hey guys i am back to do my makeup favorites of 2015 I have so much to get through that I only just stopped to make up in this video if you guys want to see skincare other beauty favorites then let me know this one was actually pretty easy for me to do going through my makeup collection and choosing out everything that I’ve really been loving enjoying through 2015 was so easy so I’m going to be starting from my base makeup all the way through till the very end which is like setting spray so if you guys excited to watch this video give it a thumbs up and I hope you enjoy it’s not going to be much surprise to a lot of you but the Chanel let a blank deschanel illuminating base is my absolute favorite for that pearlescent Sheen eagle oh I put it on before liquid foundation it is gorgeous people with dry skin would probably really like this just really nice thin light liquid consistency and I tend to put it all over my face so I don’t just focus it in areas it’s not a primer it’s just to give a false effect of a glow through your foundation so really really really love this ok so I have two foundations and they happen to be from Dior air flash this one’s pretty much empty I’m wearing it today I love it because it is really pretty much like skin airbrush finish it’s light coverage you can build it up to medium and it’s very skin-like I love it it dries down to a Saturn and it is absolutely gorgeous so the deal air flash is good for days where I want a really kind of natural look and then for a little bit more heavier bit more concealed you know glam I love the deal prestige foundation really quite a thick consistency but it is beautiful on the skin it’s buildable it goes from you could go from light to medium to full coverage with this one really versatile it has a skin like glow a little bit more than the deal air flash so absolutely love this stuff and to move on to powder foundation my absolute favorite powder foundation is the chanel vitalumiere loose powder foundation it is gorgeous it’s very similar to the Laura Mercier I feel like the Laura Mercier is a little bit more glowy this one has a little bit more of a natural coverage and finish it’s really quite polished looking on the skin so beautiful again I’m wearing it today I love to buff this in all over the skin and it just gives a really nice polished look so if you can try this one I absolutely love it it is gorgeous what setting powder I have to say the Guerlain meteorites perles and this is it the shade number 3 medium this is good just to add a bit of a glow to the skin it’s good for a little bit of oil control it also is good over a powder foundation if you just want a bit of a glow if you’ve got something a little bit dull and Matt or you know this one will just bring a little bit of a kind of slight luminescence to the skin it blurs the pause it blows imperfections it is so good absolutely love this this is really good for me to put under the eyes as well because I like a little bit of them I don’t like Matt under the eye so this is beautiful it’s got no color it’s just got like correcting colors like pink pearls and it’s got you can see it’s got lavender yellow which is really good for me with pink undertones to counteract that it’s just such a good well-rounded product okay so i have 2 concealers i couldn’t just pick one the limo concealer in light I’ve hit pan there I use this a lot I absolutely love this is really good for nighttime or if you’re somebody with a lot of problems under the eyes breakouts this is good it’s a rich but very emollient soft creamy concealer it’s got a full coverage and it’s beautiful blended in with a Beauty Blender I love it for covering blemishes as well really really nice one of the best concealers I’ve tried really good for brightening if you can get a sheet that’s a little bit lighter gorgeous gorgeous it doesn’t move it does crease a little bit but that’s after application and I just blend it away and then it’s gone so absolutely love this stuff and then the second one is the NARS radiant creamy concealer I’m pretty much good this is the second one I’ve

used but this is so good for it’s a full of coverage as well not as full as the Lemire it’s not as creamy and emollient but it dries down really good but it’s not dry at all so if you’ve got oily under there this will be perfect I don’t know if this would be good for very dry under eyes but I’ve got normal under there so it works so well full coverage great for brightening everything this is in the shade number one Chantilly okay so contour powders and creams I have a cream and a powder I like to start off with a cream and then set with a powder for cream it’ll have to be the Tom Ford shade and illuminate sculpting in intensity one I i will say a don’t like the highlight side I only use this for the contour color it is absolutely gorgeous I love that it’s a cream because it stays all day the color is beautiful it’s warm but it’s not great at all and it’s not too red or orange it’s just perfect for me and just love the consistency of this cream it’s again very emollient it just works beautifully so to set the cream contour or just to wear on its owners of contour is the Charlotte Tilbury bronze and glow highlighting duo it is the best product ever I just love adore the illuminate side but the bronzing side is so flattering on my skin tone I absolutely love it and it’s a glowy it’s really glowy and I just I think it’s beautiful look how pretty that is so absolutely love this and I love the highlights I’d to warm up the skin my favorite bronzer ever is the errand it’s called the pretty illuminating powder bronzing powder and this is in the shade number I have number one and number two this one’s in the number one this they’re both beautiful but I do prefer number one it’s so light it’s kind of peachy so it warms up the skin beautifully especially if you’re really fair this is really nice because it’s illuminating it’s well it’s so similar to the Charlotte Tilbury bronzer in the finish but the color is different so that’s the Baron on the bottom see how it’s a little bit more golden so that’s perfect just for broadening up the face but the finish of them are pretty much the same there’s just such a beautiful powder if you can get your hands on the Aaron try it’s so gorgeous i bought mine from strawberrynet I don’t know if they still sell them but I got this years ago from strawberrynet and I absolutely love it the best thing to be released in the makeup world I feel like are these hourglass setting powders this one’s gorgeous for under the eyes or all over to set this one’s nice for highlight and then this one’s nice for all over as well depending your skin color I think anyone can wear them but they are just so nice to finish off any makeup look if you like that lit from within luminous soft-focus glow you will love these powders they are just stunning the best thing to ever come out in the makeup world so really really love those so moving on to blushes the liquid blushes that I absolutely adore and I will not go without are these these are the baby doll kissing blush these are a lip and a cheek stain I love to wear them on the lips and the cheeks no doubt unfortunately they don’t last long on the lips on me at all but on the cheeks they are studying in these colors are the best number one is fuchsia gorgeous baby doll color you just tap it on and you just look like a doll and this one is nice for a really soft pretty natural pink look and it’s the number nine so they dry down very nicely very much to like a skin kind of a skin you know it doesn’t go powdery it’s not it’s just really nice so love these stains they’re absolutely gorgeous so I’ve got a few powder blushes Bobby Brown washed Rose is probably one of my favorites blushes ever it’s so pretty it’s so flattering looks gorgeous with a tad or on fair skin I think the bombshell sweet got me on to this one she wore in a video or something and it honestly is beautiful I just love that color and for a more matte finish I love

Mac gingerly so my skin is just so flattering for my skin tone it’s a peachy bronze really soft and pretty the formulas gorgeous look at that absolutely gorgeous so Mac gingerly really good for redheads and blondes jus contrast you’ll see a little pattern here I have a quite a lot of colors the same but these are my everyday colors I just love them this is in the shade and Jersey and in comparison to gingerly I mean this is a bit more of a softer powder and it’s got more of a luminescent kind of look to it and you can see it’s not as ginger or it’s not as orange as gingerly it’s got a little bit more of a pink tone in it it’s like a very light bronze pink this is the Estee Lauder blush in lovers blush so beautiful oh my god it’s got the most gorgeous glow you can see that and let’s watch it next to the other one so you can get a comparison they all different this one’s a little bit more of a peach rose so it’s down the bottom here so you can see the difference between the other three also different but have that same kind of effect that soft natural peachy bronzy warm goodness on the skin I have two eyeshadow lots I’ve got the wire cell could chill palettes absolutely stunning oh my god these are so gorgeous my favorite is this one this is the palate fatigue add own Ovitz limited edition but they have a awesome range of different color combinations so don’t worry if you can’t get this one there are some gorgeous ones but love this it is so sexy on the eyes and this one is really nice if you’ve got blue eyes or green eyes it’s peachy pinky and purples so stunning they’re smoother rich in pigment I love the little glitter particles in a lot of the colors they’re so pretty for a nighttime sexy goin out look and then for natural looks my most worn I shadow ever is Mac soft brown this is a good blend out crease color I wear it pretty much every time i do my eyeshadow and then Bobby Brown single shadows are really good every day you can use them as crease cut blend out colors you can go smoky you can do anything you want with them this one’s gold trench sorry if I’m rushing through this i just saw have so much to show you this one is chestnut warm brown and then we have rosewood this one’s really pretty movie taupe I have to give a mention to this palette and I’m dying that we can’t get this brand in Australia or even North’s from won’t ship it to Australia this is so hard to get this is the Claire depot I shadow palette in the shade BB universe I think I was inspired to get this one from lisa lisa d 1 it is the most gorgeous shadow colors in consistency ever just I can’t compare it to anything just stunning so if you can get your hands on baby universe please do try it you know it would be a shame not to it is so beautiful these tones are the best for eyeliners this one was actually a little bit harder because i have so many but i love drug store liquid liners my favorite would have to be the l’oreal superliner ultra position precision precision ultra-precision in I have to I love the brown one it’s very dark and wearing it today and they have a black one so love both of them this Rimmel stay all day I line are scandalized one in nude for the water line for me at last all day easy to apply it’s creamy it’s gorgeous I’ve got three mascara I always have a day mascara in my collection very natural work day mascara i use in love the Too Faced better than sex mascara for the bottom lashes I love extended play Giga blacklash from Mac gorgeous little thin

wand probably all know it’s so easy to get in there I’ve really been enjoying lots of bottom lashes lately and then for day by Terry mascara terribly and specifically in the shade number to Makkah brown because it’s like a got red undertones in it and it is gorgeous so nice it gives them a soft fluttery day lash absolutely gorgeous okay so I’ve totally gone completely out of order here I forgot to mention highlight back there so this one I haven’t had for long but it is in its limited edition but it I mean it is gorgeous it’s the Guerlain meteorites highlighter it is so stunning I absolutely love this the best highlighter powder highlighter I’ve ever ever ever ever tried so gorgeous so you can buy this from easiest beauty shop i’ll put the link down below if hit that intro studio so I have no idea what I’m up to let’s just go straight to lips sorry if I’ve completely gone out of order of the way I apply my makeup let’s do lips tulip liners that I can put on and just love and just steeples I’ve got a pitch in and a pinky so estee lauder double wear stay-in-place in nude this is more of your warm pichea lip color lip liner gorgeous and then I mean it stays all day I love the consistency it’s a bit creamy but it’s not too creamy it’s gorgeous and then Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk so I’ve got two options here it i wear these most of the time so this year haven’t really been hugely into glosses now I’ve started to go crazy over glosses but the to stand out for me and the two most used our good old glass turkish delight and mac does a glass in BB sparks both you know one for baby sparks is really good for that gorgeous sparkly effect i’ll put someone now actually I’ve got Mac huggable lip gloss on well see how that gives so pretty so that’s baby sparks and this one’s really got to lighten any Pink’s to put on the center of the lip or to wear on its own mac Turkish Delight is gorgeous by Terry bombed arose this one’s actually got a bit of color in it this one’s the nutria color I absolutely love this over any lip gloss lipstick it’s a gorgeous bomb it’s hydrating the color stunning so so nice this is the best stuff you should try the nutria color you know the ones with the color in it this one’s in Rosie babe okay lipsticks my very favorite at the moment and probably will be for a long time is the new bobbi brown locks lip color inhale move but that’s very recent so I want to show you what I’ve mostly been wearing and the Tom Ford lipstick in pussycat that’s a matte color really nice for nights out it’s not something i’d i’d wear it during the day without any other makeup just to you know brighten my face but pussycat is a gorgeous stunning lipstick and for and spanish pink which is part of their regular line this is so nice it’s just a warm light pink gorgeous flattering on my skin it turns up a little bit more peachy on me because i am very pared I am very pair i am very fair so really really really pretty color and finish and then the two wire sell the matte lipsticks are gorgeous i absolutely love this color this is in the shade 207 these are the mats it’s coming up more fuchsia here it’s like a muted down rosy pink and then this one which is number 2 10 this is a beautiful nude absolutely love it put one more lipstick and it’s the Bobby Brown creamy matte lip color in pink nude oh my god I absolutely love this color oh it is perfect perfect perfect perfect I’m going to swatch it for you because it’s so perfect Wow love it so it’s just match but it’s it’s

Richard pigment the color itself is my favorite all-time favorite color I’m actually on the home stretch now mac fix+ setting spray the best good for taking that powdery residue stuff away and I don’t know if it helps last makeup last longer I don’t know I just don’t take note of that but good for taking off all the powdery looking cakey skin um you know me I don’t like dry looking skin at all and this is so good the last things I have to show you our tools do your backstage beauty sponge awesome love it my Chanel blush brush pretty much the early blush brush I’ve ever used I think this here my two favorite eye brushes are the Tom Ford number 13 which is like this crease good for blending out it’s a bit thicker and round so I start with this first for crease color and then I go in with a mac 217 for a little bit more defined in the crease color I do have to note i always use the like little sponges that come in palettes especially like these thinner tipped ones they’re so good for running stuff under the eyes I just haven’t found any brush better than those little sponge tip things for applying makeup like color under the eyes running I shadow on the Apple you know lash line I just cannot find something better those this one is the best brush it’s a nude by nature brushes if you’re in Australia can get it I use this with all my loose powder or press powder foundations it is so good because it’s it’s dense but it’s not like like stiff dance which I hate brushes that are so stiff dance and it’s super soft so like it gives movement you can buff everything in you can buff your mineral powders it is the best brush and it’s just from priceline the drugs tool nude by Nietzsche if you haven’t tried this get it it is so good this is awesome i love to use this for contouring because I’m not someone who loves a sharp line I like to just you can see it’s still quite thick you know here but I just love to just tap it and then just pull it in and then blend it out because it’s soft enough to blend and and it’s not so dense so I love the Chanel I think it’s called yet powder contour brush and then my favorite bronzer brush is Tom Ford this is so good for just you know washing bronzer I love to wear use this with the Aaron bronzing powder any bronzers but it’s so nice it’s so soft and I just love this that is everything I’m so glad we got through that there was a lot of stuff and I just want to mention to you guys know I don’t wear eyelashes every day I maybe wear them once a month if that but when I do wear lashes I love the I Aloha 121 I think their definition so they’re like in the orange packet I love those lashes because they’re longer on the ends they’re wispy they’re soft just love them I hope you enjoyed that let me know if some of these things that you saw you want to try you might be interested in or if they’re on your favorites list let me know and I love chatting so I hope you enjoyed that I’ll let you get on with your day and I’ll speak to you soon bye