Glassic Boatworks Seminar #1

it is my distinct pleasure to introduce to you the world my own technical advisory chris-craft commander phone actually I did miss they awarded beautiful 42 commander the idea behind this whole program is not for me personally to come teach you everything I know but the idea was for me coming to you knowledge give you thoughts the ideas and to make you just stop and think about your current program see if it’s good for you does it work for you are you spending too much money are you spending not enough money and that’s what I intend to do today the first part is basically going to be working with scheduled maintenance how to spot a good technician how to spot a bad technician how to spot a bad job as repaired up I also brought along a good many of the tools that we talked about on form actually prop my whole office with that I’m not going to drag it out but stuff that we’ve talked about on the form they may have heard about but haven’t seen stuff that you may have heard about the scenes that never actually looked at it floats held it will pass some stuff around let you look at it so the whole idea is not not that we’re going to come in here we’re going to fix all your problems is that’s not going to happen we’ll try we’ll discuss the second seminar is basically I entitled it free for all just for that reason you’ve got some specific on your boat you’re having an issue with this would be more like a live Chris Craft forum you can throw it out here I’ll bet between the crowd that’s in here someone’s going to come up with an answer and say I had that hat so feel free to ask questions I brought along a lot of pictures if you recognize your boat don’t worry I’m not going to call you out if you if you recognize some stuff that’s really really ugly that you see a board your boat make goes you didn’t bring something make notes with there but it got free notepad sit in front and that’s also magnetic take an old stick it on your fridge rater if you need extras I’ve got extras see me after the seminar but let’s get on with the program and the first part we’re going to talk about is making schedules maintenance schedules are all about planning they’re all about saving money they’re all about keeping your ends in improv shape but they’re also about keeping your boat in top shape they’re important just for that reason by working on by working on a schedule you know you’re keeping everything in good shape just look with commanders down here on the docks and you know they’re in great shape they’re in great shape because it kept that way but maintenance schedules will also extend the life of your agents I mean here have our meters on their engines so everybody’s got a pretty good feel for what shape they’re in wrong everybody knows how many hours that Keys been turned off but we’ve seen 38 commanders from specifically with 427 exceed 3000 3500 and one I know of it has exceeded 4000 without a repo four thousand dollars on 427 it can be done it’s all about how you take care of here but if you you throw it in and you follow the old phrase that you hear rode hard and put up wet it’s going to last you about half as long as it should if you keep it on the schedule you go through it you love owning you adjust it keep everything just so you’re getting certain records the army coming in here have heard the name five hundred times one of the founders in this club it was taught spoke Grosse Ile de pape for

grant and Todd would tell you before he sold it but he had no problem with cruising how long Scott two weeks they can jump on that boat cruise two weeks off of the Great Lakes they did it every year never heard Todd talk about breakdowns by staying on schedule you’re also going to decrease your overall cost anybody got an idea how you can do that any ideas fixing it before it breaks facing it before it breaks or do it he came to the rendezvous this we can be pulled into Kings marina something broke who’s great you’re going to pay the one at your home the one where you’re visiting it can get expensive when you’re out there cruising so that’s that’s the most important reasons for making schedules they’re easy to set up my schedules of setup on spreadsheets just simple tasks tune-ups a little changes adjustments timing all the way down to shaft logs when’s the last time the stuffing box was packed every single thing about your boat need to know it you need to know when it was service you need to know what it needs to be serviced our meters I ask joe a few minutes ago how many have an hour meter on their boat now everybody just about everybody raised their hand so here’s the next question how many in here think they’re our meter is accurate okay got a couple of you so that means that that means you stay on top of it our meters in my personal opinion they’re only good for one thing can easily install of course they’re wired to the ignition system so if you leave the key on for some reason that that clock still ticking if you’re buying a boat those are meters you should treat them as if they tell you nothing about the history of they should only be used for your maintenance schedule you don’t have any you know how many hours you should be changing your way how many hours you should be changing your filters you know how many hours you can be doing fuel filter you know belts hoses etc this is where I based my schedules on now I’m on an inland life it’s freshwater they’d vote 365 days a year we’re very lucky in that aspect but we still have seasons so our rule of thumb at home on oil changes on any gas engine is going to be once every 50 hours or once a season whichever one time whichever one comes first so most of the time my people at hundred going off their hour meter now why do they tell you nothing reliable about the past if you own a commander you’re an absolute purest first off you know the cable driven tax are about as accurate as the Sun the Stone Age begin with they can make it bounce anywhere from five to seven hundred rpms just sittin still but the hour meters were probably not reset when the engines were putting by now very few commanders haven’t been rehired there are few so if you’re buying one forget to our it’s not going to tell you what you don’t what’s going to tell you what you want to know is is by actually doing testing and we’ll get into that shortly planning is the importance of maintenance you don’t want to spend your summer time you don’t want to spend your on the water time working on your boat I have one customer in particular i love the planning i work into a circus big top everyone 38 commander with a shrink wrap that boat transforms into the biggest workshop you’ve ever seen as soon as it comes out of the water for the winter because they set the door Ian I’ll straighten Raptors door panel in we go in set up a propane heater and from basically from december or january to april all the works going on all the big projects are going on April comes around trigger-happy it’s cut in the water and she’s young except for little odds and ends that sup that’s all it happens in the wintertime they can spend the summer time on the water that’s that’s the

important part what to look for in a service facility some of this is going to be personal opinion some of this is going to be a professional common sense let’s talk about it anyway because in this day and age of this economy saving money is all more important but protecting yourself it’s way more important saving a little bit of money in the economy first thing on navette reinsurance facility is are they insured how many people in here no one hundred percent for a fact service facility they’re using is fully insured to cover them in you got to got three four okay stop this PowerPoint for just a second because i want to show you all something this is something that you can ask for as a customer any time you want to see from your service facility top certificate of liability insurance it’s free it costs nothing every marina that i work in whether it’s on my own boat or whether it’s on somebody else’s boat before i can step foot in that marina they want me to provide them with risk of liability insurance what that does is it shows Who I am where I’m from whom I insurance agent ends where they’re from New the carrier is but more importantly it also shows them the governess and the coverages that the marina’s are concerned with are simple they want to know about your general aggregate policy how much are you covered in your lab in your liability and then the 108th out is product liability product liability means I may have done the work right but I may have sort of defective part on it that defective part cause problem that’s where the product liability comes finally you know you look at that and go well you can print those off now you can’t prayer moment they have to be faxed in from the insurance company and down on the left hand side you’ll see certificate over the certificate is made for each particular marina that i work until each marina that i work in has a copy of that I can’t carry my clothes back in the door any questions what about work huh I only have work comp I have employees don’t have employees on a single man please tell October yeah it’s mid-october alright so Lee yes sir would it be advisable to have your name is an endorsement if you were having some major work done you give it all you need to have that for is your peace of mind if you want it customers havaianas customers never asked me for one the marina’s asked me for one now I can go work on your boat tomorrow but as soon as the marina finds out there’s an outside contractor on their property they want that if you don’t have that you’re not coming through the gate the reason I bring it up today is just simply knowledge again you don’t have to ask your service facilities this you can ask him he’s covered he tells he’s covered you know you can say okay he’s covered he can hand you a sheet and you know he’s covered if it comes down to the brass tacks of liability later on you end up in a courtroom for some reason you take that last sentence i use and you follow it with with your honor the sentence where I said well he told me he was covered your honor how well is that going to hold up it won’t so you know i’m not going to require every contractor i have to work on my boat in my house or whatever unless we start getting into some major work we start getting into some major work or let’s say we’re working on fuel systems or we’re working on electrical or what I would consider a high liability on that I might impress you a little bit for a certificate I want to say it let’s see what coverages he’s just coming down to change the oil from the other questions

no I’m not gonna lie everybody knows everybody wants to sue everybody else it’s just the hard facts of life these days how many of you know exactly how much liability insurance you have on your boat now how many should know how many have liability insurance on the boat general policies are normally what around 300,000 take a look out that window right there and tell me three hundred thousands to cover you if you’re both closed up it’s not it’s not meant to Afghanistan fill your holes around riding not your place it’s what no it’s what your boat protects you against somebody else’s for a property you know you are our coverage is as good as it gets i’m not going to lie i mean you can go out and you can buy a couple million dollars umbrellas you want to and i do know people to do for their safety by the Brella policy but just you know the reason i bring all this up just plain and simple we don’t think about this when we jump down in the engine room when we do stuff we don’t think about this when we go pull out wiring i’ll start changing out outlets and changing out breakers and changing our fuel filters from changing up you know we’re focused on getting our boat fixed we’re focused on what we need to do fix the problem go enjoy our boat the percentage is low that anything will happen it’s like I’ve always said since I was a kid when my love runs I always hit the odds I just haven’t hit the lottery yet so you know liability is really think about these days whether you’re working on your boat or whether you’re working on your buddies both it’s just something you have to keep in mind new boat dealer I want to take it guess why that items in there just just a guess why would I why would you want to know if there are new boat dealer record overhead new boat dealers generally keeping themselves afloat in the service department who’s out there by new folks these days very few but here’s and here’s a little secret about the boatman so I worked for a dealer for many years 1-4 several dealers many years they work on the floor plan everybody knows what a floor plan is they get the boats on consignment they make the interest payments on the boat till the boat sold I have marinas on my lake at home right now that the cell regal that cell I’ll get actually got sunsinker neighbor at home on in the link in North Carolina for God’s sakes I’ll never understand why I have a son secret what I do I have tiara at bayliner I have hmmm all head I had to Chris perhaps dealers they have since gone by the wayside but there’s service rates in their shop 105 bucks an hour it doesn’t matter whether they’re changing all or changing engines it’s 105 bucks an hour then I’ve got other marinas on my leg that don’t sell new folks most def Purcell and consignment these days that seems be where the market is I really want to sell his boat putting up on this guy’s a lot of old costume then Leslie cells cells it didn’t even give him ten percent his service rate is 60 bucks an hour who’s landing in the business got his own consignment off the new boat dealer now doesn’t mean it’s always that way it’s just something to look for when you’re when you’re choosing surface facilities what’s his / hit look like so you got a great big branding fleshy stuck outside a building with a whole bunch of high-end bugs out front you’re probably gonna helping people in a certain number 30 service facility referrals referrals referrals referrals I do not spend a single penny on advertising won’t do it I let my work speak for itself i let my customers advertise for me the guy that has a half page ad in the yellow pages it’s the same guy that’s got all the new boats out front you’re paying for that too that’s usually the guy that your friends are going to sign man took my phone lastly oh they spoke you’re tuning referrals you guys have a million friends in this club I’ve got twelve thirteen hundred anyone there’s probably

not a place in this country go right now where you couldn’t get on the club and say I’m in Grosse Ile Michigan I’ve lost a water pump where do I need to go you’ll have a handful of people come into I’m in chesapeake BAM and South Chesapeake Bay near Norfolk will have a handful come in today there that’s some of the benefits of this club’s you have you have your referrals you can get the referrals remember the flashy edge will only tell you what they want you to know referrals and your friends will tell you what you need to hear clayman’s them and again if you need a certificate of insurance mechanics versus technicians i posted on this one time and improved a lot of traction and people kind of like it so I’m going to say it again mechanic is a parts changer he’s focused on one thing he wants to get in there fix the problem change the part get his check go on technician it’s what I call the NCIS of both hands technician ones to get in there and he wants to find out what caused it failed in first place then it fix the problem and find out how we prevent it from happening again and before it leaves the job he sits down with the customer says here’s what failed here’s why it failed here’s what here’s how it will fail again if it happens here’s what will cause interview your mechanics don’t be afraid to be the boss you guys hold the checkbooks you guys hold the money guy comes down he says he can fix your boat in five minutes and sit down given cup of coffee and so let’s talk about what you’ve done let’s talk about where you’ve been this time how many years you’ve gotten this business let’s talk about your insurance don’t be afraid to interview people have too much money invested in your boats to let Johnny Shea tree come down here with his coveralls and an adjustable wrench and start fixing on your phone because he’s 40 bucks an hour he’s 40 bucks an hour that should be the first flag is the markets bringing 80 finally gut feelings anybody that knows me knows it doesn’t matter whether it has to do with a boat motor a problem or personal issue my gut never lies to me my gut starts hurting there something wrong if my my mechanics doing something with my boat my technicians doing something on my boat I just don’t feel good about it I’m going to be the first one to step up and say hold on I understand you’re working by the hour but it’s a little more important that you sit down and explain to me exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it because I don’t feel good about this if they can’t do it thank you for your time don’t need you anymore have a nice day so if you don’t feel good about it there’s probably a reason go with your gut now we’re going to need is something that’s done but i have seen patchwork easy to spot it’s never safely done and it’s never partner tricks you might get the problem fixed for fifteen or twenty dollars but it’s going to be fixed again it’s going to be fixed again it’s going to be fixed again until it’s fixed right the old saying friend of mine told me once if you don’t have time to do it right your first time how much time you have to do it again that’s always a good way to look at things when you fix it this is a distributor cap and I know it’s a little tough to see you look right in here let’s see a blob of silicone that block the silicon is because it’s an automotive style cap and fits on the marine distribute recent that blob of silicone is there is because on an automotive cap capture Bennett they have a whole lyneham can’t have a vented cap on but first off to the legal second office unsafe but this guy decided he’s going to see probably fifteen to twenty dollars on the street or gap take to be silicon smeared over the hole put it on down the road we got a problem until about three months later the silicon started flying a partner shavings in the road starts swinging it around everywhere a motor starts running like total crap take off the stretcher you got about five million shaving stun to every electrode inside of the

distributor so first off there are certain parts on a boat that by law must be marine grade alternators carburetors distributor caps starters this is the biggest right off of that fuel pump sneaker today flame arrestors yes I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen the new K&N cold air intake filters on the gas engine in a boat can’t use KN is great for diesels you use those all day long on the gas motor but marine grade parts will always have a US Coast Guard approval number on them or a marine J spec number certain starters will actually have a sticker on that says marine with the J like 1395 your flame arrestors must have a Coast Guard approval understand phone your fire extinguishers must have a Coast Guard crews understand home your alternator’s they not only have to have the Marines bigger than the other he’s what it’s not is look on the back there should be s fire screams fun screen on the back of it may be inside it’s a very fine mesh screen items like that absolutely positively have to be marine grade you’re not going to save fuel pumps the biggest question I have is what’s the difference between a marine fuel pump and an automotive fuel pump it’s a double diaphragm system it’s plain and simple two diaphragms on your car the bottom of your engine area is over fuel pump fails gas comes out drops on the ground there’s no there’s a hazard but it’s not has the marine fuel pump you have a double diaphragm system our first if the main diaphragm fails the double diaphragm keeps it contained within the punks and then you’ve got a little pipe comes outside with clear piece of hose goes up to your carburetor how many people have that hose hooked up to your program how many people don’t do it you don’t have one if you have if you have that fitting coming from the fuel pump and even if your carburetor doesn’t have a thinning you can put a fitting on the flame arrestor the object is is that that fitting has to come up to the carburetor dump fuel into the carburetor rather it flood the engine then flood the engine room that’s the idea behind it same thing with marine carburetors on gas engines the biggest difference you seeing marine carburetors what’s called the overflow tube on car the air flow tube comes straight up on quadrajet comes straight up and it’s cutting flush on marine carburetor at quadrajet either comes up and has miter cut at an angle or it has a loop in so when that overflows fuel doesn’t go out over the end goes right back down the throat floods the end it’s just some of the safety issues that can make it more expensive any questions long see ya fuel pump don’t have set to but they are the correct I’ve told those fuel pumps during the rare birds I’m 317 cute they’re internally back so that they go back into pranking but I think you get it right yep them somewhere more internally business compare eager to get Earl the Pearl has ended up yeah I got one spare I got let me tell you q people something you have not built up a warehouse of parts for these q’s yet get started I’m not going to ask the obvious question about the electric pump but I am going to make the comment if you have electric pumps on your boat two things first all thing must be marine grade they must have a Coast Guard approval number on second thing is they need to have an oil pressure shut off so it’s not a reason for both of these the first one is it’s an electric pump anything electric fits in your engine room has to be approved by the Coast Guard are you blind period point blank the reason for the oil pressure shut off your running down the road the engine fails but the pump doesn’t oil pressure switch without the pump off and you always do that just as an extra safety measure it’s not required in every installation it’s just a safety measure that will bring you peace of mind if you’re running down the river in that engine quits you don’t have to take that extra step and think okay I got to turn the key off make sure

if fuel pump stops pumping so oil pressure oil pressure switch right on any time going back saying thought I heard you say that fired the US Coast Guard Marines approve Tampa that is correct you thought about the engine will Fox danger system or you thought about the NL’s any both any fire extinguisher system aboard your boat will have a Coast Guard approval number somewhere on if it’s a marine system doesn’t matter whether it’s hang on dry chemical phone or otherwise back up when you jump above affordable go to Walmart does that suffice or do you have to buy a marine and held you can buy a marine fire chaser at Walmart what I’m saying is there a difference between getting the red one guy yep and in my 15 years one is customer auxiliary doing safety checks i will tell you the ones that say kitty kitchen fire extinguisher on me and I gonna find a Coast Guard approval I’m wrong cuz car approval number will always be well always ninety-five percent of times will be printed right on the label stamp somewhere will say USCG approval number it will have a number beside normally on the front of the box it will say if it came in a box on the box it will say Coast Guard approved but if you’re out here and then check your fire extinguishers if the law enforcement is really looking to write a ticket they’re going to look for that number because they know you can hold up to red fire truck oh yeah I got them now no I need to see since we’re taking a moment on fire extinguishers let me also tell you twice the season I want y’all take your fire extinguishers out of the mount turn them upside down and see if you feel the dry chemical drop if you don’t shape dry chemical tends to cake down the bottom of the fire extinguisher to the left in the mountain for a long time take it out turn it upside down you it feels just like a sand bottle you should just be a whole bunch of should drop and just turn it back and forth a couple of times check the pressure gauge put it back in the mouth you’re good for another six months if you don’t have a pressure gauge on your extinguisher you will find a little green button somewhere sticking out that is a pressure gauge you take that green button you push it in with your thumb or your finger it’s that green button pops all the way back out your precious good green button doesn’t pop out off the boat goes other safety gear how many in here know that players have any expiration date home okay I don’t need to go through that one do it what do you do what what do you absolutely positively have to do if your flares are expired but I knew what you do with the old music legend the light to build okay so I hands how many people how many get rid of them keep them keep them keep them at least for a couple more years I’d rather have too many with possibility that a couple of work and not having nothing watch the boat go by the mill deny our local Coast Guard Auxiliary one year coordinated training session where you can shoot the older I you know I wish they would all be that I wish all flotillas me that if you people know people in the auxiliary or the Power Squadron suggested it gives people a chance to get some experience with the flares it it’s a way to dispose of the ones that are expired so all right let’s see what ever it has slides here because that I’ve got more here’s a good match job right here hmm it’s blurry but I know you can see it I’ve got a better shot of it also this is an alternator the adjusting bolt for the Bell this is the entire bolt oops and yeah that’s that’s the way the boat came to me and that’s the first thing I saw when I opened up the engine room there’s the other side is now somebody please tell me how that belts going to stay tight you know it stays tight when it’s sitting still but the guy hasn’t taken it out and ran it up to 38 44,000 4200 rpm or watched all the vibration Tekkit act this was on a master craft Stars and Stripes edition think they’re not slow bruises or they

notice use two speeds stop and go ok so that’s the end of the powerpoint now we can get on some of the good picture question go ahead regarding that very same subject why I’ve owned by boat 17 years ok I’d like to think that I pretty much got a pretty good handle on everything goes on downstairs honest to god I have to tighten my alternator belts on those queues at least twice a year yeah I mean there but I am NOT today it’s not a matter of not getting the bolts tighten up they are tight tight tight out replaced belts I’ve tried the best belts money could buy they don’t they all they do on the view is go directly to the pulley which is on the flywheel and through the alternator there is no secondary mulund razon of it what is called you owe me I’m now there goes to it are they’re going to stretch out your not going to but without stretching yeah I can’t keep our title to the end where are the other ways exactly reason they stretch out his belts get hot bring rubber expands forever contracts my guess is if you check it cold or unchecked it after a run you’re going to see different tensions I notice I’m I voltmeter special report side I’ll look at my volt beer halfway through the season I’ll be down until I pick it up to about fifteen eighteen hundred i’m down at 11 5 12 minute i pick her up that all sudden that kicks in you still run an external regulator on your own measures I got the original crustal light yes so you’re still exciting alternators but yeah you know think of it this way don’t think of it as much as a nuisance think is the reason I need to get out and check things around anyway it’s twice a season it’s not a big deal it’s all the time getting getting down that port engine you’ve got a son I got a son near me hahaha hammered was this big I could show up anywhere how ok so let’s talk a little bit more about patch jobs let me get this first slide set up once it’s setup will be ok so there’s where we left off with PowerPoint and alternator that by the way you might want to take a guess how much it would cost to fix this problem thank you that’s exactly what does anybody know what’s a job fixing a problem like that mean yeah a lot of people like that it’s a procrastinator I’m doing be can be fixed all you have to do is take this to your local alternator rebuilder they will take this broadcasting off right here go over to their junk pile and pulled another one out sliding on Sam blast to clean and painted out the door you’re done it was 25 bucks to fix that all but the guy that worked on the boat side and let it go just like that but then not involve is only 25 cents it’s not even stainless hey buddy ever seen this church before see they were all these two plugs please see the thread size 3 or hitting me that’s a GM plug to put in to afford right now that’s a that’s a stripped-down spark plug hold that the guy got a self cutting self-tapping see the cross engine that fridge right there to jam the plug in the holes so that it would seal up and stay and what it looks like when you take it apart is that proper way to fix it anybody would feel accord what’s a helical helical is a little kids you can buy at any napa auto parts you can / drill the hole it’s not something I recommend everybody to do by the way but this is how it’s been you oversized the hole then you tap it and then you’re actually threading in a set of threads into the head loop with Loctite on that reduces it back down to its original size that’s the proper way don’t do it with the other day yeah I mean yeah normally you want to do that if you’re stuck in a precarious situation you can do it and put a vacuum pump to the cylinder and try and suck the dust out but how we always recommend take head off to do any work it’s going to require drilling and tapping I just that was just one of those just as they say on facebook it was an sm h moment shaking my head if i see anything on

this one anything obvious er well that’s that’s the old dipstick and that is the battery Campbell going to the starter ah yeah that’s not good doesn’t have any business rubbing up against that okay now let me set up the scenario this way you’re buying this boat and you’ve opened up the engine hatch and this is what you see now tell me what you see what open bedroom every catch why always bub load everything make changes freeze plugs thank you freeze plugs see where we going bronze see him here steals one let’s do a painting now they’re all bronze those days are left one is factory is they all the rust see all the rust see you freeze plugs original what else do you say it started looks awful new doesn’t let’s go one step further on the same boat what do mastercraft our price it had the alternator on top of motor sea water cooling transmission it’s a little nude Jeff on babe vinings clamps shiny black it’s mounted underneath the motor same boat same engine it’s also manifold PVC first off it’s not gonna help this is the seawater this is cold water so it’s not going to melt the fitting anybody see all with silicone the slather in here okay so this is the same boat on all these pictures she’s guy was buying this boat you’ve got a flat fitting a silicone slathered you’ve got obviously two brand-new freeze plugs on one side you’ve got rust trails coming down the side of the motor it’s an inland freshwater lake it has every obvious sense that the motors been frozen has been winterized properly and you are now in code because you wrote a check two weeks go to the boat so when he brought it to me says it’s not running really good he says it’s underpowered it’s playing yeah six cylinders on the v8 engine it’s underpowered all right that turned into twelve thousand dollar retail well we did all the diagnosis she had low compression on three cylinders she had a blown head guessed that she had a cracked head from freezing and the mastercraft dealer that he bought it from it passed everything up to but sold him that little slip that you get with every used card every boat and says what yeah hey twelve-thousand dollars from the boat so he doubled his money to repower i was twenty four thousand dollars in a 1978 master and he asked one of the prettiest engines i ever built anybody in here ever seen my facebook page seen the engine that’s on my cover shot every big pretty forward Angela with a heater gentle Brock sitting on top of it that’s what replaced that piece of junk and so it’s it’s a gorgeous engine what what is that that is 302 Ford we went back with the 351 for I need crate motor right out of the creek we did a crate motor with high-performance add-ons we changed the cam we changed carburetor we changed some stripper winds are both right down under the string of wooden yeah and if any other technician ever works on it will never figure out the fireworks 302 engine with 351 firing order what Jen don’t go that vulgar would you come on be just jumped put strap up I could give you four return on it it will be too far gone this this this by far has to be the most dangerous job I’ve ever done guy calls me on two thousand mile 31 searay sundancer it says it just called me from the marina and said my shore power appears to be out can you move check for me this is what I found behind the Hubble plug in his boat and in this forever this is an electrical tape this is black gorilla King we are redneck and in a first class here in twisted wires together which this is actually three strand solid core and this is 10 marine grade wire and then we write we twisted it together we wrap it in some black

duct tape and it held up for a couple of months until the power that one just absolutely scared me i made a new harness the reason I did this picture for the harnesses I want to impress on you color coat color code on your AC wiring red white and green red white and green they’re all three important wires use all three you don’t have a green circuit on your boat probably time to do some upgrading if you can nous allons a new breaker panel the old the thing that makes this a little tricky is all of our commanders the 12-volt wiring on it is what color code black and white white ground AC I said red white & 3 i’m wrong sorry black white and green what makes it tricky is our 12 volt wiring are our commanders is black and white somebody tell me whether why it is positive or negative new coming it’s negative it’s neutral yes and it’s negative that’s what makes it tricky on our commanders it’s neutral on the shore power 110 side it’s negative on the 12 volt side black which is what on the shore power kind of well or load load which would be translating it that’s one of your hot lines and your 12 volt side black is hot putting today’s 12-volt wiring code which is red and black or red and anybody else know the new wiring code for 12 volt your color foreground three yellow who says that correct give the lady give the lady a prize this is chris brown opposite so back then because i’ve had people come on my boat look and say waiting supposed to be ground but back then was that standard back then that was the standard every single white wire goes up to the bus bars everywhere all the 12 / step everything that’s quite when your commander on the 12 volt panel is ground is that Chris crap you need a hand answer that question and I’m not going to bluff my way through yeah I don’t know private demanders the only limit i worked with from our advantage everything else everything else i work on electricity is that what it is okay did everybody hear what you just said say again allow prior to that the late 60s early 70s they thought electricity went the other direction and you actually have positive ground tractors right I remember the old Beatles that have lost their ground on the drive you nuts oh but and then we’re getting ready to wrap up I got about two minutes left on this one but let me tell you color coding and I posted on this not long ago it’s really important on your boat it’s not just for your peace of mind so when you bring a guy like me in and I come in and I open up the wiring closet I can pretty much without a doubt know what I’m looking at if I can’t if I don’t know what I’m looking at it’s going to end up costing you because if I just sit down and map it and figure it out I get paid by the hour of evil it’s quick question on that same thing I saw something I’ve never really had explained to me in layman’s term on my boat when I switched my when I put the bridge on upstairs I took out the old original ammeters stewart1 around the ears and I put in volt meter’s right I was told to disconnect the shots from down below that run the original chris-craft combination and meters the lower hell I was doing nothing at all bad by disconnecting the shots big big white wires down there and that shot is yeah it’s not it’s a squiggly coordinated feet what does that do and why is that I needed today how come you can disconnect that and be bobby riskin the shot is put in line on a negative cable okay and the reason because that’s where your current flows it is squiggly part of the 10 and I’m just going to tell you I don’t know this one hundred percent of researching this the best answer I come up with reason that piece of copper strip going through there is corrugated like that is for cooling purposes yeah it’s a it’s a heat

shot okay now if you looked even closer on your shun you don’t have two hours F for the big big nuts on each end that’s your negative that’s your big negative cable that’s actually passing through the screws that are on the end of those nuts that unscrew have two more smaller wires they have what’s called a positive and a negative those are what go up to your hands gates those are what is reading the current going through if you ask me how it reads I’m going to answer with my thermos bottle analogy thermos bio do it no thermos bottom boots hot things hot cold things cold the biggest question is how do it not sure in about 30 seconds to another day of the week add me or describe the show yes it does it you can’t read that average going through directly because the end you have to run up big battery cable all the way up to the national so what they do is I put that shunt in there and that shot is actually a very very low resistance piece of metal as a given existence to its attentive and always very low resistance then they put the other two wires on top you’re actually measuring the bowl drive over that resistance so more current goes through it more voltage drop and the mayor is up in your dashboard is actually a volt meter that is calibrated to read out it acts as the voltage drop over that shot varies with your moniker and that’s why the show the end we did that’s why it is the only a draft metering a more you can take a short guy Oh what is going to settle now you will too baby cables back together yeah the interesting picture it ascends not causing any problem you can leave it hooked up you could leave a hook up or take okay and the reason feeling for making that means the piggy dissipate the heat where’s your whole loads going through the hats right now what goes through that you want small words do we have any other questions by the way this is how the shore power project i was doing ended up and i want you to notice a most part commanders you have that reverse polarity like everybody still at is that r in the yellow lights little short on the sea race they’re actually using a main breaker right at the Hubble plug now and I thought that was a good idea so I want to hit into the picture of it if you ever decide to upgrade to shore power marion co for Hubble either one makes that set up and it’s just simply a 30 amp that will pro breaker and you can put it in line if that way you plug in and you can throw the breaker and you’ve got one more piece of protection on your shore power system before you try anything else just a quick question the whole time I was plugged in the polarity like this I’m haha and i found that right I figured Lenny where the harbor yep it happens ok I just figure the whole artwork from well yeah I just went through a same kind of nation on our yacht club we probably have 100 flips and there may be a couple of slips for the when we wired the connection on the shore side that the polarity was switched and so could we moved slave from the slope that we bought her in down to another slip everything work fun click the boat out to party got everything work fine i got like a 50 amp double digits on both sides they move this again to a longer plugin blew the circuit breaker on the 404 power panel over at the dockside because clarity was wrong in the wire on the connection oh come on ok now the polarity was wrong on the outlet side on the dock that I was plugging my short cables into so the way in a winner put meter on it and then finally if we figure that out then took the cable loose and switch sklar so that water is my dioxide water I know alright set up I don’t have it with me but let me let me just say a home depot sells an apple checker they ever say miss Wilson where’s got unicron’s asif ali like today and it will actually check polarity of an outlet now the way you do it on the shore fireplug do the west very important supply wherever your boating store is and you get a short power adapter that are plugging into your dockside where you can plug your drop cord in get that piece that our home depot and get the outlet checker plug it in your eat the lights you know whether the polarities right before you plug your boating it’s an easy fix it

will cost you I think those are that if i remember right the adapters at westbury are like 30 or 40 votes with a little plug in adapter and then home depot you’re probably looking five at the most 495 yeah without a check ok let’s take about a five minute break and the second seminars just going to kind of feed off the first one and we’ll do more discussion and as more pictures you