Q&A – SoloQ, How to Start YouTube & More

hey guys let’s say bringing you another video no today’s video is the question and answer video for august and basically i have recorded this before but i recorded it about two weeks ago before i went away on a little bit of vacation and when I came back there was a lot more questions and yeah i’m basically recording it now again and including the new questions now you may ask why don’t i just use the old footage and then just put the new questions on but like behind it basically was already half an hour long and i generally make these about half an hour so the thing to say about this series is you can minimize the video this is not a visual video I’m just on camera that’s all that’s going to be happening so you can minimize the video and go practice hitting you can even go in solo queue if you wanted and or do some homework I don’t really care but just to kind of say you can minimize it and treat this as more of a podcast a dream of mine honestly is actually somehow to actually start a podcast maybe in the future I’ll actually say that right now out loud if there’s any other big youtubers watching which I doubt it but if you’re on a but if you are ever thinking of making a podcast to talk about legal age in so you talked for like two hours a week about it I’m willing to be on that show anyway let’s get into it so the question and answer video I like doing and the main reason I like doing it is interaction I am a youtuber that loves to respond to comments I’m a youtuber that tries to respond to as many private messages as I possibly can which I know is a lot different than others now yes I’m a lot smaller than some of my friends are so maybe they can’t deal with the amount where I can and yeah this video it basically just gives back if you have a question a burning question I can always try and answer it and i will say these are the type of videos i always look to answer the questions in the comment section a lot more and so if you have a question put it down below and you’ll probably find i will answer you one thing to say is that if I never answered or responded to a question of yours its most likely because I literally can’t I will some people for some reason I literally do not have the reply button available to you and it’s something to do with your privacy settings I have been told anyway let’s get into it so the first question is any tips for Diana mid and what build will I normally go on her soda not Diana mid is a cool champion she’s both an ass in and a anti assassin because she has the shield so what would I any tips are her no one to play aggressive and only go in when you basically have all your spell’s up and you hit the cue on the enemy champion so you get the are reset unless you know you can basically just one hit them anyway it’s kind of like a cali most of the time on a caddy you want to throw your cue out before you are into them then get the auto-attack off if you know you can kill them on Diana by just all ring and w.e then just do that but that’s just playing the champion and learning the champion diana can pretty much do fine in every matchup in the game you just have to bury your play style there are some play styles you can play aggressive so you have to play passive that you make sure w instead of your Q & B yeah it’s just experience will basically help you the most now what builds would i go on her fairly aggressive with but also with survivability aspects so you’re looking at ludens echo lich bane zhonya’s railay death cap with soccer boots days like a really nice build for in terms of what order and stuff it just depends who you’re against really if you’re against a ad assassin like Z or yes well then rushes anya’s if you’re against someone like Victor who’s very is like you can basically blow him up then i’d recommend Luden’s and if you’re against a farming matchup against like anna nevere then maybe go for just you know a death cat brush or something I’m not really sure but there you go next question is three questions in one and so we’ll go through them one by one is first one is how to set up a well-put-together ranked five you five team with difficulty I’ve been part of a lot of ranked five steam as many of which of one tournaments myself and every single one of them has had problems so is the first thing say you’re always going to have problems if you are going for competitive because they’re always going to be disagreements there’s going to be people that underperform there’s going to be people that are carrying so there’s always a little bit attention no matter where you are in league the first thing to say is if no matter what rating you are when you go to a ranked 5 steam you should set your priorities in like order right away are you wanting to win tournaments are you just having fun do you want to get gold so you get the team border set out what you want to do and so everybody is on the same page so you have one like the worst situation will be I just want to get the gold border or I want to be LCS you can see there’s a lot of difference there and that is probably not the best idea so make sure you all have the same priorities and also make sure you have a set shot caller one or two shot callers that basically everybody listens to it helps with the communication it actually helps the team synergy next question is what champions would I like to get a new skin any specific ideas um what champion not particularly I’m somebody that nearly owns every skin in the game so I don’t really care about what champions get

what skins any ideas I don’t know I always thought like a pokemon theme skin would be cool for somebody and maybe even avatar like not the blue big people i mean avatar the guy that can bend earth air fire and water I thought I really like that anime or whatever you wanna call it so yeah that’s probably it then the final question is this person says he’s a gay male he’s openly out but he feels like he can’t be himself sometimes any way to feel better about me myself now I did actually respond to this guy and said I’m not gay I’m pretty much the complete opposite and I yeah I’m straight obviously so I can’t really put myself in this guy specific shoes the only thing I can kind of say is as long as you’re confident in yourself as long as you know who you are it honestly shouldn’t matter whatever other people even think of you that’s the way that I kind of treated anyway like I’m on the internet I’m doing videos in front of thousands of people and I occasionally get hey but I’m confident of who I am of the content i’m putting out there so the hey I literally do not care about any hate that I get because I am happy with what I’m doing so if you are happy with you you are happy with being gay I guess and you’re comfortable with that then yeah that’s fine do you and that’s great and I’ve actually had a friend in the last two years I actually came out and he’s become a lot more confident you can just tell in himself that you know he’s a lot more happy and he I think he used to think that he couldn’t be himself in a lot of situations but now everybody knows everybody he cares about knows you know all of us friends care has it changed our relationship anyway hell no we still talk about girls like if we’re just on teamspeak I was like that girl is hot if it doesn’t the dynamic of the relationship just because he’s gay and I surprising to say if you have true true friends it literally doesn’t matter just be confident in yourself next question is so has weight yeah hey houses so school is starting in a few days I feel sorry for you and for you and he was wondering how to stay organized it seems to be when your biggest problems it seems to be one of the world’s biggest problems in fact and so how to stay organized so biggest thing I can or recommend is time management and a lot of people think it’s unrealistic thing to do but honestly it’s a fairly easy thing to do so even if in your head you go right my gaming ty you know if you’re somebody that has to game a video game every single day just putting a head right my gaming hours are after eight o’clock at night or something but before eight o’clock at night I want to make sure that I get all my work done because I was found when i was in school if I found that I was gaming but I still actually had work to do I was never playing as well as I should have because I always had in the back of my mind I really should be doing this work instead of gaming right now so do your work and then game trust me school is a lot more important next one is what University of my act and also what I able to would I be able to do games with viewers when i stream you’ve only been you’ve only watched some of my stream so you haven’t as catch them if i do first question what union my time are a are you in cambridge and then what and then will I be able to do games with viewers I have done in the past and I actually have an apology to say that I actually haven’t in the past couple months really and I used to do a thing called subscriber Saturday but Saturday’s recently I’ve become a bit busy for me you know with a new fitness regime and other things going on in my life as well as the LCS that the games are now starting at four o’clock in the afternoon and I usually started streaming about one o’clock so kind of really narrow as how long I can stream on Saturdays maybe I should change the day maybe I should make it like subscriber Wednesdays or something and I might actually do that because it is getting in the way a lot and so yes I do do them and then mainly for twitch subscribers or at least they get priority into the games and if the games are not full the normal viewers get a chance to get in as hopefully that answers your question next one is basically this guy is very nervous when he plays ranked games and because of that he does not play ranked anymore he’s afraid because he will might play bad and ruin the game for other players how does he become a less nervous and so believe it or not even though I’m a very confident person I used to have league anxiety I’ve actually done a league discussion on it I don’t know how long ago so I might actually do an updated version of it riesen but basically the thing that I realized is what do you want to get out the game is a big thing in your head that you need to vote figure out for me and that I stopped playing sport obviously due to injury and I was a very high level sportsman then I went to water Warcraft a very high level raider and hunter stop playing world of warcraft went on to legal agents and I was like right I want to be good at this game so then I put all my effort into legal agents I became diamond one I have a very much that type of person that no matter what I’m doing I want to be kind of near the top I want to be one of the best at it and maybe that’s just me maybe you’re not like that but for me as

well a big driving thing when I had league anxiety was when I played a lot of normal games I kind of came to the cooker at the conclusion that i’m playing so many normal games that what is the point of these normal games yes I’m having fun but I’m putting so much effort into winning them I’m not getting anything from these normal games i’m not getting rating i’m not getting anything i may as well go play ranked and it was that simple i forced myself to play ranked under that mentality of at least i’m actually getting something for my wins here and yeah within a couple weeks I didn’t have ranked a liga anxiety anymore so hopefully that answers your question helps you next one is hey how’s your plan oce the australian servers and just wondering if you reckon or know if plac three in OC is the same skill level as na or EU servers I can’t help feel that plat is not that good for my region as there are far away less players on oce than na thanks and keep up the great content thanks very much for that question um so yeah this is a slightly controversial topic because a lot of people say no my region is really good oh they kind of a very defensive over there rank but yes there are there are server differences and again I’m not just saying this is has judged on a very educational answer here because I’ve coached people from all over the world I’ve coached people on the oce servers on a you northeast eus North America I’ve coached everywhere and there is a big difference of coach literally the same people in the same rank but from different service and they are miles apart and so basically i’ll say some people do blow it out of proportion but what I’d say that was the chain on me if that did come up on the mic and what I’d say is basically the top servers in terms of solo queue skill level are Asian servers so the Chinese and the Korean servers and I kind of and when I say this i do not mean bronze or silver bronze and silver or every single server are pretty much all the same they’re pretty much all the same kind of bad ish level I’m talking about when you get platinum and above the way it’s the game starts to become a little bit better so that is where Korean and Chinese servers do overtake the other servers then II west and north america are kind of behind that very closely followed by e northeast you northeast is very similar to us the North America but just a little bit behind mainly due to you northeast not actually having a professional scene or a big one that all the big European players play on the US so it’s very hard to kind of gauge the skill level when none of the LCS players on play on EU Northeast and so you know this is just below and then yes you have oce turkey Russia that kind of at the bottom and that is not any disrespect to them servers that is basically them being a lot newer than the other servers and the player base is not as big as the other service so there’s no way that they can compete at the moment maybe in a few years they will be the same level once there the players are more experienced once the player base is bigger but as of right now you are correct in saying that oce platinum 3 is probably not the same as the other servers next one is due I think it would be more profitable for big twitch streamers to move to youtube streaming okay so this is a good question and it’s kind of relevant considering that I recently did the YouTube stream I did a test that i was like most of my audiences on youtube so I’m going to do a YouTube stream and just test it out from my conclusion it’s probably a no or at least right now it’s a no the streaming platform when YouTube is worse than twitch and they don’t have things in place that you need to have things in place they don’t have the interaction that is needed and it is a bit messy basically twitches far superior and you know I’m not going to go into details about contracts on twitch because obviously I’m under my own contract and but I’ll just say this you get paid more on twitch than you do on YouTube and but yeah I’ll basically said if you are as a twitch streamer that gets over a thousand viewers every single time you stream you’re making pretty damn good money put it that way so there you go and and obviously these did the full time streams on twitch you know cutie pie he’s getting 20,000 viewers when he streams that it’s probably more he’ll make you’ll make more on Twitter he does on YouTube next question is what is my first boys my real first name and that’s pretty much questions so the first thing to say is you can find that out fairly easily if you go on the team dignitas website i’m on there or if you go on Twitter I’m on there and my first and last name is on there my name is Sean my last name is Herbert and yeah so i’m sean has he Herbert and basically the reason I actually like released my name is because i joined dignitas because in the article it was we are very pleased to welcome huzzy games AKA or her we’re very pleased to announce that Sean Herbert AK huzzy games is now joining team dignitas I was like okay my name is out there already I may as well say my own name now so there you go and one thing that you say specifically to this

guy Jordan Callie you comment on a lot of my videos and you are a person I cannot reply to any of your comments there is literally no option for me to reply by literally there’s not a reply button and it’s something I think to do with your privacy settings on google plus next one is what do I think about supportive items on junglers in soloqueue like sightstone and locket of the iron solari it’s a pencil play style from if you want to build them items I presume you’re a very passive player it’s not me that builds these items I’m a very aggressive player so I build damage mainly most champions to carry the game and I would build site stone on champions specifically lease in new New vai and maybe a lease now the reason for these four champions specifically Lee sin is obvious you want the kicks nunu you’re a very heavy counter jungling a jungler she went to water the enemy jungle to know where the jungler is you could jump in his jungle take something and leave VY because it actually gives you quite nice tankiness and utility that also you can look for gangster on the map and the same with the lease quite nice utility the having vision actually helps with their ganks and they’re the only champions I probably buy it though honestly so yeah hopefully that answered your question next one is what do I think about the current state of AD carrier roll many say it’s becoming more and more of a supporting damage role you know not really if you look in most games at the end of the game and you look at most damage done to champions the ad carry pretty much in most games are still doing the most damage in every game so no it’s not becoming a support role it’s just becoming a more difficult role to play in the current meta and that basically just means you have to get better at playing the role you have to position better you have to have a better lane phase you’re stronger into the mid game and that’s fine with me you know it’s not good if League of Legends is easy riot is making this game easier every single season so I like it when they occasionally make it harder in certain aspects and so now it’s not becoming a worse role at all it’s becoming a better role in my opinion and next one is what advice or what general advice would I give to people who want to start posting league games like I do and maybe streaming also you have to have a USP if you don’t know what that is that is a unique selling point basically and you know why will people watch your videos over someone else is the biggest question and the biggest answer that you can ever think about when you’re starting a YouTube channel are you amazing at the game so you can offer game knowledge and teach people are you funny that you’ll make people laugh are you musical so you can do singing and dancing and stuff or any of these reasons now you’ve specifically said you want to start posting liga games like i do so what I’d say to you is that is mainly more of a teaching role so are you good at the game and nowadays it is a lot hardest to start a YouTube channel now than it ever has been because so many people have YouTube channels and there it’s very hard to break through you know I’m up nearly 40,000 subscribers which is a lot of people but it is insanely hard to break through you know I actually haven’t got to like the broken through point yet well I kind of have but if you know what I mean so what I offer let’s just go through what I offer I offer great game knowledge I offer the mentality of some of that isn’t toxic that doesn’t flame people i offer the diamond knowledge for the past three years i offer that i’ve watched the LCS for many years so I know how the game works I’m part of a professional organization so I’ve insight into the game more than other people do that’s what I offer and obviously I’m very sounds big headed by I know I’m quite good at talking I always have been I’ve been on a debate team I love speaking in public so I have that where a lot of people aren’t great speaking aloud they’re not very clear and speaking to a microphone they’re not great at playing the game so you have to work out what is actually good for you and if it’s actually worth doing will people actually watch it and right now in rating wise if you want to teach people the game how to play the game especially doing commentaries I’d say you’d minimum have to be diamond and when I started I was platinum back in season 3 platinum was ok in rating because I’ll see less people played the game nowadays so many people are doing YouTube so many people are streaming diamond is kind of the minimum if you want to teach people it’s also the fact of your bronze silver gold honestly you most of your advice probably won’t even be good that sounds elitist but it kind of is so hopefully that answers your question next one is currently in bronze 5 and struggling a bit and I’d imagine it seems the way it seems the way the games go is completely one sided by 15 minutes yeah that’s pretty normal for bronze 5 i’ve seen almost all my own writer diamond videos and you’re still stuck ok one thing it’s all it’s one thing watching my videos it’s another thing actually watching them and learning from my videos you actually have to take what i say and actually apply it to your own game it’s you know it’s like watching a documentary you’re just watching it and you’re not taking n

any other facts there’s no point watching it if you’re not taking in the facts your farm is usually double the cs of the enemy top laner because they try to trade a Miss CS hey you even achieve this on champ such as vain versus severe weather lane should be in favor of the opponent ok let’s break that down again in bronze five matchups literally don’t matter at all because people play the champion in completely random way or in the wrong way so yeah literally counters in bronze 5 don’t exist if you play a champion good you can play it you can beat everything in the game in bronze 5 next part is where did I where Rosie your question is how do I carry these games you main Tops’l split push a teamfight you play Tryndamere java mundo and Thresh as your best for Champions that champion Paul I don’t like so first thing I’ll say split first split push vs team fight I will say team fight every single day of the week because especially the lower rating you go you might be doing great in split pushing but people don’t know how to react to split pushing and lower rating they’ll probably just fight anyway so it’s a lot better if you get fed in your lane be involved in team fights and carry the team fights where your team will most likely be fighting split pushing never when it does work but in my opinion is it’s not a great way to climb then your champion pool tryndamere java mundo and thresh I don’t like that champion pool at all so I hopefully you’re not playing thresh top plane hopefully that support because thresh is not a top laner and then Tryndamere i’m not a fan of tryndamere tryndamere has many weaknesses and here’s a split push champion so again i’m not a fan of split push champions Jarvan he’s OK at top lane you know gamma su from dignitas has played him top plane but again there are just better champions in top lane especially for solo q my opinion North is just a better version of Java in solo queue you can have a strong lane phase you can win your lane and then in teamfights you have amazing pressure with your ultimate and finally mundo I’ve carried games of mundo but he’s not easy to carry games with because he’s just a pure tank with no CC apart from a slow so I’d say your champion Paul isn’t grateful i carrying games you want to be playing champions like irelia nah Jax these cyber champions carry the game by themselves as long as you’re playing well you win you’re late and your team fight hopefully that answers your question next one is hello you’re from the LA s server was that Latin America South I think and your silver one and you main top lane your problem and you’re more than one question that’s fine is that you don’t know if it’s good to spam ranked or not because some say it is good another say it’s not do i recommend spamming ranked and how do I manage the frustration after a loss where you played well ok so do i recommend spamming ranked yes when you’re ready to play ranked and when I say that you’re ready to play ranked in my opinion when you at least can play every single role in the game and you have a rune page that covers the basics so you can play at least two champions in every role you’re not going to be complaining about other people taking your role one thing to say about the whole prospect about oh he took my role it’s not your role you do not own mid lane for example that guy might main mid late and yes he might have a bad game but that doesn’t give you any right to be frustrated at him it’s not specifically your role sorry there was a slight tangent anyway um yes i do recommend spamming ranked ranked is where you will improve the most out of anywhere in this game because that is where people will try hard that is where people will actually want to win more than normal games this is where people will not hopefully experiment with new champions they won’t experiment with new builds they’ll hopefully pick a champion they know and play that champions are the best of their ability and you should do the same which will help you climb more and so yes I do recommend it and when you’re confident with it you should climb a lot your second question is how do you manage the frustration after a loss where you play well it’s legal legends dude it happens all the time and you have to accept that I’ve been playing this game for five years a lot of people have said to me how do I not give a straight and all that because a long time ago I frustrated that I will lose games even though I play well it’s a five-man team game I’m only one person there are some games i can carry 1b5 there going to be some games i physically can’t and that is fine except that and you’ll never get frustrated again that’s pretty much it there’s no point get frustrated when it’s out of your hands I always say that to people around me family family members and friends is like why are you getting angry over something that you literally have no control in there is literally no point to get angry about this thing and then they kind of calm down and realize that I’m correct because I’m a very chill person that jet just chills through life and just I’m a serious person but there’s no point getting angry next question is here’s what time zone am I in and how much weight have I lost so far you look great thanks very much so what time zone am I

in I live in Cambridge in England so I am on gmt the weather the central one basically London if you just look up London time i’m always on london time and then how much weight if I lost I in pounds about 17 pounds now which is just over a stone a stone when I say stone basically a stone in Britain is 14 pounds so I’ve lost 17 now and I’ll actually say one thing I’m not going to show it obviously because i’m not that comforted in my body yet but I’m getting to the stage now you know I lost a lot of weight here my face has become a little slit a lot slimmer but I love I’ve lost a lot of my stomach that is actually becoming a lot more flat and you know I poke my stomach there’s still fat there but I’m losing a lot more and i actually have now believe it or not a line like a muscle line going down the middle of my stomach the six pack is returning guys is going to be there soon abso yeah that’s how much of us thanks for the thanks for the interest to be honest it’s always nice to see people are interested in my way adventure will say if you are interested in the way adventure go on the IRL channel some people don’t even know that channel exists huzi IRL in real life i upload nearly every single week on there another day about my weight I didn’t do it last week because I was busy and it was my dad’s birthday but this saturday i will upload or tomorrow i will upload another episode of the weight adventure that will be giving an update i basically just spoiled right now anyway let’s keep going will i upload diamond gears from my main account yes and i did do that that was a week old question so i did do the three hour livestream which i am tempted to do every month or every two weeks that it might just be a stream it and then uploaded to youtube and there will be your diamond content for the month because majority people want to see unranked a diamond which is great but I do want to do diamond content as well next question is and I’m by the way if my forehead is really shiny it’s because i am boiling in this room i’ve got the green screen up which is covering the window so i’m not getting any air in i normally have my fan on and my door is closed my fans off so i am boiling and I’m sweating and after after recording this I’m actually going to go exercise so the next question is your advice is that we play champs that you enjoy even if they’re not meta how far up the ladder what I say Zed can be played and is he really so off the metal as people say considering the incoming buff to his ultimate so again this is a week old question since this question the buff has come through it is now live and so I always say play whatever no matter you know the meta I say this to a certain extent I don’t mean you can play teemo ad carry and go up like I say if you want to play Teemo pay team away strongest which is top lane I all say that so player champion you enjoy but players champion where is strongest every single champion in the game the 140 or champions of the game are viable in soloqueue that is one thing to say every single champion is viable if you’re good at that champion and you play that champion well in the correct role so that is one thing to say so is Zed viable and how far up the ladder can you go he is viable and you can get challenged with him easily if you’re good at him pretty much less the answer always going to be the answer that question and that’s where the Zed buff it’s gone now down to 0.5 we’ll see that might bring Zed back which I hope because i love Zed and project Zed skin looks amazing next question is my throat is dying right now but anyway well we will persevere we’re going to go for another 50 minutes i think or and maybe a couple more minutes is first of all I love the channel thank you your videos provide a level of intellect intellectual my throat is really dry intellectual input that allows you up from your viewers to learn from what is transpiring in your gameplay rather than promoting your dominance by uploading videos you steamroll in yes you’ve heard but the question I have is in regard to yourself cool you’ve been level 30 with six months you’re being told by many that you should wait to try ranked so that you are not straight put into bronze first and say it in yours first season if you’re putting two bronze that’s completely fine I expect most people in their first season to be in bronze anyway yet whenever you play normal games you countless DC’s trolls and people who just downloaded the game I doubt that bourgogne there in a minute what would you recommend you do you’re stuck between not having confidence for ranked and having and not having the patience for poor and then unreliable matchmaking thanks again ordering my t-shirt tonight if you ordered a t-shirt dude thanks very much and we I think we sought about 20 shirts give or take around the number of 15 I don’t know but thank you everybody firstly that ordered a shirt make sure you tweet at me when you get it a picture of you wearing it or even if it’s just on your bed I don’t care but yeah thank you as your question um so confidence in ranks a lot of the time it’s just taking the plunge if you have a champion or two champions in every single roll your room pages are fine I’d say go into ranked and it doesn’t matter what rating you get don’t care about what rating you get just care about building your confidence while you’re playing in fact and then eventually if you’re good you’ll go up

and rating it doesn’t matter but as for normal games yes i agree normal games are not the best place to learn yet people will DC or leave the game or troll because normal games mean nothing and there’s no rating involved so people will go have dinner in the middle of the game they’ll go to the bathroom when it’s not a good idea because it’s a normal game and as for trolling people don’t really care about normal games although try stuff that is just completely bizarre I’ve played ap blitzcrank mid in normal games just for fun well I would never do with that in ranked but then as for your point about people that just downloaded the game I doubt that dude because your level 30 there was no way I level one or two whatever is playable level 30s unless they’re glq so you know but yeah I’d recommend jump into ranked and just have fun don’t care about your rating care about improving so hopefully that answered your question so we can answer two more questions and that’ll be that for this episode of the Unruh herb that so say I’m rated I’m this is the question and answer is how did I make your awesome ass logo and YouTube stuff I didn’t I paid people to do it that’s pretty much my answer to most things in life to the but I went to creative grenade calm i’ll link them in the description below they’re fairly expensive i’ll say the price it cost me two hundred dollars to get the logo and the banners for the youtube twitter and facebook so it’s fairly expensive but i wanted to get professionals to do it and they’re pretty much the best ones that i know of i’m actually going to be getting a new animation intro made for the channel you know at the moment I got the team dignitas black thing that swings a sword I’m going to get my own one made that might have team dignitas implemented in it somewhere and yeah they’ll be coming maybe in a couple months because animation takes a lot longer than just artwork final question is will go with this one so hey how’s your going to university this year nice one the problem is that english isn’t your native language and all your further education will be in English show you your kind of nervous about that even though your friends say that you’ll get used to it pretty fast can I give some advice how to cope with your fear and your Challenger by the way so you also worry about your bread rating and so firstly I’ll say yes your motor racing all most likely something it suffered with me as diamond one then I went to Diamond to now I’m diamond for because I’m focusing on University just prioritize university over league of legends I think you’ll do that anyway it’s a lot more important and then as for English level well by your paragraph here your English seems to be perfect so if you speak anything like what you just wrote you should be completely fine and I don’t know where you’re going to university because I know Britain obviously does English degrees America I know places in even Europe do English degrees that they speak in English not therefore their native language and so it’s probably just say just integrate yourself with a bunch of friends and stuff like that and as long you know find people that play league you’re in university there will be people that play League of Legends most likely and yet you’ll be fine you know it’s University everybody is nervous going to Interuniversity whether it’s your native language or not but once you figure out that hey I’m doing University and I’m doing great you’ll be completely fine and university is fun make the most out of it and make sure you do try really hard because there’s m there’s a big thing in my head that there’s basically a Venn diagram me you know that I think it’s a Venn diagram that is the three different circles so they’re all looping each other so one circle is doing really well one circle is partying and one circle is sleep the university format is you will mostly likely only get two out of three of these things so your party and sleep but you’ll do bad in university your work and your party but you won’t get any sleep or you’ll do work and your part and you’ll sleep and you’ll do really well that is the best combo your work and your sleep partying is great and it’s fun but it’s not going to in the end the other day help you in your future life I suppose you can always do that later when you have money from having a job is my opinion on the matter anyway but anyway that is the question and answer for August we wrote quite long 30 odd minutes so hopefully you guys enjoyed I am sweating like a banshee but I’m gonna go exercise now and then have a shower so hopefully you guys enjoyed this video like it if you like it subscribe if you haven’t and in the comments section below put any questions that you may have and I will try and do my best to answer as many as possible and then finally share with a friend if you got any friends say