Ylands | Survival Multiplayer – Let's make a boat!

and what is up guys we are back in Weiland’s again here today i am playing multiplayer here with a few friends through my community I have a server I’m just hosting it locally and we can have update layers and I am holding this wonderful hard-boiled egg in my hand I’m just gonna starting to get my stuff together here I have to go do some exploring I think I need to kill some animals so I need to make cloths so I need to figure out what I need to kill or get to make cloth so that I can make a bellows so that I can make the let’s go take a look here if you go to here this is your key stuff that you need to make so the crafting into this game is insane but to make a blacksmith which is my next step of stuff so I can make all my iron tools I need bellows but I have an unlock cloth yet I still haven’t found either the components or I’m thinking to come off an animal so we’re gonna go kill some stuff and find them some things here I think and try to avoid maybe wolves and bears because they kick but hey Stern what’s up hey Chad how are you doing buddy how is everybody today by the whoa wolf right off the bat got it I’ve got to pay attention this game this game may look simple on the core but it’s it’s actually kind of difficult I I will tell you guys you need to prepare like this game is not easy I love this game it’s woops the mic is also 5 feet away from my face now you can probably hear my voice a lot better it sounds like I’m yelling it to you across the room doesn’t it they nailed the music they nailed the ambience you guys should see the stream from yesterday the thunderstorms oh my god I cannot wait until we get a ship and then we get all our supplies together we’re gonna have to get together enough food to make it across because there’s 12 different islands this is this is a starter Island that that’s all this is whoa there we go okay this is a starter Island that’s all this sucker is I’ve been able to kill one the easy guy oh no I did I didn’t get anything off from behind which you can turn into leather hey Mark what’s up Josh this is just a PC game right now man but they do have plans to come out to console and everything if you actually look at the controls let’s go to escape here we’re gonna look at settings and we’re gonna look at the controls the controls are actually set for like like the defaults are pretty much controller so this is out an alpha right now pretty much I think I don’t know if they called it off I never actually went to look but I am absolutely in love with it it’s the crafting is amazing the survival is realistic like the survival experience is fun like I at first when I first glanced over it I was like oh it looks like oh look we got a dude running around here I wonder who that is oh I’ve never killed one of these let’s kill it nice what that unlocked I’ve never grabbed one of those before I wonder if I don’t locked anything for me the crafting is intricate in this game I love the machines like he’s so much crap it’s amazing it makes me go all ad deeds it’s awesome you go explore this starter island I couldn’t find any other structures on the starter island so we need to figure out what makes cloth as well and how to unlock cloths because to unlock a recipe you have to have all of the items in your inventory now I should be grabbing flax as well because flax does make string and that’s the only thing I have unlocked so what’s this stuff do here I’ve picked this up before but I don’t know I don’t know what it would have done I don’t see anything new at all it’s probably for like a potion or something that’s what I’m taking have I built a weaving loom Oh weaving loom Wow okay what I need to make a weaving loom there and there’s not an incredible amount of documentation on this yet so I think this would be a great game you’ll really learn quick and do some tutorials on because it’s a lot to jump in on Wow I can make a weaving loom this will probably unlock cloth I am an idiot all right let’s uh let’s build six poles so in order to build six poles I need to have a knife in my inventory so I can sharpen the stick and cut it and if you look at my inventory here will search for it my knife is right here oh it’s broken now Wow okay let’s just repair that there we go you need to have repair kits in order

repair as well but the tools you have in your inventory do wear down as well Oh one’s worn and wear pristine okay now I have a backup one awesome so like the crafting is multiple layers I really like this game it came out of nowhere tuned it’s like eight bucks guys it’s like eight bucks I play ARMA 3 yeah yeah I was a little unsure at first but you know what they’ve done a decent job with what they’ve given us so far I’ve seen that they kind of gave out a little bit in 2015 and now they finally have a decent working copy of the game so I find it does get leggy though with like eight people on I will admit that and it doesn’t help I’m streaming at like 75% of my capacity either I could cut the quality down a bit that might cut down on leg I don’t know if the players are getting leg but I notice it a little bit I’ll show you guys what trees work in this game it’s wonderful I love this okay so you go up to a tree Rhett and you give that tree a property you grab your coffee while you’re doing that mmm as well there we go and look at that timber there she goes she goes down and the artwork actually kind of it works on ya like once you start getting into it Oh are you guys asking about the Lord’s mobile yeah SK for SK Forza when you starting yes yes okay cool so that’s how you do a tree and look it leaves a tree stump and then you have to cut the tree stump both you love it and all this time you have to watch out for them wolves I guess some other islands have bigger challenges and stuff I should probably start collecting more feathers as well it’s probably good idea keep yourself fed can explore do different things is this iron sitting right here what is this see what this is I love the polygon landscape as well Oh what says oh it’s Flint oh holy crap that’s a lot of Flint right here nice so this is what Flint looks like it apparently score how long have I been playing this this came out yesterday like I’m so much like you should check it out and I looked at it and I glanced at I was like I kind of looks like a polygon in survival game but then I went and looked at like the complexities of it it’s insane let’s kill this thing because I’ve never killed one before and see if it unlocks anything for me at least I’ll get some leather oh the deal whoa come back here nope I know poke you in the butt come here come here Nene oh my god get in the water get in the water the water is amazing that is Game two oh I almost ran through my spikes those are random spikes who put those there who put them random spikes err sorry guys I’ve kept up with the chat here I just I need to kill this goats come here goats I am uh uh range weapons are expensive to make but now that I found a whole bunch of flint that’s actually pretty sick wow this goat is fast okay well you’re lucky goat I don’t feel like giving up the chase anymore well what’s this what is this what have I just found Wow and it’s kind of just hiding in there I never know what is this thing oh let’s cut down the trees around this this game is fantastic the thunderstorms are epic I have never seen better thunderstorms than any other game it was wild Daniel Erickson with a super chat thank you very much man did you make a video for when you revealed your name and give away the charity money I did dude look up Skippy zero three three zero charity I guess should be able to find it man re-raise $4,000 I think the name of the video was it was a while ago now I’m waiting until office seventeen to do another um another big charity run because that’s when we get the the big views the building in this game is amazing I love it I’m about to show you guys some of it because we’re close but this thing’s crazy what is this oh and it’s holding on to my wood – hey give me my would get my void out of your hand come here where can I do something with this thing I’m picking grass off its face give me my wood ah there we go

thank you giant whatever you are oh sweet J you’re on – man this games a blast like I’m glad I didn’t overlook it because of the polygons but it’s got its own charm like it kind of makes up for itself in the gameplay it has some solid gameplay apparently there’s some bugs with it I haven’t really received anything to easy it’s a giant bear statue you think that’s a bear that’s not a bear dude why is its eyes sideways and glowing I don’t know I don’t know where you’re from but you should probably get your bears checked I’m just kidding but it kind of does look like a bear though now that you say it I don’t know what it could be maybe I’m ignorant but that’s not where bear what bears look like where I come from oh there’s there’s a tree in the middle of the bear okay well since you held on to my wood I’m gonna bang yours there we go a bear Barry what’s up a bear Barry what’s a bear Barry oh my god that sounds like something I would add to the game that’s awesome all right let’s check out these bear berries here it’s a bear Barry tree bear berries okay I guess it’s just food I took the bear berries oh crap is just getting dark we’ve got to get Holmes it’s really hard to see at night in this game I love it absolutely love the survival experience in this game there’s no zombies there’s no aliens there’s animals and sharks and [ __ ] that one’s to kill you and eat you so it’s like you’re stranded on islands and then you can move around Islands and up great there’s treasure hunts you can go on treasure hunts there’s caves there’s tons of content in this game ji I don’t know where you are dude but I’m gonna light a bonfire over here for you so you can see where I am okay look out for a huge light and try to stay away from wolves here we go I light a bonfire free it’s nice and safe over here I’ll get you warmed up – you might get cold there you go look at that guy’s I love the bonfires and these things burn out – they’re just temporary they’ll burn out after a while you should be able to find me now Jay it’s nice and bright I’m in the camp oh you’re at the other camp okay cool you found the other place awesome who was it windy tonight this water has waves today Swedes the water also moves you can you can move the water around which is pretty damn cool I need to build that Weaver thing let’s get that weaving loom loom going grat or here we go grass roll ah sweet nice it see this is this is probably what unlocks it I I swear I didn’t see it in there get before guys I swear I didn’t see it oh there you are what’s up man are you bald oh no it just kind of looked like you were the lighting in this games fantastic to you I love it it is they did everything I think perfectly on the balance this kind of reminds me of boundless to how they did their layout for their HUD hey Elmer what’s up hey nuclear topic yeah I’m working on getting tier three I have three more days on my first tier so pretty soon I don’t plan on spanning anything though honestly it’s just it’s it’s a for fun game for me right how’s it building in this game amazing dude um actually you know what I’m gonna build myself a little bit of a dog here so that I can show you guys how the building in this game works I’m gonna go to my inventory then you go over to crafting or no I don’t need inventory actually I’m gonna use logs we have 33 logs on us you can just build with those suckers which I already have my tool belt so I’m gonna press seven all right check check out the options here okay so you have your generic stuff you can go eight rollro H will allow you to freely rotate the item in any direction you want like literally like any direction you want and then you can start out there so let’s say like I want to not do that if you press F it’ll do it perfectly for you oh shoot a wolf dammit where’d that come from was that was that you did you bring that over here J the survival in this game is no joke either these things are pretty badass what do I have on me to defend myself at least I have a bed here now I finally got a bed down do you go out um J oh no it definitely doesn’t have them is that wolf glitching yes

I’m gonna go poke it with a stick I made me care cuz my bed rolls down here actually my bed rolls right where J died oh he’s glitching that [ __ ] let’s go poke him see what happens ahaha oh oh I win this one glitched out dog well thank you very much Jay oh crap it’s got me come on wolf died I’m too far back okay damn it these things are tough as hell my beds right here too that’s such a [ __ ] so what I’m gonna do is try to kite this guy away the survivals so hard in this game the animals are badass the Bears will come along and like just swipe you like you gotta pay attention Jay Jay why did you bring a wolf onto our island we are on an island dude my god yeah this game is it’s funny though I actually don’t care about dying but what you got to do is you got to go new character click play and I should oh I didn’t spawn on my bedroll really oh you can only sleep on your bread roll it doesn’t spawn you back okay so now what I got to do is actually run back home I know the way across cuz it should be nice and lit up yeah it’s over there and we got to try to kite the stupid wolf away from the island now because it’s literally sitting on top of both of our supplies but thank God for that that bonfire look at it it’s strutting around again we had this problem yesterday Oh oh Jesus I thought there was another wolf it was just a boar it’s add another wolf right there Oh son of a business all right look at it it’s just like strutting on my island now it’s like my island [ __ ] is that oh why are you chasing me boar you freaking me out all right let’s try to get this guy away from the island over here buddy we’re here hello get away from my stuff now they can’t swim but you can so what we found was effective was just kind of a skirt swimming out like this and getting them to kinda go away come here they could sit underwater I think they should drown I think they should add drowning for them I think animals should drown oh crap and there we go oh I hope I hope J saw that other one J are you gonna attack them J Jay I had them in the perfect spot oh okay JJ don’t go back towards oh you know you’re not gonna win that battle you are not gonna win that battle you gotta have like a good range weapon to take these buggers oh man or a good like I’m hiring I’m trying to get my last stage of iron I’ll have to do is make some damp cloth but J here is like hey I brought my dog forget all that word kiting them back over here and then J just brings it back over hey wolf okay Jay he’s got your attention you stay there and I’m gonna go get my stuff I’m almost friggin dead too I’m gonna go and get my stuff I think if I make you a bed roll we can both sleep and just get rid of the overnight I think that’s possible all my stuff’s oh look at it all look at all my stuff’s this game also turns into a huge inventory management game I’m at like 5 deaths that’s that’s awesome dude yeah you gotta you gotta pay attention in this game man you probably you had hopes I’m sleeping now apparently you probably had it chasing you coming over here uh yeah look at that I have a grave now my gravestones gonna stay there for a while – in in my own shame that’s what’s gonna happen let’s get swanky though let’s get my swanky back on I found this costume by the way I found it on a dead mage now it’s mine there we go ok we’ll get our inventory I managed here I told you Jay man this game kicks your ass dude pretty soon we’ll have iron crap oh wait I wouldn’t use the pristine stone axe there we go oh and I want my walking stick – here we go the walking stick is the best weapon ever ok I’m not I don’t want to be sleeping I’m just sleeping here Jay AB do you still have the wolf on you oh you do just item

that way Jay keep reading at the shore wait until he starts running at you and then swim back out that’s the best way to do it then once you got them like out a good way swim outwards and then swim back into the island that’s why I chose to chose this area because these damn things harass you oh been on shark yeah I’ll bet on shark watch out for the Sharks as well Jay you can’t go out too deep it’s fun to watch see as soon as you get to spot where he can run at you you’ll run at you yeah there you know no no not towards not not towards the Ironman ok damn its nodes back on the island oh wait no I hit it I hit an urchin that’s what that was ok Jay kiting means moving them away from everyone else here we go see see what I’m doing I can only take one more hit now with this guy damn it ok see now he’s away from the island you swim out make a quick swim back at oh no don’t don’t who did that oh my god haha you guys are killing me right now you you have one job and that’s not to run at the island and just run away from it the islands not gonna help you when you have a wolf on your ass at least he’s over there now he’s leaving me alone and I can get this friggin iron stuff done so I can actually get something the mail a home with friggin bunch of guys here okay where is here here’s my spinning wheel let’s spin some yarn I can make one that’s gonna take a minute in there okay let’s go over here and see if we can make cloth oh we can that’s how we made cloth sex so can I make a bellows now how many cloth do I need I still don’t know the bellows what else do I need to make a pillow sewing kit problem oh [ __ ] okay there is no way I can play this game without swearing there is no way playing this game without swearing I swear oh no this is dad this is art this is this is arc right now why is your wolf in the spawn deuce trolling us right now okay guys hint okay if you have a wolf on you do not run at people okay three are gonna kill you and then keep going and kill the rest of your friends its survival if you’re gonna take one take one for the team all right let’s try this again and this is why you don’t feed the wild animals yes we need more we need more squirrel population they keep them busy Oh who’s this oh yeah that’s not so named cheetah they gave up yesterday because they kept dying we could do this where the hell did it oh yeah I died right on my own Island anyways so we’re good at least it’s daytime and I can see what the hell is going on now oh my god we’re feeding the dogs today like crazy oh it’s like still literally sitting on the damn Island now again okay son of a [ __ ] are you doing food what I want this I want this wolf to come at me there we go I want to cheat I want to kite it out damn it ouch forget sea urchins like everything in this game [ __ ] hurts you I love it though it’s so it’s fun this game trolls you hard come here bud oh I see snarling at me oh I want some come here come on come on oh crap he brought it he brought it whoo whoo whoo see this is what you do see this is what you do okay now I’m dead doesn’t matter he’s over here now there we go that is kiting yay we did it we did good oh yeah this game sometimes you’re lucky that the bars aren’t aggressive I know right imagine they made the bars aggressive too you’d just be [ __ ] it’d just be a constant [ __ ] fest I’ve just [ __ ] you see now it’s over there

what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna grab it and I’m gonna try to kite it over there somewhere he snarls at you oh he’s sleeping now he’s like I’m done playing guys okay watch out for the wolf nice we have some food on the island now all right I’m gonna grab all my stuff here nope I don’t want to place it I wouldn’t pick all my stuff up and of course I’m cold because I don’t have my stuff on if you guys are cold light a fire okay Jay standing by the fire he knows he knows at least Jay knows to stand by the fire and I have a fish I have a fishing pole – I want to learn how to fish you can fish in this game of course you can fish in this game you can make boats our raft floated off the other day it’s somewhere I don’t know where it is okay I’m gonna have to get some clothes on here before I freeze must be a cold day today they tell you what’s wrong with them if you go if anything’s happening you can’t figure it out go open up your character and go look up here he’ll tell you what’s going on now I’m holding flowers and I’m looking snazzy I’m fine these walking sticks are glorious let’s hold that there we go look at that and that is how you protect yourself and style I’m gonna go poke some enemies okay I swear if you guys like tight the wolf over here again I’m gonna kill you I’m gonna poke you rush my stick whoops I poked you with my stick did I poke you I’m sorry Jay yeah I know this games like no joke we had a group Island and just ended up being too much we kept getting owned okay and I still not craft a bellows are you kidding me what else would I need for a bellows Oh sewing kit sewing kit okay what would I make a sewing kit in and with what so I need to make a bellows and that’s the last thing I need to make what’s this this is my stuff I didn’t know what’s going on here I think that yeah I think that’s all my stuff whoops stand back from it there we go the aiming is a little funky Oh times but steams to do the job okay where do I not need here so much junk I’m here Jay to take a couple of these Spears they’re good weapons see those Spears laying on the ground pick those suckers up oh my boots my boots are down there I don’t want to lose my boots I don’t have the full ensemble I won’t be losing them boots okay there we go let’s put them boots on where’d they go there we go now we have a full ensemble everyone should get some beauty sleep I did I just got up this morning and we were dealing with some attackers on Lords mobile we definitely won both times without us without costing us anything and then whatever they pay at the port here and there and back it was funsies I want to pick up the stone axe there we go how about my stone axe back cool yeah see I got a sharp and cane dude I can like I can slap people in it Oh get outta here kids get off my lawn all right all right don’t make me wrinkle my clothes okay whoa my trees are growing yay the forest is coming back in this game guys I do plant trees believe it or not this game has brought me back a deep belief of planting trees okay where is that wolf it’s still right over there now I really highly suggest if you play this game guys wear headphones sound is key sound is real key you’ll hear your ear hear a wolf challenge you and you have that amount of time to get their aims so you can’t avoid wolf attacks very easily but please do not run at people or an island if you have a wolf on your ass sharks are pretty damn vicious too they don’t go after rafts so oh you know what we should make a raft let’s make ourselves a raft those are easy enough to make there we go raft right yeah we need 10 rope so I got to go and collect some grass so I’m gonna go that way and not towards a wolf and collect yourself some grass I got to figure out how to make sewing kits oh I probably need a needle oh I think I can make needles can I make needles yeah I’ll make it a needle I

think I can make those jay-j you made a patrol again J dammit you had to be real careful man the DZ eyes are actually pretty damn intelligent she’s like I’ll get it I’ll get it [Laughter] no don’t run at the base when you do Oh yay my god dude get your has handed to yourself out there J no dude seriously man this is how we were playing yesterday it took us a good several hours to figure this [ __ ] out man this game really doesn’t [ __ ] around now now I can’t go farm for again oh wait I think I can go this way now now that you got that wolf over there dude okay yeah now that I got the wolf over that way I think I can go get some grass and crap over here Jesus those things are pretty badass so I do say if I just say uh you know what like we could do with some defenses or I could cuz this is my personal base so stuff soon make log spikes you need to have an axe in your inventory and it’ll wear that axe down as you make these and you can make them out logs are actually pretty easy to make they’re pretty cheap so now that we have a few I’m actually gonna start putting these out because screw those wolves will do a row of them so they keep running into them here we go well gets okay I’ll get some defenses going on at least at my base because you guys guys like here so we’re good we’re gonna have some fun so I think to rotate where you press H and then use your right mouse button and you can actually rotate it up and down there we go and then to graze it all I press is Q and bam I’m you can clip stuff into landscape it’s actually really really nice okay so yeah just be careful when you go oh guys like pay attention in the environment if there’s wolves look for sleeping oh you okay over there old man why can I not place this let’s touch oh okay okay maybe I have to move it down a little bit Z here we go oh there we go now look this is the one second I gotta check on my dog anyways this is how the building system works it’s like a little grid system it snaps to itself and then literally like okay I want the spikes to be there of course it’s not gonna build there because it’s not in landscape but if we go up to this side here it should line up there we go whoa no I placed it the wrong way damn it I pressed the wrong button guys I do apologize so I’m gonna press H I didn’t know this yesterday and I had to look it up you press agent an r2 to rotate something it’s not weird but works and then once you got a place do you place your L button and it just keeps automatically placing it for you as many times as you press a button you can go up and down like that you can go sideways and go any direction you want oh crap I want to see how effective these are against the wolf oh crap not very you ran right by them oh crap they’re smarter than zombies oh crap whew saved by the water the AI in this game is actually pretty damn good except for this they kind of then they’re relentless – was that Lex is he okay yeah I just think he was I think it was just going to town on himself and Ida had a little bit of hair cut up there is that it an upside down spike I ended up placing that’s funny can I build from here I can ZZZ alright well then screw you wolf do not come along my short line patrons because I do have random traps now apparently Bam Bam

Bam just kind of placing them along here I really like the building system in this game it just like if you want to go in the other direction you just flip it to over to the other side it’s like oh ok you want to go in that direction then that’s what you want to do wonder if you can kill sharks that way we got a wolf shark over here look at it still coming at me I wonder if I can get close enough to poke it without it being able to hit me ooh it’s actually kind of asking for it did I have enough to make arrows I can make a range weapon I I can make two stone arrows can I make a boat but I need put my bow oh I need some rope and that I can make nice okay oh I should have just ate that one raspberry that would’ve been a smarter decision stupid wolf has me cornered come at me bro oh is it not is there not coming at me now I know I know it’s just gonna be like BAM all of a sudden is gonna be on me I know that’s what’s exactly about to happen well then I’m gonna just ignore that that wolf is there and we’re gonna go collect some grass stuff here that’s good some grass going on I should look into like the alchemy and the color stuff soon or at some point – holy bear yeah I don’t know I don’t want to mess with that did not want that at all those bears are even worse in the wolves no wonder these hogs are scared they’re leggy oh I don’t have a problem with you dude I’m just trying to stay alive man do people kill the animals okay no don’t kill these animals guys I want to keep these guys here for now unless he because they came like that so I’m gonna see what what what but yeah this game has been a blast so far when you can actually build and stuff in peace and like you’ve actually chased the animals and stuff away from your base and or killed them it’s actually quite a bit of fun so what I’m gonna do is actually swim out to this guy’s island here run around the outside and hopefully be able to avoid oh crap crap ah merchants aha see these things right here these sea urchins do not step on those I keep forgetting about those damn things I mean you could pick them up and put them back down in places oh hey are you doing I’m not gonna swim out to you that’s like Shark Island I did go on a ride yesterday and the Sharks don’t bother with you and we’re on the rafts so that’s pretty cool but I could jump on that guy’s wrapped if I want to do okay so what this is as well is this is multiplayer I’m hosting it myself and I just met people from my community to come and join us especially for the stream this game is so much fun to play who is this calling it now Jays gonna die yeah he’s gonna hop oh he’s gonna hop off his raft out in the water is that Jays I who that is starfish who are you why can I not see your name six-foot yeah why can I not see your name oh cool I’m trying to get figured I think I need to make a sewing kit and I think I need to make something like a needle oh it’s this wooden needle okay craft did that open up a sewing kit for me Frank a signal flag oh that’s cool I kind of want to waste my cloth but at the same time I don’t okay I’m still trying to figure out how to make bellows that’s a one last thing I need to so we can upgrade our stuff is there still a wolf over then I’ll be careful there’s a there’s a wolf shark over there it’s sleeping it is literally sleeping under water look at it it’s over there just happening now careful make the metal needle I can’t do

blacksmith station man that’s what I’m trying to get right now I have everything else I need for the blacksmith station except for bellows I have the anvil I have everything else I just not figure out how to do the the bellows I cannot figure this one out like what do I need to make like that because I think you need a sewing kit because we have repair kits this is just on PC right now this will be on console eventually as well too I think people will enjoy it okay yeah like I like making here it’s cloth right now how would I make a sewing kit but it will be going to console apparently because like I said I showed you the controls they were there they’re pretty much controlled eccentric I am very confused right now how do I make it so I can do I need do I need some sort of rope to make a sewing kit that I don’t have I don’t have any rope on me so let’s get some rope on me and see if we need rope needle and cloth still over there sleeping under water it’s like an underwater shark watch out for the underwater shark guys they’re dangerous I have a lot of grass what am i doing I can build a ton of ropes let’s build all the dimmer opes if you guys want to know how to build multiple items control click the item on look here’s Jays previous body and oh he was wearing a skirt – good job Jay but yeah if you guys can this games like eight bucks nine bucks Canadian on sale $12 us I don’t know why the pricing is like that but I definitely took advantage of it and you guys are more than welcome to come play as well especially while they stream we just got to be part of the community right that’s all I put out the new password and stuff for today’s episode on discord at least we could filter you got at least we can filter people out on discord right The Longest Walk for the seats for ps4 okay okay okay can I make someone could see it can I make like ah what do I need yeah one second here guys I can – look I’m gonna look something up here again of course see that I was like this back of the bellows – on seven days to die back when it was actually hard to me make oh okay I got to make a drying rack and put flax in it to get dried flax okay okay okay so drying rack let’s look up drying rack here that that was easy enough I actually found it that time success haha here we go oh I’m loving this game to those games awesome it is such a challenge to like it looks simple on the surface but this game has so much depth to it I love it okay drying rack I want to learn this game because there’s no tutorials on youtube about it I think this game has a lot of potential for for growth on my channel I really do and I know some seven days to die people won’t like this but honestly the survival challenge in this game kick-ass wait till you guys see some of the bigger stuff we do but this is just basic early game challenges we’re trying to get over okay I don’t have a drying rack god dammit how do I make a drying rack now I got to go back and look that out

Oh drying racks on in the game anymore oh they took it out damn it so that when I read was old and now they’ve taken it out since yeah how do I help do I need air how the hell do I make a sewing kit like there is literally hardly any information on this game uh here we go I found a proper wiki yarn and any needle okay the needle can either be a cactus spine see a trance buying bone needle or iron needle oh okay um I can get some sea urchin spines we’ll do that up holy crab this game is complex I love it okay here we go there’s sea urchin spines right there right on the ground I actually had made some earlier and I dropped them because I died so we’re gonna get rid of these here I’m gonna my my inventory is a disaster I need bigger chest like they even do that they even like make it hard by making stuff hard to unlock and figure out I love it but I think this game has a lot of potential for for some good video you guys seem to really be digging it okay there we go now it does need some improvement there are some bugs and stuff apparently so but other than that whatever why can’t I still not make it yarn and a knee needle do I not have any yarn oh man yarn I don’t have any yarn on me that is why I use my yarn up in that damn thing okay am i making yarn uh no we need to go and get some more flax oh okay so I need to have yarn and the needle on me at the same time and then I can make a sewing kit and it’ll unlock it in my recipes so the trick to this game is keeping the same item in your inventory keeping the same items will unlock it like if you have all the items to assemble it at once it’ll be like oh you can make this out of it it’s a challenge definitely is okay oh I have two massive logs you know what I’m gonna do with these massive logs we are gonna flush these right along the side all the other ones oh wait we don’t have massive logs here’s my inventory what am i doing Wow sorry guys I have in a moment again I’m gonna get rid of that to you I need grass okay so we need grass and flax so where is Wolfie uh he’s still out there sleeping under water these guys running around on naked guys doing you guys should look up some grass armor get yourself armored up right away and stuff and I get your get yourself prepared and I just picked up a stick by accident ooh flax oh and the the nest are cool to try not oh crap try not to steal the nest guys I mean break the nest because they seem to respawn from what I see I’m not sure if that’s an actual thing but if we get enough people playing this in the community we can figure out this game real easy Wow there is no flex over here oh there’s these things I don’t think I’ve ever picked these before oh it’s grain okay whatever I’ll take grain okay so we have enough flex to make the cloth to make the the thingy what else do we need guys brain fart Oh flax hey watching from Germany hey what’s up man this games this game is a pretty dang awesome dude I’m really enjoying it anyone that enjoys a true survival challenge and appreciates depth over graphics will definitely appreciate this game oh look it’s another short shark just waiting for somebody to walk up along the shore gotta watch out for them Shore sharks and we’re gonna get pretty close to the other wolf – I don’t know where it is there we go ton of grass you can never have too many ropes you need a lot of ribs the yarn in needle oh okay uh that’s

right I had my needles I just needed the yarn I just needed flax I don’t think I needed anything else that’s why I completely forgot its grab this up Oh me personally I’m really enjoying the survival challenge in this game are you guys trying to kill the bar get them boys don’t run into any wild wolves along your way though they’ll kill you and protect their bar brethren someone’s just cruising around out there they’re like what look at all the gravestones laying about you should check out rim world I’m sorry guys my chats not updating on my other screen right now again if I’m ignoring chat it’s it’s because it’s it’s being glitchy oh I’m gonna reload it here though there we go there we go I got it reloaded me don’t plant fibers okay there we go so now I got to make myself a new yarn you can make there’s three things you can make here are note of cotton flax or chisel I got my lives grape-nuts alright so once it counts down to one minute I’m gonna have a yarn and I should have I do I have some spines in my inventory I should be able to make a sewing kit I like this so this game doesn’t hand stuff to you it’s like have fun oh look and guys when it’s windy oh you get waves in the ocean I love the pixelated wave sorry though they the polygon I mean the polygon waves look pretty damn cool for what they did have they deliver they’re perfectly the trees how they move in the wind when it’s windy like look at that they’re actually moving with the wind the weather in this game is fantastic thunderstorms are the best thing ever I cannot wait to build a house and have a deck and a nice view a nice big deck yeah oh it is cool too you can build on stuff you see how like that guy has a fire going on his raft when we make a ship we can actually build shelter on it because we’re gonna have to we’re gonna go through storms we’re gonna go through rain so when we make our giant ship to go to the next island we’re gonna have to make like a forward on it and have like a kitchen and stuff and it cuz it takes a couple hours apparently to go on a travel so to get to another Island all of us are gonna have to pool our resources together one of us is gonna have to cook a bunch of stuff make sure everyone’s fed I’ve seen cannons and stuff in the game and trebs so you can attack like other castles apparently there’s castle pies that you can attack I don’t know it just it looks freaking cool as hell like this is just the start we’re getting our ass kicked now wait until we get on to the real stuff I cannot wait to make the ship ships so cool [ __ ] [ __ ] volcanoes larger than the USA geographically yeah it is yeah it’s just we have a lot of snow lend we’re very very spread out okay I think it should be done now yeah it’s done let’s take that and let’s build ourselves a sewing kit you better have it are you kidding me right now oh wait is it because I’m in there I do not want to make cloth why did I go into there Wow are you serious right now why can I not make a sewing kit through this game okay yard any needles sea urchins pine cactus needle bone needle iron needle and I have those on me do I not see urgent spine yarn I am very confused now this games actually managed to stump me it’s got me here guys I will be honest you need to place the yarn in the

spinning wheel and then after that you can make more okay so let’s go over the spirit a spinning wheel Oh does there have to be one in the spirit of the spinning wheel itself oh damn it can I move it back in I can’t move it back in either and I’m starving okay that’s got some food here I do have some food wood pulp or I’ll crab me we got some elderberries oh wait we have some some good old tasty meat my tool belt here let’s eat that up oh look at that guys doesn’t that not look tasty look at my giant meats that sounds about size-appropriate I think that I think that it resembles real life 100% I like how machines go invisible to when they’re in front of you like that like that’s pretty cool this game has a lot of charm I’m really enjoying it yes yes I mean I am 100% gonna be a pirate dude that is what we’re gonna do but you got to go prepared like you gotta you got to make a proper boat with storage and stuff to bring with you and extra clothes you know what I mean shit’s gonna happen while you’re out near travels it’s not it’s not like the islands right there you know what I mean you’re going then you’re going for a while I haven’t even really looked up the long distance travel I I don’t know if you you can make maps eventually you’ll be able to get maps together but okay you know what I had to go out and get some more freaking flax I’m pretty sure this stuff respawns anyways so we should be fine yeah it’s like there’s a bunch of it out here now I would have picked this already that’s cool yeah it does respond oh crap see that’s what you do when a wolf warns you you run like that that was close okay cool we got we got enough now we can actually go and make ourselves the [ __ ] we need like look at that sunset I love this this game has so much charm to it guys I’m so glad I didn’t look it over when I first was like over Gladstone I’m like now but this game has so much depth to it like I can’t wait to do a stream of us going for a journey across an ocean to try to find another island apparently there’s 12 islands so you need three flex plants yes thank you thank you man that’s that’s what I’ve been doing all day is going and making yarn so I’m gonna leave the yarn in here and see if I can make sewing kits from here and well that’s good one I can look this up again okay so maybe it is actually because you just need a needle so we’re gonna go with a needle to be make a needle yet medli okay not enough inventory space do I have one I don’t have a needle on me it’s good maybe they don’t count these as needles anymore maybe that’s what that is what can I dump damn oh that was a tall one too oh wow was what it is there we go we’ll make another one now can we make a swing kit like hard alright there is like not enough information on this stuff online okay now we’re in here and there’s that and in my inventory nothing I am very confused as to what is happening right now oh it’s nighttime – oh oh and the wolf is awake someone has awoken the wolf he’s got his tail Waggin oh he’s like it’s nighttime dude thank you for the sub maybe need a workbench or something dude you don’t need a workbench man I’ve made every station we can make this isn’t seven days to die you gotta you gotta you gotta forget about seven days die man I’m actually finding the survival

and this is this game a lot more challenging be honest okay BAM there we go let’s get our lighter outs and you can build wonderful things in this game too like we can make a kick-ass looking ship when we get it going there we go now that’s a fire you call that a fire Oh someone give me a boat oh thank you very much you called that a fire this is a fire yeah I do not know what we need right now guys to make those sewing kits this is driving me nuts oh we just ran out front like that dude you almost ran right by that wolf you did you did watch out for the wolf guys gotta pay attention big time that must be Jay is that you over there Jay dude you got to be real careful man because those things will constantly troll you you got to respect the wolf I need to get some frigging iron weapons here are you bringing over some storage oh he’s bringing over some stuff what you got you got sewing kits this stuff is that way you got six foot she got for me let’s go see I made it we’re going for a trip are we going I’m home my lighter out can i light you I keep the fire going it’s warming my butt that’s what you get drying rock six poles and one rope they took drying wrap out rock out there here’s no drying rack in the game apparently now because that’s the only thing stopping us oh look at that I can make shovels maybe if I make shovels I haven’t made pitchforks or shovels or anything yet ooh let’s try it let’s try that let’s try see what happens when that happens that’s what I mean like so much information is outdated hey we can make a shovel okay what did that unlock did that unlock anything for us because we weren’t able to make those before that’s something new I haven’t seen before so we made a shovel I’m really seeing anything new have a look buildin hmm still no sewing kit cuz I need to make a bellows I have everything else I need to make but I have no dam so thank you hmm good job J and did you go punch someone else thing about was them or did you punch me I didn’t notice I heard a sound yeah I’m going nuts I can’t find information on it either we’re like literally stuck right now I think I’m pretty sure I’ve made pulp well Jay did you did you kill the wolf no there’s still the wolf there you oh you killed one go kill the other one you can make good will pay for us okay guys I’m completely out of loss here yeah Rylands drying rack yeah

yeah III don’t know know what we’re gonna do there’s it’s gotta be away someone’s gonna figure it out oh can you actually paint can you paint in this game oh no that’d be cool if you could paint in this game make stuff like little paintings awesome it’s got to be something like stupid that I haven’t made yet didn’t make the shovel cuz like I have iron I have everything else ready to go but I can’t seem to make a sewing kit we have yarn we have sea urchin we have actual needles we should be able to make sewing kit my guys hungry again so needy oops okay let’s use up these crappy blueberries here okay okay we’re back guys um that was a little weird I do apologize about that that was actually on youtubes end the stream just literally dropped there’s nothing wrong my internet connection I did speed test and stuff we’re doing fine it literally just cut down to zero like just cut off the stream but it seems like we’re back so we’re gonna keep going here if we if we can if this seems to be the thing I’m gonna have once again have to cancel my evening stream you know what screw it I’ll be going on to over to twitch tonight if I have yeah you know what I’m gonna be streaming on Twitch tonight I just that’s frustrating now it’s not streaming I out as much as it’s actually supposed to be but are you guys getting a good picture and crap back okay so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna actually exit this game guys come back in will do up the password the same and we’ll let you guys we’ll get you guys going I just want to see if logging back in and out will do it so I want to see if I can do it this way I keep loading up a save here we go there we go so the mode we’re playing is called exploration you can’t play in creative mode and just build whatever you want I kind of do plan on checking that out in the future but we want to do exploration this is like like full-on survival right so I’m gonna play that is it gonna give me options cannot so I’m gonna load my character up here Wow Oh cancel okay so I’m gonna go back and I want to go continue the game there we go because I started my note as a single player and then I was like oh I could just start it as a multiplayer that’s friggin awesome so if you do have a single-player you can actually start it up privately as a multiplayer for you and your friends up to eight of them this is actually a ton of fun I’m really diggin the multiplayer and stuff guys yeah thanks for sticking through that there goes there goes some numbers but hey at least at least you’re there right go to yes we’re gonna go to eight I am also gonna go like this and then I’m gonna type in the the password it’ll be the same as last time guys with the capital here we go I’m gonna make it join the bowl and then I’m gonna publish it and then I’m gonna go back over here and then I’m gonna turn my Game Capture back on and then we’re gonna be good to go there you guys go okay there it is there it is that’s what it is okay so we found a bug we found a bug it’s not unlocking things for me so every once in a while if I can’t find stuff I’m gonna have to log out that is so weird that is weird that’s definitely a big bug it won’t be so bad once we have everything unlocked it doesn’t take long apparently they unlock stuff so now that we have a sewing kit we should able to be able to build bellows yeah Sara they are sick okay so we need three cloth or three leather oh we have three we have a lot of leather we get me to use some leather up sweet now we can make our next station make some iron stuff awesome yeah okay well at least I know how to get around that that’s a little frustrating but whatever it is what it is I’ve accepted a lot worse from seven

days to die so maybe it’s a hosting thing when you’re hosting I have to look into that oh crap I’m starving too it’s got some eating going on if your screen starts blinking white like that that’s why whoops did not mean to pick that up okay so we need some leather and I’m looking for my leather here let’s go for let’s go for that leather I hate having junk all over the place I live in that one leather yes here we go now we can make ourselves a bellows finally we can make ourselves a bellows and it fell on the ground where did it go did it fall the drop bellows or did I not make it oh I made it to I think or maybe not but that very probably did where did it go oh there it is it’s right there it’s of course now I find it alright so what do we need to now make this next crafting station finally Jesus blacksmith yeah that’s what we need we need to make the blacksmith so all I need now is some clay hopefully I have some clay clay is getting hard to find because people keep using it up to build stuff probably should not be doing that because you need clay to build like pretty vital stuff so we can get off this island I’m starting to think that’s the thing too I’m pretty sure I have clay kicking around so saving some I better not find anyone going through my [ __ ] wit will kick your ass okay where’s clay Tommy it’s not here play it’s such a pain in the ass – fine – well here it is sweet and just the right amount as well there we go okay whoo I had it nice construct aha blacksmith station guys look at this we’re in business now let’s place that sucker all right so now we got to fuel this thing so how do you feel stuff in this game you put a would like item in your hands in your tool belt and you press and hold your mouse button to feed it and then you take your lighting items such as I have a flint lighter and then you can light your blacksmith or any other station to use it and then to interact with it you go to here and then you can craft a bunch of stuff ah yes now we can make some iron and stuff yeah let’s look at that like an iron knife or a machete I’m assuming this is a weapon I want the saw I definitely want the saw we’re gonna be making a saw Oh a sword yes Ferro scepter it’s pretty kick-ass saber screwdriver oh we just unlocked a whole crapload of stuff I’m gonna get all my iron crap going here do yeah we’ll get all our iron stuff going on oh I’m out of iron in my inventory but we can make some more what did that did I don’t lock um chests for me now let’s look under uh under here we’re looking for it like good storage stuff what what in bed nice swanky uh containers we need some coal coal and iron ingot to make these containers I I’m assuming these ones are bigger than the tiny little ones we have now Oh sack containers oh cool Egyptian donning the sack containers Oh money bags okay how much do these hold they probably don’t hold much but they look damn cool sweet we got money bags going on now oh they hold less they hold less than the other ones but they’re more expensive that’s useful all right no mental reminder those things are for decorations yeah I’m gonna pack my flint away from now to the like big stacks of

stuff we have wood pulp actually don’t even eat that oh so I can’t last year well it’s not a one use it’s also a tool oh that’s cool okay so you don’t actually need to make that many of those I get it so it’s like the the axes in crap I like the the approach they did the crafting in this game it’s pretty fun we use a boat as a mobile base you can you can actually make a ship and you can build on it like this guy over here he has his fire going on it he was transporting stuff around on this storage which is pretty cool there’s so much you can do I can’t wait to go on a big ol boat trip what you know damn right yes yes I like it perfect yeah um the more and more I play this guy you’re getting ganked swim my friend you have done well hey Jay can you go kill the wolf again all right oh oh let’s go plant some of these oaks Oh guys I do encourage replanting trees as you can see those trees over there are regrown these ones here re growing it’s easier than having to run around the island a ton that’s what you do is you just put the seeds in your inventory and then you go out and just use your action button to plant them so I’m Brett oh dude over there is running around cuz he’s in trouble right six foot I need arrows yeah they’re a little bit of a [ __ ] to get I think we’re gonna end up running out of resources on this island guy so be careful I don’t know if this stuff is there stuff underground if you go mining because the only stuff I’ve found has been on surface and there’s not a lot of it means I’m actually gonna just toss I should I should make a tossing bench to you at some point you know what let’s take these logs let’s take these logs and make ourself a dock we need a big old dock a big old dock we’ll bring the ladies to your Island okay here we go oh yeah I just want to look at it from here here we go this is easier so what I could do is to go off the end of this dock and just throw it on my junk throw all my junk off the edge of the dock like I don’t whoa ouch stupid sea urchin like I don’t give a crap we would dog farts what is this thing get out of here thank you you are in the way of my big old dog there we go so once you got lined up and like snap to the other one all you have to do is keep pressing your mouse button and there’s Auto builds in that direction for you and we’re out of logs at least now I can come off here and just start dumping my stuff would be good there a little little dump place then get my raft up there I can get my raft up on my deck dock deck that’s a dog a deck would be up here nuclear Zach I’m I’m not too sure what you mean dude I’m gonna stream this evening if if it doesn’t if it doesn’t remain it’d be weird like this okay so we got our blazing black fourth Smith here what else can I build in here we can build our caste molds for everything else oh my yes yes I should be building this badass okay let’s go just get rid of some junk here it’s good our inventory organized let’s get some better gear on like this stuff is pretty kick-ass but some iron gear would be badass right okay so let’s get rid of these want those two of those I don’t want Wow oh yes I was having trouble with these yesterday remember how I couldn’t play some I was like how the hell do you place who sings apparently you press V and oh there we go free placing mode active oh so I can place this on like the side of something oh look at that you can clip it in this stuff oh this is way too cool so H allows you to rotate the items so that you can rotate it in this direction wow you can do such tedious detail building

in this game I love it we can make some kickass ships and stuff guys like big time there we go I want to move this upwards and out a little bit and there we go look at that I can place it on the wall and then if I go light the sucker ain’t have to put my lighter back if I go light this sucker we should be pretty good to go here we go v apparently at least a lit I think yeah there we go want to light that up and bam there we go we have a permanent light source kind of kicking off too oh that’s cool that’s kick-ass yeah the more I figure out this game the more pumped again about it um Danny Mac this game is absolutely amazing it is $12 us nine dollars Canadian very well worth the price man so is out there riding the waves I love it okay I’m just excited about making some progress here and actually getting getting my show together which is pretty cool okay so I’m gonna get rid of this walking stick I think we pretty much need everything else I think we have a room right now to hold all of our new iron goodies oh I need to grab I’m pretty sure I have iron stashed away too I made a ton of it no it’s not my sack uh here we go I have 36 and we have a ton more that I can make okay so we’re gonna get in here and we’re gonna grab up our tools now we can make more stuff now that we have a saw we have some more weapons and way better tools forget it awesome nice let’s make ourselves some kickass armor here we go we’re gonna make some feets we’re gonna make some Helms wait no can I cancel this cancel I guess I can’t cancel it or you probably can I just don’t know how that how much pretty cool though but whatever an iron helmet will help what else do we have here do we not have like an iron chest or legs yeah whatever I’ll take anything we have at the moment that’s awesome kick ass so Sega so we can just get rid of our stone crap here there we go dismantle dismantle rid of all this iron stuff can we make a we did not I got to also make an iron uh a knife here we go a knife knife knife there we go perfect knife awesome oh sweet let’s see what this stuff looks like let’s get it on yes all right let’s get the boots on there we go I’m half classy half protected there we go I do miss my pilgrims hat though oh let’s get our sword on – where’s our sword here we go ha so much better now that we have an axe we can actually make planks now – you let’s look up do we need to get over there let’s look up playing so we should be able to make planks there we go what did we did we just need some logs oh sweet now we can make planks and start making some cool [ __ ] – oh we can start making the ship we can make our ship can make Nick nails in here your nails we can make nails we need to make a bunch of nails bunch of nails I know we need a ton of nails so I’m gonna crap a cramp up wrap up a bunch of those sway it I’m getting pup now that we got all this unlocked why it’s cheaper Canadian I have no clue I actually have no idea luck of the Irish yes I did take the luck of the Irish off though for the helm of the iron hey harmony how you doing harmony you should come check this game out it’s fun it’s a challenge it definitely is a challenge this travel challenge is real but it’s fun okay so we have nails now that we have nails they did nails again go direct crafting [ __ ] let’s look up ship stuff here oh look you can do different ship flags and crap oh I love it let’s build the I’m gonna build a small ship for now we’re gonna need 50 logs a hundred nails and 50

planks for the large ship oh you know what the large ships not even that much more okay I’m gonna start saving up for a large ship here we’re gonna start getting a ship together at least have a ship float a boat yeah let’s go chop down some of those mature trees that I planted really excited now go do some some tree grinding where is my iron axe oh that we should be a lot faster too now cutting down trees now that we have like iron stuff – yeah let’s go tree it’s you and me bringing it down there she blows timber I love that slow fall – that is so cool so once you cut your tree down you got to go and you got to cut up the tree you got to cut up into logs and pieces and sticks and stuff look at your menu j-bird I got the nails I just made the nails for it we need what 150 logs I think I I’m the only one that can make planks at the moment – so we pretty much need logs and stuff dude plant replant trees as much as you can as much as possible so we don’t have to like go far to get trees and like end up disturbing the other wildlife yeah this tree is this axis is actually so much faster now I cutting down trees so much faster I gotta make bigger chest to those little storage containers suck oh yeah yeah while I am cuz I’ve had the most playtime on her right Jade just started today 640k has been on for a little bit play for a little bit last night all right here we go cool so I’m going to chop down this tree here do we’re gonna we’re gonna grab this since I since I took it down those stumps you could take out for a couple more bonus blocks check out my dog again here he’s fine Oh stressful having an old dog like that it’s like he died I love him to death but it could happen any day it’s pretty much a stage I’m at hey Skippy never heard of this game it looks pretty cool this game is amazing it is such a good survival challenge game the artwork it really it really works itself Anja after a while once you get like over the oh it doesn’t look like a college ordinary like the whole thing the game is so deep man the crafting is amazing the way like just everything works is amazing there’s there’s no zombies there’s no nothing it’s stuff like sharks and natural animals I just want to kick your ass it’s like getting stranded on an island right you and your friends basically the concept is you get stranded on the island with your friends and there’s a bunch of islands this is a starter Island this Islands the easiest and then you can go once you build a ship and you get a map and stuff and you all get prepared and you get cuz the travels apparently take a while sometimes you won’t find stuff for a long time so when you go on to travel you got to bring a lot of food you got to bring everything because you could go take your ship out get lost not find an island and I’ll starve to death or all freeze to death so you got to make sure you have wood you got to make sure you have fires you got to make sure this game is so friggin sick this to me is a proper survival game like 100% I’m absolutely in love with it I literally feel about this game the same way I felt about seven days to die when I started I first started it like I just don’t want to stop playing it I have an old cat she’s almost 17 I think she’s rough shape yeah I know I’m just he’s comfortable he’s happy he’s still himself yeah I mean he’s on medicines and stuff but yeah he’s still kickin easy is such a good dog I just in the end honestly what I would love to see is just him making the decision by himself right you know what I mean going peacefully I dread how I dread with I dread thinking and even having to make that decision for him I think that’s the hardest part like right now I’m happy I know he’s happy he’s had I he’s had a good last seven years we’ve been there yeah we’ve been together seven years now seven years buddy you hear that he looked over at me I think yep I heard that maybe

roll I’m not deaf cool look at all the trees I just replanted nice we definitely need a lot of them how many logs do we have I have 70 logs so far and just for that ship the the large ship we’re gonna need oh okay I have we’re gonna need 80 now to make the planks what do we need to make the planks again here for the plagues when the planks we need logs holy crap yeah we just need a crapload of logs that is what we need so I’m gonna turn those all into planks BAM there we go how many planes do we need again 300 wait how many planks to a house how many does that make hold it crap okay I made way too many planks whatever we have extra planks now now we need 80 logs and I think we have the nails back in our Forge let’s go see if we have the nails 150 nails sweet I’m about to put a big old ship base down and then we could build on that ship I just asked you guys please don’t bill on the ship okay so are these one at a time no it’s ten nails at a time so we only have how many why is it sir it’s not working oh there there okay so we have 60 so yeah we need we need to make a lot more of these so let’s get this thing store stocked up here and feed it like on the ship guys I think it would be a really really good idea to bring a blacksmith with us to bring like a cooking station to bring all of us stuff with us well um we’ll make the ship like a moving fortress so we can stay alive on it for a very long time it’s gonna be so much fun ship journeys okay so I got to light this sucker down to you we’re gonna get that going multiplayer is fun guys I’m really getting back in a multiplayer like big time this is rocky how you doing that Rocky oh you man hey death temple what’s up dude I’m nuclear in this game dude tree farms are actually a really good thing um really good thing because you need a lot of wood to make stuff like ships and how homes and stuff like that oh is that you Jay you there we go okay we got we got some logs sweet oops wrong one oh you’re still dropping logs Jay there’s our houses for this kind of thing at least you’re not dropping massive ones like those ones okay let’s make ourselves some nails now let’s get that done up so each one is ten so this will give us 90 more and that’s a 150 there we go perfect okay and those will be done in a minute how many logs do I have we’ll take we’re gonna have to keep going cuz we have to make stuff like ship helm what do we need for the ship helm oh wow yeah we’re gonna keep like having to go with supplies I can make some more iron though that’s not a big deal we’re gonna oh we’re good yeah oh that’s cool so large ship the base of it 150 nails oh that’s all we need right now oh they have a coffee flag sold nice I like that that is perfect nice we’re gonna make that flag that’s gonna be deflating my [ __ ] you can make sales – guys check this out check this out a mast with sails you can make sales and apparently you can control them oh we could put sailor shirts on guys and I’ll be sailors and go on journeys together off stream Oh large mast a large master with sail how much do you need for the mast well it’s actually not that expensive massive logs ok you only need four of those but yeah we’re gonna need tons and tons of the wood oh let’s take them can we make our ship now we make our ship let’s do it um construct yes yes let’s place our ship in a little bit of a drought whoa look at the size of this thing oh it’s gonna be so much fun yeah I’m gonna build something nice on this I’m gonna put it right at the end of my actually we can’t I don’t want this thing to float away I don’t know if that’s a thing but I wouldn’t put it past this game so let’s rotate this sucker so it’s sitting in here just like this there we go it’ll sit right in our bay Wow whoa yay you have a ship you have a ship need us I’m gonna drop anchor though guys ahahaha that’s too cool look we dropped

anchor okay so we dropped anchor this ship’s not gonna go anywhere look at our ship let’s try ship now we can get away from wolves I wonder if you could put these on land show up again don’t like someone’s base just be like here’s the ship hey we done it okay now I can’t never get to build the rest of the parts for this thing yeah we got to get off this island I think I think our whole point is just to actually get off this island I don’t think it makes sense for any of us to be building any bases right now because we don’t we need to unlock the map as well so we’re know where we’re going and we have stuff unlocked because I want to know where everything is on the map right but yes if you if you go out on a journey with your ship and you starve and you die or anything you lose everything you lose your ship your inventory like it’ll just be out there floating around you um you’ll either have to make another ship and go get your other ship back so when you head out when you do stuff in this game you want to make sure that you are prepared this is so sick I’m pumped about that okay so what else do we need here for crafting we need to make ship ship parts so we need a helm so we can steer it we need the aft so we need more nails I’m gonna keep pumping out more nails here that seems like it’s a thing all right nails bingo bango another whole stack of nails for us nice nice if you guys can work on getting stations together don’t don’t play some or anything yet what we’ll do is we’ll make like a double or a double or a triple decker a ship hopefully it doesn’t hopefully there’s no strip physics and this thing doesn’t flip on us imagine we made this like epic ship and we went to go float away and it just fell over that would be the best video ever HMS err h mcs do you have a beam yes logs logs and logs and logs J I’m the only one capable at the moment of making the other stuff what I should do is actually put a container out of all the stuff I’ve unlocked and I think if you guys have it in your inventory it unlocks it see if that’s a thing – oh it’s gonna be so cool we can put like torches on her ship like look at that oh we could play sources along the sides because we can use that wide to like free place if you go into why when you hold something goes in the free place mode it’s so cool I wow I’m gonna wait too pumped about those guys look ships alright let’s grab some nails grab them up keep them coming oh well that’s all the iron I had in that stack we need to make some iron just make some iron this guy on top of that listen in this one No No here we go iron ore let’s grab some of that out have you ever in my inventory we do okay let’s get our smelting furnace going here I’m gonna flip over in my wood we’re gonna Stoke it up we’re gonna light that sucker and then we’re gonna make ourselves some iron there we go guys we are officially a factory now sweet do I have a better axe let me pump out what we need for the ship and then I’ll get the iron just because we don’t have much on this island we’re gonna have to leave soon like literally there is no resources everyone went and just like started building stuff I don’t think it’s a good idea to actually just settle on this island like we made brick out of clay so clay is gonna be a [ __ ] to get I don’t even know if we have any more clay and you need clay to build this [ __ ] so hopefully someone has clay kicking the boat oh I would I hope what we’re gonna have to do is take the ship everyone can bring the resources to the to like the island we’ll pull our resources together organize it on the ship and then we’ll go from there how does that sound guys that will work right we just kind of like oh I’ll have like a little area and then we’ll move on to another island and then take that Island over I think that would be pretty damn cool you know we know what to we need to figure out what the hell that thing is there’s a floating thing in the air no that’s a bird there was a floating thing in the air it’s over there somewhere but there’s a power thing we need to figure out over there I don’t know what to do with it Oh see see it’s a blinking like that what that means guys if you look at your character it says I’m starving so I’m gonna have to give him some food he needs some food here let’s get him going that is not the forge here we go let’s make ourselves some more iron keep

pumping it out yeah I want to make sure we have enough to least make our ship and then we’ll start making some tools for people cuz we’re gonna end up leaving some people behind right I think like I don’t know if you can get clay or if clay respawns I don’t know how any of that works I like how you run to like you run all like we even we don’t have anything equipped with your hands out like that it’s so funny looking like look at them run he’s like volley running I don’t know what you call it but okay let’s make some more nails and we were gonna make the ship haul aft and oh this make the front first let’s make the the four oh look at that okay let’s go put in on our ship okay I’m gonna actually undo that because I’m starving there we go and we’ll use a ladder get up here and then place it there we go that makes a little more sense crafting and then we’re gonna look up ship oops gonna go to craft a we’re gonna look up ship and then we’re gonna place our front on oops damnit okay here we go construct and bam is that oh it’s a snapped in place for me okay nice then I’m gonna place that and there we go yeah yeah we got the front of our ship nice let’s get some eats here oh cool I know some of this is gonna be happening and this is this is gonna be Jay this is gonna be Jay watch this you can do like little emotes and crap – we’re gonna do little actions here we are gonna go and look at all emotes I did get one Oh pay me this is one that I got pay me pay me yeah that’s right there’s a little store where you can go and buy like little add-ons like that does stuff like that I don’t mind like skins and crap that’s how a game supports itself I paid nine bucks for the game as long as it doesn’t turn into pay with the wind where they’re like oh you can buy a boat for this much I really hope it doesn’t turn into that because this game is actually pretty awesome okay so we built that let’s see can we make the the back as well oh we can make the the whole aft the whole aft let’s haul some aft guys let’s turn around not walk off the shift and haul some aft you’re gonna snap in place Yeah right there and bang we did it and now I’m starving again because you cannot cipher survival berries for a very long time I’m gonna go grab up some of my food here took all my food where’d all my food go Hey we’re not my foucault who’s taking my [ __ ] if I find her taking people [ __ ] guys I’m gonna kick you that that shit’s not cool this thing was full of my food I hope I have some backup food somewhere like I literally spent like an hour going out and getting food and stalking myself really we already have someone stealing supplies that’s that’s awesome well at least I have a little bit in here I have some meat we can cook that up and some roasted mushroom I had like stacks of food in there that’s ignorant alright it’s got our stuff cuz you know you’re not stealing you’re stealing from yourself in the end what pizza is here we go we’ll put that number seven we’re gonna feed this we’re gonna get stooped yeah and we’re gonna also eat another hard-boiled egg okay okay you have some you have some kicking around Jay thank you dude yeah don’t don’t still don’t go to people’s machines and just take stuff guys that’s that’s not cool at all go and you know get your [ __ ] together cuz we’re gonna be leaving the island maybe leave nine I’m probably not today but eventually oh look at the ship now there is a screen a shot how did I oh yeah that’s how you hide the interface you press the the

tilde key and it hides it for you I just want to get a quick screen so out of that nice now that is a screenshot whoops I did it twice so I figured out how to hide the interface yesterday I was pretty cool oh and look it shows stuff up in the corner that’s awesome see it is running 59 frames per second at sixteen point three milliseconds it is evening at 2045 Oh a day a day is 48 minutes okay I didn’t know that that’s new I never actually seen that come up before I wasn’t paying attention and I’m playing it in 4k so it’s rendering at 3840 by 2160 people are like this game doesn’t run very well and I’m like screw you runs pretty damn decently you just have a potato don’t get mad about the potato I’m gonna build a bonfire on the ship we need we need some light sources okay so these actually they don’t dumb exhaust the wall torches you just have to relight them oh that’s so cool it’s gonna be cool let’s eat these roasted mushrooms here there is no water drinking in this game though that’s one thing I did notice no water drinking but you see that little icon up in the corner I want to eat until that goes away actually ice is still there why am i perma hungry my dudes like man we need we need a lot of food before we leave guys like a lot of food before we leave there we go one of these fill me up real well so what we need to do is some meat huntin Jay if you can hunt some meat dude and start stashing up on meat foods that would be amazing because we’re gonna do some nothing gonna come back to this later tonight again I got a record another episode seven days to die ps4 I think I don’t know this I want to play this so bad hey Jolin what’s up what’s my 7th days diet community called on ps4 Jolene’s got it for you just look up Skippy 0 3 3 0 ok I’m gonna go make a bonfire craft in a bonfire here we go let’s light our ship on fire hey BAM there we go now we can see all around the shores help for everybody oh jeez I scared the crap out of me I jumped on my own troll spike those things are pretty badass here and spikes I like those oh can we put those on the side of the ship so that if we get like attacked by a well we could poke the whale with them I don’t know if you get attacked by whales that would be epic though if you got into a whale battle with your ship it’s too bad there’s nothing underneath the ship either like you can’t get into it that would be ultra awesome if you had storage underneath but we’ll free place on top I think I think we can do it pretty sure we can build stuff okay so I’m gonna rip logs cuz you can build with logs you can you can build on the ship nice nice nice nice nice I’m gonna build us a kick-ass ship that we’re gonna go into long after any web guys there’s gonna be a kitchen there’s gonna be a sleeping area there’s gonna be a Jays rub-and-tug you know we’ll keep ourselves good for when we’re and of course you found a way to glitch the game please don’t do that it’s probably not very good for the game dude yeah I mean like it’s cool did that just happen to you though yeah I would imagine that this many fires in one spot my actually seems to be doing okay here’s light our heads on fire yeah but yeah it’s cool just try not to overdo it okay so we need to build some massive logs too because we need a mast now I need to look this up are the mast generally like centered off to the back a little further I think they are for balance right like kind of kind of off like a little bit where that that is because there would be I guess there would be a room back here I don’t even know okay anyways I’m gonna start just actually kind of building I think I think that would be a good idea okay we’re gonna look up my inventory

here we’re gonna go to crafting can you place planks let’s look at our inventory if you could place planks that would be friggin epic if you could free place them can you free place them oh I know you can’t that would be cool if you’d just place like planks by hand that would be insane but no you can’t but we can do logs we can make like big logs or big logs structure we have nice we have stools we can make like log cross joins pieces massive logs a long log I think we want just a long ones cuz I don’t want I don’t want them nice and thick let’s let’s make some of these here and see what they look like okay see how long these are see how long our logs are we can compare the length of our logs oh who did that does that mean that’s probably me there we go okay oh yeah they are longer logs cool cool cool and it’s easy to [ __ ] up in this game so easily it’s easy to [ __ ] it up in this game so easily okay so oh maybe it won’t let me place it there cuz I’m standing there alright so what I want to do is also leave a little room around the outside here so that we can walk around to the back but I want there to be a room right here too so let’s try to line this up I can rotate this sucker this is my first like actual like legit building experience so oh wow did that work out perfectly no way that worked out perfectly cool okay so I’m gonna we’re gonna build some more of these logs okay here we are are they back in our inventory no we want to go to eights so we want to rotate these by pressing F is it cuz I’m standing there and line it up with that one oh that lines up perfectly no way that’s perfect that’s awesome then on the front I can I can work a door in so what I’m gonna do is start this in so once i’ve shown this i want them on top it’ll actually automatically start doing it for us oh sick look at this build myself a ship yeah look at it look at me jump with joy my characters like yeah look at my arms all over the place we okay it’s a hell of a drug hey Stern what’s up man I dropped the logs there oh oh me you place them down yeah I don’t think it dropped them I think I picked those up now I wonder if we can attach a thing to the back of our ship that we can place a bunch of wooden rafts in ooh I want to look at the back of the ship I want to I’m gonna see what’s going on here I’m gonna see if we can attach some logs to the back of this thing and they go all kick-ass whoa what did I just hear oh it’s a wolf it’s fine he’s not out to me anyways he’s after me lucky charms why your wolf I do not have ranged oh you know what I have weapons now aha you can’t even hit me right now oh yeah look at that kick-ass got some high and got some meat off of that nice ain’t nothing you gonna do to me now wolf I got a sword yeah it’s night time so it’s not much for us to do uh can we make some more of these logs here we go we want these these long ones here I’m actually gonna make 10 of them there we go done BAM done deal what my inventory is full why’d they’ll fall that’s funny whatever I got him back there you go so these ones I should be able just to stack them on top of each other here there we go yes nice yeah we definitely want to go up a little higher in this I think I’ve we want it to be shallow too but like we need to conserve space so I think the floor coming across right here would be a really really good idea so I’m gonna rotate this and we’re gonna slap it on top of these ones oh wait no no I want to leave one space at the top cuz I’m gonna I’m gonna slide the floor across the top of those there we go now I could build a floor straight across with that thing there so like that’ll be a little weather shelter we could put some supplies in there may be a couple

workstations it would probably be a good idea to bring like all of our stuff actually like it’s too bad they can’t pick these workstations up again but you can destroy them and get stuff back from them so that’s a thing okay how many nails do we have cuz I built the front I built the back and we need the mast to let’s get outta there I’ll go and look up our mast here we go so we need a four massive logs oh crap guys we need a ton of cloth it’s someone can start either donate some flax or to start making some cloth that would be fantastic so we can make the mast because I the mast is gonna go right about here I think these lines are I would assume this is the middle of the ship right here so the mass would have to go between these two lines I’m sure it also helps you to in kind of auto places it when it when it wants but alright it done you have a dark over here bud what’s going on look at my sword fear the sword oh dude I’m sorry didn’t see you uh earlier a see you later buddy have a good one if you’re still here I will see you later we’re about to find out I was gonna find out if we can put logs and stuff on onto the ship our hope I hope our ships actually we can navigate our ship out of here imagine we couldn’t we got the ships stuck in the stupid place we can do anything with it I’m sure we can though as long as it’s in water oh yeah I can’t even steer this ship to see well there goes our anchor you know what’s awesome about up here two wolves can’t get our sharks can’t get at you you think a wolves oh you know what screw this I’m gonna go ahead and make a torch okay so I’d add flint there we go we’re gonna make another lighter then we’re gonna make a torch here we go see just make it like a normal torch then you can make a burning torch with a lighter there we go so we should have a burning torch in our inventory let’s go out in a boot and look for stuff why is that in my tool belts but to me tis not nice yeah so we need flax we need a ton of meat pretty much everything you can get go get iron go get clay we should go into like major gather mode all right so the torch is cool too I like all the torch works I like how it looks oh it’s raining out – damn it damn it damn it oh there’s a wolf over there I see something sleeping okay I’m gonna go to the bush here we need we need to get some more choppity done it’s becoming day anyways but of course it’s raining out or are we gonna get another thunderstorm I hope we get another thunderstorm I want you guys to witness thunderstorms in all of their majesty thunderstorms are fantastic I love them we should also look into better storage maybe trying wait what did I need to make those bigger storage units again I actually forget where do you want the food at um Jesus I don’t even really have a place yet put in my put it in my camp oh wait you can’t you can’t once you take it out you can’t put it back in um dammit we’re gonna need some storage containers on an island or near the island actually you know what make the storage containers yeah let’s make a few of those up I’ll be I’ll be back in a second here I’m gonna finish off this tree mine come on tree there we go nice so we’re following a lot of this stuff or inventories full look at that ice chips sitting there that’s pretty kick-ass but ya know what we’ll do is we’ll I’ll put a station out here hmm right here along the shore I’ll put a bunch of containers along the shore and this is where you can come dump your stuff do not take from these containers okay guys this is for our trips so please do not steal stuff there’s no point in it because we’ll be leaving the island and if you don’t come with us you’re gonna be left behind so or have to try to do the same thing

for yourself with limited resources so I want to make a container we look up contain here we go oh what’s this oh it’s a soil container can I only put soil in here probably what the hell was that oh you’re stepping on stuff oh I can make this does anybody have coal I want to see how much cheese and these actually cost where is the other containers Oh wicker basket here we go oh yeah sticks and ropes really easy to make there we go I’m gonna plant a bunch of these down so yeah just start kind of start dumping your stuff here this is where we’ll start stationing our stuff what what did I rent no supplies no oh you got some cool not enough inventory of space I want to see how much this makes I’m gonna go put it on the ship but we’re gonna find out just by using it once okay I’m gonna get rid of these leaves sick yeah and these will be dads to start dumping them in here useful stuff though right like clay and iron and we need flax guys go out and pick some flax we need tons of flax so we can make the mast yeah Billy it’s people in our gaming community man just play as we got to know over time and stuff I have the the stuff set up in my discord and whatnot I run it when I’m streaming right or we’re just casually casually playing okay so what’s my inventory here that I can get rid of we have wolf hide I could probably turn that into leather I can let’s go make some leather stuff here we go tanning rack leather that will take something out my inventory perfect okay so I need logs as well we got lots of planks apparently tons of planks what else should we look in – yeah like we still need to upgrade some of our stuff as well so like just general resources Oh ah this looks so cool this is gonna be so much fun we’re gonna go on a journey waited to these trees are done growing guys these trees seem to grow to a very large size so let these ones grow and go out to the bush yeah let’s just go get some more trees guys that’s what we’re gonna I’m gonna concentrate on wood I’m gonna get a lot of wood I’ll be the wood supplier and you guys can get like the flax and food together I can also now easily kill the enemies so good to go oh I forgot to make that container to see how much it’ll hold damn it okay let’s go make that container see how much a hold cuz my inventory is really really full we need weapons we probably need like arrows and bows and arrows and stuff to go I hate that there’s a cap of 40k man you must have missed it then we had a three times bonus it was a 120 K for a little while there we got our points up real quick doing that okay so back to the island and we’re gonna go and we are gonna see about building that metal container there we go container we have coal we just need the iron ingots now five iron ingots wow that’s uh it’s not cheap damn it what do I have on me these stupid little Leafs and stuff you pick up to you you end up picking up so much junk when you’re out okay so since this is expensive I’m gonna place one in the corner of this room because I don’t think you can pick this stuff up I think you can only break it once you put it down okay just look at the container it’s that much easier what’s this coal basket oh that’s cool so you have like individual things for individual things a coffin coughing container dummy target oh wow look at all this stuff that’s unlocked there is so much stuff in here yeah we’re gonna make a kick-ass ship here guys oh the ship helm we need to make that right away there we go

yes sir um is this the right way yeah was those facing us okay where do we want to put this like where is an appropriate place for this on top of this room here oh wait no no I want a pile we want rooms back there we want another room in the middle here for our stuff actually we should put our stations over here Oh front and then use the front to navigate the ship I think that would make a little might not be ship friendly but here we go pretty sure it’s facing us oh there we go we got a helm it’s um let’s go ahead I’m controlling the ship look at me look at me look at me I’m a pirate I’m a pirate let’s roll let’s turn this way let’s turn this way oh wow steering when these gonna be insane so what we need is like someone to use a mast so I’m Jay you probably know the most about this kind of thing so you’ll know other control the mast and stuff so will like legit need like someone steering and stuff this is so cool okay so we need a cloth with the Flex I don’t know how much flax we’ve been able to get but need some of that stuff what else was gonna do container container guys container I’m just getting excited about all this stuff here we go okay I want to go with these big containers here and see what see what these give us for storage space right up in the corner there okay close can I get it in oh wow you really clip stuff into the walls okay how does that look from the outside I think it’s poking out just trying to get in the corner there save as much room as possible okay clipped out a bit oh we can access the containers from the outside though if we do that okay oh wow one two three four five six it only offers three more spaces then okay so that’s not worth making wasting your iron on that’s for sure not worth it this pickle is up a little bit though wait why can I pick this up can I pick this up let me pick it up oops oh okay I did pick it up it gave me the supplies back okay nevermind we’re good so that one they get rid of it you just punch the supplies and you’re good to go this this ash pile is from that that fire we burnt on the overnight so we could see okay I need to go get some woods let’s go get some woods here guess rogues shipbuilder yeah this game is it has a lot to it I’m really really enjoying it really enjoying it so we need wood we need meats I’m not afraid of wolves now I will gladly take them out we need tons of flax if you guys can make some some cloth up that would be cool we need I think how many do we need for the large mast crafting large mass with sail we need 10 cloths for that that’s actually not too many I think I have a couple I actually make a bunch of cloth because then we can make like we could make flags and crap out of it or the deal it’s pretty damn cool hey what’s up Reggie Oh how you doing man good see again we’re making a ship dude we’re getting the ship together can we see a ship from here we cannot but we’re getting the ship together that’s pretty exciting hey hit the tree damn it there we go Swedes many logs many sticks many stuff these seeds you want to inventory full yeah because what the seeds will do is make you more trees and in this game and seeds I do trust you know what I can make this anyways I’m gonna toss it there you go someone want a hat there’s a hat for you you want a hat whoever’s over there there’s a shrinky hat actually yeah come over and grab that hides just sitting there you want it the alchemist hat if you pick it up you

should unlock it to another tree down oh and you don’t need to click a lot on these things you just kind of hold the button down it does it for you all right let’s pick up some logs here get a lot of logs nice nice along the farm expecially if you have a good group of people doing it goes real quick Oh is YouTube being stupid again did ya know it’s YouTube guys I’m sorry it’s not my Internet at all like it all at all yeah I think YouTube’s being funky again I think this is probably the only stream I’m gonna be able to do today guys I do apologize I’m just I’m not gonna deal with this it gets me frustrated so there’s no point if it says offline I can still see it that’s so frustrating like I don’t know what YouTube’s doing right now but it’s making [ __ ] hard for us I might go over to twitch actually and just stream this all day I’m totally down for streaming this all day guys I know I promised my ps4 people stuff but if it’s gonna be stupid like this I’ll tell you what Saturday if the shit’s finally together on Saturday we’ll do a long ass ps4 stream because I love multiplayer that’s why I’m doing ps4 a multiplayer that’s why I’m doing this multiplayer it’s a ton of fun I have like 400 Flint oh sweet keep going guys the more resources are better okay um how many logs do I have now we have 55 55 so I’m gonna start making some logs while I all I go we are gonna craft all of them whoa No oh I see when he crapped him like that they drop on the ground I see okay okay I see what’s happening there oh look at all the trees starting to grow over there that’s awesome it’s got some more going on we own this island now guys now that we have our stuff together and Jays not trolling us anymore we are doing really well hey let’s plant these suckers down I’m gonna plant them over here oh that’s cool look at them the little buds now oh tall oak sapling that’s cute don’t pick those guys please do not pick those pay attention do not pick our trees for grass we’re gonna let’s see how stupid we can make this ship let’s see how incredibly like big we can make this ship because we want to bring everything with us let’s see if we can make it a moving fortress let’s do it up um when were little next Lord’s mobile stream beer I don’t know dude I’ll let you guys know all right we got stream sniped by three three so I’m just kind of letting that cool down for a bit dude but it’ll come back don’t you worry that was cool like we did some kickass defending today I am I don’t know if you guys were on Lords mobile but we had one of the biggest guilds one of their guys come after us and he gave up after like about five minutes he got nothing out of us we we showed up and showed that guy what it’s a booth okay can I go off the edge with this oh no way no way look at this guy’s yes oh we’re gonna have no problem with room okay let’s go get some more logs this is fun I’m gonna build some more of this ridiculousness it’s gonna be like a star fighter boats yes we can do whatever we want with it No Limits kans go ahead someone’s leaving seeds behind I see that’s funny that that person is still there that person gave up after a couple times I think their name was cheetah or something hey Nikolai what’s up dude how are you doing this game is so much fun man I’m

having a blast with this hey let’s pick this stuff up nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice Oman Oman oh my logs we could take all of these this wooden pieces those will be good for a good firewood on our trip and then we shall say goodbye to this island and then once we find like a sick awesome island we actually got our crap together we can start making homes right but you still have to make some long sales like if you want to have homes on different islands as far as I know there is no such thing as teleporting yet but I’m sure there will be I need to Jason around to go get it get that goat boy when a builder doesn’t have to worry about building physics like in seven days diet yeah that’s a one thing this game doesn’t have as a building physics but it’s definitely 100% a very realistic survival simulator it took us a little while to get our crap together here but we’re doing well now as you could tell we’re massively farming the area down I love how these trees can’t go down to you knock them over they fall down then you gotta cut them up just like you would in a real survival situation love it love it love it love it now of course you can still carry a lot but some games what they do is they make you like drag a container and then have to drag the stuff back to your base I think the forest is like that right oh hello haha I don’t know if it was a tree or if you got that kill but either order that was friggin awesome jzuk oops okay you know what that’s what you get and since what you get for earlier hey by the way stage a okay it looks like he got crushed by the tree yeah there we go epic kill of the day right there that’s what I like you gotten away dude don’t get in the way of progress this game makes me laugh so much I care about dying anymore it’s funny when it happens and I wasn’t expecting that to happen how strong is my iron axe like were UFO help dude or did you just have a little bit left like tapped you twice yeah we’re gonna have to be careful oh and by the way too we got to figure out how to get spawn spots on other islands because before we head out we want to make sure that if we die on that other Island that’s where we spawn because if you die on that other Island oh maybe we end up spawning here that would really really suck you’d have to like take a raft you’d have to take a raft we could tell you what direction to generally head and what is that that’s it in the na mele the hell house odd I keep having to reblog full health you keep having a real log where why what’s up J there’s all your stuff that’s so funny okay and we still only have 12 let’s keep going with these trees this is gonna take a while to get all this together you’re right you’re a full health on that too holy crap it is easy to kill someone with an iron axe Wow still pretty funny though definitely not intentional I was not expecting that to happen yeah I think we should definitely switch over to twitch this evening YouTube’s been really wonky on my end and honestly I get really agitated when the stream gets interested like that and YouTube’s like it’s either been YouTube lately or my internet connection I’ve just I’ve literally had no luck lately well I do have a fishing rod as well I can just toss those out pick up my logs I just pick up grass

seeds that’s awesome we should bring grass we should bring all of the seeds with us to the other islands as well just in case those other islands do not have those type of plants that way we can bring plants from other islands to other islands and spread them unnaturally and break the ecosystems it’d be a really good idea where is our boat I boot oh here we go okay our boats looking good our trees are coming in is it getting windy well just get attacked by pirates oh that would be intense yarr I’d be down for that random pirate attacks that would be fun okay so we want to build a ladder as well what do we have here we have an iron ladder or a rope ladder I think what kind of ladder is this yeah I don’t want to waste um iron on iron stuff so we’re gonna do one of these normal rope ladders see what they look like Oh awesome okay so I can put like I can put one leg right here I’ll do I I’m gonna go in the first person see it how it is in the first person oh there we go that’s a little better okay oh that’s a little crooked oh well I guess that’s once you place it it’s placed yeah I don’t like the first person camera at all okay how do I pick this up now just like that that’s how you do it it’s rather again Wow that is a little wonky a little hard to tell where exactly everything is yeah it’s crooked again there’s got to be a better way to place this okay what if I go in – oh wait free place mode is that hmm anyways I’m gonna ignore that for a minute and we’re gonna we’re gonna take care of the other logs oh we already have some my migratory sticks so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go to here and then what does this leave us with how much space not enough space to walk in between so we’re gonna look at our inventory here and search up log because you can shorten logs yeah let’s go with log pieces make a bunch of these up we’re gonna make 14 for now there we go and see what this looks like when we place them down here yeah see they’re a little shorter a little beefier – actually it’s kind of cool we’re gonna rotate that around though this way we can like go in small increments out and kind of keep it big enough for the door know how wide we want to go so that’s three and that’s three yeah there we go that’s good enough so all we need to do is go three over perfect I love the building in this game it’s so easy so now that I wanted to go up place the second one see it always suggests a side but I don’t mind that now that place one go up bam bam it learns right it’s like okay you want to go in this direction or is it me how I’m using my mouse and doing that why it’s always suggest in the same direction I don’t even know there we go so that’s nice and open we’ve got a door in here now and oh oh we now get in there no really why can I not pass through there is it because of this one up here oh it’s showing me I think oh it’s not why I didn’t have to walk through seriously no that’s when I’m gonna be hitting why can I not get through this it must be the roof dammit is the roof too shallow did I [ __ ] up the roof son of a [ __ ] oh there we go oh okay just kind of have to oh okay you’re just gonna have to jump into it good we’re saved nice so we have like the tightest room possible in here which is good we want some tight stuff in there whoa pick up my logs here we’re off to see the Wizard yeah pretty

much that’s what it looks like that that’s what makes me laugh about it so funny-looking hey what’s up pig Co Co Co Co Co cool um so I gotta see what we can make for containers – there’s got to be better containers there’s got to be there’s soil containers I don’t really need a soil container let’s look up furniture here that’ll help us separate it oh here’s a chest oh here’s a chest oh look at this pirate chest oh wow look at this look at this let’s rotate this there we go umm now it’s not rotated like right so what I’m gonna do is which ways the front oh damn it ah there’s a front okay so now it looks slightly lined up we’re gonna go and double-check its alignment I want to put at least one outside then we’ll go from there see what the storage looks like these things look kick-ass okay BAM there we go let’s open this little bastard up and see what we got oh Jesus Christ are you serious oh so we go for space 9 wooden chests I got a place when these down here because are relatively cheap open open oh I’m still in the building of many thing that’s why okay open yeah these are much cheaper I’m not gonna build iron crap screw that hey Dave what’s up yeah we’re working on the ship now mate at least we can do this and like make ourselves like tons of storage space the building seems pretty unlimited so we can make our ships super bulky make it super wide or something it’ll be fun it’ll be a fun time it’d be a fun time it’ll be like really probably weird looking but hey it’ll be a fun time oh we should put the ladder on the back of this yeah here we go oh wait no I need to put another floor up there awesome hey Dave are you working today man are you off today because you should totally join YouTube’s being weird I’m about to actually end the stream here soon and we’re gonna go end up going over to twitch drunken sailor so those other containers like the the first one we made I actually did have better storage like these medical metal containers they had nine in them so I think we’re but five how many do we use with this one we used up five to make that give us no other benefit it has to be have in here small wooden shelves can you play stuff oh you can’t play stuff on shelves you can just replace it we have stools we have beds for everybody so that we can just sleep through the night cycles while we’re traveling metal sphere container that was kind of cool I don’t know what the heck it’s supposed to be but it’s cool sword carpet nice how are we doing on the Claus situation guys okay let’s do it pile of ash we need to make some logs here and let’s make some of those up some of them them longer logs we’re gonna make 10 of these suckers nice nice we’re planning for a really long journey here soon everyone’s out getting wood preparing stuff where did those end up are they in my inventory oh they’re okay yeah so we’re good we’re getting a little more organized now and I’m building us like a long-haul ship I’m gonna get one of those going so we don’t like freeze or starve to death while we’re out in our ship cuz from what I see if you die with your ship that’s it you lose everything right just like you lose your inventory your ships out there somewhere everything’s gone you spawn on the last island I still got to figure out what those power things are forward to like how to change your spawn like if you get to another Island do you spawn on that island like what what exactly happens there are you having the relog what’s going on with you guys um this game is awesome so worth 9 bucks yeah it’s cheap guys like that’s that’s the thing too is this game is actually really cheap it seems to do ok we’re having a little bit of issues apparently right now but I think I need to call

this a stream here guys we got to make our ships so we got the the base of the ship done I think I’m gonna take it over to you to twitch because YouTube’s just being unreliable again today it keeps dropping my stream and that makes I can’t even release a video like that because the video just goes black you know what I mean it’s not a good video but anyways guys I I will be back over on Twitch they’ll catch me over there probably about half an hour 45 I’m gonna get lex up make sure he’s okay get myself some fruits coffee and I think we’re gonna stream some more of this I’m having fun I want my friends to come and make a ship and go in some travels with us yes anyways guys I will see you tomorrow hopefully on YouTube here to hopefully youtube’s not acting like a dick tomorrow and we’ll do some cool stuff there I don’t need to look like my twitch it’s skippy 0 3 3 0 finally on everywhere under the same name peace out guys have a good one I’ll see you later definitely calls for a screenshot right there definitely a screenshot yeah pace