12 Hours in KL (Kuala Lumpur) l Long Layover l Batu Caves l KL Tower l Putrajaya Tour

I had to spend an entire day here, so, I have booked a hotel here, a day stay hotel the name is Tune Hotel, right now I am looking for a way to go there probably, this way The link to the first video is given on the corner of the screen in which, I had shown my entire journey from Mumbai to Bali If you have missed watching that video, then you can watch it by clicking the link I this video, I am going to show you what can be done in KL while transiting If this is your 1st time on my channel, then please quickly press the subscribe button and bell icon So that you don’t miss out on any of the videos from Bali series Finally, I had found my way to my hotel, and I was on my way to the hotel This hotel is a little far from the terminal building, roughly around a KM But it’s through a covered walkway between terminal & the hotel Even if it is raining, you would not face any issue You can take your trolley from the Terminal to the hotel They have some special packages, in which you can take the rooms for 12 hours a day usage Which I have done, from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM I have booked it through Goibibo, the price was around 1500 Rs for the day The hotel was quite big & the layout quite confusing So after roaming around in the long corridors for a while, I could finally reach my room It’s a very basic room and the price is very high for this kind of room There is no arrangement of a kettle for Tea/Coffee making that you can prepare for yourself So, I am not very satisfied with this hotel The room is very small and that is fine since I am alone But the basic necessities should be there in the room I would not recommend this hotel to anyone be it for 2 or 4 hours look for more options, you would find something It is their garden area the kind of attention they have paid to the garden, sitting & restaurants they must some attention to their rooms also, in my humble opinion I have got Hamada with me, who is from Pakistan but working in KL, Malaysia I met him at the hotel He is also a vlogger He was very happy when we met Feels good, when you meet such kind of people, when vlogger meets another then it is very natural because we know how does the journey starts? and what are our feeling and where we are going? When you are making a video. It’s a really good experience It was really nice meeting Hamad The airport’s name is KLIA & KLIA2 You will be surprised to know, although the name is Kuala Lumpur International Airport It is not in Kuala Lumpur rather it is at a place called Sepang and this place is around 58-59 KMs from KL Sentral Now I am going to catch a bus If you are in a bigger group then dynamics change a bit You can take a taxi its fare comes to be around 50-60 Ringgits So you can take Taxi to KL Sentral Batu Caves, KLtower and apart from that Malaysia’s Administrative capital Putrajaya So these all are points, which I will try and cover today You have to go inside to take the bus ticket I have taken the ticket The Bus fare is 12 Ringgit means roughly 200 Rs It’s decent for 60 KMs journey in AC Bus This is the bus of Red color You get these buses, from the transportation hub, which is on the ground floor, they call it L-1 You first take the ticket from inside and then you can go to KL Sentral from here The seats are very comfortable

it’s airconditioned the bus is direct non-stop And they have charging point also I have reached KL Sentral after traveling for about an hour this transportation hub of Kuala Lumpur The Metro, Mono all kind of rail lines originates from here and takes you to all parts of the city There are shopping malls in the complex and 5 Star hotels are here There are options for train, taxi & buses It provides greater connectivity for the Kuala Lumpur city Kuala Lumpur is actually not a city but a Federal Territory, which is Malaysia’s Capital also There is Parliament House in KL, but the administrative capital is in Putrajaya There is PM’s house, supreme court & many other things The capital is divided into two parts Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya In Kuala Lumpur, you can buy Metro & Monorail’s tickets from these vending machines with ease I had taken the tickets for Pasar Seni station and now I was going to the platform I am taking this train for just one stop, after that, I will take a Bus to KL tower I have come to Pasar Seni I think it would have been 2-3 minutes journey The bus you are seeing now this is an initiative of KL Government to promote Public transport It’s a free service There is no charge, whatsoever, you can hop on whenever you wish These buses run at a frequency of 5 minutes I got down from the bus, it’s a very nice service. It should be in our country also. They don’t take money They show the entire city, they have got 4 lines and cover the entire city center Whichever point you want to go, there is a bus at every 5 minutes Take the bus, don’t have to pay anything the bus is AC, they even provide free Wi-Fi you can go from one point to another in the cool AC bus This is 421-meter high KL tower Let’s go on top it to see, how does the KL look from such a height This is a Skydeck at a height of 300 meters You can see the Petronas Twin Towers in the background When I went on top, the weather was very hazy, on the clear days, the views are amazing There are 2 skyboxes on top of the tower for that, tickets are included in your entry tickets What do you say, guys? Would you walk on this? I hope this glass is tough enough The views are amazingly dangerous from here, look down, It’s 300 meters from here, not a little Whatever you say, it’s very interesting If you are coming to Kuala Lumpur, then you must come to KL tower The fear of height will be gone after this The observation deck was 4 floors down from the Skydeck The views are not amazing from here as from the top Because there was thick glass between you the views I have come to Sangeetha Restaurant for Lunch It’s a famous chain, they have got many restaurants worldwide I have been to their restaurants in Paris, Hong Kong and in Kuala Lumpur during my last trip When I came here 4 years ago, I rated their Dosa, the best in the world That’s why I came here again Let’s see how is the Dosa now Here is the Dosa, 4 kinds of chutneys, One tomato, on coconut, one mint chutney and Sambhar The taste is as good as it was 4 years ago

Sangeetha Restaurant was in Masjid Jemak area I could have taken a train & a metro to reach Batu caves but it would have taken more time That’s why, I ordered a Grab And Gurvinder has come to pick me up Google is showing around 20-25 minutes from here On the train, it would have taken much more time That is why I have taken the Grab option If you want, can take a metro from Masjid Jemak to Sentral and from Sentral, you can take KTM Kommuter till Batu Caves I have come to Batu caves, there is a 140 feet tall statue of Lord Murugan, whom we know as Kartikeya Son of Lord Shiva & Brother of Ganesha The statue is very tall and these caves are said to be 400 million years old which means, don’t know? Very old It’s a limestone formation There are some 280 stairs to go up I will see, if I can go up or not This is South East Asia’s favourite Durian fruit Brother of Jackfruit Its smell is so bad that in public transport like trains & buses this is not allowed to be carried Its smelling right now in front of this shop This is the 140 feet tall statue of Lord Murgan (Kartikeya) Adjacent to that you can see the colorful stairs, these stairs will take you up to the Batu caves 280 stairs, There is a natural waterfall flowing in the background The stairs are very uncomfortable, the steps are very small I could not keep my entire feet I have climbed some steps Look, how many steps I have climbed Almost the same is remaining Heartbeats are quite fast and so are the breaths After a lot of effort, I had reached to a place, where there were these 400 million years old Batu Caves Lord Shiva with him Mother Parvati and Lord Murgan (Kartikeya) with him Inside these caves, there were many temples and these caves were made of Limestone You have to go down a similar number of steps Going down looks more difficult It took roughly around 30 minutes from me to go up and come down those 280 steps It’s not as difficult as it looks from down here Anyone who as average fitness can do this And the caves are very exotic If you are coming here, then you must try this Don’t get scared, stairs look too much from here but it’s not that much., Again, could not catch the train when I reached there, the train has already left I have again taken the Grab and going to KL Sentral I will take KLIA Transit to Putrajaya station from there After Putrajaya, will return back to the Airport This is KLIA transit train, which is younger sister of KLIA Ekspress KLIA Ekspress stops at just one stop between KL Sentral & KLIA2 And this stops at 3 more stops Now I am going to Putrajaya, That’s why I have taken this transit train This was KLIA transit train,

which brought me from KL Sentral to Putrajaya Sentral in 14 Ringgits The distance was some 31-32 KMs, and the time it took was 20 minutes and the total expenditure was 14 Ringgits It’s a very good service, it’s fast, although little less frequent But It’s OK I have taken a taxi for 2 hours tour of Putrajaya My driver is giving me a tour. What’s your name? Kana? Kana is giving me a tour of Purajaya Let’s see what does he show me? All the buildings behind the trees are administrative officer’s residence building It does not look like Government Buildings And the entire area is very green This is Putrajaya As I have earlier also told, it is the administrative capital of Malaysia There are many administrative buildings here There is Supreme Court & PM’s Residence Which you can see on your screen It’s at a very beautiful place It’s a federal territory and a new city has been built It has been maintained quite well The photography & Videography inside is strictly prohibited They denied me to take pictures No issues, I have taken it from outside You must have seen how is the bungalow of the PM The bridge in the background is an architectural marvel on Putrajaya Lake The name is Wawasan bridge And on this side, whatever buildings you can see in the background normal or the Glass ones, all of them are Government offices of Malaysia It’s a very young city, they started building this in 1998 and people started living here in 2004 The age of this city is 14-15 years only It’s not very old and it’s very clean also The crossings are very well maintained and landscaped with flowers and plants I hope it will be maintained in this way for the next 100s of years But yes, it is looking very beautiful right now We saw PM’s residence sometime back, and this building in front is PM’s office This is PMO inside Putrajaya This building is very grand My driver cum guide is giving me many anecdotes The PMO is made in a way, that all the government office will be visible in a straight line And the Putrajaya convention center in a UFO’s shape, that is also visible from PMO This city’s urban planning has been done in this way I have come inside a Mosque for the first time But trust me, this is grander than what you can see on screen By looking at the crowd in the background, you can imagine, how big this a Hotpot for photography Back there, they have fixed the cutouts with Putrajaya written Apart from that, the grand majestic building of PMO It’s a nice setting I think the majority of the tourist come here to click the picture For Putrajaya tour, I have a suggestion

The tour buses are here and they do 2 trips They charge 45 Ringgits for 3 hours tour They will take you to all the monuments and landmarks That is one option In the morning around 9:00 AM or in the afternoon 3:00 PM Or the other option is you book a Grab taxi, when the driver comes, you negotiate with him As I paid 50 Ringgits to my driver, he was my guide also He gave me a very nice tour So if the time is not suiting you to take the bus, Then you can do this deal with Grab driver The taxi driver will charge 82 Ringgits for the same thing I ditched taxi and took Grab And my decision turned out to be great I have completed Putrajaya City tour, and with this time to see KL is also over I have come to the station to catch the train to the Airport I took various modes of transport throughout the day, in the Metro, in the Transit train, in the local bus On the free bus and in the Taxi Saw lots of things in Kuala Lumpur I am closing this video here only How did you like it, let me know in the comments And please share this video if you have liked it How can you spend a day in Kuala Lumpur?