PSXplosion #199 Cardinal Syn. Later: Pokemon Blue [Part 1]

a pet are if they didn’t welcome at its a lariat as , political and if it is better today it’s the it’s usually not too bad most is that another we’re really doing the fighting game probably gonna get much worse and you did , 191 invalid pull ID with the hell all six deaths not straw poll by, that will be wide is apparently straw poll the common straw poll that the two completely separate things barely sure are that it does point out that the poco of the poker poll for a for the second half a stream here on which of which starting pokemon in any use for the pokemon blue play through the correct choice in his squirrel I haven’t checked with the buzz Oates are but apparently choosing charm and are is like that the hardest starter to go with soap apparently a lot of people voted for Char and hurt chart charm and are as chairman of the starter auto in the double sorbet is a charm and are charged ard chart or Dole , have a that’s a little I know the polka button up up up but the first and sex of the day at site that’s right because it’s pewter city is rock tape of the lattice I wouldn’t ever used but I I’ve tried a B. Polk among blue got public 1/2 dozen times of the course my life the farthest I like usually the farthest I get in Playfair is it is the half wide game 3 May be like a delimited delectable GM and the farthest I’ve made it recently was the of a dead of the fire GL and maybe I think if you remember but not very far usually most of us so this is this isn’t the first time in 20 plus years by Megan of gonna be pokemon I certainly watched a shipload of the speed runs the pokemon read to have a or the years that I’ve seen a game beaten probably triple digit times at this point but never been in myself so lets it so much to do list and then all the rest of them to accept for improbably Mcadoo OM the Puck on stadium games as those those O’malley interest me as much but the pope months Napa to fully committed some point , and then the other mainline titles as I have all of them except per event of the most recent LAN switch which should help will probably get some time in the future but not now as you know it can wait but I do a deal yet yellows actually the first one that I owned on IEI got a game boy eight add a game boy color but it was like that this ether one side is called give a crystalline I came out of a man I got the Puck Mo home tonight and get any of the games besides those tuna in my than just those two that I got any good guys store

the way back when a soda been like 2001 I think as I got it with a colonial and yet every it up for the tip of the Everly played more Mario golf and I played of a book among yellow but but yet so that’s a vote of the delisting Mario golf might actually be on the a to be less to live and I’m not sure about that but there and bucket arts I figured out why my input monitor wasn’t working enough for the last reel a snake that’s because that the little devices t , I play doesn’t do us be to my main and a gaming PC and Ford ever reason the last few days the USB cereal to stop working on th I’ve been doing some electrical work cleanly and maybe I’d I’d blown up accidentally, and then I put them in a while at top and so we we will have in the capture this and that is just add another thing I got a look and feel of stream cap it never ends it’s that I have to either look into your fix the for the stream but in any case were good enough into a least a day so that started cardinal sin pace explosion number 199 PlayStation 98 fighting game this is like Ernest Asia Ltd. and published by 99 studios have to think I think ramos’ I think there were so can developer nothing about it so many men studios is some of the status a Diego, I actually very briefly worked there, in the area where they were to have been like 2000 of 2008, say I think is on that happen so that those weird kind of any others said this game actually looks pretty neat sorts of by Colonel Sam so we got pretty cool over treatment we got sure we get some cool CD on it and and studios and furniture and then the ask for forgiveness you’re about to commit the old bits and cynical why a brutal battle to the death only one more you’ll surviv Bastille hal’s it definitely not for the weak of heart real time tricky 60° three fighting action you’re about to face the ugliest a possible to any leaning get excited hundreds of complex precision moves in combos an amazing reason tight controls only the scalable make the kill it’s yours and all including two secrets and others actually 33 or four I think, according to the VF ECU I found by each of the day you need to stand look magic project 1000 weapons and ind he may not die but you probably wish you good look at the rally got some screenshots here if those up as a pretty good those are pretty good some pretty sure this is a PlayStation exclusive, I think that, I was mistaken the other day when I said that if so is also on P sure sure fine of 1 to 2 players a 6 to 12 memory card blocks by and I’m not sure why a fighting game needs of many there must be some black it create a character may be art something we’re down his as at the lot that’s a lot for fighting game , when a sold maybe we’ll figure that out by the end of this and is also a variable 6 to 12 sell up to help I know a multi tap adaptable services the there is what’s a less than 30 years so games on system mostly sports games that that uses multi tap adapter so this turns one controller it going at once but IE by don’t see how a guy like this would work with the players at the same time it on the ought be looking fro compatible vibration push incompatible so just so dual shock and versatile shock

of and I don’t see anything else we’re down here for Lois yet Samper mature animated violence animated blood and Gore sure of an M.D. behind a desk artwork is this the this is the phoenix mayor from General Services officially a sugar title and real predates general but it’s officially channel and then the disk looks like that it’s just that any of its most be fire at the bottom but the fire isn’t the right part of the desk sold short or it’s like a IDs blood dripping down the camera baby or to save icon for tiny tank it could be any of the half of a off shore bucket so I don’t have a Manual for this game is there they just as the one online and conveniently I don’t have one of soul we got this amazing Mario that here’s our Manual this is all we need of a upbeat as if services up, I read through a lot of this and of this game is a, wasn’t soul caliber this game plays like soul caliber so all the of the move move sets move listen all that it’s a chore and then here’s a look cheap goods for first and to be playable in krona be playable and then there’s also another one there’s an unlocked all characters stain and San also there’s a thing here which will totally use that the bomb CD endings is standing trial for each character so that o that one we’re gonna do that we’re gonna do a and then he’s although the move less is all done here so that the notation that they use for this is a little bizarre said UDF it some it’s a little weird so like here’s the here’s the move was it’s like B plus sex and NT of a update the light at the there’s probably a better way they could in Otay did that but we’ll deal with it and now all deals that bucket sublets the a scapegoat who shall we all rights cardinal sin hot cider and playing this on a up a regular controller here , I just realized that and to aid the crop this which I’ll do once we get into the game the user regular controller on I can use a stick because this is this is like a three B type game and those typically a pad will will the wood wrote this book any two plight crop year and we got of R so welcome the welcome and folks I missed a lunch after the beating but although having a fantastic day and are ready for some incredible colonel sitting way it is that the wonder the one Perot are all the wanderer Hoke I thought they it said one of her a man with a hair

and grill could see it OK if well as a whole lot of lore shore are portable stereo and a book eight to get tournament label monitor now working to have died if it bit off of a but the fact , god amazing all this booking thing drive me crazy but whenever to have a sister that offered the date bucket are so yet trading options vs tournament are order we got here but normal heart altar hard easy but will keep the normal 62 short book a are we have here a lockout all day of a reading of hip analog button here all alone but it’s an analog mode OK sure are overhead silo block jump shovel room or Kent Services pretty much soul caliber from the looks of things locate and keep migration on against my better judgment for are due initial save and then But good but it seemed OK arts II guess a count deaths in this game as the losing two rounds and that’ll that’ll probably be fine are a stored and of training mode here is to get a feel for the controls into a get are we got will Ryan think star Vanguard played the one Toro nick reed of a a a a a that’s that’s quite that the intense stare he’s got on the front tackle are sure and actor Ryan but will ryan’s the the default so sure and guard

and then random are so triangle square and acts were attacked buttons bucket so we’re using what O’brien laser and is also fatalities in this game ball of Iqbal grow Hmong lawn net for the Orion OK are such triangle square acts as bullock bucket so back in triangle all OK so it does the it changes camera angles for special effects but only if they connect with And project valley is down down triangle by yet if you really quick if that account art magic back is up a bar one bouquet so I guess I’d guess that’s another difference with the whistle caliber is that projectiles are thing in the sun and also there’s no renounce looks like all the servers are different in also hit opponents watered down in this and I’m not sure that the soul caliber thing to been a long time since I played soul caliber became you can also a survey can they can get hit on the on the walls of the other as a case of wretched assets that cedillo wiping I think I get a series of mostly has at our jungle starters are trying all triangle and then you can you can juggle from their of which have sure of scope set the combo apparently of Sure I get a date were were probably did ago as do this OK if science are going to turn a mode is that’s that’s probably the story mode close to it that’s due as but lady of a a are ready for battle that the important bits protected their most of them to pick up a book eight of 1999 oh ship is it just over here OK gotten interesting

and there’s also that the potion icon at having it on a church that since that surrounds one are not also another thing II did mention from the Manual is at the if you hit the circle button during an attack occurred during the of enemies attack you can counterattack yet a sword is probably rounds one but there’s also to the left about a magic attacking edits, apparently the magic attacking on , and I’m not sure if that’s for the whole fighter just for round sets up a pen or one as the eye is a magic attack are only both are juggle successful as our one juggle for the entire Playfair kit are so they eye for the state electoral around a lot apparently says is holding down the bell two button much to do this to have a to have a a a a a doubt that have a up up up up up up up up by the slow moving mine card out of a a a a a a law that this this game is not that so far by the way II like the combat system in this I’m sure there’s a lot more debt that I’m not even a stretch a surface up but the I think this is neat all ship have a a a a a book of ship bucket at all the Ide the picture of what the design of the the design around health bar indicators that I like to buy I think they did a great job of like everything to do that graphically this game so far it to a runs good from the looks of of its caddie unique look to it the like of thinking back to something kinda similar was a war gods war gods with a whole lot more generic than this one did and I am old it is far done a

ship art setup is losing two rounds so that getting hit by that the little fire thing there did more damage to my my whole it acted to this guy , god did an attack killed the roadblock nice bucket are looks like if the continues in a fire is no joke and looks like bucket are the case it’s once per one SP around you can use magic and looks of things but ship yes fight me on the fire here them die all come on a cat who have it looks like there’s there’s damage to the player model as well books like day of there’s blood that appears on OK if it appears a counterattack CF to hit circle right when the attack OK setup that the regular magic project I’ll doesn’t do that much more than a a a regular project all those yen at this sort power up is the a bit much shipped

of course of course bucket arts of Seiders said nephrite has more projectiles than the others to night to stay away from us pillars do that healing OK are that’s that’s what that that they can just feel happy life back decide that come off that would see the start the second he hit the ground in this game you have to star rolling or else they will get you off six men who have yeses go directly to the R pull down the run button as get the sword and did not all of not have a look at Walt began to soar plan did not quite work were getting beginning died of here did man of the even sure I can really do about the of may I just carrying the bucket can I just knives do this today not expect the the jumps and then of course just heal up all the damage divided argument that she’s out this around OK to have a of all ages can really bloody are blocked their one

did come on to have this game is so unforgiving with what getting off the ground but we have to wait out the sword I guess if of black this game gets a lot the ramps up the the difficulty much sooner than some other fighting games to as tannic settler what it out of the O R a that’s that’s symbol ship their this EPA was clearly next to it if talented up of this this a fair this is there’d on I am Ashton mission data that they’d get a button and half the time it just doesn’t do anything called boy if hockett are now that I see how halfway through tournament mode on normal as let’s just a a a a trap of the book and easy on a crisp and the hours of my life running into this wall had first been to this and not all gonna feel bad about it ’cause fox tests are and there’s two difficulties above that is hard and alter hard so that she it by Tony Milano the only 10 but those are like the kit and doesn’t like eating turn off hazard and pickups if you wanted that the true one the one experience rest are different character here on let’s try a Inkster Vanguard plague create buffer of the stray heckle our are what is hecklers deal but it , god a date by looking at the combo list said the move was for heckler of like all the moves are way more complicated than orion’s moves and lord by projectiles up a par one which is the magic for Ryan sure that pandemonium the

sure yet this is cross over that everybody wanted pandemonium and soul caliber OK if the laws that if no right to just the map screen is for EDI in this game for some reason it it doesn’t need to be ’cause there’s not much to the there’d some played all case that the so there is there’s that the hazard for this level is this the ship game is already giving me the business this is uneasy by the way I feel I should note have this is on a lower difficulty of Sophie if you touch the the green liquid it poisons you apparently this poisonous off the debt nice book eight off sure yet probably isn’t back I know how many of so Kronos digital this isn’t their first of this is in their first fighting game there is there’s a really Jane clicking game and made before this that now I think about it and that’s where recognize name from a may dislike Greek god fighting game on PS one ballot to really bad the ago when I was so so easy difficulties sure feels a whole lot like normal still them a R seems I can just do that over and over again it’s interacting in mime puts but it does know how to react to sit down acts and and tribal and then just run into this run into all day and it they can just down extract all to the victory here so far so good

are art services this is where the game started give me the business that on normal and it looks like it’s gonna be the same thing here did good to have a design that S of sure this is either feeling had difficulty slider does doesn’t do anything as this is this is just as difficult as normal was to have a dip it’s the undoing the exact same light type of attacks are off it in this game is gonna be like this than this is going to be a short a sharp as explosion segment with Carlsen because as a properly balance fighting game you should not have to feel like you’re playing against a pro player at all times good lord of the fifth of like this is a nifty Z ended just sick of this up at a home on hidden block the fulltime by the way that put an altar hardens to happens all boy yet it’s just it this game does quite quite the employer AIDS by it all off your data were like it they didn’t properly set the difficulty is another possibility open China gets help push an aerial OK this guy makes the Ji jangling sound when he runs and that’s the perfect that’s all I needed so there were there were certain fighting games that I thought I’d sure this is this is strict but they’re this game just go straight for fourth diner read all your inputs on stage for on words good luck I hope you play this game for years on and every single day ’cause good luck otherwise bucket with a stick and move here in just a runaway arts taking a moving did not quite work either a cane let’s let’s see just for sites take a little too hard looks like and see if it still has begun a bull shadows that is of

that that’s uneasy that’s uneasy of a a a a th book a altar hard what’s the bye baby act it but in the Exe button here and maybe that commits it but white actually no difference between easy a normal bucket slips see a batik big stars opening yet involved is in effect turn of the note also that ballot also be its own special kind of box does they like clearly they put a lot of work into these these cuts aims for each of huge thing here and then they make everything else just so flicking difficult that you can even see all the cool stuff the need for this game li of arts or an altar hard now base, Reso Fred into that might hurt services this is definitely more difficult than the then the first fight in easy a normal so I think it is actually properly doing awkward difficulty this run into my cart sure and , if I would’ve been quite upset if you can start out the fight getting hit by the mine cart are mine cart has done more damage bucket where to reenter in these sheets enter that the cardinal sins screen at that press start flashing on screen bucket see endings a set of ensure for characters bucket are still see the ending for the Buster from the top here for an but here’s a ryan’s ending of services Ian did you get after playing 1000 hours of cardinal saint a good enough to beat stage five that is the incredible ending that you get wild are eight

of a up with eight are not see the Owens and then undone at this game by the way of just picked up by a game that is this on apologetically difficu it is not gonna get any more time for me the necessary because book that fact that are so hopefully that the code is still the facts are a node is a member that’s a that’s a bug that I tried effects but for Devries and it isn’t it is an updating some worry about it it updates itself after array of every g by this issue the things big stars ending it is updating in the background but it is an updating that time it’s up there so whenever it’s another thing a dozen work on my stream spells of busy are incredible ending that one is better at least we’ll just have to imagine the the 1337 hours were actually RT Pass that where we are currently in 1337 hours actually I might be able two of the holdup and I stopped timer and then if we go back to this and then reload let’s say a 1337 Ariel are to have a of a doubt it all in all the lead for the for the rest of the stream there they all this for you are upset the one thing one good thing it’s gonna come out of this pick up a eighth is that we didn’t we we hit the this Exe number 1337 everybody’s favorite of book eight that was an ending sure they shouldn’t just gone full tech in and just made these nonsense always go full tech in with your here fighting game enemy endings are plagued as Amar when sound effects of a a and that nosy ending OK boy am I glad I didn’t actually play this game set are as about the to say what I actually liked about this gamble will get the bad wrap up which is coming very soon have

I don’t think all unlock the secret characters above the button coaches to leave something it for somebody else to look up that but at this Point I just don’t give enough of a shipped the lookout OK oh man says so far I think thanks to run as the best ending another there’s ice hope that that heckle our will have a good one but so far as the only actually good ending has been insert a writer Craig is its can be intense tearing into the camera effort 15 seconds they’ll be better than somebody other innings while kite but I was kind of right and many chopped down a tree for some reason may be that way for centerpiece of the opening movie a firmer Craig but we’ll leave that up the mat station yeah that that reelected and funny I guess sure are different that’s I hold a sort are eight of a a a a O OK of a a bite of a a bogeyman sure hands I ending sure that its product of the best no one did make it into the big debates a arctic lettuce somebody be the best don’t display me a clerk you one last chance to impress me Colonel Sam has many good are that one that one was the best probably sure of the data for the the characters

and at that one that when told a story at least all a few little story but I think that’s it in a pocket are what what is the save icon for cardinal sin going to be placing bets of a youth by a we’re making a save icon for this game a name you let this order it might be that the you know that that the mere thing that the that dragging nearer those part of the lore or something in that opening cut saying a I’m feeling it’s that is circular it’s you could easily do something like that with a a limited the one that pixels to work with evil and faith read as a premier rest of the below effort option bucket let’s see what it is and all its a say in a piece of paper up a bit bucket yet it’s just say and on some parchment nice and simple though there there’s a little bit of detail their this little but not much though locate its given about what cell He bowed use locate it at the time on that one right there whenever playing at one again all boy are colonel San what a video game are depleted Bucknell cheated to us and even then things I liked a cool visual style of Betsy , soul caliber style game play , but see a unique arena mechanics and decent selection of fighters on FM these for every intro in ending for every character a site in appreciate I do appreciate that they put the effort into that on and city of a lot of depth for every character so that when I say that like looking at the move list for each character each character has like 20 moves in combos you can do by in addition to the regular basic batch of triangle square and enact attacks so there’s there’s for each character in each character has its own completely separate moves is now like a kid that did do it a project all tack w of their there really is no no, moves that breach of each character looks like sold like good luck learning all these characters in a fund that are of things I did like actually everything else of that stupid difficult very early on in the tournament vote despite being on very easy mode I guess just regular is not pitch or the even if they put in a very easy mode and probably would still be just as difficult as h she it are thanked me miss sure what’s a night in a bother about one dozen base are in and say no I didn’t I don’t recall hearing any animal mouse

was all the ending sold almost many students his secret character innings and I didn’t say anything looking like a nail the dow are difficulty yet so if if you have difficulty settings in your game and if the easy difficulty eight if you can’t masher way even halfway through the story mode in the game that’s that’s unacceptable a bike some games and the normal difficulty could mash our way through the normal all the way the end of may be of trouble to file of in this game she it you can a guy like a third hallway for it and I was even tried a national IQ cells trying to defend a lot so men date they screwed up if they’ve been balancing this game of R. Solow said that aside I think this game does have merit don’t sell in it’s a great looking game may perform nicely bike is that selected 30 which is f of the mechanically I do like that there’s a lot of depth of this game is like characters like an option for there is a gem have th bomb the extras long said the game says that of the chosen endings all you need for each character even though they like 10 seco and make almost no sense still if we stayed give it a lot of fighting games don’t do that, so yet to turn memo the survival mode of training mode which Trevino to login somehow that either bombs that silly something of a one a little bit further than most like our keyport lighting games would do of ado like that it’s it’s some of the soul caliber style was fighting game for three fighting games like like generally they either play like like tech and bik a traditional fighters and I tend to prefer the soul caliber types which is why I’m pretty bummed that this one ended up being s I’d I’d like this kind of fighting game like this if this is the bed the best of the three as far as I’m concerned that the type of you but I do see that they IDC the effort they put into this and perhaps if you read if your way better fighting games im which of maybe you can get more join in a bit of there’s a lot to this game but the if your game is so hard that I can even properly enjoy it than good lord of the most I can give it is to add a 5 B come on a lease guitar player the players of all skill levels a chance to see what the games about it in a lock was to content b and not the few that north of games arts that scarred us and we called a 58 minutes and nine Des one save single part I really w are so PS explosion number 200 he is going to be a long one from the looks of things of it is called the rhapsody a musical venture of Nevada Ichi which is the Bia the sky company , I don’t have been made in eight years before this one this might even one of their earlier earlier games of the Meta specially the pair latest this game is I guess the cult classic like that somebody onto Woodard lights might suite about it and in their Bio it was like I’m I’m the world’s biggest rhapsody fa but I can see why with with magic spells such as the whole areas pancake attack and also on localized text in B of the back of t on the back of box so we know we’re we’re in for banger here of the atoll Bellevue next time for rhapsody a musical adventure any I’ve no idea how long this one’s gonna be of were other we’re gonna get to tell his

none doing backlog games alongside there’s no reason for me too hot to brush my way through a fair games in particular cell wall bucket by now it’s time to see what game number 201 inside game piece explosion number 201 cannot be a strategy RPG a fighting g action game as this tiny tankard Olson and rhapsody so any of those $3.00 and can be anything else that can and this is automati so what’s even better as explosion game number 201 is done to ship 1996 lights are so it’s a like I mentioned only did that the god wills it bogeyed Ed six of a lot of the shovel way error on PS one is flight combat games and we got we have another one year of what like if if the shovel where on super Nintendo and genesis was like character platform are games and shovel where on we and PlayS shovel where on PlayStation is this kind of game of a a a th Sony of the anymore we’ll be declassified arcade mode for fast hunt and kill action campaign mode for powers of incredibly re and yellow to this great man a letter that this this looks pretty good look at that within all those polygons and the helicopter in this state gas to wing commander cockpit by all off and ends I really hope that supports that the dual joystick thing let’s say the zip bahama hit it in his 1996 so that that would make sense this is an early PS one game and it does not support the the dual joystick thing the boy a case that is that that’s game number 201 let me get that walked into the system here is that the mainly put these in R den ship is number 201 and it just so happens we have a pool come on remakes going right now so that the next game were about to do by the way it is the initial you’ll Michael command of all commands buying a machete them of second line and the entry here for it and those are the unread blue chip in with a cable and if put a bomb blew version aerial area OK with it are so I as a play for a couple minutes you’re gonna get some some extra side sites that set up for this but tha good lord fight almost 30 years Beatty 98 2022 years 22 years I’ve been trying to play this game and we’re finally doing it so I’ll be back in a couple minutes are some poking and a

pop up with up th up all rights poker man makes change my you two of the you two game for once they make it not to not use it if you when you two of the Maya poker men Ballou the god of courses like 50 different or even as it it’s the real red and blue 1996 saying all kit all rights poker man Irwin birdied its poker man are so as I mentioned before poker man in blue version game boy 1998 RPG develop a game for a published by Nintendo of I’d buy it I bought this game of a pea yellow version when it came out and eight of the game boy a color way back when this is like 2001 I think I’ve never beaten this game by been trying to beat it for decades I I’ve always liked this kinda stop playing a certain point mu at a Detroit maybe have a dozen times to try and beat it having done it yet so this all be the time when the I find many dear lord it over the hill air on the on poker man and the end because some are so we’re playing a blue version is also I’ll read so red and blue word that a U.S. released ones there’s also a green I think was a sure of hearings states we got red and blue cell poker man die kitchen mall blue version will link to read version to catch all 150 monsters apparently there’s a way you can you can glitch the game to get all the Mons of it in in just one version that the thing you can do on a committee that the sure that’s the thing all right poker men die Ketchum all there is Mr. Polk a man and also this thing sure it looks it looks a lot more rotund than it did it does said the Indiana mays but sure are you finding great figure poker and trainer’s license now it’s time to head out to become the world’s greatest poker man trai

face of a Ginza blast was a stir into water cannons Stenstrom when facing page it’s stormy best trade with friends and watcher p what about the the need okaying or whatever it is a canny develop the ultimate poker man strategy to defeat all eight GM leaders wised in and become the greatest book room and master of all time sure but collected 239 different poker man playing the blue version using the game link registered a table of sold separately traded in the queues both versions red and blue to collect all the poker man was in that wise the separable point it’s of a short of tester training skills by battling against a friend using a game like cable sold separately so there are there really just tr the man did so in order to fully enjoy this game you’re gonna need that 80 a friend B that right is also gonna have to have the game and game boy and then the need to get this game like cable that bite of man Nintendo’s Princeton money back then that savior poker and collection endgame progress in the game PAC memory requires a basic reading skills to fully enjoy the ente sure are official maintain a seal qualities that’s how we know this came as good as otherwise wire why would they put that on th but the plate on the game boy a compact video game system because this is as a black and white the original game voice in black and play the game on the super any S using the super game boy dapper both sold separately so if you want to be a real poker man mast you needed a game like cable, and you’ll see a lot of time to do all that sets each are so there is there’s the busboy of poker man that there still lacks and that is what the coaches look like me to bucket Yigal wraps made by a rhapsody can actually play Japanese parity on the the western lease a Mac and to do that but you can appar are so are the poker man trainers guide so Nintendo usually put in Mideast amount of effort and the manuals so will I will take a look of this , official seal of your insurance that Nintendo has reviewed this project and it is not our standards for excellence in workmanship reliability and entertainment value but a sure but of this is the blue version of poker man there are other versions to the story and characters are the same for all Russians to complete collection you’ll need to trade with a friend who has another version OK I’d say there’s the entertaining story according to the the back of the box you’re an 11 year old boy living in hell town with a OK sure I would hear the professor up as a poker man expert you get excited because you are curious boy you walk outside a pal town and should set up a command any hear a voice paid all: the Grasses professor oak there while both me hopefully this is this is a poker manner to bring in a battle but we’ll see , if you possess train poker many give up the fight against wild ones professor at the two doctors lovely rivals waiting profess shore so there’s there’s belittle sore and bulbous or it is netting a it looks like a Aladdin at the ad Gary Gary oak yet by the way of there is a pull a I guess we should I should mention Mr. Not there’s a straw poll right now

you can get to this pull in D a pokemon blue channel on the discord it’s also straw poll that need slash 19177236 a and then yet you too can you can build a poll for which the which poker men we will play of the correct answers court also hopefully all to swirl of appa but scored as the critters soul will suit the results of those are we’ll check and emit a couple minutes here so if you want abo but look a world map I have this arty saved in in my map things to worry about that later but the world a poker man shore we need two complete be of the Polk and acts when a committee that of defeat the 8 m short contr of the race file yet become more about that the some science sure of speed and yet this is this is all pretty pretty simple for some players Starwood balls or the grass typo come on these are more successful attacking r arts and Dr. Up says these bogus or but sure we’ll see the correct answer is squirrel that manage a straight up is your strategy guide which sure boat will bother it that are using a poker ball as you play well pokemon will get stronger humane to throw more than one Pope Paul the capture them are likely by drew up when this game came out and I know the secret straps for for collecting poke a man so we’ll we’ll do that a case of error is there’s your dead right there by a typo c’mon need higher experience levels and other type when battling brock’s rocket open an are sure but poker man there is a drum Robinson he is a guard on B of Los Angeles clippers and he’s also the first team leader bucket services saws are stuffed with just the commitment that that’s sure that they they plan a whole lot of effort into this M and it’s all nice but as this game practically plays itself so will the was not worry about all this bucket was due to chart buckets of the way I’m playing this a must be said of I’m playing this on something called a Mr. At PGA so I’d normally outplayed this on original hardware ’cause I have the, I ha and it some ate it crashes after 10 minutes because there’s is where the emulator that’s on the flash card when it emulates game boy games and it puts itself to sleep and there’s no way to counteract that sleep in that crashes things so fine whenever full display on the mystery it’s practically the same as playing on original hardware so good enough this is what my few exceptions I ever make on emulation as this isn’t all it’s not quite emulation it sits on a Mr it might as well be like playing on a game boy bucket what’s the listed in there so I need to mess with some settings here before we get go on, we need to turn on this are going and then it is this some believe but I think that’s the one are bucket all rights poker may and blue and then we also need different audio feed are no all right

are we got this jam here site that the game looks like it’s it’s narrow base is actually the correct aspect ratio of game boy does game boy is is kind of call rather than then why did ms is this is Alex all right was go are so I rechecked to see if this game works and it does sell had to set the fast and automation and Atty. on the of the game sound a small bits of its it is certainly louder than the than usual for list of the loan son stream audio stream that down to about their bucket all rights as do it below their welcome to the world a poker men when it is up people call me at the poker men prof this world is inhabited by a creatures called a poker man also also I should mention that because this is on the Mr. we do a horrible things like the way this a GS we kid is so this is this is how the game originally lets on the original original as game boy but I figured I wouldn’t subject you all to the original luck here have that an awful lot to do this and that that’s that’s how it used to look yet at the same strain out are myself I study poker man as a profession for stuff what to name blue Gary john sell none of these are ash soul will do the can in ash Ketchum are in as ash sure that this is my grandson he’s been your rivals since you were baby was named again are this is a modify can Gary oak as cat and clever use save as it is Gary Gary oak bash is very own poker men legend is about to unfold a world of dreams and adventures with poker man who waits but scope are that we get that needs animation their alright it’s time ash is playing this mess all K undergo sure so 1998 than 64 wooden out by this time sets its pour marketing by Nintendo Write to me are there’s a potion sure for a potion boys are right bucket start so poker man we don’t have any items to get that ash sure a right mizell say the game just for all the file the race to save us as a sort area market all rights all boys the home Sunday it sits on TV off open stores looking for you locate all rights I’m raising poker men to a detector a R ashes house shore services got a big sign outside the house dares us sure did all these incredible you can a storm recall items and poker man as date of IPC sure

are all poker men research lab grant isn’t around Is a poker balls to contain poker men sure are so this is your last chance to vote in the poll last chance for what the starting poker man is imbedded bonus coral are well put command until grass you need rubble command for your protection I know just like to put the money if I’m actually OK with back stating in this game as I played most as before and I’ve no idea what the flick un so I am I’m OK with the watch cap plays pokemon here but I didn’t know all the valley of three left in a one choose locate the the resistance chart is it’s the is that this thing because lee that way this thing sure we got that two of two refer to are so let’s sell its close the poll here so that the time is now what starting pokemon will per years for the pokemon blue game boy 1998 Playfair and I really hope you all picked scored all but say baldness or wins with 45% of the vote all this or are eight charm and are in last so we we double the boy are eight of the god ever use ball so before and Playfair bucket and that’s this one RC tight 2.4 inches 15 lb. a strange seed was planted on its back at birth the plan sprouts and grows that this book among are again assessable sir both leaders chose wisely really energetic why is it a flower icon note are perfect arts to Gary got a charm and are unsure this will work of great forests of a looks a lot stronger yet probably OK by placing bets who’s gonna win the opening fight idea counted as a death if we lose t and are I got this are arts a discuss trade and it does nothing to tackles or should I did and what that tale what are whenever does whenever chart are our thing has a right so grolier’s ceo of all week and we can rearrange the financial did not are stranded tackles or zero growls bucket are anathema tackles great perfect I do have a potion

I do have a potion I could I could do the ultimate bits move here and potion on the Gary oaks fight but not we’re gonna take this Al are we got a great book and if there’s still hope there’s still hope the ground lost yet lock it up a week off that booking Dario th of great the indignity of losing to Gary oak by making a fight OK sure the bucket a good art so OK we’re still at the apple HP some grass Thai cuisine type 11101011 sure II know that there’s something weird that the of ID these test so its own ID these I guess would repel a staff to generated in this game that a no but we Gotta save their there’s no turning back down are our shame of losing the Gary Puckett are well paid the Este got our frustrations on this page E are gonna lose to a level three page eight of art gotten rid pool, mart commute shop news biz us ready and city give you a sample OK are two potions route one pal town to Britain City bucket so according to the Manual in the map so we are in were starting a year in palate down and so are our objective is to event of the dolls that the pokemon Jim masters and I believe the first pokemon Jim is here and p along the one and two to get their so sure that’s our that sucker to do a reading the bike the the bike was some I think these are our bike routes I think baby tonight II think saffron might be where you get the bite to eat I can remember that and also I remember a safari zone like I I’ve no idea how the safaris ounce post work but butcher sure by Agatha does say it’s it’s as underground rate here so young dessert was the tunnels are but it’s peanuts or birds so let’s see we can a I know you can cancel evolutions but I’m not gonna cancel any of any bowl will soar evolutions the model is still level through cagey we have a focal point of god are at full of an so you get two points and special but one and everything else bucket so I do remember that some you can run and it’s a guaranteed run from any fight that run those letters that scary but you can jump from them get back to pelt and quicker that way

Are not guaranteed a file as the night Turner tips spot and moves a Pope Mohn are limited by the car points PP for punish their key peas the rest are type Oakmont Eddie Pope Monson are sure are repo K a the pope on back perfect else you’ll sure the stuff speed is art as are even a speech that will let others be OK ones That’s a healing up the Pocus owners three I think books in every town Don Chargin and money are OK as just as I mentioned bucket and then this is where the Sokaiya and sure are citing the right side of the poker center is is where multiplayer happens but we do multiplier are eternally green paradise so it will just have to imagine that this is green actually weaken while we’re here are now it’s green are the real pokemon experience of the o’clock am on great you can carry me spoken on art is already hurting my eyes on the lead bucket all of them as is like welcome wagon of odd but there is there’s a marked some wires the two kinds of Caterpillar pokemon no OK death of a R also losing to Gary O get the beginning of the game that way we have to log that one Americas of otherwise I might strike and from my memory a cave as I may I add on to what the hell they do and help down there’s like this like three houses in all about held town so no idea actually are so here we just get some free stuff by doing this I think in this game is great music for it for game boy like they don’t have much to work with in terms of appealable voices in the game but mandate they did a great job with it how’s my old pokemon while we almost lost a level for PG but sides that are delivered parcel custom poker ball Is requested The pope index on Mac records data on poker men you’ve seen a cocked Kent I wonder if PG appears in the pokey backs even though complete dead yet those my dream well I don’t think we’re gonna accomplished in this play through but sure of that our town that

white issue of multiple town maps buck am curious does so charm and are an unassuming page G yet and cagey we didn’t have the poker decks will only Saudis to so how does have is made no is it just coincidence perspective of the menu save options on the menu but it sure yet what a nice if we if we had scored all right in there but of are in certain that our town map here are she’s just looking at the town map called a great OK says that selects for now it just it takes up a spa Narayanan Torre then a case of this this roughly matches the the map that that came in the Manual that a map little bit better the bucket of the spouse to get some a free poker balls at some point but I guess not OK if onward to venture dairy always picks up as a type nice to have a Sunday they make things as difficult as possible than by red sauce owns no but so far are first opponent is gonna be using rock type then of is my favor vocal on scitech second favorite is probably of store lacks and then scored all and I only know the first generation pokemon by the way soul of life of a I’m sure there’s a lot of other excellence in games that came after this one but I have not played or seen any so perhaps my favor pokemon is in a game that no idea to play are actually did to these people a free stuff for me to potions are all sold out into that it’s OK are else could get some support from an RI don’t think I need any of those I’m sure we’ll be fine have I thought I did the air and I up I got that the thing from this guy but have to go talk to talk to look again I kiss were needed like 10 free poker balls from remote that some point but whenever will continue on pick the one in Trillin virgin forest No OK but you know how to catch book on all show you are OK old man but it’s autopilot in all menus butterball is old man holding to crack the buttons old man was holding the correct buttons are gonna get a free wheel out of this

week and the turnip Oakmont OK R and I’m also curious does we’ll show up your it does a case I even you’re like I’ve seen fight as Harry but we’ll a right on words get spoken man in expander collection mori had easy it is to fight sure and are ready and CDPD six and producers were headed , and I remember this being a thing at some point later in the game that we can get some sort of ability to add to do some of those the while a right of soup in a poker man we can get here yes II keep hearing about shiny poker man like what leave and are those are those of like super rare ones are something I see people get excited on twitter about their shiny poker man but I’ve no idea what the talk about as I don’t think those were thing and the ones I played by we’re getting wracked by IP AG again are OK it’s time so back on the playground in the late nineties I heard that there’s a secret to this game that you’ll never miss catching a poker man if you do all this they are we did it I got the tying just right neither got a PG #for some would say flaps its wings at ground level to kick up bindings and a kit best are confirmed like to their ego that some proof we need a tip that you note yet surrealist thing it is the realist thing it always works without fail the only time I never fails as if you get the timing wrong and that’s your own fault for getting the timer on your whole down down and be and without fail unless to get the timing incorrect you’ll catch that poker men every time every tim are that way we’re gonna catch them all now I have the forbidden knowledge from late nineties playgrounds on how two poker man and a wicked ago we just Gotta go through the motions now I’m never sure how long it’ll take the place to buy what have II have a feeling this is probably gonna be 30 hours may be which I find this this game’s great and I think that’s how long this might take them at a time like the small despite his wicked did you get one no and Vernon Forrest careful it’s a natural mesa are you ready for this enormous maze trainer tips we can poke Monfort and capture when healthy they may escape sure the right training tips you avoid bells stay away from grassy areas to have a R si which I’m doing OK the other being in the stream was pace explosion number 199 which was the card will send and that game was too difficult for its own good so we’ve weeded out on that one about an hour in our in there’s a lot to like about the game but the the difficulty was just ridiculous for itself that is as much as we saw of colonel San but are you ready for this are you ready by your ego as here’s a time as a team put stickers of timing for it and they’ve the AL

that’s a debt are again we’ll it’ll hairy bug off medical cabals to catch book one with each character’s sure by an emulator not playing on a eight Mr. At PGA it’s a OM it’s a hardware emulator let’s say it’s the it’s virtualized is the chips of that of the system they can do so I can be a virtual game boy can be virtual staffs of ritual NDS , it’s me to vice and crime like that the signals that it puts out and and how it emulates a CPU it it might as well be the original hardware or c so if I’m using a of a dual shock for the play this is normally I would be playing this on the game boy player but beyond my game boy player has issues of playing original game boy games on it through the cartridge that I use so it crashes after 10 minutes applying even if undoing inputs as to put the fall asleep so can really play like that it’s a bummer but that’s not so does are it didn’t curtsy are the right knee to see But he’s Kadar P chief Oaklawn no give all the deck speed to the loft a typical each seed it will heal me every turn I think are we would put our seed in the scatter P as that is not a lot of damage that would have to add to that he’s opposed actually know we can we can put in put in our boy PG for your game boy CPU is yet it is about four MHZ says Sid is not very fast citing blood bug enemies are weak to birds I wanna say an ardent see distill Putman work as set that checks out that birds eat bugs are down a kick the ship but that probably gonna have to potion my of my the law as we can do much of its painted But report Exe evaluate it sure all right and think this is probably one of that the few music tracks this game that I don’t like also I just realized ago the the upsets of the one to top the list as the one that’s always picking battles right of me get so works so even though I called and page ear lier I think we’re we’re still good that this one yet old it’s everybody’s favorite water that is that you as in this like a rare spawn in the of in this area by don’t think I’ve ever run across Topeka two in this area before

and it’s it’s in one shot my PG great are upset by most though god a case which side is barely made it in the timing window there for forgetting the the button, nation cracked several days pokemon gather their electricity could build and cause lightning storms sure the nickname that you know that that is just because you buy it will lead a peak of two pretty much to believe that’s that’s fin sure it’ll be looks like a Kothari for some reason are 97108 electric site under shocking growl About which is probably do this to have just in case , god have so let’s eat said that the cookies could be useful for are the water Jim only get to it I guess you’d have a canopy we don’t are let’s cut to mall gotten a kick the church Peter tape with section pads that in the lift a client I was a climb slopes and walls and kept all 1 foot long 6 pound worm service it’s about that big a scatter P sure are and how can the kitschy not be a good call c’mon when it’s it is the main character of all marketing for the game loan line we don’t ship a buck a this might be difficult but if it just as string shot costly that’s fine a guess OK it’s less fine actually were dressed it houses level nine weevil not giving us the business of a sure way to bed and I wouldn’t have a peak of two did ash Ketchum in the poker mammal or ever force is peeking through the turn into a right to some kind of a staff of around I’m looking for this to find up are and just happened that attack me while doing so are being readied for as PDC had Kate you tried but in the left of the PGA exactly

those bushes on the roadside they can be cut down by a special poker men and OK many poker men leave only enforcing caves you need to look everywhere to get different times but it sure I did an arrest had a good sleep train it sets a poker meant expert and battle however short run six P At at what point in the series did they start doing share Dax P because I ate ID like that change that that they did that later on this and they could balance the game or two words your whole party being roughly equivalent seven adding tough to grind out XP for the things done five all each ship of a a son until that’s like a league game boy advance maybe or early DS are sure OK so now all offer poker men are in fighting shape to bad know some are level three home invasions Brock is totally and do it sure like this is Peter city are are we ready here I thought were an all of them were in viridian sit all OK a seat sure isn’t a gym like nowhere near the EL are eight of made a couple more poker men balls and a potion to be nice so I I’m pretty sure money is a limited resource in this game if I remember correctly and the only way you’re able to get it is the R even the weak ones and a appears the GM bears kingpin Moon moonstone full amount Moon Jim later Brock the rock solid pokemon trainer are let’s go fight Jerome Robinson and can tell you what it takes to become a pope one champ on a trainer that I could tell you how to win only take you to the top once did happen in first book among outmatched is at the top of the pokemon list with changing the owner put them on matches could be made easier or old Katie Weir Brock when a trainer’s Gary are lots of seafood and beat this guy least a spot on the that’s not the others take a cut on his contract with Everett is 50% off the 49% level on Monday denied the right it should be a should go just fine all god of

are critical hit that’s no off of a bite are released in Italy tse O ship but the the what all god are at the G bit he’s got this are perhaps this isn’t a huge mistake bowl of a art canopy you got this yet this body art because you shown later the mask at the poker man OK if 12 we of wood at some work to do it seems let’s let’s walk back and forth in the bushes here the worst part will look a what source parted as a roll of dark all up all the side of the first press type attack in love with it are well were also there were practically that almost level 13 were practically a most their of all these but buckets surely there are higher level enemies novel three somewhere that probably of probably Gras north of the of a pewter city that’ll speed this up in a museum of science hall was this the two got up no of Are maybe it’s over here a undergo rocks looking for new challengers but I’ve already been there by eight already been there if you have the right stuff that become rock I don’t also wears a going there is are awfully levied by now than it took on ID Brock what me by is turnaround what I O, god had as we’re going back and verdean for send his level three is not gonna cut it and as we can it also level up some of the other ones on the level for stuff there

are a this game has handholding and dirt are in a pod the most difficult fight in a game are sold citing the water gym is after after this one bonus at a so let’s let’s ordered a bunch of duties on of all good lord there’s a lot to the Manual that I escaped a case are really in city buckle up to level 30 of art PG you’re up CIA we do what I get the queue up two fighting shape for the second him some Epcot eventually turns into led by Kadar PI think when a not a canopy its Caribbean in a pod two but are free event are Selby agree that we were left for now is is getting acts P on up a little sore and the MPEG are not applied uses James Hardin K it might be faster I’m just thinking well be the most efficient way to do this because era air their it had nonmedical on area there’s a level six and a pod so maybe this is much to the guy if only I knew how and Dr. Game shark is not an option on the one Mr. and fortunately it’s easy is it like opening them any rate when you halfway tours under something bucket artist right so it’s like half half way you it start of something or what so I can move on his space and mash start our law made me feel up and then we’ll do it say the game and reset all a case that’s gonna be difficult to do on and on a Mr U yet like that that having the same to do it is gonna be the

the difficult part this be over the menu when you step in from see the game reset bucket body that riley’s fine eats up the new Tutsi the back of crown bucket are all the money you cursor over save press be why should also say the game and I think about it are already occurs over Sampras be over the menu and stepping from say the game reset been quite work are played a book my game so II got pokemon yellow when it came out of I’d heard of this game when it came out in the late ninet of IE have played this one before pokemon blue of I’ve tried to beat and beaded about half a dozen times almost times I’d get up until about the bomb I think here I wanna save and the furthest I’ve ever made it was a year I wanna say and then that’s as far as I’ve ever gotten I’ve seen a lot of speed runs on pokemon read before and then as for the the games after this one the only other pokemon game that I played after pokemon red and blue is the pokemon , I have all the other one said suffer that the newest one that came on switch, but when I don’t have denied every single other are the guesswork for back to reading on the pods and a site like completely did at the Bagley Truong but it probably did but you could see as says Preston start their so instructed the wrong are heady do it sooner level 10 already Oro practically was there any im I am open to back seating and hints and in all that for this because I played Moses came before and clearly I don’t know feel free to suggest in hint and tip whether not I fall your your hints and tips is gonna be another thing entirely but you’re free to do so after the cut seen at the following the taxi clear would be in a mealy hope that a case in before you start moving are let’s let’s save your and then put that on their bucket to hit be Are and we’ve reset a nice kid this up because it in open up the list the into Mr All god all god of the body of the Jews by its own OK are all start that holding rate than

I was that I was holding right the updated doubt all book a while like DD have to save one nearest escort of the right bucket whatever of a lack of it that that’s a work in yet I know that this is a mistress they’re wet but whenever one ever meant back to fighting defenseless netapp odds were defense pulpit the fonts in this case and that may be at all exit no problem against actual amendment would we deftly need a grass type attack to have to be Brock today chairs on the way era II did I guess we can the week and fight some art activist and netapp of that just sits there and kick and cast defense nonstop ban all you bolster fans out there would be thinking all this archives sex the came on server disengage on later I guess our scope fights and most readers that we skipped As you know that if we just use to score told this would have been initiated have a I can swim there’s there’s one over here that I skipped like this one an hour ago you can jam out if your book mount rainier what back in the sure says this is a systematic pot that can maybe attack as well was a just gonna do this but I guess I might as well that some healing done while it just does this attack own 08 of a

book So it said Max defense Des Company this is gonna take a while , or that olds do that but it 19161820 I’m a key in vermilion and an even i.e. and make is there a wise guy is probably a visa like the bee’s like my first RPG use really like their there about as basic as as grp these can get the parent this to purge the civil and the and there’s a lot to one so that’s why I like them are leased this one to a total that the other ones but the but the sun is a great introduction two of the grp Jews why more than light, like final pharisees would then II dislike this came out around same time at the seven came out and that was also my first year PGA and Allen is a fastball to a like the o and dragon where of those aren’t those can be punishing with a difficult day and then there’s this that is cutesy Veritas public annex if you of if you lose a fight, it isn’t a game over you just get work back to the , the recovery center and you keep all the wrecks P make this is is is very nice [email protected] and blow that makes sense in an airplane ride is what you why would you play read one book among blue this site also considered um on this which recently there’s a remake of this game and the skull it’s pokemon let’s go PK choon park m quite a lot of whether it II think they’re like using random encounters Ernie think it’s up theirs and music theater run into on the field like of ands it’s like that the pope and one goal style catching mechanics are something and that epoque among blue as far as I’m concerned so that’s that’s why one with this than the whistler got casual run when you’re in a son says run that that usually means that it said a speed run and placed me and this the same speed run up I’ve never completed this game before are fired a few gathers also fired leaf green to says the there’s a multiple remakes of this game first RPG is legend of dragoon Oman that’s the that’s quite the first RPG to star with I’m I’m very glad that I started off that the seventh as at one that one is pretty easy as far as the as those type 102 games go

like I’m glad my first was enough of nine ’cause I would never be enough of a back up if those my first one bug of where most of arts if you’re unfamiliar with with poker man here you have a limited amount of up of attacks so we we currently have five at it and I have five more uses of tackle left and was sees up those five you can use the newborn list until you go to the poker of Bo , but hopefully the skills are kicking are on a check speedy we need to 227 ship book a week we Gotta go he’ll cassettes were almost high enough the senate easily a deal with Brock but not quite are we also can one shot a bell with its own it’s like it’s 10 fights like that to level up so I still do this and then go back to the force that is slightly more efficient and then we can be Brock and then get more Expedia on the the next segment of the erodes a weary over an hour in effect it has until I get to make are that all ticket to 383 your itemizes deck and I can see why this and be up a good one randomized did a nice thing about me and never having played a lot of these classic games is that it is a Myers will be randomized and beca as all the link to the past I can know that’s a popular ran a miser one of the supermajority and apparently there’s a there’s a random eyes are for super much right in line to the past where you actua where eight you can pick up supernatural items in Zelda that unlock stuff in Detroit and I think that that sounds crazy them if a foot short of a think I’ve ever really tried a new arena misers though II speed Renner ran a miser for quite awhile it was called dagger false bowl man of them suddenly getting tepees nonstop Enos dagger fall sweaters the only indicator of a good run as did you get a sweater not

what happen all the Meta pods those getting that’s nonstop data peas a scalar level six map odds of a way I cooperated lasers for a result was a need to thank you can use the prestigious mess with the bomb the USB SP attachments are up to connect them bucket plate that but I thought those level a prompt but almost there I think this one will do it a grid of time Brando and I think I did, I might seem a little bit of that before bucket by low 13 20 to 1924 three and we’ll invite away are ready to go steal up and were gonna go give Brock the business of first are going to give the other day others in the gym the business first because we need EXP and the money as they upgraded time another game and played that was on the backlog I’m not sure it in in which quarter I wanna do the others all because I can I’m not sure that they really matters which wanna play first and the only Zelda game that I am by played two completely and beaten was a breath of the wild and allen’s not even really is al , I think that my plays although one 1st and then maybe owing to the past and then open a time perhaps with some 18 saves in a while since do not are in a service commits it to the the flash card are as given the wind whips services that the deal it that gave us a business last time we’re here know how that’s the turntables have turned are OK and just watch as yet gotten are 198 stealing of a arts insurer I think we can still use by what a kick all ticket this is going to 19 all ticket darn white years isn’t I made measures distance acres a day of the only progress I’ve ever made in light of the past was the avant healing by the way the I beat the first part we go through the castle and say the princess and that set of a of a that’s that’s the most I played only for the past and then superman tried I think I’ve only been a very first for the station which is like that the first 2 minutes of the game so that is as much of those games and I played four of a superman should is on the on the backlog but II do RT know what the next game four of the backlog is gonna be in it’s not about money game you’re pretty hot but not as hot as Brock are thank you Judy trainer

bob rock on pigeons leader bob leave Iraq our defense and determination that’s why I’m up open on a roller act that do you still want a challenge me if I’m in show me your base are you taking a drumroll and sent is he wearing a shirt and a site as aegis merit in the hit the pair pants and no shoes sure are there’s your dad so also is is this supposed to be here on Geo did by the way I’ve always wondered bike is it they are the official part for Geo dude but OK alumni guy right here say is the official here do the arts white is Alex so much different from that have been games for S byte sure are mine went as do it one shot are all ticket to 120 but used on eric’s are have a a a buck a well that was that went quite smoothly 25 to 1.326 that on the K prefer victory here is a double Dutch ex wish mart ash received a double beds each at an official pokemon the badge all capped its bearers pokemon become more powerful But the class can now be used in the time ash that 1386 book a box for winning we take this with you team 34 technique that can be taught to pokemon TM is good only once when using 01 to teach the technique pick the Polk among carefully contains belied Absorb damage and Alvin pay it back double But his tremors in the world you could be very gifted or to Jim and cerulean and tester abilities are so when I needed rid of any debt because two person really in the middle a stats are a lot is attacked 25 defense 21 speed 23 special 26 is the law status all K and Aidid 28914 sure with 35 P P’s bucket but we can finally get past person block in the exit So how are we doing on the items or are those to those bucket them up so we’re going to up are pure caved into its caves over their peril a rough three the Moon cerulean a case that’s where we’re going and there’s a whole bunch of stuff between here and there a cave and then that the person isn’t there anymore or eight is as lassiter’s last are less a good level nine PG

are are gonna need our level for a peak of two is connected to kill here or get killed immediately pursue a case are are used their study to get the tax be a beacon to a good job if the debt it’s gonna be a level five the queue now a ad that said you do it are dying or dead and credit by level nine veggies are as to be fine but noted ever heal up again because of course after all that I think the grass is downed a ship and they really make you walk along way to the grass year are so was towed a long ways to go at their peak of two as I’m setting picket you probably need to be level 20 to be of any use India and the later fights so what II think we can do this so if we it if we start the fight with because you and then immediately switch to of to the law will be kitschy still get XP I guess we’ll find out shortly but yet located a good special DVD of nine but OK but I guess it’s a good thing despite upbeat and do anything the canopy this is not very effective that open but the 50 and said that’s that’s only slightly above average the right bucket that you did the next guy that are so will change the picture again all averages five OK short Bono poison staying off ship of the selecting the two seed again at poses dangers a lot of damage for a not very effective on

something five levels above it are too cute he did a great job body weights there’s there’s an additional damage bonafide are on that on poisons staying because of resistance conflicts that something is the time understating for that said it still Evelyn up even with the law so by its own by Ide above average TV does that mean that the battle of will gain special at a faster rate than normal up all OK are won the ball on its back grows large it appears to lose the ability to stand on its hind legs book a 29 lb. 3 feet tall sellout at which point is that 3 foot being measured is it your or is it here of a bite is its 888 is this part part of the pokemon or is or is this the pokemon and the worry about echo worry about it though of 16 a kid I know that I knew go back to the the pope center and he’ll just because I don’t know how Ref that expects to be anything at the you can’t escape from trainer fights like a breath yet that something to do so Bose or it said a strange seed is planted on its back at birth so it’s a symbiotic thing I guess we’re like your the of the whenever it is a digestive tract that whenever the bacteria is that they are in you but they aren’t you and I guess it’s the same thing with bogus oranges and the seeds yet book about a weird why can this just be simple and aging on and just tell me how much they poop hey I like shorts there can’t be an easy to wear this this is my spirit and more a year I agree shorts are comfy and easy to wear by red sox are peaked too might be able the stand up to this or not but the two earned EXP this time what the hell’s that’s bright for it it’s like a peach at a case of this this looks like an orange that’s been peeled for the sprite it’s it’s been peeled back in the left a bit on th and then just kind of wanted it up and then that’s what are our ID store looks like

this is a definite downgrade in terms of the the sprites of our are the law beckons sure but Haley says the peak of two who has the distinct lines coming off of it it could be worse in least it’s not a stinky pica to all OK all its ratings is wrapped so II seem to recall wrap being a problem in speed runs ’cause it the rap king continue for like six turns are something all god staff beckons OK Are we defeated short skid or for but a god OK this might actually be a problem but if these a potion for this on accuses the backwards you’re right all my god you’re right only set all man but lee’s and what of god as to really move fine whip up sites weed seeds 10 is our IP to two tie up some free XP R. Curtis home beet seed to pick if he’s gotten like six levels out of this but if

Nevada are no art because to earn this is time datum way that our peak that you actually being useful for once sure a fire type probably would’ve won that easily a OK so has a lot to a non 22 looking are so good still good for you now wearing shorts of a attitude of actually ever fought this one before a cave spiro below 14 spiro as might actually be an issue became a not maybe we’ll all god bucket the growing are men up I might actually resists bye, love down on all OK he’s underway the right now are ready for surly and GM would even as the new wave of 20 and it sure it does something apparently as it does about even tell you what they do not sure of paralyze OK and see a Usenet experimental as I guess or you get the official poker man hit book Poland of the Ken Williams strap only 4999 but it now we should be in good enough shape to advance forward all be the equivalent of could set back then was the corner of the playground of that was not quite in direct sunlight because then you couldn’t see your game boy screamed but would just enough to the kind as a member of original game boy did not have a backlight war from light or any lights say you needed some sort of light source said be able to see the screen of any had to have just enough like not delay error of it is too much glare you couldn’t see if there wasn’t enough light you couldn’t see it of what else you could you can get these all third party on lights that attach to the front of the game boy showed light shone like and some of them also had like all my god are apg to have a I tested in Essex be paid eight and a scenic ~ right here

are as a mother had a magnifying glass on on Sony got a nice big pixels yet a worm light yet and they up they plugged into the power port I think are the law as I remember I had a worm lights and if that the OK yet the starter batteries but but still love the game would better life wasn’t that bad especially compared to the Sega Systems that this aid of handhelds were notorious are round of the schoolyard of like an eight that I brought my Sega of a game here with me I also have 20 AA batteries up up up my back that are easy to go for one the role in the batteries inevitably die on our TV that the game here I remember it by I’ve only seen a game of your ones in person in a while before and it was during a school as and middle school I think in the auditorium where the principle was telling us about some someone everything and that person fro of was playing playing the game gear and they’re playing mortal Kombat on it and it was it was amazing you like it all meant to spark a quality games your mortal Kombat is just like the archaic separate in your hand and his duties plated middle of an assembly of an those are the days and mice trapped for a red outback and they will just stick with a liar my staff about was that in biting in high school I got A of all I can I can bring it into one for this bomb healy’s not healy’s where we’re way after my time he probably would’ve had healy’s if they were around back then , but note that delays or the thing until I was in college I think the Bynum ice that in high school was I got a PDA of my first idea was it a Casio cassiopeia which was setup is essentially a smart phone except is from 2001 so it had it that touch screen on it it had a deep ad and it had three face buttons on it and that was enough to do any us in an , so I would be using my calculator and class but I was really playing in as games on my PDA have and then eventually I got a of a visas compactflash for storage and of a 1 TB in a one to write 1 GB of micro ideas called IBM Micro drive came outside at one of those for it is like $300 back in two as it is not cheap of it and that I could put movies on in such movies in class with an update of an and about a relief is pretty good on its like it they could watch a few movies starring that the school day I was another productive in high school but likely classes were easy enough for me that that it can really matter done like dinner and 83 player a man I’ve ever so slight that the those weren’t those were kind of becoming things like that still not not everybody even had a cell phone of c by Payette cell phones didn’t become, and still probably my last year high school of like I was still using pay phones to call for a call for rides the walls and high school until I got my own car

and then you have a vent the third players is like a creative nomad I remember that thing of the don’t recall anybody having an iPod that I knew least of art of soup in a poke sweet and if you’re so this is where we should be leveling up but are spiro level five I don’t see a point in getting the spiro sure can get in any ways a man is there and a few wanna get a zero and did on goodwill ’cause goodwill is billed as the ruins of wine by using page even as it is my but because you get blown up But the two that its mark ski all it’s a perfect among birds OK of the last time somebody said I want to give zero and was whenever the last zoom commercial was as that would’ve been the only environment that that sentence is ever said the family zoos are actually lead this and hardware it was just too bad the closest inform our Las jig leap of bill kill Michael F , of jubilee puff is the error 80 type I wanna say but I don’t think by mobile do anything slips to that of other modern empathy players yes but there are there for audio files and it’s like a few watcher your loss lists like if you wanted to use up a gigabyte for one music track those all do it this is in my goal is to dig a leap of how they then I’ll wake me up the model is that of this how do physical tax not wake you up from sleep what is a bull ship bucket are now we have to bind with bucket are any others like a like if you wanted P3 player that you can attach XL are headphones to then and some light at ward that if you want the real the wheel good MP 3 player set of a legacy would be using NT three players for your buses call a and maybe an amplifier to go with that of a I audiophile stuff as wild as completely bonkers just dove audio file stuff and I are dimension before Lichti of our I mentioned yesterday that I have I bo a but I did some science some scientific testing with my audio interface of severely let me show you what I can see all my body odor face

so here it is a nice if labor discipline stream of window capture and 50 and then this area out OK Services this is what my audio interface can see this is the audio that’s coming in from a from the console so if I lower the noise floor here are two some like this you can see that owns its being generated from system like that so I compared of the image from B spectrum analyzer here are this is this is called in the 50th asked for a transformation I com and the power clean air and made the signal noisier than that of a set of so that’s at bats from one test that I did so far with it but the result of my scientific test was that our cleaner made made to a a a a a so sure but I’ve got two more than coming in the mail from goodwill I did up a huge amount of money forms of an ad if anything and every with those are certainly senate and beefing so the other ones I ordered our from more reputable companies of so they’ll say they are a few key goal and you too can look up like audio file reviews a power conditioners of daily even say like all men I think this a snake oil run off the bat and then they’d the launch and of Michael Mann I tested our crystal clear in its it’s like them they’re that of the harmonics of the this spacious this to the sound is vibrates above the voices standout weighed more than noise floor is plaque me through the gro with 1/2 and this is this is all from the object there are subject of listening and some guys even said like it it’ll be too much work fo all my god but if you want a wild should look of audio files the like some of it as some of it has merit but but so far that objectively from stuff that I see the power conditioners it is all complete worship but when us that that there’s further testing to be done of a bucket warnings and that is a bloodsucker all got a tent or wouldn’t buy them again as as I say all that about audiophiles by IE literally have in the mayall of a set of $50.00 a microphone cables coming in the m really awful of cable for my of my microphone and headphone that I could do better with mike a but otherwise im I’m a huge hypocrite otherwise are all baby back of tapes back so us if all the other thing is is that the especially with with the analog things is that if you have a weak link in the European your chain four of all god that again a

usually that the weakest part of Europe your audio system will affect pretty much everything along the chain all come on the idea that this specialty audiophile great H be my tables or digital cables those are all baby those things there are some bet that do actually do something well liked the M audio cable her M and labs whenever does as those actually hav of NT like smoothing whenever does art I Gotta go he’ll already ’cause we got bruin by that clip very calm and those things are different but for the most part a digital cables of visual cable and less of the very very bad digital cable that will give you drop outs or it’s an optical cable the fiber optic cable that said that broke it some part along it as you can’t so you can wind up those a medal just read it not work as a goal planner will fill a thing of the gold plating on done on connectors is sat at a gold is actually less conductive than the silver plated conductors butts of its more resistant to corrosion I think this is what the deal is with them with those yet were running on have only the dump a kid is theirs is the bat a right are you ready its time so we we Gotta put our schoolyard knowledge to use again arterial and dumb down and B never fails are we got ourselves and the beats is the bots forms Colonies in perpetually dark places uses ultrasonic ways to identify an approach targets so it’s a zoo but is 17 pounds all the credit of up and 2 feet sat that’s like coming across said an actual by riles the bat will probably be terrifying but I think there actually are bats and in a big of that begun a review to the bots buckets as a logger and 17 if lovelier how some and there’s a there’s actually bats in the OM the southwest U.S. but it’s mostly in the of the Western Texas there’s a lot of bats with such as Medicaid sure I above catcher still fighting bugs as far to the game so I think I think poison does poison press persist after a battles over I can remember I think it does and it’s gone up like flash the screener something until either curate or peak achieved eyes of large as mature about populations I believe it in Texas is like, San Antonio spurs NBA games like every other game that they do is like it is a balance in the rain I get out the then that’s the catch is that it’s like every gave up

a dummy at how would those back to begin to the arena with other leading the doors open alternate is like other rain is by its IP of random birds flying around in the arena birds get across go all the cost goes doors are always open our lease the ones the ones in California are down about elsewhere but I’d imagine they don’t leave them open in places where it’s actually a snowy are we gonna go to heal up our are Peter Chiu Team to all of which is what water got no cave so that’s gonna be useful for are but I would be useful against Brock but too late now I guess this doesn’t dozen water the extra damage to the rock , because those birds will the little ones and Southern California of the least of seagulls: place I’m assuming seagulls aren’t a problem and in most of the country and the cost is around but the ones in California this flock of seagulls ever wear a I’ve even been to one in NorCal ¥own oath there a 30 share in that the NorCal ones but man so Cal cost goes just build a seagulls and siegel’s are loud as back a few nerd by currency bills before I give me the only known for movies as an AP maker screeching a little bit movies like seagulls are constantly screaming at each other by Orel and they’re just the worst and is a specially bad in high school and middle school in Southern California because we have open of open floor plans for a ro a bunch of separate buildings about that, are just some of this open think of so there’s plenty of places for Siegel said just lie down into the quad at school and they just green constantly outside of the upside a cluster of its say be taking a test a reading a paper and then suddenly there’s siegel’s yelling at each other outside and then you’d have to have liked the maintenance people on their their golf carts chase after the of the law became confused back service this is why findings as the bots art can be a pain sometimes ’cause they can do supersonic bucket are of a typical just what does go with the law allow only from now on the case I don’t think I need to make a map of this area consists is a pretty straightforward error if from what I remember super affective OK lets it might be an issue we team rocket are pokemon gangsters are rocket wants to fight same true bucket of this is fine because we have grass tax 218 are at all that’ll do it

it’s actually weird that I’m up by leave really close to the beach at my current place but I hardly ever hear seagulls around here and when I was living the living down south I was white 15 or 20 minutes in lens of of the ocean but their seagulls everywhere it’s bizarre have I to know why that is public is II guess most of the seagulls enough in my area are probably down by the wharf while the fishers are as well they hang around here with is no fish when there’s also to free fish over at the of the fishery but we do Dalles over here and owls are almost as annoying as siegel’s because in Al will just sit outside your window and food as loud as it can I like 4:00 AM and ALS affected allow have a boat ALS are adorable but not when you have to listen to them are probably just got the potion here as a but we don’t actually have to find all these events I just remembered we have an escape that of other run and I don’t think I’ve ever ran yet bucket HP up should aid should I use is some idea model of what it makes sense to use it on the lot and like is there it is just as this HP up by certain amount airs that the determine my level or as if it and I’ll hang onto it for now but it are a mixture to the right button. OK so that commits that the saved to the internal memory wayside in is there it was that the only thing that was here are little apparent gang level 12 OK it was HP up bucket all right site isn’t the the Paris and one of the things you wanna get from the for the speed run are down and beaded a family got on Burroughs sucked rewrites mushrooms on its back grow by drawing nutrients from the bug host city is another it another thing tha that are at paris’ transferred to someone’s PC rate yeah I remember there’s a particular reason why they wanted a Paris oak it says is a dead end the go all the way just for the HP up and the a team rocket bite out of its depot Great great OK if

bates said Leo sis but bed of bacteria isn’t a person the right all god I want them to play runway although are it’s a Bernard MB this is the art by what you got this cave that’s fine but it pulled toward is a god bucket know they import those of the shootings from the new one bucket the blue I think it’s called the only thing I know about about recent book on is all like the fan are dicey on pointer that is as the most pokemon knowledge I have a of the new ones and As another dead end , if the rate we’re candy so that they were candy is the is the instincts into level up I think is that they were candy and they’ve a gets another really good item if I remember correctly are insists the split safe here it’s right all meant unlike two for 40 of what I said I would need a map of this because I’m sure this to be straightforward yuan a I think I’ll go OK this this looks promising TMO one made a punch a cave and ensure what made a pledge to be good for home but the aunt will come sure welcome folks are we do nothing on you to light that I know all open to a a a kit budget would matter of when did you did buy this one’s for you did you did or did a year boy all its fine II appreciate the rate will come that the unfamiliar with byte channel that and I’m guessing most ER a by streamed backlog Playfair is the games and I’ve been meaning to play for years and I also do a thing on my channel call PS explosion where I play through

nearly every of PlayStation game except the ones I don’t wanna play out that of the doubt and are and work early on peace explosion game number 200 is evident in his explosion since like 2015 bonus I but that also never played any of the pokemon games before services is all new to me that you’re dead bucket will be from a I up by bought pokemon the yellow light in 2001 I think ands delicate third of the way through the one that never beat it by I’ve tried throughout the year is due out to play through this on and have never never gonna the end by favor PS one game is it’s called a grain stream saw that it is an action RPG and it is incredible alike top box a top three are no top five PS one games the grants for saga of boniface a seven fun of the seats over blood and a nobility might top five PS one games in no particular order except Christian saga being in first place by this is a problem for a lob being confused here II think if I if I put away the law in bringing back the confusion reverts ri arm about being thing that is ran OK it by did remember correctly for once but Wilson a peachy to get blown up your actually pick if you like the artist Tom R it may not attack but of course it’s going to end if the raptors why not why not nice paralysis came bucket there’s a chance a right sure are this all seems fine bucket with his is another IP assist another dead and all my god bouquet those that sick and am I guess sure of our love mazes I don’t always to commence to set up a note by the way the ability to get my of my main chats I had two chapters and should be to Chad and also my up by disk or chat so if I’m talking to seemingly no one that’s because it’s in my desk or chat or vice versa of a [email protected]

, has online teams so who can do anything with those are a little tip of never sure prettyman the fed says hello from the disk or chat directed me to chat of art because you are some rock and add day that because Jews almost ready to take on missed a R moonstone I think all your PC’s of sunup moonstone by the guy was you give it to clip buried said said evolve and the whenever Cofer evolves into a tank or powers about baby became more shares unborn dozen proactive and the ferry if foreman stones and for Polk among the Moon some interesting half so if he did the moonstone to the wrong pokemon then and that’s if you just get a UK catcher mall than though really if you get a pokemon the revolution is a really catching on think about it does a really count code is much too. That’s what a sea beginners and that needed this is in the Sierra game OK if they offer up for those new to the Chan also of why not that the other types of content here a day I played nearly everything that is like a sports game the dapper knows everything but sports can figure that by class casual games I played was the are quick to all the king’s quest games as I really like the old Sierra Kings west of an earpiece explosion we do everything but sports games of an like an example of another backlog game that will be doing is the steel battalion is gonna be coming up soon ’cause my foot the wife what is able to operate a a panel recent by my died of this up striking because the law is is the PPS getting very short on the lot here and this might be an issue that’s a lot of Expedia OK be I have the I have the equipment two to play and stream games on nearly every system and the there’s been some pretty much every system that I want to play the stream so no shortage of content here

are its losses run from everything have been thoroughly we get the year as if I remember correctly there is like two more fights before the end of the section I seem to remember this area being particular horrible are that these and other but all of those unfortunate that is finite resources in this game cave in the first cave in pokemon snap was is pretty bad a cut down alike by the PS might as well use this as a save myself an extra tackle actually not that it will matter it seems an Appalachian abroad and IP to chew for that not all mistakes are made of R sue batons about violence here perfect super effective for all that with busy others you that not have the slight arts funding fine Mia Jann Wenner I assume that means that I only like Jan one wears a think this is pokemon bluesy only poker on game that I’ve ever played have the and the most pokemon I’ve ever played is the buts that stupid year of I play to roughly half of pokemon blue in 2002 and then upset that is the only pokemon experience I’ve ever had so I guess that makes me Jann Wenner as I haven’t played the other ones to know 30 good sign assuming they’re bad but all other use some of like a lady DI’s early nineties Suk also games I haven’t played as I was some I kinda switched off between console and PC gam of I switched out between PC gaming consul gaming flight from from like 90 to 94 it was any us in genesis for me and then office which are to PC gaming until the late nineties and the light switch back to consul for PlayStation staff and then did both consul in PC are up early two thousands until now it is so there there’s quite a few blank spots in my of console repertoire are some equality fight we got here a gate page is probably the best bet for this

are nice will then paid the thick one for that same are pretty super effective all god are perfect it may not attack but of course it’s going to and a ticket that’s fine are the kids are confident the R god pocket of this attack that the those are first game ever as mamet’s the incident: start off with a knee my first one was super Mario brothers on the ms which I’d never beaten until late was it six months ago only if we did the play through that actually guess as a year ago at this point that it was gone today was grazed inside a nice and it all went downhill from there I had I had two tackles left this is not optimal bill meant a red beet seed bring home base are with other cells strapped by design is that these trials are in there really aren’t any other rp these quite like rain stream but maybe some super Nintendo era games oh note to damage but again say the last tackle this the case is another way we have to do but but a AR which one we want Unix POS all wore dome fossil services the this is a snail one I think and this is the affect the Manual says anything about this I don’t think it was really matters, thinking that his of your these aren’t even in the Manual OK sure he likes at

the Stewart site is in order to catch them all you need of the other person set to get that on some of our islands there’s the pokemon loved Jenner Nicole Simpson Are as good a hope that there’s no more mandatory fights here all six were cut all right not Moon two cerulean city of it , hopefully there’s a poke one center somewhere are integrated all K bike shop on date are OK sure adding a step away for a for a couple minutes here if an all be back and we will pull show you more of my pool commands stay tuned are kits used a cheating a trainer flag which was it is a match a day of isn’t gloating cheating according to every two comments on the speed run as are bill has lots of open Monday collector on stale OK Dunnigan shark yet sure I beseech you need like missing no or whenever does missing number book and art some am pretty sure we can take on misty at as our picket use level oven and I don’t think that’s gonna go well and this would you like a tag team

now than which dates to describe of a note of the commanders are no And there will come back and lay I think there was as there were can be like right here on this day is like there’s items that are in an obvious places in an arm of this buyer medicines be run bucket gotten that’s that’s probably the only one actually remembered up with the speed rent a bucket Jim Jim Of course carry one already is my diced don’t lose produces water park mall on injured other water with playful c’mon with Plato c’mon what the sure it didn’t all environments to 92 for love I started streaming again like regularly but say three months ago I guess of IBM’s trading very can easily often on before then , but Berger stream started up still relatively recently so good that you the youth on me again did see a bucket smoke second and skip that I did was once I make if you skip a fight you can’t do it later after you beat a trainer rid of Jim leader in that site of course there is a lonely 18 Buchan art RPG to does not stand a chance I guess the so water so water type attacks are not been updated we’ve not effective on against the law and our tax error going to be normal damage as big a panic yet these explosion continues of we actually did did peace explosion today with the number 199 was the cardinal saint is a fighting game and it the it was good but that the difficulty of that game was way too high , so I ended up not really liking it as much as site are probably wouldn’t have the game bit more excess of all , played like soul caliber which I like soul caliber of but unfortunately that even on EZ difficulty that the difficulty curve is like straight up after death of the second fight so we only played about an hour about one the next of the next game in peace explosion is the with a cold , as a strong as wire cake will will try them out now I guess I guess I should have the resistance is open in the Manual as enormous chart here are holed out what’s the west confirm confirm your findings before going any further OK so the water type is three so three against Brass which is five sorry if they’re soul greats

so for attacking the doves took a bit of that hurt my brain turn a figure that out are all just a few with more of a a a bomb they have the upper deck space exposing him as a strategy RPG it’s up that the title of his eluding me right now, but Sykes a musical be fickle game and is it a scroll down but what are the it is rhapsody rhapsody a musical venture is the game that was budget notes that have bits of enormous chart buck a poison powder are eight to we want poison powder should I get when a growl and replace it with poise about are are a poke experts what’ll I do here what’s what’s the play us as a kid back is morale is so far pretty useless are growl good pointed real is useless and poise and powdered is slightly more than the nothing so sure an unassuming poison powdery is a Z dots but it doesn’t the dozen immediately damage of fronts I guess I know I am I’m no longer speed reading of for two reasons one the minor reason is the that I lost interest in speed reading and two more importantly the speed running completely ruin my hands I had to stop playing video games for eight in actual calendar year as my hands hurt so badly I could hold a mouse or controller so I don’t want that happening again so I will of not be speed reading any more of a balanced said take by time and take it easy on my hands just playing games casually is all leave the speed reading to the onions and can afford to the mess up their other hands are supported honesty I know he’ll up just in case is goes horribly sideways I’m sure we’ll be fine but just be sure the pope on center is right here might as well was only seed in the potion to lead I yeah but money is a finite resources Campbell and I can’t just keep buying potions belt and as Bosak and that sure of R policy about pokemon what is your perch and because pokemon all of offensive with watertight sure are theirs misty look slightly different from the cartoon a cut all right that works OK expert then that’s cheating bucket that works to as and here I was worried about NAFTA have a OK gotten cut cascade bench

level 30 a small leak and I used at any time that a small bush’s a cut bubble being used on an aquatic park one A fig avenue aquatic book on what now locate short yet a file a charm and arrive at Israel of real fun when does what is it a real bad with the with a bogus or but the grass starter like the the fire islands it’s in a bar whenever it is team bracket robbed on disposal kid the beginner bike but of R also never did it again are miss endless are off to bush beat the glue factory Biggio no are well paid growl would’ve done something our convoys about are a period that we’ve not play station that worked that the Juneau came out effective Panetta the damage bucket of have a native big as little of that are estate is paid to a cave OK but that you bring home perfect perfect bucket you’ll be fine he’ll be fine this is the final boss said that’s fine gotten abra Buck a good and probably gonna have to push and for the next one hockett are meets aid wasn’t better and this apology to kill oat are eight or not all take it

have a a a rate that’s up that’s pretty effective having both of those on their is indeed a bouquet OK are clutch poison got on by it but that’s another thing I remember that and speed run they intentionally played either do the run on critical health beca to you have to listen to the the warning bell for the entire a entire run a caterer pokemon bills and world famous as the poker maniac poem on Storage Systems Storage System is not in SET it can be a real thing that I think I’d speaking of the the Polk months tort system I think there’s the actually decent pokemon stored in there that Ivan the done anything with layer read Maria that so they can’t that’s right I get a level 12 Paris come to think that adding have and storage that I can use they can get rid of like that the wheeler cattle feed that probably never gonna day use otherwise are of a set and we don’t add up the sorry not sorry give me my mentor a you’ll get your dad and Paris so let’s skip those bucket all mine field of a bucket that to OK are and I seem to recall after the Gary fight there’s like there’s a gantlet of five trainers I think on the bridge north of town that the GK at the giga past number five yet be up yet get them into this a K a but how big of a problem is akin to be later in the game if I just use nothing but the law for the next up are to get by eight I think the last time I tried to play this was a couple years ago and I ate ice readings speed run straps of aiding the nido need or an order it is and been using corn attack and just use that to get give us the game but I don’t plan on undoing up the display through hopefully it

hopefully will be too big a problem all Italy is more branding a guest spot is an RPG D need to do that lake dam OK well that’ll be a future Peri problem and not occur for a problem all it tomorrow Peri deal with that other percussion service of this decision does present curry is given these trainers a business with the law and other one a similar level like a like an item colleges kept something its high level later maybe it maybe this time all figure out how old that the safaris on works ’cause his eye never been able to figure out how the safari zone actually works before you get a bunch of poker balls and then I thought he did keep it to catch but apparently not buy a new book if art to know is in the one above the legendary aid bird but c’mon I think was that doses is at that is at the water equivalent of that those I think as at super fit, sure was arctic and a backward said that minister he’ll appear Bodine a seal are accorded a revolving seen again are a little like a level level 30 maybe that’s the affair happens but by uses other air can call 36 look at the mind of a study to be a lot and isn’t there um as arson downside two of two evolving too fast or to say like you don’t learn all the moves that you can buy date I seem to recall up one A when I last try to play this ad than the old beetle ran strapped bomb and I missed I missed the level where you suppose to learn crash site are actually have brash

of and that that I think that so derailed by last play through it by kid I set off a disciple why bother playing this if I if th and not just use my way through That is prize a nugget which like to join team rocket yes one join yes thing only rival the interesting bucket of the adding this is another point is Peter unaware of what you get are rap it’s kind of over a if these astounds the involve a move that being a thing I think if you get stolen from the the cave of savor the Moon but it only good thing joy even need to bother healing as a look like it OK if am getting close the mentor limit here to to get a lot of stuff are only a underway and that’s the isn’t picky charity of up yet sure we have two thunder waves Many thing good that we can actually dating have any footballs rid of it OK are services normal type in fighting type I think sunup in bind with those anything to up to much up you do that All rights trip to bet that be back sure so if I remember correctly the next the next byte that should pose any sort of challenges the the fight on a cruise ship with Gary again but think and for that the problem is likely to be of charm and are that this problem in the HR as art and also the bird could you does probably certain immune from

our but this one and then into the back the pope center your cameras flashed the Russian involves extra new order of probably are maybe it was drill attack Iraq and am report affected ever knows there is one of up one of the taxes be run use two at the cheese fights one of them are very specifically did not learn and are really buy me out by me out enough that the not finish with Playfair is a surge after the of the cruise ship vote yet or defect is the other one shot is not and that’s that’s why no one is so special that it way to get their first picture you know whenever but also to get their R us heal up and then weaker way to bills else as a shrub in deposits of those items to the neck and B’s in those teams anytime soon and issued its report calls a I think you get cut from the on the captain the ship I think maybe them as the San a at his PC I think this is the item PC that bucket deposits , that’s the ice in the ether of restores your your P P’s two full length of and then I think the nuggets is for selling was a nine even up is very important I played enough RPG Z own and maps to do not thoroughly about giving them a unbeaten or we aren’t all times as house what I know what the menu to go to the sea cottage and then down their TVs as an arts are going to the the Pope Martz to get the maid we need some balls a in politics and potions whether to slow borough are all The local level yet before 1/2 dozen of ink monster rancher flashbacks there are put the ball that’s the shore that should last as long enough of sure are that’ll be good enough money can I’m assuming the nuggets sell for the same amount wherever so for 5000 anywhere , too late now that’s not the case the

debt expresses ever taken and I think you can you can buy that the acts like exit tactics defended those in the on the big department store I think in the big city later in the game chipmakers and that the center the map somewhere services of this is why have the map as otherwise it’s the saffron I think it’s a far sell it on as the the big building are on words of it enough of her have it so that the city’s we haven’t bought yet on a cool guy had got a girlfriend will get on you are there doesn’t have a good one of a good sleeping of 29 are are trying to remember when it was the last of the last death we even had was that two of so we died to Garrett the start and then was it said the glut in the in the gym the first Jan I think we’re due yell at night it was even a Brock it was that the trainer before breath of close this are only two wraps it’s good enough I guess Rates I think you can get in there without cut if you if you fight this guy in the left and then this get this other guy to walk down but whenever I’m sure that’s that’s not a good i arts abuse by her pokemon is not cute apparently ought ish was at even a picture of Ed bush said today that have a nice , but a final pick anything autistic and you can get hurt the law yet nice I can up a contender three D print stuff like that but then they buy that as any of the jury and that you can see because see no cameras but I can pretty print stuff like that now one of the few uses of three deep runner making trinkets like that of a day of the colleges and libraries have um have three prayers that you can just just use like any other porter and a light the bomb you actually print pretty useful stuff like idea that burning out these this is a little bracket that are p with that to hang like cables on end and headphones on soap and stuff like that, if you go to the new burst out column being a verse

is the eyes of the web site that’s just a repository of all the free 30 put stuff in Brent just look on there and see this tapin that the if you want to 30 prince of like that may have a clip very sure the cottage bill is here True blue polka maniac no cut this is nothing else bigger are now I know this movie ends have sure are a ship assist and is in vermilion city passengers are all trainers all baby book a R as for ago on their next R and a cert guess I better consult my ad day and the map so I know where the SSA and is bucket seat at age two route five to read six and a brilliant city say that’s that’s why the map the net to guess the route five going to need to heal ado about are melting talk camps that can be to talk as well in the the poker model or where does telepathic talking account missing beating evolution cancels a whole process sure are so somehow we get rid of south your , if enough of the and the rest of the pokemon bacon talk but it’s like RTD to talking were only certain people can understand it as service talking and others communicating to complete the very different things, are trying to Dade of their way into no good isn’t in HM for digging pokemon books sure

vote is the ump are so what happens if you of if you teach data something and then a dismiss them and disposer whenever the the pokemon bill term is and was all business caper up for Arum Teleport and other dungeons the our buildings any interior location says indeed does the same thing that’s that’s pretty useful actually an R actually come to think of it wasn’t there are an NT be that’s a lot quicker box well as from acting a bike set a new bike are as for not get a bite and I think you do get one as part of the story later and center on in China think you do get one there some method at some point the case overhears the up opens that entire thing about that to win CE OK vermilion says were one ago NAZI underground paths that’s are a song slapped but with every dollar fast and so I put the game really a R, GM thirsty At Nicole and equal poker man’s we can get here this is not a cool poker man Walter Campbell Spratt gonna get the business only cool poker man’s soul out OK does of rap is our are unassuming all the rest of the poker man’s of Barragan be lame like that so all of

a problem as to put in fast text mode for its the two draw that some of the super long price for the item or for the Baikonur shop and then just keeps that the that the quick text on Expedia by exiting that the that menu at some of the intended way to do it yet yet yet are fighting about to pay these unassuming it’s not used in the speed run because they’re on some certain manipulation thing as or it’s just not fast enough eels as novak’s OK let’s pick up that becomes where less useful ranked eighth, Yet sure if he gonna be doing any glitches to my eyes welled completely break the game rather than a sale little time on text the date it could be legs although where it’s no major glitches died of dumb category and of course it’s the poppy one no major glitches are true that no universally stored proc among all what about me to check it pocket so next up is the accretion up where we’re probably gonna get come lately blown up by of by Gary but we’ll see what’ll 27th that there might be fine and we can make and she’s out what the the poison end of the seeds ball as date by to abandon pokemon that are not useful because you can only keep sick of the time soup oppression OK I might be useful for a for this fight coming up are quick to thought is in the ship your zit the 82nd 1,000,000 harbor all 19 appearances as a doable

com but it might still have to do this the bus attack what is the fine crime in a red have a good walk a good 6:00 AM walk potion to that’s cheating very own god come on are radically good bucket spatter a cave a 2 to 55 and are member of the should still be fine the man a Kate all take that and a Teleport and one shot you think that that all god and page you know gave me a of inaccuracy down earlier that I think I can revert by just of briefly taking out the law and full of siege your dad should be able to survive a love a number hopefully bucket are at the La Brea home all good of all men OK this is this is a problem are to think we got this now a duty to land a poison powder though a kit now are dead now I can just kinda win the fight by by chip damage if I need to I shouldn’t need to know but I can but that didn’t do much damage all what

why you tackle do like no damage this is are good thing I bought or super potions all it could to tackle man book a good thing I bought for potions are of course lesson to create unnecessary current bid still managed it though I remember this fight being very difficult a right gotten But it that thing I really have the Paris metal they’ll be for cuts arts to know what if a I guess them apple this show may the bucket as a stand to bird 90. So we at the way to cut through what’s up there I guess that Iraq tunnel to lavender town with that and that’s why I didn’t put the map and stores up , and now we get the incredible animation here all of the pub water behind the boat scrolls the left as well date : vice versa proportions that I used up all those hit all rights sold back up north than the ones that I did me in a was in there like there’s a storm and then team rocket showed up and they did they have liked that the backpacks that the a section section things on and then butter for eight got killed there something there’s something about an IP said is by by butter free hours a day as I actually watch some of the cartoon but the Longo visits on Nam it’s on netflix and I think that’s arrayed around when I stop watching the shell of ’cause yet that is that certainly is they are nineties Anna Mae

of mu under the truck that’s the ship a man that passed around on the schoolyard back in the day if you press down and B. Nixon attractive given you a cave, are so apparently there is is the bush to come over here and we need to teach Paris all the lock in low income as well may just make Paris limit are safe to get up next to it and then go to pokemon Paris cut are great start a fight that’s a good thing paralyze never actually does anything But good as bat yet all of course the laws always the main character evidence that are all sprout on god it’s only a paralysis and we have wrapped are have bucket again finally do something that should be used leach’s aid of this mode again life back door and all that Jardine D but to that of the inning I’ve ever played the indy before so I can help you there at end of it on and do a good man I’ve gone like three weeks since getting injured to give that up to 2020 has been pretty good so far , the whole that trap is is a great mechanic Felipe of cat lover Are the bills bet we’ll be fine but board of backspace and things are a lot I doesn’t just search a mike porter feed for for the words today I injured this body parts

as of the most recent one was IE fell down the stairs of my apartment well as taking out the garbage, but that was on New Year’s of the no injuries this year of the two deaths so so the first that year was against Gary oak at the very beginning of the game I lost to Gary ’cause the I think he got a bunch of crates and then also got a growl off ready to start of and then the second of two was two of one of the trainers in of the first jam that the Daigle it completely wrecked me a hit it hit my of my one good pokemon with a crit rate the start and then the rest my pokemon more like a little too so it said it didn’t go over well to have a and then hit his or her with we got we have minus or peak of two of regular asp AG as the bat a Paris and a jew dude outs of us all of it all gray I cant of the market maybe this is apparent process, it’s not a god that this bold spas ibuprofen to R’s Eric their book Monson over your course not of course not have made no OK all 21 will know and it’s a fire type of R bully paralyze great antacid are dipping the laws not affected by yelling Of the art come on the law but a good college at off a cut are just don’t burn me holly bit of a bucket not gonna take any chances are that I guess if the death of death would probably be fine because in Iowa beat not paralyz air would the god Curtis and yet colonel say and bomb colonel sands difficulty was the problem of cardinal sin even sent the EVA it was extremely difficult so im I bailed on colonel so use the button she covered two outs allow us to see some of the endings in the endings would a great but , but as far as the game played mechanics and ago and it was actually pretty good game , unfortunately if you just can’t enjoy it because they made it just really really really difficult but have like I did as much , and that they’d be easy mode in the game was exactly the same difficulty as the normal mode was in the game and then

there was hard and alter hard above that and those work hard and alter hard as it turns out , was if you like and going wrong way of CIA we owe we build on that one and then be on of the next game day numbered 200 is the same strategy RPG they keep forgetting the name of an end the game after that is done to ship of which is a shovel where fly combat game where of Europe plan helicopter night in bother consulting a Dr ’cause they’re the Dr. can really help you with it and you you only be playing at the CD ending a there’s a button Chico to see the endings anyway is so sure yet shovel where fly combat games that’s that’s the real bangers of the PlayStation library is fly combat games and it certainly looks like one goal gunship that that the thing that is is kind of a bummer about the almighty god three times and are fully paralyzed great of the thing it’s kind of a bummer but then ship is that they doesn’t support that the cool dual Joyce the controller as it says set the bummer that would’ve been a cool of a cool game designed on but hate me since problem in the short that’s that’s an up, got another paralyzed that’s another upside above the shovel were fly combat games is that they’re usually short by Bo BOB enemy six was wed like 3 hours total so I am feeling gunship is probably gonna be a similar line OK another the journal of any wraps the I’ve know of no idea how long that one’s gonna be by this problem in the pretty long , and since so come to think of it so the next piece explosion games can be strategy RPG of either know I might but I don’t think we’re gonna be done to poke mom by the time we get the two rhapsody am not sure how I feel about doing two RPG ease on the channel side by side and I know all think about that if we won it continued beyond the poker play through Willie streak in to get the city’s way alike paralyzed wake up are how about we just run from this consists of what what what weight what bucket Trendline are easily OK is are razor leaf are a poke in a poke a experts what should I do here so I have tackle I have poison IMC Dan Devine with its good session or divine but then earned for easily should I keep the other two of dams are times ever to poison poison powder bucket

beck is poison poison pottery get like 35 charges of it and I hardly ever use that it’s only for cheese announced a and lead CD at least also gives you OM Health back say OK will go to poison powder are razor leaf of Weaknesses brings what OK released a can go heal up again I am confused though it is a spouse to go right back there but it was a cell we shall see a bucket of nine to rock tunnel lavender And there is just as rock: Mr Guess is yellow rubber insert into direct all zip all OK up your are level 20 therapy sure are islets that’s a reason because of I’ve been fooled your is razor leak the worst thing in the game and I’ve gotten rid of the valuable poison powder are razor leave knows a one and 256 mess up up up up of course expect nothing less a man are surely will get another one idea that bucket that is that’s quite the elaborate attack animation for something that didn’t do a whole lot of damage that animation is cool off it’s a shame it takes a 10 second as the hope why one at the use of a bunch think it’s a big Isaak eve up to the upper left but this is probably the way we have to go

are this are Borneo I was relieved OK but raisers pretty good when it’s not missing or being unaffected a seems like it a good place to have a hidden item that are not R it’s are in another optimal time be lost for like an hour bold the message did in a gym I missed by reserving As I think there is a six surges jam are were our Emanuel of that we defeated your trainer sol vermillion city the thunder badge it also lets you fly all the time speed of a book on increases supp I I’m guessing we get lash at some point it games and some in a flash , you know you can do with a polite but I’m I’m not the pokemon expert of its enmity to beat surge anyway that some point right into the game without the in that , and saved a long time should not R2, Mr. Say if our destiny try going through your cousin I will be pretty far away and we can go beat surge later I guess I was gonna run for thing anyway is so as the rest care is running in two of a trainer that we can see but that’s fine will be fine weeds have to run from dozens of zoo batting counters Are your resume full of wilderness from

all right to pick up a by relief as pretty good it turns out turns out pretty good arena probably don’t need said make about this control be fine but enacted we got weezer leave and work early and the the very dark cave as I I did one I go back to the server 1,000,000 and fight surge so weak we’re one around and darkness for now yet flashes and a Italy fine all does remember were I’d been but I’d probably get lost any ways even if I could see were ongoing services is fine are well but I’m pretty sure I can’t the they’re easily this thing so imagine as tackle it will soar cut what if they got similarly lost costume players sure they were just taken a rest poke a maniac of a buyer is a great save me don’t burn me appear good are actually a costume and the other make this are The hole on these 202 bouts of like to speak to my manager on the way out of this cave

Of course that probably running and every enemy that you can run into this area whites that I’m fine with not paying for repel for this part because the kids run for everything it’s just convenience I guess is all I can speed running sets not a big deal and I can find and buy one to begin to feel the need to book a level 32 is a set note bucket up are we got the big boy the law of is now in its final form the plant blooms when it is absorbing solar energy it stays on the move to seek some light 221 pounds 6 feet 7 inches that thing is bigger than me on a favor them a F she it Note and owners that’s that’s standing on its hind legs more generous this daily up the lead product more sense than as it doesn’t seem that call but I don’t think you get much much scale size also a the up this break service break now for the MVS or doesn’t make much sense ’cause isn’t it a big flower that’s it’s all been sideways as a looks like the whole thing is tilted forward and there’s like there’s live acts like a leaf and I guess up a dozen make sense of a eight system that’s a spray for the disorders like a mess with IMS the sure unlike like this is that’s the head and there’s like and you’re there may be and that the flower just tilts forward but I don’t know or is it sideways which I was I’d even going here ship either goes down this way of

Bono moored would you do its gravel are heavily on seen this one yet a right as it is roll around Likud Riddick the rom episode one man’s Gotta be an item here and arms be this way than in the north from here are the last war could assist area is not the knocker eight All rights last floor of the god bill spread secure a rate all in old OK ship all and this is this is what I was hoping would have happened of a plays both deny that how many turns and arose this bucket and missed finally good lord those like 20 turns us to have a R

O of that’s that’s a triple slap what day sure you have of course I did not all god by died as thing in the back of my mind paying maybe I should heal before the next fight and all god is really by paralyze he’ll next time out of a poker mart in the right kind of like it was great quo , god of fought very I’m not sure for one up so that as far as lead backlog play thurs I’ve never played to fall out one and two before so those cite I’m unsure if by one every visit fallout the Rica’s I play to that one day of the regular game I haven’t done any of the LC fat , bills from again think I’d have to use tackle for this and the new Vegas and fall of four I think I’m I’m good not revisiting those all man of the im up II played the demo for fallout one when it came out so II know what to expect that those like I’m typically not in two isometric Burpee he’s like the like builders gates of both at the games were I haven’t been in the past I’m willing to give them a Gauguin especially from planning on playing fall of all finally all know bucket , O god are unwilling to do everything it can remotely stand up the god be eyed and played any that the ball is kicked games I know that those are well regarded of the kit by Megan opening please don’t be paralyzed OK are plays actually kill it are maybe perhaps we can are a Paris home of a

argue did you probably gonna get killed and one hit justices argue that the bucket a right got on it eases you lots wins this a game bucket good I would never guess that a bill sprout would’ve been the biggest issue so far but sure the eye and I’m fine difficulty mechanics like a IE I just played all king’s quest gifts of those mechanics are pretty clunky two write so it’ll be fine and im and for backlog games I’m I’m not opposed the deploying issued on them on a backlog and if I’m not feeling it a special if it’s one else committee on that all see I figure that that there is there’s Gotta be something to it to those games that are mizell given the track as Ivan really given that the bothers gate type games that are a proper tried before but it sounds like if I if I don’t like bell is the one that I probably won’t like the rest of them either so I should probably did it least one of them ago only part of it all god I played sticky I played siddiqi on Xbox and came out it was pretty OK , I could play third again in and backlog by senior member enjoying the game I did have a PC and I think you bought it for me to a a a big bite out of steam but I’d rather play the export version is that pretty much same again if I still have that big disk or the ice arrow on the Xbox so as to check the archives were easily they’re easily dismiss twice they’re easily dismissed twice in a row is that wasn’t by don’t think it’s because these paralyzed either as a witness said you’re fully paralyzed all its OK against an attack that’s where are the makes more sense than these fights again way more annoying as that we get more more status backs going bucket was this of OK are found a zip file a good lord are rocked the whole so where are from the route from all that just felt that looks like are arm of this place and got horrible music

Are we going to buy paralyze heels of going to buy paralyze heels is time no more getting paralyzed of volunteer poke among house Mr. Fujii said it began another cell Zidek of some point reset the pokemon Siren I think I remember getting stuck here before giving ghost no half of the I’ve not been set yet now I get the I got on the ship by got the credibility and then I just one straight here and II believe surges so according to this surges in vermilion city and I did not do any of the I did not do a gym and vermilion city and all of the AA in a matter for by the chart great balls of ocean or five say I’m gonna have to go back there and some point are palace you know Morgen paralyzed never again bucket the size seem to remember there was so in your it was like a spooky ghost at the top of that our but you can’t do anything here are a cinch at four for pokemon the any need like the poker flutes I think are something like that the to do anything with that fight like it’s a puzzle fight for it that the mischief and I’m a failure is is Gary oak us else copy of the cert to make them a dose of visible , she’s up a book about where’s there’s a way to glitch up the fight and and a past that an irate Gary O’Keefe All part of programming a white suit is intended solution exhibits sure all its unintended OK the

edit their dose they should be able that divine what the metal or not , use post up the go up the tower in one of the town’s I think to get the cells go up the arts at its itself gold silk oh building I think the archer 1,000,000 as to this bill Byrne made without But it should do it in a bucket good surprisingly having a pretty easy time with the verify its babies because as using squirrel every single time I played this and swirl just gets blown up by a bible will soar are so we we can do anything here yet because because a lead on a missile scope and I don’t think there is an all think I have to go to the spooky review ghost at a can just go straits of a soap company which is the west of your so there’s sad to believe there’s another tunnel the so were were in leonardtown any others another tunnel to sell it on and that’s where of the South Pole building as I think that’s that’s where the next two guests are are some another cave and hopefully we don’t a flash and this one R other cave somewhere rambling gambling dude The should be fine or 11 levels up with an almost fine don’t burn me

yet book are meant a lot to show you my poker men’s Lippo commands let me show you them that was a pudding to mean in 2005 of ink of the desert at me and back then that predates art maybe has it all mean I can remember that a while of sure GM thirsty Think about when shiny bring at 800 eggs in a study SH I don’t know what any of those words mean bouquet of the reflection Are any cool items here I was sorry she lets they want are I know what two of two of those words mean now so people can wonders held on all of that Sony different for this for waking up small acts are of them in the town is east of Ferenc art’s there’s a list thirsty guards that the there need to give drinks edited by signing a call here to instances it for 20 limited by two boys it in bed and mob instrument for it almost 7 hours are seven make sure to save the game have seven Mr. That we don’t lose all the progress a kit that probably saved what’s up was actually were bid to Mr. Inns and see if the bed let’s make sure can so the nurse a before this is the mystery at PGA by the way it’s a special little circuit board like single board computer that some it’s like a hardware emulator so can actually like that you can emulate the 46th on this li , some analog outputs to it so if you want it up like have a virtual commodore 64 this thing can do it like they were just all p core for it and then it boots into color 64 so if you took up the USB keyboard to it you can use it for all intents and purposes it is aiding an actual commodore 6 that the that is hoped that , to all those are hardware emulated all these, the arcade systems are ever console all of these emulated on the hardware level

of Sony’s I don’t have to buy a Sega CD because this thing will actually hardware emulators Sega CD of of end, I wouldn’t have the VAR GB body by any U.S. or why super Nintendo or bought flash cards for any of those I had this thing come out before I did that have like is saved about all god probably $1000 of it all that the modifications and flash cards for those systems had it had this thing been out when I a bottle that’s the bucket and load up the game boy a core here and slowed a poker man and then hope all my progress is there not see once a staple pops in here to the single hop but we ought to take my word for it but in this one about that one of the cave this is promising two badges for 52 that looks correct book as it did say the excellence of we did lose all the progress of it are so that all of that although for today’s poker man session and are sold in the turnoff Mr. Versailles don’t have to listen to pokemon are solo tonight we finish the peace explosion number 199 curable sin of the next piece explosion game is of a AMA, rhapsody am rhapsody busters your PG that one’s probably gonna take a while I’m guessing I’ve no idea but I’m I’m guessing it will take a of and then pokemon I I’ve no idea how much love to have an pokemon or 5 hours in on probably another 10 maybe 10 hours left the book none of the Char but they’ll will get that will get there and I’m enjoying the by a double blow for tonight’s event for watching hope we all have a great day that morning or evening more of a door handles you next time when a stray and it an auditing else to do tomorrow night so what’s gone on to stardom are not showing are they were watching us in a fine take care of them one by