for th th th th of the welcome gags welcome welcome with a coma Lois cool JE left, if a welcome two this team , and super take sides O Johnny Moon and the the traveler is what is destiny of 1/2 ago god told to us to I goddess freaky free DVD for the first time I heard that those insane weld half its another stream another game of a dollar just about and the idea of switching on over a super excited much site for this I hope nobody has two men for this one’s indeed it connects of got three chapters left we are on the tense and his chapter 10 and I don’t remember chapter 11 and all too much and hoping this, fast the chapter 12 is essentially that the hole on checker you’re on the on the a planet chapter 11 I think you’re trying to escape some chapter 10 we are in a calm to bear in the I forget which areas but essentially

there’s a bunch of on dead people to perform some sort of ritual looks like any way I stop the mall because it did not want the on when we say was called yesterday the on on the public to cultivate are some think we’ll want him with the face of are basically we’ll want to face under turning them in two macros so I stopped all of them stop the legs of stomp their arms of Health Care, could have respect for the bad enough about this time not one day it’s possible that they can turn into macros and they will the final do that so in the home were to go ahead and get this started the NFL am so excited to finish this chapter 10 end of days are right leads to a guy’s let’s do it make sure that the players to music , which would go after the way OK also I think we have would be use them think we have power nodes know we do not we use them again used on this yet the middle of the plasma would not use of the center are used on the right to get more HP and I think I bought a few give ourselves more damage is more capacity more speed all that good stuff on the a 73 more to up from the gratefully my HP all that Tom I want that level five suit that’s what I really want to really want the time taken some coffee all yet I don’t think he has a sky still live like was ego that swatch or egos he probably goes down right up you can even see what you can get in to goes down then you probably will leaves like this guy did not look like he was ready for cannot look like he was willing to die so she has great to move nast’s a that’s always disgusting walking through that nasty stuff you can believe it’s for king Friday it’s Friday mad this is a way to the events Friday in IE : 17 wonderful Friday night

and avoidance in a while and see no hand while when what he’s up to help he’s doing well crab june while no one at a while by Twain shall bow is Friday and now IE this is the only to the arts and others are a few of those guys down there and do my best to take them down think I have all gotten a lot of force energy may be linked to that soon I can do here however as doesn’t really do that much against these guys so there’s one called there’s 2:00 AM I believe yeah well old others more of them somewhere couple when running somewhere I can hear on think anyway surrender somewhere due to force gun is one of the best weapons you can get it really isn’t that pretty much next two to plasma coverages and second only to that it is a wonderful weapons well that you’re there , said that the key Thinking grab everything has to go back up the bishop our none of their budget kind of OK lets go talk in the throat of this would be a winner this when now let’s pull the

wall lull oh shoot we need to go back into read a line down this is not in a workout without it if nice all the bodies are still stomped full well that is just sitting there and saw some also should, grab some more plasma energy just in case and save two 22 NNN safe here in there an ear saying here be a matter of the year on two you don’t wanna check out and just got some component tables for my PlayStation so we traded and networking stop to soar really want checking out much economic is again a CRT and really messy NT to beat the one check out the most honest way the component cables on my PS one PS to MPS three and see how it looks see how looks on the big a deal CRT wall to move got an OK beautiful a poll that scared me not to lie that scared me was keep the wine racks for now are lined up for now , O in a second was a scale this is just like the locker room is in a year as a bathroom, locked to grow something that all of the eight who just chewed up blood got the ads ease it’s a fact that Sony is estate taxes say

the death they’ve now : this is is the captain’s cabin think I’m going to the captains can only see sleep block a com comments don’t think it is cat scan own narrow this part oh god this parts socks no little like this part two: O this is this is the part with a big guy Ballmer, he’s he’s alive to screw you grow screw you know seat and one that’s why don’t want the line down because the stimuli and racks all the time that stinks I don’t want nine tax of this game did this gained eight is gained AIDS Da P78 PCT a ago for some pizza right now to buying gone to great sir PCA and all in all of the men and women were no no no no no good while wall you would you are a son see climax and a one line racks and don’t want Tax would get rid of my line racks you are designed nasty the nine EST and skus me to some distant, are there certain jerk

no. None of this and that would appear first things first let’s say media from O cool thunder : Nixon doesn’t work right now in the two and streaming right now old , star wars which said there was an error was what also hiked only for a funny and talk to both OTS right now switch said there was an error was was like that’s weird , have to pull up to make search at his house on how to pull the mixer chat of witnesses can be beaten but the chat really that’s weird on to : go to the distance that the seven year now to want this site in the second manages one a , late check my broadcast broadcast Ashford I just wanna see the chat , see my chat in mixer sold up ago. I don’t understand is too complicated for me all year ago was a skate night is offline one visit Sam offline very strange very strange , checked when she just to see what’s it going on here also, I’d done and how the band Nate Holden, who turn off sound turn off sound OK Soviet say hello shows up for me that’s weird , you push buttons are always at how easy chat mixer of push buttons got it been so helpful and thank you so so much wisdom if the OK and cancel one that’s so weird that super Mazar , that’s made the maybe you need to update

twinge or like you’re 20 at four maybe update your video player something on your computer and your web browser of an inch move this partner this far so first was to take these guns out a short of getting attacked will have eight these guys would await those guys because they have so much else they can do so much damage they do so much damage love posted a socket and Isaac I need to go there first things first and a few Lorena oxygen reach ads but you’re on the Aiken OK maybe it’s alive and a year now that’s right will it’s good to see you as good as economy has always on and all do the plan of you don’t have a switch to you because I was gonna say to have a certain show came out today to critique either a pretty key a zipped selling somebody wanna get though all one known about to change that this could change right now are you serious I don’t have enough like a second use another one of these aren’t you would not enough money for it are only to have a switch mostly due to its awesome really got it added that the NAV card black Friday last year all nice to Dawson congrats I get a I got mine the last year OO I got mine the cheese man discovery service I got mine, cheese and of O.J. is the go-go all the madonna of American undead up on that two that really sucks , OK , after upgraded solves all back a more from CIA states also be so what gives you have for it , and into all that over again and so stupid just visiting go back in time for a year come on

to do this and go us OK, OK support was going EV and Mario of course you have put one was the EV to that’s exactly sounds exactly like the gained one and all not Mario a super smash rose, that make sense to that make sense OK superstar Afro school will have a pool traded to the division to it was only my faithful money ever while O schools that are sending a message can find streaming yeah Says , in of one four look for some reason the EV was hope he really like literally have special moves of all types that’s crazy well of late are you kidding me are under how are they all still alive every single one of them of the oldies OK also area have also get a error you mar on so much health and attack I know seriously they do though O. Plotkin taken up OK can pick up for some reason , I should probably do that for us to jump by the still air all got a cat got down on you, Lou Gehrig and have erred in my care boy so much health attack all of you talk about EV it had more survivability than my curios O also a error and yet the year when the mail and

be an idiot, being a Bona fide 88 will take that will take that will take that all definite in that I think that’s everything right when a rolling back when I can just run this one just like that OK lee of good yet list just goes back through major league runner thing that the someone with a nine tails really what why wasn’t until just not very powerful are all I’d miss this seat that’s why I go back through just in case I miss something I really likes nine tails when I was a and hokum on as a kid but OK so you wanna get obasanjo he have the switch to which one are you going to get it. If you get any of them which one will it be or will it be the double also was good that I got here , OK one attack wouldn’t defeat anything or remotely do much to itself and died one hit really hope on the king live 1000 years than one hit what slaying , $100 for both of those are hundreds of 120 for both because of $60.00 per game they don’t give you any discount remember this is Nintendo they don’t give you no discount for buying for upgrading when you buy a system bundle system you buy the game they don’t give you the game for free with PlayStation and Xbox the bundles come with a game for free like its $300 for radar new PS for orex Botswana, as workers were slim and it’s also $300 for the PS for slim with a game that when the bubble ones or Xbox one as with the game its $300 for a switch and $360 for the switch with white sash brothers four no call them on whenever bobbled it happened so dumb and what are you doing it and know why why do you do that isn’t what’s the point in buying the bundles if it if it’s literally the same thing as Mages buying the system and a game separately like walled two that scared of wild that scared me at some prominence come back here some point to the ota at its know it’s ice saw its price and will march. All will so Wal-Mart yeah bullets from doing a sale that’s why so they probably have it on sale for 50 or 100 for the they always do that when the game first comes out they make you go on sale like right away so that they buy and they get more a sales that were well and no no no sale will not and will but it is on sale of its it’s on sale for $50.00 as a potentially the price will all actually no here I think you’re right because of a I saw like older gains were like 4999 all actually know because they were sold or 60 on the novel woman does things Wal-Mart stupid

well will get his Mana warfare still 50 boxes and that’s pretty crazy actually sever the young make up your mound whom the Mario Garnett if Lock my bed and Donald yeah I know well marked as Wal-Mart is Wal-Mart is Wal-Mart as Wal-Mart they do whatever they want thinking charge whatever they want for anything is there so much money to take us in U.S. you Mr. Us the best out of the senate would want some points or three times are four times or five times we know it and decided no I didn’t use edit no idea that the SNA and I are again two there reload if reloading damage your were to do that actually Selma by another want the fixing for a hyper beam to the team in the contact been , care for the contact been be honest it’s too slow to slow to stop a good year really isn’t if I can do everything with plasma cutter that I can do with the contacting times 10 with the father because it’s so much faster and its powerful hyper B know what is hyper been , what that is we’re sad thing that things close to pop at some point , weird stuff all to poke among move once what is that who does the hyper been your number I don’t know anything about poem on and nothing about one oh. Year ago any poem Nikolai will slice you I will slicer I will absolutely size for she’s dead second receiver she’s done for the pope one that can learn its ends powerful any pull any mold one that can learn me be any poll the one can learn it will I see an arm no not happen and that having it all Ica had no not having it allowed all these to just be torsos will the CIA had not having it , there we go look at it nice skus my fingers got a little

cave patrol need to come out I can feel it move enough 1000 of the greasy crease to control those are as a gun to Kate role slimy someone can OK like EV Powell faces yet but the but EV can do like you just that you just even say yourself EV is like so powerful were to go back upstairs we’re going to upgrade our force thing are forced on sweet, just 12345 more 12345 as 50,000 of its a lot but it’s worth it because this thing is super powerful wants them and damage is Alway out its super good system that 18 does that 32 right now it’s so powerful position second altar shotgun blast them us what I miss what you said you to remove all all I said, because you said , some hope among can’t learn it like EV Powell face but you just edit yourself; TV is like one more powerful one of the most powerful tool are so many things outside is to have some kind of limitation rating means it’s so good it can with a try, no like you can’t have everything you know I can have all the the of the best moves right OK receivable more time , go to the seven points in less GUI the monorail broke 180 sox Hadley on icy and regular pope one he can learn it like being in regular either to also you never tell me which called moms sorter shield would rather have would rather get sort of like if you’re gonna get one which gets sort of which can seal and seal while sword purse seal the sealed copy store shield and why sort by senate leaders said you said would you say that hope among the Louvre over. Hartman’s pope, move the readers who said ways and say you’re sort of society’s Colonies soared saying your sword just getting and think that ’cause I like sword of bill direction as the only reason is in a special like specific book money you get with either one see that to see that still faster just about all you is: is also screw you grow sure you don’t know don’t care about the other pokemon yet I think trade is a thing trading call one to think that is a thing because there’s pope

month exclusive to each one summer order to get them all me come on at is gonna be a thing they have to make it a thing right so that you can play with other people and seized to get out of the other column on like in one game to be stupid for them not to make it that way and be so easy to make it to switch to like to try to just literally just link up to split the two switches together like close to each other or something it is OK it is a thing a little care about Siebel of feeling doing that actually I don’t think it a shoot up all the areas shot the wrong one up see all know why look look at the event was is all U.S. level five season schematic as you did to us and a shiny mule level 100 with earthquake transform horrible and helping hand nice it’s in a wonder trade for magic car was any of your start to pop up in seriously

though just three of , OK , was confident the prize for that’s the A we’ll take it whenever that see Mike Schutz Abadie OI got the wrong one because there are one will the dead one wonders in a live one in a dead one yet an issue that one that’s the wrong one to the rollback you got it all shoot anyone you want as long as are all day wonder trade is a random trade for any one anyone can trade anyone anything O CU trade and a magic carpet begun in lapis, shiny menu of a 100 is a restriction transform or a bottle or belittle being widened that person trade that a shiny new level 100 one should ever tried out how can you ever get better than that Sears about yes for Il the like what you expect to get that you know there’s probably things are a lot better than that but but it’s a shiny write its me you it’s a level 100 and I’m assuming like those moves are probably pretty good right and want to retrieve that stream and being time while that’s best for being very kind as crazy well : good lord I could a much worse that could’ve gone much worse when I get my trusty guess the force, but see that and I got that helping no others yes, five students but let’s do what 60,000 at the intellect is necessary transform copies the enemy OK so that seems like it’s probably the best thing ever unsure as quick as probably good right and helping hand was at two I didn’t know I would trade and I was hoping for a macro Masa you got which would you that the the viewer you get the magic are yet transforms the best yet Sounds like it’s probably the best thing we ever get like a here’s a move that does literally every other move helping is useless event was a two new you or mu would you what did OK what about you

, to save of all I’m never jumper and cover what will you got the eye and you get them you okay hopes to me in a double battle OK I never double battle are not sure I get the U.S. got to touch a figure figure that out just before you wrote that fact it’s hard sometimes the context of of certain things don’t remember what what we’re talking about a rate of us do this as did two that dot OK all avoid A dexterity and as a goal and did for well, good to see a mime and then again you forget easy O O is a low blow right there all know this is the part will guard OK to add a pariah I happen to think of a pretty good memory actually thank you very much but Dexter has a long row center Klaus Coho fold what wall to , I just say this autumn I wanna lose that much help from these dumb guys that don’t do anything to the low blow was talking on beard I suppose that would be also a low blow , be a very low blow against a fence a low blow but insulted my memory and don’t take too kindly my friend is settled all mother to where you ever don’t try rainbow I remember you’re thinking about it rainbow comeback called the heck we talked to me are Dexter is to see guys are streaming and these days I can see this well enough in find just a bit busy since I got promoted as a operations manager while congratulations Dexter that’s awesome did congrats operations manager of that’s better than me and I’m only the assistant manager right now , getting making some nice money are all I did you ever go try rainbow is what I don’t know what you may already know six of the tunnel and rainbow like degenerate a stirring no have had the car like and are

able rotor something rainbow six are no I have not not yet come home again like no what you’ve ever tasted the rainbow their July issue is a case of this part if I don’t like this part of today have power and do a little OK on to savor a quick as this partisan beat offices this areas can get quarantined so let’s save again as a want you to play rainbow six O you also will be given a six day in the house thinking about actually tried over watch giving over watch a shot it’s good that can be hard to believe over what is probably more like a filigree Mo six is very competitive and solar cells or watch but if you like to watch can also just be fun like to display for fun like rainbow six is one of those things inside you’ll play room was six for fun playing because it’s competitive you know always be in the back room and tell him to come to some that on all saying come back, as just a recording by yet still shut up shop view terrace funds are a thing called lot called hunk OK making fun of your own less yet but but the thing is all I can feel like people take it really seriously some people would like to roll call: fall you know why people would be like constantly like yelling at me worries over watch is like you can just play for fun because it’s it’s a fun game us competitive but you can also play for fun you know to just feels it just feels different to me all but two, one try again went right over watch I can try rainbow six but I just don’t know from didn’t end up playing it a lot and you know what I do not need though I need that one game where I can keep coming back to that way you like an extreme and possibly I can be like you know there’s not a game that I can think of playing like ocean. A survey that I can just play that game and just have fun with it you know the kind that can be like the normal that cannot be the consistent game to keep from that can keep coming back to feel it over what should be good one for that but I know you’re in the six is pretty tough yet seen as the thing I just don’t wanna get into the competitive play I just don’t want to all and taking it so seriously I just don’t want to have a really don’t concede if we if the party can hear them and zalm turns are who you are with you and all but they can also send your messages and the like two you saw lock like I know exactly how innocent people be competitive people do that they will literally do that, people will be total jerks about it , it’s a known trying to flee, deflecting contract but also over watch two I heard was announced

OK the suffering PDT and all they won’t disclose to the one to that that’s for sure will disclose how Mr Do I know that that one needs to close so on And all of if you were with me I would team kill you when you got serious need a series as a message of a calm down and we want the routine tell me why the team kill me when I got a message like that for her to threaten using more after a while I don’t wish to one to do with the drama did I just I wanna do with it , one to another ½ to like play on that level of competition competitive as the one do that you know that was too bad, already a step ahead of the bone up but why is this going all my god house wasn’t a S they’re not even coming after me OK what is going on no see I’m so confused right now why can’t I close this this house was to get out did what the first call was in the coming after me second of all bodies standing there I can’t move this to why won’t this move what is going on runtime running the two Zeit literally , let’s see who wants a breakfast, yeah not mean a thank you and you get serious as a message I know it’s understandable the boxes I think what yeah see the green things I think they clinched it may be due to come on a serious than areas are now estimate

Come on its not moving to of the stem kill the good thing a good thing that the body isn’t watching shooting of a heart attack while fact A just a UAL in just a welcome welcome welcome my friend how a body at menial work this time yet OK see as well as posting record that paid for you and us and welcome the stream my friend of on we are so neat this is the tense chapter we technically only have two more chapters at this so we are paying close on this kill Mr. Alien yet funny was sure she would be going crazy as far as the sparks tough guys honestly this part is actually legitimately breed of like what I’m here to: dear all illegal UF had some Paris on the scouting here until the ball wall own eyes did as insane what I see guys done by all come on hand of what the MN and a doll get on coal mine got get on the wall of a love of his if he said you’re going to hide the fact that you haven’t quite work the whole leg of the whale of a just got here in the trap in the area that Raftery work and move to comment yanks that was awful I cannot leave it to survive that sense freezing pretty good O is a really freezing where you are spaces and he generates you regenerate slower U.S Already been when he was down when he was regenerating down a good idea that’s OK we did it into it and we didn’t have somehow we survived that I don’t know how in the bathroom that was insane soreness sell this in a cell that move that over the spice and more for synergy is that’s cheap and we use all the time location of all I can go back a pretty serious get me out here and come back that way a fact that forgot about it do any power nodes

actually made him no threat by doing that yet that’s that’s actually not a bad idea not made you know a very very little threat as for sure technically you can still be even if you’re a stasis since you’re screwed but , I but sewing and soul of how cold as it were you are just an like really called U.S. case now we get a bunch of snow on a couple days ago it’s gone now, but does it was a little warmer today is like the high thirties maybe this guy all this is tough, to the twenties UX from a mania while literally I had backups at the butt and plasma coverage into pieces each time yet the toppling of the possible difficulties so I don’t quite have that kind of firepower right now I see it coming to you at this point. I stopped out but since a vehicle like the last chapter just in case a regular class to checkers in this crazy loaded 20° was in the twenties yet in the cell was here a couple days ago on yesterday to today it’s got a little bit warmer oh my god it was so busy at work today will it was so so so busy so many people want: one and stores but they really was full, and what is called, on to the point where I couldn’t move from the register as could soon as somebody like as soon as one person left the store one more person would come in the store and then just be in a constant line it was insane I almost in ½ second person with me this morning that would have been discussing the five rose by myself all cases of power the captain’s cabin to wear these areas is right there Dr., earning a captain Zev Tobias Captain Tobias on something anyway I suspect pretty easy as you don’t even have to what is a part of the one even like leaving women come through the doorway on which the nice to be honest and taking advantage of the limitations of the game and on

C by I have to take my leave now thanks for watching that no problem exit thank you so much while mike, had a two it’s been fun aren’t voting no problem body I will see guys you have a great night guys N mover of the city’s semiconductors fact, two I know a bit courage and its baseball that space for this will be one that’s what we want that’s all we want in life than space for I would go crazy if there wasn’t another dead space announced of them so cool on the PS five and in the Xbox project scarlet coup in Bolivia OU of I would lose my mind when you do for the next 10, just a Vienna are you thinking of getting the product starlet PS five 20 thinking investor money will look into folders one sofa from im what I’m thinking of doing is probably on wall it depends if actually depends because from what I’ve heard I don’t see why sledgehammer will make it sledgehammer distaste for and see if no clue why can’t this high will it stop because here’s the thing I know PlayStation zones can have really good explosives again right but now also was so specs Boston and they got some really good companies are they got up city and they got been just I think that Mages But they bought into theory, they have a bunch of really good, developers plus there’s still going backwards compatible to do is backwards compatibility so all Xbox one games are to be backwards compatible on projects, and any 360 an original Xbox games that are backers to tell right now , be backwards compatible in the list is just growing right so that city’s huge that’s huge and PS five mean that there’s no like it it seems like us for game’s most is four games and PST are but that’s a mean that school building a wrong that straight but all looking at me as a fax boxes can be all those that sounds pretty awesome to be bought with the body mean though sledgehammer I don’t see why sledgehammer will make it so sledgehammer now his license for dead space as I thought I was the was a native of some are visceral and they were shut down with me a shot them down to is I thought

this rule was shut down and Anthony Jordan movies and more a welcome ideal body are VR is still just a fad at this point of the panel that that well you had a little bit but still can’t still, the fed but I think it’s here to stay to be honest , I think it’s hearsay column I just be confused OK gotcha I thought you knew something that I didn’t I wasn’t well what had it was a sledgehammer but the guy that created dead space work with such aroma, were to Thomas A who own case you do know something that I don’t interesting that actually sounds kind of like there’s a little bit of a possibility there and what I kinda like these that PS Dave said Sony has said that the PS five will support the PST your headset for PS four and that’s what I have and I’m kind of excited about that actually an append happy the best case because that’s what I have I have a PST are Compaq said. I like it I really like it, I don’t think so much that it’s a fad at this point just because it’s not necessarily something that I always played like I always like to come back to apply for itself, it doesn’t play a lot often but it is something I come back to a keep coming back to because it’s fun it’s a lot of fun to be honest on so I know I think it’s more than just a fad is specially another getting into the untethered in a wireless VR headsets with the king’s quest that to mean seems so cool to see truth is I only want the new Xbox for halo and I’m pretty sure by a sharp four will come to both cops couples do it all again to be amazing Games of forgot about by a shock budget for dead space for OK on the tse last was part two but that’s all that that is been confirmed, a new Batman game that men are, which I’ve heard is in the works I think it’s called park and legends on , what else I mean, calling other metal gear solid game would be pretty awesome of the hype about that that’s just that’s just me on new meaning offensively morphine Nishi quarter of the market right now definitely no idea that I agree that it’s it’s super beach because it’s one of those things we you have to first call mean you have to be with people that doesn’t get sick when you say-so it’s already is also a smaller percentage and then the other thing is you not to know how cool it isn’t a try and this could be lucky belligerent that are willing to spend the money just to see if they like it right , but it is a lot of fun not to lie I didn’t think those can be VR guy and I got that right. My friends, five each DC five and it was awesome and then I was I, I need to be of the tse by a sharp as 100% on the way us that is all May’s a I cannot wait one spicy in actual on OK actually let me just go back and see for a quick if I once I see the actual trailer for all I will freak right out was it like to see not just a continuation of the mass affecting drama story is that can still be sounds funny continuation of where part three left off O

interesting I’ve heard that they are close to the endgame O for by a shock you actually mass effect to be a really good one stated a massive fact game that the pretty awesome on to the one else what else another summer games on on not remembering but I did there is good, the goodbye got OK beautiful on standby still, all right as the area’s Dr. Kind I want to see and years of war style Contra System with a weapons upgrade systems and army of two fat and now be interesting to the army of two of those were good games they were fun. You know like the first one came out I was like a Z1 businesses, weird as I had does it feel like I was you know like really picky about games like a one of them sent to the stores the great looking back on and that was a great game 1000 GM was a lot of fun with the agora system everything the new budget will have an online service to play along at long after the camping see that kind of worries me ’cause I don’t want to turn into like fall of 76 scene of life before falsity six happened if you it’s only the fallout was gonna have a multiplayer aspect of them like OK wolves fallouts is still gonna be like a really great single player game and just to add the mall multiplayer but then turns into false and six and you just like while this is not what I want from a fallout game I just don’t want the same thing happen by a shock that would be awful to also are other scrolls and if they announced official 62 that I can’t wait for that I needed that I know that they do not talk about its happening but like an actual trailer that’s another game morale and that’s one of the 17 probably go crazy for a period by a shock to all events for IE you’re right about that passion to have a multiplier that space two had multiplayer as well as the weird game the system I have a client of other thing , given the one I kill stuff contract await policy eight years of war styled country game all yeah OK I think I read it that way anyway so in the one hit kills of Contra think years of war cover system would work perfect for modern stopping that is, cool idea

actually the old you’ll Contra games in the end of the country broke or was just just came out to haven’t had a chance to even check it out with plater anything but OK so now we can go inherently and believe there’s something large meant that is right you the TS is OK , now no you know do that’s the watts is named areas fact O talkin’ really do much in really amount to anything by the fact that that sucks I really don’t like multiplier only the only only game this multiplier only that’s worked for me was Friday the 13th and dead by daylight halfway Works Communities just to sell whiny I never really care for dead by daylight and Friday the 13th I never played on us never played that for good things but in a multiplier only the let’s see what’s the only multiplayer only gain of four games I don’t know enough there is any is probably one or two and just not thinking of I’ve never really cared for multiplayer only I’m always a single player, and I year ago sell sell to sell fled to let me that I made the call surrounds giver that token partner you know what was moves that’s when the couple is actually his how much force energy draft, when little bit more the company knows right now I go where do I have any extra for synergy know what I have extra class and just put that their OK so let’s buy some more I think we need to leave now yes we do was this close to the , there usually is like it’s homeless called enemies center like made of those technical things And yet the bile shock four if it’s anything like the first two games all going nuts for it to a shock four it is anything like the first game who bring me back to the rapture please bring me back me wants the rapture OK psycho one time in dead by daylight I kill the guy that was doing a daily challenge sent the message telling me off Sunday off over year later he sent me another message saying

he still had forgiven me while OK if the fight to go out of your way to tell someone that you still haven’t forgiven him that’s pretty of its pretty funny that is pretty low areas pain and I just want to know like I still remember gritty scrutiny over that’s pretty funny , when doing this, yet when I get funds a large red hat’s of at least 8189 12345678 bunch of mediums some SMS spaces packs all be good to go once we a beacon to the next part also I should probably just sell small IE does it owns using all known and never mind inspires so my class event of a cell or plasma rifle wine guide is still can import OK by the times by the way our employees about 2 hours who’ve my take a break some time soon just because this game gets to me it really does this only so much of the second of this game I can take especially on impossible difficulty like to snow good a meeting of the way, it’s a fun game but the community just ruins and for me you have that Salzman to people take games to seriously now where did that come from the right to this part O god this part of Key I’ve been inspired as he got one guy wandering the halls. Nothing ever there any real and I What got you get to fool the strange hiatus party me to me to a party in my in my mind I’ve already gone through the hardest part of the game though that’s the part where you’re on the other spaceship and two chapters that we in that long hallway behalf to get through and quarantines all I can see the the quarantines and you have two a kill all the the macros be four of the of the quirky shots off so let’s go this way actually just to make sure the crowd everything before because I think I can actually run pass most of the enemies once we get the payload delivered

so when a grab all the items here first to offer the weight around beautiful people be able to be of all to itself as warm here so are you against a stand at the beach or NCS ECU making to make movies or do you what you do exactly all cry like a baby when the game gets announced fact that all I can wait I cannot wait is still streamed just a year a stream onyx earning more ’cause that is a game you need a stream is the original by a shocking game that you can’t stream was if you were telling was telling me that like you can actually strain the original washout on mixer at least not back and a mean you can now but , go back and save first to his that’s what a good little boy does you every now and then every now and then as an like you play this game or every now and then isn’t like you make movies for the old AT&T plans can be at every now and then you make movies yet OK I’d had hung out all Coca-Cola that’s awesome will, who as you make No you can’t you still can’t you still can’t that all come on come on Knicks are really you can play the original by a shot that is just since a a review movies and collectibles OK I soon be sending you review movies that’s pretty cool as stream O all the stats for a I’m sorry at a yet every now and then I’m sorry you said the chest and I thought Anthony said that sorry guys I’m terrible are keeping track of things I Stream every now and then a stream half for them in a sense all I got two again to on cool cocoa will flash of ever comes out you needed to be the ones stream that were they just come from them over there OK so where is the day was over there Gotta OK

OK if the food I think you read justice, and the U.S. was the idea was to be needed space fan or the movies and couples yet gotcha gotcha venture Ya Dia ado that a lot but a lot to buy this guy’s gonna die at fault of all OK if I divided by him all the same spot from blast them all away all know OK, we got a big at a command broken any really got to catch a touchdown to OK who would go back and save as this is how you beat games on hard if you save off and I don’t care what people say unless you are a freak of nature and are able to play games on extreme difficulties all time this is how you beat games would see I wonder what would happen if you put neck remorse in the war hammer four. 14 ers’ me pretty interesting actually , the pretty interesting alternative solutions so when you normally when you normally stream just an enormous strain off fortnight far that just do this and nothing pops out and stomach all really can add a year fell travel on for dear life are listed the heck out of here to get the heck out of the of the night

wolke a new look and all those guys put them all all my good lord OK, so the posters-OK and see no most historians OK most historians interesting that actually , cool on chemical that only kind of cool dude notes that saw some actually on the tse in it and like the most recent was the outer worlds, nice nice night’s and just installed rage two Toby streaming that sweepstakes efficiencies is a very excellent The same again will get believe the guys were so close and back this way now All OK good luck like anything to break from the skin this game is, but see we can play something else is too much from a man is too much for me you know that a couple small men tax I sell this in a cell this sell this to him doing OK on ammo again once they suspect left the game gravity on notoriety I did OK guy passes at any time of the games I know I saw that so deep passes adding OK so I pre ordered by the way action could probably fix that Reno and Freeh ordered on the Xbox cacique at camp river it in a game stop ’cause I work in teams up, if reordered , age of empires two definitive edition and now all come to find out it’s gonna be on game that’s the one so I might switch the tall so all the king of hearts games are coming to gain pass that led 1152.5 release of the ones on and then some use on this day and then are of the lower reaches, game up, the master chief collection which is becoming a game pass on and then to was the other one he was talking about all the firefighters to seven, 58 remastered prophecy nine prophecy that is full committee passed insane I will have to which are three a few weeks can without the access to the pass to write the pass on that space is not the best game tube and channel it is not it is very the PLU in small doses it’s very hard to binge Alyssa playing an easy than it’s just that I’ve got out as I have a save our army and I have a safe for I’ve beaten likes five times in one round six and get everything maxed out it’s so easy on 21 to do that for two and one to pass city has to capacity all crab all into this way crowd OK so I actually have to do 123456 oh From stadium will do this

to where they wanted to know I don’t really want do that all do this than it can store at that’s right I need at least three was no point is no point in doing that to 18 passes paying off yes it is my friend Hillary choose my favorite game in the franchise move would see my favorite halo probably the probably the first one I mean I know that cinch pretty generic or cliche things say but honestly a big as the first one you know a first for maybe the third one actually first and third below those ones I think the most , the first because that’s the one that I did we do not know always link up due two ex boxes and we’re just 244 Oleg fellow party is it was insane when we’re just play for hours and hours and hours and hours is insane to make sure yet done so was a kid in the flame fuel I don’t have a flamethrower below three is yours Leah yet another is a good one is that the good one was noble six mayors to rest and escape on the pillar of autumn in part was chief through the rest of the games are too young to hyper the full Spartans item all that much money will have suffered , the much money will you do hill parties nice you know too much about the of the actual like Laura the story too much so much I just I just loved me playing with my friends at this part is really tough I remember this part because of soreness save right here on yet all night capture the flag blood gulch I try to follow the story and I think I just Z and play all them or I played as they play all the women really falls story line just ended you know that whenever you out of a year ago this is why I have the force, because of this again take up multiple enemies is so good it’s just this is all you need a year and all of his mother will ensure of course he dropped right on top of the of the two things left NAV to use one obviously OK will that’s why did you upgrade the forced on the buy the forced on any upgrade the force, because of that right there by the cut is great but it can not you can do crowd control with it you can do crowd control like you can’t force to enforce them

easy his backers onto 1/4 and just keep firing centers not it’s a big as range enemies will the second are fires. But she lets say for this one and yet like so so so he’ll infinite right hand I don’t really care for hate sorry guys I just don’t it’s not something I Care about sold to me it’s like I know is not making you want to get the ball is a making you wanna get the Xbox products, one to was making me wanna get the project starlet it is backwards compatibility of this to go this way because I can in fact is a parent or yet this is this tour is not all I forgot about this the store doesn’t unlock until right now to forgot about that one glad I just came back the opening to this game is so good and scary all yet absolutely against a suspect thank you see it as it pays to go back to that I can talk to the more it’s been a good run the fact that an idea of the aisle of a lowest in eight had sorry I just I’m not excited for a and I and I realize that you probably absolutely hate me now but in oasis at am really been a huge fan that and to be on a summer never really been a huge but the really big fan of like yours for either it’s fun to be wrong it’s fun and yes there are parts of the story that really got to me like gears three of the meantime I’m sure you don’t talk about the guts of the deftly but aside from that like it since no like it’s not that space for me it’s no Bio shock you know yet want to wait until the doors are opened freezer driving in or staying there she is there’s pang A you can actually see paying in the beginning to are just can’t get it because you don’t have your stay send your kinesis yet I don’t think there’s anything over here as checker quick hears is met OK so glad you agree with the but not with table of select for you then when he’ll be like the flagship franchise for Xbox the game that got to be emotionally the most was probably an aspect three interaction with the character public felt like he could be the last time talking to a friend O yet know that’s a good point actually that was a very as those of those emotional story line for me it was last of us actually I’ve got so attached to Joel and Ali as it as a carrot is that two people on their relationship , I Care about them so much I really was attached

to those two characters they did such a job and other than that so on to what other game, and like super attached to on a really a whole lot to be honest was go back to the store to get some stuff cures was great now it’s met for gears bears yen are really care for two U.N. like that they’re changing the main character now to what’s true name will to face but why is it marked as phoenix why isn’t he the main character , like he’s not just a supporting role in one now that making the main guy, you know Let’s go ahead and send, sell tangle of southern the connector so paying you the phone now are looking good move those who are on missions by a couple of these is 5000 Masri that was just grab the leftovers small bed tax and maybe grout two and two which he did see the greatest the greatest shock in a game for me is when you discover all yet that wasn’t that was a crazy moment would you call idly to gears and tally for mass effect, two favor partners in any video game those are the best friends that will market the hell with you and not think twice about gears I like aris and on a lake terrace and the it’s not sure who on who I would pick as if my ultimate to deftly Gere so would be one to like jack but probably not a smiling bolts and that I once you know when pressing cares and on to that staff at Alltel actually that I just save crab I just save right craft vendors I say so often in this game but you have to man you have to put some reason not to go get penalized for saving Are you things pretty cool actually grinds he actually a mini garrison ground , I do that cares and grunt actually event that’s because one is long range was close quarters he’s got a shotgun

and you can, do midrange post front is a tank is going is good on like taking hits aspect Easley has one of the best collections of characters in any game history is doubly got some memorable characters that’s for sure let’s go to the roof this is so cool, doing this , so this is the part where can get ambushed by a lot of calmly purse to and tentacle babies two already get date stop date of Mary you jerk Ago I manifested and I almost cried at things funeral that was a shockingly touching moment and almost cried on with a will not that that abut an almost crying in a few parts in last of us I actually crashed in a few parts of last of us so you would be totally fine with a few admitted the crime during the game just means if you’re emotionally attached to the characters and that that they did a good shot that it did a good job of the story immediate feel reliable and believable a surprise to not playing district deal I preorder the BPS for pro district is for pro I just don’t have to have the money for it yet , do a trade trading might this be as for pro for it but then I have to go through the whole process again at the transfer all my data size of so much much as we talk can afford it and then just outright by it and then traded my system for something else but yet for discovered good things about it for good things I’ve also heard some people like some guy today was absolutely not having it he was not happy with this training to the plate and doom yet to be turtle to teach an old and that you get doom 64 as a prior bonus 264 as the preorder bonus and actually probably more excited for that than I ever do maternal 264 you should sell me your current case for prof at sure $700 for now at legitimately Allen I’ll give you are ideal and propagated fee for

tunnel week in Prague work something out maybe like to 50 it’s worth 400 mean it’s in perfect condition and it’s it’s by perfect condition I don’t really use that often when a game can move you like that it’s when a game can move would give a sermon game to move you like that it’s part I think anything yet will I see anything that’s considered beautiful in any sense of the word or moving is considered a piece of art are some some sort of artistic expression to discern that in the crazy wait for the levers and can’t wait to play doom 64 I know me to so excited to be amazing and at o’clock all come on people to about Wednesday that was dead and see how would be interested in that one would you wanna sell it back of soon as possible really so that I can have the money to pay for the the deaths training kits for pro Tom get me and whenever you that you have actually do you have are to have live and all or anything of that as you can probably do that if I mean if you really are interested on the ivy acted I can deftly set something up we can figure it out and mail it to you on but depending on like how much shipping and handling is I might like to also include Dederick, one a I1 of you know ba, ba jerking safe and do that but depending on how much it is or we could like share a share the costs are into something much I don’t mind but it’s abut Sears if you if you are serious about that I have no problem you know I can I can do for that price , she glad the new reports of doom one and two have the chico’s included because whether you are

with the use some are not chico’s research department are gaining just have that option school yet definitely absolutely on to agree with you that short demo is demo is the act that allows you to lousy 227 people money through yet all orders, like a POW skillet via videotape how we can do that way or basilica of the easiest but only only if you’re actually being serious, I want you to feel like you know that you have to do this really a neat yet, are you seriously considering that are designed to settle for its OK on was a woman to a just old go to go back up here OK right And considering I would have to wait until I get paid you know it’s totally up to you on his like you know a new one is 400 games of cells of like three fifties by Prix of the cell prion for 350 nine be willing to do like to 50 and maybe like shipping and handling of the as the wannabe and I wanna be a ID badges I feel bad saying that but the whenever not handling the nominee Chet shipping costs in handling at the cost of the live up to the date honestly but actually it but not not to like hair that’s completely change your enough to change to the plans but I would almost actually golf course yet I would include everything the controller the issue my cable car cable to charge cable of course yet and II don’t even have liberated I don’t have a, 88 black controller I have like specialty once I’ve got a good gold and again midnight blue by pro used for one of those in their they’re both in really good condition like all my controllers or are in immaculate condition and also buried Louvre which had problem that can sell that one or two that an avid 20th anniversary those ones like they tend to sentenced on the shelf though it is ordered the complete

breaking debt collection off of the day seeing El Camino in a scene El Camino maybe want to revisit series on ice oh seeing seeing El Camino I see the rhetoric has all the meal was the a the movie based on the the show right will likely a dank and only the ages 200 amalia yet he was going crazy this is where you learn of her trickery recovered on earth eight years for you will be seeing the make us whole and C nice help can mean only a real 25th so that’s what I could possibly giving you added on like a seven R if it’s only really want to live, deftly considered as I would love the sending it to someone they know was gonna take care of it absolutely like if you wanna do that all we can figure it out will hash out the details on broken though I was gonna say was not selected for the public is completely like ruin this whole thing but also need like you and I would also may be considered just waiting until I even appears five for the Xbox projects, his sister right around the corner like they’ve even want to throw all so it’s it’s a great system but as well the VR the PS five Yitzhak Fredericks, you know there, so but unless they do not look if you’re going to get into a one to not to give a one and you know that site makes sense like to not only gets the piers five or the Xbox proudest of day one then are ever make sense to get a pro bowl crab The idea to me the line done for this one

the El Camino was an amazing at the law are really didn’t wanna know what happened just invited answer the questions and very satisfying way at school one of them us to the things up top, do with the new systems yet OK I get your attention getting just let me know we’ll make it happen I would probably go on first by the deaths training system so is life like so saying you want to do it if you want the likes any money that owed by the deaths training system that I would transfer all my data that wiped the system and then I would pack and ship it to you and 70 on the fallout sounds good to you as you still have to play a lot of the book PlayStation four games township life also if you want us on the spot on site was just looking at some heard something on the C haven’t played any yet exactly you’re playing your place Spiderman began play of the war began to play on, arises you’re gonna get to the last of us remastered a O paid by the welcome welcome welcome dude I’m glad you’re here earlier because Isaac got ripped two from rats and a zydeco thank god that nobody’s idea right now as she will be freaking out of state was that although the deadline done OK so blind unlined unlined and I looked out when I got my ex was one of maybe a 500. But I got system and three controllers on the day for 150 while that’s not too bad and that is not too bad also yet been I feel like 250 for the pro is a good deal but if you can find a cheaper than that go for it too seriously and this was like almost brand new and sign it got a few months ago it’s in perfect condition so move to move to five cents or need as video yeah I’ve I’ve feel like it is of good and good body or you like to say the women freaking out human life, is an ad he got like corn to shreds , pretty much only interested in the pro OK all you mean like incentive and select a PS for slim know I

mean like a defective if you find a pro if you find a pro with a better on eBay are something like for cheaper to hear much better known as good as good to hear of god your back OK no problem of its due to a serious did are you free thinking of me not screw this which chapter I am in the second to last chapter one chapter 11 and we’re right at the end of chapter 11 so we have literally one more chapter so Kendra just laughed she just a spaceship and left and then Nicole just message me and was like I need your help women via control room while a few make us whole so I will have on my waited to see her two and are my [email protected] MO there go down the scales back , yet unknown shiny and I’ve only and should I mean we’re not strange while less like a pack the connector real fast

yet your ear for jimmy article will lie in food for the money for the money from William Lyon by the I save a check several quick as can the second to the the the the the the the to the N Folsom living , can’t find part of a pound pound, the INN of the night is young and welcome back when AA in the night is young you write I should go refill my coffee I should go refill my coffee site , they would do that meets and probably will quit to think and floated and keep the company thank you are deaf a leaf we get : im force and what an open the stores my kitties can pass Roma th hole in cat in the nine month, needs copy

-cat and a whole thing the lockout helpful Hasta La Shasta if full: Joel phone: Stockholm who are hand off: AF Hoke is the place is that has the PlayStation sweater ensure as aloha bowl family that’s what I need is a coffee know he’s and see if I love how all the names of each stage, bill spelled out the twist for Colonies and even realize it yet all right foot cedar: is DEAS was the last chapter , will Saladin of the Nicole is DEA of all our people is the year if she’s dear to my heart man and just your whole all warm and drinking coffee weight where you your work today was hot were you were a lucky then net as the A.L. of

hope Strands issue back over transitional of the coolest at fact that Nicole is deaf he is he’s a deaf woman deaf woman walking yet it feels nice to be hot I should count my blessings are now us some stressed out playing dead space yes I feel the anxiety but I’m a whole tree coffee playing dead space with you guys income of how much better can life the right now to call is deaf I like that so you are you a worker in a just and IOOOOI like that, like that lots are you talking about full fast on the El Paso shoot That’s OK because I think there’s a storefront , we get on the planet plus this into something here somewhere us know RT up paying by the way where is your other half we are working OK for a Sheehan is in Florida right now he’s in flour to on for Isaac she’s in Florida on visiting visiting a friend shot in a folder death of your death of Nicole stop talking you know you’re saying to alternate solutions 44 Isaac the deaf woman speaking how ironic shoes and notions deaf of the sku’s me that husky is the new and wasn’t sleeping are something that you know OK so you know another game I would freak out if they told me that there’s they’re gonna do another one of like a SQL they did a SQL or even just as obviously: just another one of alien isolation I would freak out our freak out thank you bless me thank you set a course the cold and save less the issue could hear me as deaf 1,000,000 isolation of the awesome that space for Ashok four million isolation are combat in art and other gear solid Anthony Jordan said aunt said NASA fact this is a guy’s a city and were so close Muslims keep going right

UA , journalists anything happened and often see a lone wolf and a body welcome my friend or a a good to see a welcome back to the stream because both games were published by ba a kind of wish this game had been in seven rayon and that would be pretty cool and if mass affects had a dead space , armor design that would also be cool that stock review all there’s two of those in their May Osman the human stain who has a few haven’t seen other mafia that be cool the mafia game that could keep missing is changed as a work as the fact that the nice S 1,000,000 army I don’t want these guys to be used there now they will not be used anywhere else skies are still there in the off the radio anyone else instead , go to this actually two of those things by the way on C to get another Maffei would be pretty cool on one Elsevier, really good as they did another SQL or as they did like another one real assassin screen is gonna be deserving of assessed screen as to the list and another call two years No I heard the Jedi fallen working was actually pretty good so far lot of the reviews to lock in review sessions and the victim of an sell this common ground this in the U.S Small and medium useful Vicki the line done and a custom as effect themed Jason mask the current seven slasher that school is pretty awesome , curiously shun why claustrophobia which is which is malicious mile in real life makes the game yet

they are yet if you there are claustrophobic that game will have amplified that has been really like utilize that it’s crazy hiding in like little lockers like under a desk are something that’s crazy OK are let’s , the case of cell called semiconductor and that the two Wilson and move a couple of these over and maybe some of this to two senate have a lot of it had I’m taking my sweet time right now, I am not I have no desire to like you know go crazy right now I’m OK was just going slow that the work in joe’s are scarier than the actual aliens they are pretty crazy on TV that, most are scarier though the alien but they are privy insane of us just use the 2123 in the one I’m just to go and buy those those spread over a dad welcome back 20 welcome back to move when you heard me say it but, I was saying on a game that I would love to see a another one of the saline isolation of the sea bed space for Evelyn C mike bailey and isolation or whenever they want: is the one vote, isolation to or something other than that and find all Anthony Jordan said mass affective of the scene of the mass affect on the server the second from right on unassuming money promised another aspect also say that men are, on another solid on its buyout shop for Justin send a check for which I would also look to see which they are it’s been confirmed they are doing it is happening to us Ya as if on yet , sell these ’cause I don’t need them now you hope you’ll be able to have a on Honda stalling at this point is I know it’s just as OK also do I have this meant as the max’s forest damage smack from asbestos out beautiful art 35 excellent order musician gets three more into this as well , I might as well write him at the last chapter, meets the need , the credits , hundred by some 130,000 is also 100,000 like I might as well but, what I’m saying it for right now at this 0.0 puts the working Joseph over the elian for me is that why play commotion was facing the and the monotone and motionless voice yet that is pretty freaky about the live action wanna see another in drama and a follow-up to three OK there’s more than enough room to continue were both games left off time ago be snowed that’s right

For secondary be used in Saint Ives runtime egos and null delay Justin and smacks everything out well have been idle there’s really nothing else I need to Max out too well maybe the stasis but duration of the 53 more plus I don’t really need to it lasts long enough already , though, can use a line government just use it for instance is one part I remember there’s another wall 37 taken no I don’t care for me anymore capacities of the capacity one like it sorry at 116 points set 16 so severe that 14 or 15 or 16 , that and this is just speed and capacity at all is fine as a getaway out on I was safe , because for all yeah I’ve been there several times and Venus are about six times I’m playing this on impossible difficulty so it also use around six so I’ve been in this game at least five times as a low round six for these once and I got up to its chapter six on route six , I’m now on undoing impossible on on the final stage yet on doing it to get the last, achievement are also a record so all I need is to 47 of 48 so all I need is this one at the tier three engineer complete a game of the first of all to seven some of the very last chapter, given, get the trouble with the adventure in each event and then it’s on the good a year ago to buy soccer’s vote message still streaming yet facts who hold he had to choose dead space for ailing isolation to all probably distaste for its probably dead space for one like that that Hubbell grab to wade too many bullets where the new page on mixer and says you’re offline you add IE don’t know Y Says that if LOL their ago Bill in a solution two free you

really long wolf yet, either on either both amazing so it’s hard for me to say that that’s definite like old definitely dead space for her own deftly leave a solution but honestly you have to be dead space for all the street Eleanor C the main two guns I always found myself relying on our the plaza fatter and the ripper director off an early care for the river was I found that the that the force, is like super of the tightest use that and the plaza better when I get a chance The city get justice says deftly the space they embody our drinking water and having a banana EA waterman and the time taking coffee and having to do know I never actually eat dinner again sucks all will be in and I want good third person shooter war hammer 40 taking O that sounds fantastic did you not like gum took one really wasn’t not come on wise about what’s going on right now us by a shock for is coming this space for more needs to two the rights to do I have to deliver this parking difficult what is going on like IE really don’t remember this part been challenging all one line 2:00 AM session in an OI can’t yet into the right idea is saying now to the right to are I cannot believe it’s uncertain 80 right now I cannot believe a yes and BLK Et La bete this game six times on sure aided and the like god while I cannot O god

can I told two and all I did know what you meant I thought you meant like a just push a little more to the right into the gold build gold you know where you want to but ideally say now back to the ship Mazzone dead space for mass affect four O as well worse question someone can ask the OK I does this for a mass effect for body which one , but the space for a game but I never played it are easily got into war hammer hearing how dark universe was these or sensitive times just appealed to me yet, I’ve played of space severance pay several of war hammer space marine 40 Werner 40 face base As a good game of the law by lacking that game a lot I can’t believe I did that IE AG YK that’s should you should expect that Camano its we ask tough questions like that around here in the heart to choose between a suspect her aspect the state board the space for but I’d have to go with aspects. I have to go to bed space definitely dead space for me I’ve never been like a huge fan of mass. Although I love asp Under its ever been like one of those franchises that I’d just like obsessed with mike that space the space was richards’s Batman or come in under solid by a shock to those franchises are just enough only is finally that’s all I can get across Among lots of carpal fact is that all my gosh VOL null , you’re welcome your welcome money you’re welcome Well I can really work out in my favor in this part I remember this for being tough C with the suspense of resident evil seven overwrite in the site the resident evil. Complete but as an evil two remake of the resin the originals res able to register as a rule two levels in Brazil through nemesis like those games are epic to the absolutely uptick Really don’t know what’s not enough answer Ina dead on starting up answer

Among come on their ago no and I freaking of no due : good lord of where OK OK OK If the murmured a space three the gun that shoots the stasis ammo with the ripper attachment can be kind of game breaking yet the one with the spaces them all I remember that our immediate action that shoots the spaces elect to go extra accessory are something that makes its events that are the the type of everyone is exactly what I don’t remember saying that say that it’s where is the last one that IE where is the stake in thing man will oversee force energy will come on ballet and ago : mike is going to die of a heart attack now yes I am

, losing my mind right now I need to find this other this last enemy where are you last enemy as he kills me like I do all over again all is it really not to let me off 140 left it come on please all got a serious but , okay actually I do, even think I have an old ago I should call 1 to 8 to do this on purpose to do this so that I can’t just go back and save all the law all yes R.I. I won back out of the Golan back I don’t even care if I don’t even care, going back of a really wanna know what was supposed to happen in this story next unless they are less the red ink on the deal see earth is gone mostly what will of the period to come on really all you Gotta be kidding me what come on its really strong man stopped to let me go back to that stinks guys saw this is their racking Mrs. Nerve wracking

I know there’s a save point in this next area but there’s also a lot of bad guys in this next area if I’d die of.god guys to get the school of course the OK to both Edna , huddling to settle into some like this that C. Rincon is all I see red, as retracted, community because of how the dead space three deal C and all writers has gone because I forget Y the move is a homeowner something is there another move that they are. They’re something of a member and on this the awakening PLC right above to go and see the sonic the hedgehog movie in the theater just because of how well the filmmakers handle criticism But to say station of the right guys right to yes U.S. coal or a beautiful movie full sense of where we savor this one only need that one anymore chapter seven careless chapter seven On an all its beautiful that is beautiful only full of money from if all god so I think I when I need to do now is a need to go down this way so I don’t need a line down anymore because this is what I needed it for these two guys here of all variants of proximity mind works so well on them to just one line so have I can put the out of the blind away as emissary to collect cattle are Ya course it was all I mean not necessarily known was a necessary but so fat one of the killing he’s not say a he’s a friend he’s not a friend he is a follow

I once around the more force energy could the brethren moons attacked her the Rev. moon’s OK he of what is the Brevard moods so And just confuse overly no additional really know the whole story yuppies was a bit was another move all the home of the moment you killed destroyed so there’s another move on IE I don’t know very lost OK, that’s good can we go back is a question of thing we need two dozen women are doesn’t really matter is to save again are you for are tomorrow, no I work tomorrow night I work so so close tomorrow night V against AT&T price changes in the ghetto wake up early Sunday morning callback UA : really doesn’t suck that such a situation where yet will leave you haven’t upgraded all the way it’s, like the forced on where you have instance very helpful clients it’s also one of those things where to is, clunky so the forced unlike its great at close range the line god is great that’s the widespread like buckshot almost but but yeah I only use I only use aligned on for the proximity minds and go because approximate minds are rates of dissent against a wall Guardians helium that C remember the convergence that started at the end of that space to the back rows getting sucked into space they come together in four of the brethren OK with every planet that has a convergence piercing new brethren, okay gotcha so how many brother moves are there

since this works was the need to do that when I guess it is doing this well all no Olivetti kidding me and I’m more times and videos and that more times in this chapter than I have probably than the entire game or as many times I’ve died in the game and the rest of the game I’ve died in this chapter will take that also has three of them I say or was this three of them, no ill will take that thank you and them the makers and nor the markers and macros goal have been around for eons really well OK time the closest or GL you got this , but that the move will save the new action will this way if we’ll see lone wolf this is if if this is gonna be affect the Yugo begin to the lore you know and I actually really appreciate that I like learning about the are all the different kinds of stuff all my god I forgot about this lull Iran Allen of

Iran out of of chutes OK on Mias will use one of these I’m totally forgot that a year ago , the CCASI don’t think there’s an exact number but one is too many fat and that’s good point that’s a good point oh god the well OK get you : gosh, if that’s one step closer to the a to the edge and about to break now, was so close to the end was one step closer to the end and a block to win that was terrible and see that’s basically the canonical reason were alone in the universe. As the servers because the Rev. moon’s have wiped everything else out how that sucks the time , save into it by a cold and play for a lot longer than I thought was to be playing for played for 4 hours already brought to 4 hours guys times It’s midnight right now it’s been a right now , just forget about what I’ve just speaking oh no, just you know we’re just seeing you at its that’s my be at where you that far behind we just saw me die as it was like a full life at least three or 4 minutes ago On march the pack, put back to scrap of another medium like this on , doing on our list of some will describe some of plasma energy stocks up a little bit at least 00. Good convicted good school and sent some women city and all when I set a fact that yet kindly would you kindly forget about that would you kindly OK have im really tired of ms, making guys

are still a pretty tough part coming up here and let’s move this Kara go full stretch guys will stretch , was cleared the new this last part is actually pretty tough it’s really all see the last tough part of this game on well actually the boss might actually give me a bit of a challenge considering when he grabs me , it’s gonna be take a lot more hits than I thought more than what I normally have to do with him if that makes sense of physical or damage so it’s a white tackle times of the boss we shall see we shall see all got us the shadows C did you ever play Allen way to think that was one of the greatest games from the last concentration I’d I’d do it well a play that I played a little bit of a I’d never be a I have it and would rather a brother played it think if I remember correctly and richer Oh god sent a lot of enemies are to come out actually wall lull

in a yet it up swimming sure that nobody’s gonna get me come on almost there , no rest of us had UAL wang Dan A all my good lord zero we need a video called these acea , makes you in terms of versatility the plasma cutter rivals the classic shopper from the original two very few situations can be useful troop contingent of troops for parole stay of your calls you to be honest I don’t really care for video calls but that’s just by an assist me will those are the not like that’s just my own personal feeling about the bombing of the CIA like hanging out with two out as on me and obviously on just like I hit all I’ve always hated talking on the phone, if you were like that. If you guys are rumored that are the phone talker so like video call feels kind of this, somewhere that to me some more like a text are scored a second hangout person, thing

O Seidman old is and employs that’s for sure sox is so sad though an OSA A’s K and L day she goes. Have fun trying to kill those macros, that you I was always much of a text are both me and my best friend talk so much it’s just use your text same thing with the growth enough yet of their metaphor, for the three were missing hit it on the voice been like that just the text are were just like it all hang out in person, thing Though guys says it is the one you’re at the end their legitimate the at the end of that thing does not like there were taking the marker way to to OK no problem body thank you for us to get around half week of super league O that sox am sorry to hear that will have good luck with hats and have a great, great night OK to sew find a spear is because I fell asleep OK gotcha in in in that case tonight OK gotcha yet, in a body, and I’m the I will encase to falsely I will love talk to you soon more shows younger like the old times A still lead sleep though even if you’re younger you know it’s OK let’s let’s do this and let stock up right let’s get everything to skip the whole kit and caboodle so to plasma energy all take that we’ll take the line down at this point right wall As a force energies not to do me anything for stems not to do me a touchdown thing review all large that backs

because why not For a full Alou couple mediums class of the known to a force for stability the force comes in and do anything you want no let’s just as just plasma was just do the plaza city more room for plasma energy right so move move large large spies more plasma energy Gonna buy him a new belts fed me what I miss that are have to take a key to the pet shop: to buy New Bell really like super super early to schedule before everything else all right, let’s to speed service capacity right 1234 741234 12 12342 visit by the way 12 123 Mario snyder’s the two more just and two more I can’t believe that the Andrade I did not think I was gonna go through this entire arrest the two chapters like tonight address of three chapters tonight but here we are to this is not a bad final boss note was not known was not beautiful beautiful be able to pull I would save and let’s do this guy’s let’s do this year ago as it went into trust and that’s OK to go fact they always said I got way more rooms, doing all the sase stasis to anything actually to say together a quick as well if hold here we go

yet she’s dead say kill certain way that you use it on CU last chapter ABN K2112 as a goal and welcome welcome to the stream at the exact moment if arts I don’t all got over see this part of god sees the get me yet done OK up if god , thank god loves as I do anything till now does not all my good lord of the good as dead: god to get me out of here whole only done

from cheeses right G’s cheese old into the deep bench even have the better, Jr., Ballmer AMD and IP, if if if if boom all my good lord guys did it and it points and four half hours: Monday page chateau known as a conduit all mine could knew lord we just didn’t we beat that stays on impossible difficulty to get the final trophy are the achievements are in the final achievement , and 55100 percent this game wonderful to frolic completed it all and feels good that feels good I’ve been pretty bad off for a very long time a very long time and I didn’t African did it all while that feels pretty awesome and that feels pretty awesome us to UA 10 and I know of that is pretty cool call how’re you doin’ shadow of Friday night for your man inside a stack of games here these are the ones I’ve completed thus far so now I can finally added dead space that lists some games and completed on the Xbox360 are now in space oblivion and all the schools for oblivion to a Batman are, siloam assassin scream two heads game: lost the Edelman so based on the TV show and lost is really easy but I notice the day I needed like two more chief men’s athlete it was a long time ago and I lived in another column of the need felony to achievements else we are on display so to prevent again hears from such a body mass at launch I didn’t get the achievement for being the game, so fed up with a boxer just an uninstall hold off nights fortune unfortunately I lost my dead space games long ago who that is most most certainly unfortunate and the guy who has been Ira thank you so much money on a really appreciate us watching and yet, but we have a good night, one for the the credits to go all the way through before I stop the strain on all of wild just wild

as the eighth, but have if it was like Bending over to plug in my controller and I just have lifted the camera look to the screen by Paul was just on camera that’s awesome thing that new form of money but if of those books and for just know mike just does not face of it happened again to get back just us it was amazing beloved to submit as a single greatest moment of your entire life , if now, and get some food and then go to bid in all they did us if they think you’ll wolf I know it’s crazy to the same Is this base chapter 12 don’t know what that means but you can decipher a military soon unlocked Baxter logs locked 50,000 credits awarded 10 power nodes awarded impossible modem locked are well party be impossible mode so today only use one, health act made Of the save over this one in C you still streaming us in just be ended I’d just be a welcome back no you still might have a good-grandson 100% thanks so much Shadle a O that was good but now it’s been for 1/2 hours for hours 00:38:38 to be exact while those good , although in the strain their guys , and the right there is that was just awesome very satisfied with that in Grasso Offenbach and list and hold until my son guys I will see you then we’ll see you next time of the moments in the butt to all seen an ID tag as 71

to th th