The Rap Monument (Full Length)

yeah King push they think that they know something about my life not in the same class not on the same flight maybe the same club just not the same lights boom the same vision just not the same night you just took a phone number I just took a home with a nother big man i J boomerang strong J lipstick on my collar oscar de la renta you Eagle bikini oh my nachos Bell Grande stay sitting at Andre spend three stacks that’s Andre that balm on that Phillip Lim they say I’m dressing like Gagne I’m everything to my rhymes say breadwinner brand owner play clothes millionaire trade setup land owner hope your don’t land on them drinking his hand with the sand on them you small-time you han did y’all couch anything he stand on them don’t money with the band on it have gone we got a hand on it be steel ball the same just got a little bit of glam Tony yeah I got planes figured out no rancor I let y’all when I Murder Inc murder pick murder what you’re going what you think this kids prodigies the product of it you ain’t worldpackers distribute to the masses when I did since first grade classes weight classes elements ever classic I got every good supper master you can never throw sorry buddy Bob Harris a bachelor who back then no reg beat break next two rows over who hate me and here you can’t take my heat playing ball slow came back my leave here come the best Robin – miss left on stick around like gonna step going step throwing and stepped up soared up trying to make bread with you damn cold cuts I can’t crush every beat that I’ll touch if I were stuck in my throat is your blush tell her mojo says what’s up o dreamers are loogie Oh wish upon a star what’s up I’m to cocoa pillow so I’m moving back to monsters this that spaceship that’s faith ish spacious that category 5 dis that quake food that quake be real see I’m some fun stuff like out of here like do lights in the basement in a serene state in Georgia winning last verse did you get it no never mind just throw that cash in the duck bowl as I’m on my hybrid shuffle fee million dollar troubles it’s empowering taste oh that’s a lie so you can see the bigger picture that God is a light in the picture or in the background could I lie hanging in the background cuz if music and money is the motive in this organic who the tell me I can’t have a trillion-dollar grilled cheese sandwich what stop playing stop pain I’m just saying you saying go go go go go go now who else’ll Hollyweird go Oh drink up and pull your lady this he won’t pass it don’t hold it I’ll take that put in got me get a backhoe just riding a bucking I can lose wrestling Oh sir Helen leavis lumber joke but a roll-down spy way to keep her top then I do my own stunts young in a rally a triumph cook on me back with yo on me Brian and pull the one styling that’s all and I’m right in and if you catch me at a low what’s the problem let’s the champion suit them dragon go your goggles more dragon Devon that was Danny clapping seen the donut video adapt it to the cabin daddy gonna smash it again training could get any of these plugins I can’t afford any lies and I’m just so sorry dad middle finger to the heads bestowed I take out the back and I make him a why no change since like hanging I’m telling away ain’t out of his head put up on the gas and erasing his stare up a girl give me face to the crib somebody looking on his way to the chips high up the money and I wasted his high up the life and she can’t get a grip honey dollar cup and you can’t get a sip I’m a man I love you and you should take you a flick and there’s another caller I sit and my brother’s fish Chris Shawn the six got it parked at the shell friend of honor – Chris you either Bal that you play she don’t know money so she called in you rich you ain’t got games are you fall for this shut it all in the pitch till it’s gone and she split then you feel like a we’ll talk about which was building a dish that you own opinion feeling fish solid man – the real issue to this you know indeed Allah hundred dollar bill is go crowd on the river rich fresh like my nephew Khalil and his party count Ogas element is a gun case from still with ish back network well when I whipped out a write-up on my lap that’s a real look at risk in the field on my tip post like feeling I stopped an assist ain’t no stopping is supporter potholes put stocks on the six got married fleur-de-lys hit hot sex so to play those guys away about the rag eleven the club because we put a sex over pain come on blowing bow fittings flow oils

kitchen prayer he dosed own guy got me aluminum you follow slept on now I’m everywhere like go crazy I want fifty let me tell you now I won’t Niki live look like Ellicott the boys got a letter play follow up on somebody fell apply logic fresh to send my jealous diamond a hundred days I just you can tell it and everything I just because sellers money over wood is friction brothers not blanket me why the kinder secondaire there – Tyler stay sitting Agathe – waggle of a madman this man’s girls are getting oh man we’re gonna sleep like the Sandman give me the time a chairman run it’s time for just winning no paid just got mothball father night-night talking about no J’s I may be a prank but I ain’t the shooter chachi Palooza run chatty in a sharing stairs older the closer their guru before even do before a cold place a bit better I’m cooler place if your power I’m Cola please so cool like a die for drop a few degrees Oh boss daily use the portal please get a good girl you you need I let him Brady act in my lap all right a few degrees back on my campus demonic our demolish an angelic with my to wish it student of Gamemakers late the wishing no nice note few but I’m gonna roll that one near that kid Rick a control I got and banette at my ain’t bad mood around squares like we finish L five days and a week yeah they’re smoking Iraqi face x over three and I was on this that minor like got me no difficult when I own dick run really cut your ice cream coming it homie your way yeah you know what drop that top when I hit that buck so hard with a full-time job what’s that stacks mi go got you’ll see you tell me what it’s going back down back in the trouble of zooms on Frankie’s comes with anything okay then my everybody say love get actors we Brett baby Brett let me if we jump up we died a hat hat again we got it dick we gonna take we jump take this we jump we drop make double rides on down Ricky TechShop your shares my road trip sacré Nicholas cast again Delta you’re lifting that song radio mobile rack no sofa shake I wish you tell me come overhead so overweight so fresh out the wave pool Monica’s LayCool we wrote the blueprint for the destructor try to do if I’m not outside then I’m probably inside your booth my team’s official you English that’s why she chopped my crew part of me I move me decisions are to me the real New Yorkers part of me I’m always shopping keeping flower retinas archery don’t get it twisted Regulus takaka talk to see let that life as fast I take a chance when I insert the key and then I turn it up that’s really how you work the V yes – they never dry if you get in your work from me we do this but how perfectly one love to rise the mercury eat organ Street will not be rapping on the beach I’ve been looking can’t bother you while standing at the podium my flow is over you’ll recall bottles and open on the Rena fish yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah back in Amity again boy Amityville Horror dish mini-world up man that man stopped by China seeing beginning all abuzz beech-trees came hunting keys and streets looking Nance me up in Greece sneaker game is lethal and wide and eagles fly through get high – flies hell might as well are you the LA bouff come through whenever i cool birds chirping got that Birkin who your wife supplied you liable to being by Ruth know Babe Ruth this pay bill slick looms again get gun pounded keep mundo Hussein to play whom not me me and Bronson not me – really – gonna make East Coast I saw he clothes crying he’ll one he a little clown a singing bird up say soldier had taken half put your ass on the ground loan to get we bound to hit trouncing it ended up that brown get his own money to get his stem eat up Hennessy Louie feed me me huh here’s one and she’s done battle at me three two one kingdom come on again like here honey cater my must yeah up a hundred days just wait you know I’m here to break just break it up break you down didn’t take the cut we shave around like a taper cut away the pounded me and I ought to paint the town most hated war huh mo shader what paradise to shake come on huh talk hunting since eight and up you lost the onions no make it up now no husband job Baker’s all his gym time and I’m chafing up my pants Poliquin blade get up you don’t waste the life we need a hand get up please wake up man

down when that chrome bulan on his belly they don’t move huh work them over we don’t blue copilot we don’t move he gotta be home soon Oh see you gonna be home soon ah what’s good yeah talking money was good yeah hey this morning was good yeah I pulled enough that was good you know I got it was good my peoples body was good now to stop we never said we gotta push the pedal now knows what’s good yeah talking money was good haters for that was good yeah I pulled enough that was no I guy was good my people body was close never stop we never said you gotta push the pedals I sit in the back of the room legs crossed melting wax another free drink so soon all good like a back red lights pot attack just a dream your own insight waking up sit evening now it seems I with this rotten life still rotten life frozen here with burning head coming out to dance with other Jones you couldn’t care when the night calls redcurrant lipstick with the lights eyes look at all the bottles lines up wonder if you like a pop for golden amber to the blackboard burning Mexico the cowboy but any action retweet now you’re the attraction sit around and watch them watch your faces and reactions and blow the lies until the Sun is back in your horizon Bree Bree Bree Bree Bree playing it open marrow cover a niche like male rat game Peter Parker web swinging through the air mines in the cloud and I ain’t got a pair see I ain’t got a care killing now and reap the benefit so gets to get out and I never sold anybody to breathe rakesh your product never gonna pile up if you can’t follow this game again my team smoking that group if you never see me that you must be a land reckon I can you three shots hold the heat down so deep throw a stick until the beach towel but meanwhile at Felicia she thought it was a freestyle everybody when it floats like a G now what about me never had a catch it but our me zombie game or your new ticket patient is or sebacean ish it’s the one in that you sound the same so forever am i living staying out of prison mommy to me differently don’t hurry fast and I to prison my mommy told me different buddies drill don’t hurt like some so imma lay eggs on the air and leg who is this that’d be nice zombie looking casualty beatnik Beatle is actually fragments glory rack up a whole another can of soda and flesh if we supply can train rover no I do diploma a mystery soldier schooler the heart every class ollie over and Wesson 500 long nose ma go talk to the man who squealed and I feel like an O like my woman like not even trying and Dec then we see gonna dive in Mic Check check me in darlin Wesley to every shoe got me dancing like mr. Bentley – walking up to infinite yeah we’re in again let’s get straight on the gate I’m gonna tell you what it is I’m gonna tell you what it hey yeah do you ain’t got a question of it yet second guess anything that I might say you see not a single syllable is that afraid I’ll rock a venue people better know my name what I’m trying to tell you was I ain’t gotta tell you hold on I’m a show so you know they can see the do but they don’t appear number two is what I won’t be I’m Silas and lambs and sheep don’t sleep cuz my character races are that of a cannibal garnish you later boosts my trim is impeccable just like a razor blade and you look at second for been on my mind days there’s only moving on the ground years southern Eagle come on man won’t fly here I grew up in the city where they think if they can kill dreams when they kill King chicken say shout you say a lot I stay strapped you me got my green I need bread I’m like post-arrest when I need bread I’m like the rest I’ll be him all night trying to chase a check by let’s make the fast I need to make it back in me mph is they could never stop in yellow check these later this game let’s put it in my pocket yeah we’ll never know about out a nice that we pray other meetings we took not a records we played I tried to tell them I miss but they told us no way with no cuts they like a barber they about the

catch face my number-one rule is that I gotta get paid I’ve been thinking this way since I was in the sixth grade English ain’t talked the boy can add I’m in the school of hard knocks summer go grab yeah and these Pumas on my right is hot so I’m above it lame-ass digging don’t walk with a bathing ape trucker I’m a fly my team looking at me like ed time it’s upper cuz they know I’m gonna fit him Rocky been a boss man worry about the prices I can clearly pay the cost I’m gonna shop this guy around and I’m gonna always cut my loss and come back for further where I’m gonna make it then I smell wet again for to stay right for the peace cirrhotic on a Buddhist you hear me high you’re born again duelist you can do that I can do this and yeah I’m gonna slam this place – what about space call me Jason when the girls face my hearing with detective the Fowler’s favorite you being sad Hannibal when your hand really cold were delighted a all really get along as I get patient Luke had a laptop and only place you know I’ll just be right now really gotta go spit heat right now be already this problem here color suits England clam collar knock another par like arranged Rallo then I was shopping at Family Dollar get your main Facebook you looking for a swallow pop this building about my color party shifting I toss couple dollars histogram have you really wanna know never trolling if you really trying to go yeah okay oh you don’t know man I’m what the music game need like rich when he just came home and then get the keys to a chair III series you don’t know that yes don’t Chuck stepping 30 my time I’m on psychiatric watch all your little bear show improve food what I got double XL muna I kept trying to get caught oh you don’t know Bears never get put the boy catch up you junkie rack up a can a cup truck with the Metro bulletproof double booked on murder leg 27 my hairdresser no my cellphone backed up my client tell me once no voicemail just call me up huh hit me up when you want that hit me up when you want mood hit me all you want that hit me up when you want as I said back and roll up this black Delina reminiscing on my past still dreaming about that Bhima I never was that kid in the streets ribbon donated instead I was that enough for fear club but get hello ladies with the baddest features Dogg I’m doing this on to the next like I do my snake that was the life I was living careless about they feelings Kochi in excellent forgiveness of course I got my way but now I’m older and wiser cruising through summer days with little more riding a passenger she rollin up that lavender purple cannabis rapture head high like a jersey in the rafters Fred you winger Frasier some smart players until we made you traveling the world collecting paper pissin north these haters come back home and invest in something then ball out later in five-star restaurants high as hell when I sit my waiter providing for my seat when I bring one in this world but until that day gets a I’m thinking wow these joints to a hammer muscle flourish the definite call my her snipers us them to Phobos I will build a picture for my own mobile as a comb-over got a co young chick down there mo filled my stack so phat can t hold that phone at lay flat like a lack no wheel they flap like a lack no wheels for real never had the whole economy crack for real crack for real no ravish when I rat ravish my ravish for real so you wrap it and wrap it as retching hands looking better listen to you back for real cuz I don’t give up could you I dropped look for read on the hanger my city trying to see if it is Jen opening giving you a get hit for VP Mac at that Jose here only she’ll stand you up utter Lucci man banging that Shoji better hair yo ish better have quick hands like Gooch it man we didn’t try to get off brick off Kathie Lee Gifford better be strapped like 12 our ears start big black Ogden Ripper of the beat that feel so I suggest you go offense where you keeping all the money mister after worse you see your hers but at the Bessie Jess will built the whip you dip the CEO down delivers I’ll have mercy please forgive God no God yeah yeah young girl guy young girl got his handsome girl girl she’s on rest science she don’t wanna come back cuz you don’t make a hundred things I do go no honey

sister he better and I make us when she grab that water gun meth up that Greg rap man I’m Batman I’m Bruce Wayne I’m kicking in I’m Liu Kang I’m pleased because a too late hunt Orthodox a to tame on right hand but play left by chopper train down to there ain’t no more plane left and I still respect to them guys to get not talk the Church of her garage on Boulevard when we rise because we live cooking till I die pyramid on my eye button up on my chest right now turning on top no time while I’m chopping up this typhoon I’m del God may God moves young del guys take up fake if I’m losing I choose to this is shadow wrap that is fencing and then use to myself work when I choose to while I’m fine dining on YouTube bruh I’m a king I said that I’m a king go to onyx wear that onyx on the Bertolini on already Russian IG phone this relative uh I’m broken hats and these rappers beat swagger jacking clap I’m not the only man oh one two whistle on Ben’s batter not hit him pissed on something I keep perfect on health at meetings with the lab we’ll make shine sit down shocked cuz I like no nobody up quite near your Lobby had a month Sally Friday then you up I’ve been waitin on Marty I’m guiding banging shut up I can fight it sir all my fighting in the streets language I mean job no I’m get off nick says that’s habit maintainer tool for the next hour in back stairs pilings how the old best friend cousin uncle pops in another bury you in front of eight body if I’m doing wrong up was you lock up was you that I’m stuck with you are stuck with why show that I’m losing years in a couple much was yeah lyrically I’m epitome up a real okay biblically I am Timbo can visually onion Tripoli full of bigotry fighting with Gadhafi over liberty thought once I wrote my little didn’t look sippin Hennessy that’s my only vice old school noisy ain’t trying to be the richest I’m cool with am like Obie Trice prophesying the same song it must be karaoke night that it should sound like you’re saying the hokey-pokey twice but this the main event can tell me that I ain’t a prince the one here one to do your girl cuz I came to win but this that slide talk smokey you get high off the best thing to happen to the street since the sidewalk Road or the stop sign with a shots fired from a Glock nine of the black rhino freestyle I got mine call me miss the 1-800 all I got is hot lines these tell so many stores they can open the skyline yeah hooker he ain’t got me three weeks fix huh now I’ve been arrested so I was little like where I’ve been hood they’ve been hitting on me cutting my cable courts they gonna hate on her when she coming Michael cause meanwhile your bitching is slack gripping his would I want you see what they’re grabbing for my tunes I told her my sisters quiet he came running she knows she can help me Lotus she wanna buy um a chinchilla she co server borrow country boys from a village always I got a stand huh no she wanna buy deity but uh she’d be like uh don’t disrespect the ditches coupla may defend it fit condom in the cinema no she i 3v with Miley in the myth quit making thompson’s all over my cheek ain’t got no hair print on my toes that y’all hold my seat $10,000 tone ring timeout it may be tough skin me so could I be like timeout they wanna hook me till I tell him all the time out yeah she’s broke it I can’t coach it on like timeout but I know she would I be telling them tell them tell them telling them telling telling telling telling telling the muscles out of telling I’m telling I’m telling them telling them tell him tell him tell him now Bashar my posse beat me by the threes I callin Reggie Miller zero my weeding tank guard she call a Zilla I want you baby that you river me you know I wanna cheat I whispers you got a title of another kundan Sagar getting high in London he’s just walking around naked no Thomas little homie Randolph or lotsa numbers but I’m okay uh it’s just your mama bear Papa pain together she wanna feel that like I’ve been with got everything perfect about how I can get my thing together I turned her up and then we our earth blends together J Dilla Michael Montana one five others saying I got them

I’m Deaconess under McClendon I bury the house like Sanders girl I can live it running my kitchen I spend on my money on give us my Packers on your page yes just like a beeper they found max big prints in my way I rode the Red Sea through my biblical days no room snow boots in that version Mercedes / from the eighties you ain’t never surf with the Braves Ric Flair heavyweight champion got Trish Stratus with them panties go singing daddy’s home flushing any space jams on the water star do-rag suits on that Cape locked in an armbar so rumble young man Rumble young killer when he came on the job young dilly in the braid with the bundles just know gonna get Jeff to be stopped beat oxen for you Dan toes in the soil chop chop to the drop thought I never leave a life with a lawyer eyes wide with my head on the struggle to the side I could live in the middle of the street with a stand on the beach in the desert he goes make that in front of a press them into slaves you can lose them to the beef move oh shoot energy I’m aside them to six hands ain’t moving with cheap it’s bad enough movement Creek has got a story to only call my reps weighed more than music more bright but I’ll do it right now my stock is up for me from day one you know what it hit folks still I’m with me a day one honey his own plate I guess all just old if you ain’t meant to just a little change wrap his burn out that’s a dick cancer sticks mobb deep is that true liar prodigies that through fire come try me out show better than tell infamous Empire I’m on point like the state building I stayed shopping in razorblade st. you doing the most I hear the most slashes to the face pose like he’s so angry huh trust if you’re gonna thank me cuz when it poppin and slow-going gonna walk out of here safely up with me I got you rarely getting no costume this moderate art that I Spit it’s not no bow Titian could license own poet out poet up that’s how we ball out cuz when I bomb when he’s seeing his worst nuclear fallout you keep the small bill separate from the hunters please that bank vault can’t so but the numbers ring and nutella’s making statements breaking all the code this ain’t no no day we taking all the hot shop till I drop freshest rocks and more licking like excessive bustle of the ID reborn I was voted most likely to strap it survival auditor listenig entire adapt waste a lot of champagne without waste to drop a time bubbling with my gang relation tolling up the proper sign Sardar Saadi got the job look inside all my homie certify hogging today I’ll look like Jose Eber girl I thought that I would walk till I fall then I learn to fly spread my wings they say consensus contagious so I share my dream Yolo swinging from left to right another cholo but I know hose that is so ho loving my athlete I’m gonna smile for the photo looking like Lobo me you’re my blush I I’ll pass on the but like lunch pass me that blue Oh st. I got cash I gotta think twice unconventional fish pretentious hips is that this that review one fader don’t get no love from fish fun night your booby roller coaster beam up on the sofa heat up on the whole world yeah you know what 11:36 a betta zip code come on the Queen’s look that’s what I call home feed on the – mine on the ass place in the Sun just so I can get dog pinch the shoulders up in with my friends that had me kill today they’re his gears and I’m slipping still got no pot to piss everyone girls they can suck Anila let me have another song gotta feel it got my eyes on the Holly and I’m trying to pin my eyes on the gym for American got no jobs home hard to eat and you’re in that we hope can be fit I didn’t pie your pizza giving me a photo your fish I don’t want superintendent when you go fum happening in my phone you know lightweight grinning in the when you’re dead guy and your own net high so the whole room spinning in the phone and the cover young angels hide the halo forgive I’ve dusted in it Obama don’t wanna see it mug on the up swing and a black tux wet cup mix when you’re the reason and every single girl in the party when the dancing cup drinks when you’re the reason it should get ran in the mother and we reason to keep up with the planning the honking little show up at your function meghanadha anti-social no they innovate run up on your momma putting money in the hand and you do that dish again and again and again pull up in the gate go home with the team and you really can’t depend on the paint on your fries it’s girlfriend here’s where the Sun comes up working we up the wind man like you doing sector is in good again and again and again got a couple unfilled custom bro she’s see me this big big cuz on my face until

my mother get a first crap my hair’s awesome surf fit my Spanish mommy perfect let’s go around and get your father’s shirt lift drop a thousand or so sake here’s some earth-changing bring the Dodge Viper lefty like a Randy Johnson hand me the Thompson I split your clamps on the carpet they need some snails it’s from garlic paint the tail with a harlot cream Feliz in Carhartt freewheeling out the car lot put the snorkel on the Wrangler cuz I’m silly my chip a little piece of break into the filly my daughter’s neck is chilly my son’s neck is chilly my mother Rizzo cut look like you got bit by a grizzly and he shrugs got me spinning like some copper wetter the Rockets no beach with gold teeth and ain’t afraid to wholly control the Jeep that’s for the slow cree-cree Mayo soup smells like goat meat yup me mother hi assuming Flyers cumin in my unit and Wallace shorties swooning and they wanna get to spooning never I wish I was taller am i showing no if I wish I was a baller if I wanted then I get it he blueprint like who to go you kid him I’m right round I’m getting it this mine I’m spending if you lazy you fall on my 2 Chainz when I ball got Hussein’s on my feet and who seems on my wall who centralized a pretty girl said that’s fancy less famous you saying give a who your man’s me my shoes got girls they ain’t got laces if you got be fresher what with many faces the middle in many places where we leave in many cases run around man but we never catch them cases give a about what you say kickin it with like two babes tougher Hey hi this creme brulee oh there’s no way I could care about much you probably do the most thin it’s never enough King Midas like a may go with the touch change my location or awesome you should address me as such swear this gaem you have to know it like the back of your hand I’d be destined to be like Superman for as long as you can wondering what’s purpose without living the life so grand the worst and is having the world without a mask but you got a pardon like for taking over this earth then the night despite sleepless night and long flight and I don’t like discussions and luster concerns the price if you make it out of spite you still make it so it’s alright yeah I spit magic so cold and lavash bread brawls perform sexual acts and traffic’s so smooth the saxophone and jazz it’s a syringe it’s what you like and focus on what you’re having a cheat Morgan average are looking at tested this to me you step in contest and bring your best give it your all now women beg me to called and unless we overseas we don’t sharpen the mall consider this rueful profit of the Kerman urban myth my aim is so Swift with this I can’t miss top notch number one on everybody’s list I promise the killing mall – everybody’s miss young I never sell drugs I took my own right rise I cook them up and I owner you up when you got your chance net and your kick sucking yeah yeah I’ll prove my city up like I’m best present you’re the hot off the press presses through the lasted ten seconds jolly good buddy good I met a stripper named Hollywood and Hollywood glass slipper and she gave me the sloppy good so you should tip if you execute young Leisure Suit Larry with no extra load my ex left me that let’s do some chances on remember you if I slept with you oh you want carrots and turning rappers the vegetable city and God I’m asking what would the devil do Instagram it I’m forever old Ricky supervillain I’m killing kicking the door watch me spilling them in witness tried killing haters they catching them feel and see me grilling me drilling me like we children but really see I’m fulfilling my fantasies like I’m talking my friend roomies your what’s up Cindy yeoman you’re trying to get booked there in order to get that from when the bass drop down and get that drunk drunk yo so what’s up where in the world did you get that from where in the world did you get that from when the bass are down and you keep that drum yeah I’ve been known already get up no damn no I’m out get that sub sitting on a highway Ronco drug arrests for the castle my hair I come here I’ve been no no get it off no girl no this without zip stepped up feeding on the highway Bronco truck when you ask for the cask up in the gang markup yeah leave that one well I got a right here the motivation for the ethical trickle trickle but I got it right here if you need it big thing and I got it right here right here I got it right here like me moolah visible a scope I go well I got it right here if you needed anything I got it right here

that’s damn luck huh I said most easy chicken don’t hate me and mines didn’t get paid one chicken wing that we are gonna swing good we are gonna catch that case couple to the face got a young chicken Drake rapping on beats gotta yell again may what can I say my closet got big I don’t do delays I want it today noise you packing my rap can’t see in my cup ginger LF I chase but I really don’t do that much I really don’t have no time you ain’t trying to get no fun – nice – shall I die I’m running and smoking on drugs hey brother dog chunking up on it – smoke lips a bit where’s Vic Mitch I buy some hot Sun a carpool think I let it go situations down to get the list Phil still kept a roll around sound gear love with my Brice game started called a light show till I read some shun the light they’re shown us to hunker down like an ice pad what his big faces on faces Robbie buddies big faces on faces bright money damn man then my pockets got me going up it’s going face down Nippon forget blacks us yeah and God We Trust but the Bears is a must we got a clip that spend that get there Rio Rico repeat – take who’s not in a candy and when the sister be killing did a couple show here the car oh that price why don’t we skip me which one will soon hit that worker turning toward his brother white it’s in a tight come on but in locked up in prison hey free laundry interest every month for lucky now tell them leg up when they totally start me cuz I let enough they talking about the best being a better manner a better manner nahi apartment off rocky right Wallace just watching you big box full of profit get elections for my mama Hail Marys or fathers press the pedal to get father in and new thing Papa tax livings the dollar all about is sorrow can bother my loose chains got me Bruce Wayne tena three-page spread I was sleeping on the flow just a couple months later now I’m purchasing a flow east coast again King got Pharaoh beard the sensei go for bone marrow save my name is running coyote I’m on peyote but the Queen running on waves I will make water out of Hennessey target my own I was born a Public Enemy brain insurmountable a woman will make me climax but she won’t be enemy this is how the dream marching and all black a black plan Kings respect the illustrator don’t shoot there try feet Elohim no flexin I say my name when I name drop son in this patty on two knives I keep a lot I keep a lot I keep a lot huh get up Tripp put your head to your knees like a sit-up get to live for the truth through now you’re gonna do life you give up it send them on a ham to the dish spit it like Braille gonna finish it gonna check off haters till say Kelly kill them all and I’m on ball like a running our heart still up Carly go to sleep are we know his work Kash know these children perceive each came second but my bill on first Eastside moving still my turf pitch like medic ho still edit swing like a bat my true goal Eddie best believe that you just go hurt ya the French horn the fog machine is sandstorm angle to camp quarters toward the performer that’s keeping your amps warm when offense warm orbit the limousine for the guy that’s in between that indigo indi dream you ain’t Raveena that’s the spit sixteen hearts inside of my tip jar like a bleeding heart burning wood floor and if every lion is permanent I’m gonna be certain I let my engine roar I’m swinging swords and swinging chance singing pure and vain is straight the sound I’m off the water buffing a page in a I’m changing legs drifting around whatever it is this Gabby can’t let go real is an o-ring attend cup bananas and bring a ring they say I’m praying into that cross follow that 15-minute fan but I’m gonna get my and dog ears and the girls here so baby that’s open your brother’s ear and this lesson is eat out and make them be like this with Paul Revere I’m 7.0 with no fish for I’m tending knowing on this cart this Alexander spit with a pistol draw in front of his dis audience I got this better have my chick I need that first before I move before I still see I being burned it don’t take long and I learned quit it ain’t no trick I gave my time I gave my life so I won’t back without lots me I’m trying to be good I take your cheap and I ain’t in plan and my slick you know my seat trying to get real a time goddamn even gas on the giveaway be a feet on the bottom of a Chevrolet everybody and their mama sit up in a you derive the wage gap pride dumping the sea trying to get that my burrowed on the east side and Tim Reber I’m Ricky Brennan heat back I’m a chance I support it but it flipping through the honey honey after the cool club with it with it run into the money right I’m in shake I mean shake stacking cake Duggan pan go get paid then my dad tape shave I’m on ten I’m on fire I’m on print I’m gonna smash rolling on my dad break it down in

my cat I’m in no no Scott is here hold one spray that’s why another ie slipped in and NTID Janey me I’m a real hobby yet before a tre I feed a kid and family tape telling teach me goalie no probably make one who’s called top of the throat and put on awesome just to get up in a pram and now Scout making me change I’m putting dynamite though on the blade no Wesley Snipes young proxying baby sell their bodies to the night on trike like them yeah enough to stop watch patek Christ a handstand god how do I write this stuff from North get but like me much but I’m saying no well blazing out with the devil watching old Hell in a Cell matches your favorite actress blasting naked on my mattress Holly fresh break to say God ain’t the Ellison Brad Pitt and captain of the smoke time million dollar faction man then chick my son’s a son of sandwich for beef it gets slow always praying for police to this is your head of time big I asked it boobie golf the crocheting flew the head chef in out the roof crazy to just you’re telling me they dose you but if you know so much waxing miss smoking you think on it Madame Tussaud time mother smarter nope nah nah okay bring on the up from specula – my like to slug her on a daily basis if like I never chased it I’m the prey discovered stick from my face you you