#monthlymakeup #shopmystash June (2019) Shop My Stash| We Overdosed This Month!|Makeup Rotation

hey you guys welcome back to my channel it is your girl A.MaRee and today we’re gonna talk about the products that I’m putting back and the products that I’m bringing in so if you’re new welcome babe I would love to have you here with the family I would like for you to hit the subscribe button the notification bill and hashtag in the comments d4l gang so I know the love is real okay and if your original Diamond or Gem hey boo I see you now let go all right you guys you know the time what a month it is that time of the month it is shop my stash okay so I’m gonna tell you guys really briefly on the products that I’m putting back and then we’re gonna go over into shopping our stash well you know what no let’s do it like this we’re gonna talk about the products that I’m putting back we’re gonna talk about the products that I’m keeping and then we’re gonna shop our stash okay cuz there’s some products from me that I decided to keep in rotation either because I didn’t use it enough or I was actually liking it or I just haven’t made up my mind about it yet so that’s what we’re gonna do um so right now we’re gonna talk about some of the products that I’m gonna put back okay so I’m gonna start with his thank you guys know I’m never in order so I’m just gonna start off by my Elagancy boutique lashes and the style Midnight you guys I am wearing these lashes out and because I’m wearing them out I want to kind of put them back because I am NOT ready to let these go yet I am gonna try the beauty heck I am gonna try the beauty act of repairing the lashes I think I’m a trial by myself before I bring it to camera just in case if I miss it up but I won’t it won’t be these lashes that I try first I’m gonna try some lashes that I’m you know drugstore or something like that because these mink lashes I’m not willing to mess it up but I want to put them back just because I’m not ready to throw them away yet and I want to kind of save them the next product that I’m gonna put back is my Ruby kisses 3d face creator and this one is in level 9 you guys I’m wearing it out I’m wearing it down but I’m kinda tired of it at the moment like I’m kind of tired of it at the moment I’m not using it for concealer I use it just to clean up my brows so I know I’m gonna put this as a project pan but I’m gonna put it back for a now I decided to add it’s a project pan because I do need to hurry up and get through with it but I only use it on my brows so I don’t know how far I think I’m gonna go with it so I’m gonna put it back for right now all right so a highlighter that I’m gonna put back is my heart revolution in the gingerbread heart is the baked highlighter yeah I keep forgetting that this is the one that falls out I love this highlighter the only reason why I’m putting it back is because now I want to pull out another one from the same collection to try out but I’m gonna keep this this is like a really beautiful color you guys see me use this like multiple times throughout of me so I’m gonna throw that back in and we know we’re gonna keep it alright so the concealers I got all the concealers in my face so imma go ahead and talk about them I am gonna put back the BH Cosmetics Pro Studio total coverage concealer and 117 you guys I’m kinda on the fence about it so I’m gonna put it back for now and if I don’t reach for it by time we do the end of the year declutter I’m gonna throw it out I’m just kind of on the fence about it it’s yellow but it’s like a peachy yellow and it shows up almost casket ready type of concealer so I’m gonna put it back and like I said if I don’t reach for it about time we do the end of the year declutter then I’m just gonna chunk it my tart shape tape in tan deep sand you guys I love it I love Tan Sand and I love deep and I love the fact that they came out with tan deep sand but the only problem is is it dries quicker like hella quick so I kinda wanna you know keep using it to to use it up but then again I don’t want to because I’m not for sure if I will repurchase it so for the moment I’m just gonna put it back in my drawer and somewhere we got six more

months so somewhere in there hopefully I’ll pick it back up and go ahead and finish it maybe I’m getting that mood to finish up before 2019 is over I am gonna put back my LA Colors la color no la girl Pro concealer in mahogany the only reason why I’m pulling putting it back is because I realized that I was reaching more for the Black Radiance concealer stick more than my la girl so I kind of want to finish up the Black Radiance and then come back to my mahogany so I think that’s what I’m gonna do all right I’m gonna put back my can’t stop won’t stop nyx concealer in golden honey i want to put this one back because i know i picked up on another shade from nyx but i can’t i don’t know where I put it so I want to put that back and once we go into the shot my stash department I want to pull that shade out and put this on back I like it I love the color love the coverage so I want to give the other color a chance now I’m gonna put back my fancy Beauty concealer in 370 the only reason why I’m putting back is because I realized I love it too much and I’m using it a little too much so before I just like run straight through it let me pull back and grab something else but you guys I love this concealer all right and then the only foundation that I’m putting back that I could see this far is my Clinique beyond perfecting foundation and concealer and this one is in amber you guys I wore it multiple times throughout me and I loved it it does pull off orange and I do remember telling you guys that I didn’t know if I was still gonna love it because I remembered it was pulling off orange but you guys it oxidizes a little bit and it matches right up so before I go ahead and blow through this let me give another foundation another shot okay now I got some liners and some lip liners the crown chubby eye pencil in the shade need being stalker you guys I didn’t use it at all not one single time so I think because I’m moving out of the green filling I’m gonna put this back and hopefully around Christmas time I’ll bring it back out for the winter to do more of the traditional Christmas looks so I want to keep it but I don’t want to use it right now my avian 24 hour gel eyeliner in black you guys I know I should be using this up because it’s a gel eyeliner but you guys I do not want to run out of this and it mean something mean that very first package to test out their products and all that stuff and a lot of their products are really really freaking love but this one right here this black eyeliner I love and I don’t want to use it all up because I haven’t been back on a bee ins website to actually price everything and stuff like that so I’m gonna scale back a little bit give the other ones a shot because ever since I put this in my shot mustache I didn’t use any of the ones that I was trying to hurry up my finish up I did not grab for him I kept this and hold on to that okay so the only lip liner that I’m kinda on the fence about is this LA Colors Auto lip liner and this one is their fiery red I have it on my lips today but it is very freaking sheer I thought it was gonna be like one of those banging real honors it’s kind of on the sheer size so do I keep it or do I throw it out I don’t know yet I don’t know what I want to do with this and this is my second time using this so I’m gonna like kind of debate on if I want to keep it or not the last just that I’m gonna put back is the I Laura times Jasmine Brown and curly Queen you guys these really didn’t do nothing for me so I don’t even know why I was holding on to my first so freaking long she’s beautiful I don’t know jazmine brownies maybe I should go look her up on YouTube or something but she’s gorgeous the last style is gorgeous but when they went on my eyes it just like so I don’t know if I’m gonna keep those lashes or am I gonna throw them out I’m not for sure yet so moving on to the only eyebrow gel that I’m putting back it’s the Priscilla perfect scoped and I gel and dark brown I got it from hers in my subscription box you guys I like this

but I haven’t been using using it so I think I’m gonna put this on back and try to finish up that wit and wild clear one and then come back for this my NYX professional epic black gel that I use for my eyebrows you guys look how much I’ve been using like I’ve been killing this but the whole purpose of me pulling out of black eyeliner was the Sigma one because it was like it split in half and I guess is trying to dry out and I said I wanted to use that and try to use it up and then use this as the backup I basically did the opposite I’ve been using this non-stop and today was the first time I used the Sigma so I need to put this back because I know I love this and try to use my wicked gel liner from Sigma as eyebrow as winged liner as everything before it completely dries the fuck up like so I’m gonna put that back da Vinci from Walgreens I found this at Vinci is the mineral water expensive it barely has anything left in it so I think I’m just gonna go ahead and put it into an empties video because when I spray it on my face it comes out like spots it doesn’t air miss no more so I think I’m gonna go ahead and move it on over through the empties and you guys will see it in an empties video because of the simple fact I’m really I’m not getting that even spray mist out no more I need it today and I had to like quickly go over with a clean Beauty Blender and blend it all out before it had left those dots on my face and my Judas plays heroin glow highlighter I love this you guys I freakin love this highlighter but I have to scale back I have to have to scale back or I I don’t even know how much product actually comes in here point 14 ounces is all I get in its baked highlighter so I’m gonna scale the fuck back and we’re gonna put this up and we’re gonna give another highlighter some love because you guys I love this highlighter it is so beautiful it’s a beautiful goal but I got to go back a little bit daddy gotta pull it back because I’m not ready to like go him like I’ve been going here okay it’s gonna be my collab set the stage finishing powder but this one is in the translucent then I told you guys Juicy J raved about I rather put this one back and pull out the other collab I’m just like when it comes to this powder so I’m gonna put it back I’m gonna take a step back maybe further along in the month I will revisit it and see if I feel a different way about it but right now I’m just like mmm I prefer the black top over this one any day the eye shadow palette I’m gonna put back is the profusion festival palette you guys I still love the palette but I feel like I beat it up enough already for the month of May like I’ve already hit pan on one of those shadows like and this shadow is coming to the pan and this shadow is coming to the painting like I abused this palette enough so I think I’m gonna go ahead and put it back and pull out another colorful palette cuz we’re still rocking in spring and summer so I want to put this back because I’m not ready to like just beat it up look you know what I mean so I’m gonna put that one back as well as my Kat Von D matte and medals you guys I use this on my eyes because I wasn’t using it throughout the month so I don’t think I was inspired by anything with this palette the mats are really met and really pigmented to where you only need to put a little bit on your brush and make a look but I’m not coming up with a good combination for it yet so I think I’m just gonna put it back and we’ll revisit it throughout the year because I know I’m not getting rid of it it’s my Kat Von D and I know we got a lot of issues back and forth week effandi I ain’t worried about that I’m worried about the quality and the points that I spent I ain’t got time for you okay so I’m gonna keep this but I gotta come back and revisit it because I’m just I’m not for sure what the color story she gave and the ending time she put into it is cool but I haven’t found that color story in her filling with this one so now we’re gonna go into the products that we’re gonna keep this month and then we’re gonna follow in with the

products that we’re gonna add to the collection this month okay now like my list today I did use the kat von d palette for this look today but I never recorded because I wipe my eyes off like three times before I even came up with this simple look but I wanted to wear a red lip ain’t war really looking forever so I wanted to wear a red lip in she’s looking kind of cute but let’s jump on in let me stop breaking on myself okay oh my god alright you guys ready for this okay so I made a weird angle so we’re gonna work with what we got alright so we’re gonna keep the touching so no pop no problem from hammer I always miss this up but we’re gonna keep this I’m still testing this out we’re gonna keep the law real magic perfect then base in as we’re still gonna continue to use this Smashbox photo finish primer in the radiance I’m actually kind of liking this you guys as crazy as it sounds you guys know I’m not like the radiant side girl I’m more of the matte girl but I actually been liking this stuff I didn’t get to use my Urban Decay all nighter so I’m gonna continue to use that as well as I didn’t use too much of my Maybelline Dream wonder foundation and you guys see where I’m at right y’all see I’m like right here so I need to go ahead and try to use this all up as well as I’m like two squirts away from my L’Oreal infallible Pro matte foundation so I’m gonna keep this until I am extremely like I’m just out of it as well as you guys we’re gonna keep the maybelline superstay foundation steep look how much I got live so do y’all see which foundation I really been using the most so I’m kinda like determined to use this all up and purchase another one as well as we’re gonna keep the Black Radiance photo focus pressed powder and milk chocolate I didn’t get to use this too much due to the fact that is back there hiding so I gotta figure out another spot for this so that I know to grab from it so grab for it I do want to keep my dry cosmetics and man-eater I want to keep this in because I didn’t get to use it that much as well as my Too Faced tutti frutti collection now that I’m thinking about it you guys I’m gonna put my wedding a while back up because I never did go for it and it’s a metallic and it’s a purplish a so I don’t think I’m gonna get much use out of it cuz sit around we’re in springtime I kind of want to start pulling out some and lighter news for the spring I’m gonna keep my Jeffers star out though you guys Lord this one is in deceased y’all know that I you see how far we come right we have been using it so I’m gonna keep that I am we’re gonna keep my oats EC by Platinum D I’m gonna go ahead and put up my muse Kat Von D lipstick I have been using it but I just haven’t been using it enough to keep it out so I’m gonna go ahead and put that up we’re gonna talk about what we still have nd brow and lash department we’re gonna keep doing wild this is the the wet and wild clear gel you guys know it’s the maker clear gel mascara for the eyebrows as another one of my lash contour adhesives I’m still working with the Lancome eyelash mascara base you guys y’all seen me or you haven’t seen me talk about this but I decided that I’m gonna keep it into Iran’s completely out and it is the L’Oreal volume is base mascara I want to kind of try to use that one on up now this one I’m on the fence about my Maybelline push-up drama mascara you guys I did use this in my one brand makeup tutorial but I put this on today and it is the waterproof one but I’ll put this on today and it kind of make my lashes go straight forward and it didn’t help you know curl them up and my glasses are normally like a good curl to it but this makes my lashes go completely straight so I’m gonna give you one or two more runs and if I’m still feeling itchy about it then I’m just gonna go ahead and be done with it

I am gonna keep my brother London double-decker mess here as well as my the brow girl bites on your crooks you guys know I got this in a box of charm once before I’m gonna keep my Kat Von D lock-it brows super brown and walnut as well as I’m gonna keep playing with my Sikma long-wearing gel eyeliner and wicked you guys not use the black for my eyebrows and I am gonna still try to wear my idea Remy lashes and seven seven eight as well as these no-name lashes and d20 do6 nineteen twenty you guys know that I got these I believe from Eden Rose on instagram so we’re gonna keep that in there we didn’t go through any of the math so I got the lip mess and a few masks in here so we’re gonna keep that as well okay so moving on into this drawer we do still have our samples and if you guys have been watching my empties videos you guys know that I actually have been going through these samples and been using them as much as possible so I’m not gonna add any more samples until I get like very close to the end of these so the liners okay you guys you still got a lot of liners we do still have the makeup forever the aqua eyeliner pencil this one is in I don’t know I still got my NYX jumbo pencil in milk I have my LA Colors jumbo pencil and this one is in pool party I am still working with the Victoria’s Secret’s black eyeliner la colors or no the LA girls glide on gel liner this one is in lime light so I’m gonna continue to work with that my Jordana cat liner this one is in carribine I’m gonna try to use this up some more but makes suede matte line lip liner and this one is in jet set so I never got a chance to play with the Sally girls eye pencil and funny so I’m gonna keep that out and see if I could still make this work and some type of look the only black liner I got is my weight and while I make a liner and you guys know I’ve been like riding with this really really hard Lancome I’m a liquid pencil this one is in Empoli I think it’s the beautiful purple shady wet-and-wild proline graphic market eyeliner this one is in airline blue I used this one time and I don’t think you guys really are gonna notice if you guys watch the videos I don’t think you guys are really gonna notice that it’s a blue so I am gonna try to use this yet again some more I do have my Lancome black liner that I’m trying to finish as well as the Victoria’s Secrets and I did not use this this month which is the NYX glam liners this one is in Atlanta’s or the lip liners we do have waiting Wow we have naked K collie mix black up NYX Cosmetics Mac and LA Colors we’re gonna keep all of these shades in here I do have two concealers that I’m gonna keep this month is the color pop no filter this one is in dark forty as well as my Lauria and fallible which is in almond we’re gonna add some more concealers this month but these two I am still freakin loving so moving on into the next drawer which is the powders you guys think I’m gonna put this highlighter back nope you know what I’m gonna keep Becca topaz in here because I didn’t use her a lot a lot I’m gonna keep my maybelline superstay full coverage in coconut I didn’t use it that much the one I’ve been using a lot is gonna be the black radiance bronze glow I think I’m gonna go ahead and put on my makeup forever no I’m not I’m gonna keep my makeup forever out because I only use it a few times and I didn’t get enough wear out of it I used it today and maybe one other time so I’m gonna keep this out but I’m gonna put it in the other all right so the blush that we’re gonna keep out is the black radio it’s baked blush and this one is in toasted almond you guys I’ve been loving this shade I am gonna keep my fancy bronzer out and mocha mommy but I think I’m gonna pull out just one more bronzer I believe my pretty vulgar blush in hush

blush you guys I didn’t get too many where’s about of it I know I love it and I know it’s such a muted toasted light rosy shade that I should be all over it for the spring but I just haven’t yet so I’m gonna keep it out for one month and see if I like it bye elf blush palette I’m gonna keeping you guys know that I’ve been loving all three of these shades and normally lately I just been mixing them all three together and popping them on my cheeks so I’ve been loving that little cocktail so I’m gonna keep using it because it’s light enough for springtime the last product is the bonanno pass you guys I think I need to figure out another way to use this so that you guys I just realized I threw away my Sasha buttercups container and that’s what I wanted to put the bin on banana powder and topaz in so that I won’t have to use it straight out of here and I freaking threw it away so now I gotta come up with another combination or another container to keep this in with a sifter so I’m gonna put this back up now that I think about that and then I will you know do mix up my love cocktail and use it that way so let me Ryoga NIH’s this a little bit better to where I know what I’m doing and what I’m using and then we’re gonna jump off into the drawers alright so I know for a fact that I’m gonna be using these three pairs of eyelashes you guys my girl Nicole some mean new pairs of lashes you guys know I am a part of the ellika sea boutique clique and she sent me three new lashes in PR and I do have this shades Bella which I am wearing right now that’s why they’re not in the package you guys these are the most beautiful full set of lashes I can ever ask for this pair right here is called x-rated and look at that last you guys and then the last pair I’m gonna be wearing is indistinct and these are more of a everyday wear type of lashes and I think I will wear these on a makeup no makeup day so before we get on and see the makeup drawers I kind of want to see which lip products I’m gonna pour for yes the lips and you guys know this is the liquid lipstick drawer and I want to keep messing around with these so I think I’m gonna pull out my Beauty bakery lip whip and this one is in honey I kind of want to see what this LA Colors liquid lip color is about the matte lipsticks this one is in the shade vixen so I think I’m gonna pull that one out I kind of want to pull this one out but I know I like this one this one is in peach macaroon macaron and it’s the Broadway true matte lip colors the lipsticks you guys these are the best matte lipsticks these remind me so much of the wedding while lipsticks that were back in the day but I don’t know which shade to go with this one is in nude rolls this one is in oh why do I have two new roses you guys see what I’m talking about that’s when you know you have too much makeup you have two new roses and then this one is in Easter Bunny like what a beautiful freakin pink I’m gonna pull out peach macaron and we’re gonna work with that one kind of want to play around with my dry cosmetics I just don’t know what shades of which rose heel you guys I’m trying to hold the camera and do this with one hand so please forgive me Rosie oh let’s see the Rose heel is about is this a lip gloss yes this is a lip gloss I don’t want no lip glosses this one is a supreme lip cream what is this Oh beautiful what is this calll how biscuits you guys I think I’m gonna pull our biscuits out because that is pretty so the foundation that I want to bring out that’s new to my collection is gonna be the dermablend flawless creator multi-use liquid pigment this was in the foundation section on Sephora for dermablend so I’m gonna pull this out this one is in 70w I am as well gonna do a foundation

Friday using this I didn’t want to forget to tell you guys that so before we go any further my Sephora foundation you guys know this is one of my Holy Grails as you can tell I just I killed this bottle I do have a backup so no worries this one is in the shade pecan and it’s a matte pan number 46 I’m gonna pull this out as well I just kind of want to go ahead and finish it up but I do have a backup and let’s see in this drawer what we’re gonna pull out and I really only need to pull out one foundation really because right now I have one two three four five six foundations right now and two of them I’m gonna basically use up so let’s kind of figure out what we want to use my matte and poreless which one is this leaf at the car I think we use that one already I’m kind of wanting to go back to this one my cover my cover girl vitamin healthy elixir and this one is in soft sable I kind of want to go back to this foundation we have this one no this one doesn’t even match us I don’t even know why that’s over there I’m still on the fence about if I even should keep this or be done with it okay so this is the hood of beauty and toffee let me see what the other shade was toffee and mocha I think with the maple the Revlon a jury of the Revlon Colorstay this is for a combination to oily skin this one is in cappuccino as well okay I’m gonna pull out all three of those let’s just say screw cuz the Sephora is about to be done as well as my two project pants so that’ll eliminate three foundations so we could still use two extra three extra foundations now concealers guys you guys know this side as my shop my stash side so this is just the box that I’m just hoarding for no reason all right we have the Maybelline warmth and we have BH Cosmetics color corrector we’re gonna pull this out I’m just itching to see what it’s like we have so do we have two golden by NYX okay we have golden and we have golden honey so I’m gonna pull out gold there alright for some reason I’m wanting to give this one a try which is the Revlon youth FX feel Ambler concealer and this one is in the shade deep kind of want to pull out this vanilla cream and my Cintiq caramel why am i pulling out so many concealers I don’t know you guys know I tend to like try something every single day so we’re gonna stick with that you kept two primers out we kept two primers out and I kinda want to pull out another setting spray so I think I’m gonna go with the covergirl lock up setting spray as well and let’s just go ahead and finish messing with the la girl pro setting spray so let’s pull out a hydrating primer so I’m gonna go in with the elf prepping hydrating balm I’m gonna pull that out and mess with it some more and we’ll be done with it now moving on to pressed powders which we’re not really going to use pressed powders we are not using too many pressed powders we do have our collab back there all this up front is what we need to shop our stash so this is the medium this is the berliner the hourglass I need to move this out because I know I love this so this really is not the shop mustache no more that one so what’s setting powder do we have we don’t have a second powder so I’m

thinking about using the kiss Pro touch setting powder and banana I kind of want to see what this is looking like do I want to use that okay I’m uh put out the NYX mineral set it but don’t Freddie matte finishing powder this one is a medium dark you guys I really want to pull my ride-or-die out but I am trying my best not to pour for this right now as well as my – max I’m trauma that’s not so cool for those because those are what I’m comfortable with my 88 okay so I think we’re good right here this far we’re getting into blush which I don’t really think we’re gonna pull any blushes out most of my blushes right now that needs to be shot my stash is dark blushes well maybe not this one maybe we could use this little hot pink we’re gonna pull out the NYX ombre blush this one is in sweet spring yeah right on time sweet spring now the highlighters baby what do we have the illuminators this is a chaotic this one’s more of a pinky I think yeah that’s more of a pinky what do we have here narcissus a little too light and magnetic okay we’re not gonna use none of those none of those are speaking to me you already use this but I don’t have no one to put it out the way the jelly highlighter ooh the morphe sparks oh gosh you know what I’m gonna pull out this LA Colors longer this one is in bronze glow do we use this one already the cover has X glitter drops we’re not gonna bother with that yeah we use this elf 1 I know we love this one this one is in Ho’s gold I know we love this I know we love this why is this one over here maybe because I didn’t have nowhere to put it look at my Maybelline okay so we’re not gonna bother with anything over here yet I forgot we had these over here you know what I do kind of want to pull for the armor easy highlighter let’s pull out blondie just you know for fun sake now in this drawer is where I have a lot of the other four drawers of stuff the pier cosmetics we know we like the Milani so pretty I don’t know what to do you guys cold Guerrero highlighting palette was always bomb oh wow Nastasia my medium to dark you guys I need to just use this bad boy up but I just haven’t won and don’t want to get through it and I have a backup like what is wrong with me okay what’s this highlighter this was from makeup geek I know but it doesn’t have a name on the back so I know I love this highlighter let’s see I know I love this highlight I know I do it was such a beautiful highlighter and I actually do like these blushes this one here is from I want to say makeup geek too it’s called summer fling and this one I know is just too light for me and this one is called bliss and that’s makeup geek too and then this contour shade is from makeup geek and it is called scandal it’s a cool deep and this is like deep deep you guys and you guys see I hit pan on it but look how deep it is so I don’t know about that you guys I’ve been wanting to get back into this one though you guys this is one of my jams I love this palette I think I’m gonna put that out next month okay I don’t see anything that is like really wanting for my fancy you know what I’m

gonna pull this out my Sephora Z palette I’m gonna pull this out and see if I use it this month if I don’t oh well if I do great and I’m gonna go ahead and pull out the Black Radiance since like I am just like damn they’re done with it it is a project pan so why not let’s see if it’s anything in here we want to play with which right about now I’m really not seeing anything this far we do have some more later liners and stuff you guys know everything around this way everything around this way is to shop my stash stuff so I don’t really see anything like yeah that I want to mess around with okay I know what I’m pull out the color pop single shadow and I heart this I haven’t used this in a very long while so I am gonna put that over there as well as market Reese liquid metal eyeshadow this one is in the shade under treasure we’re gonna try to use that did I use the hard candy already for a month I kind of want to go back into the fancy banana powder – so they’re gonna sit that over there and we’re gonna be done with this girl we’re not gonna pull out no highlighters or nothin we’re not going to pull anything from here nor will we pull anything from here you know we’re not gonna pour anything from over here but the lip colors mmm the only one that I really want to try is this gel for melting lip pop by covergirl this one is in it just says 105 oh the 105 gel for we’re gonna put that over there as well and let’s just go with another lawyer you know let’s go with this one this one is in this one is in Explorer so we’re gonna go with that one so now we’re gonna go over here and see if there’s anything that we’re gonna pick up from the new stuff which I poured out to sentence freeze I think I want to go with the Too Faced do you fresh and glow setting spray we’re gonna pull that bad baby out we’re gonna put hard the air the new Milani one in deep tan we’re not gonna use that yet these are all the new lip products and liners and all that good stuff which I’m not ready to mess around with yet I still want to keep them new for right now let’s see who the artists record time and powder this the purple drama no purple dream I remember getting that in my boxycharm what about these lashes on holic lashes I don’t need no more No hmm no Tina let’s look at more vino real quick okay in the Riviera which I’ve been dying to get into we’re gonna pull out the Riviera and we’re gonna pull out novena so pretty okay we’re gonna leave it at three these three Callie’s Nara Vina Riviera profusion natural palette I still have my seabag cosmetics she make it palette which you guys were still playing with we’re keeping this this month as well as well as the Royal fears by BH Cosmetics we’re keeping that out nor did I dip off into the pure festival palette so we have enough palettes all right you guys so we have enough makeup to last us for about two months so I’m gonna put all this stuff up and then I’m gonna come back and show you guys what we’re looking like because I know it’s a fool okay you guys I’m warning you now this looks a little OD okay so here is all of the lip colors I will be using throughout the month all the lip colors all the foundations and I had to put this one concealer over here because it was too long here’s what the top drawer is looking like here’s our last drawer

the mask and I have to put the two single eyeshadows over there here is the liner the lip liners the two setting powders is sitting to the side I put blondie and caramel so what is fun yeah blondie and caramel right here here’s the liquid here is all of the concealers that we will be using this drawer here is all the blushes and highlighters that we will that we will be using for the mod rich setting powders the bronzer the face oops the setting powders blizzard face powders it’s also paying this store we have Black Radiance in here and you guys I forgot all about my Milani intense bronzer the bronze glow the face and body sunkissed blonde I forgot all about it so she’s gonna stay because I don’t remember using her last month I forgot all about her my black radiance and my Z palette all that’s gonna live on the desk probably like over there here is all of the face setting sprays as well as the one foundation stick I’m still trying to work with which is the wet and wild stick foundation in almond that’s just for backup whatever day I feel like testing it and you guys I did not show you guys my new vanity and right here here is all of the palettes which is their anasazi of beverly hills the pier the profusion BH Cosmetics and she bad cosmetics so there we have it you guys that is everything that it’s gonna be in this shop mustache for the month of June like I said we kind of OD but we are traveling a lot this month and we do have places to go people to see so instead of me like putting together a whole nother bag and all that stuff I’m just gonna pull some of the stuff from my shop my stash and put it in my makeup drawer I mean in my makeup bag and we’re gonna go okay so I hope you guys enjoy it let me know your thoughts down below let me know your thoughts down below I know IOD you guys I know I OD but it’s okay oh and just to show you guys the lashes that are wearing are by elegancy boutique those are the lashes that I am wearing that I thought you guys was missing out of that pack and these are uh-huh and you guys I want you to stay tuned join the family become a part of the family because I do have some merch coming to you guys very very soon I’m working on it already and I do have you know a little bit of things that you guys will be able to purchase like I said I do have March and I am working on my lash line I love you all thanks so much for watching I know these videos are long but you guys export so I’m giving it to you guys so until next time don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe click the notification bill hashtag d4l gang so I know that love is real and let me know what kind of looks y’all wanting to see y’all see all the stuff I put out let me know what you’re gonna want to see coming up in June so I love you and I’ll see you next time you