Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (We Killed Madd Dogg?) OoO

but is up guys it’s more about dark spot and welcome to do this on the draft so if you remember our last time where we left off we finally defeated the lowrider challenge and as well as the we draw of doves Snoop Dogg know and we’re up we went to someone’s house shaggy dog I don’t know whatever it was something like that but anyway all right here we are so wrong some dude named crash or something I don’t know anyways yeah let’s good till you oh yeah yep man I’m in trouble with the law get my freedom may I don’t forget slave anymore homes I’m a free man free me begged ha you can’t tell me what to do freakin cops eating the donuts telling other people what they can and cannot do I mean this is a mirka this is a maraca don’t tell people what to do with a maraca just doesn’t happen okay uh Tampa knee has hidden some mallet heads in an alley in downtown Los Santos pick them open lighty then I liked it in let’s go get some mana tools oh so I guess we can’t get in trouble with the police no police Oh joint oh you Dingle dick [ __ ] nest baby picture of you [ __ ] you’re freaking dang it alright the Palouse ah you [ __ ] okay so where we going here still going this way haha he like dough right underneath my freaking car that is tight alright I’m here to get my mellitus I understand that you yeah don’t worry about it man you got small toss go to the gang house and torch it no problem all right yo sons I got mallet all’s don’t deal with me home fry oh go go go go the police are here go go go go Oh snakes why is my door opening did someone just go flying out I don’t know screw it anyways let’s go so I hope you guys enjoyed sotc that actually took me a long long long long time to upload because I through didn’t editor and then it would come out of the editor say this file is corrupted on my off and then just down all this stuff is just oh gosh they’re y’all’s how do you feel about that we are dead we are going to die yep okay so we are back so I’ve decided to do a different mission which involves um the homie wait who’s a hoe Meegan um AAG log Loch Awe guac yeah yep OGG lock so yeah he got promoted yeah yeah that’s my homes he’s cleaning the fryer dude this guy always be cleaning like I swear yeah there is he’s cleaning the plane in the thing what a Mad Dogs manager drivers he’s eating at the burger shop across town candle where that is goin Cilla’s car and meet the other drivers before 10pm all right so we gotta go fast of course him I don’t know what a mini vans gonna do for us but yo ho all right so it’s just down the road here probably get it before 10 holy fudge holy nipple ring oh my gosh all right haha you see the way you got out of the car oh my gosh that’s amazing okay yo stomp stomp I didn’t buy it no

more shuffling yeah shuffling all right here we go um officer the accident down the road I was not the cause of that some dude named Jerome so yeah yeah you might want to go looking for a guy named Jerome so just saying alright so we are bar so we gotta go still homies car it’s right here is it in the auto parts shop no no it’s out here right where’s it at what where’s this car oh it’s down there is he driving away and no looked like he was oh my gosh go move oh my gosh oh yeah so we do we do gotta go kill homefry all right I don’t know how we’re gonna do it because I don’t have any weapons get Nick here go go go go get in the care getting the care getting the keer go get in here nice car the cars damaged go and get it repaired okay where’s the repair shop again let’s take a look at the map the move okay so it’s just right down the road then okay it’s right a doubt are there is go and get it for a part okay yeah yeah yeah okay but uh colors car color one who that’s looking tight let’s go with that uh oh we don’t have a lot of time let’s just pick a color I kind of like this smooth white right here all right there we go nice you can tight all right go and meet up with the other drivers before 10pm do not damage your car okay that might be that might prove kind of difficult okay so where we going here where are we we are there if we go down the road then if you go down this road right here take her easy take her easy nice and slow don’t damage the car in any way okay okay we’re gonna look out for stupid drivers because there’s a lot of them in Los Santos okay careful careful oh well don’t be speeding funky speeding okay we’re almost there almost there almost there almost lar almost long I don’t tell me this is another race thing what ah I get one scratch on it now I have to go get a repair it again what the fook I santa maria I hit the I hit that other dudes car that is freaking [ __ ] so now we’re going to spend more my money kill stripper I don’t you alright so do want to buy the color the car I mean the same color I think we could maybe colors select select all right we’ll just buy the original color why not look up stupid [ __ ] drivers like these guys oh crap hey there’s another fellow car whoa calm down monkey bomb monkey bomb on your Ted’s bro get like the slightest scratch on this car we have to go repair it oh you dick bag go okay success all right so we got to get to that marker right there whoa you copy almost fudged me over to dick bag park the car faces same when you’re the other cars oh of course fudge 31 behind me they have a cop

what the crap dick what are you doing oh jeez thanks game for telling me that move civilians all my gosh heaven forbid see you guys momentarily alright Palmer so do you see that that shrubbery we’re gonna attempt to jump it ah yes alright bombers that was pretty cool and I jumped the shrubbery wasn’t it but anyways yeah I felt the mission so I had to go back and go all the way back to the burger shop and then yeah okay this might prove harder than I thought ah fook all right i’ll see you guys momentarily again k bangla so we’ll jumping in but in between missions so yeah yep so we’re jumping in between missions morpho good all the way okay so right now we’re trying to do the Molotov one proves to be more difficult than expected but I’d rather do it then try to keep the that stupid one car from blowing up I mean that just sucks dicks alright we’re going to stop a car please don’t tell me it’s a cop car okay now we’re good alright so we’ve got to go in between cars here in my opinion to take out all these enemies you can still one of their pistols because we ran out of a remember if you remember we lost all our weapons on that one mission because I’m like screw that I ain’t doing that mission again I think it was the lowrider won’t know it wasn’t because we won’t lose our weapons from that with me maybe I don’t know there’s someone else shooting me know what was it was circle to throw it oh crap crap I’m on fight ya out please don’t kill me okay thank goodness didn’t you break the plug-in window are you kidding me oh crap that cars gonna blow oh my gosh dang well I guess that uh opened the window right oh he’s behind a freaking fence of course we can’t even hit him oh my gosh we are like seconds from dying if someone else comes out we are screwed okay so now I think we can throw the mal talk oh my gosh good shot a few more like that should do it okay we’ll just kind of worries me because I think there’s probably be more enemies I sure hope not so there’s more enemies we are screwed oh my gosh all right yeah if there’s more enemies we are toasted which I’m sure hoping there will be okay alright Wow swollen bombers get ready to 14 lives hmm all right missed crap we did it what keep going look what we got to do now I’ll crap there’s more guys of

course ah whose bombers we finally got it I finally parked in the right place this time alright so what do we got to do then please tell me it’s easy please oh this is mad dog right yeah isn’t this mad dog and my dealer Oh your dealer I see oh crap hole position in the middle no please no oh crap no the two cars and try not to scratch up your car I think is what it said probably oh we arrived good nice nice i think we did it cut them down come down come on going down gun Mad Dog down let’s go gunning down I’m at dogs getting in my car you get in my car haha VI the bottom of the ocean okay so we just stole mad dog so now these guys going to be after us so we got to be careful all right not today bro okay so i’m guessing we’re trying not to also blow up the cars well that dick does hit a cop oh man cops me all over him and we got to be careful we got to be careful okay so where are we going here we’re going to the pier alright the pier why are we going on the pier yeah it looks like it yeah there they go yeah holy [ __ ] is he still in the car mission past respect plus oh snap did we do we seriously just kill Mad Dog haha do we do we just kill Mad Dog I think we did oh that’s tight nice all right yeah we kill the celebrity who’s next Britney Spears okay so we are going to attempt the malla tov mission again and I just realize that you could take these dicks a cop car which is pretty freaking boo boo boos brie pig alright so we are going to go get de de de de de de de de de Mille atolls and then we are finally going to buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh burn down that house and we are not going to do do do do that that dad dad died because you know what I’m big and the big everybody knows that I’m a big right you better you all know that I’m a busy oh no I ran over a ho oh no bro I’ll climb climb climb call out to you oh I’m squad meath quote run forest run you can do it you can do it you can do it all night long okay I hope there’s a way to get up over here because if there’s not I’m toasted all right I’ll see you when I get to the my love to all right so we are black and i found a shotgun and i used it to kill old home fry and apparently i ran out of bullets so now i’m gonna use my pistol if that’s cool with you guys and i figured out that you have to hold a circle the throw it further so I would have been nice to know earlier but anyways doesn’t really matter two three four five six seven took seven shots to date what the fook people shooting me oh yeah yeah Holmes’s

shooting me [ __ ] thank you for your ammunition I appreciate it no homes back here oh yeah Holmes Holmes Holmes Holmes you never learn never never learn and last time I was like freaking three shots like in real life it won’t take you that that much bullets what it I doubt it it’s still it’s still there with the fook oh my gosh what the heck finally okay good kind of getting a little worried there all right oh homes homes homes where is he where’s he where’s homes all right thank you for your ammunition kind sir we freak how much bolts does his window Tate holy crap are you kidding me oh the windows already shot out what a fellow i think is it I don’t know I can’t tell ya is okay or by it said we could throw one through the window that’s what I plan on doing there we go well done the house is going to burn down to the ground to dry out to the ground to the ground arrow arrow tell the girl until the colonel the girl oh homes is to live no you trapped to go inside the brain building you have to save her of course gotta go save the old bag right the girl is upstairs broke go through the front door oh man are you kidding me alright are we gonna do this without killing ourselves um there’s got to be a way to get upstairs without oh the fire extinguisher oh crap oh no we’re gonna die we’re gonna die we’re gonna die alright anyways guys I’m gonna end the game play here hope you guys enjoyed please like subscribe favor and share I’m monkey ball on 365 and I’m signing out oops