PvP/BG Magicka Warden Build: The Wraith

Welcome to you who put the CC’s on straight away. Y’all know to SPAM those CC’s straight away, like the DK The music style for this video is Synthwave and links to all music used is in the description below having to explain why it’s CC only because some people obviously didn’t know Also, do you prefer the scenery for the vid location? Guess where this is in the comments below 😉 BUFF and STATS: didn’t like that the netch is blocking the view of the Cthulhu mask 😀 Ok, so on first glance it appears that our spell damage is low, but this is because there is a LOT of hidden numbers This is a Destro/Resto build so now the resto side again on the resto side we sit on 2000 spell damage without the glyph proc and nearly 35k Max Magicka we have all 64 points allocated in to Magicka as we do not need the extra health (currently not in Cyrodiil) I am a Dark Elf on this for 2 reasons. 1. I like the Dunmer as a race and 2. DUNMER MASTER RACE On this build we are a vampire, simply because I use this toon for a tank with Vampirism and I don’t like curing and re-infecting all the time Our Mundus stone is the Apprentice for the spell damage SKILLS: starting off we use Frost Reach, nice up front damage, a DoT and an Immobilize which fits the nature of this build Blockade of Frost is our next skill to slow and immobilize with our DoT’s Blue Betty gives us Major Sorcery, cleanses 1 effect and being an Animal Companions skill, gives us 2% more damage done per skill from this line Fetcher Infection is another skill which applies a DoT to the enemy and every other cast is 50% stronger. A cheap skill to use too and a further 2% damage done Bird of Prey is our Speed buff and Minor Berserk. It also buffs our stam recovery and then 2% more damage done. Also among the best animations The Ultimate on this bar is Permafrost, a move which is a group buff, a stun and DoT damage all in one. This is our main ultimate BACK BAR SKILLS: starting off we have Deep Fissure, the dreaded Shalks. Still missing our stun from these (RIP Shalk stun) Dampen Magic is our Primary Shield, and while expensive will save your life many times over Enchanted Growth is our Main Heal for both self and group. It’s not insanely strong but with shields up it works Healing Ward is the secondary shield in the stack. Only cast when the damage comes as again, it’s expensive Always Dampen Magicka and then Healing Ward, protect the secondary shield for the bigger heal Winter’s Revenge is another of our Ice DoT abilities. Same M.O, slows, immobilizes, damages so some reason my brain went to mush and I tried to demonstrate all the DoT’s of which 2 can only be used with an enemy present #NoobMoment decided better of it and went back to skills 🙂 Our back bar ultimate is Enchanted Forest, a strong healing ultimate for the group and can give a lot of Ultimate back CONSUMABLES: We are running a Tri-Stat food. I did also run this build with Crunchy Spider Skewer for Max Magicka and stam recovery. that worked well but I like the Extra Health And we are running Tri-Stat potions. You can run Health, Magicka and Crit potions but I like the stam return from these Another option is Immovable Potions, giving Health, Magicka and Immunity to knockbacks and disabling effects GEAR:

Our First set is the Ysgramor set. This buffs all of our Ice Damage Abilities, including frost staff lights and heavies This staff is in Nirnhoned to help push the damage and has the weapon damage glyph (Berzerker Enchant as some call it) Our Resto is in decisive and if you want to run poisons, this is where I would put them. We use decisive to gain ultimate as quickly as we can for Permafrost Our Monster set is of course the Wonderful VfS, or Valkyn f’ckin Skoria for those who don’t know. Tri-stat Enchant and medium impen This is the secondary reason for all our DoT’s Our Second Set is the Innate Axiom the set provides extra damage to our class abilities as well as providing both Max Stamina, Magicka and Crit We are running a 5,1,1 setup (5 Light, 1 Medium, 1 Heavy) and we are in 7 impen, because I mainly use this in BG’s (No CP) and shields aren’t going to stop 100% of damage Our Heavy Shoulder is again VfS with a Health Glyph this time #RespectTheVfS again I go to demonstrate the DoT’s on this build. Again I have no target for 2 of them. #SleepDeprivation Flap the wings…. just because All of the Innate Axiom pieces have Max Magicka Glyphs on to push it as high as we can Our Jewellery is 2 Arcane and 1 infused, with infused spell damage and the 2 arcane having recovery glyphs on if on a race with a high Magicka recovery you can maybe flip these and have 2 spell damage and 1 recovery on the infused CP’s (not perfect mainly because I use this in no CP BG’s) : Everyone was cagey about going straight to the middle, a sign that there’s few tanks in here

I get the kill on the ball carrier with a Resto heavy, and their team mate doesn’t think to go grab it and the Pit Daemon’s have the ball using the long walkway to avoid any greens below who might be lurking Permafrost up! Let’s put some pressure on that carrier Healer doing a good job keeping the carrier topped up but pressure is on yes, someone IS actually using Plague Slinger I over spammed here, should be getting magicka back because this dude is dead lizard walking And first carry of the game for the Twisted one I make a VERY poor choice here I should have Line of Sighted behind the tower to stop this onslaught but took the high road Pit Daemon’s take possession again use this one for Ultimate Generation. Resto heavies I get some cover Buff and PERMAFROST!!! I hate Breath of Life spamming Lizards Still didn’t save them and the Storm Lords are back in control of the ball bit too much pressure up there so flushed out towards the middle Sload’s proc Pot was up and I didn’t realise at the time, should have got cover instead of trying to get a resto heavy off team mate ignores the ball, but they do have a LOT of pressure on them it gets returned to centre and one of my fellow Storm Lords grabs it, but is under major radiant spam Pit Daemons take back control of the ball to try and stretch their lead assess… gain ult That’s a sorc which means no healer is there and that means PERMAFROOOOOOOOOOST!!!!!! nobody saving them with Breath of Life spam and Storm Lords take the ball back 3rd Carry finally gets it back to a solid position for our team When that music drops then you KNOW it just got real 🙂

and we start stacking the bodies and holding control. Fight the Storm Lords on our terms, and THAT is the result the DoT from the ball is starting to take it’s toll and I lay it off for my team mate to pick up nicely The Ball is Loose In comes the Storm PERMAFROST!!!! Used defensively to take the ball back and put some damage on the Daemons and Fire Drakes that damn heal bot makes ANOTHER save #DamnThatLizard Bone Wall in Chaosball. YES PLEASE Radiant Spam and it’s met with another Bone Wall. 🙂 The Werewolf played it smart here and got the kill #GoodDog Ball is still loose again I’ll take it again, just for safekeeping 😉 oh yeah, and PERMAFROST!!! Lizard Heals with the Resto ult and heal spam. I’ll just pound on them with Ice trying to restrict our space with a destro ult. Smart move not smart enough or strong enough to hold off my team mates though This Fire Drake wanted to try and solo us it appears. 1v4 in BG’s…. not likely Now it’s 2v4…. still not likely VICTORY!!! Big shout out to my team mates for the effort put in. I may have overshadowed the points but wouldn’t have had a chance if they hadn’t been there to help Finally get healing ward 🙂 256k of Healing for the Lizard. Nothing to scoff at. 181k of damage too which means it wasn’t a pure heal bot 🙂 And scene change. Home Sweet Home Anyone who’s watched my vids through KNOWS what song is coming next I stand by this point. If you give a good PvP’er this setup they will annihilate people in ways that I haven’t thought of yet in smaller scale groups this can be both support and damage as Permafrost on the front end of an ulti dump is evil In big keep dogfights then Permafrost will net you kills as it’s hard to focus fire in those situations if they can’t focus you then they WILL eat the full damage, and with Oils and AoE’s everywhere then the stun and damage will take them out Variations on this setup: you could run Julianos or Spider Cultist instead of Innate Axiom and run the Destro Ult with an Ice Staff

That will affect your Max stamina for breaking CC’s and getting to cover but will give decent damage. As for Monster sets, stick with VfS. I tested Grothdarr, Zaan, Shadowrend for a more defensive setup etc Valkyn f’ckin Skoria was the only one I was really happy with. Call it bias but Grothdarr is limited by range and Zaan is single target Valkyn will proc reliably, does decent damage and doesn’t miss. if Valkyn procs on you, you WILL eat that hit That long typing on screen. I REALLY need to speed that up for you guys. Sitting here forever while I type away lol I want to echo what I put up on screen because you are all amazing for sticking around and watching the full video. So thank you so much if you have ANY questions or comments related to the build or gameplay then please ask them in the comments I will try my best to answer those questions to the best of my ability for you #ThatOutro