Elder Scrolls Online: Ebonheart Pact #60

I have a question if this guy hates these like blood theme emerging so much why the [ __ ] are they so many of them around his manner why are we going into his manner I don’t particular like the idea of entering the vampires lair because he’s supposedly oh nice empire big man said you’d be showing up soon he’s upstairs with the lizard girl I’m tired of being stuck in here all day long such a shame when we walk in the beautiful sunlight we burst into flames though I suppose just because I’m not attempting to rip you open and feast on your blood doesn’t mean that I’m not thinking about it it’s our nature to lust for the life within you luckily for you of a lil Eric saved us he has his reasons I guess he even infiltrated a Dominion military counter saved to rook but cuz I was different once a servant given to the Nords as a gift when this alliance was formed eventually though my Master’s grew tired I didn’t the cold overtook me the next thing I remember the lyric was watching over me he gave me his gift to save me it’s kind of funny on the day I died my life truly began hmm again we’re gonna go to the key sheep I’m outsider garruk has not seen one in many years outsiders tend to fear us come pull up a chair let us entertain you it’s not like we’re going anywhere because she because she [ __ ] vampire must be like awesome because they already have fangs right hello look thank you scales try to escape so we locked her up nothing to worry about just want to make sure everyone stays safe it won’t be long before she gets that crazed you saw those things out there they’re mindless monsters as ugly as they are evil and only interested in killing and feasting do you really want scales out there attacking people there’s a chance but it’s just that a chance there’s no guarantee she’ll survive the process I’ve seen it kill as often as it cures it’s a risk but the alternative is far far worse seems a bit uh think you’re lying to me I’ll hunt you down you and your client down yeah funny I swear by the blood of my clan and my clanmates I only want to help her she’s safe here I’ll protect her for as long as she remains with us and if the cure fails I’ll teach her to control her urges you’ve made the right decision I promise I’ll do everything in my power to help her we’ll watch over her if she doesn’t improve we’ll make sure she doesn’t succumb to the bloodlust believe me you won’t regret this poor scales burns with the blood fever she’ll be trying to eat every face she sees soon enough who would wish that fate upon her well I suppose my father would but you’ll learn more about him shortly I promise we’ll look after scales will make sure that she’s safe and that she doesn’t hurt anyone now I need your help you saw for yourself vampire abominations proudest Springs those are my father’s toys we’ve all been infected cursed plagued call it what you will with vampires but we don’t have to succumb to the curses savage nature my father thinks otherwise did you say two minutes ago that he wasn’t wasn’t ashamed of it he was as ashamed of what they do with the power they said it as if it’s his family thing so as if he was like born of it rather than infected he believes we should embrace the bloodlust the power taking those who can’t oppose us and making them our own a civil war rages through East March he feels the time is right to strike he wants to grow an army of undead before anyone my father must be stopped at all costs he’s already targeted the winter and hunters is about to turn them into his puppets yah rock downstairs can tell you how to save them that’s our first step this world is a deadly place when the Sun glows bright in the sky it’s

just too dangerous outside even the wounds i recently suffered required time in a great deal of blood to overcome imagine the cost of trying to deal with all those hunters I must say you are a strange one others would have drawn weapons the moment they saw what I was any way I could attempt to scare them away but they’re hunters I don’t suspect they scare very easily we turned my father into dust and end his tyranny once and for all the hunters are merely a distraction if we deny him their blood he’ll grow curious perhaps even vulnerable they’ll want to know who interfered with his plans then I shall form the dune guard let me out of here please this isn’t right you’re killing me you gave me to these creatures and they’re going of course not who harms their dinner before they feast I’m sure they’re going to be very good to me at least until suppertime be a bit more convincing love you weren’t sort of gagging on the floor and pain you know to diss saying and I’ll read his journal my companions have been taking lesson to heart there’s been an incident more than three circles of the moon’s dark is it would be Blair know that she she hasn’t done anything overly reckless manner but this course to her father’s eagle what is he claiming i really like the real reason i love army district in transit skull King can I allow that to happen no that neither should know I might pass the palace not far i getta and as he just ripped that right now when I came in the house he’s not bullshitting I hope the lyric didn’t convince you to join our course our batters never end well true he’s father’s a bastard but he’s a strong bastard valeric can’t beat him and those who have bought you I yes many times each time things have gone horribly wrong it usually ends up very messy lots of blood but don’t worry about it I talkin it’s unlikely yes ha ha is this one way to do yes yes garruk always has a blonde you love haha mothers and await the command to strike take this liquid it is a gift from all their hate it they’re gonna try to kill you it’s best if you rough them up a bit first show them you stronger then splash it in their faces as long as they end up very smelly the hunters should be sieved against I’m gonna guess random to walk up as and hunters smack me over the head with a hammer until they’re a bit [ __ ] dizzy then smash them with some unknown liquid how’s this majorda my master you’ve made contact with majora lyric he’s a troubled young man ashamed of his heritage majora wishes to end the conflict with his son for this oh it’s not just you others have tried to helpful Eric they either see how futile their task is or they fail my master wants to explain this to you you don’t have to make any decisions right now just hear him out seems like a trap he will meet with you in his manner the one to my left no harm will come to you at this time Majoras word partner wants to do but on the other hand he’s probably going to act you know palma kinda wants to go see him is that so wrong torture net or ignore him and find the hunters 7 a few hunters is really gonna do much on the other hand

if I talk to him I want to kind of see what he has to say you must be curious as to why I summoned you I want to give you an opportunity to learn my son’s true intentions his fire is admirable but he does more harm than good the lyric opposes me because I embrace my true nature I take with his mind without thought or hesitation balearic questions everything and tries to fix our people he deprives them of what they need to survive while telling them there is a better way okay we’re not having him uh-huh I’m not gonna bother talking goodbye huh here’s the desist Aquino bastard that if I was playing like an an English rogue character than I probably you know help the ancient powerful vampire but as it stands my guys not evil he’ll do is necessary to dep like a job done but he’s not gonna sacrifice lives for a [ __ ] crazy engine vampire that wants to go a bloodlust and [ __ ] killer about it greetings hello morning gentlemen I’m here to kill you I need to get this off me catfish who throws taxes on people it’s an unholy stink it’s horrible god that smells awful who buy it God sets muzzle who throws cat piss on people yeah you’ll probably find if I talk to that guy he would have said blah blah blah blah blah helped me blah blah blah blah I’ll make you insanely powerful blah blah blah blah blah and make you a vampire probably love of the burglar and I’d have to go kill the guild hunters room or infect them for a more but I’d totally do is a really evil character you saved the lives of the hunters you’ll ruin their clothes but you save their lives my father will be upset when his slaves failed to locate new prey become my father won’t risk going outside it’s too dangerous the Sun is deadly to his ancient form no he’ll send his thrall Tunis to see what went wrong we need to catch my father before he returns to the crypts and locks the doors behind him rolla will sneak into my father’s manner and wait for Tunis to return how long she’ll deal with him I need you to enter the crypts Rella may be a vampire but she’s still young she wouldn’t stand a chance against an ancient rolla is quick she can blend with the shadows slitting a throat throat is well within her capabilities but someone more powerful than her needs to confront my father me hmm because i am the god king of Tamriel we’re known as equal but we’re talking would nerve isn’t in that name the funny Elder Scrolls lore uninor miles crossbows dotty this now the better of two evils I one calling me evil please leave me alone I don’t want to talk about what happened here I

couldn’t resist the urge I had to feed valeric keeps us locked away he doesn’t let us feed not naturally not like that I don’t care what the naira taught us this is who we are this is what we are if we ever hope to defeat the ancients we must embrace the power as they do we can’t keep feeding on skeevers and hope to grow strong we must we must feast it’s been so long you just don’t understand how could you I need this to live valeric starves us we mostly feed on animals finding criminals when we can there’s a reason we’re not as strong as the ancients we must grow stronger no I you’re right what am i doing I fallen just as the ancients wanted us to hear this is the key to the crypts Tunis had it go in there and end this once again I am more powerful than the under that land the vampires i’ll probably get myself the werewolf curse at me probably maybe and i’ll probably making our probably level another character eventually i don’t know maybe if he ever goes free-to-play i’ll probably level another character which would be like a dark dark elf rogue Cena wrote me balls that door [ __ ] he’s certainly like this fatty liver Boober hey not bad doesn’t get too great stuff from that this wide check my character for a second data see if I’ve been infected by some kind of disease yet huh Oh My Luck I will get infected by this thing yeah you’re vampires and you don’t have wings do you [ __ ] finger was just feeding off me don’t do that that’s how you get infected huh don’t [ __ ] to you that bad vampires that my friend is how [ __ ] get infected I think I assume you do do I cannot only want to engage in combat and with ones that I absolutely need to yeah terrible my UV like of me and then just being the show I’ll be with you in a minute agent I’m just gonna read your books you read really dusty old vampire books which I was about to say apparently don’t give me anything I’m home Jimmy come feast upon your sweet sweet blood anywhere now now I come in enough of this no you shall die okay he

does actually have a wholesome vampire ability fortunately the goggles abilities suck yeh kaun catches how you can catch this oh and he dead suck it vampire [ __ ] I’m now the Alpha vampire forgot the goggle boy back through now do I son of a [ __ ] I’ve yet to be in Tekkit probably shin and said that but uh yeah I can’t really wanted to do these and there was absolutely nothing hmm surprise rise I have killed your master I am now the head vampire only I’m not a vampire you okay now I’m gonna die no okay I fought for certain that would have killed me right there to be on his either cut the guy’s head off just to be completely gnarly 100% sure that he was dead come on are you doing let me kill there we go that only took you forever game I managed to get for all this crap being infected I’ll over you could easily get infected I think you actually have to like try a viral the sounds of things I mean people actually sell bites for money like 5k and you’re biting of a player and turned into a vampire if it was really really easier to get infected and you think people wouldn’t bother pay for it with you so I won’t [ __ ] pay uh-huh well because i want i wanna get through the werewolf thing cuz i’m pretty sure you get like a werewolf form the world which will really hawk cool he’s gone I can feel it his presence faded when you struck him down we don’t need to fear his tyranny and it’ll killed me or not me don’t take this the wrong way we’re grateful for what you have done but you did it you destroyed the tyrant who could have built a formidable force one strong enough to challenge the skull King now we will go somewhere safe a place where we won’t be a danger to others my friend still have much to learn I can’t risk others until I know they can control their temptations we can’t thank you enough my father was evil he abused the gifts we’ve been given him gone we have a chance to live peacefully well as peacefully as our kind can you’ve done a great thing ridding this world of my five glad do you intend to turn the scout King into one of us why would you help us stop my father just to create another vampire you have earned my trust friend therefore I must believe you speak the truth take it save the king but don’t make me regret giving this to you now drink it all myself can I drink it

we just have to hope that I mean as another thing as well if we’d help the other one how the hell would you know that he wasn’t is going to give us enough to turn the king I mean you’re helping the vampire that wants to defeat the skull King and take over Skyrim right so if you say hey I need your blood but not on just for just enough to help him but not enough to tell him if he give me enough to turn him when he Sean yeah well uh I figured there’d be a quest up here for this town what you’ll do hey filter hail and well-met taking a bike waiting for some friends I’m a royal rolled worker do you appreciate the flat even world throughout East March you can thank us for those we’ve earned a little relaxation you should join us it’ll be a night to remember we even have a bard he was passing by and agreed to perform at the party got October Stoneheart right up the road he’s our overseer I’m sure he’ll let you crash the party uh-huh this is not a trap at all it’s a trap sure put a [ __ ] person out the front of the out front of the town and get them to invite people that’s not at all gonna win badly for me they were all gonna turn out to be werewolves and they’re gonna eat me another traveler wonders in but you don’t look like a bar you’ve got that right we work hard and relax harder you’re welcome to join us a bard wandered into camp right before you so we’ll have music as the cooks Callaghan hey Thea are arguing over what you sowed stew is delicious full of meat cuz I like steak I’m gnawed on ty that’s one another traveler wanders in you just need to make sure we have plenty of good food and we’re all set hey okay okay it’s either going to be something devious and you know there’s gonna be some hidden thing to all this or is this gonna be me organizing apart interface you look like you need a bear steak charred on the outside bloody in the middle bears and the workers what meat seared salted and still bleeding I ask you what goes better with a cask of me than a good bear steak nothing that’s what haig they’re probably wants to make that fancy goat stew of hers she uses herbs tasties I think it needs a pinch more salt oh did he I’m sure he’d want something extraordinary for the party not just a slab of meat that burnt on the outside and raw in the middle something worthy of a chef of my caliber a savory God’s to would do the trick one of the wild goats that wander around the area they eat the flowers and sweet classes during the spring and summer it makes them so delicious uh-huh I’m getting the feeling this guy’s it’s gonna sold Gary’s wanna me like I need a bear serres and the work that’s where you come in you look like you could carve up a bear goal or old iron claw from his cave just toss these leftovers hegh they’re made out front it should attract the bear goodness knows no nord will eat this stuff I’m just gonna say cuz he said son right dope Dinny yeah I don’t feel so good I’m beres assistant another traveler wonders here just need to make sure we have plenty of good food and we’re all set dog stew is delicious full of meat and potatoes and not too many vegetables hegh fear is a pretty good cook she’ll probably need your help getting some of the ingredients for her student of course I like steak I’m not anti I thought calligar really knows how to make best steaks usually you’d probably need your help getting the meat I get distinct feeling that the goats takes actually nicer the other guy this all gets bear meat inside a giant fire and thanks yep will do that so we’ll go with a goat the goat stuff tasties I did he one of the wild goats that wander around

wonderful here if you feed this herb to a goat and pet it it will follow you around like a lost puppy made it back here and I’ll take care of the rest