Snowflake Inspired Holiday Makeup look| Step by Step talk through

hey you you hi ladies welcome back to my channel today i will be doing a makeup look on this I here today it is a very just deep dark like burgundy smoked out I with some white glitter and white eyeshadow on the lower lash line as well I put glitter in intercourse so this is like a snowflake inspired look so I was thinking of a snowflake this morning because we haven’t gotten any snowfall yet and it’s December and we should have tons of snow in Pittsburgh and we haven’t gotten any so I figured why not do like a snowflake inspired I look so that is what i came up with with just a really pretty bold just not gold with a really pretty nude lip so you could definitely rock this with a red lip a bargain d lip i mean you could do black if you wanted I mean that’s totally up to you but I wanted all the attention to be on the eyes so if you would like to see how to get this snowflake inspired look then please keep watching maybelline color tattoo in white and this will just be our base for our white and you have will work i just used a flat brush so i’m just going to pack on some light just to seal so it doesn’t crease blue so we’re really really beautiful put some in there and grab some on the tip and then go straight into the cap and just take it off into the cap so like that so definitely tap off any access and then I began in the outer part of my eye here because this is I want to stay above the crease I don’t want to go in the crease because I want the white to really pop so I’m just taking this slightly above the crease as you can see and we are going to win this out some and I didn’t do any concealer so we can clean this up if we take it out a little too if I blend this up after there’s nothing pretty much left on your brush pretty high but leave some space in between your brow bone and then just go back into your pigment and darken it up as much as you want or as little as you want that is exactly what I’m going to do now and then take a fluffy brush and blend those edges because you want it to just be very blown out no more slides just very nice gradient effect across the eye now you should have something like this next I’m going to go in with my color pop I shadow and this one is in Central Perk so this is Matt and I’m going to take my same e25 I just dust it off on a

tower or whatever my pants doesn’t matter what the hell in learn and now I’m going to work this really deep into like the socket in the crease to give more definition to the eye so as you can see it’s making it darker that’s what we want but you want to keep this keller low you don’t want to take it too high then once you’ve laid down the amount of color you want go in with your blending brush and just take your time and blend because you don’t want to see the transition from the brown kind of limits of fate up so just take your time and blend that all out and add more if you need now I’m going to go in with my color pop and this is another one of their door shadows but this is just like Central Park only it’s metallic so this works better with a synthetic brush so you’re just going to put that out there I just took a really little synthetic brush and just grab some of the shadow because I wanted it to be glittery on the outer part of the eye I didn’t want it to be Matt there so I just packed it on like this it made it nice and glittery and then I go back in with this brush and put some on it just to blend it out even more now these shadows do work better with your hand your hand your finger but I wanted more control so i use the synthetic brush and then I just ran this just right into the crease so just like that just to give it a little bit of shimmer here on the outer corner now I did get a little bit of Fallout 2 i’m just going to take the stippling brush and brush that away my white shadow and darken up the white a little bed in case you lose any of your pigment which we did because you want it to be like nice fluffy white like right up in here I just like how it looks and I’m trying to get them as even as I can then with your blending brush blend that out just soften up that line basically the tops of the eyes are almost done now I’m going to go in with some glitter glue this is the elf eyelid I mean not on the Delft glitter primer this is very comparable to the two face primer I heard this really does like if I put my brother on it does not move so for glitter I’m taking white glitter so it’s just in white very very beautiful actually very beautiful better it has like pastel shimmers in it so I thought it’d be perfect for like snow to look like snow glistening so I’m just going to take a little bit of this on my finger very little bit and just tap this where the white is and then once you have that on I just

take a little round fluffy brush because I don’t want to pop on too much but I want it to be sparse everywhere and then just tap on your glitter vacuum with a blending brush and I’m going to take my NYC liquid liner and we’re going to line the top and give ourselves like a little wing night and go to dramatic on the wing you you complete so it is a very actually easy I I’m going to go ahead with my Maybelline mascara just to darken up these lashes because their ghostly white so there are your eyes a black kohl pencil for the top ever I did go in with a white for the bottom take yourself any little brush go in with your Maybelline light as a base and begin to line your bottom lash line so right here so and even dig it in the lashes because we want this for until about right here to be all white so it will make your white shadow pop even more now I’m going to take a flat definer brush just so I can pack most of the product on and mainly get into the lashes without getting shadow in my eye so just like that next we’re going to go ahead and take our color pop in Central Perk and with a pencil brush we are going to use this on the outer third of the eye so right here we want to lay down that red blending it into the white here’s where we’ll go in with our metallic one in stereo and I’m going to apply this with my finger and press it underneath the lashes the best that I can so as you can see I’m swiping it underneath the lashes and if it goes down too far we can clean that up with concealer okay now that we have that part lay down we are going to go ahead in with our glitter primer once more and underneath the lash line in the corner and then go in with or white glitter like so so the eyes are pretty much done I’m going to go ahead in with my concealer I’m going to back you up for this first let’s get rid of any fallout we may have and take or concealer and this is where you’re going to go up as

high as you want to clean up underneath your eyes as far as you want and now I’m going to take an angled kabuki brush and just so it’s easier for me to work the product in and this is where we’ll begin to clean up the eyes and take your foundation brush and blend everything further so kind of looks like a candy cane take my ELF under I setting powder and we are going to set these under eyes I’m going to take the white because I want it to be lighter and I’m going to take that flat definer brush and I’m going to pack this on under the eye the best that I can and blend it into that red of course now when you’re working with glitter be very careful when you’re going near your eyes because you don’t want to get glitter let’s be honest in your eye that would hurt like hell and then take the white shadow and press this in again transitioning into that red now for the inner corner highlight I want it to be all letter so I’m going to take some more glitter glue I wiped off my brush it’s just the glue and I’m going to pack some of that in the inner corner like so and then go in with that glitter again being very careful not to get any in your eye trying to fade this up into the shadow as well as now the eyes are almost done I am going to take a cute a cotton bud q-tip and I’m going to just dig in the corners so there is no glitter near my eye now you do not have to cut your bottom lashes as heavy as i did but i want my bottom lashes to stand out just as much as my top lashes are going to so i’m going to use these red cherry lashes they’ve got a little studs on them they’re not very flowery but they’re thick so i put some duo glue on the back of my hand to let it get cocky apply your lashes and I’ve decided because of all the white my eyes do really really big and I could get away with putting black in there so we’re going to do that and I think the black will transition the light better as well and I was right so you can see the white better instead of it just being like all why you can actually see where the light starts so I like the black better ok so I’m going to finish the rest of my face and I will be right back finish the face and forgot I didn’t show you guys what I did for my brow highlight so I left it blank to show you I used white eyeshadow I just went in with like a pointed synthetic

coming kabuki brush and I just put this at the highest point of the brow and blended it in words so we left this really mad up there I did that then went back in with a blending brush and just blend it out and soften that edge and I did get with a nude lip however I use color pops pinch so it’s just a nice you know nude so that is the finished look I hope you enjoyed this I did not want to do a full face tutorial I just did one so I basically just wanted to focus this look around this I look I think it’s absolutely beautiful absolutely stunning great for pictures because it’s bold but yet it still opens the eyes up with the lashes I think it’s absolutely beautiful so I really hope you enjoyed this look if you like this please let me know in the comments section below what you thought of this I look because I would really like to know your thoughts on it and I hope you’re really enjoying yourself here if you’re new to my channel welcome so nice to have you here I really appreciate you coming and checking me out that’s awesome and if you’re not new ladies thanks for coming back time and time again I love you so much you know that you’re my ride or dies so you’re probably getting sick of hearing that but I just want to give you all shout out and show you that I respect you for coming back time and time again and I wanted to leave with this little note if there’s any makeup holiday look that you would want to see whether it be green red blue gold and silver or whatever it is that you would like to see leave me a comment on it and let me know and I will try to come up with some crazy look if you would like to see more of a neutral subtle just toned down look let me know that as well and I could do that as well so with that being said I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and until next time I will see you in my next video have an awesome day ladies bye