How to Inspire, Transform & Drive Purposeful Collaboration #spshnl

okay oh thank you Jeff thank you Aloha how’s it I was here ten years ago I remember my vocabulary’s cousin Barry L are very pleased to be back in the island and much more excited this morning because when talking about the power of social you see I work a lot in the government space as jeff has mentioned i work at the public sector but being in dcl every time i talked with decision-makers this is people about social they go I don’t want no show me there are no pictures of captain our intranet that’s not it this keynote session I’m going to show you inspire you motivate you on how you can transform your organization with a power of enterprise social together conversation started friends you know if we take a look at history right if we take a look at decent times guys remember this company blockbuster see Blockbuster to leave it or not in 1999 filed for an IPO they were at their prime around the same time a guy named Reed Hastings decided that he’s fed up with returning late fees for his DVDs going blockbusters so he decided mr Haynes things to start a company called Netflix right and as he was starting in nineteen ninety nine blockbuster was drawing like there’s no tomorrow in 2004 there were 9,000 stores and going unbelievable in fact in 2007 the CFO decided you know what which reallocate our investment on streaming movies that’s kind of our investment there and let’s open more stores for a high of 60,000 employees and this was not too long ago but 25 bankruptcy Netflix Hulu Amazon Prime there pick it up guys watch house of cards have seen good good more small cluster today 2013 officially dead normal we’ll just happen Vince yeah what happened happen you know we laugh we find it funny we paying thoughts that’s just technology my way that I look at 80 or l will get Netscape change this the new norm has been the north I mean we look back in time in the early 1900s anybody remember Bethlehem Steel Bethlehem Steel chattering about Bethlehem Steel was like a Facebook back in nineteen hundred they built the very go for spec homes view today darlin you see a lot of organizations and corporations were designed to support change a lot of our structure how we work today was built upon the Industrial Revolution friends and there’s a good reason for that back in the industrial revolution we have to come up with processes hierarchy structures efficiency so wicked deliver things better sooner faster with the technology they had at that time y’all with me forgive my heavy southern accent I come keeps out Manila corporations were designed to adapt to change we get fast forward 2014 technology has kept up I’m urgently we have it you know in 90 95 the fortune 500 companies that existed in only 50 of those are around today 20 years ago it’s sad scary happens what about you guys a lot of you I know come from maybe the public sector he’ll be Thanks legal further God are real change we love our favorite pair that’s cool because no matter what your excuses you want it or not it’s here this revolution is here to stay it’s up to you to keep up the good news is you can’t go too hot look at stabber breakfast name don’t we see the revolution is here with these for

telltale signs friends number one as you know we lived in a world of BYOD I mean when the icon first came out hooli the corporation in the enterprise in the organization the division has to have their iPad poop the executives right CEO own shakers things like had one make it work without getting in yeah top of you and then I pee now why we’re a Microsoft shop we don’t accept non-microsoft now you got android it’s not getting any better is if marketing want something hey I teamwork we’re on a working on a project you give us a website a SharePoint site and I teaspoon busy with us are getting do only go to box let me go to dropbox let me go to Google Apps they scam they gotta get their job done yet the structures we have doesn’t allow for it it’s here the second sign of this revolution friends is how fast things are happening today business landscape changing every blink of our I I mean who would have imagined a guy putting on a video on youtube on jun 2012 six months later was the most watched video on youtube and they got a 8 million bucks just off of that one youtube video alone on you he spells his name psy I spell my last name that’s why I’ve okay things are happening so fast facebook bought what what’s up yesterday for what I’m two billion frickin Dalton in the wrong job it contained us very high school where the age where we got to do more with less and we all know what that means the business requires four of us and we don’t get more people we don’t get more money and lastly in the most important part of this revolution how we communicate is drastically changing for example how many of you got at least 50 emails last week raise your hand please I’ll break it up keep it up you know okay if you have at least 50 emails last week copy of those hands are up got two handwritten letters last week you keep the hands up yes it’s changing I mean in our personal lives in the ass you do you even use email to interact with your friends and family know and that’s why use my email to get my monthly statements of a bank or to get confirmation and I amazon prime is in that’s a good going into hyperfuse amazon catch water furniture seriously the way we communicate is changing how we interact with friends about how did you know if your house the one on vacation don’t reply facebook yeah and it’s natural how did you find out that a royal baby was born did you have to look at the local news at six o’clock that the Royal baby’s up haja by now Twitter Facebook what Instagram Pinterest okay all these new video and it’s very normal in our personal lives what I did think about and the powerful part with this is I’m sure you all remember the tragic us November I’m sure somebody may know people or friends or family I know somebody who was lost because of this tragedy is typhoon that hit the Philippines what’s so powerful about technology today the moment that hit communications were down the team that was supposed to save the locals got like that what did they do they ran to social we need help we’re in this location one of the greatest stories is somebody posted a tweet but their location was captured on Twitter and shoulder location emergency team came and actually say somebody was injured if that didn’t happen the person with the thought the power of socialist not just about liking a new baby but we’re soothing lives for having revolutions in different parts of the world who’s from pay off did you know a calm coordinated a lot of logistical operation during the tragedy and sharepoint wasn’t eager for that right

Communications has changed for the better we do this normally in our personal lives yet how we work unfortunately has not changed you know the number one collaboration tool is in 2014 in the enterprise day gifts email a 1973 technology in the Asian we have ipad 6 iphone 4 on a galaxy 4g we have gps in our cargo doesn’t matter in hawaii knocking sighs lipton get we use email to work together what’s wrong with that dog that were yeah it works not edition social is so powerful not because of the pool but because of how we behave you serious human beings we have an intrinsic drive to engage and connect and technology already kept up with that and social so powerful we’d like to organize in tribes and communities to get things done I mean think about it Facebook worried that Facebook and connective your friend because that’s your community your family that’s the community it late day why do you have a group as it’s a community of injury same company why do you have a project thing that’s commuting the same intent we’re wired to do that an email doesn’t facilitate effectively these kinds of activities you see today we have an average of four devices we interact with to every single day think about you wake up this morning what happened Fitbit just buzz your hands so we go and you pick up your phone what’s my schedule for today then after you’ve got out of bed you’ve got your iPad reading the paper yes and as you’re having breakfast you sent the iPad aside fired up your old punky Bell windows XP easy and into work y’all with me you feel the love that’s the world we live in yet how come we still function ineffectively how come in spite of all these wonderful gadgets teams today are overwhelmed you know sixty one percent of the time we’ve spent is just coordination trying to figure out what to do things this is true Mackenzie did a research in organizations in a typical eight-hour day people spend sixty percent just coordinating looking for stuff not really working sixty percent of an eight-hour day that’s about what five hours four and a half hours a twin for psych report I don’t know ask jolene jolene prison record maybe it’s in the extra you know 14 boulders need how much is that costing our organization if you had an intern for hours maybe it’s forty dollars right but what if you have a high-powered result of sitting at your office and they’re coordinating they can’t find stuff they’re billing primitive up to an hour 1,200 bucks have you guys heard that story about Bill Gates buying Kona coffee here in Iowa wanna know it was a coffee shop all honorable can I use staffs write his paper is talking about 80 and he dropped his hundred-dollar bill saw if I can figure it out he just took another hundred if papers call him walked away the guy behind it shawna hundred on a bill drop picked it up right after mr. get a mr. gigs there so now she’s having didn’t pick up this hundred-dollar bill a clearly you saw it trot sorry but if I pick that up that’s five seconds of my time was just three thousand dollars I mean that out so that’s not true we got my people you’re not negate you see my boy we’re satisfied to go ahead you know and yeah this is how it is such as life it would be better you can do it now how do we do it right see today information is moving so fast it drives change it builds organization and kills organization I think how many Amazon reviews out there has caused certain products to skyrocket those rubber bags kids play with rainbow loom you have kids you know I’m tougher you know how like that Pete because of social because

of great reviews but then you have companies in close shot because bad reviews on Yelp how fast information moves drives change the question is externally their customers are doing this they’re providing feedback but what do you do marketing wants something to get their job done faster better sooner but I t want you to do wait your ticket is still hundred down I’ll get a few six months from now yeah that’s what remedy said so mr. well it says if the rate of change on the outside exceeds a change on the inside the end for you is here I’m not scaring you but this is so true you can never ever be complacent I won’t happen to us for the big and mighty do heroes material is going to be there but what what’s your mission how we use the tools you have today to take it to the next level one and that’s where enterprise social comes in now let me make sure we all understand what enterprise social eight so I want you to read this with me and I’ll show you an example alright i canta trees meet this definition one two three social is an important method for enhancing communication coordination and collaboration for it’s not about Mike’s it’s not about news feeds it’s not about Facebook it’s too dry better communication collaboration for business purposes I was working with us for a year or so ago they’re going to do sharepoint 2013 upgraded large organization the project manager walked up to me and said hey docs what do you think you know but we upgrade sharepoint 2013 we’re going to turn on all the social you know we’re going to do wit ye we’re going to put in the news feed and go over oh why just like you they were really silent makes me insecure as an immigrant to this country that my English is not good enough I ask another question for gay and mr. Gary the IT guy and the project managers what what do you mean that’s why you need new speed slides it’s not what Microsoft’s pushing isn’t that much popular to the business people citizen one awake you go on I wanted like a facebook okay for what this is purvis if you turn on a new speed how can that affect and key Sally in accounting processing expenses everyone to make her job better for to coordinate and collaborate um so how can use need help enfin Saudi and it help you if you cannot answer me that question don’t even do it go with me don’t get too caught up with a bright shiny object this is cool it’s nice as a new fig we gotta happen there’s value but for what business purpose all right look tonight I get a light feel you now I get it you know enterprise soul shots on the business purpose but what does that look like and you show me a picture I’ll show you this picture watch history has taught us that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts that working together we are able to accomplish more than we could ever accomplish on our own when great minds come together anything is possible so we are reinventing the way people work together we are making it easier than ever before to share our ideas discover connections ask questions find answers stay insane organize information and build the team it takes an idea amazing a reality cher Lloyd the new way to work

together sorry you know me that’s Enterprise soldier you know I just had this little pet pain of these videos I’m only started so guy welcome to beat we thought if you guys said that what’s the business purpose there are products company building some product and maybe this guy was part of that team was walking and that moment of inspiration you took a photo of a windmill to support for a new product hosted it on their social feed and that pigs are using Yammer the team that was far that he got alerted while this is cool but you know what Joe in our in our other division the other part of the world is working on this too Hey Joe check this out that’s cool it’s exactly what I needed so let’s build could this have happened in email yeah maybe but not like that what we’re talking about your friends is taking the power of social technologies as we’re familiar with in our personal lives applying it in our work lives when we talked about enterprise social we’re not just talking about yam or a sheriff when we’re talking about a platform to enhance collaboration communication coordination for our jobs enterprise social is very valuable because it allows us to do better engagement we’re not telling our resources hey the only way you can work is use that EPN windows XP machine he had his phone took a picture somebody was using up a surface computer you can use an ipad that’s how I work we can provide a more efficient way to collaborate I’m not saying he’ll email email is important it has its place but with enterprise social it drives and delivers more value you can be more agile remember i talked about how things are moving so fast because of that situation the company was able to put their carts out faster better sooner and we’re all connected it’s not just about using one piece of software right it’s about from the client the phone interacting with SharePoint to office to surface through the servers in the back end to non-microsoft systems that is powerful stuff in friends you can participate I love it when shift happens because what we’re doing here is we’re taking the model that was designed back in the industrial revolution where everybody’s silo operations does not our Indies doing but how many times I walked into organizations you know they buy all of our outpoint products in one group and then the other group walking exact same thing and then the other group well I should keep my mouth shut it’s good for business what’s going on okay we want to elevate it to this idea of having an enterprise that’s connected where it’s not psycho to facilitate what’s called purposeful collaboration you know the word collaboration has been overused hate those words cooperation not going to management knowledge management like a hula dancer but what’s the purpose we talked about purposeful collaboration we’re thinking about software tools to all people to create discover interact with the content colleagues communities to get their jobs done for specific purpose we’re working on a project we’re running a mission in Southeast Asia for this disaster recovery we’re building a new product we have a new marketing campaign what’s your purpose right it’s great ducks I like what I’m hearing I get it now but how do I do this how do I do this if you give me some ideas in order to step by step directions and I go back when I talk to my boss my colleagues how do we go about by doing all right so I’m going to share by statute the first step to drive purpose little collaboration is you got to make sure you secure stakeholder buy-in now I was in DC and there’s this one customer he calls me having those ducks how do you make people in the organization to you sharepoint and put their collaborative documents in sharepoint and knocking spas yours anymore because they still still keep using fellowships don’t experience that right I know easy kill it make it mean only I can knocks

why not its our DP it’s our HP was doing that is a lot of fundamental issue that about an organization the powers that be the check writers has no clue in their minds of SharePoint just another Microsoft Technology okay I tivo SharePoint site whatever in their minds it’s just some where you put files you know eighty percent of global SharePoint deployments is not even a big file double a very extensive file doesn’t that matter you laugh but it’s so true unless the decision-makers understand the value of your social investment it’s just another fancy toilet you know porting to butter by 2015 eighty percent of social initiative will not be mad because in that divot leadership in an over emphasis on technology and that’s a big issue today in the enterprise a lot of decision-makers no I’m not I’m not saying they’re wrong they just don’t know they went to the conference they watch magazine some Microsoft sales guy a few out of our social everybody sociable yeah we got social what people business matters social dozen we def business matters social does when you might engage with stakeholders and you want to make the case for social you got to make sure you prove to them that this has value to whatever your strategic initiatives are saving money make money providing better innovation to get any time you don’t read Robyn burgers you’re coming out of that burger joint so it’s big in the a-line some burgers and and your two ago because of slow economy and competition they’re trying to figure out ways to cut costs okay and traditionally how do they do it come on IRA consultant or they might run a survey but they said we need to know now and we need to tap in everybody working in the company especially the launch working in the restaurant stick because they would know better than to front honest y’all with me the hammer so what did they do the CFO posted a message on Yammer to everyone in the company because everyone in the company had red robin has has access to it on their phones or the talents of yours he said she said this hey guys we’re trying to figure out ways how to save money so listen to this I’m them throw of context suggest how we can save money and then I’m going to open up for Julie h&L will will bring it out to about 100 suggestions and will remain everybody both whoever has to vote vote as the best suggestion out of my pocket the thousand dollars cash this was a training exercise everybody was engaged money the message went out quickly oh we should not use fiber foam cups we should we should buy this kind of oil over so be narrowed it down 200 entries make everybody in the company vote and ahead of entering the pictures of the best suggestion thousand-dollar of that final a hundred of them final hundred cost-saving suggestions do you think they just implemented the top suggestion to implement in the top 50 in a span of three weeks collectively they crowd-sourced asking for ideas it came back on the fourth week they start saving money that’s how you demonstrate value to the powers that be I highly discourage you to go to your executives say and we can work up yammerin sure point of CR ASAP Run DMC that’s what we do is ID right because I don’t even want to hold stuff up like complex top web services XML API because we know excited to understand that a little thumbs and efforts to that and five years later three million cars later failed project or does the cliq winds start thinking about your world the idea of social is to empower people working at the organization so that folks that are decision makers can drive better decision sooner an email doesn’t allow for them everybody so far good sup useful I mean we’re here for SharePoint saturday i will show you another time okay so i’m going to show you a video this is actually the sharepoint team the guys who are building sharepoint up and

ready and one of the things they needed to do is to accelerate their release cycle because this is a new mandate we’re not going to release sharepoint every 38 years anymore they have a 90-day cycle that they’re working on so releases has to be faster but how could they do that communication has to be faster and one of the things big mouth they picture a one of the things they found is what’s holding them back a lot of times is making decisions and they found out that they only gave decisions when they have meetings hey like babies not you so gay big either way to use hammer and drive faster decision-making so they can get their release packages out sooner watch this not going to myself for 17 years right on sharepoint since nineteen ninety days since we started 14 and become a really long way the yam was just this fundamental upgrade to have people communicate it’s really a martini finally upgraded how we communicate with each other one of the highlights of using inyanim payday network is is the way in which Yammer has improved the spectra process for us the process used to be that we would send out on meeting requests discuss the future come on decisions in that and eating in that feature would progress all the way from development while only having a few eyes on the a burger tools really enabled us to bring a lot more people from around the company into our conversations people we didn t expect to be able to participate we didn’t even know to ask those jump ended conversations and that’s people that marketing eight people in sales people in consolidating I’m people in all the work part of engineering teams or her company communicating public brings us to better decisions faster since we’ve adopted young we can communicate more quickly because we don’t have to wait for synchronous meetings instead of didn’t work together all the scheduling conflicts we had faced before and get it he’s done usually to make that same day just by a tiny emigrated everybody can participate for me as a PM one of the specs that I personally own required me to come up to speed on our webinar that was designed years ago and what I was able to do with the end was to just simply search on the native the feature find all routes that were related the production and finding in that webinar and learn about its history and it where it’s been how I was me so that it in my refine and I was able to leverage all that information and not have synchronous meetings with the stakeholders to have them getting into speed I was able to do that all on and it led to me getting a speck out a lot faster when I was would have been able to do without our suits both good for the team and items can really good at managing kutcher the individuals on the team because any we get a lot more context so we does it have any dimension we need to do a jobs most effectively we can also share way more easily so it’s a lot easier to sort of get accredited if for the things that you’re doing you know like to get responses of people praise each other a lot more often in Yammer it’s really been an amazing tool i think for individual at higher engagement communications are better in the open so by moving the Yammer appellate us get to better designs faster and better communication with our field and their communication with marketing and ultimately better product for customers so yeah how do you draw it purposeful commemoration how do you convince the organization that this is something useful yet the stakeholders life look at a specific pinpoint it doesn t complex how you expect reduce all your meetings on your own project test that out the second step once you engage the stakeholders they see value they see how we can be using the organization map it to a specific business need or business value one of the hardest things if you decide to roll this out to the entire organization is not using the technology but making people change sharepoint has been around for 12 years and people said still send email with attachments I told you to put a big change is harder that’s why you have to make the change the reason to change worthwhile if all you’re saying is that idea we’ve got amber both have fun okay but you tell the project manager you can get responses back if you in half time then what you traditionally we’ll all right I’ll try that is it too hard to learn not really map it the specific business

value through facility purposeful collaboration if you look at your business environment what are the common pain points I mean I did tell you a lot of common things working on projects together the number one project management tools so email on itself what if you didn’t cook them right improve meetings improve how people communicate because the way we communicate is still very transactional so very cereal what if you did communicate kind of like how we do in facebook identified quick win and what I mean by that when you go back to organization where people doing that they’re so frustrated with and I also advise you to go after low-hanging fruits and what that means is I don’t encourage you to tell people a from today onwards you’re going to go to the browser start using sharepoint 2013 nothing more nothing less not going to work you gotta start with with something that’s familiar to people such as phones apps such as email such as Word or Excel in the beauty with a Microsoft social platform it talks to all that you know about three months ago I had a awakening in DC I used to think because everybody ec would tell me docs this whole social is for the young generation we seasoned veterans it’s a generational thing we’re not going to use them I thought that was true but that’s a boat load of crap excuse because three months ago here’s what happened cause in this department of trade facility I was working with a customer there and she’s one year to retirement very nice lady but she’s one of those who doesnt kappa nice to just excel email that’s it but afterward we clocked out so we walked out the office building the first thing she did she put up her article checked her feed and Facebook make sure she had the updated candy crush walking and playing candy crush what’s up with that I didn’t see her use email on her phone in fact her phone was better than my behind thought she would have liked that zack morris phone break motorola phone generational excuse is a boat load of crap they only say that because they don’t see value got with me demonstrate that so here’s another example for those that don’t even don’t know i wrote the book shirt on for a project national or read a book Jeff you hide me up here and oh here it might look all right tell you what so no more excuses everybody will get a copy seriously we’ll e-mail you a code that if you go to Amazon or something you can get a free book ok that’s just 86 list for my son’s college want to make sure everybody gets so anyway so I’m talking about Bobby Nancy because I think that’s where the areas of collaboration that needs help today and we rely on email two months but what if we take enterprise social and maximize that to work on projects what would that will mean like colleague Alex he and I are working on putting together a presentation for our faults thanks to sharepoint 2013 were able to easily centralize and manage all related artifacts and communications for this project on a typical day Alex wood song I’m working from home using his matter would check his email from a browser and start work from there looks like allergies who are getting to task for the project and he has some questions for me about the project just by using the browser easy able to send a message to be using technologies like lady one of the key benefits of sharepoint 2013 is integration with existing tools that we are used like Microsoft Office smartphones in even web-based technologies so he’s been finding out of the bottom still gonna be obvious yet I could easily respond to Alex on my phone and update my task the beauty with sharepoint 2013 is that I can continue working with Alex once I get to the office he just assigning a task on the project site and look at what happens if automatically shows up on my cast list in Microsoft Ali isn’t that cool or what

additionally within a load I could email the entire team directly using this neat feature called mailbox the site mailbox is available not only in download but it seems like mailbox that a team can see and interact with directly on the project site the site mailbox also provides visibility to all the documents I improvement project site so what do you think are you excited I am this is the new way to work together with sharepoint 2013 a lot of what I showed you here it’s not even 2013 specific person around to eighty-five percent by showing you here you can do it in point there see let me show you another example I mean let me bring up that project site yes I’m using a Mac get over it I love my mac is that’s how I work I liked my map I like my windows phone I like SharePoint I like Yammer what if you could provide that how people work so this is a project side you know we’re working on project to on to build this presentation the idea is when the project when i heard i’ll be speaking here so huge it get people to help me so I created this project site I invite other people so that everything about the project that different asked the different documents we needed for the project uh calendars and you know meetings all that is all in this one stop shop other than my email y’all with me and the beauty of this is since its invitation only it’s much more secure than email so the day came you know I’m here I’m speaking and the rest of my team who helped me obviously they’re back at the office in DC and one of the things I’ve embedded here is as a part of this project site I have a project feed using Yammer right so I on you know I’m just so happy i want to share with my teen what’s going on back there so what I want to do is on my phone I want to make sure my team I’m doing this not just having fun how about it I’m going to take a picture right so I’m gonna bring up my phone just just just hit anywhere anywhere right if you guys fought with a talking patient yeah all right it’s give a big round applause thank you sir no Yammer app come I’ll just funky I photography and rode without them took a picture stop using the internet so you can see it early it’s cancelled ah but the point being is you needed meet them and as soon as this is posted since my project keen as part of this an alert will go up a duck’s just posted a picture kick that elderly think about your world we have customer they were on okay let me say they were building they were building on gas stations so we help them use sharepoint in social one of their pain points is as they build these gas stations they gotta take pictures and videos in case nurse bad construction so it will be up to the code whatever so tradition what they would do is they take a picture email it or take a video email it and that’s not as efficient right so in this solution they took a picture right so we went in they took the picture as soon as they see a practica pictures surface it in their social engineering saw it and say okay use this part instead India peop y’all with me let’s see so all rights hit refresh and ha not only did my project team sees this but anybody subscribing to this Ruby my company in the other part of the world Wow a shirt my tag it and tie into some pinterest post right the power of social when we talk about enterprise social it should not be a destination that’s what sharepoint is today you want to did it or not yeah also we have shared waters our internet because the render the UI looks really pretty that’s a freakin brochure people go there just to look at their holidays do they do

people really work in sharepoint no you gotta give the enterprise social to stake your investment in all of these different tools and make sure it works together for everybody and in order to do that you got to step back and say board game how can this help my business not just because I need an Internet i’m going to show you another example we have friends here from the banking industry and I promised them that I’ll show them a banking example so watch this video of a bank on how they took advantage of social to deliver better customer service watch maximize driving a fetish we aim to create fans not customers we have a culture that’s all about surprising delight we are prolly pop we can add edit cousin sport we welcome dogs with the store mechanic coins free or important we understand that we need to be there when our customers want us so finally open seven days a week fire open a delay as always some of the books talk to we don’t have machines i dinna telephones the customer understands that we’re there for their was important was their journey for a colony seamless but there it was really important that the technology out on the hands of the work matches up to the type of technology they’re using at home originally we chose seller forces are because we wanted something that was more facebook when we saw the windows 8 interface and what’s coming with dynamic sierra we decided that we wanted to go to monitor through CRM is our customer platform it was all about integration dynamics cash to stack but behind the scenes we make sure that the AMA drives the conversations within your business you share going to drive our knowledge management systems we use link to service the presence of a police office 365 is the backbone for our office infrastructure involving our customers in the process as well we’ve started using that breeze from a social point of view to make sure that we respond to and engage with our customers and how they’re feeling we’re anymore cast and we’re driving the effect we’re looking for which is people recommending us to other people where are around to the point where the Microsoft Technology and the monitor stack become central to our amazing culture we talk about revolutionized banking you talking about creating internal customers for us the investment in dynamics was all about bringing that promise to life that’s what I love create friends not customers surprise and delight I know a lot of you are an IT and you might think ducks you know you’re being too much of a Tony Robbins today that’s the world we live in the demands are changing shift happens if you certain about mapping into a business value think about your world right think about what some of the things that we need today will the top similar to be problems is expected it doesn’t know what’s going on with our project maybe you can provide better project transparency later you voted a section one of the speakers he’s going to talk about a case study needed for the state why not providing project transparency with the Microsoft stack maybe better collaboration may be increased communications let me tell going back to that example of income that they did in the disaster relief share what I was an integral to the facility there in aviation cottage what’s the business value think about them the next step to drive purposeful collaboration is you want to try it out first so the wrong thing to do is you get so excited you go back we’re going to do this for everybody no test it up initiate a pilot find the use case you not again I use project cuz that’s an easy use days and I’m sure you find people in your organization I’ll be excited about this you know I know you in your starter project there’s like ten people are many people instead of using email and Excel all these comfy tool since we got this other investments let’s try to leave it this way if I play by the book culture or provide you got to start thinking that enterprise social is your get your work done platform not about liking not about newsfeed get my work done right to do that to initiate a pilot you got to think about what the game plan is what is the process that you want the team to partaking so here’s an example of a process on how projects using these technologies for example for those not familiar this is what’s called a swift lame diagram we diagram down the process on how we’re going to manage project so the first part of the picture here is the symlink or project sponsored so okay so in this pilot when the sponsor approves a project and the project manager gets assigned the first thing that the

project manager will do is create a schedule in Microsoft Project y’all with me once the schedule is create let’s go any creative project site in sharepoint and then we start assigned resources buh-buh-buh-buh-buh so map it out use visio y’all with me this is very very important because the number one rule is you gotta get everybody on the same page and that’s the biggest problem today and everybody uses the word SharePoint loosely if you have seven people with sharepoint you get 10,000 answers right in fact every me and the answer to any question to SharePoint housing through Gloria sharepoint where is that your point what’s your mom’s danger point what we’re talking about here is being purposeful we’re going to better I’ll be managed projects that’s one getting people on the same page this is the process number two what we’ve just done here French which is a big issue in the SharePoint world we’ve defined roles and responsibilities that govern these groups of people the g-word because today the way we look at governance is this big thick piece of paper that I he came up with it if the users can care less about well you just unfriend is we’ve now saying if you’re a project manager you are responsible to do this to do that than to do derivative we’re good number three why this is very important is we just define training because you as a project manager you’re going to do this these are the things that you have to learn purposeful in context and that might just get to our training versus sending somebody to 40 boot camp careless you have to get people on the same page you deliver a contextual training once you identify what the rules are what they should be doing make sure training is relevant don’t start training people here’s Yammer here’s how you create a group or here SharePoint here’s how you create decide if there’s no context instead okay guys when we start working on a project the first step is a project site that has to be created and in order to do that you go to our interview with me when you want to put in your change request we have to put this change request list with this kind of workflow so it will go over to the change control board I’ve never going to hear back from but that’s cool they can find they get engaging training doesn’t have to be the typical IT here’s a lizard library instead people excite people you know one of the things i do a lot in when i deliver training i employ this technique called active learning and one of the tools i put together is this tool called sharepoint jeopardy you guys want to see this i’m going to show you show up when tripping the idea with this is when i put together these training programs i tell people all right nice so you gotta listen to this training because in the end we’re going to play this game will cheer for Jeffrey there’s prizes ok you won’t play this is try ok let’s try to alright so let’s start with the first category here sharepoint doesn’t suck for 100 if you know the answer rates your head i’m going to call you sharepoint doesn’t solve for 100 this feature allows up to four people and in a document at same time increment correct incorrect this is a 22 feature no tough love here no this feature in sharepoint and the office suite of product is called document co-authoring variant good thing try one more upgrades for one man we’re only at 100 will take forever in this is a type of SharePoint update where configuration data from before the form and all the content is the farm is operating on the existing hardly call this type of great place who said there what is what is it my supper late let’s begin you learned stuff right jump on what feature again I was born

you about it in a dog same time you gotta do something your user group here and on something and by the way i’m going to show you one more thing you guys want this it’s just outlook or not I look PowerPoint i’ll send you all this stuff by the way everything’s recorded my session all the templates I’ll send it to everyone alright I’ll make sure I put a 50 big attachment the email for step two drive purposeful collaboration so you do pilot you get people to do things differently for better and now you see the value to learn stuff like people don’t know what cooperating so make sure it’s a training program right now you think about how you do it corporate why there’s not going to go back until the big boss or speed it up I love with this project team look at how a communication was better people didn’t drop the ball and able to track stuff how to sit for everyone right so you implement organization wide and what does that mean IT cannot do it alone you gotta work with corporate communications and human resources or similar entities to drive the message because as you know you get an email from IIT goes to jump you don’t even read it is your thinking on or just rebooting the server or some operator he tells me check but if corporate communication sent it out hate me that you think alarm again you can’t pay much better so think about how you push using the platform how you message a platform and then as you implement company wire the goal is to facilitate sustainable adoption what does that mean a lot of a special eid we think that we roll these out once it’s out we’re done and we’re going to wait three more years to upgrade no the biggest part of this game is how do you sustain and grow maturity that sharepoint is not just a big file down for 12 years how do you elevate that maturity the goal of sustainable adoption is to dry the excitement wow this is cool stuff hopefully so we are excited with our conversation this morning but not just being excited for excitement stake it should facilitate change meaning they can should be able to do their job back there better sooner and then you should provide a mechanism that they are empowered and help them to grow and learn to empower them you got to establish scalable support because once this goes out the traditional I’m gonna fill it to get replies if I eat hell will cut it’s too slow so you gotta put a structure in place where people can help themselves there’s a lot of great tools out there for example Microsoft put our resources called this discover SharePoint com go there you got 15 tricks use cases you can download put in your environment discover sheriff I got from Yammer and a lot of resources put it there so people in bo2 and learn himself the second way of learning is community-based learning the power of an enterprise social platform is not only do they have to wait for IT to help them people can help each other hey I’m trying to do this anybody you have this issue before oh yeah yeah I look at that last week gear subjective and then my PA should be taking care of the heavy lifting all right put that structure in place and I’ll provide some resources for you on how you think about them the last step to drive purposeful collaboration is you constantly facilitate engagement in facilitating engagement entails gathering feedback across the board formerly importantly that this work did it not work how good is it now ideally like formal responses well written responses in most cases that doesn’t really happen that’s why you got to measure how successful you are when you measure there’s really two ways to look at quantitatively metrics it’s important and we’re seeing here is a hammer analytics showing how many lights showing how much engagement all that if it’s working or not that’s good but quantitative analytics or measurement alone is not enough why because just by looking at numbers may look great while we have a sudden spike in camera conversation last week great reason why that happened is because he hauls for so think people like it Allah has nothing to do our business y’all be me you got to match it with qualitative measurement and this is where your business opportunity comes back remember step two we said not the business value do these

numbers tell or or or as is a evidence of we’re getting better at collaboration employee engagement right what was a chi you know global spread of business was demonstrated in the last three months fifteen percent improvement of successful projects on time yeah with me qualitative and quantitative measures to lead the enterprise social revolution you gotta draw a purposeful collaboration five steps to news secure stakeholder buying you amount to a specific or list of specific business value initiator pilot take the learnings from that pilot roll it on company-wide and make sure you sustain this by facilitating regular engagement what do you guys think useful let me ask you a very important question who’s ready to do this who’s ready to leave this social revolution raise your hand oh great not gonna back who’s ready to do this rig is your name please all right keep your hands up do you want to know the steps all right i’m going to show you the steps i want everybody stand up i’m going to show you the stamp duty this revolution state whooping come them stop them stop one dr. done gotcha goddamn mommy I’m Oh open condom star robot happens