Pennsylvania Newsmakers 12/20/15: Journalist Roundtable and 2016 Election Preview

welcome to Pennsylvania newsmakers and as always thanks for watching well we could have a game change in the pornographic email scandal and we have some pretty big elections next year they patty will review will do all of that after these words this is Pennsylvania newsmakers a fast paced unrehearsed weekly discussion with and about the leaders who shape your world and now here’s your host Terry Madonna well here we go it wouldn’t be Pennsylvania newsmakers are almost any Sunday commentary show hidden estate if we didn’t talk about Kathleen Kane and a pornographic email scandal or the pornographic scale SF there was transmitted by email I have John my psyches the editorial page editor of the patriot-news PennLive and Robert Swifties the capitol reporter for time shamrock newspapers John let me start with you every week there’s will you would you call it breaking news right yeah I mean just when you think you could you know you can say safely well it can’t possibly get any weirder in the key in case it goes and gets way way WAY deeply weird yeah now tell us about this all of a sudden in a case involving an african-american lawmaker from Philadelphia who was charged with taking a bribe we got word that and you finished my sentence who got pornographic email yeah so anyway so wees bishop state by state rep from Philly pleads no contest in Dauphin County Court over on was it luck now Wednesday it has Wednesday and in the midst of that the prosecutor kitten in the case reveals that Cain’s sister Ellen granahan golfin golf apparently received 58 emails pornographic emails that she then forwarded to the Attorney General or b12 to Kane was not yet then who was not yet so Kathleen Kane was well aware that these well and that’s the thing I mean it’s like a grenade in the love this I mean if she knew a way back when that this apparently existed I mean again they’re denying and it’s just bizarre yeah Robert you’ve been covering the I mean you’ve been through you know all the problems with impeachment of a Supreme Court justice with 30 or 40 lawmakers that have been you know convicted of various things does this have the potential to weaken Kathleen canes big argument has been that the old boys in Harrisburg were trying to take me down they knew that I knew once we did an investigation in this Jerry Sandusky’s the prosecution of Jerry Sandusky by folks in the attorney general’s office that there was this pornographic email being circulated inside the AG’s office and outside of it does this have a chance to weaken her whole case would you think I think I wouldn’t one of the things you’re um some of the worst of these emails circulating around among all these people was not so much pornographic in one way but the some ratio stereotyping right and our jokes along that nature and sexual sexist jokes gender jokes and that has shown up a lease in some of these ones exchange between Kane and sister that’s cropping up in there too and that you’re the same time you have the spectacle of the Supreme Court Justice Michael weaken going before a court body I’m hands coming monday right to plead his case and and it makes you wonder well is there all Kane is that from the course is a law license suspension now and you wonder yeah if this starts to kick them in action again yeah John I mean I’m almost out of words I mean you’ve you’ve written about your blog and by the way pen live blog John blogs on it you could read Robert follow robert on twitter I mean I’m almost speechless because I don’t know where there’s a new angle to this that has huge implications in theory I mean look let’s take a look at this thing there were four african-american lawmakers and an african-american traffic judge who were charged with taking in effect taking bribes right okay and Cain said no we can’t prosecute them because there was a racial targeting the african-american District Attorney of Philadelphia Seth Williams is now prosecuted all of them successfully yeah and and Kane didn’t even show up at the hearing at a hearing where she was supposed to provide testimony that there was racial targeting if you will right I mean and without getting into whether there was targeting or not she says she’s going to appear she’s asked then she doesn’t show up leaving the prosser the defense layer in the case defending

Bishop hung out the dry yeah I mean yeah it’s just I mean again there’s just the bizarre plot twists every single time and the one thing that kind of stands out is a Cannes spokesman Chuck our dough right saying Wednesday last that there was that these emails really weren’t that offensive well they’re on PennLive right yeah okay so in Aroldis live you’re like the first three of them to realize that that’s kaput completely to the lie in its ages I mean just when you just there’s plot twist after plot twist after plot twist yeah it’s worse and worse yeah go ahead you know I’ve all these issues with Kane and the grand jury investigations oh and you could all these issues been kicked up about grand jury secrecy the qualifications to be an attorney general are the operations of Judicial Conduct board somebody’s involved constitutional amendments some you know issues that are of what penalties for having pornographic material and state computers it’s almost you wouldn’t need at some point maybe a special session to deal with it all oh my gosh and then on top of that Terry you’ve got justice akin saying that he never meant for any emails to instant go ahead is Supreme Court Justice who has who received these email and who transmitted these email and go ahead i just wanna he’s something they were never intended to become public well guess what there aren’t public email servers yeah so they’re gonna eventually become public it’s it it’s it’s staggering yeah i mean i don’t i don’t think i can recall anything in my 30 or so years of doing where a story is more conv convoluted i mean typically when we had Ernie prieto former attorney general who was prosecuted and ultimately convicted of mail fraud involved illegal campaign contributions before he took office oh it’s there it’s done it’s over then you have just this year the state treasurer right the state treasurer Rob McCord pleading guilty to extortion it’s over yeah got court followed the mode you you plead or whatever you’re sentenced you resign you release a list of your accomplishments always love that they put their accomplishments the lasting daddy okay one more comment new brakes yeah you see ? settings options and spins you all right what well guess what we have to talk a bit about the state budget or the lack thereof will do that in a moment this broadcast of Pennsylvania newsmakers is presented by the Pennsylvania Chamber of business and industry the statewide voice of business and by the Pennsylvania State Education Association and partners for public education bringing the power of a great education to our schools our students and our communities this broadcast of Pennsylvania newsmakers is brought to you by the Pennsylvania highway information Association the go-to source to learn about transportation projects and issues please visit PA highway info o RG and by the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association business in Pennsylvania is our business John my second Robert Swift join me they’re reporters they’ve been covering the capital for many years John my psyche of courses yet also the editorial page editor of the patriot-news Robert I may start with you on this as we take this show we’re still in no persons land about where this budget goes it looks like the Republicans in the House have been really having trouble getting the tax votes to do basically a 600 million dollar increase in the budget do I got that about rights right and they’ve um been at this now pretty intensely for at least two weeks where they’ve broken away from a budget framework which was never been publicly revealed and that was done in November in awe Oscar altus I’m have been struck by the lack of them I lack of transparency about what’s going on to the public in these negotiations and we’re doing here with a lot of activity takes place behind closed doors and party caucuses we get conflicting statements about what goes on in negotiations with meetings and so it’s really I’m star new I hate the credibility rural involves taking a hit so your point is that they’ve not been very transparent about it and you get convicting conflicting stories here and there about what’s going long as we’re not it we’re not Indian sadena yeah now I would expect that from to reporters you want the information you wanted a problem as possible yeah absolutely you know the caucus leaders have argued there well they’re not going to release their tax bills because they don’t want to expose their members tube to let you know something but potentially politically and put it on but they want to put it put it up to one vote when they know what they have all the votes so they can’t get hit with it later on well that’s as may be but at the same time though we’re talking about taxes that the public is going to have to pay and they deserve to know what there’s

they’re texting this is going to be I mean we know Terry that the Senate plan has an expansion of state sales right but what we don’t know still really is what that expansion is going to cover and what items are going to be under the ages of this expanded sales tax and frankly the public deserves to know that yeah and they’re talking about raising a good bit of money on some exemptions what we’re talking about here is removing exemptions to the sales tax that already exist we’ve heard that it’s on things like you know you go to tourist attractions you might have harks retrying start of cable bills now we’re just speculating here yeah the producer in my ear just said text books I don’t that’ll go over big with college dude I mean it and but basically the problem is in the house if i understand it where the republicans agreed through one of their leaders and then disagreed through another leader to the this so-called frame word an angel of the special o makers in the House Republican caucus you no sign no tax pledges yeah first ran so they start with that and the inability to try to you know when governor will make concessions on a separate attacks he’ll you forget that that’s off the table now right but the ability to get to any kind of agreement on some more revenue is holding us up I started to wonder what it’s going to take some outside event to break this some catalyst it could be when if a major school district actually does close a weather event a major major hit in a credit rating you know something from outside you both of you covered lots of demonstrations I mean in the past when you had these because state workers were off the job and there were lots of services curtailed I mean you couldn’t walk through the halls of the Capitol yeah am I right with the demins I see ya next day 2009 court decision that lever has been taken off the table but I think our B is right it’s going to take some sort of like cataclysmic event we have some school districts now saying that when they come back from holiday break yeah then unless they borrow money they’re going to have to close I mean that could that could well be the lever I mean keep in mind we’re also now come four months away from the start of a campaign season or like six weeks away from from another budgets it’s a mess with China two intersecting dates are coming up one is i think january 26 is a date that Candis can start the phone nominating petition run right well you see that’s also the end of January is what you hear about school districts running and closing their doors close it close it so it’s done last week of January intersection yeah and the other the other point is that it seems to me if governor wolf has made this argument well we know there’s a 1.6 billion dollar deficit at least that will put that on the tape structural deficit if they do a smaller budget John my sicka we going to be back here next year well yeah what because they won’t have the revenue to cover the Senate says that its version to the budget is 30 point eight billion dollars right one that it that it passed but at least begin to address the structural deficit problems the house budget is near as I can understand it does not 30 point three billion I say I depending on who’s world view prevails we can back your don’t again all right well as we tape this we’re going to go and we’re going to dave patties going to come up and we’re gonna I want it we’re going to get into as Robert mentioned in a month or so we’re going to be filing petitions are getting ready to four offices for next year what I want to review some of that but as they point out we could be here next year talking about the same issues Dave patties next this broadcast of Pennsylvania newsmakers is brought to you by Pennsylvania credit union Association Pennsylvania credit unions where people are worth more than money to find a credit union that is right for you check out I belong o RG and by the Energy Association of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania’s energy information source this broadcast of Pennsylvania newsmakers is presented by the hospital and health system Association of Pennsylvania working towards a healthy Pennsylvania and by the Pennsylvania coal alliance representing companies involved in America’s most affordable reliable energy source to learn more visit PA coal alliance com well the after mentioned Dave patty he’s president of the Pennsylvania Business Council joins me to talk about these elections as you heard in the in the last segment a little more than a month they’re going to be circulating petitions to run for office in this state it seems like we’ve just been through all that tape right yeah well we’re gonna have another election whether we need one or not watered yeah all right well let’s look you followed it covered it written about the state politics for a long time let’s start with the Republican presidential contest

we have an April primary April 26 it’s relatively late we haven’t played much of a roll over the years as you’ve commented on and I’ve commented on is there an outside chance with all these candidates that the Republican contest could go on for some time is that it’s really i mean did there are 35 primaries or caucuses something like 35 44 Pennsylvania when we go in April 26 so that that’s a lot in the end a hand if you think back eight years ago Hillary Clinton’s win in Pennsylvania made her credible again you know kind of her a little bit of resurgence going the Democratic nomination so with this crowd of the field and I keep thinking is everybody does i think that ok you can’t be just Trump Carson or even Cruz there’s going to be one of the governor’s hanging around or somebody hanging around so a late surge in the middle Act states because when we go I think Connecticut Delaware Maryland Rhode Island you know all that time so that you could there be an East Coast surge by one of the moderates so yeah maybe yeah that’s a good point I mean and a lot of the candidates don’t have anything to lose we’re obviously talking there were the debate that took place last week nine Republicans in the main stage for on the what they what you know the cocktail hour debate or whatever they want to call it so we have 13 candidates a lot of them don’t have anything to lose by staying in the race did it right and someone were running really a well on the shoestring was between social media and the debates you know frankly al Lindsey Graham who keeps distinguishing himself to people’s like wow why is he not in the main stages adult oh I thought he was the four candidates by far while you’re in his wheelhouse he’s of course the senator from South Carolina you know there’s a good bit about foreign policy but it doesn’t seem to gain any traction all right let’s move on we have a huge race for the United States Senate Pat Toomey zup it’s probably one of the top five races that will decide what Charles aside control the Senate which is you know everything for policymaking right and and of course in the Senate we also have that oddity where it’s 50 or 51 s not enough it’s really how close to 60 are you for the cloture votes it’s careta and so you so you need every everybody you can in there now I sense about this is that to me is going to be harder to beat then a lot of people think largely because he’s not flamboyant he’s not overly country he’s conservative we’re not going our values also any other when he’s worked with joe Manchin from West Virginia on some when I will turn a reasonable gun gun control issues yes early NRA doesn’t like it necessarily but a but it doesn’t go so far that the Conservatives are going to throw him out and say well you know he’s gone rhino on us or something and it gives him a little cash a with moderates in suburban areas around Philadelphia well you know in northeastern Pennsylvania yeah the one I think I think I think it is to lose the one concern that I’ve heard expressed and and I and it’s one that strikes me is something we need to watch is if one of the presidential candidates wins eight ten points pick we picked the percentage with the increase in state party voting it could carry others in the ticket along with them so to me could win or lose you know to some extent based on what happens in the presidential lecture I mean well the fears you hear expressed in pencil bay and you probably heard of Pennsylvania Society was a strong Hillary campaign versus say something like Donald Trump or Cruz where there would be a huge differential in southeastern Pennsylvania the modern moderates and liberals to come voted to make sure that the conserved doesn’t win and then that hurts Pat Toomey all right i’m chatting with dave patty we’re doing a review of what could happen next year obviously will on this program and others were going to be dealing with big elections we’re going to run to a break we have three very important what we call row office elections auditor-general state treasurer and i hate and i’m going to say an attorney general we’re going to get into that with david and we may talk about some other elections after these words this broadcast of pennsylvania newsmakers is brought to you by the Pennsylvania Medical Society inspired physicians committed to the good health of pennsylvanians and the advancement of the practice of medicine and by the Pennsylvania health care association the future of long-term care this broadcast of Pennsylvania newsmakers is brought to you by the Pennsylvania Business Council and by the Pennsylvania Business Council Education Foundation welcome back when talking

with Dave patty January 26 it’s not far away we’re going all these petitions are going to get filed for a variety of offices in this state state legislature Congress we going to talk also about these important role offices Dave patty two of the three statewide offices let’s be candid have been mired in scandal right I mean you have Rob McCord who is awaiting sentencing supposedly still cooperating with prosecutors but former state treasurer who’s left office Tim Reese appointed with the agreement that he wouldn’t ride so his growing up to Joe that’s a seat right and then the Attorney General’s race so I mean with the Kathleen Kane thing while she hasn’t definitively said she’s running for reelection she hasn’t said she’s not yeah now there are so many Democrats porting to that race kind of sounds to me like their party I said no you’re not and the big news this week you know the Stephens a pal of the DA from Allegheny County clears the field a little bit you have a federal prosecutor from the southeast Jack stole Homer I think is though John morganelli perennial great guy will never win the Democratic primary conservative John Doe yeah John morganelli is the DA of Northampton County so we have former prosecutors well then josh shapiro suppose a league was gonna run Josh Shapiro popular montgomery county commissioner and we have a also another lawyer i think from western PA name faucet oh yeah I’m sorry SFO forgot mr. faucitt so yeah he’s running so what we’re saying here is the Democratic primary for attorney general could have five and maybe more candidates that correct right Republican side so far we have two that we that we know of two writer john rafferty and representative Todd Stevens ok both from Montgomery County you can fight it out for the Montgomery County the southeast you know both very credible candidates below you know people I think they’re having feel wondering what a blah blah put it this way they’re on both sides of the aisle it looks like they’re pretty strong candidates would you agree with that oh yes strong candidate right all right so we got that nail the Powell is gonna have some some name ID anyone allegheny county is johnny grazing yes sir all right the other election race Eugene DePasquale auditor-general and we’re not picking sides but he’s pretty popular he’s done a pretty decent job or not taking sides probably go side and say I can to think of any reason not to rope okay nutrilite I trilogy and it does have a pretty good reputation right not knowing who might run against because nobody has declared yet and that says look at the job and look at the definition and say how’s he doing relative to the definition I’m happy yeah but that tells you something doesn’t it does so it looks like two of the three offices could be very competitive a treasure you have Auto void from reading who has been making the rounds just just riding it out a business very successful businessman whose no one’s ever heard of in politics but he’s grinding it out on the Democrat side Joe tor cell and in the name Albert knoll Katherine Baker Knowles son making their own former all right well this is complicated but you’ll come back and we’ll get through it piece by piece later we’ll see you next week another edition of Pennsylvania newsmakers have a great Christmas and a great holiday see you soon you