Mis gustos de música, películas y videojuegos | Lilly Says | Semana 3 | Red Lilly Cosplay

Hi you guys! How are you? Red Lilly again Thank you for watching this week´s Lilly Says along with my Quaker Parrot Halford I left this section inconclusive for around 2 weeks I did not work on any of this videos and the reason was due to the new year´s eve and all of this Well, getting back to topic, last Lilly says video Well the last video that I uploaded on this section Was suggested by Art Villasana, he asked me What is it like to be a cosplayer from the north in Mexico? I think I covered pretty much everything he asked me This new video is about a topic suggested by Titto Curiel and Ariel Perez They asked me about personal testes They want to know my favorite music, videogames and movies I just want for you to know that I´ll be working on 50 things about me soon