Fallout 4 (PC) – Let's Play Part 1 – Vault 111

war war never changes in the year nineteen forty-five my great-great-grandfather serving in the Army wondered when he’d get to go home to his wife and the son he’d never seen he got his wish when the u.s. ended World War 2 by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki the world awaited Armageddon instead something miraculous happened he began to use atomic energy not as a weapon but as a nearly limitless source of power people enjoyed luxuries once thought the realm of science fiction domestic robots fusion powered cars portable computers but then in the 21st century people awoke from the American dream years of consumption led to shortages of every major resource the entire world on rather peace became a distant memory it is now the Year 2077 we stand on the brink of total war I am afraid for myself for my wife for my infant son because of my time in the army taught me one thing it’s the war war never changes damn nails badass character creation nice I’m just gonna skip this part when I’m done creating war never changes you’re gonna knock them dead at the veterans hall tonight hon you think absolutely now get ready and stop hogging the mirror right okay oh this is awesome it’s a little jittery is the recording but shower nice did you get you good [ __ ] good morning vault-tec calling good morning is it it just look at that sky out there a curtain you can’t begin to know how happy I am to finally speak with you I’ve been trying for days it’s a matter of utmost urgency I assure you what’s so important why nothing less than your entire future if you have a notice sir this country has gone to heck in a hand basket if you’ll excuse my

language the big kaboom is it’s inevitable I’m afraid and coming sooner than you may think if you catch my meaning now I know you’re a busy fellow so I won’t take up much of your time time being a a precious commodity I’m here today to tell you that because of your family service to our country you have been pre-selected for entrance into the local vault vault 111 but there’s room for my entire family right of course that’ll be course- your robot naturally in fact me racist against robots it’s just a matter of verifying some information don’t want there to be any holdups in the unforeseen event of total atomic annihilation won’t take but a moment sure let’s do it splendid splendid now let’s see let’s do this quick wonderful that’s everything just gonna walk this over to the vault congratulations on being prepared for the future um thanks again hey it’s peace of mind that’s worth a little paperwork right for you and Shawn no price is too high good answer I have my moments hey how’s my little guy much better now huh listen after breakfast I was thinking we could head to the park for a bit weather should hold up and do what exactly cars worth what’s wrong followed by yes followed by flashes blinding flashes sounds of explosions we’re trying to get confirmation uh-oh we seem to have lost contact with our affiliate stations geez you just hold the baby like it’s like swinging around what the hell coming in that’s all those weird confront reports I repeat confirmed reports of nuclear detonations in New York and Pennsylvania no they’re you God oh oh my god we we need to get to the vault now [ __ ] on my way oh [ __ ] oh whoa FPS just a major [ __ ] the [ __ ] it’s the first principles oh and it completely stopped just okay ok that’s absurd I am left you don’t get it I’m going in you can’t stop me oh ok ok i’m importing this if you’re in the program we need to get in but we’re on the list infant adult male adult female ok go away good luck follow the what’s gonna happen to all those people outside between everything we get [ __ ] out vapor that’s what’s gonna happen huh sir we need to send you down to the ball yeah no [ __ ] that’s from all right almost there we’re gonna be okay I love you both of you we love you too hold on [ __ ] we did it we made it okay everyone please step off the elevator

and proceed up the stairs in an orderly fashion no need to worry folks will get everyone situated in your new home vault 111 a better future underground so we just yes up the stairs see it up videos already never know you safe now female Luther step over to the table take a seat you’ll need your suits but you take you back right over there what now just follow the doctor here he’ll show you where to go all right you three follow me see this is our new home oh you’re gonna love it here this is one of our most advanced facilities none of the others aren’t great mind you everything we had sir my mother and father down in DC oh god honey what if they didn’t make it help how long do you think we’ll be down here but both Oh we’ll be going over all that in orientation just a few medical items we have to get us checking everyone off the logistical is less comfortable prepared for the future right just step in here and put your vault suit on the pod will decontaminate and depressurize you before we head deeper in the ball just relax time for a whole new life president secure arcuate vitals normal procedure complete [ __ ] someone’s waking up this is the one here Oh I’m a kill oh there it is gonna be five the boy go how’s [ __ ] the ladies [ __ ] the hell was that Hannah go back to sleep I’m free come on come on come on Oh God I’ll find you did this and I’ll get shot back I promised him she’s dead maybe maybe not I don’t maybe they can save her somehow with some futuristic [ __ ] who knows that water oh okay no

radroaches in there here mr. Beck [ __ ] you [ __ ] giant roaches what the hell it might be will use that for crafting later i’m not sure i can’t remember what i can to katie’s I’ll figure it out you do meet figure out what to do so hbu boo gun [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] the thing is I know from one video there’s a bobby pin over here I still can’t nice try me back later for you won’t even let me try it which is weird sweet gotta find the terminal I met miss all three shots there’s some oh [ __ ] there’s more and I need to totally suck all right there we go it’s out that’s [ __ ] want to hit let’s walk the sound looks there sounds too sounds too similar to grab rose hip firings not really useful oh [ __ ] nice

okay oops how much do that do this and then while its opening on search stand back rice I think that’s going to be it for this first video and next one’s going to pick up from the surface see you later ones behind a tree got one he’s down he’s down