the bank you know the bank needs to get its money back so they not may not the bad people in the end of the day you know we have a say we have a saying in Arabic a group shot Ahmed Diedrich that means as long as your little sheep is under you that’s how far you should spread your feet your legs you know if your seat doesn’t reach far enough don’t try to spread yourself far enough don’t buy our kind of cars or something income doesn’t support it you teach a lot of that but mainly this is how to begin the healing process I’m very proud of you you wanna have those parting words and make sure to urge them to buy the book from Amazon and leave a review go ahead yeah well I would like to urge them to buy the book I mean if you are in debt and you are scared and you don’t know what to do just take that step buy the book read the book or ask me to send you the book because believe me you can change your life you have to change it yourself nobody

else can do it for you hey w learn as right as embrace you know we I am there for you and I’m I I have an open-door policy so that’s it thank you I’m ed thank you for having me thank you and Happy New Year may 2012 be very a blessed year for all of us and this is a step in the right direction towards peace god bless you