BUSINESS ETIQUETTE as a YOUTUBER & STORAGE BUYER ~ i bought an abandoned storage unit LOCKER

are we live are we live i think we’re live ladies and gentlemen boys and girls pirates of all ages what is up it is sunday morning nope i lie it is sunday afternoon almost evening please end your day and we are here with the live been a long week you know been a long week how has everybody been we got 45 in the house waiting let’s see if we get some more heads in the house we got gypsy alex john somoka shout out to you bc eagle kristen del val bonnie what’s up yumika music 55 we got jim what’s up jim having a great day me too i’ve been having a wonderful day i’ve been a long morning i did a lot of packing i was doing paperwork cleaning the garage um i’ve been so busy lately like i spread myself real thin like i’ve been busy with the auctions many of you are subscribed to my other channel uh pirate auctions which has been taken off very well like yesterday we had over 500 people on my tiny little channel during the live auction it was rather crazy um i’ve been buying so many storage units trying to keep the videos out slowly working on paperwork taking care of legal matters etcetera etcetera and i just been busy trying to be a family man a significant other a father a clean shaved pirate yes tom thank you what’s up got a little bit of clean shaving going on um just just live in life you know love life love life oh look pirate auctions in the house says hi everybody shout out to the pirate auctions salutus pirata deste guadalajara el mexico carlos i love guadalajara it’s just two hours outside of yawalika which is one of my favorite places in the whole entire world to visit we got 70 likes already that’s awesome let’s get them like buttons up mike newsome in the house carlos says hi pirate from portugal what’s up shout out to portugal mo isaac’s in the house bonnie yumako we got benjy bendy says it’s going to be an interesting live it should be it should be an interesting life we got stuart what’s up stuart we got treasure huh shout out to jackie and sarah and my good friend jackie and sarah we got deborah deborah pillar what’s up we got uh betty webb in the house what’s up betty betty did your little silver cup show up i just realized that i didn’t send the painting at the painting got packed and shipped so um that’s coming in separate uh betty says do this or this either one is fine with me you hit the thumbs up the thumbs down i don’t mind they both create activity pat d’s in the house julie morris thomas crews lance white th s what’s up lance white how you doing hello good morning from perthes again i don’t know where perthes is where is that five days dirty in the house shout out to pickers warehouse my good buddy we got leanne kramer tim freestone carlton jackie yorkshire uh marion says hi pirate what’s up uh kevin says kula tala cora tanana sorry if i did not pronounce that right but uh my spanish is not very good what’s up global voodoo in the house my good buddy global voodoo what’s going on how you been um yeah it’s been a great week um perth australia all right all right all right i’ve never been there i would love to i would love to go to australia except for the big old spiders make me nervous paul’s safe paul sulfur you do a good job thank you i appreciate that um is that does somebody say locker nuts is in here i was trying to get locker nuts to come on us live with us so i don’t know i don’t see his name in the chat though did i miss something yeah what’s up pirates there it is there it is there um how has everybody been doing been a long week like i said i bought been to auctions we finished moving the 11 800 storage unit it turned out to get kind of slow towards the end but there’s been some great stuff it’ll be a money maker i have a huge collection of stuff those videos will be dropping all week um but you never know i have so much to look up i’ve got some art some posters uh i came across this today i want to share this with you guys this piece of paper right here is uh my biggest receipt from last year because

um obviously we’re doing our taxes very soon because july 15th is coming and i want to show everybody who doubts that storage units can pay money this is one single item right here that i sold last year this is a check i cashed it december 19 2019 wells fargo right here from one singular sale one singular sale i made last year nineteen thousand dollars now granted granted there’s my name in case anybody’s curious that’s my legal name look it up google it if you want to do a credit check call me whatever you want to do run a background check feel free to i appreciate it you know not nervous um that was how i that was part of a check that i lost 126 000 on by not taking my first offer i’m working on a new video where i’m going to kind of take all of the videos from that and i’m going to uh turn it into a small video of a quick unboxing and then show you how i turned down 146 000 offer on that uh i think we have a guest let’s bring our guests and we actually have a guest here i sent out look at this guy look who it is guys oh it’s that man just chilling bro sunday the busiest day of the week let me turn the volume up here i did i have my volume down so as soon as i turn the volume up to hear you my other video was playing what’s going on not much bro just chilling i wasn’t expecting to jump in that fast but i don’t like leaving people sitting in the back you know yeah i mean either bro i don’t like it what’s that what’s that thing above your head it says like the flipper what is that like a oh what what this yeah the light is that from a pinball machine or something or a video game no that’s just a screen right there that’s my uh youtube banner oh okay it’s on a tv it looks like the top video game you know how they have those squares like that yeah yeah no i i made that i made that right there oh awesome yeah i made i make all my stuff man i don’t have time for that i just go find in the storage unit and be like uh it was gonna be hard for me to find a fat man to flipper uh design in a storage unit well you never know you know you gotta you could piece it together you could find something that said fat man and there’s something that said flipper and kind of work it together you know yeah so what you got going on man nothing i’m just doing a live was gonna try to have some guests on and discuss like you know life and business and things of that nature that’s my thing that’s your thing that’s my thing like if you want to talk to me all right and you want to distract me from what i do on a normal basis tell me you want to talk about life or business because all day long that’s all i do i’m on the phone constantly talking about business or life i’m always working on my business i’m working on my life i’m working on everything and i help other people too so like i’m always on the phone with that so if you’re like you wanna it’s hard to get in contact with me like i get a lot of emails and stuff i’m horrible at reaching back out because i prioritize things kind of uh um in that way you know like i try to set a time when i look at my email for like regular you know emails and stuff but yeah like i i you know i keep it organized that way but if you want to get my attention just put in the subject heading life or put in business that’s it and then i’ll be like oh i’m gonna read this one real quick i’m gonna try that next time message you i’m just gonna be like to be on top of staying in contact with everybody you know like for me i know my life is hectic i mean i run a youtube channel youtube is like literally a full-time job minimum eight hours a day probably it feels like storage buying is a full-time job minimum eight hours a day then you got your being a father and a significant other i have like three full-time jobs like contacting people sometimes is a sport yeah bro and you know what and from me from like my perspective there was a point in my life where people avoided my phone calls and my like i would try to reach out to people and they’ll ignore me completely because i was in that you know i lived a horrible lifestyle you know but ever since i changed and things things have changed you know people are like reaching out to me it’s like a whole different thing so for me it’s a whole new experience yeah but i’ve already had a couple years of experience but i think it’s just you know amazing that there’s people out there that reach out to me seeking advice and stuff like that and i don’t charge nobody nothing you know i just you know i try to help out the i try to help out people who are authentic and genuine i trust

everybody initially so like i’ll give you trust you know what i’m saying like i don’t care what anyone says i’m gonna trust you i’m gonna trust you i’m gonna give you my trust whatever it may be and it’s up to you to you know to keep it okay that’s the same way i am i trust a lot of people uh i’ve helped them like when it comes to youtube storage is whatever the case may be like just here’s an example i trusted a man when i bought this unit that gave me this 19 000 check that man cost me a 146 000 offer because of his greed and i ended up with 19 000 for my half instead of half of 146 thousand dollars wow never will you know with that man again lesson learned that that’s uh and it’s like that right you got to learn your lessons but originally you you give out that trust you know what i’m saying you give out that trust and you let that person uh either run with you or they end up turning their back running against you and it is what it is but you know as long as you’re doing the right thing and you’re you know basing your stuff you know your decisions and uh everything off of principles and morale you know what i’m saying as long as you don’t um yeah you know what i’m saying you don’t neglect that stuff bro then you’re good right so like at the end of the day they you know they might have broken that trust with you but you’re still moving forward and then they try to then they try to silence you when you speak the truth that’s what’s funny is when i’ve always learned that like when you’re honest you shouldn’t have to worry about what you say but other people they fear your honesty and they try to prevent you from speaking because you’re speaking honestly oh yeah that that happens a lot but that that happens from people who just have uh that who live the opposite type you know like they they purposely came into a a relationship possibly you know um not really looking at it as principles of morale and stuff like that you know what i’m saying like they didn’t care about that what’s up jack what’s up alex it’s world famous youtuber i love that shirt man yeah thanks tight work never thought i’d be a playstation game i was always xbox so until i found a playstation 4 in the locker then now my playstation gear isn’t it easier though is it like the button configuration and just setup of the playstation station for more simplicity than the xbox i’m not sure i really don’t know i i’ve just always been xbox as soon as i got on playstation just all came together soon playstation is so much i don’t know it’s just what i’m used to i like play i will grab an xbox controller and i’ll be like what’s this oh yeah i was using the playstation thing so that’s funny so what’s what you’ve been up to jack how’s business uh you have a long week yeah it was pretty long i don’t know i think it was very quick it does as a youtuber storage buyer and uh family man i know you know because you’re the state you’re in the same boat as me you know yeah yep auctions ebay family i mean going to auctions having live auctions is and then the editing takes forever my editing is slow yeah well we discussed that before like uh i think it’s the filming process like i don’t know like how everybody does it similar to me but i’ve always found that if you just cut the camera off and then leave out those spots where you don’t need to film you don’t got to go back and watch it later and it might save you time it might i’m going to have to do that i’m a little rushed yeah there’s actually a little practice that um some so a lot of other filmmakers and stuff that would suggest is kind of plan what you’re doing in the sense that you’re gonna plan what you’re recording so if you already know okay i’m gonna record myself going to the storage you know unit and i’m gonna record myself opening these boxes then when you cut oh turn on and turn off the the camera then you’re essentially taking out like mike said that time that you’re gonna spend having to figure out where you gotta edit that little spot right yeah hey give me a second because uh can you guys hear a bunch of music i’m not a bunch but like faintly i hear a little something something coming they want to kind of dance a little bit yeah they’re partying in the house let me uh let me try to adjust that situation real yeah like uh that’s the way i see it jack is like i know i know a lot of people film differently but i the editing is time consuming people don’t either what did you say you do two to four hours of video and editing yeah for a 20 minute video two to four hours like average three hours that’s that’s crazy because like for me a 20 minute video is usually two hour tops because i because the way i film like if this is the box and i open up camera starts here oh we’re done looking camera stops i don’t usually have to

listen to it unless uncle michael and scott’s potty mouse are in the video and then i have to listen to every word but other than that like everybody else is pretty respectful for the ears of all the viewers you know yeah it’s time consuming i don’t know how was are you ready for your auction tomorrow i think so gianna gianna’s taking the majority of the work on that so all that stuff that we brought home uh she just went through she actually cleaned it up she actually goes through and puts the jewelry in the micro what is it called the sonic cleaner you know and puts it in there gets a toothbrush cleans it all up it looks good man i could use some of that help you know what i just noticed it doesn’t look like you told me you’re going to clean your garage up a little bit and no i never said no there you go i said that’s a lie i would never say that it’s emptier the stacks have gone down see that’s that’s my idea of cleaning making them go down with my smoking i don’t know what my smoking memorabilia would be david wilson i don’t know what that means um batman what what uh you’ve been doing for income like what is your uh sales tactic been recent i know what you were doing during quarantine but what have you been doing post quarantine yeah oh i’m still well i don’t honestly like i didn’t realize that there was a quarantine like my business was not um affected by quarantine in the sense that um like i you know i didn’t i don’t know i just i hear i hear what everybody else has went through and my heart goes out to a lot of people but it was almost like i wasn’t affected by it right um like i i you know i had to you know pretty much do what i had to do to find inventory you know like my my business did not stop um and if anything it grew a lot and then also what i did was i had to adjust um so prior to the whole everything that happened you know i was i was really honestly having fun with with reselling in the sense that yeah it made me it made me a nice income i was able to pay bills and stuff like that but um i had to adjust because it was it was either crunch time or like you know you’re gonna drown you’re not gonna be able to survive so i adjusted and i changed my business model and now i have multiple um they’re not employees they’re independent contractors is what they’re called so i have multiple people working for for me um they do a lot of the manual work um i still deal with some shipping like if you guys remember i was shipping like a hundred something items a day directly out of this subcontracting job pay because i need a fifth job you got 50 of everything but you have to put in the investment money and you have to put in the time you’re going to have to store the items yourself you’re going to have to ship the items yourself it’s a lot of work but um they’re averaging you know anywhere they’re averaging some good money let’s just put it like that most people um would would be working you know a whole month to make what they make in a week now during during the quarantine era and then post quarantine era did you deal with a lot of people uh maybe trying to return stuff or issues like that after they kind of got out of the house or was everything pretty smooth across the board my returns were like between one and two percent and they’re still right around there um right now i’m getting a lot of uh fraud fraudulent return which you know in that case you know they they end up getting a restocking fee if it’s fri you know depending on how they return and everything but um i end up not losing money um in some cases i make more money because i’m able to resell the item um but for the most part i don’t lose money on returns unless it’s definitely like you know something that you know the customer is definitely a hundred percent right you know what i’m saying i put the customer first but when it’s an obvious fraudulent return you know then sorry today that i stole the train for eleven hundred dollars and the stupid little headlight popped off so the guy asked for ten percent back so i’m giving him a hundred and ten dollars instead of a whole 1100 return which is the simplest way to do it but it becomes frustrating you know yeah what about you jack like on auctions have you had a pretty good success rate and people being happy and not having to return nothing with the youtube options or have you had any complaints or shipping issues we’ve had no i don’t think we’ve had any complaints we had one piece of um glassware that got broken right um a christmas one a minute i mean and um i’m trying to remember maybe two maybe two things got broken and shipping the post office is brutal right i mean i’m packing and people send me some photos

of the packages once together it’s embarrassing how they treat our packages but mostly not bad i only had one guy that was said he he didn’t think he got what he uh bought you know so i said well here’s the link to the actual moment in the video re-watch it tell me what you didn’t get he watched it says oh no you’re right i got everything it was baseball cards you know i got it and then uh unfortunately he goes i’m happy i’m going to be back on your auction then you put a paypal claim against me i’m like man i was just giving your money back if you didn’t like it but um and we we absolutely would we just said anybody’s not happy we just give your money back just send it back to us you know we work it out send you something else whatever we’re pretty easy in that regard and i think because we’re easy and fair that we don’t really we have not had any problems but i mean that’s the whole business etiquette that was kind of my title for this whole life is it’s very important when you have mistakes like that that you you erect them so that like let’s just say hypothetically three bots come for a hundred and you have to return them but that person comes back and spends like two grand over time it’s very important to make that person happy the best way you can in a fair market so that we have repeat business versus shunning to them aside because one thing went wrong absolutely in my last business it was advertising but we only worked with maybe 100 to 150 customers usually even less i mean we had a very small client base but the client spent a lot of money with us and a couple clients spent over you know 100 000 a year with us so it was very important to make them all happy because you lose one guy and sometimes you lose your biggest client you could erase half of your profit for the entire year um and even the smaller guys have a significant effect over the years so i learned that in the last job which we value every client exactly i mean i don’t believe it i don’t necessarily believe the customer is always right right but like they’re right a portion of the time you know yep yeah yeah and you know what it also depends on on which uh which platform you’re selling on how you’re selling your items you know you guys do a lot of the online youtube boxing stuff so the people see you they know you they build relationships with you in a lot of cases these um you know the viewers they become like you know you know them you know and they know you it’s like there’s a special bond there so it’s like it it doesn’t cross your mind that you’re gonna do your best for them right um totally the thing that for me i’m selling a lot on amazon um you know i’m a six figure seller on amazon and with amazon the people it comes to when it comes to like amazon returns and stuff like that or just the policies and everything amazon tends to you know pretty much help the buyer out before they help out the seller like and it’s not like that it’s more like um you know their policies are less strict for the buyers than the sellers so a buyer just simply has to say whatever they want and you kind of have to work with that right so a lot of times i i tend to not deal to not deal with the headache you know i i no problem my authorized returns just get it done you know because i’d rather just give you your money back and not even return me the item like give you your money back keep the item have a great day um because then if not it’s a lengthy process and then on top of that a buyer can open up an a to z claim for any reason will they win it it’s not you know it’s not really you don’t know yet but the simple fact that you’ll get an a to z claim and knowing that amazon is a lot more on the buyer side than the seller side for the most part yeah it’s a headache that you have to deal with and you can get your account suspended um if things just don’t work out for you even if you have your things in order it cannot work out for you so you know with amazon it’s very you got to be very careful with how you talk to a customer what you do and everything and even if you’re a person like me you know who you know my relationships are number one with people and i treat people with respect i treat people with the same um you know if i was them i put my i have a lot of empathy for you know in business so you know even with that it’s still sometimes you know people just want to take advantage of you you know they know what they’re getting and they it’s like premeditated they know what they’re getting but they still you know they do it because they know they can get away with it so the amazon’s a little different it’s a frustrating because like like i got a claim today um on ebay and what bugsy about ebay is like uh they just automatically accept the return like there’s like uh the buyer’s remorse becomes very frustrating because i understand the business etiquette and i want everybody to be happy but like let’s say let’s say i sell a shirt i measure the shirt i tell you it’s a medium but you try to fit your ass in a medium when you know you’re a large and now you want to return my shirt because you made the mistake of buying it that

kind of frustrates me you know like i don’t think that every return should just be accepted you know i mean there’s there should be a fine line where the seller has some um power you know leeway because you it should be a fair give and take world yeah i don’t know if you guys feel the same way but i don’t feel that every every single return should just be automatically approved and yeah you know certain conditions man if if it’s obvious that you know the the customer is right you know what i’m saying there’s no point in you know and in a lot of cases you cut losses by just letting them keep the item or refunding them their money you can cut losses because if not you’re gonna have to pay for shipping to get it returned and then you would you get a return it’s uns unsellable and you still have to refund them so you lose more money so yeah it you always got to think about every option but always you kind of got to put yourself in the customer’s shoes yeah i had a return recently um i sold one i sold a shout out to we got a five dollar super chat from janna and i did want to mention she said she’d like to clean the garage jack i just want to point that out she’s always trying to clean my desk i recently jade statue for 325 bucks and it broke on the way there i know it was the post the fedex did it but i would have had to pay return shipping on top of giving them back the 350. so i just said hey keep the item and here’s your 325 and uh it becomes frustrating but you also when you make a mistake that’s one thing but i i just think that the buyer’s remorse becomes a little ridiculous it does but overall i think the return the loss we take on returns is pretty acceptable you know i don’t even think it’s five percent i think it’s much closer like two percent a year when you compare to like you know like stores like macy’s a brick and mortar store they have theft both in internal and customer theft and it’s much higher than two percent and they just consider that to be a you know an acceptable loss and for us even if there is some fraud the same as theft it’s i think it’s an acceptable amount hopefully ebay doesn’t change things make it more easy because then that might go up right now i think it’s i think it’s accessible it’s kind of just gotten not taken personal right just yeah just like just do it and forget about it because otherwise you start getting irritated that’s that’s the hard part that’s rule number two or three of the four laws of agreement don’t take it personal and i i sometimes have myself failing at that one because i get frustrated you know i get frustrated yeah at the end of the day it’s part of it you know what i’m saying and if you’re doing business right and you’re you’re as well doing good business and your business is doing good then those kind of losses are just part of it and it’s like you’re as long as you’re in the green you’re good right so yeah sometimes it’s like yeah you know what no no problem just keep going you know that one 100 return that i lost a hundred dollars on uh in reality you didn’t lose a hundred dollars because what you lost was your cost of goods and your cost of shipping possibly cost of labor whatever um but at the end of the day you’re made so much you know off of that same item like you’re selling whatever paper and you have your paper and it sells for 100 bucks a sheet and you have 1 000 sheets of paper and you sell 999 sheets of paper at a hundred dollars a piece but you had to get you don’t take a loss on one it’s like it’s part of business it’s not a big deal you’re still above above ground and you’re still moving forward and it’s all good i’m trying to shop in jack’s garage right now slam up so i’m trying to look at all the stuff around him you know like what we got there that’s a catnip catnip i thought that was a peanut butter jar i swear i was gonna ask if that was peanut butter or something nutella i want that boom box too ah this is that’s my i broke that recently i was building the shelves over there and i knocked that off the rack there and broke his is a that’s the boombox that gave my grandma before she passed away and then i got you know i got that from that was you know one of the things they gave me because they knew it meant something to me so i had it i’ve had it like dude i’ve had that for like 30 something years just broken but i remember you mentioning that because i probably said the same thing i think you did i see my memory’s not so good but you probably remember yeah yeah that’s too bad huh that was cool so uh what’s up tesla picker i just sent you a link if you want to hop in the

chat i just sent you a link on facebook you can come in the live with us um what i was gonna say is what do you guys think about the future right now like my personal opinion i’ve been trying to tell everybody that i believe quarantine is coming back and that’s been my whole focus since we got out is to prep for the the next possible lockdown what do you guys think about that go first alex i could um i think that you’re right you know i think um i think with or without it um there’s two possible scenarios right if it does come back and it’s it’s how it was before then it’s going to be actually worse meaning that there’s going to be less supply and there’s going to be more demand so um you should definitely as a business person you know if you’re actually trying to stay afloat and build your business um definitely look into investing into product that’s going to be you know unavailable for the majority because manufacturers aren’t um manufacturing and people aren’t distributing it or importing it or whatever so um things are already a little bit slim picking now so you could imagine if this were to happen again it’s gonna be even worse and um so definitely prepare yourself for that and then the other case scenario is if it doesn’t happen you should still prepare yourself for continuing to grow your business so either way you should be moving in a forward and upward direction exactly yeah getting more inventory expanding getting more hands whatever it is you got to do always moving forward enough i think it’s coming i think something’s coming another you know another wave of something maybe the lockdown won’t be quite as severe or extreme as it was last time but it sure seems like common sense just says if the virus is spiking again if we can believe what they tell us right if it is then it does make sense that they’re going to issue shelters in place and this time it’s going to be i think this time was going to hurt more than last time we’ll see if they do the stimulus and all that but the last time i was prepared i had two lockers completely stuffed with stuff i was on a buying spree this time i have almost nothing i have just like maybe a load or two for the flea market i’m not in a good position if it does happen again but um but i mean one thing running a business for 20 years and going through a couple of big recessions the one thing that got me through when some of our other um franchises fail was keeping a low in low overhead and if that’s coming it’s just like that’s a real thing to look out for is make sure that our outflow isn’t high and keep our expenses really low you don’t rent too many storage units don’t have too many employees that you have to pay when they’re not working because that stuff will bleed you out quick i need a concern me personally i have been predicting since we got out of it a worse one because i’ve listened i know i’ve met some random people who work at the cdc et cetera et cetera and despite the fact that i don’t know how in depth i believe that corona is like a devastating plague i still believe it exists i still believe that things transpire and i just have been predicting it so me personally i’ve hoarded i’ve got enough i literally have almost over 2500 unopened boxes like i’ve prepared so heavily to keep videos rolling to keep sales rolling um i might be able to subcontract you jack of your stuff i might like like take on employees you know because i got i think i have literally over 60 videos sitting in a storage unit and a hundred thousand in merchandise that i haven’t even touched or opened because i was predicting this to come and i’ve never been like that i’m usually real flagrant with life i don’t really plan you you know me for a while jack how much do i plan like i’ll tell jack i gotta live at four o’clock i’m an auction it’s 3 45 i got to go i got to get this ready because i don’t plan nothing you know but this last thing this corn was the first time of my life i’ve ever experienced this type of situation i’m 41 years old i’ve never been locked in my house i’ve never been told i can’t go somewhere it totally changed my entire perspective on life and business and and everything in between you know what’s up jason look at this little famous youtuber welcome to the party awesome i’m eating dinner with y’all i hope that’s okay did you bring any for us sure macaroni salad and boudin sausage that looks good that was good so uh what about you they’ve kind of answered the questions what did you uh have you dealt with any serious repercussions from quarantine like people having remorse from buying

anything or your auctions and needing to return it and what have you done to plan for a potential next quarantine um i really haven’t seen any real repercussions um things have gone pretty good for me i think by incident i was prepared for it because i’m naturally kind of a hoarder a little bit uh so it kind of worked out i had plenty of inventory to get me through it so i got i got lucky there that’s good we got a 10 super chat from auctions for you hey mike love you pirate not business etiquette but so what it’s me i appreciate the super chat yeah it’s been a it’s been a roller coaster like i don’t it’s it’s weird as i think it’s different in each state you know like i i’m i don’t watch the news ever like i’m a person who stays off the news i try not to watch social media because i believe it attacked your uh positive outlook it’s all depressing and it’s directed towards shifting you towards a negative outlook so i try to stay off it but i know like i’ve talked to some people that are already facing similar quarantines like i think here in california we lost bars and restaurants again which is what happened pre-quarantined last time so the flea markets are canceling on us again which sucks jack and i were set to do a big flea mark today we would have probably had a five ten thousand dollar day to both of us together and cancel because of corona yeah i mean things are you know i was i was actually watching before i hopped on and i think i think there’s definitely going to be another lockdown i mean shoot here in oklahoma we’re experiencing three between three and 600 new cases a day and that’s astronomical compared to what it was during lockdown or right before lockdown and uh you know jessica process can’t have anybody with her during her appointments now and they just announced that the oklahoma state fair is canceled this year so it’s only a matter of time i think before yeah it’s uh it’s it’s crazy you know like i don’t i don’t know i i don’t want to be right like i mean i’m not saying i’m always right but i usually trust my good i have this weird thing with my guts right you know uh for example like people don’t um we’re in hot season right now like which was warm and that’s something that i guess detours corona but like the little woman she met somebody recently whose father works at the cdc and he told her that will probably be in a full quarantine again soon and then winter is going to be bad it’s going to be devastating once the weather changes back to cold temperatures and it’s going to be a mass possible plague of death from this stuff and you know i don’t like to worry and be paranoid but you have to kind of take things seriously whether you believe in them or not and prepare you know yeah i mean right now what i’m doing to kind of prepare is i’m keeping a back stock of storage units available so right now i’m paying on rent for four units i mean it is a tax write-off it’s probably not the wisest decision uh but it keeps me from having to stack it all in my shop and store it here and i still have enough room to work and i’ve got i try to keep at least four storage units of back stock and cakes in the case that things shut down again i’d love to have that whoa one week and you could back backlog yourself heavily if you just bought and tax write-offs are good like i pay i pay 320 a month for one year which i call my savings account that’s where all the 2500 unopened boxes of packages are and i don’t even care if i open them they’re literally sitting there until quarantine might possibly happen and i’m not touching them i’m not going in there i don’t need it for to make sales and then i’m buying more stuff to run the business and that’s a good write-off and my main storage is almost 600 a month so i have a little over 900 a month in storage bill but the tax rate off which i’d rather give my money to a business write-off versus just paying it out in taxes yeah i mean i’m sure i’m certain that storage storage speeds are probably a lot higher there than they are here i’m assuming what do you mean by 25 a 10 by 25 um well i’ll give you an example the hoarder storage unit i’ve been renting it’s a 10 by 30 165 a month that’s like that’s like a 10 by 10 in our area yeah so i mean it’s not climate controlled i mean it’s an exterior unit but it’s 165 a month for a 10 by 30. what

size units do you have jack uh right now i’ve got a 10 by 20 and a 10 by 30. and what are your rants they’re costing me about almost 500 for the two like 209 and 289 or something like that for the two both of them are drive up but i just got out of a 10 like jason this is funny i got it’s climate controlled down a long hallway so it’s indoors but it was a 10 by 10 i was paying to keep raising it was a 298 at extra space 298 for a 10 by 10. and that’s that’s crazy yeah you’re mostly are you at home storage or do you got something on the side for yourself too um no i’m not i’m not at home storage i guess you could say um but like all the stuff that i had here i’ve tried getting rid of um deal with like well it’s not that i’m not trying to deal it’s just uh i don’t have the time to invest into you know items you know like this little thing here is nothing there like in other words my business model is totally different like i sell quantity i don’t sell you know one thing like i i do one listing and it could sell 100 times 500 times you know versus 100 listings 500 listings but so since that happens you know it’s like i need space so that when i have that inventory because basically inventory comes in and it goes right back out yeah that i utilize is real small little area but it’s in and out it has i have a incoming table and then i have an outgoing table you know and then i have my my computer with the printers boom and i’m good so it’s a prep kind of an incoming prep area and then i’m going all boxed up ready to go area yeah and then i do my own deliveries to the post office ups or fedex or wherever i gotta go because i’m not trying to get that horror story of oh i had you know x amount of boxes outside they came by and they just left it then you know now i have late shipments on you know so many orders so i take stuff myself and i use it as an excuse also to go out and find more yeah it’s like just a constant every single day pretty much but the past week you’re gonna have two weeks or so i i lose track of time i haven’t been outsourcing a lot like i might have gone once or twice because i’m out in town i’ve been doing a lot of organizing here working on you know the fat cave i’ve been doing a lot of studying um so i’ve been now it’s almost like i’m on vacation but i’m using my vacation to better myself and better my business so i’m learning how to use a camera videos the whole deal dude like i’m telling you i’ll make movies bro make movies bro you understand but we brought up a good point i don’t know if it’s jackie or sarah but using your garage door like at my house my garage is actually my bit my warehouse like my two storages are not really a warehouse they’re just kind of storage but my rent here in my house is like 3250 a month so like my garage is a huge amount of write-off on my taxes um because you have to i don’t know how you figure it out like the square footage of the house jack is that the way it works it’s supposed to be uh the percentage of the square footage they use for your business offense whatever should be the write-off especially with the rental it’s easy yeah but you’re you’re limited to the number of them like the maximum square foot you can write off yourself oh there’s a there’s a max to that yes because i’ve never actually used my garage space for tax wrap it’s one thing i never thought about but well the way it is with with the tax situation in regards to a home office it’s a i think it’s a max percentage uh there there’s a certain percentage of your entire square footage of your home that you can write off um and it has to be delegated a full-time office area office setting there’s wade look at this guy what’s going on guys sorry popped on real quick here i didn’t even have things set up what’s up how’s everybody doing we’re doing great we’re just discussing life and business and pre and post quarantine stuff nice nice nice now everybody else has answered this question so i guess it’d be a good time for you but how is quarantine for you and have you do you have any belief it’s coming back and have you done anything to prep for that situation yeah so it’s uh definitely an interesting moment for a lot of people whether you’re storage unit buyers or resellers um i do think it’s going to come back in some fashion um know it really worries me too because they’re like well you know hot weather is supposed to kind of help with that right and then hopefully we’ll have a vaccine and things will happen um well it’s it’s all over africa and different

places that are already hot and california and you know houston and and then and then you know like you said it’s going into the winter months here so i think it’s something everybody needs to prepare for um they’re expecting oregon to shut back down because it’s gonna go up to about 800 to a thousand cases per day so i wouldn’t be shocked if that happened so i think really smart the next month you have to be laser focused on whatever you do and make sure you have it used to be not cool to have a death pile now it is cool travis it’s the end thing huh what’s up i said it’s like the end thing now is to be is to physically prepare yeah i have a death pile now used to be not cool now it’s cool it came back it’s scary because like i don’t know i’ve never really like i know a lot of people use the word death pile but i’ve never saw used the word hey janna i never even thought of anything as a death pile like i’ve always as a businessman i either have flea market ebay or trash that’s like i’ve never considered like like i just try to list as come off it’s in my ebay pile i pull it off and i list it if it’s not worth i throw it away period you know yeah the thing with storage units is people you got to realize that you know when you’re a reseller and you go into a thrift store you buy something it you know you can have that item depreciating value but when you buy storage units you buy so much stuff and your overall cost per item is so low that it’s really hard to get stuff that depreciates so you can really have like a backlog of stuff because the amount you paid per item is pretty low i personally have always believed storage units is the best way to source i mean like i don’t think it’s for everybody there’s a lot of people who really can’t handle the work this job is more work than is ever really like us as youtubers who film and stuff and i know alex got a chance to dabble in a tim and oscar got one or two but the work that we do is not often shown in our videos because we’re trying to show unboxing sales people don’t fathom how much we truly work yeah it’s a lot of work i i bought some nine storage units in eight days i love it um and i’m confidently on the go so and i couldn’t even film one unit because i just didn’t have time so i mean it is man it the stuff you don’t see it’s there you know i mean whether you’re in california it’s hot or in your organ it’s pouring rain and freezing you got to be out there doing it or it’s not going to do it it’s not going to move itself we’re glorified movers right oh yeah that really is what it is too man the time the few times i did it with oscar and it was like i was like man i can’t because i i’ve moved a lot in my life right i’ve moved a lot in my life so i felt like i was moving man i’m like no way you know and it was a lot of work but that brings up a question man wait you just said first of all what’s up wade man i haven’t seen you further dude i’m a little tired today but i’m trying to wake up but um you brought up that you bought nine units in eight days right now you yourself move those nine units on your own no way um and they were all live by the way there were none of them were online i went to um a bunch of auctions no luckily i had um my wife she is uh furloughed right now and she helped tremendously so and then i even had grand adventures i tried to get grand adventures then filming with me but she only was able to film three units because i just needed that much help you know moving the stuff so you don’t ever hire like an extra a guy to help you or nothing um i used to but like now it would be different if ashley wasn’t if she was working but she’s not working right now and she’s physically strong you know so and it’s kind of cool bonding time too without the kids so like for now it’s fine but yeah definitely when she goes back to work hopefully um there’s a lot of ways you can hire people too i think jason did a really cool thing recently to hire some help so um yeah definitely when she goes back to work though for sure i hire somebody almost always because because um filming is important like i don’t like missing the videos i want to do a little bit of filming i want to be able to go through the boxes and it’s not that i don’t trust people to go through my boxes and steal sports but i don’t trust them to have the knowledge i do to overlook a hundred dollar bill most people might pick up a hot wheel or something and they don’t realize they’re putting a hundred dollar item in the flea market box so there’s certain things people want to do but i buy so much you have to have you know moving them yeah especially like the cool thing about i mean i can’t really speak to this you and on jackham but california there’s auctions everywhere every single day you can probably find an auction somewhere in california so i would be highly addicted if i went to california i’d be a hoarder because i’d be buying constantly i would need help definitely here in oregon you type in you know storage options right now you won’t find one online and

live you’ll find those you know towards the end of the month so for 30 days i won’t be able to buy a unit unless something pops up or i go to different state it’s heavy right here now like i mean we’re probably at like i would say a little over 50 percent of facilities are going but even our 50 of normal auctions are probably twice as much as most states uh full capacity yeah that i found too that i as i was going through live auctions here in oregon public storage was giving the people the opportunity to take stuff out if they paid a portion of their bill now we had a lot of units that i personally thought that they took everything out they wanted and left everything else um they don’t know about their california but the there’s they’re saying it’s not happening they have to take everything but a few of the uh property managers have told me not it’s happening that’s a corporate bunch of crap though to get up to buy the unit they were in our area they were taking a 25 payment and so most persons are going to only take what they want it’s just i don’t care what they say you can look at a unit and tell it it’s been tossed and you know yeah i’m not buying it yeah too because it’s on your phone right now so like you know they’re angling it perfectly to make it look a little nicer you know what i mean on their phone and half the time you get bad lighting too so i don’t know are you guys still on your phone are you actually live with just now oh no we’re on the phone yeah public yeah at public storage and most other like i’ve run the auctions where you didn’t have to wear a mask like in what do you call stockton county check what is that san joaquin yeah yeah san joaquin where me scott and uh manny bought the the 11 800 store you didn’t have to wear a mask it was like 150 people 120 people at the auction like it varies in the counties around here yeah that’s like and it works to your advantage too though because i bought some units that you guys will see on youtube coming up that have been phenomenal for the price and it’s because of that crappy lighting and the crappy phone you know what i mean so it works both ways i like it because i feel that i am good at picking out and it seems like a lot of people are skeptical they’re looking at the video and they don’t want to bid i actually like it because i think that i’m thriving in that situation it’s good for us gamblers hey real quick jack and mike let me know it is hilarious too because you get people that don’t know how to use the app they say stuff on there they don’t know what’s going on like it’s it’s comedy right oh yeah it’s it’s almost annoying as some because people are sitting there talking and like but people make mistakes there’s a guy who kind of messes with me at the auction that’s the guy that jack and i kind of played the game with where we won that locker public storage recently but the month before this jerk-off is on the phone and he’s not even at the auction he’s at another auction he’s paying his sister to come log him in right oh my god and i win the unit and he’s at the auction talking to the other people and he slips up and says yeah i just made him pay a bunch of extra money but i also got him banned from doing that unless he’s at the auction now he’s not allowed to be at another option and play those games because i kind of threw a fit because he slipped up and made that mistake saying he’s basically on there just to cost us money so people don’t understand the system very well that’s illegal too you have to be at least here you have to be at the auction like you have to be there and sign in you know live storage auctions well yeah he was paying his sister to basically be present sign in and give him and she would go to place to place but that to me is kind of shady like you yeah be there do the work and be there i mean you want to be there to cost people that money i think that has the most lowest amount of testicles in the world when you’re they’re trying to cost people money you know yeah i i yeah and for me the app though it’s working out great um i’ve picked up some really good units but it is cool though because just like you know i help people online when they buy online storage units like half the time remember you’re at the mercy of the person who took the photos it could be an amazing 80 year old man working the front desk that doesn’t know how to take any photos and he uploads it to storage treasures right and just because the photos are bad doesn’t mean the storage unit is bad kind of the same concept going live on your phone now because some of those are real dark you know they don’t have flashlights and even if they do it’s kind of hard to see when they throw it in there so you can pick up some really good units cheap right now now do you guys think that now we all make videos and our a lot of us find good treasures do you think our videos at all affect the price of storage treasures units these days because it seems like everything’s going high and i wonder if it’s just because people see us hit it so they just throw money around but what do you guys feel about that i think so i think it’s emboldening the competition they’re seeing this find good stuff and thinking they start seeing every unit as potential in there but i think they’re going a little bit high right now i think there’s going to be some money lost in the near future

and i may be one of them i paid 3100 the other day for our unit and it’s going to be tough to get profit out of it but they were all going high what is that you gone through it all already i haven’t opened the safe so hopefully but yeah i think that everyone’s getting a little more emboldened because back look mike when you bought that 8 000 locker it wasn’t that long ago and that at the time at least to me seemed like so much money and now we’re seeing not eight thousand necessarily but three four five six thousand sometimes eight 10 is becoming much more common i see my the numbers going high and i don’t want to stay as it is my fault but i tend to gamble high and also when i bid people like people like being an a-hole to me they purposely want to cost me 2-3 000 and i i don’t know but i still feel that i get kind of lucky a lot you know like i i bought an eight thousand dollar locker last week you know yeah it’s kind of nerve-wracking what about the same stuff um in fact there’s this um i used to buy a lot online because i have the kids right and i was working on the side so it made it easier for me now i’m fine more live even though i’ve done a lot prior i probably bought way more live than i have online in my career but they um there’s this little click of three or four people that has never talked to me but they’ve known me for years and they talk to me as a youtube guy right and they with an ounce of their being cannot stand me at auctions right because if i want a unit i’ll bid i mean my hand won’t go down i’ll just take it you know it just is what it is and especially since this whole like quarantine stuff is happening i wanted to buy a crop ton of units the last like 10 days right just in case because i was out of inventory so i bought whatever the heck i wanted you know and it just goes to show that there’s a reason why i can do that is because i have youtube and different avenues to make money and they don’t right so it’s just one of those things where when you like start storage units or whatever you do like try to like get multiple streams of income like whether it’s online you know selling this stuff selling it to your audience like there’s many ways to make money that way you can get a little edge and buy whatever the heck you want you know yeah and you know i was thinking that this whole time as you guys are talking i notice i’m in the middle of four people who have a ton of experience with storage units and that’s like your main your main gig you know and for a lot of people um at least for me like if i were to jump into storage units you know what i’m saying i’m i’m gonna be a little bit lost uh but with anything you need a certain skill set a certain type of experience and knowledge um and you just gotta dive in but there’s a million ways to get it there’s a million ways to bring home bacon you can literally bring home bacon if that’s what you want you could bring home bacon and then cook it and sell sandwiches so bacon sandwich you just made money off of the bacon you brought home but in seriousness there’s retail arbitrage online arbitrage liquidations there’s a lot of different things going to stores um building relationships with managers will help you a lot especially with uh stock that’s supposed to be on the floor but it’s not um a lot of that stuff too right you do retail arbitrage wholesale et cetera et cetera yeah man i don’t know like i’m becoming a vampire guy so if i shrivel up and pass away in the next couple months let me know me and jack i can tell jack because get a little extra gray hairs there my man it’s a good thing to be that way um yeah i do wholesale um you know i do wholesale i bought um pallets i pretty much did everything retail arbitrage i’ve done um online arbitrage i’ve done storage units i’ve it’s weird like one month i’ll be into one thing and another month i’ll be in another that’s the reason i want to be a business owner is to kind of go where i’m interested you know and uh but storage units i always go fall back to you know it’s the love of the hunt and like it’s just it’s just you know it’s a there’s a passion for it i think once you get past five or six units and you have like the systems in place to process all the inventory you’re going to go back to it constantly it’s just addicting you haven’t thought of hitting any options in tennessee fat man i’ve thought of it i’ve thought of it i haven’t done it but i thought of it i feel like from my ipad what i see i don’t see a lot of people online who buy in tennessee like youtubers whatever so i feel like it might be kind of like a a minimal untouched area for you to thrive in yeah but um i i have spoken to a few people a few storage unit facility people and one of them turned out that he was actually from miami and that’s how we hit it off and he gave me a few tips like as far as this area where i live

i live in a very uh tourist uh like a big tourist destination where i live there’s a smoky mountains of tennessee so the majority of people here just there’s not a lot of storage units and he’s he’s like you know most of the time the people who own the storage unit facility they’re allowed to bid on the store units so most of the time then they themselves are resellers and they’ll buy the storage unit so resell it yeah supposedly they’re allowed to do it that’s what he had said that’s one thing i dislike when it’s kind of like it’s like it’d be like the dealer in the poker hand sitting at the table next to you too as well as dealing you know what i mean like yeah well my my thing is this i i’m not trying to get into it because i really enjoy the delegating part of things um and i really enjoy helping someone learn something and helping someone else you know bring home some money so you know i’ve i found like i have this talent of being very empathetic with people and my desire my whole joy comes from seeing other people succeed and if i’m part of that that’s what gives me like this boost so uh just a few weeks ago i had just two people now i have six people that technically work for me but they work for themselves so they’re working for themselves they’re brand new to everything they don’t they never had an ebay and amazon they never had none of those things um they didn’t even know that they could do it until they you know finally someone was like oh really that’s what that’s what you do and um you know all these people are are now bringing home money and a couple of these people are professionals they have careers they have mbas you know they they’re like they went to college and the money they were bringing in was is nothing compared to what they’re making now too so you know it it brings me a satisfaction i get motivated more knowing that you know in eight o’clock at nine nine thirty i’m gonna get on a phone call with a couple of them and see uh what about tomorrow because i know we don’t got any shipments out till tuesday but you know see about what we can do tomorrow and just the conversation and hearing the energy and stuff so for me that’s why it’s like i’m not really trying to get into storage units and that’s why i was actually getting rid of my um and it’s not even death pile a lot of the stuff from my ebay store i sold on an auction with oscar um and i gave stuff away man i gave stuff away n64s video games you know a lot of good stuff and it’s because i just don’t want to follow that business model um i think it’s great because of the cost every time you guys talk about it you guys got real low cost of goods you know where you know pennies for the item a lot of times you know so i think it’s a great business venture um i just myself i enjoy kind of sitting back in my money machine this is i call this my morning machine my recliner bro i sit back in my recliner i get on my computer i get on the phone you know and i and i see you know if they’re making money i’m making money and that’s that’s what i really enjoy doing jason or way do you guys have uh auctions where the the facility bids on the stuff if they want to in your areas no no i mean right okay i i didn’t quite hear you pirate it cut out a little bit i was saying like uh alex was saying do you guys have any facilities where the manager can bid the employee can bid et cetera et cetera not that i’m aware of matter of fact i’ve asked that question at a few of the facilities and they say no i can’t bid at least the employees can’t bid i’m not so sure about the manager i doubt it but i have heard of employees having their friends bid on a unit 100 i i do think that happens i mean can you imagine um i highly doubt that these employees if they find a great locker with something pretty amazing and even if they’re not resellers they know what value is that they’re not telling friends and family yeah we have one facility around here i know that does it um what’s it called live oak self storage they’re they’re a family-owned business and they very often are bidding on the units and i think it’s not because they just want to drive the price up you know i mean like oh this shouldn’t go for a hundred let’s see if we can make it 900 well that that’s like a turn-off to me like if the facilities come on bait i just want to go home well there’s there are some uh some situations i foresee being

a problem in the storage buying business at least here in oklahoma we don’t have any live auctions anymore right now really we don’t um so uh u-haul used to be live here now it’s online uh storage sense or not storage sense public storage used to be live now it’s online and the situation is now u-haul and i’ve called the manager out on this in the past i bought a storage unit where in the pictures you can plainly see that something is covered and then they uncover it and take a photograph so they’re touching things in the storage unit they’re uncovering things to photograph in the storage unit and it’s really in my opinion it’s kind of like cheating uh uncovering things or touching things they shouldn’t be touching anything they shouldn’t even be walking in the unit yeah i don’t see why any facility wants to drive the price up anyway because if somebody only owes a thousand technically if it goes for four the person gets the other three so why would you really want to drive the price up probably just to ensure that they at least get their part covered i don’t i don’t know i really have no idea but it’s a little upsetting and i have called them out on it like hey you know you shouldn’t be uncovering this if it’s covered you shouldn’t be touching this you shouldn’t be opening this drawer if it’s shut that’s why like when i buy an online unit i always take a snapshot of the of the pictures before i arrive and then if it’s if there’s something moved or changed from the actual pictures and i’m like you have a chance i don’t want unit you know what i mean is you’ll have one picture where it’s covered and then you’ll have another picture of it being uncovered to be photographed yeah that’s weird i i know what happens though and that’s why i prefer to buy from big corporate companies and that’s u-haul i mean that’s pretty big but um you know rather than mom and pops because i feel like you get a little less of that i mean people that work for big corporate companies they don’t care if the company makes money you know typically the average employee as opposed to like a privately owned smaller company i would presume you know yeah i mean this was with u-haul so it wasn’t a small mom-and-pop it was like some u-hauls though are franchised right am i wrong like they’re they’re privately owned um they could be but i know this much i know that they they have general uh they have regional managers here and they have specific facility managers so in this particular one i know that the regional manager was the one that took the photographs okay and and knowing that there’s a regional manager over it it’s not a privately owned it’s not privately owned so yeah okay yeah that’s crazy it’s so hard it’s so so hard to speculate because every company is different you know and i i kind of like the online options now only because a you worry about you know culvert and stuff so you kind of want to keep yourself distance and the time if you think about the time we spend like if we go to an auction every single day and live we’re missing time but when you could just go shop online it might cost you a little more but you’re saving time well here’s the thing pirate will it cost you a little more that’s the question because if you go to a live auction you already have enemies that want to drive the bid up on you but online you have anonymous bids so um i mean obviously on a couple of the sites you have usernames but you can openly change your username any check anytime you want to so um you’re more anonymous online there’s truth in that but at the same time you’re also opening up to thousands of more eyes seeing it which brings in people who don’t know what they’re doing but are willing to throw money like a crap shoot so it’s kind of like a 50 50. it can go both ways on that in my eyes yeah and nothing too is like think about this everybody’s sitting at home right a lot of people are compared to what happened before this so they’re like how am i going to procure inventory so i can sell online even the the newer sellers you know storage units are seeing all these videos on youtube and they think i’ll try that and i think that’s i got to give it to you mike you were right i thought the prices would go down based on the fact that people wouldn’t want to spend money i think it’s the complete opposite people are clamoring for inventory sitting at home and they see these videos and uses this is the way of kind of yeah they’re desperate to fulfill the addiction of rooting they want to make up for the months they didn’t have and it’s kind of out of control like i was bidding on a unit this last week i bid up the 26 220 bucks and i know the owner of that unit was bidding because as soon as the unit ended they took it off they canceled it all of a sudden and um i know the other person one of the

people bidding because i know there’s only a few people in my area as crazy as i am and i was teaming up with about six of us me scott alex um manny uh and two private parties we were gonna split this art locker but i’m 99 sure that the third bitter and fourth bitter were the owners of the unit you know it’s weird that you say that pirate because i’ve actually seen several units recently online units that get bid and then get cancelled the last day of the auction only to be put back in auction a week or two later yeah this one canceled after it closed it had like a soft close for almost two hours and then finally towards the end i was like scott was like why don’t you call these two people because i know they’re bidding i called them they had backed out of 20 grand but they were able to leak the name of the unit for me the tennis so i googled them real quick and found out that the art gallery was selling low-end russian art and i just stopped bidding and then boo i think that left the owner at winning the unit and then that brought him to not be able to pay for it and had to cancel it yeah i i the biggest scam i’ve ever done was actually recently is i think it was like four or five months ago i may have told you guys there was this unit with um three motorcycles in it and then a bunch of boxes to the right and it was online auction it clearly said vehicles motorcycles not included and i knew that buying it right i knew that i wouldn’t get those um but the boxes sometimes sometimes motorcycle parts can be quite spendy and so i’m like okay well i’ll buy this for that so i went in there bought the unit showed up they said yes the motorcycles are not included um but i took all the boxes and that was it walked away like a normal unit a week and a half later that same unit went up for auction as a lean unit same motorcycles same motorcycles and i had been in there with youtube footage yeah completely illegal so when they pulled it up again or something yeah they re-put it up for auction but this time they sold the motorcycles with it well that’s illegal you can’t you can’t he wasn’t done yet there’s so many potential but that is kind of shady you know yeah you can’t put as a lean unit because that means you know like maybe manage your special or something or whatever but have the bikes leaned by law unless you call them park bikes but there’s also a law that when you buy a car or motorcycle that says you can’t take parts off the bike they said the bike can’t go but it doesn’t mean bonus parts stuff in the trunk except you ever bought a unit with the car not gone in the trunk hell no i’m going in the trunk every time because the contents of that trunk well the the fact that they put it both as a lean unit both times and it you can’t legally do that you can’t sell a unit as a lean unit and then somebody go in there and take stuff out and then resell that same unit online as a lean unit because somebody had been in there so it was just really shady and i was going to do a video on it but i was like i just got too busy and then i stopped curious to know did you make your money back pretty easily i mean was there stuff in the boxes that was valuable no that that was um there’s only like four storage units i’ve ever lost on and that was one of them i opened up all the boxes it was like it was like gardening spray and you know it wasn’t even good enough to make a video and i’ve never not posted a video but twice one of them was that one because it was all like oil i did actually post that video i used as a storage unit um course video if you guys remember seeing the motorcycles that was that unit um and then another unit that i bought i bought it i was gonna film it but then the owner came by i gave them all the contents and never filmed the unit so those are the only two units i’ve never filmed you know this is something else to that that needs to be questioned is um i don’t know if if facilities are doing this to protect uh particular assets until the units are sold but i’m realizing that it seems like more of these online auctions are excluding the storage unit uh number the actual number of the unit uh from the listing or from the photos they’re making an effort to not show the unit number um so that for instance you know i think that i may have purchased a staged unit recently i i can’t i cannot uh i can’t verify that in certainty but i can tell you that when i went up there to pay for the unit the manager said i asked her what what the deal was with the unit and the manager said that the owner of the storage unit is someone who does what we do buys storage units and i get in there it’s a multi-family storage unit okay so there’s multiple

different families inside this storage unit it was all it was all junk i got pretty lucky at the end third to last box in the entire storage unit i found an auto scope that was worth four to seven hundred dollars so i paid 250 for the unit and i got one thing that’s going to make my money back double or triple actually so i got really lucky in that aspect but everything else was young and sales stuff i mean it wasn’t complete trash but it was it’s hard to avoid stuff like that you have to figure how many facilities are on storage treasures you know you’re gonna run into crooked people you’re going to run into crooked uh people setting it up people managers doing shady things it’s going to happen there’s no way to avoid that a world that does crooked stuff that sounds like the perfect thing a manager could tell someone is oh yeah the person that defaulted on this storage unit was also a storage unit buyer that’s that that’s that’s the perfect thing to tell a buyer that way there’s no there’s no second guessing if you see multiple family uh items in a storage unit right frustrated when you call the facility and it is by law you’re supposed to be able to tell you have to you have to put a public notice to the name the storage unit and on this unit that i bid 26 200 we called the minutes before and they refused to tell us if it was this person’s name because one of the other names checked out as a million a million dollar art collector and we wanted to confirm it was her name he’s like i can’t give you that information sir it’s probably to divulge that you put the name in there i’m just curious of it this particular unit is her name i’m sorry i can’t give that information i get so frustrated when managers try to act like this public legal information is classified documents some of these people are new you know what i mean like this isn’t their world so they’re just they’re like they don’t know you know um and plus you’re getting um you’re getting like there was uh she’s an amazing girl but she was like 18 you know or 19 or something she’s working she’s working their public storage and you know selling me units she just doesn’t know but i had i run across that all the time they won’t they won’t give me the name sometimes online you can’t find it you know well it’s most people understand you’re not supposed to but just random person working in corporate job think they’re not supposed to tell us and it’s so frustrating because i try to research some things if i’m going to drop 25 grand i would like least like to know that this name belongs to this unit number and i mean come on you know we’re not there’s ain’t secret stuff you had to put it in a newspaper twice within a month before the auction legally it’s not it’s not private information we’re not we’re not in supreme court all right one last thing and then i gotta go guys because i actually got to meet somebody at the warehouse to sell a furniture item i got out of a unit but is anybody here jack batman uh jason anybody are you guys on tick tock i am no oh my goodness jack i get on there and watch uh like it’s a huge time suck for me i love tick tock but i don’t have an account i can’t release that information you gotta get on man so i this guy’s doing wrong things so i auction pirate for tick tock i think i’m storage pirate i don’t know let me see real quick okay i’m stored i put like a basic video my first storage unit video and i got 1480 views and another one 11.89 but it’s tick tock still a new platform guys you should be trying out you know 60 second version of it i put a minute a minute long just like opening the door going through a couple boxes a minute and just posted it well how do i find you what’s your tick tock name um what is it that’s how new oh it’s wade’s ventures but like no space all right you got 40 of course all right yeah you got 44.99 now they’re jack get over there please get out i know you don’t have time but when you buy a locker all you do is just film you opening it and showing it for a minute and then you’re done upload it and then call it a day it takes some time for your time out of curiosity out of curiosity is there a way to link your youtube channel too yeah there is yeah yeah yeah you told me i think i have mine like in you just have your little link in there if you’re gonna do something guys you might as well do it to the best of your ability um so if you’re gonna have to open a locker just film it for a minute put it on there because you just never know you know he always talks about tick tock and how that is like the number one platform right now it’s where you want to get into right now yeah it’s just little vine videos and

and it’s addicting as heck man it really is you don’t have to watch tick tock jason you got a baby coming on the way you gotta make that money but i’m just saying get your profile going i want to tell you the flip around there doing all the dances everybody keeps telling me man you are like i’ve had someone i think it was emily conway she was or no it was a uh a money badger he’s like dude a guy with your personality is not on tick tock and i’m like dude i don’t even i haven’t even been posting on instagram let alone i haven’t even putting out videos on youtube dude so but the thing is that eventually and really soon like i’m a lot sooner than i was last week yeah going in on all my social media like i’m i’ve already like you’re seeing this right now but this is completely changed already my logo everything like everything’s being done so that i can basically rebrand but still be myself but i’m giving you a little hint there like it says that man right there oh the thing you know what i’m saying so i love that backdrop this is television i i know it’s it it’s crazy i mean you look at me jack and jason and you we’re like you know just put this and this isn’t what i work for he looks like he is the professional look at it all right guys i gotta go much love okay all right thanks for coming in later man much truth look a lot fancier than ours jack’s in a garage i’m in a garage jason’s on his porch the only difference is it looks like pirate’s got your uh got his brand on you hey it’s all good cause i’ll go i’ll rip i’ll rep storage auction pirates of the day i’d die bro i love it i appreciate that i’m waiting for pirate to get some hats made i’m ready to sport it the problem i’m having right now is in order to get my hat at 23 i have to spend like three or four grand or something to order a bunch and that’s a lot for me to put out at one time can you not have teespring make it i honestly i don’t use teeth spring i think there is still one up and i don’t know if it’s mine or not but i don’t like teeth spring they don’t make a quality product they take forever and i’m about quality the hat that i’m ordering if you look at it this is a very the quality has 24 000 stitches in here plus i’m adding the word hustle grind rewind here stitched in and the quality of the hat is more important to me than than cost so they want me to order about 100 hats at like 23 bucks and that that’s a lot for me you know so i haven’t i have it or they gave me my quote last week so i’m just trying to be able to dump a little extra money and then i gotta wait three weeks for them to be made and then i’m probably not gonna sell them for much prof but it’s gonna be more of like a just getting them out there but i’m hopefully this week i’ll be able to drop the money on it i’ve i’ve been spending so much money at the auctions it’s so hard to to put something out on merchandise right now yeah i mean as bad as as teespring may be i mean what i’m gonna do what i plan on doing is sitting down for an entire day and and really kind of building a merch line through teespring and before i launch it i’ll order one of everything and look at it for myself test it out for myself see what kind of quality it is and then i’ll i’ll launch it live jack you weren’t honda teespring either right yeah i mean i think they do have a quality product their shirts that we ordered from them lasted pretty long time i think they’re decent quality but yeah the turnaround time is ridiculous i think the costs are a little bit high i mean when i when viewers are like messaging me over and over where’s the shirt where’s the shirt it’s been like two months and i can’t give them an answer you know it’s like really yeah yeah he’s ordered one recently it took him well over like a month it took forever no big collaboration last year half of us didn’t have the shirts because they took so long even though they were rush ordered they still didn’t get shirts in time that’s not cool no i didn’t know that it was that the turnaround was so bad yeah sometimes it’s not it’s undependable yeah that’s not okay when when i was in the recovery group i was in these like one of the way we’ve raised funds is that we made our own t-shirts and we and we sold them on the street we raised funds with them and that’s how we also let people know about you know that there’s help out there and the screen stuff so like i’ve been in inside of the warehouse where we make the shirts i’ve i’ve helped them make on the whole deal and um and i know that you know the turnaround isn’t really that long as long if you’ve got a design it’s that simple um they can literally in in a few minutes make the

silk screen and they use a light and they use some chemicals and they make the whole frame and they get everything done so the turnaround shouldn’t be that long now if that’s if that’s the case with them and the cost is high then it’s probably because their cost is high and that means they have x amount of manpower or you know helpers and so it’s taking them long because there’s probably a lot of demand on them and at the same time they don’t have enough but they can’t grow anymore because you know they’re already it’s well anyway long story short you gotta find somebody local right that does that and somebody that can you know and and i think it was a gary was talking about um pre pre-ordering or whatever yo what’s up scott what’s up guys how are y’all doing well real quick just to finish off uh you know pre-ordering or whatever so i guess you would get people’s mind in a way that’s kind of like drop shipping but anyway um if you could find a local uh manufacturing like distributor and it could be somebody just a person is it i i have somebody that i’m working with and they’re waiting for for a few things whatever and as soon as i place the order i’m gonna have shirts in my hand and the cost is gonna be pretty decent um you know where i i’m gonna deal with people directly so they’re not gonna go to teespring when my merch is up it’s not gonna go to teespring or no nothing like that people are gonna be able to purchase directly and that way it saves me money aka makes me a little bit more money um and at the same time i’ll be able to help the buyer save some money and and purchasing a shirt where people search for 25 bucks i can sell them for 20 and still make you know a profit or whatever so yeah i mean you know i think that i i guess really the thing that turned me on to teespring was simply their integration with youtube but obviously they’re having troubles keeping up with their order their orders so i i’d rather i’d much rather go a different route it sounds like i owe you an apology we laugh at you a lot on your account they uh right before you announced uh the sexy the sex of the new baby uh they decided that that you couldn’t make a boy because you didn’t go deep enough and they laughed a lot that wasn’t a live stream man i was i’m on a live from almost crying it was so funny uh anissa what anissa what’s her name she wasn’t when he was saying it i’m like don’t you have like four girls what does that say but uh congratulations dude man i’m excited for you guys thank you yeah uh i guess i’m destined to have a week’s vacation at the lake every month is that where you make babies or no that’s where i it’s gonna be a war zone in here when they all get together and older when they’re all grown up and they all sync up if you know what i mean yeah it’s gonna be a war zone in this house so i’m gonna take a little vacation every month i think jack kind of knows what i’m talking about i do the boys are gone i just got three girls here and a dog both their ladies too so i’m completely outnumbered i don’t stand a chance that’s funny so uh picker how’s it what’s up we’ve already talked about so real quick like how is how was quarantined for you and do you have anything going on for the future if it happens again are you just set what’s what’s up with all that um so i see i’m i’m in a different area i’m in one of those blessed areas i changed you know i didn’t make a lot of videos i was working so hard because you know they said you can only do a central shopping so i just started i just started doing essential arbitrage this i’m very fortunate in a 30 mile radius i have eight walmart super centers and four neighborhood market so there’s 12 mile marks within 30 miles of my house wow and so i just continued to just hammer walmart i would recharge we got four targets um so you were allowed to go to the stores to buy to buy things and so i just kept buying the same thing over and over um if it happens again i’ll probably do some of the same virtual high five scott virtual high five it’s it really okay so it’s been a the this year’s been crazy three weeks ago i passed my sales for last year soon dude it’s been insane i mean the opportunity is so great every product’s everywhere it’s never been easier to find stuff for excel on arbitrage so can i drop uh

scott do you mind if i drop one uh one key to like one purchase something one thing that they should be buying uh next time we go into lockdown uh if you’re interested in in selling on amazon or ebay even go to walmart and buy up every single pair of beard beard trimmers you can find those suckers make money on them things oh you’re full of crap nothing on those no better i know better yeah i thought a couple pairs i still wanted to i took some advice of a friend i bought a few of those but i don’t usually dabble in like arbitrage because i have such an abundance of junk from storage units like going to do that kind of i lose money because i’m not selling all this profit that’s just sitting from the mass amount of storages i buy see the one thing i’ve got to i’ve got a lot of ebay inventory that’s unlisted that just been sitting here for quite a while uh jacob’s actually gonna start tomorrow and my son is gonna go since he’s the job market is so bad he’s not been able to find a job yet so he’s gonna start working for me again because i need somebody to list ebay but you know i’ve got all that stuff just sitting there if if it got bad i could just list all that i mean i’ve got it i’ve got two storage buildings for crap wasn’t it jacob that just graduated yeah he’s got a degree in aerospace engineering i uh and i was gonna say congratulations to him because that’s amazing he’s got good grades and everything the problem is is is is with the economy and all the funding and not you know not being able to do interviews and the recruiting for those that the companies is tough right now so he’s he’s waiting it out if if he gets it if it stays this way until september he’s probably going to go back for a masters or something but i had kids it’s really smart uh so i’ll be the only one who has a legit rocket scientist running their ebay store stay on his good side because he might be taking care of your old ass in the future now i want to ask it’s not really personal but it is i think you asked what will you be paying him to ebay uh i just pay him fifty dollars an hour okay he only i mean he just does 25 he’ll he’ll list 25 a day that’s all he does i give my daughter two bucks an ad right now my son and my daughter they get two dollars an ad they sh you know there’s just under 15 because they don’t really focus they make one ad they take like a seven minute break they make another ad they wait five minutes you know but they should be making at least 15 but i want them to kind of uh i don’t want to get them like i don’t want to give them like 30 an hour i want to kind of like work them in here you are you got to work a little bit then you get a little bit more et cetera et cetera well yeah i mean it doesn’t sound like a ton but you gotta realize he he still he lives here he went to school here uh so you know he he has no bills whatsoever and so the the business i need to you know the best thing i did ever last year was get an accountant so he handles all my payroll so you know it’ll just run through so the business will get a deduction for it too as well um you know that’s one thing we don’t talk about is when you you’ve had a year like this you know you need some expenses or you’re going to end up paying taxes on it yeah you know a legitimate way to do it is to you know pay your son to work for you you know so that cycle some of the money to him and you know it’s a legitimate expense that is hard like that’s what alex was just talking about branching out and he’s now he’s now a boss of like a half dozen employees uh brilliant marketing strategy because that’s what i need like you cannot list enough stuff there’s no way if you really focus on buying a lot it’s almost impossible to keep up with your listings it’s virtually impossible yeah you can’t do it all i’ve been doing so much merchant fulfill you can’t ship it all you can’t source it up and so i’ve got i’ve got to figure out an arrangement that works you know i’ve had i’ve fought having employees for a long time because you know i ran restaurants for 25 years i had employees i was a babysitter i was a social worker i was whatever you want i had to be and after 25 years you’re like i just want my own voices in my head i don’t want everybody else’s voices anymore well one of my good friends told me last year that’s why i am not rich he says or i’m not like financially independent because i fail at delegating i want to be doing everything and as a reseller or just almost any job it’s almost impossible to do everything yourself and you have to trust somebody to do things for you or you’re you’re really not going to get all the way up here okay so i i think it’s important not to not to define yourself by what they determine successful you know i have you know reselling people a lot of people who don’t do it don’t get it it’s a lot about the lifestyle you know the time you get to build your family you know the right you’re on schedule

you know i was extraordinarily blessed to be able to to be with every daughter’s mom and my wife when she fought cancer last year you know there’s there’s things about this business that that don’t equate to pay but are worth more so you got to be happy in your own skin define what success is to you and you know kind of tune those other people out there’s plenty of money to be made i mean you can be very comfortable by yourself i mean i make plenty of money so it’s not about how much you make yeah i do agree with that because like as a person has raised both of my children on my own the ability to drop them off at school every day pick them up make their lunch cook their dinner but work at my convenience has been more priceless than any money earned that’s for sure and it takes a little while to get to this point you know i’m i’m i’m older than most you guys so you start to see things different and i don’t know jack’s pretty old i think i got the award there are you in your 50s yet jack kitty i got you about a year so sit down all right i look older than both of y’all so y’all both sit down but you see things a lot different from at it you know experiences taught you you know all those years in restaurants all the things that i missed with with my son growing up and you know just you know i’m not i’m not willing to do that anymore i’m not willing to sacrifice my time for somebody else hey guys real quick i’ll be right back all right all right and there’s the poop emoji i love it but you definitely have to you have to you have to i’d agree you have to allow other people to do that’s why hiring accounting was great for me that took even though i’ve got an accounting degree that took that part off my plate um doing amazon i’m moving back into fba you know that’s like hiring a hiring hiring amazon to do part of your business for you so there’s things you can do as a single upper person to truly to make it life easier on yourself so you can can continue to scale up to where you want to go i’ve never had an accountant do i the closest i have to account is i do all the math all the numbers the receipts and then i take all that to h r block and let them process that that’s the closest i’ve ever really got to an accountant but i kind of do the same thing pirate i i i crunch down all the numbers and then hand a spreadsheet to my cpa she then sends me a list of about 20 questions to answer i answer them to the best of my abilities and then she files it and signs off on me i i just send reports i send him like nine reports i just download the reports and send to him and he’ll send me a spreadsheet back asking you know what these expenses were for or these these charges were and that that’s basically it uh you know i sent him a lot of stuff and he compiles all the data which has been very nice and he handles payroll he also converted me to an s corp uh which saved me quite a bit of money as well what’s what in the corporate do you get a llc llc or something or what uh no i’m i’m a legitimate corporation it’s called an s corp uh that that i have to take a salary you know that’s why my son works for me i have to pay um there’s certain things you have to do to maintain it’s a step up from an llc um llc is just a glorified sole proprietor with with uh liability cover liability from them taking everything your own liability collection and an escort was actually a corporate shield so you know i have to the corporation has assets and all those things all the stuff that i have is now the you know if i wanted if i wanted to get something that i bought from the business i’d have to pay the business and those kind of things okay i’ve always i’ve always thought about that because a lot of people direct me towards getting an llc and stuff but um when it comes to all that that stuff i’m just like completely lost because i’ve never really had experience in it i’ve always been so proprietor um i was lost in a two even even though with my accounting background so i talked you know when i first talked to my cpa you know he’s like let me crunch the numbers let me tell you what it’s going to cost and then what the benefit’s going to be i think the upfront cost was to to back me into the previous year i ended up paying about four grand to get it done but uh it saved me like 12 000 in taxes the biggest the big your state where you live has really affects the savings and so he actually had to run through and look at the escort rules in alabama because he’s he’s actually in georgia right now to make some some states it makes sense some states it does alabama’s one of the ones that doesn’t make sense so i think the biggest difference between an escort and llc is the the fact that you don’t have to pay self-employment taxes at that point

because you’re employed as a w-4 employee is that correct yes yeah so there’s no self-employment tax at that point so you’re saving that tax right but you’re also paying the payroll taxes so i mean you’re paying it one way or the other yeah so i do have uh the workman’s comp and all that stuff it’s all calculated in uh the pair that the payroll company uses yeah that’s well that’s good i know when i was looking at i see right now i’m operating a sole proprietorship and uh and i was looking at an llc because i was thinking about employing an individual on my own account you know just and if i wanted to employ someone personally i would want to be llc just so that the liability uh burden is off of me personally um but instead i’m still operating in the sole proprietorship but i’ve employed i’ve employed for 10 10 so i found the person i wanted to hire i sent them to a temp agency and they’re employed through the temp agency so the liability protection is there instead of on me yeah you really need to talk to an accountant they can tell you with the pros and cons and it i just kind of got scared last year when the income was coming from too many places you know we we did the patreon awake you just left for a while um you know youtube money i’m making affiliate money ebay amazon uh sponsorship on videos i mean it’s coming from different directions and accounting for all that you know i’m like man this is taking way too much of my time i i want to resell him i want to work it takes me a couple of when i sit down any taxes it takes me a couple of days to punch all the numbers because i’m i’m seriously going line by line on all of my checking accounts it’s line by line yes i have business cards and so he pulls everything from the business cards into spreadsheets um he i i’m not sure his employee does it but it’s it makes it very very nice that’s something i need to look in the future because it does get crazy especially like with this year like you said uh i never made so much money as i did in the quarantine the three months of that like it was kind of like like i don’t know what to do for this coming year the last year it’s just kind of a little bit more than normal but this year like i have to think of something for the future because it i’ve never brought in so much money in so many different directions minus youtube actually sunk but like ebay and youtube options etc like i’m you know i made you a little me a little nervous like what am i going to do about this guy right and that’s i had the same thought last year and now this year it’s nice to have someone who looks at you your numbers objectively and he’s already told me you know in the next month or so we need to sit down and do some financial planning for the end of this year if not you don’t give too much back to the government there’s things things we can do with you know iras and stuff to to deflect some of those taxes that are coming because you you’ve made so much money in the first half of the year yeah um let’s play ask why not hire a private contractor this is why because ultimately if you hire a private contractor you cannot delegate the the place you cannot delegate the time um and you cannot you cannot provide the tools to do the job that’s technically considered an employee and in order for me to do those things i would have to do it the way i’m doing it so as a 1099 contractor they should be able to work they delegate when they want to be there and how they want to do it and with what tools to do it with that’s technicality okay that’s technicality i see it all the time where people are they contract and they tell them exactly where to be when to be there and all that but in all actuality that could be a lawsuit could be it also could get you in trouble because you know once they fail those those things you should have paid them and so there’s there will be tax applications everything else involved that you yeah yeah that could that could be really really bad where they’ll get you is if they file for unemployment and then they’ll open the case and then they’ll look at it and say now they should have been employees and you’ll actually have to go to court and prove that i adhere to all those things i wasn’t sure i’ve had to do that before it sucks yeah right i see it all the time though i think probably 7 i’d say about 80 percent of the people that are hiring contract workers are actually not supposed to be contract workers

they say that this stuff gets so complicated folks in your audience i would tell you consult with somebody who knows their job is to take care i got money back i mean i hadn’t got a refund in quite a few years and um and so like my wife’s like we we sure paid jared a lot of money i’m like you realize jared is free she’s like what do you mean he’s free we are you writing my check every month i’m like he saves me so much money that he pays for himself i mean it is and once you start looking at things that way you know not only do i get my time back but he’s better at this than i am and he understands how to take advantage of the laws of how they are written you know everybody gave prop hell because trump said you know i’ve tried to pay as little as possible what and we all try that you know what legally i’ll pay i’ll i’ll pay caesar with caesars but you know i want to pay as little as possible legally how many how many people say i don’t care what i have to give them like don’t i’ve never heard anybody say that you know so that’s why i say he he doesn’t cost me any money even though i pay him every month it’s the amount of money i save and the time i save is uh a good way i guess i could contract work is like for ebay ebay is would be a great example as someone that would work very well as a contractor because you could pay them per item and then give them an incentive bonus like a percentage of the total sale when it sells so if you did that then it would put a fire under their butt to get as much done as possible i mean obviously you would look you would expect a lot of quality work but at that point they could do it on their own time you could say yeah it’s here come pick it up whenever you want to take it home list it bring it back and just do it whenever you would like and if you have somebody that’s a self-motivated individual you won’t have to delegate anything so that would work out quite well actually that makes that what i mean like i think what we call what we are discussing is contractors uh that means somebody you pay cash right yeah 10.99 so at the end of the year you would file at 10.99 that’s completely legal though if somebody agrees to that because i used to have somebody do that to me when i was a furniture mover i used to work under the table when i was like 18 to 25 and this guy would always give me a 10.99 because i didn’t want him to take my practice out and i did it myself and i have done that in the past with one or two people who i was partners with but everything was in my name so i would have to give them half the responsibility of ebay etc etc right well i don’t know if it’s good enough to commit to an agreeance i don’t know if that’s good enough because the irs has strict strict regulation on who it what a 1099 employee is regardless if you employ them as 1099 and they agree to it or not i don’t know if that’s good enough yeah uh spencer in the chats got it right you get a good cpa and pay them they’ll take care of your tax they’ll take care of you um you know i just saw justin in the chat uh that flip the flipping account uh he’s one of the few you know like mine also sells uh online who understand this business it’s important to find someone who understands the online stuff because it’s it’s it’s the same but it’s different and so you don’t have to spend a lot of time educating them you know you if you find somebody who knows about what we do yeah my cpa is wonderful with numbers when it comes time for tax season but um one thing she won’t do is she will not touch any legal questions with a 10 foot pole she won’t yeah i definitely want to look into becoming more of a like you said an s corporate llc and somebody doing it because it gets annoying at some point trying to take my time like right now i’ve been working on taxes for like the last month in my free time doing my receipts and i have because i save every damn receipt and it becomes annoying to deal with i think alex uh oscar sent me to sting a program he uses to help spreadsheet things but just even dabbling in that it kind of stresses me out trying to take on a new process when i’ve done it one way for like 20 years if you’ve got something else doing i’ll tell you it’s the most freeing feeling knowing that that they know what they’re because you know what’s what’s the one thing you worry about too is am i doing this right is it going to trigger an aw you know what i mean all those thoughts go through your head you know if i just screw up something small is it going to cause a big problem um there’s also legitimacy too when they look at your returns and you know there’s a there’s someone a cpa

who is actually completing these things it gives them a lot more legitimacy to your business and my favorite part my favorite thing that i heard um was that once the cpa you know they they basically like guarantee to work or whatever if anything’s wrong with with your taxes it falls on them or something like that it’s a duel as far as i understand okay so a lot of people don’t know this but i was a process server for a little bit of my life which means that i’m the bad news bear dude that would show up people’s doorstep with a lawsuit okay and i can tell you that on numerous occasions when it came to uh when it came to lawsuits in regards to businesses we would serve both the cpa that did their paperwork and the individual so um it’s not all on the tpa what’ll end up happening is the cpa will be subpoenaed to court and and then of course you know they’re drug into the middle of it but it’s not all on the cpa now yeah okay i i always have i always use h r block because you pay them an extra like 30 or 50 bucks and they have what’s called peace of mind which basically means you’re paying them and if you don’t pay that they don’t represent you but there’s ever an issue they must take care of everything they must do the paperwork across this thing the court whatever the case is now i can tell you from what i understand having a cpa especially being a self-put individual having a cpa just gives you know it’s a professional viewpoint on your number so if you have a cpa doing your taxes and signing off on it um odds are less likely for an audit i’m not saying it wouldn’t happen i’m just saying the odds are less likely for an audit um because you have a professional handling your taxes and that’s what they want the school for and that’s what they’re licensed to do someone asked how long i think it was summer asked how long before from a hobby to a business and you’re exactly right you’re required to report any dollar you earn um but you almost have to it’s hard it’s it’s an individual question about when it comes to hobby to a business you know when are you just doing because if every dollar should be reported and paid taxes on but you know once once this probably more half your sport i would think once once that your income lies rise to a level that’s providing half of your support i would think you would need to seriously consider that hey this is this is a business now yeah well i can tell you i know numerous people that sell on ebay that never hit the 20 000 threshold um and they they they tell me i never file taxes on it and i’m just thinking that’s not very smart i mean although although paypal like you know they’re doing it for income to supplement their full-time income they’re doing it to increase the bottom line but just because paypal doesn’t send out a 1099 doesn’t give you the right to just skip on reporting that income because at some i mean it would only take it would take one phone call for the irs to wreck your world you know people don’t realize is paypal still sends you a 10.99 even though ebay don’t i’m pretty sure it’s 12 000 that you get from paypal no it’s still 20 000. it is yeah i don’t i’ve never had a year under 20 000 on ebay so i don’t really but but even if you have i don’t think that you want to have that weighing on you you know like you’re you’re if you don’t know then you’re gonna sleep fine at night yeah but you know if you know and you’re doing it on purpose you know like in other words you’re like ah you know i didn’t get a i didn’t get anything from him i’m not gonna file this i mean like jason said before phone call i would not be able to sleep at night um knowing that any day my whole life could change just because i chose not to you know report this you know what i’m saying i would say i think that that’s super serious i would say if you’re selling your personal items okay uh just to get rid of it not a big deal that’s not considered a business deal but if you go out and specifically purchase items to resell

and make money regardless that’s when it becomes a business whether big or small that is a business now that’s a resale business and that’s where that’s the income you should report yeah because if you’re just selling your personal items like you know your chances of your costs being or you’re not gonna chance if you’re like selling your psych clothes you know like these are your personal clothes and you know you’re costing them is retail you’re gonna sell them at an ebay price i mean chances are you’re not gonna make any money there’s there’s not gonna be a trigger report anyway because you’re gonna lose money yeah because ultimately if you purchased it for yourself you most likely purchased it at this price and when you resold it after using it or whatever you know decrease the value so after fees and time and all that stuff yeah you probably lose money taxes are stressful like last year i didn’t pay the year before and i waited a long time and it kind of kind of wore me thin that i avoided that year because at the beginning of the year was really bad for me i ended up losing my home i was homeless so i kind of just said screw it what are they going to take for me and i was stressed out for most the last year until i got everything kind of caught up again but not paying them does stress one out you know it’s pretty i don’t know i know a lot of people who get a lot of anxiety from taxes even though they’re not a problem just doing them gives them extreme anxiety like they’re afraid they’re going to miss a dollar and they’re going to prison for 20 years yeah all right somebody do it man doesn’t really work that way um but you can get in pretty deep with the irs it’s just going to cost you a bunch of money every month on a payment plan i’ve been on payment plans in the past fortunately last year was a really really really bad year for me and my tax refund took care of my previous year’s tax burden so uh that was good and uh this year i’m i’m having stacked money back because i anticipate paying in quite a bit so interesting well we have been on for like two hours now so i think it’s time to kind of wrap this live up anybody want to say some type of closing statements or anything something positive uh inspirational happy father’s july everybody it’s the fifth now isn’t it happy 5th of july whatever man i was trying to be positive i know i’m just teasing you i’m positive not the 4th of july i’m mosquito-free i know everybody’s been afraid you’re going to burn your house down this whole life jason comments that you’re going to burn the live down i know yeah all right well i guess we’re just going to wrap it up with that just say goodbye yeah that’s that’s it goodbye