(Ep-1) Lets play White Day A Labyrinth Named School

alright ladies and gentleman we’re gonna go ahead and take a look into a game that I’ve actually never played before supposedly this is a survival horror game for what I’ve been reading and kind of curious to see what it’s going to turn out so let’s go ahead and take a look at it guys fortunately we just make sure that we have everything we do is gonna hit that new game really quick alright so it looks like we have a choice of different like difficulty settings here probably just gonna just do normal guys we don’t want anything too crazy normal well-balanced level of difficulty absolutely let’s go ahead and get started man what’s going on Brian it looks like we’re bringing in a box of chocolates Mike intelligent vibrated we’re being watched but I was being consumed by the school interesting that is very interesting recently new music teachers have hey I didn’t get the finished reading down alright let’s go ahead and see what the introduction to this game is gonna give us guys I’m kind of curious alright so we’re walking into the school we kind of got like that silent feel

feel no going back well he’s freaking out he’s like what is going on in this place oh gosh they threw us right into the game guys okay it looks like I couldn’t use a mouse and keyboard which is great what are we living like four controls which I don’t think we have do we have any controls I’m gonna see pause backpack document map message system it’s gonna hit that system really quick for sound okay master sound master sound play sound effects it looks like massive volume I’m gonna go ahead and tune it down just a notch guys they sound effects yeah effects sound app it or we’ll keep that high play background sound on by remember sue me they’re probably talking about the music or the BGM of the game I’m not a hundred percent sure though I’m an alright game options here yeah that’s all good controller speeds cursors blah blah blah so they’re to control it’s really able to control so we got WASD space left control R all right so that’s gonna be precise running a crouching you may rent or Crouch using to run Crouch button your chance of being caught by janitors is reduced when you’re crouching you’ll get dizzy if you run too long make sure you take a break okay we gotta make sure that we’re not running way too much guys so we got to be pretty sparingly with Dave you know this game all right all right I actually never played it never heard of it out of curiosity I was just looking for a scary games and this was one of the ones I popped up kind of curious to see what its gonna offer with a duck is the X button that’s a weird button a duck very weird button the duck I think I’m gonna use a mouse and keyboard all right I should go to the gener I should go to the junior home eight first home room eight verse all right so we gotta go to home room eight guys home um a is this something’s lighting up right here all right you can find different documents throughout the school these documents contain various school secrets and tips on completing your objectives if you’re stuck in not making any progress these documents might be very helpful all right and to check these documents I’m assuming we’re probably going here for checking these out so he’s found one but it’s not now working all right you can save in the game using the bulletin boards throughout the school if you’re an if you are dead in have or have to quit in the middle of a game you can continue from the last save point please note that any unsaved data will be lost all right we understand that so this is uh oh I get it so we’re like with a se my controller is offered we’re gonna stick mouse and keyboard I need a felt-tip pen to leave a record really really Wow we can actually check different rooms out all right I’m gonna hit that light see what we get around here if we could see yourself in the mirror wha you what’s going on magically thank you for the likes guys let’s take a look around alright so we’re in the men’s bathroom guys let’s see ooh and we bout the pen guys now with this are these the toilets am I missing something here Oh okay so these are hiding spots oh but he automatically goes any ducts and he’s looking under it but we can’t really

look like a right these are some interesting potty toilets guys we’re not really planning anything of use here so now with the pen we could save our game so let’s go and just save the game really quick turn that off with a clave what is down here take your crane yo you know what this reminds me of this reminds me of like Prison Break guys John right now we’re playing white day guys ooh warframe right alright let’s uh this is a document magazine pick up instructions this is a notice from the student body if you haven’t received school magazines please come and pick up your copy it’s a junior homeroom six which we need to go to eight new and transfer students are especially encouraged to get a copy as it contains information about the school and a school map well that’s really nice to know now we can save our game progress right oh you can only save the game so many times though I don’t get what we’re doing here hold on let’s try that again you wait I don’t get it and that where we saved it or something can’t really sprint there’s got to be a run button all spacebar is the run I don’t like that whoa all right quantity now we got two of these bad boys guys two of those pins something don’t feel right am i able to change I think we could change the what’s up that job how are you I don’t like somebody’s controls can we remap the keys you you know why is love shift not run later on and off okay now we should be good right so now shift should be run this should be Crouch see now we got the original like first-person feel to it alright now we’re good I just gotta continue on whoa SMS provides a good guideline for beginners they won’t receive any text on normal level or above that’s fine I understand I understand Yoda story needs a key guys we’re not getting through that door right now I don’t know what’s up with the school but it is pretty spooky y’all we need a key for that – these are hints which building maintenance status as of March 9th the installation of light fixture next to the workshop is scheduled to be completed by tomorrow please make sure it’s Heidi of all the tools and ladders after their use wiring in a workshop is currently under prepare two workers please do not close the steam valve ventilation none of me actually read that okay I guess that’s gonna be it pretty much for that part all right guys let’s keep going let’s keep going what skin do I have on warframe probably whatever default skins I mean really honestly magically I haven’t played it too too much holy crap interaction io me just X means know right X’s and O’s okay if an interactive object is nearby a round icon will be displayed that’s pretty common since I don’t think we have to really worry about that too much I like this right here guys we couldn’t obviously touch with that is that the trashcan nothing inside though nothing inside not really much we’re gonna be getting right here guys oh we could see our legs when you approach an open door around icon will be displayed if you click on that icon and get closer to the door you can open it or close the door the door is like if I kind of bought a lot oh these doors actually open what the heck is in here have a lighter guys alright there must

be sufficient light around you to acquire items of documents or to interact with objects blah blah blah blah now pressing in light switch light switches are marked with a small light so you can easily find them in a dark like switches are easily found near the door okay alright good so we’re in a classroom right now let’s take a look around let’s see what we could find really quick welcome back Bruce how was everything going for you today I’m going to the document just hanging here by a young token okay because of you the chemical solvents well as taken I mean by the teacher I think he’s mad about the time you were fooling around and spilled it all over the garden killed trees what am I supposed to do now I have chemistry class tomorrow go get yourself in a gym storage room that’s where we need to go by the way the kids say that he’s very oh we got to go to the storage room guys that doesn’t sound too good actually all right so let’s gonna not keep looking around here the hell was going on out there why is this so spooky outside healing items all had look so good we got milk coffee I don’t know what the other stuff is you can recover health points and catch your breath by using items such as instant lunch buy coffee soymilk alkalizer birthday kid press use from the healing option I don’t even know what they use my copy one of these that’s the backpack right you then okay I don’t think we’re gonna find much with all that going on oh there’s a lot of cabinets we need to look in guys a lot of these are empty huh all right we got something right here we got the school magazine this is what we were looking for this is the school magazine published by the high school since it’s the first issue the school year there’s a map blah-blah-blah-blah all right well it didn’t open it up now what nothing else in his room that door also requires key so pretty much every single door in is think there’s someone in the school holy crap it just opened guys yeah okay what’s this to go in there absolutely not yet can go under there why oh we got a school coin that will come in handy take your photo sighs guys you okay let’s check this out do I really gotta use the controller cuz I feel like this game is more controller oriented like I don’t think it’s really also keyboard friendly cuz I can navigate this with my controller but I can’t navigate through that with my mouse et yeah okay I see it’s just it’s backwards alright let’s go well looks like we’re going into the main hallway here guys what is this all about 10:13 that’s pretty a dramatic don’t you think okay oh that he did we get two girls just sitting here in the middle in a dark hallway guys make sense makes sense right absolutely why not why not make sense hmm how do we get in yeah I wonder how we can do it ah oh you guys you totally startled me just then definitely has I can older feel to it sorry I didn’t know you guys I’ve seen him he’s a new transfer student hmm really anyway I’m leaving see ya awkward silence I’m Sonic in homeroom 8 that’s where I need to go that’s why I need to go Oh Maury so so Jung Han is his same

homeroom as you write hmm this was out of the blue but it’s nice to meet you right so why did you come to school at this hour same question to you – no that’s none of your business I love something right yeah we love something that’s what we did yeah yeah I’m glad that you’re here you are going to help me out at what okay what am I gonna help you with No why should I help you hmm that’s a good question he seems a little skeptical is pretty sketchy about the situation here look don’t be a jerk about it come on about what oh there’s other friendly people goodness a guy like you showed up definitely have what it takes to help I don’t trust that she’s taking me into the bathroom guys this ain’t very good right now oh no this could be freaky and it’s the ladies room I’m looking welcome first time in the girls bathroom no I was kind of in there a little while ago why worried I want something weird look in the home a chrome I can’t get in because it’s locked right right I happen to know that the keys are in the auto shop classroom but it’s locked as well but you can crawl through that vent up there it’ll be easier for me to lift her up there hah yeah you do it you want me to do it myself oh sure I don’t think we have a choice guys thank you I knew that you’d help hmm we’ll need a ladder and we’ll also need some sort of cutting tool why don’t you look around all right so we need a ladder and a cutting to a guy’s ladder in a cutting tool what are we gonna find here for cutting gonna get out of this area I don’t remember that chair being are in the middle of the hallway – honestly I don’t I I don’t remember that at all yeah that being there no there’s no way something’s not adding up here guys we got to be careful key all these places require a key what is that the cat is looking for her baby cat well how do you know the cats looking for the baby cat we’re only looking at a drawing here on the wall oh really all right all right our guy is very intelligent he knows exactly what pictures mean guys all right see it looks like they were trying to get into this room the door is not opening so how do we know what room is what I can’t read these signs I don’t know what those signs mean anybody speaks Japanese or Chinese all right what do we got here oh look there’s a lock on the side guys right there we need something to cut that lock off and then we can get whatever’s in there I had to say an opening nope well I think we found our ladder well we definitely found a ladder thank you for the sunny phase there I really appreciate it make it thank you make a bit of likes guys and let’s go to continue on here let’s see so we do have wire cutters go ahead and grab these bad boys we’re gonna need those so we got keys healing items single use item miscellany and blah blah blah blah and essentials go why are we here a white Day gift for someone’s crush it has candy inside why do we come to the school carrying this that’s what I want to know something is off about this whole story so far guys who what did we get here oh that’s what I use the coin for all right so what I do now I pick what I want looks like an only two Z’s

oh I see it how many coins one one okay well I guess we do this one comes right down around all right so we got some soy milk very healthy boy yeah all right great got some soy milk guys what is happening okay what does the deal with this it has an assortment of tools your pair calls for more extensive construction work mode of ventilation connected to workshop a lot alright guys so be careful what the heck the people just went off guys oh not good Joe what’s going on right we’re gonna play hide and seek with the janitor all right well we’ll do that I don’t even bother to check through these drawers or anything I forgot the ladder we got the wire cutters guys let’s get to that bin let’s see what this girl wants so badly yeah I think we’re in good hands up but the most part guys I’m gonna let everybody know though for the right now it is 6:20 but I said it was seven o’clock in about 40 minutes from now I do have a retro gaming that plaything to condone we’ll be doing that here in about 40 minutes guys but we’re gonna continue on with this first of all how do I save this game and I don’t quite know how to save it yet oh it looks like I’m choosing uh you want to save on this slot I want to let me uh I get it one left records on a bulletin all right so now when I do backpack okay so we only got one left I get it all right that’s kind of cool all right guys we’re doing good on those likes keep it up keep it up the ladder right here all right so it automatically do it did we talk to him if you look around the school you’ll be able to find things you need well thank you how do you know all this like she knows what I need she’s a con hello are you gonna go up the ladder now go bit a bit like I told you like soul demanding it’s climb up guys alright now that we’re here at the bent lets going to get those wire cutters guys snip it up snip snip snip snip in on some wire cutters let’s go inside I am going in a little worried about this though I really am I really feel like we shouldn’t be in here so you’re definitely trespassing what done oh oh they make sure you guys don’t cut school whoa we kind of got a glimpse of what the janitors do we don’t want to get caught by them guys no no no no no I was kind of curious to see what was in that room nevermind we don’t want to go in there absolutely now no way Jose we’re not doing that one at all this is gonna keep going here looks like we got some steam this is gonna burn obviously we can’t go that way yet so let’s go ahead go this way if I can move can’t walk past there’s so much not hot steam I know I know I know we’ll figure it out Oh spider webs I love canes with spider webs puzzles some puzzles need to be solved by using the cursor you can work in the area and a cursor changes to the hand boob objects and solve the puzzle all right it sounds great are we gonna fall I feel like we’re gonna fall all right so what are we doing with this so we just hold it all right so we ain’t gotta like spin the wheel or nothing good we’re gonna fall okay great it’s a dead end I me at the spiderwebs from like minecraft or something hey what’s gonna be bball how are you thank you for the shared air Judas I appreciate it alright let’s keep it up guys keep it up keep it up let’s see which one always here telling you man we’re about the ball to one of these vents I feel it coming it’s gonna turn this bad boy I had we close the valve guys yeah we have a fellow too many of the vents oh that’s kind of cool we kind of broke the web so it’s broken so although the web’s are not like just magically never invincible

like all some video games do tend to do sometimes all right Ravin have managed to get through here now but the hot steam was alright this is the workshop guys pretty dark around here we don’t have anything to light up either all right here we go what do we get what do we got what do we got yo it is dark whoa uh what in the world am I looking at right now I don’t want to step on in uh-huh we need to go over there the door is not opening okay there was not open it we can’t get anything from here no doors no nothing alright I guess we’re going to that safe thing that attacked me here the pre-existing wiring is twisted and the metal wires are seriously corroded it will take a few more days to fix this mess the calls that a corrosion is unknown if the corrosion leads to an overload the stricking the alarm to go off it can be shut down temporarily by connecting the third and fourth sockets alright this one holy crap okay wait third and four sockets there we go we got it y’all what just happened okay something just flew out guys get two objects here what’s happening oh man what is this doc which wet go go go go go trying guys we’re trying you’ll think you better start there jus just right now we’re playing a game called uh call the white date see what this is about alright so we got the home economics class room key guys we’re gonna take that we’re definitely gonna need that right now and I don’t know what this is I’m never to hook in a wooden token that has the metal symbol on it it gives off a lucky vibe whoo all right that’s about it we got a new guy so that’s it something don’t feel right here I’m not going through any of these doors do we have a ladder here hold on where am I supposed to go now whoa huh not bad thanks a lot I bet you she’s evil this school seems dangerous I think the janitors crazy too next time do it on your own oh you’re not trying to scare me are you I’m not that gullible that gullible oh but did you know this school used to be a hospital during the Korean War rumor has it the whole school is haunted because so many people died here during that time maybe the rumors true I mean especially I scare you Wow he’s like I feel like our characters from like grant that by the way you’re gonna talk to the lecture hall you know the new building lecture hall in here I’ll connect it right this is the key to that hallway there did you open it on your way out

I still have something to do I don’t trust her I don’t know why I’m not trusting her the wires make it pass you around how much have I raised so far right now I think we’re at $6 I think we’re honestly I’ll have to double-check yeah I know it’s real tiny but yeah right now we’re at six all right so this girl right now is just staring at the window guys staring at the window I have a lot of people saying that they’re gonna come back into it like I’m doing it until September 28th so I mean we still got some time we still got some time guys no I didn’t leave yet cause your fishy something something you give off a weird vibe yeah yeah see ya all right so what key does she give us all right main building one central hallway key I bet you it’s for that door right there guys yes screw that should probably see yep I unlocked it yeah yeah oh no I don’t like these hallways and she’s still there something’s weird about this place used to be a hospital and now it’s the school holy crap look at him look at him look at him go take his baseball bat take his baseball bat what’s with these janitors they look loaded they’re so evil all just got saved by a lady secretin class but you get that you get a beating for a guys that was close if you sneak in at night the other con virus terribly angry if he catches you the punishment is harsh it’s harsh okay I’m listening he looks crazy punished is that what you call punish me what do you mean Oh anyway he’s nice in the daytime in the daytime oh yeah the transfer student I’m in your homeroom remember remember nothing no I don’t think I do sorry yeah you know Sooyoung well I guess everybody knows her actually I’m a skip at school I know right you’re human right you mean me yeah that’s me what are you doing here at this hour it’s well I’m trying to ask you I have something to give to you I’m just oh really tell me something I always see you alone don’t you have friends yeah friends I’ve got you don’t worry about it I like being alone like this let’s get flirty guys skip flirty with it thank you breaking glare but you’ll make more soon okay I’m going to go now awkward be careful what a way to get rejected though you know the rejection is real guys she just rejected us like crazy janitor and vagenda to spot you while he’s on patrol he will chase after you if you run a turn on the light the chance of janitor finding you will increase so be careful you can check the janitor status using the I shaped icon in very easy stage yeah well we’re not gonna be able to do that not playing very easy right now alright so let’s go to earnest on all right so we got another document sitting here guys no just from the Brayton ins new isolation order to avoid constant replacement of like he’s using a school we have purchased the machine never combining two dissimilar keys and please also a little workshop we acted because look remember there’s a training on golf ready to the uses blah blah blah blah blah blah alright locked locked locked a lighter a lighter using it will light up an area a little helpful in dark areas oh by using a lighter button over there using the lighter will allow you to light up areas without the risk of being caught by janitors but it’s elimination range is quite limited please note that your lighter will go out if you start

running oh okay that’s kind of cool so we can turn the lights off so we’re not getting caught okay and the lighter goes off so we have infinite lighters oh that’s my concern I don’t have to worry about running out of lighters yeah yeah alright everything’s all locked up guys looks like we’re not doing much in here guys I hear dark evil whispers you guys hear that I know magic killer I tried it she rejected me dude she didn’t want me she said no how’s that noise we’re gonna take that guys we got quantity at two of those now there’s a cracking noise coming from the third floor our music about we suspect wooden boards are worn out okay guys this was up nothing nothing else guys evil whispers not good not good poor thing I know I know I know I tried I really did guys you know I’m all about the different games you know I’d like to switch it up nothing else here I guess we’re done we gotta watch up at a janitor I don’t know how we here I mean I will just use our survival give me a moment’s holy crap whoa Oh dad scared the hell out of me um I am NOT even gonna lie what just happened just now I’m done I’m already freaking out what is oh that’s that object we have oh no I’m wearing guys that’s too much that’s too much what what the we just opened okay hold on hold on hold on so it changes the door around or something all right we’ll keep it open you can’t go downstairs downstairs is empty alright guys don’t cut class all right your janitor you’re nearby janitor will beat the living heck out of you not good take your magic killer keylex thank you so much as well I appreciate it guys well thank you John or a Joe I’m sorry what did I say John I appreciate the heads-up you got a new dog today therefore that’s good this ain’t good I wish we had like a lien function

I’ll chest this man these lights turn on so creepy though alright we got no document here the real problem 7 was not able to do the punish he suspected it the boy he thought was from a wealthy family it’s a baby husky Oh dogs are wonderful pets they really are Oh turn that light okay I don’t want to keep lights on too long the room is this oh this is like the the music room or the tranquilizer ease your mind when you’re nervous use it to calm me down okay people we get down here nothing a lot of these doors are always empty bloody workbook okay what do I do with that doesn’t tell me anything we’re about to be pursued I feel it I could definitely feel it Thank You Constance Constance it’s really hitting those likes guys Paula Constance with these random clocks very much we could do with those clocks right now really dark outside no sign of the evil get it what the hell is that oh the hell is that Oh sounds like she’s getting closer I thought we only had janitors in this game is that music hey keep it anybody take you Maggie so I was like she’s getting farther away I’m scared to go out there though I’m not gonna lie and playing chicken right now guys alright sounds like she went away I think we’re good I think we’re clear uh that’s going to get going most not like somebody was chasing me dog ever get so the clock went off if we heard some weird noise alright let’s keep going alright I’m ready Oh

how did you know I am whoa he runs very fast very fast he runs guys oh he is on to me oh da heck I could have moved no the whole time that was music oh my gosh I thought it was like a can evil ghost yo all right let’s try this again guys watch out for the janitor guys this is our homeroom all these doors are locked dang it did anybody I swear to you that’s why does this mean so young [Applause] all these doors are locked guys oh we’re like going wait we’re back in the main hallway oh this is actually a different room heck how you getting gonna get out I don’t know he’s behind you you know king savage thank you interesting interesting I need to get to a safe point guys because unfortunately I do have a retro gaming tournament to do just minimize this game for now I suppose we get to a hiding spot here hey chase what’s up sloth how are you let me um we’ll probably just have to do all that again which is that bad of a bad save I mean we just have to run just get here cuz we don’t have them any of the the glue stick thing so that we got to do here guys let me uh let me check the website with a good guy because I think the they’re about to start it up here in just a moment ah take a look let’s get to the next page oh there’s another page

I don’t know what’s going on here I’m gonna keep this open right here just to kind of see what’s falling in we’ll keep playing for now I think we are in the clear all right that’s us guys in a dark creepy school I used to once upon a time being a banded crazy Hospital I didn’t anybody how are you alright let’s get going guys we’re back onto the hallway let’s just be careful with the janitor what is what the weird noise something’s going on in this school guys not cool wisi then the noise stops you hear all that loud like whispering noise and then it just stops talk about creepy like this you oh snap he sees the door open I don’t want to run from this guy again oh gosh I hope he doesn’t think I’m in this corner and it’s supposedly dead in like you should have know I’m here you never heard asked me before really so the janitor walks around with a baseball bat in the middle of the night guys how crazy is that what is that hey that’s the janitor man he will be ah he hurts children guys okay everybody that’s sneaking into school they’re in big trouble all right so where is he going now he’s looking for me look at oh gosh it’s coming back around I don’t know which way he’s going so we gotta be careful guys thank you so much for the likes of weird-looking tree was that why the tree was making a weird noise that’s what’s weird about it oh he’s closing the doors look at him alright so he has a thing for open doors alright so we could trick him then s screw dad guys it looks like I might have the net red Chiltern I meant to do really quick hon I’m looking at the lobby right now to see what’s going on with it all righty game is pause right now let me check something really fast you

yeah they’re guys um one second guys let me go ahead and just end this really quick or that I got a how do I exit this we go ahead and end that just for a moment guys just for a moment bear with me okay bear with me over here you I know right with the dance hot guys let me just do this tournament really quick guys I got into this playoffs with a bass you you [Applause] you you thank you put a stars guys let’s go ahead and do this tournament really quick okay they’d only take about 20 minutes guys 30 minutes maybe then we’ll get back to the game Tiburon so a little intermission for those of you if you’re watching this video live or like elsewhere or previously recorded for the next 20 minutes or 1/2 hour we’re probably gonna be doing a little matchup really quick for some retro gaming I’m just waiting for the home team really quick to go ahead and start their match and here I’ll let you guys see it so you guys get an idea what’s happening but there we are right there guys we’re just waiting for the the opposing team really quicken and once they’re ready to go we’re gonna go ahead and get going with that all right so right now the home team looks like they picked their game they’re playing final match tennis guys trying to get that large stuff final match tennis all right thing we go ahead and actually you don’t believe in spiders why not battlecry a gamer guy what’s gonna do hey guys we’re all here we’re all here trying to get another quake yeah spiders are not real oh shoot I gotta figure out which one we are guys oh man we are screwing up already though yeah okay so weird the green guy guys brother the green guy on the screen four men of the fast round that was a

very bad sound whoo nice job all right we got a winner all right but one-on-one right now guys we’re tying it up or tying it up or turn it up let’s keep it up on that one guys oh nice job nice one by David guys teammate here Oh doobie did that count for us I don’t know I don’t even know nice job I know right uh yeah right now yeah we’re doing it emulator right now with like three other people always my turn to serve guys ready Oh Oh whoo nice hit though oh my god yo okay Wow double fault oh really when I don’t do well here guys you can do this I’m trying guys I’m trying oh it’s oh I don’t know what the score is right now though we got be careful Oh keep it up guys keep it up yeah oh god it’s gonna be a big hit oh that was way out very nice oh that was a part bok-bok-bok ah man okay double Fah Wow M is hard Oh no three two guys three two hey can’t have this guy’s what that was close nice job okay for me for getting that come back guys getting that come back we’re getting it three three guys we are tied up Oh that was out Oh whoo all right just keep it up guys keep it up nice nice nice we got that point nice save oh I can we get this can we get this round oh that was a deuce have you got this nice alright we’re back to the Jew smart guys oh they got it welcome back that pool welcome back yeah yeah all right keep it up guys keep it up keep it up you’re doing great whoo I’m glad I hit it like that oh I’m not the way out guys shoot that was my fault got a little too cocky with that one oh and I saved oh nice a buy them oh nice nice we’re getting close getting close yes we got it guys three four all right oh I like taking your dog for a walk okay no problem the problem nice guys I got that here we got that hit Oh God nice save there guys

oh I three forgetting to lead on this one guys so the home team picked this game guys so far we are in the lead which is really nice right now over to get a fault on that one oh they weren’t able to get that one guys not that one oh nice nice one David alright keep it up guys alright I got a thought on that one nice job oh yeah you hahaha No we got the victory guys whoo so far so good guys we won that one we won that one everybody’s leaving this match I believe we choose the next game guys right now we are back into the lobby again and that’s pretty much the match we were playing about that we were playing final match tennis guys that was for the TG console let’s see which platform they want to do next I said google game guys like what’s wrong with me good game we’re going back to a slob I have to do our retro turn remember the click thank you for the show guys all right looks like our next game right now we’re gonna be doing Bomberman guys it’s gonna get that early to get that loaded up really quick father man we got this we might actually be able to win this playoff guy so far we won the first game you want the first game guys we just got to let everybody load in really quick see what happens here guys don’t worry about it bring in back to white they slap peedee peedee peedee peedee peep alright guys get ready for the top/bottom answer me alright guys here we go that’s hard about begins you gotta win this one guys we gotta win this one we’re already in the lead guys all right David suddenly saved me a thing guys which is very nice of him on this fire

oh we got it oh yeah b12 game fireman thinking better sorry guys I appreciate it over yeah we’re doing in that place enemy guys already won against the home team’s decision right now we’re the visiting team and this is it this is the finale oh if we win this that’s it game over we got it all right so far so good keep it up guys keep it up the pressure is definitely real oh snap whoa really I got stuck oh I screwed up guys got stuck we got this team too got this it’s all up to my teammate guys my faith is in your hands David oh here’s pushing it right now it’s a 2v1 right now guys it’s a to be one right now ooh one of those out one of those out how battle here guys tough battle here getting close getting close Oh top battle top battle well one down guys now we’re at a beat 1v1 right now why stop it stop it stop I got a trap all time up say what can’t be here guys be careful here oh boy yeah we did it we did it we did it alright that gives us two trophies guys three three more and we got it alright the pressure is definitely real but we’re not going to surrender it there guys we are going to continue to keep

going with this all right we got two bombs now which is even better no don’t ready to it we got a 1v1 guys 1v1 Thank You Constance I appreciate it you have no idea the mics really mean Alexa man all right guys we got it we got it all right all right where we at where we at oh boy oh that’s close Oh what’s up paddle guys tough battle by David but David’s gonna hold it down I have faith in them Oh hmm the odds are even now Oh slot that’s um that’s like the best compliment all day thank you maybe it maybe it’s the music – like in a background with the whole retro theme to it alright David we got to win this one guys so far we’re in the playoffs we got to make it to the finals for 2000 2017 summer net play this is a closed paddle here guys uh who is that actually who’s playing a player’s player for that would be Z links guys English is definite holding you down at David’s holding it down – guys they are neck to neck right now with the bonds they are neck to neck with the bombs oh oh they’re trying they’re trying they’re trying they’re guys Wow there look at this look at this this is insane Oh David he did it guys he did it oh I know right tonight oh honey let’s give a big thumbs up for um TGS locked in chat guys amazing compliment that’s like the compliment of the day I’m telling you that’s the highlight of the day right there you made my day absolutely No Oh no oh let’s get up guys try to keep the enemy busy I know right all of you welcome thank you it’s always gonna make people’s days better you know Oh round of applause for that one TGS thought that be sure to go guys four rounds one more round we are almost on a flawless victory Street here and I hate to say it David is killing it guys he is murdering in this game right now he’s doing such a great job guys you could sign up to play retro games on its Web site right now the games are free to play guys it’s free to sign up alright guys so far so good

well yeah yeah we got one down guys one down went down yo I think we won the guys that’s it five wins in a row hmm all right great game on that one guys all right is that it oh I forgot best out of three on this one did this the final round do Nana buddy thank you so much for those sunny face guys I haven’t gifts in a while thank you so much it just really sucks like I wish that we could get that feature privilege it’s like we’re doing a normal broadcast I might have to start doing a couple normal streams here in the SAP guys I don’t want to but I have to put all the toys no I can throw bombs well yeah yeah we did it we did it strawberry cheesecake than anybody if you don’t stop right now with that I will leave this room and get cheesecake I can’t do it I can’t do it you guys kill me every time you guys get me with this are you guys working in with the marketing business of Foods of distributions or something because you guys are doing such a great job I mean you guys are killing it right now on to sales right now oh yeah and I’m the boots guys I need boots with his shenanigans oh I’m a down guys yeah we did it we did it I know that we can do it dad music kick off though one of the players of frozen yes I’m glad that we got that we I love to be able to kick bombs man when we can’t kick bombs it sucks it’s not the best thing to do guys double bond is great dang I just died

Oh let’s go I got makeup to that one yeah I had good gear and everything man I screwed up guys I screwed up bad I’m happy I got that man I walked right into that one I cut myself No ice cream with chocolate huh that sounds pretty good it’s all up to David guys right three wind right now right oh no we lost one guys know they got a choke B all right Showtime again guys we got to do this we gotta do this no more excuses now we got it now we finally got a dinosaur yo now what just answers but hey better than nothing though right we really man I got no items on this guy guys oh we blocked them in Oh have we gotta stop talking about food I know right guys are killing me hey Great Wolf what’s going on bro how are you how’s it going man you’ll watch it by here guys watch it right here all right you got this we got this let’s grab this one Oh victory five wins guys bye win so that puts his up higher in the playoffs no guys we did a great job on that one you guys did amazing no response from you oh you know what it is the game is kind of loud great werewolf all I see you in discord it’s okay I’m sorry the music is really loud in this case especially in Bomberman yo you probably would’ve creeped me out just a moment ago I am playing a scary game alright

guys so that bumps us up so we won the game of Bomberman guys great job alright guys so that’s it we won on my teammates minutes to do me right now and discord they were you you all right guys um BAM all right we can actually close that out now as well now when it comes to this we can take that out of the way yeah um next week guys is the finals and we’re going against a pretty strong team I’m a little worried last year we won however they are pretty good at what they do you you let’s get the game back on a road guys back on the road we need to finish up exactly where we left off just a moment ago guys hey I’m this guy make you forget hmm you know what you remind me I’ll tedious lock him no I’m just stuffing my face right up you know what you remind me up though um guys make sure there’s a problem implying this guy with them gifts thank you so much for the song doughnuts I really appreciate it we actually got um you were like train train train until you die you know what they remind me up remember what was it focus focus the movie guys Nagar 20 like told everybody in the dancing room or like in the big like gymnasium where people were dancing on Halloween oh whatever like dance dance that’s how you die like that’s what you just kind of reminded me of don’t ask me why but you just did that’s gonna hit that continued game here guys oh we’re gonna continue all right absolutely where have I been and why not see pertaining with a Mean Joe I’m confused right now okay now where are we oh we’re back here again guys right go back up top we got some trick Eliezer and their guys going to get this room really quick that’s her homeroom 100 out of 500 Matic you got your killer thank you so much for the update on it

well that would just scare the [ __ ] [ __ ] nians out of me the hiccups are real guys [Applause] where are we going I think we got to go up to the third floor guys what the heck yo-yos didn’t know all right so we gotta go back up to me but let’s check the third floor guys see what’s up there obviously there’s something here right now no problem right guys you guys are doing great we’re almost at that coin drop thanks bro a love confession letter written by a female student all right well how do we read this can’t open it how do we get to the third floor though I don’t get it we got a book we get a letter love letter I don’t I don’t know what we’re supposed to do here guys we’re looking tree there’s nothing with these y’all be cautious here like we’re about to be pursued somebody’s pictures on the wall pretty creepy if you ask me you got here to janitor guys we gotta be careful be very careful with Oh Janet ah Kenneth ah he was in here last time I’m thinking there’s something in these bathrooms yeah we’re not finding anything guys kids sneaking in school guys and this is why you take the Jennifers off to get them so mad at us oh snap oh go to janitors at the res guys we got a run make all right all right go get

you later woody we get some receive raw yield up in here guys you gotta figure out what we got to do here guys what’s going on JJ team yeah but what’s Philly for him in a place to right I’m done are you serious are you serious right now guys I’m gonna stuff my face for apps oh man all right aware where are we running almost done eating guys I don’t know the janitor is hiding something guys he doesn’t want us to progress because how the janitors flashlights be down here at all you got to be careful guys I saw his flashlight Oh you you you happy very be very quiet here guys very quiet I saw the ghost I saw the ghost guys mm see that one I saw coming but the last time you need to stop it tell my characters freaking out right now yo that ghost lady stop that does he open doors he got skis yo nothing

I was like fire no way man no way I hear we hearing and then it just disappears something just just that it’s a weird-looking tree but we don’t get nothing else out of it all right so there’s a key somewhere so now I got to go back to our notes all right for a woman locked in a closet Chuck who was serving detention again he was me to write an essay to apologize for beating someone up this evident real problem he was the only one she suspected at the boy he thought was a wealthy family lucky day he thought okay let’s go stories in front of the music room you think we gotta go back downstairs guys we got a coin I don’t like this hallway that’s always creepy you there’s nothing in those things all right guys I think we’re going back to the main you gotta go back to the main office JT 13 we’re playing a white day go back downstairs back downstairs we go guys there’s nothing in these rooms already checked so far no janitor after this huh nothing I believe it’s available on ps4 or PC right the most part oh this is janitor No

oh crap I’m in a pinch guys we’re in a pinch right now oh my gosh oh good he’s leaving him room guys he’s leaving the room kadesha I wanted to run so bad you had no idea I wanted to run guys he’s closing the door behind him which is great just wait for him to go back into the main hall really quick before we take off oh I have mr. janitor man what’s he planning josh is like y’all just stayed gone thrown Amy do it nothing in the doors guys we’re not getting anything useful in there the evil whispers man all right let’s go had to get back to where we left off um I believe we have to somehow get into the main office guys there’s a there’s a there’s a set of keys that we’re gonna know we’re gonna need there moo moo moo moo moo thank you better share guys all right we’re gonna find a crouch [ __ ] right here turn the light off so they don’t see us I believe the toolbox was over here yep toolbox is gonna be right over here a workers tool belt it has screwdrivers and various sizes okay many of those go climb things so I have main building all right I was the one key to one girl gave us all right let’s gonna order one of these take it all right we got the screws am I supposed to do with the screwdriver though you toebox at the main office oh thank you I did I really appreciate it thank you John think of it a Palo gamer think of it as stars guys I appreciate a good shot thank you all right let’s be careful guys be happy careful very cautious y’all okay so mr. janitor man’s not coming yet I got to keep in that room what are we looking for you what are we looking for not really much else we could do around

here guys it’s got to be something about the main office the way these lights turn on though freaky that’s not the mean I don’t like how that goes creeps up like that scary oh snap get away from me dude Oh No I couldn’t do anything man I can’t save it Oh yeah we didn’t save it guys but it’s okay dang it is mr. janitor ma’am is right there here we go again hiding right back where we started guys I hear knocking how I hate to be a janitor at this school don’t come close to me bad that’s right just go get out of here get out of here and I need to go that way no rap alright so we know that’s a homeroom no like that music man

the creepy music man’s gotta go [Applause] you just lol hop right oh you just love it up y’all TGS I look at you you’re getting big growing up guys are growing so fast a lot opposed to decide about the screwdrivers from downstairs right I found a screwdriver let’s go to the first lawyer yeah we’re gonna have to get that screwdriver looks like we got to do something with that screwdriver lights are always scaring me it’s an easy all right let’s just hope that the janitor guys not here to have a billing daddy will be you’re gonna be in one of these rooms where’d he go anyway it’s going to get that screwdriver really quick we gotta save the game again to go ahead and get our milk coffee thank you guys I appreciate it if you look sad in the drawing we just saved the game guys just to be sure no no no No back to the music Grammy left off alright upstairs we go the hell was that I don’t intend to find out alright probably where we needed to go

nothing a keys for all this Dubi Dubi Dubi Dubi that woman always makes money oh my gosh goosebumps stop it after her closer to us you wanna come to but she came right in it’s okay kiddo it’s okay Martinez thank you it’s alright no promise now see that coming it’s gonna lace up Jackie how you been long time look at this out guys let’s cure the shiznit out of me though alright you denotes carefully we do that we need to do documents here guys alright so I temporarily like this I prefer lobby because some of the kids are sneaking into the auditorium passageway that’s been shut down if you need the key you can find it in the key box at the main office where is the main office wait that’s downstairs right is that what we found a woman earlier it’s good to see everything is doing world only stop that is very good walking back to the checker though and then that’s okay guys I mean stuff happens people get busy you know that’s part of life guys can’t have free time all the time to put the bed go Sarah’s house stairs upstairs quickly porn oh why did I go up there guys why did I go up there I forgot we’re already upstairs yo he’s about to kill me we’re gonna have to chill out here for a little while guys we got to chill out all has been well no thank you so much for asking lays down you you

like you’re watching a movie alright guys so we hide it long enough you all right now I know ah what are we doing let’s go to the main office guys already put my pants y’all I’m pretty close go back down to the main floor guys ain’t offices are always on the first floor better check this out right creepy movie absolutely Hey dang it dude tanga tanga take it you’d be skewing the shiznit out of me though real yo out of there oh this is a keymakr i think Wow six two four three wait a minute

I left the password inside the tool box wow that was so clever so they put a tool in the toy but our tool box and the numbers are on top how crazy is that one six two four three guys six two four three all right so the note does mention that if you need a keys at the main office and they left aspirin inside the tool box office holy crap oh he could probably see me not good man is it like always nighttime in this game or what right if I had a Glock 19 right now be great why we gotta wait for the mr. janitor man to pull out he’s leaving now guys yo 100 out of 500 on that coin shop not bad guys you guys did great all right let’s get to the main office 60.3 that’s the password guys we got to remember that 6 2 4 3 janitor is such a cranky man gets the cranky with it shut the door behind a much you now you went to go look at the bathroom so we can’t really go right that way right this second no no no Ryan budget popsicles yo stop it a chato a voyeur man making my nipples hard stop it all right we’re gonna go real easy over here guys where is the janitor guy going okay let’s look for cabinet this has got to be the main office guys saintil main office but hey gotta be the closest your creepy sounds man holy crap the

windows you know what I’m thinking though guess we don’t go up here no more where’s the main office you need a key for that yo guys thank you for the follows mr. Sammon ocean thinking I appreciate it call the Ghostbusters we’re gonna need somebody y’all just goes to scare me it’s two for five where is everything yo I’m confused I am confused right now there’s a time of day chain I take the time of day changes in the game guys I don’t know I don’t know I I actually have no idea – me check it was 10 15 now it’s 11 oppai times going slow our main office has got to be somewhere around here six two four five there’s two out of five two out of four they all got locks on them this is a drawing of a stick bug saying something he’s looking at me like huh interesting very interesting indeed everybody that’s coming in guys welcome to the channel firewood what is up Santa give it up follow a notion I think I already thanked you guys just make a shirt huh maybe this is the main office right here pulpit wait wait wait

check these drawers ass nothing six two four five it’s got to be one of these I get it much luck with any of these places freaking me out I hear knocking on the door and the wind is blowing right now creepy main office yeah I’m looking for a main office thank you can anybody yeah oh dang it took us long enough six two four three oh my god main building one auditorium lay the key unlocks to me iron door leading to the auditorium small key painted red it looks like it could be combined with other keys so we got the red key what do we do with that I don’t want to go out there guys I really don’t back upstairs we go hi ever going back upstairs let’s go back upstairs now see what’s gonna win done right now cuz I have no idea I have are not going that way I don’t believe we grabbed the constants that was in this room so let’s go ahead and check this room again we had a note right here to grab that was a woman’s check in the closet now that was a curse letter well we may need it for later purposes that tranquilizer guys are gonna need it as well blood on a wall I like that I like where you’re coming from with that lease of Jackie Jackie’s on it guys no that was smart with the key-maker that’s a good idea actually small key painted red it looks like it could be combined with other keys okay combine everything right now all right let’s keep that key maker in mind yo my characters you always talking and I remember what is he doing he’s looking dead at the wall guys he’s not moving something is wrong with the janitor guys what is wrong with him right ghetto right that’s what I’m saying absolutely oh no I don’t like her he comes at the worst timing ever weird right we’re gonna to sneak behind his guy spaz it out yo they beat people up with baseball bats what kind of what kind of team is this

though oh I knew he wasn’t gonna let me in no no no no no no no no the old man yeah to heal up a little bit guys now he wants to pay attention right how does it get it or not here to scream I know Kamath there ha ha ha all right let’s be quiet guys use our meditating forces our senses we’re going to be able to get through this without a doubt I know he’s coming in here though oh he’s mad look at him look at him look at him he’s in here now guys yeah no coming down away just shut the door all right he shuts the door all right good guy good man good man yeah but the way though he clears up a little bit I know now he wants to pay attention just so annoying I don’t know why he didn’t earlier all right think he’s gone all right good let’s go like now I’m ready to finally make it to the auditorium area that we’ve been trying to get you for the longest time guys well I took it any further without a further ado it’s gone we’re not going through any of these doors all schnap movie mode see what’s happening here in the [Applause] oh my gosh I thought we were gonna like have to run or something you can complete the ghost collection in a game by collecting all kinds of ghost stories and encountering different ghosts you can also collect various endings by clearing the game check your collected items and achievement progress in main screen collection Oh screw that but I’m sorry you hung yourself I understand you had a creepy past maybe maybe your torch here and maybe bad things happen to look along your way I want nothing to do with it Wow yes holy Shh oh my freaking geez I’m done no I’m out of here y’all blows that shiznit okay this is starting to not look like a

school anymore oh my gosh this is definitely not a school anymore guys are we sure we still in the school got anybody you would do that you would do that that’s always nice right right it is no what’s an auditorium is all Hills didn’t know the lights just went off oh my gosh we got to go back though this happenin yoky news okay who is playing with the lights right now who is playing with the lights though all right let’s do this again we obviously can’t go that way so I guess we got no choice but to go back guys but I’m feeling like we’re missing something you know oh wait wait a school coin we’ll take it I said we came this way for what doll definite feels like we’re missing something they’re all in on a movie mode this is creepy yo talk to her what is she doing with those plants why didn’t I say anything all right what’s with the plants uh uh I see there was something weird about these plants now we’re looking tree nothing else but now what let’s go back to that key making machine guys see what we can do with that you forget your Bible and shotgun absolutely oh oh I’ve seen you oh snap what are you doing here at this hour I wanted to give you some candy I wanted to return your diary oh boy which one does this uh we got our diary and we have some candy oh so you had it then oh oh you came here just to do that yep and what about you are you here to meet with them hmm ji Heon is here to carsnap whoa whoa hey baby so you don’t drive something time limits what it’s a good what am I supposed to do holy moly

small red here in main building one guys we got a good house the hell is that Buddha says guys got nine minutes saw this I was going on go oh we’re like in another world right now oh no no this is bad news I don’t get this am i doing the right thing I don’t know we’re going to that keep making machine hope I did it right okay now what oh we got a mad man you have no idea how helpful this would have been a long time ago I don’t know why this door is open right here though I know we’re not supposed to go in there that just looks like it that way she we’re not going that way there’s got to be something guys there’s got to be something but now we know we got a map yo I see this guy’s blocking it off guys we got to go this way here we go

what am I looking for here puzzles sometimes you need roommates in order to solve a puzzle Moodle courses like the area to manipulating clothes are hidden in various places collect clues and find a fast oh man ok guys we need to look around we need look around we need to password one two three four five six seven okay Hana Hana Hana these numbers and around the room are giving us hints here you’re gonna need this 83 86 in 386 No 1994-1996 i99 490 let’s go 1996 none of it is working oh my god it hits all over the room dog remember left then right right the left left right right left eight eight six eight three nine four nine six so not the nineteen we ignore the nineteen eighty six eighty three ninety four ninety six eight six nine three eight six eight three as you can oh really I screwed up guys really eight oh we can’t go backwards I got it 80

you know chief would take you so much better sunny faces never mind my right and left they’re all right which is all right screwed up dang it what thank you put a 5,000 there guys I think you better share their big home I got two good times with a quick nine point nine six he did six three oh my god yo man all right into no it tells me left-right right-left that bright great blacks yeah left right right then left I know when were using the lockers I’m doing something wrong Thank You anis I appreciated your right absolutely let’s try this again guys trying to get ready let’s try this again now according to that sheet it confused me too well this poor lady is about to die guys no way I’m gonna be able to rescue her right now six three four six

dang it a three four six eight three nine six oh my gosh really though what are these numbers on seven 375 oh wait wait wait the metals guys nine five nine five two nine five two four not working five to four 83 86 94 96 oh wait wait wait wait wait eight-six 83 nine for nine six eight six eight three eight six one two three four five five nine two four five nine two four yo man this is crazy yo this is like we’re trying to disarm a bomb or something oh my god I forgot it already 594 right 5:19 I’m 92 for 594 that’s right right look I’m 94 oh my gosh chemical solvent yes I’m using the chemistry that looks like sticking so we did it guys we did it oh my god yo we’re using our brains right now right now what now what I got the chemical to kill this damn thing go take it out Herbie Herbie having

man we are on a time limit now guys you got to remember every single one of these plants were take it out take it out killing the flight right constants ain’t praying around guys follow her she is on it she is killing it y’all unbelievable you’re stalling the time limit though guys time is flying by really quick we gotta be bass got a move on a double you go in and go in the government coming or at any guys thank you for the shares as soon as we go but that love letter we should have gotten a long time ago so night I’ll make a Sun nothing they’re just trying to save his lady man she’s about to get murdered by a giant evil plan but uh guys keep it up keep it up which way now which way now so far so good we scare me like that yo this might be the last one I don’t know get in here to hit it just heard a terrible sound yes go we gotta move quick guys move quick I see keep it upright she’s doing good guys she’s doing amazing right now it’s got anything or evil tree oh snap whoa whoa no uh-huh I did all that for nothing are you serious I know oh I’ve seen you let’s skip this what you came here just to do that ji-hyun is here too whoa yo that’s what I’m saying I lost oh well maybe we’re not even supposed to go down there I guess I don’t know all right we got the key drop something hurry up guys hurry up hurry up well Batman by Tunick who I remember it so I do too far hopefully it’s the same pass but I go crazy if they change it I

no it’s 592 for for the change right left or left right right left yeah yeah I can see your messages y’all [Applause] it’ll take you so much for the stars gamer i 294 off i-94 oh there we go we got it time to go guys gonna go go go go go go don’t play just play don’t play it that way it’s time to move on all right let’s see what happens now dum-dum dum-dum go we’re gonna find out why that thing killed us like that there’s got to be something else thank you gamer I appreciate it guys everybody helping out alright that’s kind of head back guys back downstairs we go enough we’re not gonna walk into the room like we did last night cuz obviously that thing called us and tricked us into killing us guys we don’t want to do that again or die solve it in there right all right keep going keep our team let’s go did it think it’s still alive there’s got to be a trick there’s another thing we got to do here yo what was that

picking up on all these doors now we can open got that instant lunchbox guys keep it up keep it up all right I’m glad to spray this other plant really quick right here by the vending machine and to get it Little Shop of Horrors oh my gosh oh that movie though that movie though that’s a classic and then the singing scene with the plan you’ll make you want to watch that what is that a pork are a good student what was that small metal weight used a balance scale with this man we got a lot of game pretty much tells us exactly what item you need to go through the same locker is pretty much for each one to open up [Applause] we’re not going in there yet guys some reason we’re able to open doors now we got another pen nice missing something here I still got five minutes guys I don’t get it holy crap skitter but we can open up all these doors I’m kind of curious there’s a lot of pens now guys now we’re not allowed in this room right here so let’s try shadow open up this door really quick oriental studies interesting theories of Python the teacher vice-principal some is a foundational the party’s day in philosophy okay I

don’t get that how much pot every go we’ll take it we’ll take it all right Brian open up this store to man I don’t know guys trying to figure it out but we literally bin everyone oh actually no we haven’t been to this one yo we’ve got to every single door insect repellant spray it’s bug spray there’s a warning nuts we use near fire I only got three minutes left guys by now oh bunch of things in this game right now hey guys we gotta go go go go go go go how come you know see no janitor here – I don’t get it No I’m scared guys I’m scared I need to spray well we got this brave we got two minutes left we’ve been in every single room yo we’re gonna try this again this is hope you don’t die whoa oh yeah [Applause] now we did it finally okay so last time we didn’t have that button sequence but this time we did so we managed to survive great we finally took out the wait you say why what room are we just waking up in there’s a letter here spider anthropods are the arachnids what they weren’t bugs they get you six eight eyes body parts are head chest the stomach what’s the difference there’s one kind of settling kind yet – they dissolved their prey with their stomach fluid Brow’s yeah interesting could we just scare – isn’t it’s out of me which part of the floor on my own now I’m on the first floor

guess we go back to the center oh look these things are still here I think we’re going to the second floor now and I honestly don’t know you need to save it though alright let’s hope if we could find a girl now see what’s going on with her she was up here before I go in there I’m saving the game we can’t take the risk with this guy’s David think of it of stars alright game to say it game it’s done right did you try to put the chemicals in the other tree wait what out a tree did we have I don’t I don’t get that part all right so we’re good just check the room that the girl was in guys good those doors are still locked we’re gonna go ahead and see if she’s in there hopefully this is what a girl was dragged in guys but yet we don’t see her another wood token and when I’m talking to the wood symbolizes because I feel up the lucky bag alright so we had one of those last time and it opened up like a new path for us now what hey why are you still here anyway what was that noise I heard you oh do you mean soyoung’s gone hmm I don’t understand what you’re saying horse nice so many guys in this school who are completely obsessed with so young Oh young maybe they like so y’all not pretty hey come on be honest are you here this late because you’re into so young as well is it because tomorrow is white day oh it’s none of your business that is oh thank you for the stars I’m right look you reynad under stupid it’ll say it’s writing Abednego someone so young bewitched with that face of hers you don’t know this but she’s a manipulative witch oh yes she is and that’s not all there are a ton of totally strange rumors about her rumour has it so young you hear something just now do we want to go after the girl do we want to go where the sounds coming from mm curiosity uh Scranton girl the way my god they’re running you heard that right it was like a woman crying uh headed ain’t gonna class right – see this is what a feeling this is what happens when you cut class guys hey girls think of it a share Oh dead sister Keats Walken now we’re talking remember what I said there were a lot of rumors about her right so young chose to come to this school because of her sister who killed herself two years ago not good her sister hung herself here and nobody knows why she did it that’s the girl we saw no sneaks in here at night to try and contact the soul of her dead sister okay you know like with

a Ouija board or something clinging to the past such a stupid thing to do you wasn’t really what you think anyway Soyoung is definitely up to something and now we’re mixed up in her freaky business yeah we are thank you for the shirt we’re young could be in trouble for all we know we have no proof of that right what if you put a follow TX why are you taking her side you know what there’s something fishy about you are you two working together save your breath no excuses I’ve already decided that I can’t trust you I promise you I am NOT getting played by that little witch oh no she’s walking away from us guys all right so she left so what does that leave us now holy crap holy moly Chobani so chasing me no no no no guys we got to go we got to go shutting the doors on him guys got to lose him and I would leave the door open I thought I closed it didn’t anybody he’s trying to scare me guys I Canada came back to nowhere so now we’re back to like the normal life or something Oh guys I couldn’t I can’t believe the time right now it’s time to get going here shortly thing I just would any of those pen things I have we got three I really don’t want to waste them all not really I just get out of here guys the janitor man is gonna be out there so we gotta watch it oh snap here he comes oh here he comes guys sir I didn’t mean it it wasn’t me make it better share guys was not me okay I blame I never want fan up there guys I hate just shut the door on this guys so we can keep going – girl is going as go we gotta go now I read number by the broadcast I’m gonna run to second floor first floor take us right there less than a sec employer and it’s go live from this I think we’re going back that way guys he’s gonna watch out for the janitor man he’s very sneaky I don’t think he’s in these hallways I think we’re good the guy lip and he walks pretty fast stop it it’s scary isn’t it out of me though I like that spot I really don’t want to come over here is it getting me new keys that opens most locks main building one home so that’s the building brand small finicky

we’re going into main building – okay this happened last time all right a key-maker with style stairs okay so we gotta go downstairs guys I like to go slay these on to me I don’t want I don’t want to deal with her right now I really don’t oh wait a minute we got a newt we got a new piece of the UM we got another one of these guys right absolutely slim Jay thank you so much wide a yes go to the gym does Jim hey Brock’s yeah we’re playing white day thank you why was headed to the guys we’re almost getting over our stream time here oh snap there we go I knew he would come after me blowing the whistle guys I hide right here always obby yo oh my gosh I mean how was I supposed to know that it you know that the way we enter that building is over you main building section to this is all bad and does not even look normal to you guys yeah right Randy with the side of the building now the school coin we got over here it’s like the teachers lounge it meant to help the students and anxiety the students and their effective coping that’s great well it’s good administration manager to Korean language teacher we need a super super idea about their future how was that we’re all locked up guys hey what’s going on Alec but I know right what am I playing I have no idea right now what we’re playing why Dave but it’s it’s an interesting game honestly that takes us to the main building one but we don’t want to go that way don’t have a key code for that what in the name is that you you running infants okay he still have the oblique Accord on them and everything guys like what need to do gosh names did we just get ourselves into that’s a pretty good that’s a pretty long room not dealing with this

yes excuse reading the same things here that looks creepy it is very creepy absolutely right think about Apollo someday there’s not even a phone cord lying on here how is it ringing [Applause] Oh house didn’t know all right small pen that looks like it can be pinned somewhere all right interesting room okay what is this what room assist lost-and-found room key all right horse coat is a communication code have it have been developed by Samuel Finley briefs more aesthetic impose a sentence sentences using shortened log signals that is considered the most basic emergency communication device through to the back you communicate using very simple signals right all right what is this taking a mini-fridge man not even up here okay I think scared me for a moment scared the SH isn’t–it’s out of me dog papi is the most popular beverage containing caffeine moderate consumption of caffeine can stimulate the central nervous system boosting work performance every desuka take on average consuming no more than 400 milligrams is recommended to enjoy the health benefits the cup of coffee contains approximately hundred milligrams of caffeine she sounds pretty something actually very true ah let’s see we got a lot of things here in the cabinets guys feel like this thing is about to jump at me though are you looking at it being so creepy we’ll get what we’re doing with that Thank You kiddo I know Joseph I appreciate it appreciate the non spoilers guys I really do um I do Cod periodically I don’t play a lot of GTA 5 or sports really though I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of other streams that do I don’t know what we’re doing with this though maybe we get a look at it with the lights off now this part of the school looks a banded or something you

the treasure is sleeping under a place covered by dust of a race knowledge and it can only be woken by doesn’t really tell us anything guys I’m gonna have to save the game right here fortunately we’re gonna probably have to conclude this for now so let’s go to see the game right there if your heart beats rapidly right yo Patricia thank you so much guys no I know kiddo guys I hate leaving I really do but unfortunately I have no choice I don’t have much time left um we’re gonna go to end the stream right here and I appreciate everybody hanging out today guys it really means a lot I hope you guys really enjoyed the game as much as I did well part of the game is really good guys I like it a lot I like it a lot but we’re gonna go ahead and conclude this right here guys and and I gotta finish up the main building to probably actually we have a lot of games are here to play in this game guys we’re gonna do there’s so many games we have anyone finish but we’re gonna get back to them slowly Bashir have you guys thank you so much for tuning in and you guys have a great evening great night all right get that phone that phone was creepy though Harley Quinn thank you for hanging out though I really do appreciate all the hands so yeah we did the net plate of it today guys we we finished the playoffs okay I think you can sense I appreciate it guys I really do we’re gonna wrap things up here dome and um we’ll catch the rest of you guys here in our next featured stream you know I really do appreciate everything that you guys have done for me today hey guys what time tomorrow I usually stream about six o’clock Eastern Center time roughly to be 5 o’clock central PT time we’re at about two o’clock no I like a flag I’m sorry usually um but yeah I’m gonna wrap it up here guys I’ll catch you guys later thank you for everything you guys have a great night you