Timestep – Amici Dance Theatre Company

Ladies and gentlemen, your host for tonight, your very own ENSA performer Elsie Good evening, ladies and gentlemen Now, Marjorie Clover, this is your life Yes, Marjorie. You were born in 1921 into a theatrical family and in accordance with the theatrical tradition, you had to be introduced to everyone So you were passed round from one to another Isn’t she beautiful? Not only were you a musical child, but you were also very artistic And at the age of three, you started to attend ballet classes and you continued to attend ballet classes until you were seven years old At the age of 14,

you made your first appearance as the fairy queen and principal dancer And at 15, Joe Poynton offered you the part of Cinderella, a part you would play again and again with Sid Seymour During the war years as a member of ENSA, you travelled all over the country visiting the munitions factories to entertain the war workers during their breaks Eric The Strong Man and George Formby and all kinds of famous people joined you with that work for you were the dancer Paddy Dare Now, I go window cleaning to earn an

honest buck. For a nosey parker it’s an interesting job. Now it’s a job that just suits me. A window cleaner you would be if you could see what I can see when I’m cleaning windows Honeymooning couples do. You should see the villain too, you’d be surprised the things they do – when I’m cleaning windows. In my profession I work hard for I’ll never stop. I’ll climb this blinking ladder til I get right to the top The blushing bride she looks divine the bride groom he is doing fine. I’d rather have his job than mine – when I’m cleaning windows. The chamber maid sweet name I call – it’s a wonder I don’t fall My mind’s not on my work at all – when I’m cleaning windows. I know a fellow such a swell He has thirst that’s plain to tell. I’ve seen him drink his bath as well When I’m cleaning windows Pyjamas lying side-by-side ladies nighties I have spied. I’ve often seen what goes inside – when I’m cleaning windows Now there’s a famous talkie queen, she looks like a flapper on the screen. She’s more like eightie than eighteen – when I’m cleaning windows After the Normandy landings you went over to France to entertain the troops You went to board a landing support transport Not the most ideal way to cross the channel You did not remain in Normandy long but you and your friends travelled all over the place Using a fit up stage arranged by the Royal Army Service Corps It was at this time that – well before it’s time – your spirit broke free with the introduction dance without music Dancing to body percussion At one of these locations, Josephine Baker sang to the troops and the Canadian general invited all the ENSA members to a party he was holding at his chateau Right! Now, do it properly! Well, go on then. Do it. Do something! Come on! come on!

Sir Left, Right Left, Right Sir! Marjorie, you were

there for the liberation of Paris

Do you remember those jubilant crowds Their joy was not shared by the collaborators You were too sensitive Say ‘looks different, they were different’ People like that are always different 60 years have rolled by since

that time Yes, it’s quite true that time flies You were married, went to Australia, had children, came back to this country You studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in Glasgow and you made your name on many famous stages, including the Citizens Theatre with many other famous names of today Remember those ballet classes? Remember the times you played Cinderella, How you had to tame that

free spirit? Marjorie, had you lost your slipper like Cinderella? Oh, no, no Has anyone seen Chrissie here

Where’s Chrissie? Oh here’s Chrissie I have got the magic slipper Let’s see who it’s going to be? It’s Marjorie! I wonder? Marjorie Clover – this is your life