60 Frames No Lag Podcast: Leaked Specs of Playstation 5 And Why It Doesn't Matter

Right as it started do we go right to it? Let me check the channel Because you never know with this crap Let’s see what we would let’s see what we working with here Yes, if we lie OB, yes, here we go What’s up, give me a moment While we kick it Well, yeah, where were ya was that was that where we yet we’re yeah All right, I’m seeing it I’m seeing it let me edit let me edit some information. Let me put in some details here and Then we get this retweeted out Side of require you Did you did you what’s going on here This ain’t it The pixel PlayStation 5 Okay looks good All right, let’s see what we’re doing here Was good that was cleaning for the rock life Here we go looking good so far Let me see save There you got anybody in the chat What we doing here what we doing here I see this dashboard right here No, no, no no close that out close that out Man if you’re in the room already, we’re gonna get started in a few Trying to see if this Is already running how’s it going Interesting Studio mode no, not this release No, not there either What we do in here let’s go to a video link

There’s a lot of stuff to do Let’s go let’s go don’t worry if you’re live. I apologize to be honest. I’m not even sure if we’re live right now It’s been a while since I use obs You see me was you two running slow. All right, that looks good Oh we good here Let’s see Give me a few more minutes to make sure everything is properly setup apologize for the wait Let’s go over here See the video Right now I would see I Don’t see the chat going it’s something wrong That’s my problem right now Let’s see, what’s up Something’s not beating All right So something’s not beating I see you guys I see the chat in the YouTube channel But for some reasons not showing up in my OBS, I See I already hit the like button appreciate it Alright give me more give me a couple more seconds while we rock this out You know, what up, what up, I hope all of y’all had a great Christmas Give me a few more while I look at something Mmm interesting The game is afoot You know, I want to give a shout out to big cloud gaming He’s the one who hooked me up with the background reporter ox 97 percent and the reddish PlayStation controller so my man big cloud gaming Ryan Thank you so much for the hook-up. Oh Damn everybody’s filling up the room man. I miss you guys What’s up, you know so far. My day is going good. Simply Been sick Kind of over the last two weeks And then I just had a travel it really it really sucked cuz last week I was in Norway And it’s cold as hell up there. Oh man But I had to work and I had to deal with it. You know I’m saying but went up there sick and Then you know traveling on a plane, too I had a you know to get up to Norway to the destination how to go to how to take three separate flights. Oh That’s miserable. Oh Well, I’m feeling a little bit better now But again, I want to shout out my man Ryan big cloud Cayman check out his channel great channel great content. He has a great podcast rgt Every Friday, right. Should we haven’t you know, I think it’s today, right?

But he hooked me up with this background right here put a rock center present you could check it out Look real cool. Look real fresh, you know freshen it up. So I thought you know what? Let me do a whole background and Introduce it today. So again Ryan thank you for and he did it for free. He I didn’t even ask You know, he just came up he play a reporter Do some fresh for the podcast, you know, hit up the background You know, yeah Yeah, and he hooked this up you don’t say and what he did was he hooked it up and I and our first glance you Know what I didn’t want to be, you know, whatever. I was like. Hey, I appreciate. Thank you He’s like a you like it. He was design it Hey, you know, he was really cool with any, you know suggestions or whatever You know that said, all right. Let me do little few suggestions You know, he worked it out. No issues and he can look at this. He’ll he hooked it up man. Big Glock aiming Yoho again Appreciate it. I love it. You know I’m saying. Oh They’ll be my background and stuff, especially when I start the podcast back up I’ll give you a give you guys a little bit of channel update In fact Lee me let me add that If I could I Probably could do it. Yeah, I’ll do that. So do a little channel update and then at the same time So what’s tripping me up? I’mma tell you what’s tripping me out, like normally you’ll be able to see on The the chat within um Constantly say within our OBS, right? It’s you usually see the chat with in OBS, right So that way I don’t have to keep youtube up and use extra unnecessary bandwidth I don’t have to but for whatever reason I don’t see the chat. I see the stream is going I Don’t see the chat. I don’t see a damn thing bugging up I Mean, it’s been awhile. Since I used OB has been like maybe a month and I’ve received a lot of updates But it’s tripping me out that Unless I have something I don’t maybe no date just like there’s no chat, you know, they’ll Come back come back come back So now in order to see the chat I have to look At the YouTube page which is retarded because I don’t want to look at the YouTube page, you know Come back Yo, hit the like button retweet this out. Let her know porta rock is going live and we’re gonna talk about Some good shit right now. You know I’m saying we’re gonna talk about Some stuff but man, I really missed my podcast cuz there’s a lot of trash narratives going around in a YouTube gaming and it’s a disservice to gamers this absolute deserve this service to just game, you know the same I Mean, it’s crazy How does this you know, it’s just trash Maybe it’s this one. I Don’t know yeah, I figure another day It is what it is I’ll deal with this another day. I don’t know why it’s like this Is weird Again Where the hell did the chat go in OBS like literally disappeared This is a trip

Let me find out I’m saying all right. Let me tweet this out real quick to my peoples Let me tweet this out to my peoples are on Twitter, right? Got my drink here got my juice. Are we about to kick it? I’m putting online right now. Come live and hear the gospel. All right So I retweeted it out we’re gonna kick it right now I can see the guys in the chat How about him by 8:00 and I’m under this court so jump on the discord Right Craig you lazy ass bastard You can jump in is under discord stop being lazy You know top flight security of the world Craig Got my mic just in case you jump in same thing with you Brian all day you bum You know all day I’m moving to Cali All Deezy you still in Cali or did you move you probably move didn’t you? Did you move all day is or you still in Cali Yo, did you hear me have I hurt me Hello We’re the same so I’ll just talk about my channel day now So who I got orders back to United States? I’m actually got orders to California. Eh, no I’m saying Camp Pendleton, California, which is about 30 minutes north of San Diego so, Southern, California So I’ll be back Like you know during the American, you know US timeframe, right, so I’ll be able to redo my podcast More consistently next year Living in San Diego My mom away from LA. So expect to see me I III as long as you know, as long as I can go You know because the job comes first, you know If I have to go to the field or deployed or whatever then you know it is what it is got to do What the job does right go do duty calls, but if I’m available and I could take time off in June be out to e3 2020 especially I definitely want to make a huge effort to go because this III is special because it’s The launch of a new console generation III and that only happens every five to six to seven years It’s not something that happens yearly, right? So a Council launching councils regardless of branch launching that III is always something special, you know, and to have that opportunity to go to e3 The year where councils launching and I hope so when he comes back. I really hope Sony comes back. They need to come back Let’s cut the BS. All right that whole Sony don’t need e3 It’s not what it’s not so much what Sony needs it’s what we need. I always said When those whole thing’s only about out that III is our Super Bowl It’s a gamers super was a culminating event for gamers. It’s our stuff You know, it’s our thing right his Sony dropping out was a huge loss a lot of people You know Eve overall. It just wasn’t the same even even for those who were Xbox fans and internal fans It just wasn’t the same. You need all you need all hands on deck, right? Tuku third-party developers and stuff like that. It’s it’s our it’s our you know, Super Bowl event, right? So I hope Sony does come back You know, but With me going back to the States. I’ll be more aligned With the hours, you know, I don’t have to stay up two to three in the morning to do a podcast, which is rough It’s really rough that’s what I couldn’t do it consistently I Feel I have a lot of respect for European, you know for gamers in the European and in this side of the world

Because they have to put up with a lot because the truth is gaming is catered or gaming media is catered to the American audience, you know to the American Standard because most of the shows are California specific time or Eastern Time most of these shows are You know from the press unless it unless they host it in Germany, you know Gamescom or X or 19 in London Most of this stuff is like a to 3:00 in the morning over here, you know, and it’s insane Take for example Sony’s CES You know what? You might call it. They’re gonna do a presentation on a Keystone speech whatever, right? January 6, which is a Monday like at What is it 3:00 p.m. Eastern? Or 6:00 p.m. Eastern sound like that or 6 p.m. Pacific sound like that Or I think it’s 3 p.m. Pacific Which is 9 p.m. Eastern which is like 3:00 in the morning over here the keno. There you go. Sony’s. Keno, right? I said Keystone didn’t I think keno right. So I think it’s like 3:00 p.m. Eastern, which is 9:00 p.m. I mean 3 p.m. Pacific which is 9:00 p.m. Eastern which in turn over here is 3:00 in the morning I’m not on a Monday. I’m not gonna be up at 3 in the morning to watch their Keystone I work the next day, you know I’m saying so you have to take time off it’s it’s very rough to to be out on this continent and to be a content provider Someone who talks about this stuff It takes a lot of work, you know to shift So I have a newfound respect for European, you know content creators and stuff like that, right? It’s crazy, but I’ll be back in the States It’s gonna be my first time being stationed and Camp Pendleton in the southern part of California I’ve been in California before put the crappy part, which is 29 palms the Mojave Desert Absolutely terrible But you know saying but yeah my European Vacation got cut short because I got promoted so February 1st. I pin on my new rank of Master gunnery sergeant and then you know I have to report to, California By middle of April so I will figure you know, I check in April I get my new place I’m gonna get a a small apartment because I still have my house in North Carolina that pay 400 Shout-out to Oscar Gonzales 15 are super Chad. Oh snap. You must miss me brother I missed you too bad No questions or anything you shout out to ask a man. Thank you so much, brother. Thank you. I appreciate it Wow Feel love man. I feel love from you guys, man. I love talking about it. I guess somebody’s happy that moving to California But yeah, so you will never be the same They done can see It’s good, so in town the film taking their soul pious from you know, just you know gonna be your our family, you know So now okay congrats you Already got home apartment and everything I was like oh shit, you know I’m saying so like me and my wife were like This was our first time together, it’d be a stage in California. So Yes, summer you uh, you first showed the badges like Dan I brought me back to my ROTC years because one of my teachers was a Master gunnery. Sorry, I got shit a gig for I got the Really dig he’s always fucking people. She’s always like what do you found out you fucked up in a class? I have for example, it’s mind you had a 49 average at math for something like that He was like sorry Jinta would know. He said he’s like he was like private Private Michael some talk to you for a second. Say yes, sir Explain to me why you have a 39 average sir? He’s trying to tell me you want to be a Marine? Well, sir, my teacher doesn’t lame I don’t want to hear that shit It’s the one who cursed about. I don’t know that shit. You can’t, you know down Master anything. What a 39 average so If I could just they saying you make it really loud give me adjust yours Oh mines well, yeah just

Yeah, that’s if it’s uh this my mic just go to your output, I think it’s output ain’t turnin Damn discourse shit man. I already miss you. Okay cheap returns. You’re wrong slide it up Alright, yeah, you sound good my man came bearing Yeah to mine because you got a Senate for each show yeah, you know, that’s what’s weird and shit like Things but you go to a different discord Yeah, I go we can’t hear you you like what oh shit I think we got Craig over here to shout Everybody’s shit. That was summer Christie. Y’all be enjoy I mean you got the title on the screen and I’m glad with good though Hey look looks better than when I remember I wonder why I should have done an outline for your picture That’s perfect. Yeah, it looks good Yep, you’re out please, you know. Yes, it’s um Yeah, it’s all the way. It’s like, I mean if your speaker should be underneath for years It just don’t turn us down just a tad it’s like your PS or PC output Turns that up sir by this and uh losing Everybody that should be a little less snaps if you adjusted and there’s No flooring it Bright, I like some people asked me. Are we doing our duty? I was like now I’m taking a break nice we take it would this would be This relaxing and join it, you know, you rarely get a chance to really sit down the game Harley it feels like you know, you become a youtuber but You got working Who’s gotta be the first wish to break out telling me discover someone who drops like 20 minute videos. It’s obvious what I have to You try to you try to put everything in between was like nice something else you always miss Is everybody else is killing my ears he Dropped down 42 Thank you this what are your obvious no, no, I mean, oh yeah doing obvious and turn down the shit you tell which one I’m into extreme tonight on straightening. Laughs I can’t I forgot how the load of lo video Yeah, do you see a speaker moving in the OBS Yeah, no, so which one the desktop audio desktop yeah, yeah, okay, that’s the one All right Should be better I turned it down Cuz everybody’s ears good Yeah, my should survive there. She’s like you gonna survive the podcast All right, here we go, all right good good. All right good. I want nobody to sue me, you know Thank you very much appreciate it That carries me out all the way that could carry me out all the way to 30

Yeah, watch this man do the pimp walk once he gets there Oh, yeah, man Am I in fact, I might in fact I might record my promotion ceremony. I never done that before Usually is just pictures, but I might record it and then I’ll post it on YouTube Give the subscribers little taste and stuff like that No I mean how many people get promoted throughout the services is usually arm is usually is a ranking officer and You usually could get to pick which ranking officer you want to do the ceremony for so By now, I’m a math sergeant. I’m getting promoted to master gunnery sergeant. So technically I would tell Gunny Highway what to do Yeah He’s a eazy-e seven he would be a e7 Also since so here’s the thing there’s a lot of people so the Marine culture is Is different from the other services? Cuz all So like in the marine culture it’s expected for Staff NCOs. Those are the e6 is in above sixty seventy eighty nine because of how long we’ve been a marine Where we’re expected to train young officers, you know, sir I’m saying so like let’s say like in another service where? Like those first two ten in second lieutenants like the the boss and everybody listens to him in a Marine Corps We look at him like like sir. What are you doing? Like that’s stupid You know I’m saying because they’re expected to be trained by us. So they could when they become senior officers You know, they get properly trained, you know saying so like so that so that I explain so there’s like plenty of times You know as a master like myself like even a marine captain Would come up with a terrible plan and I would just tell the captain like yeah, we’re not doing that And they can look at me like yeah, we’re not doing that Like you’re gonna unless you want to lieutenant colonel the colonel to fucking destroy you sir We’re not doing that, you know in Malaya time They listen to us because if they don’t and the plan fails the colonel will come and they will destroy them They won’t destroy the math-science. They’re gonna hold the captain’s accountable, you know That’s just how it is served 23 years last three years. Yeah in August I guess I hit 23 Oh Yeah, that’s it. So yeah Marine Corps So I’ll give you I’ll tell you a story though. So this was I was a staff sergeant this was 2006 so we were I was with 3rd battalion second rings We want our way to Iraq, right So if I remember correctly, we which airbase we flew out of we were on our way to Kuwait we’ll find our way to Kuwait right and I guess Let me do a shout out for the super chat The reason flow can you believe xbox are hyping he’ll play too like it’s going to be a council seller Laughs allow the singing I needed to hit certain quotes for donations Yeah, hey listen I’m glad the hell raised tools being made right I’m absolutely ecstatic Can’t wait to play it but it’s just funny how this game went from, you know walking simulator niche nobody really cares about the game – now – now it’s a console Sola and I’m like, oh, you’re the crazy I was Like I was the biggest I was the biggest advocate you were Yeah the game The game Oni so 250k and I’m like, how about far and everybody tell me what portal raucous it’s a niche game, you know Ninja Blade don’t make big selling games. You know, it’s a good game. It looks great, but it’s a small developer What do you expect and I’m like, are you fucking kidding me? I seem bullshit game so 250 like you know, I seem you know, toilet paper sells more than to like what

And everybody damage control him. Everybody was looking at me like I’m stupid as if He’ll play selling 250k was okay and I’m like that’s not okay Like not even close and everybody looked at me now. Our study is a console. So now I’m out here fighting you know by myself About the game should have done better and everybody’s telling me everybody’s telling me no, it’s fine it you know It’s perfect is niche. And now it’s a console solar yo this yo, that should trim. You know, I’m like yo You can Make it articles a summary this one game. That was nice one pawn all platforms now. It’s fucking a console So it’s gonna sell the Xbox Hardly anybody bought it So, how is the sequel to console seller when nobody really wanted the first one? I bought the shit they won So you got a deal one. I got a myself The dudes the dudes ninja Tori When they went on xbox, they were promoting, you know If you reach a certain amount of numbers don’t need to mental health the only soul 50,000 yeah, and as we’ve done promoting mental health in your Charity, yeah, you’re right. Nobody really played this game Across three platforms Now it’s a council house Hello. First of all, let’s to get this straight like we do we can have this conversation for days But one thing that one conversation we can’t have as well of looks at like they have enough to go off of we had Haven’t gotten any gameplay for this fucking game yet And do track like that in-game shit is what you’re gonna get day one like it turns like game plan It was running at it’s gonna be yo, it’s crazy it was Like it’s a tech demo We how many times did she take the yam room those crazy technomage ever ps3 with the unsure when he threw the walkie-talkie shows Hey is for you didn’t it goes the gameplay? Like the uh The demo right? It was running at 24 frames 24 frames as movie frames. Yeah That’s what movie is uses 24 frames. So I don’t think I don’t think that was a Real time gameplay or anything like that It may be running an engine, but it was CGI Cuz why would it run at 24 frames? You ain’t gonna run a game at 24 frames? Like push it in that the new CP it won’t ya it would be minimum 30 Absolutely, no saying unless we’re in that instant where you know how we had that issue with the X whereas like GPU or framerate Problems. Yeah shit, and now both let’s we’re running into that territory again, which I hope not where they prioritize You know, I’m seeing graphics over performance. I don’t want to see that shit really Somebody’s gonna do it. I guarantee someone’s going to choose graphics over performance You know cuz because at the end of the day yeah majority of console gamers Play at 30 they’re used to that There’s only a few games. Where a console gamer Will not play below 60 and that’s like Call of Duty they could tell the difference right and sport games Mm sports games like Madden, you can’t play Madden at 30. That’s just not possible It’s fucking terrible when I play no it is it is a miserable experience You can’t clearly know something’s wrong when man is not running at LOC 60 You know or or NBA 2k is not at like 60. It’s a miserable experience So there’s some games by other games, you know, like got a war even Gears People will play it at 30 even some racing games people play at 30 like drag Club drag Club was 30, right? Yeah. Yeah I was 30. Yeah motorstorm was dirty, you know Fighters have to be 60 That’s another one. Yeah night at five. Yeah. Yeah, you know Just connection do I know like we I’m just going for the new shit, you know Loading time really that’s that’s that’s really my that’s really when I’m looking forward to it Now the the the T flops and the graphics it is come to games are gonna look good But I but you know what that is to go back to no longer having loading screens like, you know You just you just play the game and man you don’t fall out right fall out like I love playing fall all right, except for Fallout 36 like that game, but like regulars fall out or or

Skyrim, you know Elder Scrolls when you go inside a house loading when you leave the house loading like everywhere you go in a cave Loading I just want to go in the house bust it open Just walk in and walk right out like in and out in and out in and out Like you don’t say he’s going had a problem into a glitch around The framerate yeah Like I want that completely like I want that completely eliminated, you know, no more loading Yeah like if I hit fast travel boom right there instant now you hit fast traveling man you go for a loading screen and Then you see this little bar and it just fills and you’re like ah shit for that should have just walked, you know Just like instant. Boom. You’re there instantly, you know and supposedly these are SSDs Because they’re loading faster. They’ve rendered the game computer. So yeah. Yeah, they render the game faster, which means the character can move like like I guess I didn’t even realize I didn’t know but apparently the speed of characters is Limited – which makes sense, but you never really think about it The speed of characters is limited to how fast the game can render so characters can only move so fast within the game so when they showed You guys probably saw at the leak of video or spider-man and Yashoda side-by-side now only didn’t know faster But you see him swing through a city and a much incredible faster of rate than the PlayStation 4 pro version Simply because the more natural man. Yeah the knife that he does. We’re like it goes slow when he goes for the swing Yeah, I’ve had that no more. It was like super fast. Yeah. Yeah, everything’s never right. There’s gonna play in the two Parties when we dope. Oh man, you know I’m saying so imagine games like, you know Madden imagine racing games You know for those that enjoy it where the car is no longer limited by the render in the game Imagine the sense of speed that these cars are gonna have you know that they’re able to move faster in these worlds That’s that’s that’s the real stuff of next gen. It’s those little things, you know, that’s that’s gonna be whatever. Alright because Everybody had a taste, you know if you’re on PC or Xbox one eggs Everybody had a taste of 4k And 4k graphics and guess why? It wasn’t really that big of a deal because it’s still the same game Replay Mass Effect Andromeda On PC in 1080p resolution, but high and ultra graphics It’s it’s it’s phenomenal the graphic difference between these consoles and the PC So but now you’re right resolution wise because they that ready a game was 4k Yeah, but but even why is that? He said it was? You know, so it’s at the way you see but the resolution wise that you’re right we’re getting the same resolution You ain’t get the same graphics. I can just somebody new the new PC game. It’s totally different You know, they’re not making to scuse us I hope somebody’s not doing this make you simple one, you know, I don’t want more powerful in the market That’s a terrible idea than fucking undercover. Yeah this to school is a terrible idea. It’s a terrible idea if Sony does that I don’t think I don’t think Microsoft Should do that and I don’t think I mean apparently they are with the la carte, right? yeah, but I don’t think Sony should do that, you know you focus on one console and you just focus on Manufacturing the console and get it down to cheaper prices year over year. That’s it. Yes, you know, that’s it That’s what you got to do Because at the end of day, that’s this whole everybody compares Not everybody but there are people comparing consoles was phone which to me is the stupidest comparison ever. It’s the dumbest comparison The tool the tool or pieces of devices are completely different in terms of expectations for people Nobody buys an iPhone year-over-year to get a better performing Twitter App. Nobody does that that’s not really what it is In fact, most of the time the improvements are more physical and visual than it is what you get out of it like nobody says oh I can’t wait for a next-generation iPhone to see how snapchat runs like no one does that Most these people look more like at the physical form how big it is how the screen loads I was designed Oh, yeah, I want the new phone, you know when they do different models, right? Sure The high-end models have different specs but most of the people buying it ain’t really cause of the specs It’s because of the screen size, you know, like if you get our iPhone X that is this big But if you get the XR it’s seven inches, but if you get the XR plus is eight and a half inches That’s what they’re looking for That’s how you can tell the difference between the three devices is the screen size people primarily based their purchase on the phones based on the screen size they want if they want the biggest phone possible because they want the Bigger screen then they’re gonna get you know, iPhone 11 XR plus or whatever. The fuck model is. It’s more screen size

You know, it’s not it’s not performance. I promise you no one is looking for next generation Twitter No one no one that no one is no one’s talking about how well the apps run You know I’m saying it’s the same shit people buy a new phone year over year and they’re doing the same Exact thing they go on Twitter make a stupid pose Take a picture of their dick or declared and they upload it and there you go. Same shit. Same messenger same Facebook It’s not you know, but we’re gaming we want to see huge there Frances, you know saying from one generation to another okay? It’s not just about the size of the council – look. It’s the games themselves And what developers can do with the hardware right if you release to schools, right? One with let’s say 40 flops and one with 12 t5 sighs. We’ll use the Xbox. For example, what’s the point of the 40 flop? Like what is this supposed to do for next-generation gaming? you know people say well it’s a cheap lower entry model said then why not just leave the Xbox one X alone and Keep selling that Right, like what is what is the Lockhart supposed to do that? The 1x is not doing you know, they’re like, oh it’s better hardware But it’s targeted for 1080p 1440p though, but the X does 4k You know like poke at the X do that – can’t they like upgrade a or Do a software update to allow 1440p. Why not? But That’s why it don’t make sense You know when people when people want next generation platform, they should be when you start it out a standard, right? We release to different schools with two different standards. What message are you sending? Like what are you trying to say? That’s what you’re kind of Say it’s kind you divide it miss like hey, this is for you No, I’m saying for those top tier guys wanting to spend money versus this one just to get you an e ecosystem They do a la carte and they say in ATP 1440p 60 frames and high graphics settings that will sell I think that will outsell b-series if you got a pair of the But it’s that will sell because 1440p 60 high graphics settings is Really good. I’m really really people got a really take a look, especially if you’re on the PC Know you’ve seen games in 1440p 60 with HDR or they could say Dobby was adobe vision We’ve got about that people bragging about that. Nobody talks about they’ll be vision anymore III knew was it their new thing is called 3d. Audio Marinella marks ring. Yeah a game like you’re about to get that Resident Evil game that will be phenomenal because you’d have directional hearing versus just Everything mean at the same time, that’s what they were going for. But can you imagine like plain gays gone actually? Hear the direction that that board is coming from so you can take that stupid radar thing you have Okay Because technically headsets they’re surround sound is actually virtual. It’s not real surround sound, correct? it’s virtual was kind of like meet up right like head says don’t actually have 7.1 surround sound or five points around sonic are like an actual authentic home theater system does It’s more like virtualized, right? So maybe Sony’s trying to actually bring true virtual surround 3d audio surround sound to Headsets, you know, and I would imagine You scared these new controller patents, you know, you see the new patent for it Came kind of weird cuz I’m wondering they’re gonna try and go into that realm welded down Like what Microsoft’s doing with controllers with the rooster. So I mean in me just a super technically the Raven flow Thank you for the super chat. He says all Sony has to do is take a loss and match the price of Lockhart By mid-june, they could release or Pro and blow out the series acts So what I agree why I agree. So here’s the thing. I Get it, you know, we talked console war, you know, we talked, you know these products But I don’t think you so much what? Microsoft does is what Sony does with their own product? You know the the ball the ball is in their court on how they want to present the PlayStation 5

And how successful on the playstation 5 is right Ultimately comes out to Ultimately every console right? That’s successful usually comes down to these fine things You know a decent price point for what’s considered for that era of gaming, right? Power That’s good enough for the industry to accept right? You don’t have to have the most powerful platform Just as long as you’re able to fill what third parties want and watch your old first party one in a gaming platform That’s the key. You don’t have to be the most powerful. But what you gotta have is enough to make the industry happy That’s the key as long as the third party is happy with what you provided them meaning. Yep You have enough power you got great tools. It’s easy to develop for We can fuck with this Good job. That’s that’s all they really care about sure. You give them more power They’re gonna be happy just as long as you don’t make them unhappy with what you presented, you know like if you be like a this is a place 65 it got 2.2 t flops of power and they look at you like What the fuck right what you know, that’s that’s when you know You’re in trouble, but when third parties like a this is a good counsel. We’re happy, you know and like on for example gearbox the developer golf all they have positive reviews now they have PlayStation fight their kids they have it. They announced their game for ps4 PC and ps4 only and You hear their voice? They say it’s a powerful platform. They are happy with what they got That’s all that matters When developers get their hands on these dev kits and stuff as long as they are happy with what they’re getting With the tool sets and all that That’s all that matters, you know And then finally is this is possibly one of the most important aspects is market penetration, right? You could be the most powerful council in the world but if your councils not selling like your competitor the third party will favor the higher selling console because at the end of the day 12t 515 tree flops 19t flops is not what makes them funny What makes the money is how many copies of the games are sold on that platform? The king of the council is the one that sells the most games. It’s always been that way It will always be that way you know and third party favors the console that sells the most because that’s where they know they’re gonna get most of their money from Right. So when you have a console that sells the most and the company that makes it says a Third party company we like that game. We want that time. There’s clues on this platform or we want exclusive to our platform or Make exclusive DLC and stuff for our platform these companies form often and not say yes Because you have the higher selling console our games so better in your counsel we will cater to your audience more than everybody else because you guys make us the most money and That’s just our day and we’ve seen that this gen Sony goes to a lot of these companies and they either get time exclusive content or content That’s just exclusive to them period aka destiny You know or games that launch first on PlayStation and then everybody else is like what the hell? Why is this not coming to Xbox? Why is this not coming to PC is because the council leader Has that pool because they sell the most games You know, so so Sony right for the successful playstation 5 provide a Council of decent hardware our price point that they think is acceptable to the market, right and Try to cater and this is the most important part cater to the people who are buying your council. I Promise you this I don’t care What from boys out there? No one is buying a next generation console and Asking the question, but is this still support it on PlayStation 4 because if it not I’m not buying a place that survived What this game to work in a procedure for up. That’s the deal-breaker I’m not getting a PlayStation 5 until you make this game for four. I’m not buying the five You don’t say no one is doing that. I promise you Forgetting that we had the same conversation at the start of this gen with ps4 more That one is all ps3 games won’t work on ps4 See different architecture. So obviously you’re going to get a new game here buying the ps4 for new games So obviously that’s trend will continue for ps5. But yes, you had the option for bags about ability because of the market Yeah, so I don’t understand we talked about like that while ago I said by default the fact that is x86. That’s how Auto backwards-compatibility that’s why backwards compatible with 20 plus years of gaming because of the architecture like that’s not the only thing that’s in question is before Ps4 are they gonna be able to make peers three two, and one backwards compatible one and two highly likely

Because the PS 5 will be very powerful to emulate these games Threes the one that’s the real question because that cell processor even for high-end pcs It is a bitch to emulate is just such a unique CPU. It fucked everything up so really I think 201 has a better chance and good odds of also being backwards compatible at least in the sense of Being able to play the digital games I don’t know if you’re gonna be able to take your PlayStation 2 on one disc and then read it off the disc I think I’m best Best-case scenario, if they put that this game, it could recognize it But you still have to digitally download the game and install it and then the disc will be a license, you know It would just it would just recognize you own the game, but you’re not really running it off the disk It just knows. Ok. This is you know Metal Gear Solid 1 ok download it and you could play it but You always have to have the disc inserted in order to play the game, you know what I mean? Yes, I don’t think they’re gonna be able to put that into the soft form Yeah, I’ll be a little extra like them have it on the store. Yeah Maybe obviously the only serves I could see that happen with this PlayStation now cuz that makes sense That’s your other options dreaming. But as far as the native like you downloading the street just from the story now I don’t I don’t think that’s gonna happen if it does happen. It might be later Yeah, I’m saying down the road where they build upon it, but there were they were seizing legacy backwards compatibility They’ve been doing that for a minute I’m not sure if they found a way to make this work and they did did now be another big Selling point one thing they keep doing and it keeps blowing me the fuck where it’s my C insomniac post about this game resistors falling man keeps getting tweeted everywhere like every time with Do you think they’re gonna all backwards compatibility that’ll be huge? Yeah So I could be one of the TM stays a 50-50 split With them showing all the resistance games yammering over like tweets from them or or or remaster or rebate Yeah remake any rebooting it for psy before we make a big thing. Yeah for we make I be sick The first one was very engaging the way the story to was towed and like the black-and-white style with the narrator if they did a fool if they did a full remake of all three games, I think that would be I Think people will rock with that. I think people would you know a full remake not just a remaster but a full remake I think people might be cool with that Hell, yeah, redesign chimera new shooting mechanics more blood effects and shit like that. I thought that was sell Sold the rumors like what PlayStation 519 flops nine point nine nine point two no Hardware ray-tracing he lost funny because I was arguing with With the batch, right? So yeah Yeah, so my guess or my Twitter right if you if you are yo Dutch at yo My mama she is my she is gold on Twitter. So if video came out With from a comment saying that there you know twenty atti is more powerful than the next-gen consoles, right? Yeah, and then I put like old shit, you know I’m saying I’m like and and and to be honest I believe it right like to me. It’s kind of like a no-brainer because like the GPUs like wow $1500 or some shit and I not naive not even overclocked. Yeah, not even overclocked. It’s like eleven to twelve hundred right and That’s just a standalone GPU. How counsel was not gonna cost $1200, right? Host is Microsoft dares to go that route $600 but that also includes the cost of the CPU the power supply the controller The hard drive the motherboard it encompasses everything. You know that You know encompasses everything everything that the box included is all encased in one unit CPU GPU Ram hard drive next generation controller HDMI cable power supply all that shit All of that is it isn’t closed for $600 at most? Wow then video 2880 Ti is just a GPU is that’s it and that by yourself and even you know Obviously they’re making profit off it but at $1,100 – it’s really expensive, you know So so it’s just it just makes sense that the 20 80 I is gonna be more powerful than a complete Encased device that includes everything out of the box, you know sound insane So I’m thinking so I put it up on whatever and then of course the e batch comes. Oh You know in videos frauding whatever how do they know? They don’t know nothing about AMD GPUs?

They have no clue and I’m thinking who the fuck up if a multi-billion dollar company with people who graduated from MIT and all these top Colleges and universities that deals with engineering and they spend their lives actually From the sketch the blueprint all the way to assembly creating GPUs and Ektron devices if They don’t know what’s going on then. How about fuck those a youtuber know? Like this new preachers not a bus backs all year long. So how the fuck does advance other hit the how the hell? Does he know? What Sony has well so he makes videos Microsoft got tech Sony won’t have in the PlayStation 5 How the fuck do you know? If a video don’t know like that’s what I’m saying, and that’s what and he didn’t get the point Like how the fuck do you know what’s going on? how do you know what teraflops what specs what technologies are these companies are doing yet the Billion-dollar company that’s in the same industry that buys the parts from the same sub manufacturers You know AMD does, you know cuz everything gets fabricated in Taiwan, right? They know all those people there. They have dinner with all these guys, right they have the actual technicians and developers and stuff that Manufacture the stuff they they they employ the people that take pen and paper and actually sketch Everything out and they go in and crunch the numbers mathematically They do all the events math to build these stuff. They have all the people That that works and been working this industry for decades how do they not know but yo ass knows oh this Shitty billion dollar company they have no idea what’s going on. What? He was on there bitch Cuz I got to show the world Say, you know I am I’m your only friendlies you two streets. I Gotta make sure facts are shown across the board my mandrew ham. Thank you for the super chat I love that you support the channel man. You’ve been down for good grip and I appreciate you cut stopping by right? But here’s my thing. Let’s let us be honest. This is how this whole insider shit goes, right which is pointless a Rumor comes out by Microsoft is absolutely true. Yeah, it looks like it’s happening Yeah, a rumor comes about Sony always bullshit. Nobody knows and video says something. Oh, it’s bullshit. Nobody knows microsoft says something Yep, absolutely. True. Get the fuck out with this bullshit like get the fuck out like I’m not listening to any aaaah You know I’m saying is this this this is even worse than going through the Scorpio bullshit Like it’s fucking absolutely bananas and shit like that, you know sterols saying is that salutely insane? You know The software actually is Outperforming the GTN that’s that’s the big deal about this is outperforming it with less power less Computation power less transistor power and it’s cooler because the Vegas systems would get hot. Yeah I mean we can get smoking hot but now they don’t do that with the Navi. They don’t get it and they’re outperforming that’s why I showed that with PC benchmarks, which is a website that Everybody can go to and for some reason even though the Vegas 64 is at 13 point 60 o’clock our thirteen point four It’s being outperformed by the 5700 XT which is it doesn’t have Flaws. So how is that possible?

well, it’s because the performance is better Navi and Lisa sue said this last year at the C-4 outperform in our own GC. Yeah. So here’s the number here’s The thing so with that that that Must be honest. That’s that’s that’s that’s That’s technology that needed to happen, right? At a certain point you just can’t put more powers more power more power and yet absorb more power from the power supply water because I could say you’ve run into heating problems so somebody Excuse me. Somebody has to create a more efficient architecture, right? And that’s what really? that’s really what our DNA is sums it up right a much more efficient architecture that can perform just as good or better than The counterpart GCN at lower power consumption at lest he flops It does more purty flop as compared to the gcn counterpart, right? And all of that is fine, you know Okay, all of that is fine My main thing is none of that matters Unless the developers take advantage of all that power to make incredible games So that’s ultimately that that’s ultimately what matters you know You know, look at this Jen, I’ll take a 1.80 flop PlayStation 4 xbox one x16 flop because the PlayStation 4 please got a war while the Xbox 1x plays C a DS or crackdown Yeah, it just doesn’t matter the tea flop the tea flops are just tools You need the artist you know, it really comes down to you know, raw power does not make up for Average to above-average talent, you know a developer with amazing talent best in the business Aka and for example Naughty Dog With good hardware will always our class an average developer with the very best hardware You know, I mean look at look at digital foundry, one of the digital foundry judges crowned, you know in his opinion. They’re stranding as best graphics for 2019 now once you think about that, that’s you know, that’s Kojima, right and The games only available. I’m no playstation you know consoles so the most he could have if they were talking about the best-looking version then it’s obviously just the probe which is 4.2 t flops. It’s not the PC version cuz the PC versions not out there talking about that version, right? He did it on an engine. He only had access to starting in 2016 So it wasn’t like he was used to the engine or he used it for it was the first time he ever used it Right, he made some tweaks. He learned he created a game from the ground up that originally started in his head in 2016 and here we are three years later And did your family says much graphics compared that to Gears of War 5? – where coalition was built specifically to make Gears five games, right? They made Gears full already. So they already had the groundwork on Xbox one They were provided a more powerful Xbox one with 16 flops of power and He still got trumped by Kojima with 4.2 tee flops Though art is one in turn. Now, of course we could argue which which game is better. I mean, that’s a totally different subject We’re talking about the technical, you know aspect in graphics of the game Yes, you’re saying An amazing developer with skills will always trump it with good hardware will always trump an average developer or Above-average developer with the best hardware. Yeah Nitin bankar That’s always been the case I know a lot of people were trying to compare God fall Which is not a first party at all No, it’s gearbox help live scenes and I’m like listen, I did what y’all trying to do But this is why I said to the video for I said This is a good of representation of what third party games school of like us bro. It’s a third party dev It’s not from the in-house first party studios What the first party to do is you’re gonna get all Assets used and they’re gonna try their best to crank it so much juice out of it at all but one thing I did see them I was an article they did say that this was the easiest game they ever poured it to a console period you know ever made for so that’s Immediately put awesome green. Well plus some you know some interesting points for nation as well development is going to be very fast for games a lot of games a lot of years a lot of Those article Yoshida said that conversations he had with the developers They’re saying that this is even much easier than the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 was already easy

PlayStation 4 was the easiest PlayStation any developer has ever worked on across indie developers picture play developers The oil industry said that Sony created an amazing easy platform Now they made one that’s even easier and that’s what’s important Wow is this comfortable for the developer to take advantage of you know saying because at the end of the day You could break out the numbers and you can say this t fluffers. Is this t flop? but if it doesn’t translate into the games that you get Just like this gen. It doesn’t matter like the xbox one acts to me. It failed on what they were supposed to do Because there was no game look what? How you look at like my lead every time I come back oh, there’s so many things people are trying to push for that Damn system, for example the power there. Yeah, okay Sure, everyone the power narrative like, you know, some third-party games did get enhancements But even with that shit all of us can argue it didn’t do shit It was like wasted our Indian the sad part about X. It was treated like the way we’re treating the xbox Series X right now, right? It was realize if it was a new fucking system That’s gonna start a new gen type of thing right shit. Yeah. So many people were saying the Beast is coming all that might guys I’m glad you brought that Come on yo, I’m glad you brought that up. Right because I remember like now, right? the conversation that Microsoft still gonna support Xbox one and people like oh, that’s okay. Cuz the scales yada yada. That’s not a problem. I specifically remember These gamers the same gamers when Xbox 1x was announced they wanted Xbox 1x exclusives Because that’s what they pay for they pay for Xbox one X They want they don’t care about Xbox one s it’s not their problem They upgraded they want the games exclusively to take advantage Xbox one X because that’s what they pay for right Obviously it never happened because it’s Xbox one family. So how do we go from that – an actual next-generation? Console that’s supposed to have its own games. It’s okay That it doesn’t that they could still support on Xbox one s and Xbox one X that shit both my mind and it blows my mind It’s more gamepad, like more people are invested just in games. That’s really what it is. It has none of those. This is gamepad That’s what it is. That’s that’s that’s that’s let’s call the bullshit The console that Microsoft is selling is actually game pass. That is what they’re selling. That is the council That’s what it is that’s not bullshit each other, okay the reason why Microsoft is supporting the other platforms is not because what we gotta think of know is because they’re gonna put these games on game pass and they don’t want a situation where somebody Subscribes to game pass, but they notice they’re unable to play certain games You know, that’s what it is. Imagine. Imagine if you buy if you have a xbox, you buy an xbox one X, right? Yo, and you pay your monthly subscription for game pass? But you notice some games don’t work because you need a different console They’re not gonna respond to okay fine. I’ll buy I’ll buy a new console No, they’re gonna be like well fuck the service imagine subscribing to Netflix, but it doesn’t but certain movies don’t work on certain TVs The answer isn’t alright. Imma just buy another TV. They’re just gonna stop watching Netflix Yeah, that’s that’s that’s the reality That’s like, you know It’s how okay now more people are talking about cyberpunk with the possibility of it going to game fest Like is a big thing and yet I’ll be a bad thing. Okay? Third-party games might more and more more likely more therapeutics will be on game paths but the thing about shot you need to understand is this they’re not gonna permanently stay there unless That monthly fee. Yeah goes up It’s not going to see Ten dollars forever that’s just gonna busy going to the 30 so eventually where you’re paying $60. Yeah, like you’re paying for sin and Xbox Live, you know, it’s just gonna go up to 60 I had that feeling I just I feel like it’s wham cuz think about they’re already pushing the narrative right now What was it like 17 dollars a month. Will you get Xbox Live Gold Plus it yeah It had next-generation

Stuff put on there. That’s according to Zach. So people need to realize that even though gears 5 Next-generation stuff he did not according to them that strandings still the better-looking yet. You know the best no You know, so and that to means the bigger blow Anything else? I mean this whole thing with the rumors It just goes to show you how salt these guys are because if they don’t talk about the games that are coming down Which that’s what we do, we’re gamers. They’re talking about Hardware cuz they got no games to talk about Let’s talk about games that machine. Marijuana Lucas play brought up a good point. Yeah. I remember the parity bullshit with Club G Oh my god. Yeah Yeah, they were pissed that the xbox one X version wasn’t running at 60 frames they do back Drop all the way to 10 now CEO. What is this? Loading screen they drop you off in the frames drop even less like when they’re dropping players off in the plane Yeah, Louis drop-offs. It drops even lower and then we hide the report I think it was like a few it was like three months later or two months later bit merciful mobile and it was running better on mobile than Comes across all platforms Prasanna queer phones and stuff I think well, yeah, but I mean cross play like if you give it on xbox and your friend has it on PlayStation, I think so I haven’t upon a game like But you think with Playstation like like like I’m glad we bought up down for right cuz gal fall to me You know the game is oh, there’s gonna be a looter slasher. So it might be interesting my map, right? You see the gameplay on Twitter? know Yeah, like sex a game played they were showing the Dodge mechanic nice But the interesting thing about this game is and this is what people in LA and I imagined this on Twitter But I don’t think people got the hint. So I’m glad I’m doing this live It is Day one only available on PS 5 and PC, right? So now in a conversation about war of ecosystems where next game yeah they one day one is only I didn’t say yeah day one is gonna launch on PlayStation five and PC they want Now it could be timed. It couldn’t later come out on Xbox and PlayStation 4 and Xbox one You know, they might announce it later on but for day one, you know, it could be a timed exclusive You know, I’m not saying that is guaranteed to be permanent. Screw Civ but for day one when the game comes out, you don’t have to have a PC or Playstation 5 to plan it right whatever happens after Hey, you know want to be a second-class gamer and your second-class gamer and wait but if you want to play this game day one, there’s two choices to do this on pc or playstation 5 right now the significant thing about that is this if people are saying that sony is heading towards They’re no longer that it did. No, not the real turbo now supports third party, but They’re gonna fight they’re gonna do what Microsoft is doing and fight the battleground of ecosystems and not the traditional Console my question is how does this how does locking now a game? Because again notice I said PS 5 and PC This game will not be available on PlayStation 4 day one so how does locking this game out of the largest segment of your ecosystem Something that it’s the Battle of the ecosystem Except unless unless so right Unless unless Sony’s not actually fighting the Battle of ecosystem because if Sonia was actually fighting a battle of ecosystem for next gen Then this game would be available day one Hi, I’m PS 5 PlayStation 4 and PS now cuz that’s the ecosystem. That’s PlayStation ecosystem right that’s suppose the six years this June right six years close to seven years before but First the the launching the PS. Yeah So yeah, you get right now Sony if we’re talking about ecosystems right then Sony’s Strongest arm of the ecosystem is the PlayStation 4 100 million. Yes console sold ninety plus million active users that is the primary center of the PlayStation ecosystem right with Eventually the PS 5 growing and then depending on how Sony advertises PS now Another form of growth for the ecosystem, but the strongest arm is by far

PlayStation 4 so how does not putting games on the PlayStation 4 make sense if It’s the Battle of ecosystems it does it. That’s what they’re saying. Are they talking about software? Yes services. They’re saying that Oh Sony made more money This gen based services alone, but I’m like no y’all missing one vital key to that argument That’s because the PS plus is required That’s it. Yes PlayStation now because we’ve talked about this a long time. We PlayStation now was the number one streaming? Yeah Supposedly and I was like, yeah, that is true. But again, it was just a Yeah Trump cheese bread to play as now PS are a PlayStation Uh PS plus PS PS plus is the requirement pure, you know, just to access and that’s what they’re doing So again, I don’t understand why dudes you’re taking that and flipping that at all in to you like they’re going through a party yeah, and When it comes to them going through their party again Why would they go a third party when they’ve already told you their main plan to sell hardware? Their metrics are straight off a hardware. The reason why Microsoft’s go software is good They changed their whole business. Remember, they don’t care about hardware sales in it’s about Soloff for growth. Remember that your whole gnat ryx? That’s all about now. They’re not caring about hard and it’s like Sony’s like all about selling artwork That’s their main profit is PS PlayStation. So it’s not so much the hardware itself. Here’s the thing. So I Present you Gentleman before and everybody in the chat. We’re gonna we’re gonna do a tale of two Publishers right? I’m gonna compare Sony and Activision well compared them two together, right? I think it’s safe to say and if you gentlemen disagreed then please realm state your claim pound for pound Activision right on the games they publish They sell more games compared to Sony’s first party than the games. They publish would you guys agree? That’s yeah, that’s name. Would anybody disagree? Craig are you there? No, do you agree or disagree with that statement? What’s your view that powerful that powerful pound Activision? Why Activision publishes, they sell more games? Than Sony’s first party Powerful pound when you look at call of duty overwatch Blizzard falls on the dumb. So now you’re talking about the Warcraft They have a would we agree? They also have I mean help Call of Duty sells 20 plus million every single year or 20 plus Yes, easier everything right? And of course, yeah Salty knits. Yeah. Well, I think I think a bad year for Call of Duty’s like 17 million like seven Yeah, that’s like a bad year. That’s like man we Nobody’s playing this shit like what you know, alright because yeah You know You know in your launch month when you take over as the number one selling game of the year the day you launch Yes, you’re selling a lot, right? Is it also safe to say? Activision has a much better system of game as a service meaning, you know selling DLC selling money transaction would we agree that Activision has a much robust system of microtransactions them Sony Cassone doesn’t have a severe or manipulative then I’m Not talking about manipulative. I’m talking about just raw money Just money. Yeah, because Sony sorry sony. Sony doesn’t have a lot I mean they have a mobi which is a money transaction I think GT sport maybe yeah Yeah, what other game do they really have that would pull a lot of? Coin first party I’m talking about Yeah, kind of worrying that type of game even Uncharted is not huge on money transactions yeah, like they don’t really have I think they’ll Moby might be their biggest because of the the stops that They have as money transaction, you know that’s about it which is similar to like two K’s VC points That’s probably the most events. So I think Activision powerful pound when it comes to money transaction They also have and we have water or craft has a monthly subscription so that alone How much did um? Gt5 do on the microfiche But I say all that to say this I say that told say this right and this is my point Yeah, so Activision again, we all agree pound for pound. They sell more games than Sony’s first point, right? Yep yet?

When you look at 2018 and the reason why I use 2018 is because that’s the only one we have where we have a full fiscal year tabulated 2019 fiscal years not tabulated It won’t be tabulated to the end of March cuz um fiscal year 19 goes all the way out to March 2020, right? Fiscal year 20 begins April of 2020, right? So we don’t have 2019 numbers yet because it’s not over right but we have 2018 in 2018 Sony generated, right? sixteen billion dollars in software snows specifically Soros knows You know Activision again the company that pound-for-pound sells more games than Sony generated seven point seven billion Sony made nine billion dollars more in software sells now This is not PSN plus because that doesn’t count as software. So that’s a subscription service subscription. Yes description Software sells is the cells of games and money transactions behind intellectual property. Yes and stuff like that anything behind the games, right? How did Sony make nine billion dollars more than the company that sells more games at them? What into the library? No, not a library again Activision sells more games So what is Sony doing that they made nine billion dollars more in software cells than Activision what the Sony have that activision doesn’t have and It’s obvious answers in front of your faces. It’s that and this is the thing most gamers don’t realize this What is it that Sony has that they’re able to make sixteen billion dollars? that Activision doesn’t have Even though activator sells more games. What is it? the answer I’m gonna give you a chance you need you know what it is. Right? I thought I said I almost say console That’s hard way like no, how about you get how about you Craig do you think you know what it is? It’s a riddle, right? It’s a weird riddle. Like how about fuck? No, Sony makes 16 billion dollars of software cells, but yet fucking Activision sells more games. What is it? No, no, this was software so no no, yeah Separating. It’s like this is 16 billion dollars the answer third party royalty fees Yeah, see that’s that that’s that’s the money. It’s not the seller spider-man when call of duty sells Sony makes money and Activision makes money right but when battlefield Sony makes money by Activision doesn’t because it’s not their game and they don’t so battlefield It’s not their game. Yeah, that’s EA’s game when Madden sells Sony makes money when rocks to ourselves Sony makes money Sony makes money When everybody else sells their games to Sony’s Hardware it is everybody keeps saying so you make money first party It isn’t the first party Sony’s concerned about if that was the case. They would have never made hardware in the first place You don’t need to build your own hardware to sell your own games You can sell your own games on other platforms and you could just do I act the vision does you don’t sound the same? Just make the games and sell them You don’t need to invest billions in your own hardware to sell spider-man Spider-man would sell on Xbox it would sell on Nintendo and it was on PC Sony wants the money from third party it is so huge that even without games That they don’t have that sounds twenty million year over year They still make more money than Activision in software sells they make more money than you agent because their software illipe That’s the thing people have to understand Sony’s not looking to make more money if their first party they’re looking to make more money or for third party He who controls third party is King? When man in sales months a month sony says thank you when rock star sells months a month Thank you when you know right now, I think in November MPD both Call of Duty’s were in the top 20 Back up for and mountain warfare Sony says thank you, but they can only say thank you if you buy the games through their Platform it has to be if you if you don’t yeah Yeah, if you don’t buy it through their hardware, they see no revenue right now with that said No matter what you do on PC. You could create game paths. You could create PS now you could do all this

PC will never be a company a console manufacturers ecosystem. No matter what they do That ecosystem is unruly It has no laws PC gamers on that motherfucker lock in stock. They come date totally on that platform There is nothing Sony or Microsoft can do it is what it is. You know what I’m saying? That’s why Microsoft they provide xbox live for free to PC gamers Absolutely free But yet on their own Council that they own you can’t even play fortnight for free I’m not bullshit. I’m not doing this tant agonize anybody Right, but when people say oh, no, you know PCs are Microsoft platform Oh, really? Then how come they have to provide Xbox Live for free to PC gamers? But on their console Xbox gamers can’t even play fortnight, which is a free-to-play The game is designed to be played for free It’s because one platform Belongs to gamers PC gamers and one platform is owned by Microsoft. It’s same thing with PlayStation Sony owns their console lock in stock. They do what they want But on PC they can only do so much right and when you’re trying to control third party the best bet to Get that third party cells to get that 30 percent royalty fee is through your own hardware That is where Sony makes their money It isn’t the sell a spider-man spider-man has two jobs obviously to sell to be successful But his number one job is to sell consoles because once you put that spider-man console in that gamers hands After the dump played spider-man they’re gonna want to play call of duty. They’re gonna want to play Madden. They’re gonna want cyberpunk They’re gonna want Jedi. They’re gonna want Batman. They want all these games and that’s where the real money comes in That’s when Sony’s like yeah We got him. Yo, you know Stella saying yeah That’s that’s where the money the money isn’t the sellers party man is what happens after spider-man is sold They can’t do that on PC. They could provide PC gamers. No spider-man and yes, PC gamers would buy it Yes, it will sell more and yes, um Sony will make a little bit more money, right? But if gamers decide, you know what I don’t need a Playstation I could play spider Mountain PC and they transfer the PC Yeah, they will still buy spider-man but not where they’re gonna get call of duty. They’re gonna get it from steam Jedi for the Norden steam Battlefield Steam and Sony will miss out on all that So Sony is willing to risk Less sounds of spider-man if it means they can safeguard all the third-party cells and yes for Sony third-party cells is maybe most likely even more important than their own first party cells because again, They made sixteen billion dollars Activision made seven point seven Well, obviously it’s the third party that nine billion dollar difference is third party? That’s why that’s why that’s why I put Sony over the top. It’s third party It’s your own saying and yeah, you’re right, correct You see all these. I’m battling you see one saying it’s the Battle of third party now Microsoft. I’ma tell you Microsoft They know they lost our battle They don’t lost a battle. They can’t beat Sony As the king of consoles and get the most third party cells. So what Microsoft is doing, they’re really slick They’re like, hey, this will do we’re gonna put our games on every platform, right? Sure, we’re gonna put halo on Steam and everybody’s like, oh is consumer friendly. Good job, Microsoft Now I could just play my games on PC. I don’t need an Xbox console and Microsoft is cool. Yeah Yeah, you know buy Halo Reach buy it. They’re partying Steam, but we just want to let you know We’re gonna put game pass on PC to know just in case if you like it you like it, right? So PC gamers, like alright, cool 7000 months another month, let me buy You know, let me subscribe to a PC right? Let me screw Fri it’s a game pass then all sudden you see Devil May Cry on there you see The Witcher 3 Little by little you start seeing some decent big third-party games on it after a while and it’s going to happen right Especially if you bought that will make cry right on PC and then five months later goes on game pass You might say to yourself. Well fuck if I would have fucking waited I could have already been playing this on game pass. You know what? I’m not gonna buy games. They won no more. I’ma wait Until it gets on game pass You know unless it’s like a super big game like a really really big game that you have to play

They work like a rock star game chances are that’s not gonna be on game pass or Call of Duty You know, but let’s say like, you know, let’s see like like the sound route 3 comes out You might not buy that day 1 no more. You might be like, you know what? This might be a game pass game I’m away. Well, guess what Microsoft just did They control third party via their game pass That’s what they’re doing. They’re Not slick. I mean they’re slick. I see what they’re doing. They’re trying to gain third-party control to a subscription service You see that a lot. You see a lot of games. A lot of gamers are now saying, you know, they’re not buying games They want no more only certain games because they’re waiting for it to be on game pass yeah game pass is Microsoft’s way of gaining back third-party control That’s just a reality That’s the concerts not even probably No, it’s not then mines micro exactly Microsoft transferred the responsibility of the council trying to control third party to now or Subscription services to control third party if they could convince PC gamers not to buy games on Steam Because the PC gamers want to wait for game passes, they’re paint another month that’s controlling third party That is how Microsoft wants it’s all about the third party my man Lionel be welcome back. Thank you Yeah team is one this one. Okay. Let me see who’s up there also Sylvia layman, thank you so much Appreciate the 2002 pitch at we didn’t have a question. But of course, I appreciate the support Thank you so much. You’ve got, you know, awesome. And of course Lionel be Super chat line OB says Puerto Rock You have to also add if these council manufactures are putting their games on PC. They’re making PC more pinning So more people eventually end up on PC. That is the truth, right? That’s right. If you look out Sony’s doing right? They’re not putting their top games. They want on PS now Right and the games that they are putting that are older, you know, like horizon zero dawn. You got a limited time to play and Then they pull it out. I got a warm You still like it’s like Anna greatest hit we have you seen this back in. Yes to June I remember back when the ps2 when we had greatest sessions where the games would be super cheap But they also have done ridiculously. Well, that’s what you’re basically seeing with PlayStation Now that’s their way of incorporating the greatest collection. But what’s crazy is its temporary? Oh, it’s temporary He’s not even permanent like for example So for let’s say got a war you have one two Three four or five five more days to play it if you haven’t played on pc via PS now you got five more days Because after that is gone Yeah, that’s not that to me doesn’t sound like a companies who strategy is to support these games they want on PS now That doesn’t make sense. Let’s see it who like a different version of the description like for something. Did they change the tears? No, they made it cheaper. You bought this – you know, they made it you like a different team. I’m telling you exactly Tiffany go. Hey guys these stay Wonder if you buy this if you look at Slater if you look at stadia hardly anybody’s on that thing Nobody’s really said nobody’s really Support. Yeah, that’s that’s fucking that’s very pretty something else. They’re saying what’s hilarious is Nobody’s really that interested in game streaming. There’s very few as a minority for you. It isn’t that big of a deal, right? What people want is dedicated hardware and see the improvements of the games via that dedicated Hardware, right? The key for Sony, right? To maintain their dominance in console gaming, right? It’s just the same old strategy again, when we go to the store and buy a Playstation five one of our questions will not be Are the game still supported on PlayStation 4 because if it’s not then I don’t want the PlayStation 5 no one’s gonna ask that You know people could say all those fanboys attitude. You’re not a gamer you’re toxic. No one gives a fuck When you’re at Walmart Best Buy or Game Stop and you’ll drop in four or five hundred dollars You don’t give a damn what some stranger’s seen in Twitter cuz they didn’t help you earn your money No one cares want random say on Twitter you care about what you’re doing or what you’re getting For the money you’re paying for right and more consumers through their personal life justify came Yes, y’all nobody noticed that they like whoa, dude, not everybody good boy. He drops He doesn’t like what was this added to you before when you were buying how many fuckin Xbox is this Jim? Yeah Yeah, you can’t you cannot tell me This much money on games Jim obese. Yeah, a lot of these gamers a lot of these gamers spent $1300 on Hardware minimum That’s not even including bundles or special editions

But with Playstation when you go in right and you got Sony and they’re telling you a we’re gonna sign you This Hardware right for this price, right? Mmm You’re gonna get games only made for this platform PlayStation 4 will no longer be supported right? It’s going to take advantage of what we provide. They’re gonna take advantage of the SSD is gonna take advantage of the controller and The game that you already own we’ll still be playable on this PlayStation fire hardware So it’s not like you have to drop or your PlayStation 4 games You can still buy PlayStation 4 games if you want and play on PlayStation 5 or your PlayStation 4 games will still works But when you buy this console know that the games is only for this console No one’s gonna have a problem with that when they buy a Playstation 5 no one’s gonna be pissed off when they buy a Playstation 5 that they’re being catered to no PlayStation 5 your Consumer will be pissed off with Sony telling them. We are making games specifically for this console We are making content explicitly for this counsel We are paying third-party to make games timed exclusive or to create ask loose of content for this council Ain’t nobody gonna be pissed at that. That’s that’s what we want to hear and people could say it’s fanboy ism Toxic we don’t give a damn if we drop in $400 $500. We want to hear that Those are good sales pitch when we sit down people tell us eh This is what you’re getting when you put a playstation 5 in a specific playstation 5 stuff. That is what we want We’re buying the playstation 5. We don’t give a damn about anything else. We don’t care about PS now. We don’t care about ps4 We don’t care about any of that stuff If I’m gonna give you for $5.00 $600 for a PlayStation 5 what am I buying and the answer isn’t? PS now day one like we don’t care about that. Like that’s that’s irrelevant to the conversation That’s the first that doesn’t mean anything to you. Yeah, actually no, I like this This is the second time this happened you think about it dudes have used a subscription service as like a selling point for a console Gamer back in ps3 what 360 Xbox Live was buried in piezo. I know was their main argument is Xbox Live Now we switch to game fast. It’s like let’s buy the fucking Constants for the fucking games take advantage zero actually buy them for if we’re not gonna get the games on this fucking system – why? – fuck you advertising the system. I get it anywhere else. I’m not gonna buy the fucking cops at some point and Guys gotten smarter. There’s gin more people haven’t jumped the PC this gen they just don’t know it Well people jump the piece I think so a lot of people have yeah. Yeah A lot of people have jumped in and test the waters life not even think whatever, you know test the waters the PC But they have jumped into it. You know me. I naturally agree to What a Content but even I couldn’t I couldn’t pass up, you know the opportunity to upgrade shit, you know Just have it capable just in case something happens I do not like but at the same time, you know, I’m not gonna say that like I’m just you know I’m this white knight no – no because there’s a lot of motherfuckers who have jumped the PC and Now I game pass again It’s cool a paper, which it sounds amazing, but it’s not the fucking god It’s not the fucking saving grace for this console like I use game pads, right? I had it for two months. I See the library Mm-hmm, right? For me to actually get the most at a game pass. I have to stop buying games day one That’s just a reality and I’m not talking about the Microsoft first-party. I’m talking about third party, right? Cuz obviously Microsoft announced all their games will be there day one. So obviously I don’t have to buy the games but their games are only gonna come out every so often right everything in the middle is Third party, right? In order for me to enjoy like for example, Devil May Cry I bought that game day one and I played it that week, right? Yeah to meet to enjoy gay pants I would have to stop buying games and see if it comes to game past so I could take advantage of the game pass He’s gonna saying but that’s not me. That’s not my lifestyle if I see a game and I want to play it I’m gonna play it that day or that week whatever and I’m gonna just go buy it If it comes on gay past six months later That doesn’t mean anything to me because I already played it and I’m not gonna go and stop buying games in Hopes that it comes to game pass so I could get the most out of game pass. That’s not my playstyle I’m not saying game pass is bad or not enjoyable for other people It’s just not enjoyable for me Because I have to change my way of how I play games that in order to maximize game Like a whim a 50-50 chance that could it pops A piece the purpose doesn’t yeah, I’m not gonna do that. I bought a console to play games I have no issues paying $60 for the games, you know

It’s not like there’s not been done before I’m not gonna change my style and habits of gaming to cater to a service So I could take full advantage right? And that’s for those other games the rest of the games I’m not playing them shit because here’s the thing. I want to tell people where ports at most which majority of the library There is so much trash on that right? And here’s the thing. Here’s the things I can replace $60 Right $60 replaceable. I could earn more money, but what I cannot earn is more time Whatever time I expand is gone, and I’m not getting it back So when I play a game right? It’s not so much the money I spent on the game. Is it worth my time to play? I’m not gonna go to Inceptive game pass to play games simply because I’m only paying 10 hours a month No, my time is more valuable than the actual cost of the games. I want to play compelling games, right I’m not gonna just sift through and play through trash or shovelware simply because I have access to it Like I don’t care if I have access to it. It’s still silverware I don’t care about that trash, you know, don’t say many fucking games are they just dirt there’s not water for it I don’t know understand how anybody hype step I don’t get it, you know like Stimson racing Yeah, if you don’t buy games, I mean, I’m not gonna knock anybody So so there could be a lot of reasons you can have maybe four five kids announced. I couldn’t stand from a parent perspective You got a bunch of kids in the house 8 9 10 years old, you know? Obviously with that many kids you can’t be buying a game each kid every two three months or every month every week I get it, you know gets expensive so you sign up for game pass and all your kids can play a whole bunch of games and you don’t give a damn if They play shovelware deal with it. You got 200 games played with something there. Got it. I completely understand from a parent family perspective Being able to have your little kids just play out And then again a lot of little kids ain’t that credit cool games, they’ll play whatever they could get to play I got that I completely understand Maybe you’re in college. He ain’t got time to spend a lot of money on games Got it, you know or maybe you got a new job you graduate college. I got it life happens. Okay I’m not in that position. I can easily afford my games. It’s just for me Came past doesn’t do anything for me. The fact that is $10 a month doesn’t mean anything McDonald’s has a value meal doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop going at steak houses It’s just how it is, you know just because McDonald’s have just because I could get a four piece McNuggets for $0.99 doesn’t mean I’m not gonna take my wife out to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, it would appear to be angered. Somebody came and allowed you guys now what game a game faster? I think you think nobody’s arguing that we don’t want game. We don’t want that shit to be the priority at all. Yes Microsoft here’s the thing Microsoft bad Let’s be realistic here back in the P estrogen what microsoft legit brought the fire that pushed only the drop nothing but just bangers Yeah, that shit the standing was there So my Arkansas had their football and Sony’s neck and they were pushed and shit out left and right that was just you know Zed yeah, it was crazy. Look we don’t have that with Microsoft the more we had this Marcus all this too nonchalant Perfect example gives. All right. Yeah user war pushed Naughty Dog to make their own third-person cover shooter And because of that and because of that we got Uncharted Exactly doggy dog courts. He wants you to come to meet their Nora. Yeah, Nora don’t want to compete with epic and They raised their bar up and because of that we got Uncharted That’s all I have Quality you get higher stand to finesse the face with the stops to flip the script fill In the beginning of the gen like in the middle of the gen told people Single play games like garage until dawn and Zelda don’t have to impact anymore But what do you see now Phil’s doing he’s getting more single play games Why? Cuz Sony’s successes single play games Phil had no choice but to add that Yeah, you know so he said oh, you know It doesn’t have the impact but look at all the things he’s doing trying to get single play games onto the platform That’s what competition does You know same old same competition does that hey Lionel bean. Thank you for the super chat He says they ain’t making no money with game pass If I was Sony, I will continue doing what they are doing and like game pass bleed X bar drive So right now Microsoft, I don’t know about their money right now, but like I said with Microsoft and game pass that is their way That is their new way to try to control third party because they are not gonna control third party or get the majority The lion’s share of third party via their council because the council don’t sell that much and it’s not global So they can’t do it You know the next Xbox not gonna be the highest selling console, you know, but we gain past that could be their way to control

Third party because the more game as a sign up for game pass that lasts over time They’ll be inclined to by games on other clients or the consoles or the devices and just wait till shows up on game pass That’s their way its facts Salty that’s facts Phil doesn’t see a lot of shit and didn’t like he says something else like he just floated find something else Yeah, yeah. I remember when Xbox 1x came out Var was a priority was it not he? Are like oculus is shit like that. Did we ever get that? No, and here’s the thing and here’s the thing. Um, Some gamers will talk about that right and say oh it’s because its niche whatever hasn’t gonna do a niche because there’s a billion dollar Industry people are making money making money is making money, right? Even if it’s a niche product, it’s a billion-dollar industry already So billion dollars billion dollars, right? the problem is How can you push VR? 2x allows gamers who play on their phone you can’t I Mean, you can’t you can’t push a console specific VR on two phone gamers playing games on X crap right Microsoft has to do things that cater across their whole spectrum it has to cater to their consoles has to cater to PC and when they have the X cloud live Those same games have to be able to be played on a phone on their stream. Yes Yeah, the stupid sherry and me. Do me justice. This this misinformation here from in Furious one He says Sony copying achievements and backwards compatibility from Microsoft. Sonya has no new ideas Yes, you had backs and Pat ability did not yeah ps2 was on before him that peers before PlayStation 4 Xbox the original My Sega Genesis was backwards can put up with an attachment It was backwards compatible with the Sega Master System and I was like in the manga Like be seen yeah shitty come back spin a table with like your Yeah, you’re late Yeah backwards. Yeah PlayStation 3 was backwards compatible when I first launched with 2n1 100% across the board like species not a new concept and it’s not like Sony didn’t do it Did you just started Ancaster thank you for the super job brother. He said glad see my bro P rock back podcasting I’m so sick of propaganda being pushed with people like dealer T batch and the henchmen laughing our common sense talking lacking Mark Cerny never said Interview so he had to come out and and slam on that one. So yes, they they think look, look they I have heard they’ll be multiple podcasts a if Sony gets the power narrator from Microsoft then the Microsoft console is DOA that’s from the Xbox guys. Not from anybody and I don’t agree with that What it also means is that they have no thing no thing in the new studios at Microsoft is ball because Cranking out hit after hit won’t matter so You gotta look who’s saying? Yes, and it’s it’s in their best interest to say that Arcturus is going to be on the Xbox because that’s what they want to hear. They don’t want to hear the Sony’s console It’s going to be more powerful which you know right now so You know big clout shout out the boxy games UK be said that there’s what they’re trying to decide on between 13 and 11 give or take And the reality is those conversations are so misguided at every level like for example, here’s this is a point cuz everybody a Lot of people talk about that Sony success was because in the beginning to have the power narrative right and people don’t understand to this day for example Does anybody compare the Toyota Camry to a high-end? Pmw or Mercedes or Audi? Nobody no one cares. No one no one puts stones to online, right? One if Toyota released the next Camry the 2020 Camry or 2021 Camry and it’s cost $85,000 People are gonna be like what the fuck I could buy a BMW For that course, or I could buy a Mercedes for that course, I could buy an Audi for that cost. Then people will start comparing Those high-end cars to kami why Because the cost does not match the product that you gave

The issue Xbox one was never the power It was that it was five hundred dollars and people asked what were we getting for final hours? Then people be like wait a minute with me you against 720p gaming for $500 and then Microsoft advertised The camera to connect but they made no games for it That’s a Carlos. That is a cardinal sin. You can burn to the deepest parts of hell For doing that you’re gonna release a device and it has no gaming related function on a gaming console Look at the switch The switch is the weakest piece of shit ever and that motherfucker already Sopranos Xbox one because the price was commensurate with the device You’re on someone’s name. It’s not about power switch by four is a ninth gen offering and it’s the weakest shit period We get stuck it is weak as fuck, right? But people love it people are buying it. They’re buying the games. He’ll Zelda on MPD for November was still top 20 and that game came out March 2017 It wasn’t he loved power like no one has an issue with a Toyota Camry When was the last time people ragged on a Toyota Camry? No one does but make that motherfucker cost eighty five thousand dollars and see how fast people will thrash it it was the price, you know saying that they were for this conversation, um that I’m saying about is The real important part of the conversation like let’s say if Xbox weaker That’s that wouldn’t kill the console What kills consoles is lack of games? Right. Yeah, and not the general, you know Literal sense of the word cuz yeah, you always gonna have Call of Duty you don’t have man in you have 2k. Yes You know, you’re gonna have those games, right? But when you buy a console with a specific name There is something associated with that name that you expect like for example If Sega lets out of the blue announced we’re releasing the new we’re good. We’re getting back into console we’re gonna release the Dreamcast 2 in 2024 No one is Expecting even though they won’t let me let me phrase it When people would get excited over that announcement, it isn’t because there’s another console that could play Call of Duty That’s not the excitement. People are gonna expect damn what games are second it’ll bring back Are they gonna bring back onto B’s is there a new golden axe? Oh man fantasy start They’re going to start talking about the exclusives. It’s not oh wow another call of duty machine sign me up that ain’t it if Saying were to announce a new console Everybody’s going to talk about what Sega games is going to be released That’s what makes games successful. It’s the games. It’s the games that’s identified with the product you know when you hear Xbox its Xbox games when you hear PlayStation is PlayStation games and when you hear in the tunnel is Nintendo games It isn’t just a Call of Duty machine or another version of Madden Whatever no one cares about that manage Manning great. You played it yippee Call of Duty Oh, yeah, whatever right but when you hear games like Halo which used to be strictly associated way Xbox or Uncharted or Zelda that is what brings, you know the success of a console You know saying you have to cater to your core pickles from people buy these products, right? I promise you when they walk into a store and we buy a Playstation 5 no one gives a fuck about PS now or Playstation 4 no one’s gonna care about anything When we see a PlayStation 5 what does this box do and that’s what Sony needs to focus on Sony focus on that box trust me. They are still gonna be successful They’re gonna make lots of money and as we discuss they’re gonna get to third-party cells. They’re gonna get it Everybody’s gonna play third party on that sucker But when we buy it make us feel special What are we paying for? Because that’s what we’re used to and it’s not like it’s a new thing when we bought a second Genesis or Playstation one Hell even though OG xbox. What are we doing with the specific box? What makes it special, you know something I’m waiting for that a game to pass subscription price to go white everybody finished it the start wait Well, just wait I’m waiting for that day Only Xbox because

It’s not true it’s not true but that’s what they Let me ask you guys remind you about the first party Yeah No sound like every generation of the startup pretty strong at the start what first party and then it just dies down as the gen Starts or axis? a lot of people say that Sony is at a disadvantage this time around cuz again, you know They always are slow when it comes the drop of the games and then Microsoft will have those up front. It’s lame This descent is then this gen here’s the thing I think Sony already has the faith of Gamers where that’s not even gonna be a big deal no more Because everybody knows at the end of the day if you want to play spider-man 2 You gotta get a PlayStation 5 horizon zero dawn to nori dogs next new IP there everybody Did they destroy Sony already establish the credibility as a first party studio? That’s just carrying forward, right? Let me hit up this super chat now. I’m ask you guys a question so I could make a point to everybody right? We’ll start off with Lionel be thank you for super chat again, brother Those who haven’t played days gone because it was broken earlier go play now is definitely one of the best games this year I will have to agree that they definitely fixed a lot of stuff and there’s a shit ton of content So if you haven’t played it now’s a good time because it is much better Than what it was when it first came out in terms of these But yeah, these got you know, put performance and content. They added a whole bunch of stuff So I mask you cursor and to everybody in a chat listening pay attention to this right now – so everybody everybody’s familiar with the Sega Genesis, right? Y’all played it, you know the games Mm-hmm. Okay, so Craig Namie 5/5 exclusives from the Sega Genesis. Oh My just gimme gimme it doesn’t matter just pick whatever it doesn’t have to be your favorite I just need you just the name game No that was green cast Okay, Sega Genesis, yes. Okay. Yeah, but that was exclusive This guy’s even some cousteau some niche stuff what another game Okay You are naming some of the most niche games. However, I know what you’re talking about It’s just crazy how your niching the niche names. All right, cool. Hey Ryan you familiar with the Sega Genesis we around playing those games Yeah, well Okay, so maybe some games maybe some games that you remember from those things? go back to our – Hmm Oh Ninja Turtle okay. It was hyperstone. I murder that Troubleshooter. Okay, there’s one Well, there you go Buster’s one, yeah Ghostbusters, yeah You guys I mean some neat stuff Yeah Porn you going in archive, you know, you know, you know you just has to be good memory. Yeah here Oh you guys are going in archives, right? I Think obviously Rolling Thunder I do probably fun For me I’ll name them some off-the-cuff I could name a whole bunch cuz I love it. I remember shinobi To reign altered beast. I remember vector man Was another one time ago sort of baseball Buster Douglas boxing I’m gonna playing that with my brother whooping his ass. I’m not sure all day You don’t say but you notice how fast? You know, yeah, especially I’m surprised with fuckin hours. Remember I played the shit out night trap in sewer shark and stuff like that. Yeah But you know, so but notice how we mentioned the games right and they attach some memory now, I ask you a question ready What were the specific specs of the Sega Genesis No, and don’t go to go and don’t go to Google you need to name it You can even think can you even begin to even think what the CPU speed was? Like this years late, but you can even but we have no idea And that and the point we’re trying to make is cuz no one gives a fuck

No, one remembers power when it’s all said and done Every counsel that comes out people remember games not the CPU specs behind it No remembers that you see you’re saying And people look at Craig he remembers some of the niches games I’m like man Greg’s really and I you know out of all people you would be I thought you guys are gonna mention I me Sonic I’m surprised that didn’t even come out now It was all gaming. Yeah Paid fighter that pit fighter or eternal or eternal Those another one. I also used to like class battle. I played the shit out of last battle Oh you do but we remember these games But if someone asked me how much RAM memory the Genesis had I’d be like, you know what? I don’t think I ever knew I would have to go to Google to find that I have no idea I have no idea. What powered I know it was 16-bit and I was only because of the commercials and they said it on top of the case 16-bit But that’s about it. I couldn’t tell you the processor I couldn’t tell you the GPU or the RAM. I couldn’t tell you anything about that stuff. I have no idea So many tests said blast proccesing and that’s because of the commercial against Nintendo, yeah, we got blast proccesing What the fuck? Does that even mean? I don’t know Dad I’ll say I’m surprised you guys didn’t say that but though and look and everybody’s in the TAS mentioning Golden Axe You know Streets of Rage Everybody’s known to beats everybody’s mentioned in games Moonwalker. Oh, I play the shit out Moonwalker But you see this mortal kombat with blood kid chameleon alien storm. Look at everybody in a chat mentioning games, but I guarantee without Google most of us wouldn’t know the specs for the Genesis and And that’s the point what I’m trying to say at the end of the day It’s always about the games and games is what gives us memories games is what we relate to, you know we always will relate to to the games that the console provide at the end of the day for PlayStation right as Long as Sony provides and they’ve been doing a good job Ecco the Dolphin good shit all day. That’s a great one, too As long as Sony provide America as long as so fantasy star obviously shining in the darkness Shining Force God then we could be here all day as long as Sony provides a counsel that developers are happy with the games that they make on it and They could get the consoles in consumers hands and when consumers buy it, they understand that they’ve been cater to that This is what cronies doing. This is the message PlayStation 5 gamers are getting That’s that’s the trick right there. That’s it. That’s all they got to do That’s all Sony’s got to do make the games make the system for the developers Right because the hardware is actually for the developers. It isn’t for us. Let’s be honest 13 team flops 18 flatlines He flops. It is in France. We’re not doing anything with those team flops Therefore the developers at the end of the day as long as they’re happy Like for PC gamers that’s important I could understand PC gamers doing T flop because that gives them the ability of Deciding whether they play a game at 60 or they could play a game at 144 frames So that’s important to them. We they need to know. Yeah, they need to know What settings they’re able to play at and if they have an expectation of I need to play every game I have 1440p max settings at Above 100 frames then they need to know the T flops of the GPU to get them there. So I understand Them because they actually will do something with it There’s nothing we’re gonna do We can have 15 T from that if a developer decides that they’re more concerned about graphics and framerate Then we’re gonna play at 30 frames and there’s nothing we can do about it because it developers Yeah, this another thing people. Keep missing. Can you saw this shit on loop decision? Even with the XF Harris deep will always be a fucking yeah Unless there’s a deal and again, do you expect to see crazy deals like that with game pass people? Yeah But that’s the thing with consoles there’s nothing we as gamers can do with T flops PC Yes, you can do something with T flops You buy the T flip that you want to get the performance that you want that you choose to play on If you want to play a 4k 60 guaranteed you want the right amount of T flops for your hardware for console? You can have 19 T flats But if that developer says I’m making this game 30 frames then the game strange and you’re just gonna have to deal with it Because maybe they want more bells and whistles in terms of graphical fidelity. You just gonna have to deal with it

We it happened before it’s not like we haven’t played games out thirty frames before it is what it is. You know I’m saying Yep, as long as the manufacturers build an appropriate platform that the developers are happy with you know And again gearbox. They already said they’re happy With how golf falls come down play Stage five. They talked about solid-state drive. They’re talking about the technology that powers them Right and that how this game is are a great next generation title if they’re happy I’m pretty sure our developers are gonna be happy. I’m pretty sure EA you’ll be solved Everybody’s gonna be happy but most importantly Sony’s first party is gonna be happy, you know nori dog. Hell Naughty Dog with ninety flops is gonna be fucking insane if That’s what ends up me. It’s gonna be fucking insane. You you put 19 farms in their hands. It’s gonna be insane It’s 9 T plots and Nagi that’s close to 12 teapots in geez. That’s fine. Yeah You don’t think it’s that big you don’t think you don’t think is that much of Last week was that it was close to the 13. Yeah I mean, they’re not gonna be able to get spider-man to do what it did And at a 90 flaws, but if you people gotta understand they’re just looking at the 90 clocks. They’re not understanding that The 90 architecture processes things a lot better Than GC in maybe this does and so I I just like big Klaus an early assistant. It’s a joke at this point It’s just something that these cats need me to have Because they feel upset cuz Biddle Spencer when he announced series X. He specifically came out there He does Station 2016 8 Green said you’ll be gaming on the world’s most powerful console Because that’s because the pro was already out Number xbox came out a year later. So Pro the ps4 It appears the ps4 probe was already out in the streets in 2016 Our Microsoft will continue to be the place I Think I think it’s because they don’t know yet I’m happy honest. I don’t think Phil is confident or I don’t think right now between Sony and well Sony doesn’t talk So that’s one thing so Sony obviously this is say didn’t make any statements our previous five Because then I’m saying anything so they and that’s where field sometimes stumbles, you know or whatever because if Phil like Phil You know, I wanted to get a heads up and put the information out there But he has to be careful why he says so at this point in time. I don’t think it’s so much I don’t think he does know and even if he did, I don’t think he’s confident that is locked in specs You know what I’m saying? So he can’t go out and say oh shit Sony. He’s building an 11 T flour console We’re trying to go for 12. Let me just make my statement right here right now We’re have the most powerful console and then all of a sudden Sony releases or 13 T flat console and now look like an idiot You know, you know until until until the consoles are in My opinion on till Craig Harris goes into Best Buy and buy the console nothing’s like Until until until you swipe that credit card Nothing is locked. Remember Sony I even put into the envelope This might be a little bit easier when Sony announced the PlayStation 4 for the first time in February 2013 they said the PlayStation 4 will have four gigabytes of RAM matter of high-speed RAM, right It’s eight no no, no, no, no, no if you pay attention in February, they said four

Four gigabytes in February. It wasn’t until June that they said. Hey, so they made the change, you know some saying What I’m saying is until that product is in stores in the consumers hands Nothing is locked. And here’s another thing and this is why I will tell you mark Cerny right in 2000 It was 2013 the console launched in 2013 so early 2014 for 2014. Yeah, 2014 marks certainly had a Like a Developers Conference or whatever a small one. He called it the road to PlayStation 4, right? He called it the road to PlayStation 4 and in that in that little one our um Pretty much speech why he did you know lecture it was a lecture really right of how Sony went from PC to? x86 how he you know, he advised them and stuff like that and the type of architecture gonna do playstation actually had to built functional playstation force that were completely different from one another to Fully ready to go models, right? and he talked about one model was pretty much just like the Xbox one Xbox one, which is you had For their version II D Ram, you know So they were doing specifically what Microsoft was doing where everything was flowing through the II D Ram except theirs was one I think he said one beta Or one terror bit bit of bandwidth much more bandwidth than what the Xbox one, right? So he presented them this and that was actually what he was advocating for he was advocating for that architecture because he thought that with Edie Ram with one terabyte of Bandwidth was gonna blow people’s mind right and then he presented the ps4 That is the one we have which is just unified a gig of memory Right and he showed it to third-party developers and the first part developers like hey which one you want and Everybody pointed to the unified a gig and he’s like what the hell and he said in this in the speech and you should read It if you haven’t said it’s a great thing to learn how this guy thinks right? It’s called the road to PlayStation 4 and he was surprised nobody wanted this like none of them, EA Ubisoft nobody wanted to eat here and they want to just Yeah Doesn’t matter those one terabyte of bandwidth, right? He said it didn’t it didn’t matter how much they wanted a simple uniform so I know after seeing that Xbox one is in trouble Because they used SDRAM which is actually slower and less right? So I was like man if these guys didn’t want this, there’s no fucking way They could be happy with Xbox one then right? Cuz Microsoft went for more cheaper options when it came to that type of RAM. They won where they won. Whereas RAM Wow Sony was gonna go with yes Ram, right or Edie ran Microsoft when esram right so I knew from that one our thing of I knew Microsoft’s of trouble but whatever the poor ones saying is it is from that one hour speech Sony built two separate councils where two different Architectures at two different speeds. Yeah, I’m saying I say all that to say this Nothing is locked until the council is sold and they’re finalized Yeah for all you know for you know Microsoft and Sony have multiple different versions and they went to the developers because that’s what they do. They have different version They’ll go to developers, which is the one you want And this is what we’re focused on so neither company could argue and we have built the world’s most powerful console That is an advertisement for after the fact when the consoles are revealed and they’re shipped to stores That’s when they could brag a we have the world’s most powerful counsel because this one’s out ours is out and Based on his packs, we’re better and that’s and that’s just a that’s a conversation We’ll learn for November and who has the who released? powerful counsel because when you think about it Yeah, I think will be a big part, but that’s really it and when you think about it Right the narrative even with PlayStation 4 and Xbox one the narrative of most powerful Wasn’t really done at e3. In fact the narrative at e3 2013 was more about always online. So III sindhu, right? No one was really talking about power. No one was really talking about power in July No one was really talking about the power that is came to hold after the consoles released Once the consoles leave and everything was certified That’s when people were like, okay what the hell’s going on and then also price took the place. I Say all that to say it is Powers will be solidified come November 2020. That’s when that’s it is locked The consoles and platforms are in stores. There’s no going back. It’s done. Maybe June maybe June July because

What he said about PlayStation 3 during that interview kind of you talk back what he was talking about the history The PlayStation 3 before he went was sell architects Yeah, it was going to be like a beefed up ps2 memory easier ps2 It was buff stuff, but it was like nah, let’s try sell, but he didn’t think you’ll be $600 That’s what he fucked the he miscalculated. He was like, ok. There’s no room for a ps4, you know going for it. He’s okay He thought that through and I know it’s when the Xbox series actually showing he pulled out a notepad I don’t know if you saw him into the front row when they showed the game and Phil was like She was sitting arrange it down I’m saying what’s he right now? It’s like Shit, maybe the form factor. I don’t know. I mean those dudes. He graduated high school. I got 15. He’s like a brainiac yeah, so You know genius. Okay, uh, let me a super job my man calls Crispin Thank you for super Jay says PS does have more power than Xbox. It’s mine share mine. Share is a powerful tool That might remind myself mutton says no – you can’t no no No, no – no mind share mine share is what the consumer feels is the better brand brand value Yes or say Whichever one is women the the wife generally it holds a purse during so was everyone I Saw this happen 2014 I was that Gamestop don’t ask me why but a woman walked in there with her child And she said she as the GameStop rep. What’s the difference of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox? this is the Xbox one and the Guy said well, they both play blu-ray. Plus they both play blu-ray. They both have streaming on there You know you capable streaming different things on them. They play games and she specifically said why is one $500 and the other one The guy really couldn’t say That is one aspect the price is one aspect I think with this gender there’s gonna be more stuff I think people are gonna remember it’s PlayStation cuz there’s a lot of people that were surprised that Spiderman was on Xbox, you know Because not everybody is on Twitter or watch YouTube videos Some people are just they just go to the store and they learn for the first time what’s out right? So when people walk to the store Yeah, and people see spider-man on the walls commercials and they go in they be like, eh, I’m gonna buy spider-man and then the you know, They see is PlayStation 4 and they’re like no I got an Xbox and then the game stop beat us to tell no this is playstation 4 only And that’s shocking for a lot of people, you know Some people started questioning and then I really get the right console because I see spider-man and then they see the commercial We’ve got a war and they’re like fuck the fuck. Am I doing on my console? Like I could play Call of Duty on the PlayStation 4 sometimes, you know, a lot of people the best version doesn’t really matter What matters is if I want to play this game? Can I play you know, and if the answer is no a lot of people start to question You you know the casuals did I get the right counsel? You know I’m saying if I keep asking about this game this game this game and the people keep telling me No, that’s a Playstation. No, that’s PlayStation. No, that’s PlayStation and after a while you’re gonna be like, you know, what? I need a fucking PlayStation Well people keep asking what the difference is Okay Yeah, so people can see our DNA texture there how it’s performing against GCN architecture which is what we’re playing now Xbox and ps4 did you see it count as far as the way things are calculate speed You know everything teeth locks once you see this from last year This is stuff that AMD show last year almost a year ago at CES Once you see this picture, you’ll understand what the performance versus power This is this is the best leg it so it’s the equivalent of the Saturn 5 rocket Versus the Rockets that they use now the Saturn 5 rocket is bigger It’s still one of the biggest rock is arguably I think it’s still the biggest rocket ever It’s kind of still talking about right it has it burns them. Oh, yeah now beat the Rockets they have now Burn are lighter and burn less. So what what happened? They still have to go say It’s just they’re more efficient. So once he puts this up on the screen, you’ll see the efficiency of knobbies architects

So then maybe you’ll understand even if something is 10.3 T flops in knots gonna help Vega TC in architecture you know, I don’t know what else to say to the people at this point, you know, this is stuff that AMD came out and Leases the suit last year was about doing bangle Look at our Navi architecture compared to the old as you look at the performance differences Look at the power consumption of Vega GCN versus Nabi how we don’t have to use as much power To get this better She was giddy about this and all of a sudden AMD stops we lived from what like a twenty one dollars and share now They’re close to 38. I mean, we you know, this is So the canadian couple Enemy um uploaded in the background. Mmm-hmm and then just I could show people Press the plus sign in the scene Yeah, I’m saving it as well making a link, how are you doing yeah Sabja my hair by the chair Delhi, but Came out And said quote Gears of War five has next gym architecture graphics physics. Those are their words yet None of it’s the best looking game That’s according to your white Zac. So take that up. Okay? Week when these sisters come out and this is gonna be pure like them Brits name The power is the most important thing like motor rock said earlier if that were true Why did the Nintendo switch and whatever t flop out sell the place also the X money in 30 month? Yeah, how many t5 switch? Okay All right, so look at the left-hand side it’s out if you bring it over a little bit there you go See this now. The red is the knobby architects. It’s performing 50 per Okay, so all these people do you don’t understand is that’s fine But they don’t have Ald test figured out a way to get better efficiency out of this card Then they did with their old gist in Vega and the Rizk Radeon seven, you know When all that brute-forcing they’re not doing that any so that’s why this is such a big deal for for AMD So I hope this helps people in this you all can go back and look at CES last when they announced this shit Okay, you go to PC benchmark. And which is Aten I mean in a fanboy sorry, it’s you you put in the Vega GC in and you put in the Nabi 5700 XT or whatever it is and you look at how the Nabi architecture is Outperforming. Okay DGC Anarchic splain that to you clowns out there Explain to me. Why is something with less people out? performing something with greater t4 Based on your own bullshit. You push that should not be happy. That should not be happening, but This is how you compete with NVIDIA cuz they’re gonna say look our cards cause you know, $6.99 and gives you same performance what did they say when they compared the Sexy to the 27 they say look at the perform and look at how we’re outperforming. That’s what they were saying. Okay, so Like I said, it won’t be a full-fledged circus when the fuck it says I’m gonna be dead cuz you know I heard your nose go Vito’s want to be tech experts come out of left field And just try to you know break down should you already broke down months ago? It’s like who cares?

Yeah, I think at the end of it at the end of the day You know aim DS gonna provide great hardware for the dexterity consoles, right? so I don’t think that’s everything your concern but at the end of the day is gonna come down to games and Who do you trust and who has the developers? I’m sorry, but as far as first party, I think Sony has the best assortment of first party talent out there Yes a name it a question this point like Microsoft what has what’s that shit called the initiative. Sorry, that’s one the ignition Obviously we know we can calibrate Who else do they have? You know, I was like under labs failed this with that last game they drop it’s like, you know They got a long way to go in terms of like when this is over in terms like yeah This is what we can do better than one so DS door, but Sony right now I just so diversified their shit. So many genres exclusive what it’s all Play The Last of Us part two you got two girls smoking blunts and french kissing. They got I Didn’t know this is a parody show or what I don’t know what they were thinking with that game show that off It’s just not it’s not for me. I remember playing like Pete Rock was saying that the Fallout series and the and Skyrim all that on 360 being on the edge of my seat at the end of Mass Effect and I make all the right decision that was on the 360 that’s not what I’m getting with a 4k ladybug, you know and up here You got a hole see if these you gotta go chase a black pig and a cracking that’s lacking I mean That’s just that’s that console that ecosystem is For me with that said I have game pass on PC so I can still play gears But I do like gears I can still play out of worlds game. That’s fine. I mean, I’m not people were trying to sell me the console like Not when I have a PC, they will do a lot of the same Yes, I it won’t have rage trading with that spine. Not every Xbox game is gonna have rate racing people I you know, I hate you today. You can just added on Yeah, I’m sure So in the vinyl pony games, all right, so I think we’ve been on this for a good grip We’re gonna cut. Yeah, we’ve been on here for a little bit I was like, oh snap and I’m trying not to do another for our podcast and shit Oh, Buddy hell but I do Anyway, I truly appreciate you guys rocking out Ryan again, I appreciate the background though choked me up with The hospice fucking sweet and Craig Harris. I appreciate you coming by swinging by and um when when it went what are you do when your door GT again when you come back after the holidays, uh, More than next week. I just give her about a week off, you know, everybody’s gonna relax, but I’m me. Yeah, definitely next week. Alright And streaming to my enjoy time next week fuck it alright Yeah Was it did you Get a delivery mission, I think that says deliver games I’m playing that game now, I’m fucking hurting Bites I got a travel. Oh my god, I gotta travel for this shit. I’m like I’m hurting right now Areas like 80 missions or 80 delivery per spot something like that. Fuck. I’m like, I don’t know. I’m hurting so much I’m gonna make it. Oh my god, you know Kate what yet? I have to go on the first one I like the game I like the story But whoa, that’s all this walking is killing what those things cause I got my motorcycle It’s a mixture like my reaction to the game is always be it’s kind of unique right like you go through your

Location and walk over here right poor. I don’t always like okay I don’t know What Abby’s like okay, you know, let’s get a little They’re like spirits from the other world and what they do is when they find you in a grab you they take you To the old sinner world where you’ll face the fucking monsters Okay the beat he bees are a link between the realm of the look and Basically, that’s basically this so they’re from the realm of dead I can’t believe secure one. When you a you give me a sword and shoes on, you know We try to resize it Take the disc or portion. She versus disgrace should be below where you have the picture drag it up to make it go over No, it is on I have it. The only thing have it above is my own my webcam Be just for some reason Should be the same thing When I switched when I switched a photo for some reason it changed society meat is super big and I’m like, what the fuck? See, there we go. That’s what it was. I don’t know why it resizes itself Like motherfucker. Yeah See, you know how we got it. There we go There you go Anyway, um, everybody in the chat. Thank you for rocking out. I’m glad Everybody was able to rock out and this um prompt to 61st. No lag I’m glad a shout out to a big cloud came in a cave Ryan for stopping by and Craig I appreciate you stopping by as well. Thank you for your insight and everybody else better I hope you guys had a great Christmas and I wish you all an amazing Happy New Year and let’s you know, let’s go with 2020 You know I’m saying we got what we got neo – coming up We got Final Fantasy 7 remake coming up The Last of Us coming up Summers goes to Tsushima MMO be man There’s a lot of game becoming Iron Man. I am fer Resident evil 3. Oh Man it’s gonna be a crazy year for 22 toe y’all 20 fucker on the Euro 2020 your pockets gonna be Joe 2020 taking your money period Alright there’s your ball Porter box only 7 you only friend