Citadel Forged with Fire | Sandbox MMO w/ Building | First Look (Previous stream)

hey guys what is up so we’re trying out citadel here today it’s a brand new game it’s not more it’s not kind of like dark and light but it’s not as survival focused but it looks pretty damn neat so we’re gonna check it out so I’m starting a private server here anyone that wants to join is more than welcome to join I forgot to get my chat up here I got to get that [ __ ] going one second here we’re gonna pop that out perfect well I’m not set up for this so well at least we got to load into the game a bit here hey Zach how you doing man hey funny blue heeler videos and more sup guys okay so the scaling is weird so unfortunately you won’t be able to see the mic I’ve had this issue with other games with obvious as well to you but I have that I mean we won’t see the mic wow you won’t be able to see the cursor which is a little weird I don’t think there’s much cursor work in this game though so yeah anyways this is it I literally just started up the game I have no idea what I’m doing you can gather crap it’s running in 4k at 60 frames per second so it’s looking good it’s not so bad now there’s dark and light as well – I’ve looked into it but I kind of like this premise a little more like this is more castle and fantasy I know I just I didn’t like let arc either like dinosaurs are cool but they don’t really I like turtles what is this press o to open the crafting menu this is where recipes are stored okay okay so basically there’s a list of stuff in your room tour and you can craft it out of stuff you analysis requires tailoring bench all right so it’s got the basics in and all your armor over here I’ve seen a little bit of stuff so what is this every time I look at it oh maybe that’s a tutorial tip that’s what that is so that’s must be a tutorial tip Rock let’s go see what this one says that makes a little more sense press P to open the spell book spells are learned at the knowledge menu and must be individually equipped onto weapons okay your spells all I don’t know any spells that’s fantastic oh and then it is a crafting menu knowledge so oh wow so you can unlock stuff how do you unspent knowledge zero okay I’m sure we’ll come along here all I can do is punch at the moment apparently maybe we have to make something there’s legal afford to do a tutorial this game Gia’s game out I’m Kay to open the knowledge scale case so we already looked at the knowledge one maybe we have to go back I wandered off maybe I should have stayed in the little little entrance place in there press I to open the inventory okay I get it so we got ghost orchards you can consume these what do they do plus 10 mana okay can i slide these into my tool belt oh I can’t do so our will allow me to eat one oh okay that’s cool it’s been a while since I played a game like this so I’m really liking the art the arts getting me when you build a wand yo okay yo it’s kind of cool though let’s see what we can build for like basics here your crafting recipes also this is all the crafting I know so we go punch stuff maybe we should go punch stuff gather and punch stuff you get XP for gathering do you not let’s go up there I’m gonna go see let’s go up to this tower when you build the stuff you’re able to use a fire bolt so better weapons better abilities I guess is that what you’re saying I can’t wait to build castle II stuff castle ooh stuff is funny okay that must be the border of something cool I do

like the art though there we go we’re on the dashboard awesome so I guess yeah I feel I feel beard being watching this since not seven days to die I do play other games I think this one’s actually whoa [ __ ] okay apparently I’m fine Oh what oh wow guys survival like gathering this isn’t really even survival but gathering basics 101 okay so we gathered some wooden stuff is there plant fibers can I punch grass and stuff no maybe it’s an actual item you can grab you got some shrooms nice can I just spammy in the general area and pick everything up hmm well tabs change views that’s awesome crafting I get make parchments can I not make weapons and stuff or do I have to learn them spell book knowledge okay I know I don’t have any knowledge how do you get knowledge I guess that guess let’s go start punch and stuff and finding things and beating it up let’s go up this way though you can fly well how do you fly that’s kind of cool I’m like it’s like a superhero where is the music at I like the ambience of the game too though oh there we go I just leveled up from gathering stuff oh and then it tells me I could press K and learn something for knowledge stone head acts as if it is an effective starter weapon and constructive base of wooden stone okay so that’s an actual weapon you know what I kind of want to go melee I don’t know if I want to do a lot of magic stuff okay so I learned that up to three magic properties so I guess you can add three spells to it or something is that how that works okay so I’m gonna go to my inventory and I should be able to craft oh look I can craft it now okay that’s not so bad where’s a time around this oh there it is is right up here I I feel like I can dork up to this game for a while guys it’s such a chill game I love games like this like it’s actually pretty freakin chill alright alright so what can I do with this how do I I equip it in the slot oh okay now I can attack with it cool so I’m gonna press C to press C or just C do knowledge Oh it’s telling me I still have more points do I have to spend them right off the bat maybe I should make oh can you do all three yeah let’s do all three so I’ve arranged and I hope they add like bows and stuff and at some point magic school but I like it doing like a melee bull mix well I wonder which one I should do I’m gonna do a one because that seems like a really [ __ ] thing to do unlock cost – really really why still telling me see them oh oh here we go right here it’s glowing green it’s right in front of me Steve and I know dude the graphics are beautiful it’s running at 60 frames per second and 4k right now – and it was just released Unreal Engine is a nice engine when it comes to games like this like hands down its hands and fists graphics over unity but unity is way better for the other games like blocks I would love to see someone try to do a box game on this actually on unity Vox on static but let’s go ahead and spend some points here health mana damage oh that’s increased damage damn right there we go and then our restores our stamina oh you know what can we build a wand no we didn’t learn it okay let’s go kill stuff in things what’s going to journey I don’t know where we’re supposed to be going right now but we’re going on a journey folks it’s so chill this is fun I kind of feel like I’m on a really big LSD trip but I’ve never done LSD before so I don’t know what it would be like what’s this green stuff floating up in the air maybe this water is not good for you

it’s glowing some green [ __ ] oh yeah not all [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] holy crap that [ __ ] does a lot of damage to you okay I stay away from water that glows survival tip number 1 if it glows stay away from it so what are these blue crystals room crystals oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] dad it quit doing that okay I gotta stay away from that crap that’s intense can we make crafting so I can like maybe we can make a lot of basics right off the bat there’s a moose this game has got me right off there oh it didn’t help whatever-whatever it’s an elk I’m gonna call in the moose cuz I’m Canadian I want to look at it isn’t that beautiful to do a moose I wonder if this thing would kick our ass we have like barely any health either oh well let’s find out oh I killed the [ __ ] oh that thing there we go I knew that the corpse can I beat the corpse up no it doesn’t do anything it was a pretty [ __ ] [ __ ] Elkin fun I say so myself we did get some other stuff what’s this down here well this give me a challenge leaf when Vale sounds Pleasant what is this is it a bar oh it’s a bar it’s level 8 and oh yeah it has like a red skull on it so I got not actually choose to stay away from that crap I heard something about console I think it is out on console actually what is this thing Oh sprite level 4 it’s not aggressive it doesn’t have a skull is it gonna attack me oh it does it is aggressive oh that’s right aha I think [ __ ] cool I’d want it as a pet oh look fairy dust we’re gonna go snort that after it’s becoming night time to light oh I see light over there you can go check that out let’s go let’s go let’s go show this out what’s what we’re elk yeah yeah they definitely need to work on the button to hit the animations but I like it though like for for brand new ray on the box it looked good you can hit corpses together but you can loot them yeah I found that out after repeatedly hitting it nothing happened oh I just picked up a crow berry something new what’s this what is that it’s at a giant glowing mushroom is that where we’re gonna spend the night with this glite giant glowing mushroom thingy I don’t know I maybe maybe bad things come out of the night I don’t know I haven’t done much research on this but looks like we’re gonna have some fun here so the XP bar is right above my tool belt as well I thought there was Indian music as far there was I didn’t turn it off either I am also guys I’m playing a whoa whoa that’s one pissed-off boar can it swim think you middle of [ __ ] nowhere to you let’s see if you can swim I’ll challenge it to a swimming duel haha you can do about at level 9 boar oh there’s a wolf up there oh is it drowning did it die yes you can’t lose it though no cannot loot that’s kind of funny though that you can make things drown stupid bored look there’s a white wolf up there so maybe there is night enemies this looks like seven days to die yeah if he did some LSD I’m really liking that so whoa what’s that thing over there look at it is that a skeleton

no [ __ ] way is it coming at us to look at it it is a skeleton warrior oh and I think doesn’t [ __ ] look too friendly just get the [ __ ] out of here it’s level 13 as well let’s see if we can drown that thing it looks like it’s coming at us – water is safety where is it oh it’s right there okay maybe it has a huge wandering path Wow hey what’s up mr. Jamal this game is friggin awesome who’s here it’s very immersive I’m really enjoying this my monitor is reporting the wrong frame prisons frame per second okay so I’m only actually doing 30 to 40 whoops I just changed I’m gonna have to play off OBS because I just changed my input by accident switch mm-hm there we go back to my PC whoops yeah this games um so it’s it’s for red like right out of the box it’s pretty [ __ ] fantastic wait what’s over here whoa holy [ __ ] those guys are sneaky as hell but sup Bor ya come at me bro come into the water and kill yourself what are those things they’re probably not friendly but we’re gonna find out that be oh yeah they’re definitely not friendly let’s try to get a good enough look at them is there a sneek system in the game I don’t think so I wanted to let me look at them oh yeah he’s like level seven as well – oh look at that big shiny thing over there let’s go check that out it’s pretty shiny when there’s a base over there oh okay I see like the protective shield around the castle really liking it looks like it’s fun game to explore hey Mike Hill what’s up man yeah I thought I’d check this so dark and light looks cool man I’m not gonna diss the game at all i I just prefer the style of this game a lot more oh I got stuff I can learn some knowledge I can learn some knowledge –is whoaa Simon’s axe alright what did I guess I have to be level ten for that oh well I guess I guess we can learn the wand now there we go that’s see if we can the see if we can craft stuff here we’ll also put some more points into damage there we go knowledge oh right crafting there we are so wins one oh sweet we can make one yeah I’ve kind of diggin the style of these games man how they kind of matched everything together um inventory that’s what I’m looking for where is that one there we are and oh you can only you can only do the one org what’s this send your spell’s oh you know what we could check out the one well I can’t do anything with it that I use the one are you just like a poke people with it let me like pokey pokey with my poke use my magic stick the amount of time level in this game stupid took me two days of reaching level twenty two days of hardcore playing reach level 20 all a dude man that’s [ __ ] perfect thank you for letting me know that awesome finally a game that doesn’t give you instant gratification at one times I’ll play it at one times man see for me it’s not about getting to level dude it’s about the journey there I’m gonna make it let’s play on this too I think in this game I think would be very easy for me to make a let’s play on just because like even just building stupid to like once I get it done I can go and just build stupid amounts of stuff and I might put the server on Meg no restrictions for building so you can like build everywhere apparently but it looks like the key right now is just pretty much finding low enemy low level enemies and gathering cuz yeah we I think we might have went the wrong way there’s a path right here where does this path go maybe we should follow the path maybe that’s a more smarter way to

go this game is dope yeah I’m really liking it Sam it’s really immersive I like the the fantasy about this one those [ __ ] glowing mushrooms they’re awesome man just wait till next summer guys when it becomes legal in Canada and it looks great at 4k to it so it’s a little kind of off but for like brand-new it’s pretty [ __ ] cool oops I just ate two of those I didn’t need any mana well you know what can i crap like eating items let’s kill this thing it’s level five but you might be able to give it a challenge what kind of attack does this thing do so it is a melee attack Oh looks like hitting him in the head actually does bonus damage let’s take that fairy dust there we go so this area looks like it might have more of my level I kind of went wandering in a weird direction yellow pine all right I’ll take some idea yeah so this game here I think will be great for a decent length playthrough and then when they add more to the game I can come back to another playthrough like as they go through the alphas because just seeing the basics and how decently polished like the basic game is shows me that these guys are more dedicated towards making a stable game as opposed to a cotton content Laden game like Ark Ark really drove me away with just it’s the way it applies stuff there’s just too much too fast hey Steven what’s up me skin looks mystical and shiny this game is [ __ ] amazing I love it so far woah holy [ __ ] it’s a [ __ ] bear it’s a it’s a bear Rock a Joel are you jealous that actually looks like a [ __ ] okay let’s go around that thing though oh there’s a wolf over there oh at what level is it is a level 4 oh [ __ ] there’s more than one oh no that is a hog down there set a hog and it is whoa Oh [ __ ] sprite okay holy [ __ ] let’s take his fairy dust we need some house so I have to figure out how you do that health crap how does one get house oh look at that it looks like it’s oh they do hunt oh that’s [ __ ] cool it’s stupid to buy you know what they need to do I’m gonna go to the forum and then the request that when they kill them their bodies disappear they eat them so it actually makes a little sense whoa what is that down there that’s [ __ ] taken off was that a skeleton and a fairy thing fighting this is fun if I get bear and a wolf let’s get the [ __ ] out of here we’ll do some more gathering so apparently you can fly how do you fly guys like how is that mechanic work I’m gonna try to read the chat a little more as well here too but I’m I’m legitimately you’re actually trying not to die I don’t even know what happens when you die yet we’ve just opened the game and started exploring wow there’s a lot of stuff here there’s another one those fairy things we can oh wow it looks it looks different than the other ones oh is that some sort of special one oh no maybe it’s just a different color huh I don’t know maybe it’s gonna kill us maybe it won’t just find out yep it killed us oh there’s my pack it’s floating up in the air awesome just what happens here so get a respawn choose respawn area this is where I spawned in the first time what is this okay spawn here did I lose everything in my pack okay so I lost everything in my inventory but I still have my my weapon everything in my tool belt okay that’s cool I’m not too upset about that I don’t know what other consequence did my maximum health go down at all doesn’t look like it it’s gathering it’s pretty easy so I’m not really choked about that you can make a broom i level 12 Oh sick you need a broom stick need to make a broom alrighty whoops wrong thing so we’re gonna press

C and that’s for what’s crafting again we’re gonna go look at knowledge here what else is there other structures utility items oh okay holy [ __ ] there’s a lot of [ __ ] you can learn okay what can we make cool let’s learn this I think a health is a very good idea now how do you make them house vile you need crowberry mushrooms and rune crystal okay so you can make some of those and actually stay alive now instead of just [ __ ] dying gives me ran out of sweet look at us guys we’re pro thanks for the help to you guys it looks like a lot of you been playing this I can see how this can be kind of addicting I do appreciate one time so I might guys I do like PvP if this game figures out how balanced PvP appropriately I will play PvP on it like on a public server maybe get a group together because games like this with PvP is so much [ __ ] fun I don’t like PvP on games like seven days to die oh my gosh so oh [ __ ] no I [ __ ] that’s great the crap with me the you stay there friggin bar stuck in the tree can’t get me if I could jump scares it’s dark and ominous too at night I love it like they got this shadowing and everything perfect see I want to hit things to collect from them that that’s not how you roll okay do we have enough to craft stuff here crafting hell vile okay we need some more crowberries so it looks like that one’s gonna be the little bit of a tougher one to get there’s no quest lines or anything yet either there’s another city up there that’s what that is that’s another city okay and lets you fly instead of using a broom what’s up get manna um what do you mean get manna I gave my knowledge oh so your mana pool is how you fly okay I’ll learn that one as well so how do you fly Oh so always crafting okay there we go I can make mana by also I have a ton of stuff to make mana boils I can make a bunch of those there we go you get XP from doing that as well too right oh definitely look at that XP nice okay nice we got a level two that’s [ __ ] sick scrab up some of this stuff here okay so let’s check out what we can do for mana now vitality boost movement speed elixirs taming oh yeah equipment saddle for taming okay broomstick at level 10 okay I see flying essence what does this do oh okay so I have to use one of these to get but I have to be level 15 oh [ __ ] so I can’t fly it I haven’t been paying attention what you guys are saying I’m sorry I probably should be this is just so insanely in-depth right now it’s hard to read the cat they look over him trying to read it Mon as much as you can mine mine away you gotta love the grind is this still after me I hear it well look this underground underwater mushrooms what you gonna do about it oh sweet is becoming daytime again I wonder if like there’s night enemies it’s our night enemies guys is that a thing oh really okay I don’t really know that I have never actually to admit I’ve never watched one of those shows to be honest ah [ __ ] well there’s the water no don’t die me my FPS thing is still in the way of my health bar I must be pretty damn close so oh I gotta get some of those blue things right there so I can make some health files it’s all good this is I’m having fun though I do like the kind of different pace of the game Oh what side up there oh look at that it is fun to look at I do like eye candy I am [ __ ] you got to be kidding me another one these are

relentless okay it’s over there whoo oh yeah we’re almost buy our first magical mushroom find oh look there’s an elk over there what da this swimming animations kind of derpy that’s fun okay health file let scratch one of those [ __ ] and inventory I can consume it from here right and then I can also put it in my tool belt no oh that’s sick oh this yeah I’m health files are pretty decent actually alright so though there is a map oh wow look at this natural acid pond natural acid pond okay black wood caves there’s some caves ooh you know what right-click the place marker okay that’s kind of cool we should probably went maybe this way is an easier level this way seems a little harder let’s backtrack go back to the city and go the opposite direction we can also go around the city as well to maybe try that out here we go oh I can increase health there we go wow that was actually a decent amount of health increase holy crap unicorns left of level 50 unicorns are crazy Buffy are they actually level friggin 50 unicorns no way I’ve always wanted to add a unicorn into Settlers mod but I can’t do that unless I use like SDX stuff and honestly I just want to leave it XML yeah this game is actually really holding my attention I don’t mind it at all I got to learn it a bit maybe stream it use usually got you guys’s resources well do and then do it let’s play on it because I do believe this game is potential and I mean even if it doesn’t get a lot of views I’ll just do maybe like 20 minute videos on it every couple days even if it doesn’t get a lot of views I’ll start getting because with YouTube it takes a while to get into the the algorithm for a certain game right like you have to make a certain amount of videos before YouTube really starts suggesting your stuff as a common so yeah that’s uh let’s try to go north here does this game have a paywall I know dude no it’s a straight-up sandbox MMO with building I can’t wait to get into the building stuff as well do I want to build some cool stuff I’m guys if you want to join search Skippy zero three three zero yeah so I got the hiccups right now search Skippy zero three three zero and the password Skippy stream yeah Skippy stream and the server name is Skippy zero three three zero I just discovered an area I love it I can’t wait to build castles and [ __ ] oh look at this cup of Alex for the XP that’s I will take that or is there a take all like quick command let’s look that up or do you guys know one is there a take all quick man it is a great looking game I’m really liking it it’s been a while since I played a game like this I used to love these type of games and it’s kind of mashed in with like the new components of games you know what I mean and having the cursor missing is actually not that bad there’s a scaling issue with the game and with OBS and there’s a few games that have this issue it’s freaking annoying as hell but even with the cursor missing like you guys don’t even notice so I can deal with that I was took me longer to start streaming because I was getting mad at the crews here look at this what’s this over here oh okay so this looks like a camp of some sorts let’s make some potions here let’s make a hell vial okay and we’re gonna go to inventory and put he’ll file in the potion slot yes there we go and then T will automatically use it so I can use it during battle really quickly oh it’s been so long oh sweet level five wild elk getting up there what level is this thing six I could do it what am i level four oh wow look at them all over there yeah maybe that’s not a good idea I don’t think I can take on that many right now I will I will [ __ ] up the sprite though that’s right yeah you need the extract spell I’m

gonna totally nerd out on this game guys and this this is bad timing to find a game like this too I have so much work to do with my mod that’s ok though I won’t let this take away from my my what do you want to call them main stuff but this is fun it’s fun oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] they saw me no I don’t want none of that no I don’t want that oh the [ __ ] that thing’s [ __ ] quick oh he’s on me holy crap holy crap these things are [ __ ] insane yeah you don’t want to [ __ ] with these things [ __ ] [ __ ] let’s get the [ __ ] out of here here whoo co-star Richard did that are they off me [ __ ] what did a grow those things have holy [ __ ] you still on me okay you know what I’m gonna [ __ ] fly can I fly WEEE oh ok so I just have to go north to the hills so you can die what was I doing the fly like I don’t even know how to fly I might like double tapping space what am i doing to achieve this level of Awesomeness those things are [ __ ] insane unlock them in the skills tree yeah we’re gonna learn some spells and stuff I think soon because we need we definitely need a arranged attack and honestly I don’t want to whip out my wand it’s really tiny and I’m embarrassed of it I think I jumped down over here so I can actually go and get my [ __ ] bag oh that’s funny those things are tough as [ __ ] holy [ __ ] so it is a little bit of a grind you can’t have to grind your way out I get it I get it ok is my pack over here that I swear this is where I ended up jumping down ah there it is is my pack steak oh you can’t fly yet I did earlier it made like the wind sound and I didn’t do any damage when I landed so there’s some sort of like impact thing No yeah hey hello let’s do some s Florin maybe makes more recipes I think I think a whole ton of potions would be a good idea so let’s go do some potion grinding here yeah I do like it for that fact – it’s like the the open world sandbox style it’s nonlinear and it’s pretty it’s pretty nice to look at like look at that mountain range over there it’s pretty sick oh what’s that over there in the distance that’s cool okay let’s go down here see what’s down this way probably dangerous and death but let’s go find it oh crap see like that I didn’t take any damage like it made a wind sound – what happened there what was I doing I’m pressing lots of buttons so I don’t know what’s going on just like gather stuff just to get XP ah there we go got another level let’s go and see what we can level up now spells let’s go take a look at spells combat mana blast concentrate a large amount of medical magical damage magical energy into a small burst make an efficient killer at sacrifice of range okay I want two ranged one extract able to gather resources directly from trees Rock and more that’s kind of cool staff spells wand spells okay melee spells what’s this use a magic energy to augment your strength and shatter the very ground let’s learn it alright alright so how do we apply this to our melee stuff let’s go to our inventory house management oh that’s kind of cool social server list do you guys have this game come join me come like play dude do you start out with a new character that would make sense right that’s how that works so how do I apply okay here we go spell book and then okay there we go oh so now this attack does oh cool that’s fun okay this let’s take a look

at more of this stuff here so we should buy this anyways we got some extra points right so how do we do this like what extract is able to gather resources directly from trees rock more enabling conjures to gather resources much quicker more powerful your weapon is the faster you can extract resources oh okay so I should put this on the other on the other side of my dupes so I’m gonna go here and put this on this side oh cool okay so oh look at that oh that’s [ __ ] me gold ore that’s cool so did that use up mana how does that work no it doesn’t seem to use up man or anything at all just patience did search and can’t find your server really it should be public how do I find out the server information let’s press escape settings game where do I find like the server information oops see this is where you guys won’t be able to see the most where it’s weird geotab it but it’s not quite often ah you know I had a logout they were loaded back up and see if I have to send it to like public or something maybe that’s I don’t have to set to public at a game see I added oh maybe I didn’t add the password the password is gonna be Skippy stream there you go that’ll be the password for this playthrough we’re gonna go to advanced now that’s it’s set to public I don’t think there is like any other like option I don’t know dude this is a game called Citadel forged with fire it’s like an RPG it’s a massively online sandbox RPG with elements of magic spell casting building exploring and crafting so it’s kind of like a big mashup of games it’s pretty fun to watch so it’s pretty beautiful I’m playing in 4k and I can say it’s pretty it looks pretty damn nice I am pretty impressed with this I’m going to be up late tonight I can tell you what I have an FPS thing on the monitor that’s in the way there we go got rid oh damn it okay FPS counter what I wanted to turn off dammit I can’t get the FPS counter on my monitor turn off I forgot to do it oh boy guys I’m feeling like crazy anyways I could I could deal with it I’ll check it out later I don’t never use it but for some reason it’s up yeah like Ark I prefer this kind of environment and feel over like Ark is immortality because random dinosaurs come through and just demolish everything but this is more of like a fantasy type game oh I’m carrying too much let’s drop stones those are probably pretty heavy Oh let’s also put some more into into health sick Oh what’s this we had a cave over at a cave look at this thing oh wow look at all these freaking things in here holy [ __ ] room crystals for days Wow like I think there’s enough room crystals in here to level us holy crap okay so do we have enough now to make Matt our more health kits let’s check that out yeah we do we need more crowberries though I think we got enough of those oh wait what is this get out of these things Stone iron that’s kind of cool I like that animation I really do that’s so much you know what like you’re not hitting the rock with the axe but for some reason it’s incredibly satisfying holy crap this collect one precious stone what’s that let’s go check that out what is that ooh

rare raw rare mineral precious stones can only be extracted from cave rocks or rocks ran amok nuttin on mountainous slopes this valuable resource can be forged with various essences essences to create amethyst obsidian or I recite I recite I don’t know how to say that okay so those must come from those type of rocks just exploring in those games have been [ __ ] fun find some random [ __ ] oh look at those things hanging from the ceiling can I kind of my nose how far away can he my from oh wow okay I don’t even know how far you can mine from oh wait can you just like my from these and instead of picking up a single rock oh you can – okay let’s get rid of some of the stone and get some rid of some of the wood as well – those are easy to gather so I assume those would be the best to drop you can increase carrying weight as well – through your your knowledge or it’s through knowledge know through your skills this is cool nice look if does it go oh it’s somewhere oh I see an exit oh look at this what’s this what no no the open these things oh what a tease how do you give it to me yeah more enemies spun and demons hey what’s up night shadow yeah I know this games actually it’s quite fun to look at okay what’s up this way more cave all right let’s see what’s in this more cave this looks like it’s starting to actually form into something that’s special what’s this oh it keeps going I’ll do some green [ __ ] there oh wow this cave systems huge yeah so you could go mining in here for a long time oh what’s this or are there trees in the middle of this mine oh there’s enemies I’m dead they look pretty [ __ ] tough too I believe that said level 13 wow what is this Blackwood caves ok so this must be like a big opening in between all the caves yeah it is we can head out this way it’s kind of cool definitely want to avoid those guys oh [ __ ] with a [ __ ] bear it’s on a mission – what’s it doing sneak around that [ __ ] can you uh now you only can only pick up grow berries ok so you can’t gather with the what the magic can’t wait till he starts building I cannot wait to start building dude I did it unrestricted as well – like it would be sick to build like a castle on top of like that mountain and crap I can’t believe I like just I heard about this game literally before I started streaming seven days to die and I’m like but seven days of die is still my baby but this is definitely something new that’s what I think I really like about it even The Gathering is kind of fun that’s so cool over there it looks pretty high level though I might not want to [ __ ] with it we make any more mana potion push pushings potions our health semadar viola uses that so you know what let’s actually make as many of these because this this levels as fast as well to watch our bar go up when we make these things 75 XP apiece so crafting is a great way to level apparently let’s go across this way I want to check out these mountains I think this is great and I think this game has great potential like these mists and dark and light both have great potential the

whole new genre like this yeah if you want to play too on my personal server go right ahead are you able to find it either we’ll figure that out later two men now we’ll figure out how to it’s had a horse oh that looks like a horse up there oh cool a legit horse I want to ride a horse the elk are cool but there’s nothing like riding a horse hopefully it’s not mad and angry at us I was that another horse over there too how there’s multiples along with the wolf oh that’s cool horses oh look at that son love it see games like this when you have to swim for two minutes just looking at the eye candy makes it worth it like look at look at that Oh beautiful all right so we discovered a new area how high-level are these guys here right those horses go the one over here disappeared where did it wander off to you oh it’s over here aw it’s dying it died the horse died oh and look at it this is sparkly I can loot the carp so we’ll take it side poor horse you’re stupid Oh some died over here as well – what’s this oh the hungry wolf also died in the water yeah there’s obviously some issues they need to work on in the game like if the animal is wandering into the water and dying like that unless it’s done on purpose but I wouldn’t imagine that that’s a function of the game okay I need some more of those red things there’s one over here let’s grab that one up I think we can make a new health one again look at the old man carved into the mountain there’s an old man carved in the mountain Wow where at oh there is two now that I focus on it yeah that’s that’s a statue oh that’s [ __ ] cool oh and there’s a planet or a moon right there that’s [ __ ] wild I hear something coming at me it might be the horse oh it’s a horse and it’s level eight what’s up horse how you doing I’m gonna I’m gonna gather resources from it oh shoot can I make multiple like weapons to have like different like this could be my gathering weapon and then I could have another weapon well it’s almost nighttime again yeah but I can’t wait to see the building apparently the buildings superb like as far as like based like the basic starter stuff apparently the building looks really good so it’s gonna be cool to build some like ethnic castles and [ __ ] but yeah that’s cool that is that’s actually a guy carved in the side of the mountain I’m sure there’s gonna be lore somewhere along the line there’s no lawyer yet apparently there’s no quest or anything you just kind of start out and you can wander your boot oh lucky can see the city from here that we started to that we’ve gone on a long journey oh holy [ __ ] those two boars just [ __ ] took out a horse those boys are like [ __ ] that horse Wow alright it is a lot like Ark where things just kill things to kill things I face really should take the body away you shouldn’t be able to do it it either I think that would be a good change but let’s go to our menu here and we’ll go to spell book well actually let’s see if we can make I’m just crafting oh there we go see if we can make another another axe what do we need we need some more wood not hard to get [ __ ] I’m carrying too much is it ready like split stack these oh here we go okay so right click drag and drop the items what oh okay I see I see I can tell it to drop some stuff there we go we’ll drop some stone because I assume that’s really heavy [ __ ] I even like the darkness at nighttime – it’s pretty cool

all the glowy stuff you can also gather with the X if you don’t want to use magic okay um let’s craft another one here we’re crafting there we go stone head X B I’m BAM whoa [ __ ] oh wow look at that [ __ ] holy [ __ ] no don’t kill me don’t kill me don’t kill me don’t kill me holy crap where did he come from Wow okay apparently he doesn’t swim either he’s just kind of looking at me on the shore yeah holy crap so it does look like there’s random patrols as well – you really got to keep your eye out in this game and I can’t just float on the water without using any goods all right this let’s go over here I’m gonna hide on the shore over here and they finally approved water in seven days this really is funny man this game is amazing dude I’m really really liking it uh well oh that’s that’s a sprite [ __ ] tripping me out swimming sounds kind of weird I’m not sure I dig the swimming sound I just turned my volumes up a little more I realize I couldn’t hear half the ship but yeah swimming sounds really [ __ ] weird oh you know what I should do like I have accidents access to tons and tons of like fantasy ambient style music what I should do is make myself a playlist of it on this computer and play while I’m playing this game oh wait there’s background music or does that mean it’s daytime oh now we have some ambient music okay awesome awesome love it you got to have ambient music and games like this okay what are we doing why am i gathering [ __ ] that [ __ ] again this stone axe okay so we’re gonna go like this okay so let’s go to crafting or inventory inventory equip this one instead okay and go to here okay and then this one can just be like a melee one oh that’s cool so you can have like different weapons do different things and crap I like that you confirm from a distance yes you can it is pretty cool that’s what I have that second ax for ya I don’t want to go back into the caves I guess we’re gonna just do some basic grinding I’ll pick stuff up and drop it and make stuff as well to mana potions actually can we make any more mana potions crafting nope we need some more depth lose stuff matter potions look like they’re a lot easier to make than anything else so we gotta get back to back to the land here and go and pick some flowers guys that’s what I like doing on a Sat is a Saturday yeah on a Saturday night I like picking flowers sounds like a good time to me oh crap alright well go this way we’ll go for a swim towards this giant shield looking thing it is it is a gorgeous game so far and it just came out like this is its first alpha stage at least your arm moves back and forth like the swimming animation isn’t great but at least they attempt it holding the axe like that’s a little off offsetting off-putting but whatever I’ll give them time with this game you know what I mean like this will so be a great game for that I can keep going with it yeah apparently this is on console guys apparently it’s coming to like consoles as well too I don’t know if it’s on console yet but yeah it’s coming out for consoles so it seems the indie world early access game to start and embrace it hopefully Sony will just embrace that type of game and opened up like a whole different division of their games like for alpha gaming because they don’t really don’t have an alpha game thing going on right now and the picking up animation looks like you have a broken leg that’s called the super stiffy I have a super stiffy scary now as the weather it is actually beautiful Oh today I should be outside fishing but I discovered this game this is actually so much more I could be doing right now but

[ __ ] it it’s my to hit I’ll call this my day off I get to do this alright Sam you got some crows Dave actually do we have oh yeah here we go okay this let’s get some more house oh boy effect so we’re looking for blue flowers I do they like respawn and crap or do like does stuff run out there is resources I set the resources to unlimited as well – is there like a hard limit to resources and like the main purpose of the game because when when the server become redundant at a point if there’s no unlimited resources oh it’s wait are those distinct e once oh yeah I got to stay away from those ones that’s one of the first pools I went to I’m like oh this is cool and it started like [ __ ] doing [ __ ] to me alright I got mushrooms we got some of these yellow Pines I wonder what that’s used for we’ve gotten quite a bit of that okay we’ll drop these items I can increase my inventory I think next here we go here’s a bunch of these blue flowers them’s are what I want makes more mana stuff as well to the health ones are cool but it seems to be easier to make mana ones there are dragons and new guards of course are no no LSD trip is complete without ok let’s make it eight of these it is you suck us there we go we’ve got a lot of mana home vials now but they seemed the level that’s pretty [ __ ] quickly so nice and grab up some more of that ah it’s like Instagram I love it ok so let’s take a let’s take a look here our knowledge deirdr Bruce I mean let’s what did amulets do requires forage to craft ok well I don’t have a forge yet I haven’t even started building so I don’t even know what that’s about we’re just getting our basic spells going on protection haste utility spells Oh haste so I can add this to a weapon like that would probably be a good idea if your using magic weapons okay what do we have for structures here holy [ __ ] healing pool oh that’s cool utilities Thrones protective sphere of influence and claim ownership over a structure oh that’s cool okay so that must be like your your blocks right conjuring cauldron holy crap we have a lot of learning to do how soon can we build actually even if I could start building a basics is there a bed like you said a spawn spot is your throne your spawn I’m gonna learn that respawn stone okay storage chests oh cool okay what else do we have here I can’t learn any other good stuff to level ten okay so we’re gonna learn our basic wood stuffs wood walls okay I’m gonna stop buying now because we have wood floors stones what level twenty ornate ooh that’s cool level forty all right all right I have a feeling we’re gonna be making big frivolous buildings for no reason here guys oh so I go wait if I like let’s find a decent spot actually where’s the city we’ll start like a beginner house right outside the city I guess yeah this is started like doing some basic stuff here oh wow there’s so much of this around here that way you know I don’t have to worry about my inventory as much we can go out and gather a hold on the crap has anyone been able to find my server and there’s no build restrictions either so it doesn’t have to be like in the same spot yeah this build right by the road over here actually gonna be right by this road in between these two lakes that’s a nice little spot for a beginner hut No Hey trucks what’s going on dude Oh sick man well welcome to the channel dude good see ya yeah this is my first

time looking at this game but it’s looking pretty [ __ ] cool so we’re gonna go the crafting knowledge all you ever even learn more but whatever B what’s B what’s B okay this this learn C I don’t know what B is we’re gonna check out B let’s do yeah let’s do a little more carrying capacity okay so that gives us more what does B do what B is for building okay okay is this foundations or like supports oh okay so this is these are floors cost ten wood I don’t have ten wood supports are increasing building cost okay can I lower it is there a way to lower this stuff like how do I rotate this [ __ ] oh so that’s how you place it abandoned place throwing the claim oh wait what I don’t have enough this much wood I mean do i how am i able to build this my glitched like how can I piece materials like how am i building this right now what is happening did I did I flex it up like do I have like unlimited building abilities at the moment yeah as I don’t even have any wood on me what’s happening right now did I just find a bug yeah I seen the diagonals what’s magic small/medium oh thrown okay let’s put the throne down oops okay let’s see what medium is respawn respawn spoiler respawn stone okay how am I able to place this without having the materials I call hacks and settings yeah I don’t know how I’m able to build all this stuff like did I that [ __ ] something up okay we’re gonna exit the server and go and look at the settings for the server maybe I put some stupid setting on okay custom game edit game advanced I’m nipa the resources oh maybe that’s what that is oh okay see I thought unlimited resources would mean stuff would respawn maybe that’s what that is let’s go back and check yeah because wow I just [ __ ] cheat it that’s horrible whoops whatever all guys if you want to join apparently some people are saying they can’t find it well you know what I hate to take the capital off maybe you guys aren’t searching the capital there we go and the password is gonna be Skippy stream in all lowercase there we go okay let’s join that yeah maybe that’s what that was my bad well we figured it out hey jewel what’s up good to see ya cool my PC ran this easily yeah it’s a good-looking game like I’m playing it in 4k and it’s and streaming at the same time and like my CPU is sitting at 5% like it’s [ __ ] beautiful it’s handling it very well Lee the wood giggity yeah that’s what I did is I had the unlimited resources on I think well we’ll find out I’m like places stuff and like what the hell’s going on oh it’s daytime now this time pass when you’re not on it oh wow okay uh so let’s go back in the building mode and see if we can magically play stuff that we don’t have materials for now no okay so that’s what that was unlimited resources

doesn’t mean spawning up resources it means you can build without having to have the resources whoops okay lesson learn your potato Harry I know right so you know what let’s actually start doing a grind and started doing some building I guess that’s the best way to level up right now whatever but it is what it is so I’m thinking that what stairs as well too so we get our place without having to stand on a rock we’re gonna go to Oh knowledge let’s see what structures and stuff have so you get you can buy the door and then okay then you can buy these stairs and then you can buy the rural roofs and then you can buy the trim okay okay how much how much is this one how much is this one okay we can we can learn them okay so let’s go back into the build mode and see what we need for the stairs 14 so we need to collect ourselves 14 so what I need to do too is going to my inventory and put on the ah there we go this is the one with the gathering stuff so now if we go at a tree we can gather resources from it like this oh that is so cool this is so awesome and dorky I love it well you collect crowberries from trees no friggin way okay cool okay so now we should be able to build the the stairs I’m gonna put the stairs on this side right here why can I not build this here ah there we go okay sure got some stairs you’re going on we could build walls and doors and supports I’m assuming this physics as well – I’m gonna assume there’s some of that going on ten and seven sweet okay can I uh get out of that escape there we go oh and I can gather from the tree from here with my magic weapon awesome yes very it’s a definitely a different way of collecting resources I’ve never seen this done before I like it I’m carrying too much do I drop stuff when I’m carrying too much oh well you know what let’s build we can build more foundation okay I’m getting this I’m getting this so I’m gonna stand here and gather from the trees and build I love your content man everything from the scripts to the wild ideas thanks so mighty I think okay see do get resources that you can pick up for mining with trees hmm I didn’t even use up that whole tree okay let’s go to bases again we definitely got to expand this it’s got to be huge you won’t gather more if your fault okay okay now you actually don’t get that much XP from it though okay what about the building pieces I’m gonna look at how much XP we get from like building crap let’s go back two floors here okay well it doesn’t really show us experience for reward at 39 okay it’s not high but it’s doable well there’s a horse over there kind of gliding along the ground our magical gliding horse he acts as a weapon it is but I can also gather book gathering on it dude this could be nice punch what’s that assassin hey yeah what’s the expert if you wish it in the mid tier in do you write it’s magic dude you don’t need rules when you have magic I don’t even need to go on vacation here I’d just stand here and do this we’re gonna go and be there we go okay let’s build some [ __ ] look at other building floors like we’re a [ __ ] architect wait was that 45 XP it awarded that I seen well it’s not too bad for levelling building mana seems to be

where it’s at though okay let’s take a look at my inventory here we’re gonna go to crafting what do we have for points and knowledge nothing crafting consumable okay we can’t make anything oh we need to gather these stones these rune crystals we have a whole bunch of the other stuff but inventory what heavy stuff do I have on me damn it I need everything this is so slow okay whatever oops gathered from a giant mushroom it’s like 12 xp for a particular a okay what’s the giant mushroom give you that’s that’s pretty good actually okay so we’re gonna go the building whip out some more wood everything takes magic in this game so does real life yeah that’s twice the XP the of the trees okay so we have like a respawn pad and stuff now so what I’m gonna do is we’re gonna get out of this mode and we’re gonna go exploring what is that Oh hairy haired dead hair dirty xp4 that [ __ ] eat that crap okay that’s uh let’s equip our other stone head axe this is our battalion one this one has our gob fighting stuff Humana isn’t going down check your service settings is there a server settings yeah I was [ __ ] around the settings so I had like I had unlimited resources I thought that meant like resources would respond but derp yeah I thought there was something wrong with the mana thing man let’s back out and check that where do you find that a custom game at a game advanced ah Skippy stream as a password so you guys could see it apparently people can’t find it and my name is capitalized again that’s weird okay structure mana conception like these are all default I didn’t change any of this stuff like I don’t see anything else that would affect that kind of thing yeah yeah the thumb the thumbnail the thumbnail it’s it’s on Steam actually it’s pretty [ __ ] cool I’m really enjoying playing it actually one second here guess we got to be me Mike for a second while this is loading up you that is beautiful I love it like instantly when I logged into this game the art style I fell in love I love it hey what’s up Boston sorry guys just

taking a little bit of a quick break here I’m I’m having a drink so I’m sure you guys don’t want to hear me call it down I’m thirsty as [ __ ] and I’m doing other stuff you guys don’t mind you’re here to chill and watch a [ __ ] awesome game like the graphics just beautiful I can’t recreate guys wait till I record the let’s play and 4k on this you guys will [ __ ] love it oh [ __ ] look at that [ __ ] thing it’s coming right at me is it going no it’s going holy [ __ ] okay that scared the [ __ ] out of me wow that thing was high level – so high level orc level 30 I think that thing was yeah where’s my base did I get lost can I see my base on my map oh there’s cool stuff to go and check out natural mana pool oh that’s kind of cool oh my base doesn’t seem to show on the map but I think it’s right here I think this is where it is maybe I should set a waypoint there oh there it is oh cool okay okay there’s my Biss but you can’t see your like respawn pad or anything oh yeah I need to grab up [ __ ] this [ __ ] oh you know what there’s an enemy right there I can actually if I could try to kill him because he’s right near my base anyway so I get this respawn I kill him again [ __ ] guy [ __ ] guy I’ve been able to use my new spell on a character [ __ ] level 10 oh no way I got them okay maybe I shouldn’t be that much of a [ __ ] grab up some health cool really digging this I can’t wait to get into like the stone stuff in the Arden eight I just want to build like massive structures for no [ __ ] reason because I don’t really see if there’s any reason this game to build the massive structures but hell it’s me right I’m gonna do it so this is just our starter home we’re doing and that’s my throne this means this is my base whoops okay let’s do some crafting you know what I’m actually gonna make health ones at the moment cuz we do have a lot of mana okay now let’s see if my man is disappearing this time yeah my man is not going away is this supposed to drain your man huh my guy I don’t see anything that I would have said that would have done that oh [ __ ] whoops they went a little click happy and how do you remove stuff structure hitpoints okay so it has hit points apparently so I can go and hit it that’s actually going hit it and see what happens I’m gonna escape out of build mode here oops that’s gathered yeah um wrong weapon here we go mm-hm okay apparently I can’t damage it myself so how would you remove your own structures then hmm Oh delete Oh derp oh wow okay whew that’s dangerous don’t go to click happy with delete guys so that seems like it’s real dangerous all right oh well yes [ __ ] I needs a storage chest can we get it can we get the storage chests I need a place to put all my stuff hey what’s up Jewel and I think servers are glitched Oh with the mana okay I’ll accept that then whatever if the servers are glitched with the mana that’s what it is once you place is thrown Skippy it’ll show on the map I did place a throne it’s right there and then where it is it doesn’t show on the map I done broke it somehow I’d done broke them a game it’s cool though okay so let’s go ahead and take a look at our knowledge zero we got to get another level we’re almost there a little more building perhaps we’ll do some more that oops wrong one

flip coin doesn’t work yeah I’m sorry it’s to reduce the spam in the chat it makes it really hard for me to read the chat in that case I like that collapse animation yeah that was pretty cool I liked it okay so we need to collect some more so one at a time like this you can gathered from quite a distance so oh I’m full what am i doing I’m still getting the XP but I’m not collecting [ __ ] [ __ ] Wow alright that’s a waste uh-huh there we go nice let’s get all this mode okay so we’re going to go to the structures utility storage chests 100% learned that nice house is there wood trim pack that’s kind of cool mana healing pool unlock us to forge unlock cost to work bench repair bench wood transmuter rune recycler stone transmitter okay stone enhancer I have no idea what the half this [ __ ] is guys but we’re gonna be we’re gonna be doing that he’s used to craft powerful potions and elixirs regenerate okay so like you’re more advanced stuff is in the work benches and tables and crap that’s cool meta pools mana generator mana node that’s kind of cool mana node okay so we got the storage so let’s go into craft mode which is I mean build mode which is B we’re gonna go into wood and I assumed it would be under what would it be under magic or do you build it no you have to learn the corner pieces – yeah the the angled pieces yeah you have to learn them to you maybe it’s in crafting No did a day not learn it where the [ __ ] is it this distance affect your harvest count no clue we could check it out though oh it’s under magic medium it’s a magic medium sir it’s just oh [ __ ] what is that thing at the end so we need to make we need to make a forge before you can make a storage chest holy [ __ ] man or can I make that in my inventory let’s check that out crafting oh it’s an ingot okay I can make one they’re mine what am i pitching to both let’s actually go or a carrying capacity craft one I can’t die craft it requires Forge okay Emmett so I’d learned the Forge before I can build the storage chest so let’s look at the knowledge okay are you gonna here forge unlocked cause to me all they have one alright let’s go out and kill things and do stuff it seems to be the quickest way to level then just kind of building so whatever let’s go I know there’s enemies that Island over there there’s enemies let’s go try to take out like that base at least I can get like one or two kills I’m going to lose all my [ __ ] too what ever since my wife strokes the [ __ ] just right Oh Dave tuckies I’m glad you know I’m glad someone in your your relationship can do it right that touches my beer and it becomes a small rug yeah there’s a smell like urine [ __ ] cats I don’t like cats

are you talking to me yes they’re talking to you assassin all right how many guys is there here the only seems to be two so which ones ranged are they both that’s actually a decent attack okay so that was ranged oh where is he where is he oh he’s ranged okay where’d you go gotcha da let’s take a [ __ ] nice oh I got a help file off that guy – cool okay let’s use one to them up needs is there anything here I can loot do I need okay so for this right I need that I need to use this I need to use the extract right nope well how do I get into these treasure chests do I have to like break it open or something what’s the magic with these things like that’s that’s the third one I’ve come across and I can’t do anything with it can I could they take its flag I can’t take the flag damn it yeah those two guys gave me a decent amount of XP I’m happy with that oh there’s one of those mushroom things so said I should go and farm one of those [ __ ] let’s go fire my mushroom I’m assassin do please try not to spam the chat man it’s cool if you’re here but contribution something since it what’s up matrix a button on chest really okay I can ease I can open up that chest and after I steal all the magic from this let’s see what it gives us mushrooms can never go wrong with that yeah that is a lot more 12 XP per tick that’s considerably more okay that’s good a little hint and I’m sure you can do something with the mushrooms we have tons of them they’re bugs currently are they bugged oh okay okay cool oh the mushroom doesn’t go away oh no what oh yeah I have like unlimited gathering ability as well too I’m sure they’ll fix these things I can work around them not their kind of game breaking but whatever I’m used to game breaking bugs oh wow those things are tough to you they go forever oh and it’s gone see you later mushroom son said they’re bugged and someone said press e on them where was that camp where are we ha there we are okay so we’re gonna go east I can’t watch oh that sucks oh it is e oh and then it opens after you loot it okay Wow okay there’s like no prompt or anything for it that’s weird I’m sure the work that’s stuff oh but no they’re not bugged you just press e on them so dammit there’s two in that cave I could have gotten I am a disappointment to my parents guys cat keeps messing with you cool sounds like a good rug hey Siri we found your rug you’re still watching you might as well as well that like Oh hit that like yes guys do me a favor and hit that like button where people can get interested the better um I might rent a small server and password it through my discord I think that would be cool if a few are into it I’m sure it won’t be too much I’m sure there’ll be a few wipes or something I’m not sure I’m not sure how

this game operates so but it’s kind of fun I could put some hours into this it’s a distraction okay um so it’s looking like waving with my axe alright so I got some stuff and things what did we go and do guys let’s see what we can do for crafting let’s just make stuff let’s get some XP from making [ __ ] make some more health files there we go that cranks at xB uh can we make cloth oh we can make a ton of cloth let’s make some of that [ __ ] that’ll crank us up here hey what’s up ducky how you doing man welcome to the game catchy or tacky or touchy did I say that right I am sorry how you guys doing I’m liking this so it’s nice little break from the the norm yeah I’m gonna make a group in my discord guys if you want to be a part of it join my desk or do you exclamation mark discord the bots will actually give it to you if I have the bots plugged in it’s a bot plugged in yeah it’s good to go look at that I actually did the bot this time it’s like an amazing ok it’s awesome dude you gotta stop doing that man days 70th 7 days to die that’s awesome men congratulations but I am actually really digging this game lately one second here guys touching cloth yes okay no bench requirement we do how much do you get for parchment let’s find out how much you get for parchment how much exp seventy-five oh wow I’m wasting time building I could just friggin grind parchment and get like two times the amount from like way less materials so yeah this let’s create some parchment get our level up here a bit okay so we’re gonna go to crafting and yeah Wow parchment gives you 75 XP I’m not gonna do with it I just I want to get that freaking storage sorry Forge so I can build a storage container yeah it’s it’s really actually leveling us I’m carrying too much oh dammit I’m gonna have to drop some stuff maybe the parchment they weigh one each whatever it’s cheap to make what is what is later than parchment apparently okay all right yeah look at that next feed we got going what is this cord isn’t like patreon no it’s more like teamspeak but mark text-based it’s you can install it on your phone use it on the web browser browser or install a desktop app it’s actually nice a nice program it’s free too okay I gotta get rid of that parchment a Ken parchments heavy or use it for bathroom breaks that’s appropriate I mean for parchment it might hurt a bit but crap five more of those five times 75 X bees skipping math is 450 XP or skipping bath so with the calculator or some with a brilliant line or a savant can you figure that out for me drop see you later oh wait what’s this up here 18 cloth how it’s just cloth way okay cloth doesn’t weigh nearly as much leather weighs a little bit but I’m gonna come toss because we don’t have much actually can we make more leather oh we can car is tailing tailoring bench how do we make leather before ok I’m going insane here guys oh and you can get these from the tree so I can craft a couple more of

these as well too okay cool these are fifty XP but so yeah this is this is like grind crafting back seven days to die alpha 15 okay you okay now dude you can stop spamming spam in the chat Oh Spanish man we know we are gonna be knowledge even the the ambience of the game is absolutely beautiful I’m really enjoying this parchment would just be softer than using a block oh no dude what you do is you just you shake and then whenever you see a river you hit it up man okay we’re gonna drop those how it is one of these wait three yeah fairy dust iron ore actually doesn’t waste way very much either okay Wow how close are you oh we’re getting pretty close for 79% well it actually tells you when you load up the bar it’s a 79% it’s kind of cool I’m back for a bit hey what’s up who’s here who’s here how you doing oh look there’s always stuff sitting beside me what’s up stuff okay let’s build some more parchment here grind crafting right now to try to level it’s actually pretty decent XP okay in fitori up here’s we take it and drop it and then mind smart wood when it when it becomes morning again we’ll go for another wander we’ll go see what’s up I just I really want to get my storage chests before we go anywhere and we’re actually really really friggin close so I just have to like grind craft a little more to get there I just want to drop off a whole katana crap that way like when I do die because it’s inevitable oops okay so we’re gonna go to inventory and drop all now we’re 90% of the way a couple more times I think we’ll get it going I can’t fall again make for those so close I could taste it believing a lot I get very excited when you reapplied well thanks mind I get excited when you apply it to okay parchment for drop oh okay can we make other okay we still don’t have enough cloth or anything okay more gather see a tree can I make oh yeah I can’t even make health files or anything because I don’t have any of these rune crystals on me but we’re so close oh if it updates it kicks you over the menu okay noted wow look how far you can gather from this is insane what is it gumbo gumbo okay yay spam crafting night time spam crafting does it remind you of anything guys oh oh there we go nice I don’t mind grinding in games like this okay so we’re gonna up our damage a bit here – there we go we’ll go with damage this time oh we can make another cloth let’s make that as well – and then we can go to our knowledge by pressing K and we can learn Forge nice okay so what do we need to build the Forge now we’re even need another item that we have to unlock it’s like backwards crafting unlocking okay so we’re gonna go b for building mode and i assume it’s gonna be under magic instead of wooden oh well this new category large okay we need eight of those things and ten stone to make one oh look at that thing that thing’s gonna look [ __ ] sick okay so let’s go get some stone and some of

those blue frickin crap blue freakin crap I mind that thing no I can okay there we go I’m carrying too much Oh what do I have on me here oh let’s get rid of this parchment oops that’s a stone I needed stone anyways we need ten of those really you can’t gather from these things what about those things maybe it’s because it’s on the border I can’t do it it’s protective yeah let’s pick them up okay so how many of those did we even need I’d even think to look okay so we’re gonna go magic large okay so we we need three more of these oh you can pick these up while you have this so oh cool okay rock out with your crafting menu out okay and then ten stones as well looks like these are actually pretty valuable you know what can I collect from those I should be able to this try those ones because they’re not within that like protection area at all we’re gonna get out of the build mode ah there we go okay I can’t collect from those [ __ ] I’m full eight – oh okay what can I look I afford to draw okay we need eight more Stone I’m carrying too much how much stone do we have five more stone we need Oh let’s drop all these mushrooms how much do these things weigh not very much but I bet that’s gonna clear up a lot of room holy crap that was a lot of [ __ ] mushrooms carrying capacity is 60 what is my weight 34 okay oh yeah now I can grab a bunch of [ __ ] I had so much mushroom zombie is weighing me down it’s like I live in BC or something um no that’s its the terrain is not destructible it’s not Vox allies like that it’s like the basic like shelter the frame and shelter type deal okay how much do we have now 20 okay yeah we’re good to go let’s do some building why I haven’t been harbouring that many mushrooms this whole entire time weighing my whole inventory down noob stuff it’s fun okay that’s going to build mode we can actually run and get prepared as we go that’s kind of cool so you can actually be really efficient at doing this stuff we need to build ourselves a forge now I think this Forge should go right here yeah look at that if you have a forge guys look at the forwards it’s cool okay so how do you use a forge oh well here we go interact with Forge okay so it shows a bar above it to show how much it’s crafting cool wow this feels like alpha 5 7 days to die like how this Forge is like literally feels like alpha 5 that’s insane like the little bake it comes up on there you can press e to loot it oh I like that that’s cool now we could make a storage guys let’s go to crafting oh wait yeah that’s right it’s under magic magic medium for building and here it is oh yeah we need we need 14 wooden two of those friggin stones alright let’s get some wood and some and some of those magical stones then we can finally go on some journeys cuz I can actually just stash all this stuff I have I don’t want to lose it anymore oh look at all the wood I’m getting guys it’s a lot of wood bench crafting finished oh cool it tells you when you’re when your bench is done crafting I like it can i click from that one up there no it’s too too far away and collect from this one though okay now we should be able to build that [ __ ]

chest time fly flew by way too fast yeah I know I can’t believe I’ve been streaming i’ve streamed for five hours today that’s how much I’ve missed streaming we are gonna go and go into build mode and get that chest going on we’ve pretty much been able to figure out like basics without having to do any major research so I’m not gonna complain at all I kind of like that let’s put this right beside our throne and definitely all [ __ ] that battle I went backwards instead of build here we go BAM storage Oh nice look at that so we can leave this in there how do I is there a quick way to move it over okay okay I’m gonna deal with that I’m gonna put away some of this stuff yeah like we definitely don’t need all of this on us and I’m how much do these ways these actually weigh quite a bit I’m hot now how do i split stacks is it ready to split stacks guys right click to transfer Oh what can open my inventory see if I can split it to drop items drag them off the panel whoa oh I switched it out with the command ok nevermind wait what is ghosts orchards Wow man no I’m gonna put the man in there and then the house in there ok whatever I guess like is there a way to split this [ __ ] let’s look at the settings keybindings movement social camera gameplay assume primary activate trinket build menu open map maybe there’s no way to split [ __ ] we would look at my chest yeah you like my chest man okay that was weird okay yeah that’s a nice little chest isn’t it I like it Gold or ooh can I make gold stuff oh I can make gold stuff let’s put that away in our area inventory here so right clicking it moves it all over all that ones diluted you let’s get rid of that sweet look at that now we have an empty inventory alright can I switch it on the fly like that nope I have to be in my inventory okay cool it’s going kill some stuff and see some things dad I will take your fairy dust actions work but like collecting what the tools apparently it doesn’t work for draining the mana that kind of that kind of sucks but whatever okay let’s look at our map here and check out a destination we took out this enemy camp we’re able to do it let’s head towards this enemy camp right here umm my [ __ ] doesn’t show on the map like where my my throne is apparently it’s supposed to do that but it doesn’t do it for me Oh shiny shiny I like it all right off we go on an adventure we got to start killing things getting some XP bench crafting finished nice we have gold back home gasps let’s uh let’s head down this road and see where this brings a venture to us we can kill those boars and stuff no problem now we have some health crap we have mana we’ll never need it it seems the mana actually real but rebuilds pretty quickly so you kill everything yes you gotta kill everything that’s a point of just everything hmm that almost looks like something special let’s kill this bar yeah you’re not so tough and all you didn’t drop anything so there is a chance they don’t drop

[ __ ] okay okay there’s an elk down there there’s another boar right here yeah that’s go on a killing spree here guys get some Maddox be going on see I think it’s a good time now to use a house so I don’t oh wait maybe Boris don’t drop anything okay apparently Boris don’t drop anything well what’s up there just a plan oh look there’s an enemy right there hopefully he’s not like some sort of badass level 30 friggin crap it’s a Mac Ram yeah it’s fixed it’s some like a set map like Navis gained would be well look at that thing look at I love how they torque and kill other things do that’s [ __ ] awesome oh what’s that over there that’s another thing killing another thing this is a lot of things going on here we’re going for magical journey I can see now how mounts are a great idea I have I help myself onto an elk and making my [ __ ] take all and savage yes just kill everything except for the Bears I like the Bears and plus they’re pretty [ __ ] badass – I don’t think I want to take on a bear but look at that you can see the man’s face from here it’s [ __ ] awesome oh and stay away from those things those acid pools as I’ve learned those are very bad as well – if it glows and it makes weird noises and it’s green stay away you can hear it – bubbling off in the distance oh I walked right by that enemy camp how do we get there this way maybe let’s go this way take a look for it survival of the fittest survival of the fastest keyboard mouse clicker oh look at that a burn and then the double tap to the head knees down what’s this well that’s a wolf I’m gonna kill the [ __ ] horse – you know what neigh and then we have this badass guy right here I want to tape on these [ __ ] dire wolf things he’s like high level oh look at that we’re taking your fur pelts home buddy we’re pretty badass now just walking around killing all the things telling them what what no I think I’ve killed all the things we need more things what’s this over here Oh enemy camp I found it ok ok what do we got going on over here let’s check this out we’ve got some people hanging from chains it looks like these guys are probably friendly holy [ __ ] a Death Weaver level 14 whoo there’s a chest there oh [ __ ] get the [ __ ] out of here that barely even [ __ ] touched him holy crap that was intense even that Wolf’s like get the [ __ ] out I’m hiding in the mountain oh ok wow they don’t aggro very far but holy [ __ ] look at that thing thing’s [ __ ] cool uh-huh where’d that wolf go yeah back here wolf I’m gonna kill all the things are you at ah he’s gone he’s seen it too and he’s like I’m [ __ ] out of here oh there’s a bear what if I could take on a bear level 14 nope as I’ve learned level 4 things a little past my abilities okay where are we here I’ve ran a panic Oh almost right back to the road perfect maybe we should continue on in their journeys also the taming this temporary that’s kind of cool though I like that Matt are Aiden is your name Aiden am I saying that properly but ya know that’s kind of cool man another bear I’m not gonna [ __ ] with a bear just keep going this way I doubt they are very wholesome people if they have people hanging obtains well they’re floating in the air and they got

big-ass freaking hanging jackets going on like what do you call those things wreaths Withers I forget what you call that type of enemy Oh hair nice use my enemy I would like to see like an actual like health digression as well to you’d actually have to make like food you get food from enemies I would really like to see them add that in there just like that little bit of touch of survival would be really nice I heard a few rumors that they want to do it but I don’t know what to believe right oh wow look at all these guys over here look at these [ __ ] they look tough as balls to you I don’t want to get too close because they look [ __ ] pretty treacherous let’s kill this wild elk the good ol one too how far have we gone oh we’re almost to a watchtower thing there’s a landmark coming up oh look at this thing cool let’s go see what it’s got I hope we got some some more free elk XP I’m gonna be hitting that [ __ ] up that’s a lot of people yeah I don’t really want to take that on Aidan oh okay Aidan a den or a den are you British is that and I know a British guy with the same name and I think it was Aidan or I was just saying it wrong and you just never corrected me oh let’s go kill all the things ooh I just pissed something off oh is this bar why is it not there we go that command actually does a lot of damage okay I can use it quite often see it’s not hitting them right it’s almost like it’s a little off sync maybe it’s a good idea not to take them onto the siding Hills weird free XP I should use the health potion there we go more health for me let’s go check this out oh this looks abandoned it looks some sparkly stuff up at the top though let’s go fine let’s go find the magic stuff I hope there’s enemies in here we have five ways to do trickery with them this is crouching I’m liking the textures I wonder if they did all their own textures and everything if these are all their own textures and it’s not like standard or like bot packs get on them I like this like the basic texturing it’s nice I can’t wait to be able to build stone stuff guys that’s where it’s at ooh how far away from level 10 are we e unlock fast travel oh oh cool it’s like a fast travel here now coconut your fast travel the city’s no but I can fast travel these things hmm so I bet the levels go down as I head towards here so let’s head towards the city let’s see what the city is all about the towers are good for time-saving is that what I was doing was time-saving it’s like for fast travel right okay I gotta make sure I’m going the right way I am run a journey yeah I can really see this game come alive as they add more and more content to it I think this game has a lot of potential it’s it’s helped my interest now for two hours straight also I’m not British I’m American no okay hey look it’s a hare this

burnham that’s right here mmm collect hair see if he did that too it should give you cooked beans ha ha I want to be all over these guys forums with like suggestions is that I’d love to see the Matt in like just even having to eat that’s a little bit more of a micromanagement to it farming would be cool as well to you it’s so beautiful to look at I’m just happy exploring right now I don’t know the can be fast travel back to our base is that a thing because my my base doesn’t show up I have to put a player marker there for some reason there is a lot of bugs right now but I’m liking this getting that elk XP ooh there’s a city up here you’ll check it out this is one of the ones you can spawn uh I always spawn that the one that’s on the the most east of the three spots so let’s go check it out see what’s got yeah basically Sam kind of it’s it’s fantasy though it’s straight-up fantasy I like it as a different pace game I’m having fun with it you can tell though there’s a lot of room for content I hope you could build these if you can build these as an actual structures I’m gonna [ __ ] piss myself you know what we can actually find out we can actually find out let’s go and look let’s go to our book of knowledge ornate ornate floors ornate walls ornate millwork ornate stairs roofs oh the circle roofs ornate trim so yeah I would imagine the higher level stuff has leichter like all these things on them oh I can’t wait I gotta build just stupid large stuff no [ __ ] reason yeah cuz I guess that’s all you can really do once you get to a certain point anyways but this game would be fun PvP once they get it all balanced oh oh look at that so there’s a mana pool here and there’s a health pool here um is there anything else in the city is there like a fast travel point that I should grab there’s like no NPCs or anything in the game yet yes you can I can let’s go take a look let’s go to its that’s us hmm we are adding thirst and hunger later yeah check girl that’s what I thought I heard rumors that they were doing that so that’s why it’s like I got really excited about this game I’m really excited about this game it’s been a while since I’ve gotten into like the MMO style and I’ve been wanting to but honestly all the recent mmo’s are just like copy and paste they’re just all the same crap hmm and I like building too so most MMOs take that outright but they can have a mold like this adds that little instance of building in which is fun okay so we went to another city we explored that crap but wait like why can’t I see my base on the map it’s right here like in between these two legs how do i how do i fast travel this stuff like even if I wanted fast travel here you can build that oh you can build that okay oh that well that’s freaking cool yeah I can just build silly large stuff like look at that that’s so freakin cool you put all the different trims and stuff in so that must be the trim like on the sides and stuff that must be all the trim that’s freaking cool okay what else can we go explore like the map seems pretty [ __ ] large like look at all this stuff up here it seems to be more north you know what [ __ ] it let’s go north and see what’s going on I don’t know how we’re gonna get back home maybe I should’ve came this far Oh what’s those are those lamppost oh I may have done got myself into troubles whoo-hoo yeah those are light posts can you build these that’d be cool if you build those we’ll go north through these woods the woods to the north

he hasn’t thrown down I do have a throw-in down I can’t see it though fast travel crashes a game whatever my playing on a plague on my own ah PC I have a multiplayer server but I’m playing on my own PC apparently people can’t find it if you can search Skippy 0 3 through 0 with a capital S and find it the password is Skippy stream you’re more than welcome to join and come like mess around with the [ __ ] oh there’s a camp up here come across camp let’s go around the lake this way let’s go for a swim oh wow you know what let’s go on a journey guys it’s going to journey to that giant masterpiece over there and then beside the mountains it’s going an epic low-level journey and I’m gonna [ __ ] die that’s how we’re gonna get back to base is I’m gonna [ __ ] die I heard this was coming to console as well too I got to look up a lot of details on the games guys I just seen the concept on Steam and then I went and looked and watch them Let’s Plays on it and I’m like ooh potential the ambience is awesome I really like the ambience with the game yeah like it’s got that Skyrim feel to it mmm eh yeah true a lot of the survival axes especially in games like this are quite similar it’s going on adventure yeah we’re gonna go into venture run in the dark we’re gonna go to the statue of no lore because we know nothing about the game so we’re heading straight towards a statue of no lore oh it’s it’s it’s all structure-based Sam it’s on a static world so yeah you must have missed me building earlier right I have a basic base together but yeah you must have you must have missed that okay dammit there we go let’s go the water is this beautiful I can see the mountain up there looks dangerous oh there’s a tower off in a distance city well that’s that’s nice look at that look at that super insane moon although the moon is behind the clouds reflection off the water I do like the reflection that’s kind of cool I really like that actually oh and look you couldn’t even see the city in the reflection of the water that’s nice that’s nice little touch Oh looks tough to kill I bet it’s all like super high level it’s a statue I highly doubt that what level are these [ __ ] things I seen a level but it’s like it doesn’t hold there we go level 9 oh yeah we can [ __ ] this thing up let’s go [ __ ] this thing up here you go sprite with big [ __ ] oh and him do you have any more friends around no but there’s a wolf over here we’re gonna go kill all the things on our adventure well here’s another dairy wolf he might fire attack oooh we leveled and gained our health back nice let’s see what knowledge we can bestow upon ourselves let’s look at spells here [ __ ] I need to be level 15 to get bloodlust that’s freaking cool combat mana blast oh [ __ ] [ __ ] you up what what take it all okay is that horse gonna attack me because I’ll [ __ ] up that horse too let’s look up items here is there anything else I can build you know I should start looking in the armor whoa okay that’s just a panicking horse why is it panicking though well that’s probably because I had a little sprite thing over there look at it go it’s got a hunger thirst on oh it’s going up to the heart oh wait no where’s it going it’s just [ __ ] going is that some random ass [ __ ] that just happens that’s cool okay let’s craft a man about oh yeah we were looking at knowledge

here I guess we can like check out some wands and stuff maybe wait how much how much do I need unlock I can’t learn it really why can I not learn it but we already know ones that’s why [ __ ] you spray cute evil thing I’ll take your fairy dust okay knowledge here we go so we learn the amulets and stuff oh wait we need the forge to craft it okay well that’s cool but trinkets so I guess trinkets go in this slot right mana regen crit chance health regen I think I’d be interested in health regen I think that’s like my main one thing I’d be very interested in there right now but we’re going on an adventure to the big head guy off in the distance so let’s do it we’re gonna be full of stuff by the time we come back we might have to stop and make some health kits as well gone let’s do it what oh god let’s let’s take a look at what this guy’s talking to mode armor gauntlets what’s this melee okay crafting where there’s been gloves so I need wood and just somebody – yet already then so it’s dangerous it’s rock some gun let’s see what happens with them oh there’s a Skelly and it looks angry level 12 Oh shitty we may have gone past our level diamond here [ __ ] it balls out well it’s actually really easy to miss some oh wow yeah he’s gonna own me oh no I gum 907 XP nice that chewed up a lot of my health care so oh they don’t give anything Oh suck it skeleton thingy oh there’s some I’m gonna kill this thing okay let’s grab some some stone stuff up here welcome god of games hey god of games how you doing man I love you for being you the land is called Ignace and all the Lord there is oh that that’s all the lore there is is just angus or something or other they’ve they’ve got a name for it but that’s about it okay so what were you looking for her oh yeah let’s do some of this [ __ ] here let’s get our health up oh yeah look at that health upgrade that’s nice knowledge you said so we bought the gauntlets nobody want to actually just [ __ ] make them alright what I need I need wood give me a tree mantri I need your services collected one would done okay let’s see what these things can do here we’re gonna equip so and said get the gauntlet so we’re gonna get the gauntlets ere is a gauntlets so we’re gonna equip them yeah I equip it whoa where did it go oh all right oh so there uh-oh so they’re an armored item okay they gave me 15 extra damage oh nice okay let’s go kick some ass Thank You Man okay yeah I should look into armor as well – thanks dude that was a good [ __ ] in nice level 12 [ __ ] the bear well look at that I can kite it I think I kill it are you running away from me bear [ __ ] [ __ ] bear oh nice light essence new stuff oh ok now we’re starting to kick some ass thanks for the heads up man oh look a

treasure chest was it have for us woo journeyman’s magic necklace health regeneration not HEIs apprentice and Layton wand ooh Wow items and stuff okay that’s definitely that’s not as good as a wand we had but Wow or the item the weapon we have now but level 15 so oh I can’t equip it to level 15 required level level 15 damn that looked like a cool item to hold on to it though that’s kind of [ __ ] awesome our adventures it’s gonna be a long walk back guys like Mordor back the first bear could be killed without him anybody if I had a minibike that would have been no problem or um maybe maybe when I get my flying stuff like I guess see I can buy a broom at level 10 so I can go flying maybe I can run into stuff with it yeah we’re leveling quite well like this actually I’m gonna stop soon I think and make some health kits what I need for health kits at the moment mushrooms oh okay that’s not so bad it’s like mushrooms right there mushrooms aren’t rare at all they’re so easy to find okay suck it post [ __ ] Oh oh [ __ ] he did a stomp [ __ ] motion thing oh he silence mean that’s what he did [ __ ] [ __ ] and there’s got some health in on that Oh what my man is gone that’s what’s going on I’m an idiot okay I just used two health kits and there’s my mana back there we go okay remember and my mo use those mannequins I gotta be like [ __ ] twenty four of them alright we got to keep heading towards a big rock face guy where is he [ __ ] I’ve lost sight in the big rock face guy I think we’re going north yeah north okay we’re good to go hey there’s a mana pool I think up there or is that just a thing oh look at the how the vials we can make Crafton oh you know what I’m doing I don’t have my I can hear something running and it’s freaking me the [ __ ] out oh it’s a wolf okay I have the wrong one to quit there we go that’s better now I have two attacks Wow noob oh [ __ ] you better wait wait wait wait wait wait I don’t have there we go yeah so I definitely want to avoid that attack nice we’re taking all this what the [ __ ] holy [ __ ] yes I’m gonna grab some man up here as well – ready to go there you are [ __ ] I missed done oh he’s range day you know what I’m gonna chase him then oh hey did my weapon break what just happened do those things have durability [ __ ] just happened guys all they do they have durability uh can I repair it no I think that’s what you need to repair is station four so I’m actually gonna drop it and then we’re gonna change the spells on this guy right here so let’s go the spell book I’m gonna take us yeah I’m extract off here we go there we go same weapon all over again easy enough not much of a loss well you should there’s another bear this place just [ __ ] full of them holy [ __ ] come at me bro

there you are see that’s a good time to get them to when he does like that whole ground chicken thing okay let’s keep going it’s gets more intense as you get deeper how far deep are we holy crap look how far we’ve gone oh we’re actually headed straight towards throwing up Ignace oh there we go look at that there’s some of the lure we’re headed straight towards odd things so that’s that’s kind of cool looks like there’s an enemy camp coming up though I might want to sneak around that oh really oh whoa thank you very much I’m Aiden I appreciate that okay thank you Troy you as well to you man thanks guys okay so I’m gonna open this up here we’re gonna go to spell book and we’re gonna go smash wrong weapon type oh really oh let’s look at the spell book then let’s see if we can actually buy anything our knowledge let’s go to spells I’m combat he’s gonna be used on any right mana blast maybe learn okay let’s go back to spell book mana blast yeah there we go can I do mana blasts on both nope but yeah okay cool we’re gonna we’re gonna rock these for a while so you will see what damage we can do with this [ __ ] okay hopefully hopefully you guys haven’t led me astray some badass punching and gloves what’s up over that way let’s look at the map here oh is it throwing up or is a big face guy oh wow this is quite the journey oh he’s up this way okay we’re gonna go north ready to continue our journeys yep this way it looks like yeah there’s the enemy camp I heard something is it coming after me okay no I’m just paranoid what’s this well it’s a dead dead elk Oh was that the rabbit making that noise die rabbit okay that’s kind of cool oh wow look at that thing mm-hmm yeah I don’t ooh how are we gonna get around that what level are these guys like how do I get that thing to come back holy [ __ ] look at the size of them let’s go for it oh oh oh they sound real pissed off wow look at that thing up there holy [ __ ] these things get intense as you go another [ __ ] bear go up this way holy [ __ ] I could have just went up and around these things but no apparently those guys are friends so those are all undead things you ain’t fighting each other so oh crap yeah they’re starting to get higher level to you Wow oh I’m gonna punch you to death oh yeah you’re gonna want to run because you’re gonna want to kill me from a distance right oh [ __ ] [ __ ] what the [ __ ] is that far as guardian is that thing angry it’s nothing gonna get mad at me I didn’t want to stay away from that [ __ ] thing it’s huge this is intense okay these things are actually kind of cool we’re still alive somehow guys oh [ __ ] bear that’s bucket okay we still want to keep going north I think where are we on the map oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] no okay I think we’re going the wrong way guys [ __ ] you wolf I’m gonna punch you to death holy crap okay I’m gonna have to make some more health kits as well it’s starting to get really intense let’s [ __ ] take it out on the elk okay but actually I don’t even know where we were [ __ ] going holy [ __ ] this is a guy running over there oh [ __ ] that guy looks [ __ ] mean as [ __ ] I don’t think I want to [ __ ] with that guy okay I want to get over here so we need to go north and kind of just keep yeah

we need to go this way and wrap around and avoid they [ __ ] [ __ ] like that okay let’s go around this way we got to learn how the fast travel to you then the first got this well and equip it okay let’s go ahead and open that up what’s a godless spell oh here it is okay okay nevermind there’s a gauntlet spell good good point man okay so we’re gonna go to spell book purify purify those oppose you at the long-range beam oh cool okay okay well let’s uh let’s go Chester showed on that crazy-ass looking elk I think we got to go up this way to get to it around this baseless mountain here I see it there it is it’s right up there okay we can we can see it now oh this is something dead there’s a blood work a blood or can they looks like they killed each other there’s a story here guys there’s a story here it’s a sorry a story of hunger and the fight for survival alright let’s move on it’s up that way I seen it right there it is oh there’s me nice looking that thing up there I only have one health kit left can we make any more yes we can make at least one more I need some more of them red things I don’t come across those in a while yeah it’s mad it knows I’m here let’s go [ __ ] get it oh wow oh the gun let’s rock oh [ __ ] hahaha I think rocked me Oh God that was way too far away well there goes all our stuff but now we know how to get back home it’s a boring story yeah pretty much select a selection spawn okay here’s my respawn stone why isn’t this show like my my others [ __ ] on here I look I’m back home I got some gold well we didn’t make it very far in our in our exit epic and glory battles but this thing [ __ ] rocks yeah it’s like a [ __ ] rave and feel like a DJ from the future and actually doesn’t seem to really take off that much man I either that’s good actually kinda looks cool and it makes contact with things damn these are cool I should’ve been using these long time ago the Garland’s Rock dies yeah I was too focused on how awesome the gauntlets looked and I forgot about my health whatever let’s go take it out on the local wildlife his gear is in his description oh yeah my gear is in the description like my setup yeah that’s all up in there let’s go take it out on this wolf over here sup wolf cool okay maybe we should like do all the weapons and stuff like a is er um is there a hard limit for for xp for like skills and stuff is there something like that that exists well I lost my extra tool to it yeah that’s not a big deal whatever that was a fun adventure we need to get better geared and stuff like I should build myself an armor station and all that other crap there’s my place over here yeah like the throw and apparently people are saying the throne should show up on the map but it doesn’t I know where my base is but I’ll see no throne we got to find a real cool place for like an end base to make like it just a big castle for no reason oh that’s funny a theory I bet that quality was just superb man okay so I’m going to just like right-click these all right back into the inventory mm-hmm okay maybe we should do some building I need a basic tool so I’m gonna go and pick up some sticks

pick up sticks you know what you pick up everything at this point still pick up some rocks so I can make a basic like axe can I switch the axe out with G is that a thing okay we’re gonna go like this stone axe oh we need one more stone stone stone stone there is a stone okay let’s build an axe and then we gonna chant it beautiful stuff my eyesight is closer to 480 ah well they need one Lowe’s the difference okay oh it does switch it out okay cool oh and hey look at that I remembered oh wait or is that my old axe well that’s my old axe okay never mind I didn’t need to make another axe is still in my inventory I can’t wait to bake bill Castley stuff like that it’s gonna be fun that’s just a little bit of grinding here I guess oh I need to go and equip the spell to it here we go extractors we can pretend it’s 4k I will make videos on this I think and we’ll do it in 4k I’ll start like a different playthrough I really have no idea what’s going on the other than badass wooden gloves and magic the description kind of gives you the base of the game and I copied the description from the website so it gives you the base of the game though overall it’s kind of cool right now I’m working on we’re gonna be working on building our plays here dammit I can’t wait to get the other crap – okay how wide is this 1 2 3 4 5 now 1 2 3 4 okay’s we could need to go out one more this way and then we’ll actually be square yeah building so much faster when you actually have space in your inventory you can’t hate it from here we’re gonna make this place really treeless guys went to it Skippy logic yes get used to it our glasses as well you spelled dear wrong winter most likely he man you guys got to realize to like I’ve literally been playing video games for six hours today stream this yet III know it’s I’d like the same when you’re playing it by yourself I’m hungry actually hello stream in three hours nice whatever I’m down for a little bit of grinding here I got the munchies going on do I know mine will do 4k but it’s only like six months old all your computer that’s cool am i full I’m not even paying attention nope I’m not even full yet is there like better extracting spells I can I want to check that out here too okay so we already on spells pacify oh okay so utility you learn different utilities they’re not actually improved spells pacify on an animal will slowly drain its enemy energy until they’re unable to move allowing an adventurer to approach and tame the creature okay that’s kind of cool he’ll beam restores health for structures and creatures all right telekinesis allowing wizards and mages to lift and throw objects into the air using nothing now that just sounds like [ __ ] fun that’s at level 30 I can’t wait to see that yeah I do like the extracting animation it’s kind of fun to watch will limit that

not at my cut as a deer Hey you’re judging me and your gods a deer I get it though it’s all good it’s all good Martin it’s it’s not a game out of compared to seven days a dying man nice and the Haileybury eating them mm-hmm oh you mean the bear is eating mean I’m not even bear I’m carrying too much what am i doing all right let’s go back to base here and do some base six we went there okay so there’s walls is their walls with windows is that a thing are you having a look at the walls yet okay bam and bam okay let’s back up go the walls keep you got angled walls we got normal walls and then we got the triangle walls is there a way to put windows in these things or is just something you have to learn no I guess we’ll find out wow these actually don’t cost much to build a little haha we were doing this such a slow way before when we didn’t have storage and I didn’t want to throw anything away and then I threw a bunch of [ __ ] mushrooms all right let’s get out of this my wishes came in via lottery the game literally just came out for what it is at the moment it’s fun I don’t mind it I look forward to more content as well – for what I see now I really like the base game the base game runs pretty damn well have we run into really any well other than like the the mana not going down when you’re using your collection I guess that’s a bug but other than that like I don’t really think we’ve seen much else you have to build the walls and then put windows and doorways into them oh okay so that’s the trim Zen it’s under trim I’d imagine that’s what that is thanks Troy yeah I gonna check out the forums on this game as well – this game looks like a blast actually I’m really liking this All Right see you later atomic yeah it’s getting late for me – what time is it for me actually well it’s only 9:30 I thought it was later than that don’t make your house lucky please use some diagonals nah dude I can make whatever I want then I have a 1.0 drawers for ballast I hope it really kicks off hard yeah waiting on that still I don’t see them releasing the game by Christmas man or even this year to be honest at this pace he’s kind of like hit a brick wall with it all I’m carrying too much again talking away can you have more than one spawn pad can you have multiple spawn pads yeah see you later atomic man have a good one all right so we’re gonna build some walls yeah Bam Bam Bam ah she’s mad this thing’s just a temporary abode I’m not using this Pearlie I could really care less I just want to make my basics learn the building get my levels and I move out to a really cool area let’s take a built stone lake over in those mountains it builds some [ __ ] crazy so yeah I just don’t really care to do the other crap right now all right we forage anything no we can go to those mines or those caves and do some mining for stuff like that but I don’t know where we can use a fork or yet I should build some cloth I really like the building and this I’m not a big fan of this style building but the stone looks really nice so yeah well I’ll give it a chance you know what I mean I’m really liking the game so far and I can forgive this style of building if the game keeps adding content becomes really really cool like more alive like the game that the environment feels alive but yet there’s still a little bit of deadness to the game itself like you we need some NPCs obviously if we were playing on a server right now there’d be multiple people didn’t like it at first

but the game grows on you I don’t know I’ve been playing it I literally picked it up started playing it 2 hours and 45 minutes ago so you’re watching my first 3 hours of the game alright so what I was gonna be doing here let’s look at our knowledge book and see what’s going on in here spells structures I want to get my other crafting stuff here as well dude like the tailoring bench start maybe making some other crap workbench used a craft style wands and broomsticks okay where do you see your level we like your overall level I have a two millisecond response time on my server here oh here it is it’s got to be in here am I being blind right now the [ __ ] is it oh you know what you know what guys I’m sorry my FPS meter is over top of it that’s why I don’t see my there there we go I’m level 9 okay I see it now it’s in my characters face stupid FPS counter okay how do I make this thing [ __ ] go away again I gotta get rid of this thing oh my god this thing’s gonna piss me off so many damn buttons and functions on this stupid thing oh there we go I think I got it nope sorry guys one second here I got to get rid of that it’s annoying me maybe I’ll turn it off I give up I give up I’ll have to look it up in the manual I think what button am I supposed to press I think there’s no button to turn it on and off it just says SPF counter when I go to it and ah stupid asus mg279q let’s second here guys one second there is no escape no xscape at all oops I just turned my monitor off