FS17 Modding | Exporting Tank Parts from Blender to giants #3

[Applause] what’s up everybody how’s it going it’s living it up right now mod list download trail all this gunky funky warning crappy Wappy just got the new latest update so we’re just going to kind of play with it here I wanted to do some editing on my on my mod here so this is what we’re going to do is just going through and going to do some change ups on the Abrams tank a little bit Abrams anti-air as its called kind of living up the living a vida loca I want to up armor it and there’s some changes I want to make make it look a little neater a little sweeter if you know what I mean jelly bean we need some tuneage though I cannot do this without some tuna CH got a few minutes to spare so what we’re going to do we are going to take some up our marine from another tank this guy right here this is the Challenger to where you’re going to add it to our bad boy that we have going on right now if we can find some good music here’s sweet ol NCS see what we got here yeah there we go all right some ads talk loud obviously maybe so you can hear me a little bit but I want to up armor this bad boy add it into here mm hey control W right there and we’re just gonna create a bunch of blank spots so I don’t mess up the stuff that I was making go through one of these guys get rid all these this this is camo netting and then I’m getting rid of right now but I have hydraulics hooked up to this tank and I don’t want to have to go back through and redo all that fun stuff so we’re just kind of cheating this is how you cheat officially when you’re modding I’m taking a transform and I’m just loading it up and replaced load enough or place low thing they’re just gonna keep doing that until it’s all gone here see here have we done no quite not quite almost though almost replays couple more if anybody goes a message this mod they’re gonna be like what the heck well man laziness at its best here okay this is how you get lazy body just tired we’ve been working a lot so that should have gotten rid of all that it’s a really fast case we have an epic failure and I’m kind of thinking that maybe we’ll even that well this is a farmer first and then we’ll think about other

stuff here a little bit I’ll look at there’s hinges where is bad boys to that’s pretty cool there we go now I have a bigger screen kind of driving me nuts there for a second and L second toe there you go P – oh no the J oh I haven’t played around with this in a while between us there we go come on baby I need you to do your thing I think it’s can hold P no yeah we’re gonna clear the parent and it all J know what it says J nice control J that’s what I wanted and then I’m gonna left click right there we’re gonna set the origin to 3d cursor I see what they did they just replicated this they did the mirror modifier alright so we’ll go here giant 3d exporter scroll down to this bad boy boom I don’t want animations I don’t want the camera to export just right into my right into my bad boy okay five that’s good enough transfer that I 3d this is how I import so I get still getting people asking me how I import stuff into Giants editor from blender this is it then I go right here ad then it’s not there WTF m8 hit export selection there we go that’s all I didn’t do holy cow what we got here oh I see what I did wrong I see what I did wrong okay so we’re gonna delete that we’ll come back but in a second I see what’s up here sometimes I like to go to wireframe mode just make sure I get it all separate that bad boy there another modifier on this I don’t want the modifier ditch out the modifier separate by selection painting the old keister there okay okay we’re going to try to export that bad boy one more time okay we’re up export selection try to import it in here transfer there we go that’s nice that’s really nice and give us some properties beyou I just downloaded re everything everything again so we’re gonna have to kind of take me a minute to get everything going so if you can’t change the diffuse texture we’re gonna go back into here

and we’re gonna find the texture file so it has that ditch that you don’t need that okay now we’re back at this guy right here Tyrael bass and you can even add a new one of this great armor all right now let’s an export out selection again just a lot of this process guys this is how you learn a lot of plan there we go now we can change that diffuse texture you notice that all right about where it’s going to reset freeze transforming our wrote a we’re definitely not the scales down quite a bit you know so we have to scale it down quite a bit more but this is how you had armor to tank it’s really thick like that and get her somewhat legit hair down just a hair so doesn’t show all right that’s cool I like that um change my color here a little bit and see if I can now I’m not digging this let’s see there should be a camel in here inside of the actual mod itself see if it’ll work on here not really huh looks kind of crappy so material sex so we’re going to go back into here then we’ll go to UV editing this is the process guys what a process huh kind of crazy but this is how you create mods edit mods Oh Oh click the wrong button all right and then do uv-map it we’re gonna go to shading and you these aren’t smart you the unwrap it let’s see how that turns out for me it’s not too bad actually it’s not too bad okay that’s this exponent see how it looks on the endgame get in there get in there slowly there we go

export it one more time delete that one boo freeze transformation take um the scale to take is a lot smaller great arm I’ll see how it looks with the the camo texture I put on that might look a little silly it does look a little silly hi guys see how it looks different my ID fine different ammo but at least now you’re going to learn how to how to import export again oh yeah looks super silly super silly guys this is the process you learn how to do it over time kind of just play with things until you’re at a point where you like it and if you don’t like it then you just keep playing with it until you like it look at that how the cool stuff on here you can hearts jack anyways from so let’s just cool smoke let’s parts Jack a smoke well if that’s to show you a little bit more on how to select everything here I can’t tell what I’ll search and now I stretch that ctrl J neck to wear a hat er no I want that we missed that nope go back I think we’re good okay ctrl J to join it all okay go p–‘s texture okay it’s already off of there so now we have a pretty nifty little smoke okay go to export selection my guide turned out an epic failure but we will at one point go back through and

kind of play with that v transferred in whoa look up oh wow I must add something else selected when I did that Copa to let that and cylinders now pull it out of there delete that like I didn’t turn out very cool how come you I’m go to small done well man look at the process whoa where’d you go okay so that is that’s mirrored back to our wireframe mode our select mode and I believe it’s got a modifier attached to it you don’t want that modifier anymore back to export import it in a little more time I must have something crazy selected so I just pull it out of there reput it back in we’re going to delete that guy and now I’m pretty happy with this what’s I kind of see the texture in it watch there’s a cute map inside this guy shared is there cute no not in there textures there’s always a cube map floating around come on I don’t why would you use one right now but keep map cube out rough good enough for me so you can kind of see the difference in them all three me like half the size it is right now kill that rotate on there this isn’t going to be the final product this is just teaching you guys how to take over the world one mod at a time so boom Oh boom hey that’s back to black Oh cooler like that open my eyes there we go okay good grabber right all right guys now you’ve seen how to import export all that fun stuff it’s going to be real close to the end of the video I mean I would just blend that I be honest with you we’d have to go through and go to the UV map editor UV editing and we would good unwrap the bad boy smart UV unwrap we could go full-on camo so I didn’t look quite like a Lego block but that’s how you import export steel parts add parts you’re gonna have to learn about texture and we’ll have to do another video on that um this all this texturing is still on this

tank I mean it’s taken me some time to create it make it look lifelike so don’t just think you’re gonna import stuff and be like oh this is so cool because it’s kind of suck um but thanks so much for watching do me a favor real quick like that video and I hope this helps I hope to kind of seed some nifty little things that I’ve done and we can go from next time right where we’re at right now so thank you so much guys for watching later