Understanding Bobcats in NH (Pt. 2)

a cat range was as we feel that respect when we first got here they were in the southern part of New Hampshire and western part of the answer southern Vermont and the cross and it was the linksys country north of that as the forests were cleared as Dennis was saying when we stripped the land of all the trees and one fact a lot of people don’t know in nineteen hundred new answer was 90% to ninety-five percent de Forest was nothing but fields and animals doing on little well their own views as a forest who cleared the tetanus survive better than that environment than the Langston and the Lynx was good enough to the extreme more easily female the male legs are getting and it shows you the difference in size a female ways not much more than the big house get 17 pounds is the average and a male way up to 30 times and actually directed that new hampshire has was in 1927 51 pound what that was caught up in indian straining Pittsburgh so agency the female and the male you can see the size difference between the two this shows a little on the coloration and how differently you can actually have almost stripes two spots and do what you call rosettes on bought yourself and this shows the color phases of these two hiding on the ground they tend to be brown background on a summit and become the terminal break in the wintertime as I was saying before some of those distinguishing characteristics this shows the tail as I said what cat only has that black on the top of his head and there’s white underneath on the bottom of the tail the a retractable claws that can be up to three quarters of an inch long and the claws can be very dangerous even if you have killed a bobcat I’m wearing gloves you don’t wind up getting this up ton on those claws the retractable claws like house cat would have it points out via tops now they do have the tough but you can notice get very small not like a linksys and they have your spots once doesn’t have in this era wide space and then what cat track if you happen to be out what I do know what ocular just one animal tracks the track itself kind of all around as you can see in the part of that what got there you could see it in the tracking than money and this shows a little bit how to identify a bobcat track from a dog or a coyote track which are their economy to 12 as well the wad cat doesn’t show any climax when he walks in tragedy cayo to a dog the clutter the nails are out clothes and showing the track and you would be Bobcat there the into digital pad is shaped like an end and with a dog or coyote it’s kind of an emission so that’s the difference if you’re trying to determine what that track is if you’re out there looking and the best place to find these kind of things may be on a dirt road this time of year when this type of fire out we’ll find the tracks or own broke screen and where the edges you will find useful things this shows a little about how to determine what the staff is if you’re up you’re running to it bobcat tends to be short stocky and kiyo tends to be long and drawn out that’s very nervous we thought you might wanna know Yeah right and this podcast we find have a number of different sounds it raw they can scream and they have a screen that you won’t together they kiss first and they’re all used to communicate to basically a lot of objects with displeasure with the fact that another a only a booth on the territory or female females territory and kiss at each other

your animals are like humans have learned deal with problems differently than us if we don’t like we shoot or Chuck you had a as human nature but animals don’t they think posture they make noises in me and usually all disputes are settled amicably and the way those the contender in the power so they use these things these vocal communications to tell what about Kat what they like don’t like and to purge they’re happy although they don’t spend much time together the only time that you want in a bobcat or on a female is grievances their behavior they’re very solitary somebody mentioned earlier tonight they’ve never seen a bobcat and many people have never seen very very hard to find the very territorial set the territory that they live within and don’t really change that as they want the corpuscular which means they’re active mostly growing horns and it does which is another reason you don’t really see them chance of seeing a podcast probably best if you’re looking up all the time because they will stay up the tree be up there all day long but you don’t see them because you look looking on with you looking down and can lay their own branch of the big tree and you will not always up that way they catch their prey is generally an ambush wait wait lay in a branch of the tree and pounce on that predator they’re going after lunch you find the home ranges of the Bobcat different female has a smaller range than the mayor and this just shows you that that within a male territory and like the truth you or even three it lived within that males territory and sometimes I only agreed with all of those females the mail doesn’t stay around to earn a paycheck that’s it reason you talk to his territory to the rest of you so this shows you that the ranges of the females are smaller and they only encompass a number of them they are sexually mature at three years old breeding season instead of March and typically is two before kittens gestation about 60 days hitting Goodwin and they will go through May and females only care for the young nobody else perhaps it no that’s how can you guys are seen on that way and there you see group kittens and up there a mother little a next reward this slide a little bit detail mission it shows how that diet we find the guy that and all of these things are really did determine what the state needs to do to get them in a better position this show back in 1951 254 they did a biological tests on findings of dead object and if I’m you see on the side is the percentage of food from DIA that was hung how much of the same as cottontail rabbits and of course this shows you how it changed is 6165 you can see the balance change and Lucy in a cottontail rabbit took you put your hand up its gonna cut until rather the last one years they’re gone have you is that right well the vision game is doing quite an extensive reintroduction of cottontail rabbits of the coast and some of them are getting out there are very many cottontail rabbits left instead of New Hampshire was there in tens of statements so this show you how the dietary changes to replace as different animals were eliminated from the opportunity see that you get 1791 yet drop down dramatically cocktail rabbit was almost gone and they were feeding on the has gray squirrels product and small mammals took over as the biggest percentage of his diet and that’s Dennis mentioned before of one of the things that’s really come into play for broad cat and provided them with the source of food is the turkey that is a major source of their food now we have an abundance of turkeys as you know turkeys from New Hampshire introductions are all the way through the budget megan is television they’re all who answered NASA’s / would

journey and it’s all the success of matches honeymoon a bobcat can live up to ten years but they don’t really live that moment a while five to six years of what we find is the maximum for a wildcat you know robot yet and why their teeth get one and broken unable to survive because it just can’t catch this bright mortality which is especially hard on young Bobcats this winter must have been terrible at the 40 because we had so much snow small plays difficulty captioning snow asleep early gettin started we found that most cases she may have four kittens too would die before the winter there are fifty percent of lost just two weather-related into predation by them around the ends of will prey on them the small one of the biggest things we found the biggest loss of Bobcats is highly strange they don’t stand back and watched it they will stand back and watch the traffic and then all of a sudden docked in front of a blitz most animals will back off when they see the Edwards what odd cat don’t walk at will watch the traffic and all of a sudden dire need maybe nobody took that vegetative tractor trailers parked in hell he’s standing by the truck but conceded as a car catalyst and Hillary and find it as going on you’ll find that in many areas that have highways like 93 101 the population of Bobcats is very very small in those areas use the hybrids take such a death toll this shows you when the bounties were on that was another unscientific waited for a handle you didn’t like an animal because it might have some time offended uh so unreasonable what about human kelmar derivative at one time there were three cat species in the mansion we all know what the work legs walk out and a monthly amount amount amount so those are pro-life this shows the horizon follow up that populations in New Hampshire’s primarily due to changes in land use during the forest for agriculture abandoned in the coast lands as far as grew back the fray species like rabbits became abundant until the forest counties covered all of those areas again and then the small animals disappeared as the undergrowth disappear and this shows you that the body was in effect from 1810 30 you can see that Brad then it was taken off in 1850 started back on 1910 taken off and inside in 1930 and see hundreds of wat kappa taken by trapping the way some of the meetings and it was taken off again and now they have started to come back the research objectives which is a same with all of the objectives on wildlife restoration of the state is to really scientifically determine what we need to do to bring the animal populations back to where they should be and package of guesses we put brownies we took mommy’s off we did this we did that you and we would just have hazard in making decisions which are today now being replaced by actual scientific studies because these monies to come back and federal government on the taxes the sportsman pay goes to scientifically determine statham have to have your many biologists you’re only a biologist for bear biologist it deals with the obvious we have biologists at the only with strings in the river some tests to make sure that we provide good clean water for fish and that’s their job and that’s paid for how these funds that can come back from these programs developed with the sportsman’s dollars so the research objectives with this program on Bob cap is to determine the current status comment nada how have you got it compared with vodka populations in adjacent States and identify the poor habitat feature what they need to live on what we need to help provide them with and to identify the potential wildlife corridors based on bobcat movement

patterns and that will see you later it will show you affection not a picture by they now they need panels need a way to get from one area to another if they’re going to grow their populations and if it’s blocked by super highways and other things that we put in a way shopping centers and whatnot they have difficult in expanding their territories this shows you reported Bob Platt observations from the public they have seen that or last year he is in the papers fishing it was asking where you saw Bob please report be trying to determine wedding were housing and the information helps rather just give sense of how they respond to 20 years of protection and the vacuum theatre des observations retained to 1992 2004 which other blue spots and then the red spots are what was done after that red bush from 2008-2009 one thing that have been surprised would see population in the eastern part of the state but that has really the one to show up at most more indication of what we had in the eastern side of the state anticipated and even more than sightings in the western part of this shows you the first study that we did on actually trapping Bobcats to find out their health and it was done over in the western part of the state conceived from the mass water up through Olstead through that area down actually those long nine coming down going over the rural area and I hope he did was lie capturing falklands here you see something that I’ve been captured life realized Travis from the Atlantic trappers Association donated their time they go out to a live trap these animals we watched acts and practice Association personal traps we use and Vermont Fish and Wildlife also was involved maybe a life catching the cage there and after body size and age are estimated the Bobcats infected with an antibiotic and the sedative so that they can actually do examinations without action crime attack the searcher they wave the cat determine and the body measurements condition and record what those animals have health issues and then that telemetry column is attached so that we can track that Bobcat through its next couple of years of its life to determine where it travels and where it goes it’s a GPS call it get attached to the need to see one not when they were reversing the procedure and injecting them with the drug to bring them back takes 45 minutes to an hour to bring them back so they can you released and the agency one what is called reading the page and this gentleman they taken one out but it has motion this is kind of just as faxing thank you sir this is the number that was given to those broadcast o’clock those are the dates they were track the Saxon or if you have whatever they were and how much they wait course and as you can see it goes down to a point try the lowest of the highest weight that the head and the title is called that’s how the track different tracking and over the Timeship that it was actually attractive and again in western part of the state area has to the Nelson handcart that’s where we actually did the traffic with five juveniles with captured but not call it very small this shows you the data is downloaded about that just shows you that we tracking this shows you locations on the specific number tax here how many times we’ve got a fixed through a GPS and Africa will attack the person in the 26 @ 919 gets that tax location to the rating to determine exactly what the Rangers island

territories monetary monitoring and sometimes done an aerial telemetry aerial imagery is kind of expensive so hi company to actually get up do some laundry custom on where they were trying to find out if they were dead or alive while kept locations called Rob walk which sometimes happens the collar comes off and then after that the Senate company that was doing the test scores donated to fish game a number of other flights on their own nickel to do a fishing game is pretty important variables power recovery came to see an unusual situation is a column was recovered from about debt which was found dead in the water the call is a set so that after so many hours has no activity the college sends back a single saying the cat is dead so then they happen try to find the code this product want of running the pet rock dropped into the water but contracted with an antenna to give a signal and you finally got on the water this is GPS called data shows you how many times that that certain hits from certain vodka and keeps moving thought is when they recorded the kid that’s where that fact was again the cat stayed pretty much thats a merry i hope you noticed and attracting pounds but were very few trapped and that Louis section they were most attract the upper section of towns this show you the home range size has showed you before that male and female over lack and more females than average small each other Tori this shows you that it was a female having weathered my territory that occurs a male with the 22 mile square mile territory and another male over here too much watch each other 40 miles over average respond were mailed for his territories about 36 square miles and the female averages about 11 miles for her territory and they’ve moved based on the seasons the home seasonal range renting the sea and verbal in the spring expands greatly and in the fall it is the contract as they move back to their winter and the reason for that is you can see this is a true photograph of that same arrogant they tend to stay particularly areas where is Lawrence much more the way of wildlife for them to actually catch us as predators in Rome too long swamps and lose it Brooks Lakeside’s those type of areas much more productive for them in what they are able to eat but you can see up in the forest academy references hunt a lot of small game for them attentional very this shows you the same thing government which comes from Saturday and this sum of all tend to be head from the agricultural because along the edges and repeals farm fields you have a lot of young growth coming up which draws a lot of my students to get product if there are in your rabbits in areas like that birds Jerky’s people individuals where you find that you can see the hits there they all tend to be a long Harmon this again shows different territories for different broadcast this was a male this was his territory in the winter and the song didn’t see where the road is on the field areas along the liberal this just shows you again territories this is particular man on the very he was on the mountain route nine and one on new world once south and that was his territory but highways wind up eliminating a lot of the populations this shows you how many terms robot does he will fit will be felt fit in study area he was average home range size estimates Justin foam and overlap initial estimate the study area 22 males 67 females were in that

area that we tested a statewide estimate of Bobcats in the fall in the winter we feel over about 1400 the state spending the summers 2200 is the estimated population and that’s much higher because as I mentioned half of the young kids died by the time it’s a big block walk accurate in fact if you follow in the papers that story’s appreciated and now Concilium opening the season just what that would be in whether the detail we don’t know we just get the address they got talking possibly open season in certain areas but that’s got to proposal but maybe after this winter we checked in terrible they change their minds and they find out come some onion is mindanao which would thought we had because of this badminton habitat suitability models previous part cat habitat suitability were based on incidental observation which is that people may decision based on what they thought on what they do or what the actual classroom ography rogue density and entrance no more important predictors and now we actually catch the fish Oh Raonic stuff is great works yeah well he’s doing that is one thing i want to throw in where I going on is finishing on something lately a contender is a North American model North American conservation model we hear that that is what our system in this country of managing wildlife is called what it’s what it’s all about is for example of Europe the animals are not owned by the people wealthy landowners and Dukes the Barons painless and spend like that for centuries over there in this country the animals because the only animals we have responsibility take care of the embers therefore we put money in the conservation we take care of the animals that’s called a North American model of conservation this is an env worldwide what we do in this country people all over the world would love to have in place so we between something great here in this country we go is it saying by the seat of our pants this is what you thought was the situation for us that they were all pretty much scented in the western part of the state and this shows you what we felt were areas that they live in the white areas we determined that that would support Bobcats brown was their primary and yellow was narrated they thought once was still suitable the white areas particularly not computer high goal and Buck has really don’t like I parameters they’re looking for low ground where there were lot of smaller animals and that vector situation I talk you before about cards or mention collars this shows is a carnival wildlife but cats and other wildlife as well which encompasses children in ages it runs from quadron in Massachusetts lower reservoir north from katia and that area because it’s still not densely populated there on shopping centers on every con and people put in shopping centres and DEA guys and that up that animals can freely move up and down the western part of the state and that is considered very very important what I like power so that animals can move and Amanda territories to get lock them in with boiling superhighways they just don’t survive very the rest of the thing to go to the runway they haven’t ever in space the attainder and I we promise micardis morning here my life is really secondary thought for most people for

the healthy wildlife population healthy water popular healthy fate is healthy for human beings you won’t survive once we return the language of the robbers this showed you we did another study in 2010-2011 and this is where we found that that habitat that we have seen about answer wouldn’t support the podcast actually is in showing from Nottingham give your all the way up through gilmanton to yoga there is a very very sustainable about that population in that area of the state you can see it outlined on the right and then blue pipe is the survey that we didn’t use for them so in finding that there are areas that are higher supporting bought cat populations and additional steps they’re taking from these tests that we’re doing you do a lot of genetic lab testing once you boxed in animals into a particular area and you keep them to breed that can wind up with problems in the brief and what they’re trying to determine is there enough diversity of the animals spreading out enough that the breathing is not so much into it you see that in bringing the dogs you bring them too long lover the problems so incorporated in the study or satellite models doing the testing it’s from there to test camera trap studies barrington and other locations in that area where they could actually track some of these walked out over there in that part of the state and they found that they do have a final population in the eastern side of the state as well talked before about other cat species they certainly have found we thought that but that links were completely excavated from New Hampshire what two years ago they did find a breeding pair investor who had four kittens so we feel that maybe the links may move back in as well because there are links in Maine Maine has considerable population of course collecting the runs we do so we’re hoping that we would see that same growth in links coming back into the state of New Hampshire let’s see them down here because they and they don’t mix well with vodka now there are some links coming back and here to see some pictures that were taken by just people walking around the house of Bobcats that were calling you can see the what was that look like a couple of month awkward someone’s backyard but fishing game that advertising you see what get a lot of snow so these were pictures that were taken by people who did season when you’re out hiking and walking in the snow Laura Justin and baptized that is what you’re doing with these monies to try to restore wildlife to its former glory in action that’s a great opportunity to have some people were awfully high attrition game to try to move arrived exhibition games but what because you have too many fish Tekkit fort but a great greatest percentage of fishing games actual efforts are put into the wildlife population growth and trying to the health of trying to that land healthy lives in the books and whatnot so it’s a very very strong evidence all paid for with sportsman selves and Fisher Cats fishermen and hunters because that’s where it was taxes go from those groups so that’s really all we’re unless yet anyway get the questions would probably go with the right answer hope you just happy there are reports of people see my vision game says they will not cooperate the derailleurs comp plans until somebody comes in tomorrow there could be it was about a proper line killed in Massachusetts western mass and it was traced to DNA that actually came from the Dakotas that animal travel fields in Canada and then came back down to the states and wound up being hit by a vehicle that’s turn point was not only killed in Connecticut which came from west what drives that the sudden you leave where they are and traveled 2,000 miles long really knows

but not going to have to Devon calling it when she was first your powers are those just pay off eventually drop anchor to drop off solutely families on the last couple of years in college rock song and the studies are like treat ear studs to get that information yes three years ago it’s coming back from Iran back come on or just watch the runner right in my wife and I saw the fishing game instead of the month they confirmed that there were additional sightings in that same they say all over that wouldn’t you Pat forehead come down from someone say well that’s what they always say that’s what my mattresses you see a one’s probably kept its escape but get the only to England in recent history that goes out recently it were found were actually wild mountain lions from the Midwest that somehow it traveled that great business here so my buddies I saw what I thought was a mountain lion Jill but this was about six feet long duck tales about this wonderful you want to pursue that actually would they deserve a place to live anybody else give up the price online is it is a big question but some slides over here that is about sightings of mountain lions pause because cats in one case somebody had a taxi turn off line and they start out there