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– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel I’m Jackie Aina This video is sponsored by Estee Lauder I am gonna be doing a look as usual and I’m just gonna be using the Double Wear Stay-in-Place makeup This is one of the most, I feel like, iconic foundations in the game and always will be No matter what is trending or what is relevant, Double Wear Stay-in-Place makeup will always be a thing Like it just always will It’s transfer proof, it’s fully matte, the coverage insane and yeah, so I’m gonna be featuring that While we get ready, let’s just lay out the CarFax, okay? Brandy is your artist’s favorite artist Let’s discuss, hit me in the comments The last time I did a video inspired by an R&B album cover, I did one honoring Summer Walker The girl was giving looks in her debut album Actually I’m not sure that was her debut album But anyway, it has a very iconic signature look Today, I’m gonna be honoring Brandy because Brandy is one literally a legend Brandy is absolutely at legend status This is me officially standing She actually shaped a lot of my childhood and I kind of wanna keep this series going I’m not sure how frequently I’m gonna do this series but Brandy’s album cover is one that you will probably instantly recognize Like I said, she shaped generations She’s inspired musicians for years now and I wanna celebrate the girl’s looks ’cause she gives looks and stam Ms. Norwood And by the way, if you haven’t subscribed, but I don’t anyone talk (indistinct) No, I was kidding Please do because you don’t wanna be the first to miss new uploads and you definitely do not wanna be the one person who does not know how to blend out contour Reason with me, okay? Subscribe, you’ll get new uploads, you’ll get new looks, you’ll get tea, you’ll get all of the above So to start, I already primed I used the Milk Hydro Grip Primer I don’t like to use anything super matte This is already matte and long wearing enough as it is I wanted to use something that was a little bit more oil balancing Now this is the ’90s look Brandy’s self-titled album cover is pretty much no shine I’m looking at pictures It’s virtually all kind of semi-matte The struggle though I think with this look is probably gonna be getting my brows because her brows are like this perfect chocolaty, just darker than her own complexion brow that I always struggle with getting because I like a defined brow What are you gonna do? I’m gonna remove some of the shine off of my skin Wow, I did not mean to put on that much powder Oh my God I had to adjust the ISO on my camera real quick I have to change things when I’m taking photos I had just took some photos yesterday for a campaign before I started filming this video and I didn’t put it back to normal So, my bad But anyway, yes, I’m just using a little bit of translucent powder and this is just something that I like to do to remove any shine off the skin first before I get into complexion It’s just really good for long wearability Not like I really need it ’cause this lasts a long time I also just wanna say that as a young black girl, being constantly compared to Brandy, well, kind of annoying because basically it’s like y’all just be thinking, all black people look alike, don’t you? But Brandy has the most classically timeless features and I feel like it is I’m looking at a picture of her right now just admiring Brandy has these beautiful wide set- (microphone beeps) I’m trying to talk Damn, let me say it please! Brandy has the most beautiful wide set eyes I love how the makeup in this cover accentuates her features incredibly Like her complexion looks good The fact that like they were able to get all of this out of this album cover at that time period, it’s kind of a miracle because makeup has come a long way from early 2000s to where it is now Okay, I just need to put my little protection in place to keep my lace from being disgraced Oh, no (bang sound) Aw! Okay, so I’m gonna take the UOMA Beauty brow pencil I usually use number 6 which is the darkest color I’m gonna instead use number 5 today because it’s a notch above but I’m also gonna use the ABH Brow Palette and yes, I am doing my brows first This is unprecedented for me very much so the antithesis of Jackie Aina’s makeup routines but I’ve been doing this different with my makeup a lot lately I’ve been doing eyes first, brows first, complexion last, concealer first I’ve really been switching it up I remember when I first started my YouTube channel and I watched a lot of people like “Pixiwoo,” I would watch like Michelle Fong I mean they dominated the platform They would literally do their makeup different every, I feel like every single application and I used to envy people who could do that because it’s like how do they still How would how, how? That was definitely not my portion (chuckles) Once I find a flow, I wanna replicate that as many times as possible That’s just how I am Okay, now miss number 5 is not the darkest pencil but she’s making it do it do I think Brandy probably, I feel like she probably bleached her brows I won’t be bleaching my brows for this tutorial but I’ll be doing the best I can to at least give a softer illusion of a softer brow or a lighter brow, that’s what I should say I’m gonna take Auburn from my brow book I’m gonna take the slightly lighter shade It’s a little more red Anytime I want to give the illusion of a lighter brow, I usually go red more warm ’cause that gives it like an instant lift look So I’m gonna take Auburn and fill in my brows and I just pray that they don’t get ‘Cause this brow powder is very clearly lighter than my brow hairs I just hope that the brow doesn’t get lost

once I put on the complexion, but it’s okay, I can always touch it up, it’s fine Okay, so this is my red brow, this is my dark I’m picking up what I’m putting now I’m just so proud of having women like Brandy as a role model She just shaped so much more of like my childhood and my adolescence than I realized until Netflix brought back “Miss Moesha” and I was just like, “Wow, this looks like really like my adolescence and young adulthood.” I feel like I’ve had the same epiphany about like Raven Simone and about like Kyla Pratt, like all of these young women that I grew up watching and then I grew up wanting to dress like and be like and I’m just incredibly proud to have some of those girls as like role models and as people to look up to Or at least when I was at that age and I still look up to them now but I don’t know I just love to see growth, like I just love to see them winning now I love to see them getting their praise and getting their shine now It’s well deserved I feel like she definitely has some definer below the brow I don’t normally like to do concealer brow but today, we’re gonna do it especially because when you have like a really light color, it’s gonna be hard to see the definition of my complexion So I am gonna take some concealer, this is my Nuban Beauty In My Skin Concealer This concealer is so bomb Just like on the tail ends, I’m gonna sharpen out and carve those brows Her brows were also very very fine, like very thin and mine aren’t that thin but I may do a little tracage right up here, just to thin them a little bit The best part about this look are the contours on Brandy’s cheeks So I’m gonna take my UOMA Beauty contour stick and because I’m doing this under complexion, you can kind of be a little more forgiving So what I’m gonna do, contouring is really gonna ultimately depend on what look, what vibe, what shape, what snatch you wanna give I’m just gonna stretch, I’m gonna get into my mental head space and then I’m gonna give the girls a (hiccups) I would emphasize this part, the underside of my cheeks This is exactly where I’m gonna place that contour Sometimes it’s best to apply the contour first looking straight ahead because you can see exactly the shape that you’re gonna get before you actually blend it out She also has a little bit of contouring, what looks like a little bit of contouring right here, a little bit of shadowing along her temples This is a good brush I should start using a brush on my temple (indistinct) And I also, definitely now this is probably just genetics so there’s only so much I can do but there’s definitely a really gorgeous kind of like heart shape going down her chin So what I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna follow the sides to square this off and I’m gonna stop right on my chin Basically, you’ll get that I’m gonna use these Nuban Beauty concealers First of all these are bomb, Nigerian owned finish on the skin, incredible! It’s not too mad, it’s not satiny, it sets beautifully, the coverage phenomenal A1 The shades that I have are 44 and 46 I’m gonna use the lighter one first and then I’m gonna do the dark one on top of that ’cause you know I highlight backwards now, you know, a little illusion She definitely has a lot of light coming in in the center of her face So we’re gonna do some spotlighting here, here and right in between our brows Oh, this looks good already This looks good already Might I just be Brandy for the day? Like I wonder, “Does she wake up thinking I’m a legend? Does she just wake up wanting to like heal nations with her music?” Like I just wonder what that’s like Have you ever watched “Moesha” by the way? I’ve been watching “Moesha,” I’ve been getting my life with girlfriends lately Okay, so as you can see that color is really light We’re not gonna stop concealing here I’m gonna now take the slightly darker color 46 and I’m really gonna conceal I really love the texture This concealer has like a really warm texture It’s hard to describe but it almost kind of feels velvety on the skin Also, everything on Brandy’s complexion is really kind of narrow They didn’t take the concealer and expand Like I see it really kind of squeezed in on the face so I’m emulating that as well Now, the great thing about Double Wear Stay-in-Place is this has so much coverage, I’m not even gonna need a ton of concealer I’m so mad I got no where to go (groans) (indistinct song) Oh my God, this looks so good already There’s something to be said about the way I’ve been doing complexion lately Like I was already kind of like a complexion piece but I haven’t added foundation yet Like just wait Just wait until we get a pump (mumbles) By the way, speaking of which, get you a pump ’cause Estee Lauder Double Wear does come with a pump and it changed my life Twist off cap is cool and everything but it can be a little difficult to control So getting a pump, I get like my one pump and I’m good for the whole face So as we said, Double Wear Stay-in-Place is the star of this video This is the truest crease proof, transfer proof it’s not cakey at all A little bit goes a long way It really really is highly concentrated so I literally have like just that one pump on the back of my hand I’m gonna start blending this out around my mouth area I don’t need setting spray with this foundation The formula is pretty self setting My problem areas are like my smile lines ’cause I guess I just live a happy life now It gets so annoying especially when you’re wearing a mask, having to like wipe them off, touch them up

I don’t have to touch up this foundation at all Period! It stays literally in place and that’s probably why they call it “Stay-in-Place.” It is the best foundation on the market for oily skin It is the best foundation on the market for somebody who has textured skin It’s also the best foundation on the market for somebody who has like sweaty, like if you sweat a lot in your face I don’t sweat a lot of my face but I know there people who do, perspire a lot on the face area Swear, swear by this formula I think it’s amazing to have a makeup kit and I can thin it out and as you can see, I didn’t even put on that much product I’m still looking pretty flawless Oh, the color that I wear by the way is 6W1 Sandalwood That is pretty much always my universal color I don’t remember what my summer color is but aint going outside anyway so it doesn’t matter I didn’t really realize how much some foundation formulas do crease a lot until I started wearing Double Wear and really started paying attention to how it reacted to my skin because I’m kind of a lazy makeup wear Like I don’t wanna have to like retouch it or mess with it all throughout the day And I just noticed that this is one of the foundations that I have Over the years, after trial and error of so many other different formulas, this is the one that in my opinion, takes like the least resistance Like I put it on and I can forget about it Girl, I don’t have to worry about getting rid of the shine, I don’t have to worry about smoothing out my creases, I don’t have to worry about it being completely evaporated underneath wearing a mask This is like my second campaign with Estee and this is honestly one of the easiest foundations to advertise because they already know a lot of you guys were fan of the Double Wear Stay-in-Place It’s kind of like a no brainer Oily skin, check Long wearability, check Transfer proof, check It checks out all of the boxes for me personally and yeah, I’ve been using and featuring this formula on my channel for years Ask about me, check the receipts sweetie ’cause they’re there Now, for just a little (mumbles) bit more highlighting, I’m just gonna take a little bit of that super light color from Nuban Beauty in the shade 44 and right in the innermost because Brandy has this gradient effect going under her eyes which means it’s either powder or concealer or both And you do that by taking the slightly lighter color again and just blending as close to the center as possible So it just kind of has like brightening spotlight effect I see some nose contour, it is there I’m gonna embrace it as much as I can without overdoing it So first, I’m gonna take a little bit of a lighter concealer down the middle bridge of my nose and then right at the tip ’cause that’s exactly what I see in that picture It looks like she highlighted (indistinct) I’ma blend this out and then blend this out I’m gonna take my contour, I’m gonna contour just Oh my God, that’s a lot Definitely awesome contour right down the bridge of her nose Her makeup artist probably accentuates this area because of her super gorgeous eye shape So I’m just gonna do the same ’cause this is actually one of my signature tips anyway If you wanna know how to get red carpet makeup, a lot of these techniques are exactly what is done to look snatched on the Insta Stories red carpet I really like the fact that this nose contour is really soft because let me just reel it in black girls, especially my black girls, you don’t have to contour your nose if you don’t have to I personally prefer not to I think it’s slightly overrated I think wide noses are beautiful, I think black noses are beautiful, I think Brandy’s nose is beautiful but they probably just in this case, did it just for symmetry So this is exactly what I’ma do I’m gonna do some light powdering to the eyes Oh my God, I forgot to add my cream blush I do this every time I like to add cream blush then I do the whole powder thing but I always forget to do this because I’m so like oily I wanted to jump straight into powders typically This is the cream blush from Fenty in the shade Rosy Latte So it’s like a really pretty terracotta So I’m gonna take a bit of that with a blush brush and this is not gonna be the final stop for the blush, Brandy’s blushed by the way and this look is very light so I wanted to blush out with pretty much match my skin tone Rosy Latte does that for me It’s pretty much like my skin tone If it were made into a blush and you’d see exactly what I mean Now, the problem is Brandy’s cheeks are not super shiny in this look It’s pretty much a total matte look We’re gonna have to take away some of the shine but it’s okay because I planned on laying on my blush anyway Oh, but it looks so pretty so far and by the way, you can always check out Double wear Stay-in-Place from Estee Lauder In the description box below, I will forever stand Let me contour See, I’m all over the place with my makeup I used to be like I’m usually at my eyes by now but I pretty much do the full face first and it’s kind of nice actually, I feel like I get through my makeup faster now I’m not gonna set with powder I don’t really have to because this foundation pretty much sets itself but I am gonna take the NeonMUA Dust Palette with Midas Cosmetics He created these multi-use face palettes They have a bronzer, contour, highlighter, blush and I’m gonna take the contour Very unlike me to contour but Brandy’s look is very sculpted, very shadowy so we need a contour not everyday bronze I’m just gonna hit the temple area with that contour and also the chin but mainly just the sides here to create the illusion of shadow ♪ I ain’t even gonna front ♪ ♪ I ain’t even gonna lie ♪ ♪ Would you walked up in the club ♪ ♪ I was giving you the eye ♪ I don’t remember how old I was when “Full Moon” came out but I felt like I felt it I channeled it with Brandy

Okay, on top of that, I’m gonna use the blush in this palette which is this one here It is quite red though so I’m gonna tread lightly ’cause these palettes definitely have a lot of pigment and I’m even gonna dab off the excess and just go right on top of See, it’s not a black tone I knew it was gonna happen, I knew it, which is great for my complexion but it just tells me that this blush will definitely last a long time ’cause the pigment is insane Gorgeous amount of pigment I’m not done under eye highlighting with my powder So what I’m gonna do is I’m just going through around the edges of that blush and this is something that you can also do a little trick If you apply too much blush, just go over with a translucent powder It’ll not only matte it out but it’ll also tone it down and make it not look as bright and vibrant A little bit of powder here, a little bit of powder there I need brow gel I need to lighten up my brows a little bit So this is from ABH in the shade Brunette and it definitely gives the illusion of slightly lighter brows which is why I don’t like using it a lot especially when my hair is darker It has like this gold tint to it I just need a little more (indistinct) right up in here I don’t know why I just feel like they went straight to the eyeshadow and didn’t prime it ’cause it has kind of like this messy lived in look which I really really like about makeup in that era I don’t know why I’m saying era like this was 40 years ago But anyway, I’m gonna take Patrick’s One/Size makeup palette This is actually my first time using it I’m really excited ’cause Patrick definitely comes through for my collabs and that’s one thing that I definitely appreciate about him He comes through, he shows love and congratulations on One/Size It actually has a lot of the perfect tones to plop this look It’s got some ashier taupes I’m definitely looking at Taupe of My Came, we need a Matte Black, we need something that has I feel like this color could be the inner corner We’ll see The first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take Taupe of My Game which is that ashier taupe shade and start hitting Oh, that’s a perfect color Start hitting my crease area and I could be wrong, I could be mistaken I feel like this is giving slight glossy eye looks or I don’t know if they made it look creasy on purpose But when you look at this picture at different angles, it definitely looks like a slightly glossy eye Not much else to say about that but that’s just what it looked like to me Anyways, on Taupe of My Game, I’m gonna pop her into my crease area and I’m gonna really emphasize it right in here because they took this look and they just really made it expansive right at the head of the brow And I feel like you do that when you just want a really brightened look I’m gonna next move to Booked and Booked I’m gonna start blending more towards the outer part of my crease area just so that the two colors are merging Oh yeah, I’m actually glad we did not apply primer It’s a different look with primer, right? Like it’s like super vibrant, it’s super current and that’s what we love and we know right now but back then, makeup was a little bit more lived in It was definitely more about complexion than it was eyes That’s for sure Booked, I’m also gonna put a little bit on to my crease and then I’m gonna switch over to Brownie to start deepening the eye crease and defining the eye crease because now we’re starting to go darker So I’m gonna take some of that Brownie and really focus that along that lash line Oh my God, I can’t believe I used to hate having big bug eyes and now, it’s like the one thing that I get complimented on most I love playing up my bigger bug eyes That’s one thing you can never shame me for Are my features You’re just not going to Keep sweeping Brownie or a dark background along the bottom lash line Just the transition of like cool and warm tones, I love the transition of like the cool and warm tone in this look I’m not even done yet and I just, I don’t know Uh We need more Taupe of My Game in our inner corner and our crease and then I’m gonna take Manila Sands which is this almost kind of white beige color and I’m really gonna emphasize that color in the inner corner area and even so much as into my nose a little bit Just a little bit Okay, I said a little bit and I added a lot anyway I’m a professional, I can handle this Okay, now we need a black coal liner ’cause this is where it’s gonna start getting dark I’m gonna start lining my top lash line as well as my waterline using Turban (chuckles) This is cute Turban Legend which is the Matte Black in Patrick’s Palette I’m gonna take that and I’m gonna start smudging this out on my top lash line and on my bottom Okay, the quality of this black is really really really really good Like it’s really black A lot of black eyeshadows are pretty much virtually all made the same now but that was really Wow, that’s a really good black Okay, now instead of adding gloss to this eye, I wanna give that illusion of a little bit of shine that Brandy has on the center front lid by using Walnut Strut and this is a really beautiful kind of chestnut brown shimmer color here and I’m just going to be very casual and sweep that onto my lid So basically, what we get is a mix of like browns and silvers and cocoa shades for this eye and I really actually like this This is literally like very much so what the 2000s were giving the girls

For my lashes, I’m actually gonna use this brand Duart Beauty This is a brand that I haven’t introduced on my channel yet I used it on my stories once You guys, these lashes are so good for someone who may be still practicing with the full strip lash They basically come in sections pre-cut already, sectioned off just for you It’s supposed to be a way easier way to apply lashes if you aren’t used to a traditional strip lash I just wanna know like where were these at six years ago? Remember the old Jackie that used to never wear falsies ’cause they used to look ridiculous on me? Yeah, she’s retired She’s gone girl She ain’t never coming back But anyway, this is the style Elisa and these are bomb because they give you just this kind of fluttery natural lash look And also it gives you the option of not wearing the full lash if you don’t want to You can just wear the two halves on the ends, you can just wear the middle, whatever Whatever works for you This is the middle piece Depending on what mood I’m in or the look I’m going for, I’ll put on the middle piece and then the end and if I like the way that that looks on its own, I won’t add the inner corner piece I’ll just kind of leave it as is Wanna say Brandy is wearing a half lash in this look? No, I think it’s a full strip lash but it’s a really subtle lash Okay, so I got my hair together I’m gonna finish off with my lips The lips are my favorite part of the entire look because it’s everything that we know and love about a nude And let’s just talk about whoever did the makeup on this cover snap because in the early 2000s, nudes for dark skin, it was like unheard of Might take a mid tone brown liner to fill in my lips the nude Her lips by the way look different and damn, they’re every google image of this album cover They look so completely different cause people are filtering them I don’t know what’s going on but anyway, I’m gonna just do my best to kind of sort of get there with the lip That was Tulles from ColourPop Now, I’m gonna use BFF 3 for a little extra contouring and definition And then for my lips, I am gonna use lipstick because I feel like her lip, it’s hard to say she’s wearing lipstick It’s really hard to say But anyway, I’m just gonna use a little bit of Peach Please from Mented This is one of my favorite dark skin nudes (gentle techno music) In one picture, her gloss looks pink and the other picture, it literally looks like a chestnut brown So I’m gonna finish off the look with this Tower 28 Gloss in the shade Cashew Shout out to Andrea Rene She actually put me on to these glosses She raved about the gloss from this brand I picked up Almond and I also think that Cashew I’m a little bit of a nude lip gloss porter if you haven’t already noticed Cashew is definitely a bit more pink so I’m gonna go with Cashew Oh, wow! Okay, this is giving a slightly waterier version of a NYX Butter Gloss I’m sad they don’t smell good but honestly, if this is not as close to Brandy’s lip then I don’t know what the hell is I really don’t I think that’s it Well, guys that is my rendition of Brandy’s self titled album cover Wait, let me give you like the actual pose that she did on the cover Okay, so I didn’t have a choker but what I did have was a bag with that chain link design ’cause she has like this chain link choker Yeah, I don’t have that I don’t have this jewelry So what I did was I basically just did one of these numbers Something like this So Brandy is giving you kind of like cheek bone I feel like this girl, isn’t that right? If you’d love to see another R&B album cover, please let me know in the comments down below I love doing celebrity recreations especially the nostalgic ones So if you have any, holla at your girl Thank you again to Estee Lauder for sponsoring today’s video These lights, all these that you see running including the wigs, yeah, they’re not cheap So every sponsor that supports my platform, my channel, I’m super grateful for it and I’m also grateful for you guys because I wouldn’t get these opportunities if y’all didn’t support me So thank you Our products are gonna be left in the description box down below and if you wanna check out another video which if you got this far, let’s be real, you do I know you have a playlist Okay, I know you’re adding the next one to queue I just put it right here It’s so much easier to dude All you got to do is click (chuckles) Like why would I mean, what else are you doing? What else are you doing? Yeah, I know your kid is in a diaper but like right now though, it can wait 20 minutes, don’t you think? I think so too