Ben Glass Insurance Seminar – How to Buy Car Insurance The Right Way

first of all I appreciate everybody coming out I really are on a mission I’ve got a lot of teaching point today for you then at the end of the day I will provoke you together to look at your own enjoyed some hollow soon to see how to quickly cover alright so so let me start this actually the story actually starts almost a year ago and it was a March 14 got a little under the fort belvoir my longtime friend and those a terrible accident tell to remember this accident illegal immigrant once convicted in Virginia of dry drinking all morning and into the early afternoon I was driving down and actually sideswiped the vehicle of an army captain who lives in fairfax station that vehicle came across the center line and went one-on-one with vehicle that our friends Don and Anita were in and they had a very well-built super powerful strong vehicle and there was his head on collision and unfortunately the army captain died Don Anita suffered injuries none like you know for their privacy not going to go into a lot of that and I ended up representing them here’s one of the pictures from the scene the black vehicle is Don’s vehicle and really it saved their lives a couple of months ago the fellow who caused the accident actually pleaded guilty and was sentenced to he’s doing 15 years or so after what she’ll be deported again he had at the time of the accident he had his young child in the car so he was charged with with everything point is this can happen to anybody alright and I just Paul crowds was the name of the the army officer father of three sort of looked like teenage and college-age girls and a beautiful wife and so the question is you know how much insurance do you think the drunk driver had caused it accident right so it wasn’t quite 0 is very interesting because he was driving his friend’s car with the permission of his friend that that car was insured up to a hundred thousand dollars for each person who was injured or killed in the accident ok but he didn’t obviously have any insurance and so the big question is well gee what do we do how could we protect our cells from something like this which goes on every day and it doesn’t have to be an illegal immigrant it doesn’t have to be you know a kid who’s just got their drivers license it could be somebody who just isn’t paying enough attention at that instance can cause horrendous injury and it doesn’t take very many days in the intensive care unit to rack up hundreds of thousand dollars of bills and of course there’s no amount of money that would compensate Paul Krause’s family and his girls and his lovely wife for this but $100,000 doesn’t begin to do it so these are my guys now we have nine there’s actually 10 there because my oldest son his wife is there we have four children adopted from China I’ve got the white here I’ll go right over here we go so we have the the lawyer right we have the will be a pastor in the Lutheran Church she’ll graduate in May from Gettysburg College I have the lawyer the pastor of the warrior is stationed at Fort Hood graduated from Christopher Newport University to being a schoolteacher probably she’s in their second year at

women marrying and then 1 2 3 4 5 i’m still putting on the elementary school bus last year David actually is in middle school now at Robinson and so of course we we are my wife sandy and I are huge advocates for International Adoption obviously we have this relationship now with with Chinese children and orphanages in China and do a lot of work with a group called love without boundaries which provides medical care and nutrition to China’s orphans two of them David and liat so David is 14 Lee as 12 now just celebrated their second year here so they were adopted not as babies actually only one of my children was a baby he was 18 months but they came over here very bravely two years ago and are doing just great assimilating into language in public school all of those things so it’s so it’s quite an interesting journey so I don’t know what you think about personal injury lawyers I know probably what you have heard about personal injury lawyers I’ll tell you that our whole marketing efforts in our firm is so completely different from the ads who usually see right what’s the usual personal injury lawyer at if you’ve been hurt no fee if no recovery we can get your millions for your pain right and I’ll share it with you ours we completely flip that and we say if you’ve been injured in an accident you may not need an attorney that’s kind of different but before you talk to the insurance adjuster hire an attorney or sign any forms just get our free information I’ve written about 10 or 12 sort of consumer related books business books including the book on how to buy car insurance in Virginia and I think I have one at least for every household here that will put on the back table you can take with you at the end of the meeting and if for some reason we run out then somehow get me the list and we will make sure we gave you so because our whole deal is that I hope that you never ever ever have to use an attorney because it’s actually not very fun usually if you’ve been hurt or you’re going through a divorce or filing for bankruptcy or flying with your insurance company it’s just I mean you got like better things to do than be messing around with a lawyer but if you need one we say hey look at all this information we go here’s a videos on the internet we’ve got a terrific website Charlie man my marketing director helps manage all of that then I get to talk to meet groups like this to sort of spread a message all right so here’s what I learned early on you know in my legal career it is perfectly legal in Virginia to drive without insurance usually I start with a quiz and I ask you know what’s the what do you think the minimum insurance is in Virginia and before I give you this what would you have said like what’s 50,000 minimum insurance 25,000 Maryland 15,000 well Virginia is one of those states where you’re absolutely it’s not a good idea now not seeing that’s a good idea but you can operate a vehicle without insurance if you remember and now it’s hard to see this don’t worry about it it’s all in the book i’m going to give you but when you go to register your car with the DMV there’s an insurance certification box and you probably never even read it too deeply because you all have in church you’ve gone to Geico allstate state farm progressive whoever and but that’s what reasonable people do but there’s a second box that you can check that says my car does not have insurance you pay a fee which i think is 500 and might be so is it five hundred dollars you can pay a fee to the DMV now that doesn’t buy you insurance but it allows you to drive without insurance which one you think about it is absurd it’s crazy and so one of the reasons I come out and do this talk is G shouldn’t we be complaining like to the guys and gals at our meeting enrichment in the General Assembly and saying why in the world do we allow people to legally drive without insurance in Virginia alright so so trust me on that it’s it is true let’s wait and in the end the one teaching point I’m going to run with you today in my short little talk and we’ll take some questions is how do we read our policy what should we be buying because you know you go to one of these insurance company websites right we can buy insurance online hang by the towing coverage and the medical payments

coverage and we can buy coverage if we lose days from work all very interesting stuff but at the end of the day not as important as what I’m going to show you by the way how many brought did you bring your policy I know it was in 20 this is the adit what what I you guys are great you have a very very obedient group here well you know what I wish I could get people to read my newsletter because I write about this a lot and by the way we do have a terrific law firm newsletter now I know that sounds like an oxymoron but you’ve spent ten minutes with me and you know I’m not the kind of guy who’s like follows the mold of most other lawyers and so we have a newsletter that we published for free every single month that talks about things like this not boring legal stuff but real things that real folks probably should understand about insurance about playgrounds in your backyard about you know baseball bats and batting helmets and all that sort of stuff and so if you there’s our contact information of course in these books and we can make that news that are available to you as well but before we walk through the policy let me just give you a couple of websites that would be interesting to go to after the meeting just to get more information so our main website is Ben glass law com at legal Academy videos and we can make this list available for your newsletter to actually for next month we have hundreds hundreds of informational videos about all aspects of insurance personal injury law when do I call a lawyer if i’m going to call lawyer how do i find a good one what are the questions we should ask and at drunk driving speaks com i’ll actually give you a sneak peek a drunk-driving speaks we actually have some video from the rescue at the scene we’ve got pictures of the scene but most importantly way down there you’re anita hood after her case was over agreed with me to make sort of a public service video where she tells her story about being involved in the accident and about not having had enough of her own insurance to make up for the fact that this illegal immigrant only had coverage to a hundred thousand dollars so drunk driving victim speaks is the place to go to see that and we have there’s also a video at that site my interview with an insurance and independent insurance agent where he reinforces this message as well alright so let’s now this is not the easiest thing to see but if you if you brought your policy or even if you didn’t what I want you to do when you go home tonight is take your policy out and typically these things I mean you think lawyers are boring typical car insurance policy is maybe 15 or 20 pages of small print all right all the things we don’t cover all right the most important page is actually the front page it’s called the declarations page it’s the page that says what you bought and how much it costs and they’re typically are several different types of coverages available all right and don’t worry if we can’t see this because actually it’s in the book and I’m going to walk us through it in minute the two most important lines to look at are the lines that say bodily injury and liability that’s there okay it’s not very clear and the section called the uninsured / underinsured motorist coverage it’s critical and it’s the way you can protect yourself there’s other stuff there everybody is kind of familiar with the you know you run your like I do you back your car into the into the basketball pole that’s at the top of your driveway it’s been there for 20 years and you forget about it that day and you call your insurance company

and they fix it that’s the sort of a comprehensive coverage there’s coverage if you driving down the road you run off the road and you break somebody’s fence right there’s property damage coverage but the two important things that protect your finances and your family’s finances are liability and it’s called uninsured / underinsured sometimes that is abbreviated um or you IM let me talk about liability coverage first this is the coverage that protects you if you accidentally hurt somebody else so you’re not paying attention you go through the red light you don’t see the stop sign heaven forbid your cell phone rings you reach down and you don’t notice that they have stopped in front of you alright and a claim is made against you now there is no limit to how much you could be sued for there’s no limit if you are careless as to how much injury you could cause right the immigrant caused death to a father of three that’s a huge that’s a that’s an you know nobody could put in number large enough on it for it but in the event that you make a mistake and you cause an accident the liability portion protects you if your suit and it buys you a lawyer so you don’t have to worry about lawyer bills and paying someone to defend you Allstate or geico or progressive or state farm they will hire a really good lawyer typically a really good lawyer who will defend you and do their best to try to get the case settled now here’s the magic so if you’re going to buy insurance in Virginia the minimum that you can buy is $25,000 of coverage so if you cause an injury to someone else your your insurance policy will pay up to twenty-five thousand dollars well I’m telling you that one visit to the ER with two MRIs a CT scan and a follow-up at physical therapy could blow through $25,000 the only people who get $25,000 where the coverage are the people that’s already been convicted of drunk driving twice okay or youngsters who can’t afford anything or people who don’t know better and they’re just trying to save a nickel it’s it’s one of the I was going to say dumbest things you could do but that’s not really nice it’s one of the worst decisions that you could make in terms of saving money hey let’s not go to Starbucks one more time let’s at least put the money into car insurance so a lot of people in this area by a hundred thousand dollars worth of coverage which is what was available that day for for that accident that we talked about again if you put somebody in to the hospital for a couple of days particularly if they spend any time in the ICU I mean ice a day in the ICU the list price is 80 to a hundred thousand dollars believe me I’ve looked at these bills for years and years and years all right I personally carry a million dollars worth of coverage I’m going to talk to you about you’re going to give you an amazing stat on this here in a minute my friends after their accident because they had a hundred thousand dollars on their car but it didn’t help for this accident after that they went and bought five hundred thousand dollars worth of coverage do you remember Don what the difference in the annual cost was to buy half a million dollars of coverage people ok so you don’t listen to what he said he had a policy that protected him if he hurts somebody protect hundred thousand dollars I recommended you increase this he called all state and asked how much would it cost to have protection to a half a million dollars to protect my family and I if I heard somebody they said and he’s exactly right 15 more dollars a year 15 more dollars a year that’s how many coffees at starbuck all right and look I don’t sell insurance so if there was an insurance guy up here telling you this you might go okay well he’s trying to sell me some more stuff I don’t sell this stuff at all but I meet people every single week who don’t have enough because they tried to save money and they didn’t realize that it could cost as little as fifty dollars a year for two cars now I’ve got another video up on the internet called agent malpractice calm agent malpractice and that’s my

video where I accuse the insurance agent selling these policies of not doing a really good job of explaining what I am explaining to you and I go step-by-step through a usaa policy of a woman who had a hundred thousand dollars and then she bought I think $500,000 policy for about in her case $75 extra premium per year which is amazing now why is this important I’ve told you about what happens if you cause injury and somebody brings a claim against you alright and so it’s good to have this type of coverage but if you are hit by somebody who either has no insurance illegal immigrants don’t have insurance kids drunk kids don’t have insurance in a down economy a lot of people decide to not renew their insurance okay and and nobody like tells the DMV Oh Billy Bob doesn’t have insurance go yank his keys because it’s legal to drive in Virginia right but if you are hit by somebody and you are hurt or your child your spouse is hurt and they either have no insurance or they have less than you do then you turn to your own policy under the uninsured motorist / underinsured motorist plan alright so in my case and mind you I’ve got still teenagers at drive I get a whole bunch I know how many cars having my policy Anita but when i went with geico from my about three i had a three hundred thousand dollars to begin with and i bought a million it was less than a hundred dollars of extra premium a year for me to my cost and so what happened then is if heaven forbid you’re hurt by someone who has twenty-five-thousand-dollar policy or a fifty-thousand-dollar policy or $100,000 policy and you have 500 or a million you’ve got that extra coverage to help pay the medical bills to help if you losing any time from work to help for if you have pain and suffering you are you know for example the Don suffered some pretty significant leg injuries he can’t get around as good as he could in the past all of these things are things you’re entitled to recover and if you have enough um / you IM coverage you have a better chance of being adequately compensated so people will say to me two things they’ll say oh but i already have health insurance and the health insurance will pay all the bills well this is a group of active and retired federal employees so most likely you are many of you if not all of you are covered under a federal employee health benefit plan right did you know that if you’re in an accident and you go to the hospital and it costs twenty-five thousand dollars and they pay it for you if you sue somebody and get the money back you have to repay the FIBA the federal employee plan so now think about it hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills paid for in part by a federal employee plan paid for in part by Medicare same rules $100,000 recovery from the immigrant there’s not a lot of money to go around okay and for you know having spent the extra fifty dollars before the accident there would have been more money to help make life easier to get whatever the new car you know whatever you need to get around and to and to deal with the pain frankly and inconvenience of being locked up it was like the care center five weeks in the in a sort of a convalescent center that I visited over there wasn’t the most like energizing place to be okay so people will say oh well I’ve got health insurance but they don’t know that at the end of the day if you do make a recovery you have to pay your health insurance company back which is only fair you’re paying back the government i guess but just to know it that that that’s not like free money that’s got to be repaid the other thing they will say to me is then I don’t want to make a claim against my own car insurance company that’ll make my rates go up it doesn’t your rates only go up if you do something wrong right so if I back into my basketball hoop enough times over my career my rates are go up if I have kids now my kids have been good responsible

drivers a little thing here and there but nothing major but if you got kids and they’re having little accidents and being stupid with cell phones your rates will go up if you rear end somebody your rates will go up but when you make a claim because somebody else hurt you and you didn’t do anything wrong would you make a claim under your you IM portion of your policy your rates will not go up okay less and i’ll come back last thing people will say is Oh Ben I have an umbrella policy do you know so okay so for anyone who doesn’t know an umbrella policy is a policy that you buy that really goes over over top of your homeowners policy your renters policy if you’re running your car policy and that provides an extra measure of protection if you hurt somebody most umbrella policies do not provide the UM you IM coverage now there are a couple in virginia that do usaa’s which a lot of federal employees kind of have doesn’t all right on but it’s it’s it’s to have an umbrella policy is not a reason to not increase your pay fifty dollars extra a year to buy this sort of protection one of the services that we offer at my firm is I will always do free reviews of your insurance policies I my wife tells me she was so happy she found out I was coming out to give this talk because she sandy says it’s the number one thing that consumers don’t know about the law that is affordable to fix and would make a huge difference I can’t tell you how many people I’ve represented the in fact if you if you came to me and said I was seriously injured I’ve got two hundred thousand dollars in medical bills and I looked at the policy and I said well the guy hitches got 25 and I said let me see yours right remember I said that and I see yours and I go well you’ve got 25 I can’t help you I’m not even going to take your money I can just tell you that you should have bought more insurance and this is the phone number to call to go buy more insurance so that’s my teaching point now anyone with a policy who looks at it and right now and looks at the liability or the uim section and has a question about it I’m happy to answer that okay there’s lots of other coverages I mean you can get your towing coverage your rental all that stuff for a lot of us we have like with our MasterCard or Visa if you’re a triple a member you kind of have that all that stuff is fluff compared to paying fifty to a hundred dollars extra per year to increase your you IM coverage i think two million dollars sometimes you have to add you have to kind of polka malukas if you call geico or usaa they’ll say like oh you’ve been to one of ben’s seminars because it’s not a good deal for them because think about it think about what they are ensuring their assuring the drunk immigrant that’s that’s their biggest risk of loss when they sell one of those policies and so they take your fifty dollar a year extra extra premium and sell you a million dollars they don’t like to sell that I don’t think that they explained it very well yes i do i am dr. have to be the same Amell at your following film you say i won more than 250 / 500,000 I want to find that without a million I can you also have to increase your liability with that exactly in so the question is can you get a different amount of the liability and the uim and the answer is in Virginia by default they’re the same now you can buy lower you IM they don’t know that’s not on in any form because you just kind of have to know you can and there’s no good reason to do that so if you were today if you had a policy that protected you to a hundred you go home you call geico or progressive or USA on the phone you say just tell me how much it would cost to increase my coverage to 500,000 or a million dollars they’ll run the numbers and quote it what they’re selling you is is that number five hundred thousand of liability coverage which is a good thing and five hundred thousands of you IM coverage and i’m just telling you that if if anyone gets a quote of more than one hundred and fifty dollars a year that means either you’ve been in a lot of accidents you’ve got 16 teenagers living in your house or there’s something else that that they know about you that you don’t even know about yourself alright any other any other costs yes ma’am mine says uninsured motor vehicle bodily injury to 50 thousand five hundred thousand doesn’t have to say underinsured no that means the same

thing okay yes the underinsured and the underinsured is the same and does everybody know what it means when it says 250 / okay 500 okay so in the hoods case the car that the illegal immigrant was in actually had coverage it was 100 / 300 that means that in an accident that he causes they will pay a maximum of 100 thousand dollars per person up to a maximum of three hundred thousand dollars per the whole accident so that comes into play when you have an accident with multiple injured people and sometimes you have a situation where let’s just say in that case one of the person who’s hurt has a $500,000 medical bill and one has a twenty-five-thousand-dollar medical bill well the one with 25 will probably get their full recovery because remember they can go up to a hundred the one with 500 will be capped at a hundred even though the entire policy goes up to 300 so that’s what that 250 / 500 means per person / / entire accident all right look it yes ma’am yes ma’am so the question is if six people are injured in a car let’s say that you accidentally run through a red light and hurt then there is competition amongst those six people for your money but what they will do is they will look their lawyer would say bring me your own policy and a guy like me with looking oh good news you attended a seminar by Ben glass and you have a million dollars worth of coverage it’s not going to be a problem all right but sometimes it is a problem because now the insurance company your insurance company is trying to dole out and be kind of fair to everybody but nobody gets enough and oftentimes a policy a health insurance policy is saying we want ours back and if your pay if any of your bills are paid by Medicare we want ours back if any of your bills are paid by Medicaid we want ours back all right if you were hurt while you’re driving and you’re hurt while you’re working and you’re in a car your workers comp will pay the bills but then they want ours back when you bring a claim against the driver okay yes sir are there occasions when it’s good enough or not good enough well yes there are I think for Paul krause’s family a million dollars would not have been enough I mean it’s the loss of a dad and and I don’t even know if you can even buy coverage more that you probably can’t because you can buy almost anything if you look hard but for 99.999 percent of the cases that I’ve seen it is enough and when you look at how much it costs to get there it’s really enough yes sir yes let’s talk about that so on these policies there isn’t this is an optional coverage medical expense and typically it’ll say you’ve got terrific coverage typically it will say 2000 1000 2000 or five what that policy provides is without regard to fault the first hundred thousand dollars of medical bills that you incur because you were in a car and in the accident or you were hit by a car so you’re bicycling or your pedestrian out here in seminary road the first hundred thousand dollars of your bills will be covered no matter what and this is a good thing because if your health plan is a federal employee health benefit plan and they want theirs right this provides an extra hundred thousand dollars in essence available to you in your case I thought you said yeah he said you had a hundred thousand okay five thumb so right so so you have five thousand dollars of medical payment without regard to fault so even if you fell asleep car went off the road and hit a tree you would have and it’s actually five thousand dollars multiplied by the number of cars on that policy so do you have one car or more than one car I’m one car so you have five thousand dollars of coverage in

today’s world where every time you go you’re paying a copay and the ductable and things like that that five thousand dollars can come in handy to make sure that you’re not going out of pocket and typically those are very quickly paid so once you fill out a form and send it to all state or geico whoever it is they will reimburse you for that yes ma’am can they try to get my house they can so the question is and it’s whether you have 500 or a million but let’s just say that you get sued for more than the insurance that you have and let’s say it’s legitimate you weren’t paying attention went through the red light and having forbid you kill someone or seriously Angela the answer is that they can if you own your house jointly in with your spouse it’s impossible to do it the legal answer is on the bar review is you can the real life had bit answer though is that ninety-nine point nine percent of guys like me are interested in that okay we are not going to put people out of their houses unless unless you had 17 martinis you’d already been to ASAP five times and you get in a car you fool the little thing you got to breathe into and you’re a real dirtbag so if that’s true then we might but for most of us if we have a healthy amount of insurance a lawyer is not going to come after your house and the other thing is you always have the safety net of bankruptcy it’s not it’s not a goal but unless you unless you drank 17 martinis and deliberately went out to hurt someone you have that safety net so like you know neither can i when i was at all that hair i could but not anymore but it sounds like you have good healthy coverage the question i would want to ask which company do you have Geico so I know this is so interesting I know that GEICO’s umbrella policy does not provide the um coverage and I’m talking about and but what’s interesting is I would i called them when i started to figure this out like it and you call the 800 number get expert on the phone does your um policy cover assuming does your umbrella policy cover uninsured motorist yes i said i don’t believe it oh it does mr. glass i said will you send me the the specimen copy they said it to me it doesn’t I mean clear candy there’s only a couple and I can’t think of the names of the come it’s only about two in Virginia that actually do that but if you call geico here’s exactly how that conversations going to go what’s your what’s your name then they’re going to go miss Johnson you have an umbrella policy why would you want to raise it to a million you’re already covered if you hurt someone and you say I went to this seminar with this lawyer and he tells me that if someone hurts me I’ve only got coverage at five hundred thousand and four maybe 50 or 75 dollars more a year I get better coverage and and geico will kind of lil Hammond ha you sometimes have to go up the ladder my son know who’s 23 in a young lawyer he was able to get a million because he pushed he said what do you mean I know you can sell it to me and they sold him and he is a good driving record so they and you know what you probably will never ever ever need it but you look at in your life and all the other things you kind of you spend money on that we really don’t ever ever need this is I think critical just for that one instance when somebody else hurts you yes ma’am Charlie’s almost 21 he’s almost I think right yes ma’am you know I haven’t seen that in fact typically you’re a great risk you know if you have a good recommend it what will happen in the future is what your rate risk has been and what your activities have been in the past so if you’ve got a good driving record of now if you’re 99 they may they may ask but I haven’t heard that I mean they do do some things on credit scores and some people say well outs fair that’s not fair I don’t know I would just call them I mean I I can see them down Virginia Beach tonight they’re going to answer the 30

third call about 12 up their insurance yes ma’am uh-huh there we go so after this you can make a little public service video testimonial did you hear what she said so so the when she asked about raising her insurance with geico raising her limits and offered to pay her extra 75 dollars a year or fifty dollars a year they said why would you want to do that you already have four times the minimum of Virginia well she’s wrong because the minimum is zero but assuming she’s talking about 25 she’s saying you already have a hundred thousand dollars which is I think crazy I mean having SAT here today if you walk out of here and go darn it I’m keeping my hundred I think you’re crazy for the little additional premium you can get to protect yourself but that is the typical response now why is that it’s because most of the money that for insurance the highest cost is really the first dollar so if your premium that to get that hundred thousand that’s the most expensive thing because let’s face it most of us are never going to have to tap into 300 or 500 or a million that’s why it only costs fifty dollars or $75 but it that is the perfect if you would do that for me after this and just say hey I caught you not to say who was I called my insurance company and they said you already had a hundred thousand that’s a it’s not a lot of money it just isn’t now what how did that call end okay all right well you call them back because that is an absurd answer but it is the the policy answer on the phone if someone calls to ask for this stuff yes ma’am and geico will sell you a 500 / 500 or a mine is a million / a million so and just think about it again you know heaven forbid somebody hit me and I hit my head on the windshield and I’m not able to think straight all right I can’t be a lawyer if I can’t think straight and and it would provide some measure of protection for my family while I retooled and figured out what else to do next I had a question here yes so an uninsured so an umbrella policy protects you if you hurt somebody else but most of them they’re only two in Virginia that do most umbrella policies do not provide you protection if you are hurt by somebody with little or no insurance the guy cuz I’m I know that guy cuz umbrella policy does not provide that protection you know I can’t I I used to know they’re kind of weird they’re not like your your top five but actually if you go to drunk driving victim speaks the bottom video is an independent agent in stafford named nick nick genest GE and EST and he sells for some company that I it’s not one of your standard five but he actually no I remember that he knows the answer to that question he’s down in stafford but see the thing is with with geico if you can buy the million on your car that’s pretty good I mean you’re going to be in pretty good shape so question is do we need the umbrella policy I think it’s a good thing because I umbrella policy probably cost you anywhere between 150 and 250 and it does provide protection heaven forbid you be the cause of accent to a rich person like Anita okay so so yes there’s no reason to get rid of the umbrella and really we’re coming you know we’re talking about a small risk that the person who hit you is under insured yes ma’am that’s correct so I get a women marry discount too but yes and and so and you know what do we have insurance our homeowners policy is if some well a the house burns down or a tree falls on it ok but be if somebody gets hurt at your house because of your carelessness not just because they get hurt ok people

get hurt all the time but you know you’ve you’ve got the swimming pool out back and you don’t put any water on it you don’t have a fence around and their neighborhood kid wanders in you know and breaks his leg or he falls into a pool full of water something where you actually did something wrong so so it sounds like you’ve got pretty good coverage and I’m just suggesting this one little extra piece I’m glad we have gulabi question let me go to some folks who haven’t what limitée insurance coming on how much they can charge I don’t know besides the market I mean there is a an insurance commissioner in Virginia that regulates sort of certain things you must have in a policy so the Insurance Commissioner will say if you sell the liability portion then the UM portion has to match it unless the person says I don’t want it so there’s certain rules about that they probably set rates here’s the deal with Virginia Virginia if you have another very conservative place okay there aren’t like bazzill dollar verdicts this isn’t New York this isn’t California so by large the insurance market is very very competitive that’s why you have geico Allstate you know state farm I I saw company yesterday was state insurance and I said state farm the guys know state insurance he actually add a good policy it was a decent policy so it’s a very competitive insurance market in Virginia juries tend to be very conservative judges are very conservative because hey Northern Virginia ler is filled with folks like you grew up here lived here worked in the government and you know aren’t interested in making any lawyer rich joke yes sir yes so question is uh out-of-state companies who sell insurance here like liberty mutual yes in order to be authorized to sell insurance in Virginia you have to get a ticket from the from the Bureau of insurance and so then you the policy you sell to someone in Virginia has to have all the required stuff in it and then if the prices is regulated as well well I in my video agent malpractice calm I actually talked about a usaa policy so the so if you call them you’re going to get the same response my friend in the back God why would you want that alright but when they eventually sell it to you it’s cheap and I step go step by step through a hundred-thousand-dollar policy and I think she bought either 500 million because in her case she has serious injury it was not catastrophic the person who hit her had 25 my lady had a hundred so we had a total of a hundred thousand dollars of coverage the way that works and it wasn’t enough and I gave her this speech and she went called the next day and then she said mr. glass and i think i think it was thirty-five dollars per six months it was really ridiculously yeah I mean they have a triple-a rating because they tell you you don’t need it I mean if your usaa investor you know that’s what you want you don’t want people buying a million dollars with our coverage that leads to big losses potentially yes sir yeah you know I so if can you increase the deductible on your insurance and save some money I’ve never found that that it’s it’s worth it because if you you say I want a hundred-dollar conducta b’lore five-hundred-dollar deductible they say okay great we’re going to save you two dollars and fifty cents per per six months it’s not been a big deal and and in the deductible part what we’re talking about is the is your own property damage which is important but it really is the least important of these types of coverages so yes the answer is you can save money but I’m not sure that that saving is actually worth it yes ma’am no ma’am the question is if you lease your car so whoever you leased it from requires you to have a certain level of insurance but what are they most interested in their car right now don’t care if you hit somebody because let’s say the leasing company is the ABC leasing company and you hurt somebody the ABC leasing company is not responsible for that in Virginia okay but they want to get their car fixed or replaced so you should you should be

asking the same question that you asked the Geico person which is give me the million or give me the 500,000 yes sir I don’t understand y tu pequeña had the stupid 500 our knowing should be why they don’t just pay everybody must have acne whatever minimum rethink good yes I don’t know any question is why does Virginia allow people to drive without insurance there’s a lot of cool laws in Virginia when you dig in there that you go why do we why do we do it that way I don’t I don’t know I don’t know who like lobbies for no insurance what happens is the money in just I mean this is the okay this is the boring lawyer part but the money that you pay that fee goes into a fund that helps to reimburse the insurance companies for when they do pay you under you’re under a you IM claim so there is this big sort of fund but the reality is that most people don’t check that box I mean if you’re going to decide to not buy insurance you just drive and how you get caught right and you pay your hundred dollar fine or whatever it is so maybe it’s a five-hundred-dollar fine or you’re going you buy your 25 thousand dollars worth of coverage now people say to me I’m fully covered nothing shum it show it to me like oh you got 25 thousand dollars of coverage wonderful you’ve got a hundred thousand dollars of medical bills I can’t help you okay I can help you for the next time because you I’m going to teach you something are we good I web too okay go what if a person doesn’t have a driver’s license all right so what happens if the person doesn’t have a driver’s license and he’s driving a car I don’t think our immigrant how to driver’s license I don’t really I don’t know I don’t think he did taken away from that’s right he’d already previous drunk-driving charge his privilege to drive had been suspended in Virginia the way that works is that if if you’re driving somebody else’s car with permission with permission and they can give you permission even if your license is suspended you will be covered that’s one of the rules the Commissioner of Insurance makes all right now if that guy steals your car from your front yard and drives it he’s not going to be covered under your policy and you would think that and if it’s your car and you don’t have a driver’s license but you but you still have valid insurance you are going to be you’re going to be covered in the person you hurt are going to be covered under your policy but then of course they’ll yank your policy now sometimes if you have lied to get your policy they’ll revoke it and nobody will get covered the guy who’s hurt then has to turn to his own policy and I’ll just say that in Virginia over you know when the Supreme Court decides cases they write opinions and there’s there’s like up just about every scenario you can imagine of people using cars with it without permission stealing them getting hit while there are three feet from the car is that using the car all of these things have been decided upon and I can’t tell you step-by-step what the actual decision is needs but I would know where to go and look for anything you can imagine with cars and insurance has happened so yes they may not take the house right you get a judgment against you and Olivia yes yes so the question is in in but how we doing are we doing good on time do you that’s their fault owe someone so I’m going to answer that question and then I will stick around and I’ll give you my arguing Charlie’s email address well it means let me let me I’ll come back and do that so in asking yourselves how much insurance should you buy absolutely you want to know how much you stand to lose if you’ve got five million dollars of assets that someone could tap into that I’m on with some special broker talking to somebody like Lloyd’s of London to get that insurance there’s kind of a there’s a semi-famous case Hulk Hogan the wrestler his young son caused it I think a death or Lisa paralysis of a child it was a death at them you weren’t even smart enough to know to call up their own insurance company they then spent hundreds of thousands dollars on a lawyer defending the case never realizing that their insurance can be would have provided a free lawyer but yes so having a fight if you have those sort of assets having a financial consultant and don’t take no

for an answer just keep looking somebody will sell you that policy and then we’ll take one more question if I can I’ll stick around for a bit Charlie what’s your address come on Charlie man see man at we’ve got the books we’ve got a bookmark so you have our my contact information and I’m more than happy to look at your policy for free answer your queries ring my kids love me why I don’t do this I’ll funky I’m busy guy yes sir you I you you you